Submit Your Fics

If you have one or more fanfics you want to submit to Sugar Rush, please attach them (Word .docs preferred, but other files go as well. Please send them with the messege board codes (i.e.: [b][/b]) if applicable.) to an e-mail sent to and please make sure to put Sugar Rush FanFiction in the title, or else I might accidentally delete your mail. Please include the following information:

Your Name (as an author)
Your e-mail address (if you don't want it listed with your fic, tell me
Title of your fic
Rating of your fic
Category of your fic
(i.e. AU, make a note if it's a 3-some)
A short summary of it
Any preferred Fic-Layout colors?

eta: I had to take down the php form because it kept getting spammed, so please just send me a normal e-mail! Thank you!