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July 21th, 2006: Again, long time no update, but that's because you don't submit! So please, if you have written a Candy fic, submit?
Anyways, two new fics are up. :) The first is an angsty AU written by Jillian and called Two Worlds Collide and the other is a work in progress by Christina called The Truth about Dating and Mating, also AU but not as angsty. Read them and then leave the authors some nice feedback! :)

January 15th, 2006: Wow, long time no update. Sorry. Now I have two new fics for you. First of Tiffinni24 has finished the sequel to The Crew: Finding Home and then there's a new short adult rated AU fic by me:Get You In The Morning. And I've added a new affiliate: Roswell.4Fans.net(formerly 'Roswell High'), a very good general Roswell fansite.

October 25th, 2005: I've added a new fic by Candylovespell: The Singing Stripper. It puts a What if? twist to episode 2x15: 'Viva Las Vegas'.

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