Title:What Happens in New York
Author: Vera
Category: M&M, Tag (sorta)
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: I donít own them, but Rath still owns me.
Authorís Note: Thanks to Diane for beta reading this for me! This fic is a part of the Candy FanFic Exchange taken place on Candy Is Dandy and written for Shobhna (shobhnaguerincrazycandy). The requirements are as follows:

Genre (i.e. Fluff, Angst, etc): Angst
Rating: R/NC-17
Time frame: Season Three
Reference to a particular episode: Any episode with Maria in New York
Must include the phrase: "That's not how you do it!!"
Additional requirements - anything else you want to see: Michael shirtless and one Rath appearance

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What Happens in New York...

Maria stood outside Michael’s apartment nervously. They had to talk. Before she left for New York, she had hurt him. She knew it, no matter how much he tried to hide it. And now, ever since she had gotten back, they mostly avoided each other. Pretended like nothing had happened. But that was a big, fat lie. Everything happened.

She grew up. Before she had left, she was on a quest to find herself. She had to follow her dreams. If not now, then when? In twenty years when she would be too old for it? When she’d forever regret not even getting started, never taking a real chance? That was if you didn’t count hooking up with an alien, which granted was pretty damn risky all on its own.

But it wasn’t risky enough. It was… it was safe. Michael was safe. He would disagree with her, like so many other times, but to her he was. He was the one person she trusted the most. Even after all that had happened, she knew he would never hurt her. And he would always protect her. And he could do it. Oh boy, could he do it. He had the strongest power of them all, but this was another thing he just didn’t realize.

And he would have never left her. It took her a long time to realize that, but to Michael she was everything. His whole world. Just like he was hers. And finding out about it was the most scary thing. Sure, at first it had been great. Flattering. Comforting, in a way. She had been on such a high. Then he left. And then a few hours later, he stayed for her. And the next few weeks had been spent in a blur.

They had sex. Plenty of it. And they never talked. They didn’t have time for it. And what was there to say anyways? She had seen it all, and if she had to believe him, so did he. But if she was so open to him, then why didn’t he see it coming? Why was he so devastated when she had to leave him to find herself? Couldn’t he see how miserable she was?

A senior in High School and already she had found her one true love. And she loved him so damn much it hurt. But Michael… She could lose him any day. They both knew that, but never really talked about it. He had tried, so many months before, but she wouldn’t… she couldn’t hear it. Because she knew. But to hear him say it would have been too much.

So she had to find something for herself. A life. A life apart from Michael. Something of her own. A meaning to all of it. And music had always been her greatest passion. Aside from Michael, of course. But before she left, before she grew up, she had foolishly assumed that her passion would only have meaning if others told her so. If she became popular.

And she had the chance. She could have made it. She knew she could. But not with her own songs. Maybe a year ago she would have taken the chance. Perverted her own style just to get famous. Listened to the others more than to her heart. But Michael had taught her that this was not the way to be. Or else she wouldn’t have him. Michael, the screw-up. Who would never become rich, or popular, or anything. Not because he didn’t have the potential, but just because he couldn’t. Because he was an alien, yes. But also because he was responsible for all of them now, whether he wanted to admit it or not.

He would never be able to just go and leave for college like Max planned to. Michael had to stay where she was. Where Kyle was, and Isabel. If all of them left, he would follow. And it would break his heart if it was only Max, and even Liz who left. Because he wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on all of them anymore.

Maria would never understand how Max could just do that. Just make plans to go and leave, after he had made such a big deal out of Isabel leaving. But maybe he was doing it for Liz. Or maybe he wouldn’t leave at all. Plans were just that. Plans. You wouldn’t necessarily go through with them. She was the best example of that.

Yeah… And maybe she could just wait another day for her plan to talk with Michael. She nodded to herself and was just about to turn on her heels and leave, when suddenly the door flew open and Michael was staring at her, dripping wet and only clad in a towel.

“Why didn’t you come in? You know where the key is.” He glared at her, more confused than angry though.

“I, uh…” Damn. Maria couldn’t stop staring at his broad chest. He had changed since she first kissed him. Physically as much as in every other aspect of his life. And all just for the better. She bit her lip. How was she expected to just talk to him when he was sexy like that?

“So?” Michael let out a frustrated sigh and passed his hand through his hair. Maria wished his towel would fall, but sadly it didn’t.

“How did you even know I was here?” Good, that question would hopefully buy her some time.

“I… I just knew.” He shrugged.

“You just knew?” Maria raised an eyebrow. That was not good enough.

“I sensed it, okay?” He rolled his eyes. “And it was driving me crazy.” He glared again and then turned, walking back into his apartment and just leaving her standing there. It was up to her if she wanted to follow him or not. Not going was probably the wisest choice, seeing as how he was so incredibly naked and wet right now. Too tempting not to talk. He wouldn’t push her away, she knew that. Sex was his only weak spot.

Maria growled low in her throat and followed him, closing the door behind her and then locking it. “So you decided you had to come see me? In a towel?”

”I was taking a shower.” He vanished to the bathroom and she pouted. Damn. “So?” Michael called out to her, giving her a perfectly good excuse to walk closer and lean against the bathroom door.

“So what?” She bit her lip again and tried to glance inside, but just at that moment, Michael was standing in front of her, already wearing his khakis again. She blushed and quickly turned away, hoping he hadn’t noticed her attempt to catch him fully naked.

“What. Do you. Want?” He walked past her and straight to the couch, grabbing the first shirt he found lying around and pulling it over his head. Sh.it, it was even messier now than before she left for New York.

“I just wanted to talk to you, Michael.” She leaned against the wall, already knowing what his next question would be.


”Because, Michael.” She looked at him. “Because we need to talk.”

“No we don’t.” He left for the bathroom again, trying to ignore her as best as possible. Not that long ago that would have driven her crazy, now… okay, now it still did. Argh!

“Dammit, Michael.” She followed him, blocking the door before he could flee again.

“Dammit, Maria.” He mocked her and shook his head. “There is nothing left to say.”

“You can’t really mean that.” She swallowed hard. Maybe this had been a mistake.

“What? You dumped me and then you left. Now you’re back. There. End of story.” He turned his back to her and busied himself with his towel, picking it up and inspecting it carefully before he hung it over the shower stall.

Maria just wanted to scream. “You’re wrong. It’s not the end. It doesn’t have to be.” She took a few steps closer and placed her hand on his shoulder.

Michael froze, then he slowly turned around, looking at her. He opened his mouth and Maria smiled at him encouragingly, then his expression suddenly hardened again. “Yes it does.” He brushed her off and stormed out of the room.

“Please.” She looked down at the ground, swallowing a sob. “Please, Michael.” But he couldn’t hear her any more. She pinched the skin between her eyes, right where her nose ended and took a few deep breaths. When had she stopped carrying her cedar oil again? Oh, right. When just his smell had been enough to calm her down.

She sighed and walked back out, only to find him lounging on the couch, flipping channels. Maria shook her head. Hopeless. But she couldn’t give up. She had to fix this, for the same reason she had to break it before. She loved him, and this was too important.

So without saying anything, she just sat down next to him.

“You’re still here?” He didn’t glance over, just flipped the channel again.

“Yep.” She nodded. And she’d stay. She’d stay until they had talked. Or at least until Max came back to occupy the couch again. But she was positive they would have had their talk before. Maybe the talk and then some reunion sex. That would be nice.

But Michael made no move to either of the two. But on the other hand, he didn’t throw her out either, he just accepted her presence. That was a good sign, right?


”Shhh.” He shook his head and silenced her with his hand. “Don’t.”

Maria ran her fingers through her hair and stayed calm. She occasionally glanced over to him and then back to the TV. When he was done flipping through all the available channels – twice – he finally switched off and turned towards her.

“Okay, talk.” He placed the remote control down on the table, indicating he was serious about it.

“Uh…” She bit her lip. Dammit. Just a minute ago she had known how… Okay, now she was lying to herself already. So not good. “I’m… I’m sorry.”

”Sorry for what?” Michael cocked his head. His hair was still damp, but his curls were springing back to life. He looked so incredibly… Maria blinked. She had to focus. This might very well be the only chance he was giving her.

“Sorry for…” But what should she say? She wasn’t sorry for leaving. Because if she hadn’t, she would have never realized what she had left behind. She was sorry for what happened in New York, yeah, but she’d better not talk to Michael about that. Ever. “I’m sorry I hurt you, Michael.”

”You didn’t.” He shrugged but she could see right through him. He wasn’t a very good liar. Not anymore.

“Michael.” She rolled her eyes. “I never meant to. But I… I just had to do this. Once.” She took his hand in hers, holding tightly so he wouldn’t be able to pull back. He didn’t, but he didn’t touch her back. His hand was limp.

“Once?” He looked at her hands and then back into her eyes.

“Yes, once. I realized now that this… New York, the record deal… everything. This wasn’t what I wanted.” And it was far from what she needed to be happy. She didn’t need to get out of Roswell. She just had to get out of thinking “Roswell”. Like everything was going to be grey and dusty. Small. Though… it would still be nice to literally get out of here after all. Just not to New York, that was for sure.

“Oh, you realized that now, huh? After they didn’t want you there.” He pulled his hand back and passed it through his hair instead.

“That’s not…” Maria swallowed hard. Damn. And he still knew where it hurt. They hadn’t wanted her there. Yeah. If only he knew.

“Then what is it? What, Maria? Why are you here?” There was desperation in his voice. He was actually happy that she was back, wasn’t he?

“Because.” She turned towards him and took both of his hands in hers, gripping tightly so he wouldn’t be able to pull back. “Because I need you, Michael. I need… I want you in my life.”

Michael raised his eyebrows. “Even though we’re no longer linked?”

”What?” She frowned.

“Our lives. You said that before you left.” He managed to get his hands free after all. “You told me our lives were no longer linked.”

Oh. Yeah. One of the many stupid things she pulled. “I just said that so you’d let me go.”

“Yeah, sure. So you’re always just telling me what’s convenient for you? No matter if it’s a lie or not?” Michael stood up and shook his head. “Just get out, Maria.”

”No, Michael!” She quickly scrambled off the couch, though she had no intention of actually leaving his place anytime soon. “You’re getting it all wrong. I just…” She swallowed hard and looked to the ground. What could she tell him? How would he understand? Suddenly she got an idea. “You once said you could always see me, was that true?”

He looked at her surprised, then nodded. “Yeah.”

“But you can’t see me now?” She crossed the distance between them and stopped right in front of him, reaching out to cup his cheek. “Can’t you see it, Michael? How sorry I am? How much you mean to me?” As she was speaking, she tried to concentrate on just those feelings. She had no idea how this alien thing of his worked, if it worked at all, but she didn’t know what else to do.

“Maria…” His hand came up to lie on top of hers, ensuring she kept touching him. She smiled a little. That had to be a good sign. Michael just kept watching her and their faces slowly moved closer together, preparing for the kiss that would seal it. That she was back in this. Back in his life.

Maria closed her eyes, already feeling his hot breath against her skin. She let out a soft, happy sigh and leaned up on her tip toes to meet him, when suddenly the hot breath was gone. She opened her eyes confused, only to find that Michael had pulled back.

“I need to think about it.” He scratched his eyebrow and avoided her gaze.

“Uh…” She didn’t really know what to say. This was so unlike him. He was turning her down? But it was better than nothing. At least he wasn’t trying to throw her out again.

“Alone.” Or maybe he was.

Maria sighed. “Okay.” What else could she do? Maybe if he really thought about it… She sighed again and turned around, slowly shuffling into the direction of the door. “Just don’t take too long, because I miss you.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then reached for the door handle, when suddenly a hand on her shoulder made her freeze.

“Maria…” Michael. He wanted to stop her after all! She turned around happily.


He didn’t say anything at first, just crushed his mouth down on hers in a hot, passionate kiss that was over way too soon and left her gasping for air. “I’ve missed you too.” Michael smiled a little but it quickly vanished and he opened the door for her.

Maria looked at him, still a little dazed, but then she nodded and stepped out. She wouldn’t have minded to continue this, but sex had never solved anything between them. If she had learned anything from the past few weeks, it was that it would only complicate things even more.

As soon as she was past his doorstep, he closed it in her face and she had no other option than to leave. That, or lose what little dignity she had left and knock on his door yet again. She brushed her fingers over her lips. Maybe it would be worth it… But no. She should know when to leave. And so she did. For now. But she would be back very soon, of that she was sure.

And she was back. Just the very next day she was writhing underneath him, while they were groping on his couch. Something they could have done the day before already, but that hadn’t been up to her.

Michael had changed his shift at the Crash Down just to be with her that morning. Of course he would never admit to it, but he had made such a big deal to repeatedly bitch and moan about having had to take this shift because José’s kid had gotten sick, but she was pretty sure that it had been a lie. She’d have to ask Liz about it. If she found the time. But she planned on spending every free minute of the next few days with her Spaceboy.

Her dashingly handsome Spaceboy with the very talented tongue. “Oooh, Michael!” A loud moan escaped her lips as he sucked hard on her pulse point, his favorite spot on her neck. She shivered and wrapped her arms tighter around his body, needing him closer.

One of his hands was kneading her breast through her bra. She wished he would just unclasp it, because she itched to feel his slightly calloused hands on her soft skin. It had been so long. So damn long.

“Michael…” She pushed her hands under his shirt, tugging at it till he let her pull it over his head. He used the opportunity of being not as close to her anymore to stare down at her hungrily. His gaze made her shiver again and she would have been tempted to button her uniform back up to keep her warm, if she wasn’t feeling so damn hot at the same time.

Michael started to say something but then stopped and instead crushed his lips down onto hers again. He may have changed since she first met him, but he was still not much of a talker in situations like this. Not like she really needed him to though. The way he was putting his mouth to use instead was much, much better.

She smirked and raked her fingernails over his back, making him break the kiss and hiss instead. He raised his eyebrow and she just kept on smirking, daring him to say something.

“Wanna play rough?” Michael asked her and again, she shivered. His eyes seemed even darker than usual. And hell, it turned her on like nothing else.

“Maybe.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and ran her tongue over her lips, eliciting a groan from his lips. Yes, his pupils were definitely a lot darker today.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He took a hold of her bra and ripped it off.

“Sh.it, Michael!” Maria shrieked. “You are so buying me…” But before she could finish, he silenced her with a searing kiss that left her panting for breath and too dizzy to still be mad at him.

In no time at all, he had opened the last few buttons of her uniform and she quickly shrugged out of it, before he got any ideas again. She would need that uniform tomorrow. That was if she wouldn’t call in sick to stay in bed. In Michael’s, because that would cure her faster. She chuckled and trailed a finger over his chest, circling his hardened nipples and tracing his abs.

Okay, that was even weirder. One point of his skin seemed hotter than the rest, and there was a faint glow coming from it. She frowned, distracted by it for a moment, but then Michael took her hand in his and closed the space between them to give her another of those hungry kisses.

He was so aggressive today, battling her tongue, fighting for dominance. She loved that. She hadn’t been kissed like that since… since New York. Damn. She hadn’t wanted to go there. It was the past. She just had to forget it and then everything would be fine. And Michael would never know.

“You kissed Rath?” Michael pulled back from her instantly and for the umpteenth time she cursed his alien status. But this was the first time she regretted the usually so intimate flashes. She should have known. fuck!

Suddenly the door burst open. “Did I hear someone mentioning my name?” Rath strode in with a big grin on his face, looking as confident and cocky as ever.

Maria gasped. How on… what the… okay, now… deep breath and… “Okay, what the hell…?”

...Follows You to Roswell

Michael quickly assumed his soldier pose. Arm outstretched towards Rath, ready to blow. And he was standing right in front of her, so if Rath would blast back, it would hit him. Maria smiled softly. Maybe this meant he could forgive her for the kiss as well?

”What the fuck do you want, Rath?” Michael took a step closer to the other alien.

“No sweat, ‘bro. I’s just checking on her.” Rath shrugged. He was still smirking, obviously not at all intimidated by Michael.

“I am not your brother.” Michael’s voice was as cold as ice. “And you better not start stalking her.”

Maria frowned a little and stood up. This was about her, so she should have a say, right? Just… what should she say? “Uh, listen, Rath…”

“That’s master to you, kitten.” He winked at her which caused Michael to send her a glare. Great, just great.

“He’s just kidding, Michael.” She bit her lip. Dammit!

Michael raised his eyebrow and slowly lowered his arm. Did he think the threat was over, or did he just not want to protect her anymore?

“Rath.” Maria stressed his name. “Why on Earth are you here?”

He shrugged again. “Nuthin’ better to do.”

Okay, that kinda stung. She narrowed her eyes. ‘Nothing better to do?’ And this from the man who begged her to stay at least one day longer, so he would get to fuck her after all? She still wasn’t sure what would have happened if she had taken him up on his offer. Would she have been able to resist him? In a way, he was Michael. And she had been lonely and frustrated. But still. Nothing had happened. “So you decided to follow me? Because of what? One kiss?” Her eyes flashed towards Michael, making sure he heard the number.

“It was more’n that, honey lips.” Rath wiggled his eyebrows. And his tongue. God! She was partially disgusted but mostly turned on. That bastard!

“N..no, it wasn’t.” She pouted and crossed her arms in front of her chest, glancing at Michael yet again. He was oddly quiet. How much had he seen?

”Aw, now…” Suddenly Rath strode forward, but before he could reach her, Michael had blocked his way.

“That’s far enough, buddy.” Michael growled and Maria smirked at Rath over his shoulder. There. Michael was still protecting her after all.

“But I was just…” Rath pouted and took a few steps back again, then he rolled his eyes. “I was just checkin’ if you’d take her back.”

Maria’s frown deepened. “Why?”

”’Cause if not, maybe I’d a gotten me a little sumthin-sumthin.” He wiggled his eyebrows again and Maria had to fight hard not to shudder.

“So you just followed me to Roswell?”

He shrugged as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“But that’s… that’s not how you do it, Rath!” Maria threw her hands in the air and shook her head, pacing behind Michael. Why? Why did he have to do that? It was going to ruin everything!

“No?” Rath smirked bemused. “Oh trust me, bitch, I know how to do it.” Maria stopped and looked at him again, only to have his smirk deepen. “And I’d do you good.”

Now she couldn’t avoid the shudder anymore and she bit her lips when she noticed Michael was watching her. His eyes seemed to darken again. Something fishy was going on here, she just couldn’t put her finger on it yet.

“Just go away!” She tried to glare at Rath, but she realized she failed and instead was pleading with him. So she decided on a different approach. “Michael.” She grabbed his arm. “Tell him! Tell him to just leave us alone.”

But instead he just gave her a cold stare. “Why? He’s not here for me.”

“Well, actually…” Rath gave both of them his best come-hither look. “I’d be willing to share.”

Maria frowned. He couldn’t really mean… did he? “What… what do you mean?” She cocked her head and secretly glanced up at Michael, but she was disappointed when his expression remained unreadable.

“You know, you, me, da reject.” Rath accentuated with his hands and Maria stared at him in shock.

“Eew! I just knew you were a pervert.” But sh.it, something about this… She rubbed her legs together and blushed.

“Isn’t that what you want, bitch?” He raised his eyebrow and Maria bit her lip again, unable to answer him.

Lucky for her, Michael came to the rescue. “Stop calling her a bitch.”

Rath seemed amused again. “Wha’da you care? She’s not your bitch anymore, is she?”

“Oh yes she is.” Michael first glared at Rath and then it deepened when the other alien’s smirk grew.

“Your bitch?” He just had to speak it out. Little mean pervert. Maria scoffed.

“Mine.” Michael’s voice was strong and when she looked up at his face, she noticed that his eyes were now almost fully black. And there was this weird, faint glow on his chest again too…

Rath must have noticed it as well, because he suddenly backed away, visibly startled. “Where… why…?”

Michael growled again. “You better just leave now, ’bro.”

Maria smiled but Rath held his head high, pouting again. “Why? You flexin’ on me?” He took a stubborn step closer, slowly raising his arm.

Michael didn’t even flinch. “Yes.” His voice showed no emotion, he didn’t even raise his arm as well, but yet still Rath backed away again, almost wincing as he did.

“But… how?” He was staring at Michael’s chest and now Maria saw that it was seriously glowing. What the hell?

“None of your business.” Michael scoffed and stepped towards Rath, smirking in satisfaction when his opponent bumped against the wall. “You just need to know that she is mine and only mine. And if you show your face here in Roswell ever again…” He left it hanging, but it was no empty threat. Even Maria was a little afraid of him right now.

Rath gulped and nodded, reaching behind him to open the door. He was halfway out and Maria had just started to exhale a sigh of relief, when he just had to smirk at her again. “But bitch, if you ever come to da city again…”

Michael growled and finally raised his arm. Maria almost laughed at how fast Rath suddenly vanished, slamming the door on his way out. But as soon as she turned towards Michael her laughter died in her throat. Rath was off easy, but she was still in here with him.

“Michael…” She touched his arm, willing to explain.

“Don’t.” He flinched back and passed his hands through his hair. “Just don’t, Maria.”

”But please, let me explain.” It had just been one kiss! A hot one that came with some groping… okay, lots of groping, but still.

“No.” His eyes were still dark and he closed them, shielding them with his hand as well. “Just… just give me a few.” He sat down on the couch and took several deep breaths.

Maria watched him with a frown, but she stayed silent, wrapping her arms around herself. She’d say maybe he needed to calm down first, but he had been so damn calm in the last few minutes. So what? Her frown deepened when the blue glow around him slowly faded. This was just too freaky. “Michael?”

He raised his hand and only finally looked at her when the glow was fully gone. She noticed that his eyes had their normal color again as well.

“Michael, what’s going on?” She sat down next to him and reached out for his chest, but he slapped her hand away.

“I… I dunno.” Now he seemed just as clueless as she was. Good. This was better than cold and threatening. She reached her hand out yet again, only to have him move further towards the edge of the couch. Sighing audibly, she gave up.

“But there was this glow, Michael. What was that glow?” She gave up touching him, but she still wanted to know.

“You kissed Rath?” Michael was quick to shoot back. Dammit! She was at a very bad point of arguing with him here, so she sighed.

“Yes.” What else could she say? He already knew.

“But… but why?” He scratched his eyebrow, looking genuinely confused. “I thought you were with Billy.”

”Billy?” Maria almost laughed. “Michael, Billy is just a friend. I told you so.”

”But I saw you with him!” He looked so hurt. God, what had she done to him? And wait!

”You saw us kiss?”

”You kissed him?” He jumped off the couch. “You fucking kissed him? I knew it. I just… I knew it!” The lights flickered and Maria heard some glass break in the kitchen. Sh.it! He didn’t know? But… but he said he saw them!

“It was a mistake. Please Michael, you have to believe me!” She stood up and reached out to touch him. She didn’t know why she kept trying to when all he did was brush her off, but she just wanted to feel him, to calm him down.

“Oh? So how do I know when you leave my apartment you won’t go and kiss… and kiss Kyle? Or Max? Or the next best guy crossing your way.” He didn’t stop pacing. That glow was back as well. He seemed to only get it when he was angry, just like stuff exploding. Maybe it was just another part of his power but she never noticed. She really wished they could just talk about that. Anything was better than having the conversation they were right now.

“I… I won’t.” Was all she could reply meekly. She hated to admit it, but he had a point. They had all been mistakes though. Big, big mistakes.

“Why not?” He stopped and looked her straight in the eye.

“Because I love you.” She slowly walked closer to him. “I love you, Michael.” How could she make him understand? Maria swallowed a sob.

“Yeah? And you didn’t love me when you kissed them?”

Times like this, she really hated how he always seemed to come up with a good reply to everything. Usually she would, too. But right now she just didn’t know what to say. “I… I did. I always did.” Her voice was barely audible and she was about to give up, but there was a flicker of hope when his expression softened.

“Maria…” He sighed.

“And hey!” She frowned, suddenly remembering. “You kissed that old skank! Your little worshipper.” And more than once too. So who was he to judge her now?

”Yeah, and you broke up with me for it.” Again with the good answers. Maria flinched.

“So you’re breaking up with me now?”

“Maria, we’re not even back together.” He chuckled a little and passed his hand through his hair again. Was he nervous or just smug? She narrowed her eyes at him.

“You could have fooled me.” What about all the kissing and touching from earlier? Was that all nothing? She knew it. They should have talked first. But with them it was just always weird. Even she sometimes didn’t know if they were together or apart, and she was one part of this odd couple! She always thought that’s how it had to be. It was only Liz who had to analyse everything to death, but normal relationships worked non-verbal. Didn’t they?

Michael sighed and shuffled his feet. Damn. Now where did they go from here?

”Want me to leave?” Maria offered.

”What? So you can go after him?” He glared at her.

“What? No! That’s not what I…. Argh!” She threw her hands in the air frustrated and plopped back down on his couch. Stupid, stupid alien.

“Do you want to leave?” Michael slowly moved closer to her, but she didn’t really take it as a good sign. Not anymore. Maybe he just wanted to throw her out himself.

“No.” She was tired. She just wanted it all to go away. Why did none of them have time rewinding powers? Now that would have been a real nifty one.

He suddenly sat down next to her and Maria frowned. What now?

“So, do you want me to leave?” She had to know. Because she wouldn’t stay if he just kept sitting next to her in silence.

“No.” Now his voice was the barely audible one and he kept staring at his hands.

Maria smiled a little. Yes, there was still hope. There had to be. They loved each other and they both knew it, so they couldn’t just throw it all away because of stupid mistakes, could they? But why did they keep doing this to each other? She just didn’t know. She sighed and shuffled closer to him, waiting. When he didn’t move away, she placed her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes.

She could feel him watching her, but she kept her eyes closed, afraid to know for sure if he was disgusted by her now. But if he was, wouldn’t he pull back? Just as she couldn’t stand it anymore and opened her eyes after all, he wrapped his arm around her. Their eyes met for a second before he looked away again.

Her smile grew and now she was content to just sit here with him in silence. As long as he kept holding her, everything would be alright. They stayed like that for a few minutes when one thing still wouldn’t leave her mind. “So, I’m your bitch, huh?” She raised her eyebrow and he did the same, looking at her again.

“Yep.” He smirked, daring her to say something. For a few seconds she was too happy to respond, but then she smirked as well.

“But if you ever call me that again, I will kick your ass.” They stared at each other, both holding the gaze till they started to chuckle. Michael shook his head and, still smiling, wrapped his arm tighter around her, pulling her close to his body, where she belonged.

The End


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