Title: Push
Author: Vera
Category: Michael/Maria/Rath, Maria POV
Rating: adult, Slash
Disclaimer: I don’t think they’re “owned" by anybody anymore.
Summary: Maria’s first step outta the vanilla. ;)
Author’s Note: This takes place somewhen between season two and three. Do not read this if you do find slash offensive. It’s supposed to be part one of a trilogy.


Maria opened the front door to Michael’s apartment smiling. It was so nice to have a key. Took him long enough to hand her one. He had argued that it was enough that most of the others could already come as they pleased because they could unlock the door with their powers, but heck, she could not. And she was the one to mostly arrive alone. When Liz came she came with Max, and Kyle spend more and more of his time with Isabel lately. He had developed quite a crush on her and it was cute to watch them around each other. She was sure it was only a matter of time before Isabel realized what a great guy he was.

But enough of that. Tonight would be all about her and Michael. She wasn’t done rewarding him for the key, even though it took her whining about it for at least a month. Who’d have known that refusing sex would do the trick within a matter of two days? That was, refusing to go all the way. Teasing she did. Lots of it.

She smirked. If she’d known that it would be such a powerful weapon over him, maybe she’d have already slept with him on their trip to Tucson. But then again, their first time was something special. Magical. She wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Today he wasn’t expecting her. She had told him she had a shift at the CrashDown and then would head straight home to her mom. But Amy had just left for another convention and would only return in a week, so she changed her shift to surprise her Spaceboy.

Silently closing the door, she tiptoed through the living room but then frowned when she heard noises coming from his bedroom. Very distinct noises. Moaning and groaning and… and… was that little pervert watching porn?

Maria put down her overnight bag and quickly made her way over to his bedroom but then stopped dead in her tracks when she spotted the scene playing out in front of her. Michael on his knees, naked, and Rath was standing in front of him with his pants unzipped, keeping his head against his groin through a firm grip on Michael’s hair. What the fuck? Had she just ultimately stepped into the twilight zone?

She gasped but covered her mouth with her hands, not wanting them to notice she was there. Rath. Rath! Wasn’t he a killer? He tried to kill Max and for all she knew he killed Zan, so would he hesitate any to blast her away? Maybe this was some sick game they were playing on poor Michael and that skanky witch, Lonnie, was standing right behind him somewhere.

Peeking further into the room, Maria’s face fell even more. No Lonnie. No Ava to mindwarp him, no man with a gun forcing him to do… that.

“Aw yeah, fuck. Dat’s the way, Mikey-Boy.” Maria stumbled backwards when she heard Rath talk. It broke the spell she was under and she was tempted to just run away and get help. “If ya continue to be such a good boy I’ll make sure ya cum like a fountain.”

That’s when Michael moaned and Maria noticed his raging hard-on. Damn! That little… little… god damn, no, he was anything but little, and most especially right now. She felt like going in there after all and screaming at him, and kicking him and slapping Rath’s face for making her man moan for him like he was only supposed to moan for her. And then leave them and never come back. Michael didn’t deserve her. He was such a… bitch.

But then why was it making her wet? She just wanted to go in there and jump him and push Rath away so she could take care of Michael’s problem. Or maybe have him pleasure her first, the way he was obviously pleasing Rath right now.

“Yeah, baby.” Rath howled and thrust his hips against Michael’s mouth. Heck, Michael was better at blowing than she was. Maria cocked her head. How the hell did he do that without gagging?

No, ugh, this was so incredibly wrong. She had to go wash her eyes out. And take a long shower. A long cold shower. But she was still just standing there watching and getting more and more turned on by the second. There was just something about seeing Michael this submissive. Maybe she could almost forgive him for betraying her like this. This was… She wasn’t sure what it was. But it was way better than finding him fucking some random blond bitch. Wasn’t it?

Rath gritted his teeth and stilled his hips for a moment. Maria knew what this meant, she’d experienced it with Michael many times by now. He was gonna cum. And then probably notice her. And when he’d let go of Michael, he’d see her too.

She stumbled backwards out of their sight just when she heard Rath yell something incoherent and then another praise for ‘Mikey-Boy’. Ugh. This was so wrong, wrong, wrong. She paced the living room and nibbled on her bottom lip, suddenly really wishing she’d brought one of her old cedar oil vials with her. When had she stopped carrying those anyways? Oh yeah, since she had Michael to calm her down with his sheer presence. Michael the slut.

Maria shook her head. ‘Dear Doctor Phil, I caught my boyfriend sucking the cock of his doppelganger and it left me incredibly hot and bothered. What am I supposed to do?’ Argh! Couldn’t they have at least closed the fucking door? She couldn’t even scream or rip apart one of his precious Metallica posters because they’d hear it. But she couldn’t leave either. She just… couldn’t.

What if it was all some evil scheme after all? Michael would need her. And she didn’t want to be all alone at home either. She didn’t trust herself to drive. A break-down behind the steering wheel was not something she liked to experience. Not again at least. And now she’d be alone, nobody there to help her out of it. Because her boyfriend was in there now getting his cock sucked for all she knew and Liz was off somewhere with Max.

She sat down on the couch and then curled up on her side, covering her ears to block out Michael’s moans. Rath was definitely returning the favour now. Maybe she should go back and check if he was doing something different than her. Something that explained why Michael would go to him and not her. But she couldn’t bring herself to go there again. This time she’d join, she just knew it.

Maria tried telling herself that she’s just slap them both and then leave after all, but she knew better. fuck. Damn sex. They should have never started this. Get hooked up with an alien. What was she thinking? She should have known nothing was normal with them.

She bit her lip and clenched her eyes shut. She just wanted to cry but somehow she failed doing even that. She was just too pissed to cry. Not only at Michael and Rath but also at herself. Especially at herself, for being so weak and pathetic. And turned on. Argh! Maybe she should go check on them again?

Halfway up from the couch the noises suddenly stopped after a loud roar from Michael. She knew that one too. Damn Rath. He even got him off faster than she did. But then again she wasn’t quite sure how long this had been going on already. And she didn’t want to. No, she didn’t. She sighed and laid back down, enjoying the momentary silence till she heard mumbling, but they were too far away and she couldn’t understand what they were saying.

So instead Maria closed her eyes again and relaxed as best as she could. It had been a long day. She had wanted to make up for changing her shifts and thus causing trouble and had been working extra hard. Michael would have been able to revive her, maybe with a nice backrub, but as it was she now only felt tired and completely wiped out.

The noises in the bedroom ceased and after a while Maria just fell asleep curled up on Michael’s couch. When she woke up the next day she was shocked to stare directly into Rath’s smirking face when she opened her eyes. “Oh, fuck!” She quickly scrambled away but before she could start screaming, he clamped a hand down over her mouth.

“Shhh. Don’t wanna wake up sleeping beauty back in there, do ya?” He placed his finger on his lips and then cocked his head. It wasn’t a threat, it was a request. Maria slowly nodded and he let go of her.

“What are you doing here?” She sat up on the couch and passed her hands over her face. This was so not happening.

“I’s watchin’ you.” He grinned. Of course.

“No dumbass, I mean what are you doing here in Roswell?” In Michael’s bed, sucking his cock?

“Just visiting the folks.”

“Har, har, very funny Rath.” She narrowed her eyes at him. Why did he have to keep smirking like that? Couldn’t he be just a little worried? “What the fuck are you really doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” He sat back on his heels, still just watching her.

“What?” Her voice raised slightly but she quickly calmed herself down. “This is my boyfriend’s apartment. I can be here whenever I want.”

”Well Blondie, I’s can say the very same now.” Rath winked at her and Maria had a hard time fighting the urge to slap him.

“As.shole. Stay away from Michael.”


Why? He needed a reason? “Because he’s mine.”

”Nah, not last night he wasn’t.” His smirk turned into a full blown grin and Maria snapped. She raised her hand and wanted to slap him hard across his face, but he caught her blow easily. “You know it, don’t ya? You’s seen him blowing me.”

“I…” Maria bit her lip. He wouldn’t let go of her hand. Now she felt threatened, why wasn’t she screaming? “You… you saw me?”

“I smelled you.” Before she could react he had his hand suddenly between her legs, stroking her through her pants and then pulling back to sniff at his fingers. “Much like I can smell ya now.”

She blushed a deep crimson. Oh god, this was all a bad dream. Or maybe it was a good dream? Because thanks to her treacherous body it was definitely a wet dream. “I…”

“What’s the matter Blondie? ‘Fraid of your own feelings?” He slid closer to her, still holding her hand in a tight grip. She felt so damn helpless and it just turned her on even more. Because deep down she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Not physically at least. She knew if that would have been his intention, she’d already be dust by now.

“N…no?” Maria bit her lip and Rath raised an eyebrow again.

“So you’s admitting you got wet by seeing your boyfriend sucking another man’s cock?” He smirked and his hand wandered towards her center again, but this time she saw it coming and quickly blocked him off with her free hand, which sadly only resulted in him now pinning both of her arms together over her head.

“I…I didn’t say that.” But it was the truth. The horrible, disgusting truth.

“So you was not?” He pushed her backwards so she was lying on the couch again and then straddled her, looming over her face.

She gulped and shook her head, her mouth too dry to get out any more words.

“Want me to stop? Leave ya and you’s boyfriend alone so you can go back to your boring little life, just as it was before?”

Yes! She shook her head no. Why, oh why was her body doing this to her? She’d always been good to it, lotioned it, rubbed it, let Michael touch it. Aw, fuck.

Rath smirked at her triumphantly, his eyes gleaming. “Want to go help me wake Mikey-Boy up?”

She nodded again, then frowned slightly. “His name’s Michael.”

“Whateva.” Rath chuckled and let go of her again. Maria hated herself for regretting it. It would all be so much easier if she could tell herself that he was forcing her to do what she was about to do. Though she wasn’t quite sure what exactly that would be yet.

She sat up again and he sat down next to her. “Does Michael know?”

“That you saw?”

Maria nodded and looked down at her hands, rubbing her wrists slightly where he had held them.

“Nah. He was too out of it.” He chuckled again. “I’s too good.”

She glared at him. “I could have done the same. Make him forget everything else around him. In fact I already have. Numerous times.” Pushing her chin forward, Maria raised her head again. She wouldn’t feel inferior to this punk. Not when it came to sex with Michael.

“Yah, but all your sweet little vanilla sex gets boring after a while.” Rath gave her that smirk again. Like he knew it all and was just having fun playing her. She just wanted to wipe it off his face. Preferably with a hard kiss, but a hard slap would do as well.

“I am not… we… we don’t have vanilla sex!” She crossed her arms in front of her chest. Her eyelid started to twitch slightly and she just wanted to scream.

”If he fucks you from behind every now and then doesn’t count, baby.”

She opened her mouth but he held up his hand to stop her.

“And nope, tying you up with a scarf and blindfolding you isn’t really getting you outta the vanilla either.”

Maria’s face fell. Michael Guerin was dead. “How… how do you know?”

“Wouldn’t ya like to know?” Rath winked. “Maybe if you’re real nice to me I’ll tell you.”

”fuck you.” She tried to get up off the couch but Rath quickly grabbed her again and pulled her closer to him.

“What’s the matter, Blondie? ‘Fraid I’m right?”

“No.” She pouted and stuck out her chin. “We’re just getting started. If you come back in a month – and no, this doesn’t mean I want you to – then we’re gonna be real experts in… well, whatever else there is to sex.”

“But I’m offering you a quick start. After this week you’re gonna know all there is to know and more.” What? He wanted to stay the whole damn week? “See, Mikey Boy already agreed, so it’s either with or without you.” Oh yeah, her former boyfriend was so damn dead he was already ashes. Or dust. Or whatever the hell else they shrivelled up to.

“He wouldn’t.” No. Rath was just lying. Michael wouldn’t do anything without her.

“Yeah? Like he wouldn’t suck my cock?” He raised an eyebrow at her and once again caught her arm before she could slap him. fucking hell. Now all she could do was glare at him. “Aw, don’t give me that look. I know it’s made you wet. And I know you’re wet right now.”

Maria clenched her legs together with a blush. Would denying do any good? She sighed and shook her head. “Yes.”

He gave her a predatory smile. “So you wanna get outta the vanilla?”

”I am not vanilla.” asshole. She’d never admit to that. Because she just wasn’t, no matter what he said.

“Then ya won’t have a problem with what’s to come.” Rath was still smirking, acting like he had it all under control and foreseen all her actions. And maybe he had. Bastard. And why did he have to look so much like Michael?

“What… what is to come?” Maria cursed herself for her shaky voice. But heck, this was not a situation she was used to.

“Watch and learn, baby.” He howled and stood up, grabbing her hands and tugging her up from the couch. “I coulda not finish what I started so now you’s gonna help me keep him in check.”

She frowned. What the hell was he talking about? But she had no other option than to follow him into the bedroom, where Michael was still peacefully slumbering. Maria shook her head. Here he was, the cause of all her trouble. And he didn’t even have the decency of an unruly sleep.

“So, uh, what am I supposed to do?” Maria had wrapped her arms around herself and was now biting her lip. Was this really such a good idea? But heck, she wasn’t vanilla. And she’d show him. She’d show them both, then maybe Michael wouldn’t go behind her back again.

“Take off your clothes for starters.” Rath shrugged and stepped out of his boxers.

“What?” Damn, why did her voice have to get so high pitched again? And why couldn’t she stop staring at his erection? When he was still halfway dressed, she at least had some resistance left. Now… now she just didn’t.

“You take them off or I will, bitch.”

Maria raised an eyebrow at him. Let him try! Yeah… let him. A smirk tugged at the corner of her lips and she quickly bit them again to make it go away.

“But if I’s take them off, they’ll be ripped.” He took a step closer to her and raised an eyebrow as well.

“What?” He wouldn’t, would he? Maria stared at him in shock, then realized that she’d spoken very loud and quickly checked on Michael again. Damn, Rath must have really worn him out. He only slept this well when she was with him. Till now. She sighed and missed that Rath was now right in front of her, placing a hand on the collar of her shirt.

“Time’s up.” He smirked and with one hard tug he had ripped her shirt off of her body.

Her mouth opened and closed a few times. What the…? “What the fuck? You as.shole!” She did her best to keep her voice at a low hissing. “You better… you better fix that up again! That was one of my favourite tops.”

“You had been warned.” Rath shrugged and reached out for her bra, but this time Maria had the time to take a step back and quickly covering her chest with her arms.

“Alright, alright, I’ll take them off myself. Just… just turn around.”

Rath laughed out loud. “Baby, by the end of the day I’ll have seen way more than just your tits.”

“Maybe. Maybe not.” Maria pouted and then realized how close he really was when she felt his cock pressing against her thigh. It made her shiver. And give up, because he was right. She was way past backing off now. She reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. “Just… take a step back?”

He shrugged again but did as she asked. “Fine. Now I’s can watch you better.” He winked and Maria already regretted even bothering to open her mouth. She was sure he could just take anything she said and turn it around to further embarrass her.

But then again, as embarrassing as it was, it also had something else to it. Something exciting, erotic and definitely kinky. Stripping for her boyfriend’s doppelganger while he was sleeping right next to her. Who else could say they did that in their lives? Maria chuckled softly and dropped her bra, then went to open her pants without really thinking about it.

“Ya know, you shouldn’t wear pants.” Maria looked up when she heard him talk and found him surprisingly not staring at her now exposed chest, but at her legs instead.

“Maybe next time I’ll wear a skirt for you, Rath.” She smirked. “But only if you’re very nice to me from now on.” Yeah, as if he could. So it saved her from actually going through with it. And not like she planned on ever seeing him again after today anyways.

“I’s nothing but nice, bitch.”

Maria rolled her eyes. “Yah, sure.” Idiot. She stepped out of her shoes and then pushed her pants down all the way. Did he want her to take of everything? She looked at him again and caught him looking her up and down.

“Now twirl around for me.” He grinned.

“What? No, forget it!” She crossed her arms in front of her chest. Argh! Stupid, stupid… alien.

Rath laughed at her. “Knew you wouldn’t do that. You need to loosen up, baby.”

“If you just go away then maybe I can start working on it.” She never thought it possible that there could be a person even smugger and more infuriating than Michael. But this jerk proved her wrong.

He laughed again. “But then you wouldn’t find out what I’s had planned with you and you’s talented boyfriend over there.” He nodded towards Michael and then took a step closer to Maria, wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning down close to her. “Though he’s not as talented as I. Not yet anyways.”

Maria gasped and looked up at him. Damn. So much like Michael. He gaze dropped to his lips, focusing on the piercing. How would it feel to be kissed by him? How would the piercing feel rubbing against her clit? She shuddered. fuck, where had that thought come from?

“Not today, bitch.” Rath pulled back again, wearing his usual triumphant smirk. “Today’s all about Mikey-Boy. You have to wait you’s turn.”

She pouted. “Why?” Then she quickly bit her lip, silently curing herself for falling into his trap again.

“Because he was a better toy than you. He deserves my attention.”

What? That fucking stupid prick! Maria’s mouth opened and closed a few times.

“But don’t you worry. Ya already scored some points. And I’m sure Mikey here will take care of you for now.” Rath winked and walked over to the other side of the bed, leaving Maria just staring at him totally confused and frustrated. She didn’t expect this to turn out this way.

“Climb into bed.” He gestured for her to come over.


”Alright, that’s one point off the list again.” He shook his head and raised an eyebrow.

Maria bit her lip again, but this time to keep from screaming. Fine. But he wouldn’t get any from her either. She looked down at Michael. He looked so cute and innocent in his still peaceful slumber, she just had to smile.

“So?” Rath tapped his foot impatiently and Maria glared at him, before concentrating on her Spaceboy again. For Michael. For him she could do that. And then later he would so pay for this. And pay and pay and pay. She’d make him beg and grovel and buy her flowers and take her out to see chick flicks. She smirked and carefully slid onto the mattress next to him.

As soon as she was close to his body and feeling his warmth, she felt even better. She moved under the sheets to get real body contact and then stroked over his cheek. He was even more beautiful when he wasn’t frowning or scowling, or trying to hide what he was really feeling behind this stoic mask she hated most of all. Maria pressed her lips against his softly and pulled back when she felt him slowly waking up.

“Mmm.” His eyes were still closed but his lips curled into a smile. “Maria.” He blinked and then looked at her.

She smiled back at him happily, still cupping his cheek and stroking him with her thumb. “Morning baby.” She kissed him again and slipped one of her legs between his to get even closer. “That’s for saying the right name.”

Michael frowned, then his eyes flew open in sudden realisation of what she had just indicated. “Maria…”

”Shhh.” She placed her fingers on his lips. “It’s okay. It’s…” She bit her lip and looked at him. He was afraid. She could feel it. So afraid of losing her. It quickly dissipated all the last traces of anger she still felt. And hey, he did wake up saying her name, not his. “It’s fine. We’ll talk about this some other time.” Because she still wouldn’t let him off the hook so easily.

Michael smiled a little and nodded, then he kissed her fingers. He might not be big with words, but in his eyes she could always see what he really felt. And right now there was nothing but love for her. That was until Rath suddenly came into play again and shocked them both when he kissed Michael’s shoulder. Damn, she had forgotten that he even was still in the same room with them. How did he get into bed so fast and unnoticed?

“You two sure are some saps.” Rath chuckled and scraped his teeth over Michael’s skin, making him hiss.

“Rath?” Michael frowned again, then he closed his eyes. “I thought… I thought…”

Maria just looked at him and Rath chuckled again. “What? That I’d be gone by now? We weren’t done yet, Mikey-Boy.” He continued to nibble on Michael’s skin.

“Maria?” Michael had opened his eyes again and was looking at her totally confused.

“Shh.” She shook her head again. “Just… just let it happen.” She wasn’t sure just what it was that would be happening yet, but heck, she’d come this far, now she didn’t want it to just end. She outlined his lips and then leaned in for another soft kiss, letting him know she was okay with this.

“Saps.” Rath snorted, earning a glare from Maria.

It seemed that Michael wanted to turn around and glare at him as well, but then he suddenly let out a deep moan and soon Maria could feel why. Rath had snaked his arm around his body and was pumping his dick, his fist coming in contact with Maria’s thigh as well, because she was so close to Michael.

“Maria, please.” Michael gave her a pleading look. Did he want her to go away so he could only be with him? That... that… “I’m sorry.” Sweet little Spaceboy.

“Michael, really.” Maria smiled at him. “Are you sure you want to talk about this now?” Rath must have chosen that moment to close his fist even tighter, because Michael could only let out a guttural moan again. She chose to read that as a ‘no’ and instead cupped his cheek to give him a deep kiss.

She could feel him now fully erect, the tip of his cock connecting with the soft skin of her inner thighs while Rath was still jacking him off. She growled. Damn. Why was this turning her on so much? And why was she more mad at Michael for getting all of Rath’s attention, rather than being mad that well, Rath was giving him this kind of attention in the first place?

Looking up at Rath she found him grinning at her again. “I can smell ya.” He winked and Maria groaned, burying her face in Michael’s chest. Damn those aliens and their heightened senses. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Michael started to snap out of his trance and now it was him cupping her cheek and bringing her lips back up to his so they could share another kiss. His kisses always made her forget everything but him and all the feelings he was evoking in her. Just now it was him, and this other him. Rath. And she had no reason at all to feel bad about it, because Michael had started this all. She was just following him down the deep end. Like usual. But hey, she wasn’t complaining.

Suddenly she felt someone tickle her nether lips and she looked at Michael again, hoping it was him. He smirked at her and flicked her clit in this way that he knew drove her crazy. Somehow he had found out just the right spot to touch. Maria yelped and buried a hand in his hair, attacking his lips again and sucking hard on his bottom lip.

“What? What are you doing?” Rath leaned over to get a better look and Maria had to pull back from Michael because she suddenly had to laugh.

“Something you could learn from Michael. But I don’t think he’ll show you. Not after you’ve been so mean to me.” She stuck out her tongue and then smirked at Rath.

“He was mean to you?” Michael slapped Rath’s hand away from his cock, making Maria feel even better about all of this. His feelings for her hadn’t changed. It was just sex. It had to be. And for that she couldn’t blame him. Rath was just… oozing even more pheromones than Michael.

She smiled at Michael and outlined his lips with her index finger. “Not like this. It’s just… between me and Rath. But nothing you have to worry about.”

“You sure?” He cocked his head.

“Hey, I’s can just get up and leave, ya know?” Rath rolled his eyes.

“Really? You would?” Maria raised an eyebrow. She didn’t want him to go, but she somehow knew he was bluffing, so it didn’t matter.

And she was right, because he glared at her again. “Not as long as I still have unfinished business here.” He took a hold of Michael’s cock again. “Right, Mikey-Boy? We weren’t done yet, were we?”

Michael groaned and shook his head. “N..no.” He bit his lip and again Maria wondered what it was that Rath kept talking about. Though she started to get an idea by now. And fuck! She would be here to experience it as well.

“Oh, fuck!” Whatever else Rath was doing to Michael, it made him rub her clit more furious than before. She bit in his shoulder and found herself eye-to-eye with Rath, who was doing the same from the other side. She held his gaze and bit Michael harder, at the same time sucking on his skin, not to be outdone by Rath.

“shit! You guys.” Michael whined and bucked his hips. “Someone help me, please?” He tried to reach his dick and pump it faster, but Rath slapped his hand away. Good. That way he could use it to stimulate her again.

“Be a good boy, Mikey. Care for your bitch.” Rath winked at Maria, and she smiled back at him.

“Yeah, Mikey. He’s right.” She chuckled at the look of sheer frustration Michael was giving her now, obviously finally realizing the position he was in. Sure, he was on the receiving end of all of this, but he was still at their mercy. “Though I would prefer not to be called a bitch all of the time.”

Rath snorted again, but Michael placed a soft kiss on her neck. “I’m sorry, baby.” He chose one of her many pleasure points to nibble and suck on and Maria purred happily. He had also started to play with her clit again, so she decided it was time to reward him as well. This wasn’t only Rath’s game anymore. She looked at Rath and slowly licked over two of her fingers, then slipped her hand down between their bodies so she could rub them over the tip of Michael’s cock.

“Oh fuck! Maria…” Michael sucked harder on her neck and Rath growled, pumping his dick with more force again, eliciting a breathy “Rath!” from him. “God, please.” Michael squirmed and his chest rubbed against Maria’s nipples in the most delicious way.

“This is far from over, Mikey-Boy.” Rath squeezed his dick extra hard and then pulled his hand back again. Without really thinking about it, Maria did the same, waiting for Rath to give her new instructions.

“You are so evil.” Michael groaned frustrated. “Both of you.”

Maria and Rath chuckled at the same time. She never thought this could be so much fun. Sadly though, Michael now pulled his hand back as well. Dammit. She pouted and searched out his lips to tease him with a possible kiss, but then she just tugged on his bottom lip with her teeth.

“Is the bitch ready for you to fuck her?” Rath placed a small kiss on Michael’s shoulder and Maria gasped.

“Excuse me? I’m right here.” Ass. “Ass.” She glared at him and got even angrier when he just gave her that smug look again.

“Is she, Mikey?”

”Uh…” Michael bit his lip and looked at Maria. She just rolled her eyes. Fine, so he could answer. “Yeah, I, uh, think so.”

”You think so? What kinda crappy fuck buddy are you? You should’a know when you’s bitch is ready.” Alright the moment was over, now Maria really just wanted to slap him again.

“She is.” Michael tried to look over his shoulder at Rath. “She is ready.” He nodded.

“Gee, thanks for asking the girl in question.” Maria rolled her eyes again and shook her head. Jerks, both of them.

“I’m sorry, Maria.” Michael was still biting his lip. Okay, only one jerk. Michael was just too damn sweet. She just wished he would be like this out of bed more often too.

She couldn’t help but smile at him, then she cupped his cheek to kiss him softly at first, but the passion was quickly building up and letting her forget anything but Michael and his very talented silky tongue. But of course Rath had to go and ruin it again, by whatever he had been doing now to make Michael pull back in shock.

“What?” Maria frowned and peaked over his shoulder. She caught Rath placing a tube of… was that lubricant? … back on the nightstand. Oh. Oh! So that was the unfinished business? Maria squirmed, suddenly very excited. This was certainly gonna be interesting. And weird. Very weird.

“fuck, Rath…” Michael twisted his head to look at him. “Not… not…”

“Shut it. Isn’t that what you want, Mikey-Boy?” He raised his eyebrow and held two of his lubricated fingers up for them to see, before they disappeared downwards, towards Michael’s ass.

Maria knew the exact moment Rath was inserting them, because Michael quickly looked away again to bite in the pillow. “shit.”

“Well? Isn’t it?” Rath buried his free hand in Michael’s hair and pulled him away from the pillow. Maria could only watch transfixed, unable to move.

“Yes!” Michael yelped and clenched his eyes shut. “Yes, dammit, yes. I want it. I need it. Please, Rath. Just… just stop playing.” He gave up and turned again to shoot him a pleading glance.

Maria wasn’t sure what to make of this. It was like watching a very good gay porn. Not like she ever watched any though. And this was still different, because she was right there in it as well. She just wasn’t sure what role she was playing yet.

Rath grinned deviously. Of course. He got everything he wanted, didn’t he? “Now I’ll be very nice, Mikey. Since this is your first time, I’ll let you fuck her at the same time.”

Hello? He let him fuck her? Since when did she become his mindless sex puppet? But who was she fooling? She wouldn’t object. No, in fact she was more than happy to comply.

“Maria?” Michael cocked his head and she brushed her thumbs over his cheekbones, nodding slowly.

“It’s okay, Michael. I want it, too.” She leaned up close to his ear and whispered. “fuck me.” Then she tugged on his earlobe and placed a soft kiss on his neck before looking into his eyes again.

“You two are making me sick.” Rath rolled his eyes but Maria didn’t bother to acknowledge him. And neither did Michael. Instead he slowly guided his cock into Maria’s opening, and she helped him by spreading her legs more, wrapping one over his hips.

“Michael.” She moaned softly and closed her eyes. She’d never ever get enough of the feeling of being filled by him, no matter if he did it hard and fast, or slow and gentle like right now. Opening her eyes again, she smiled at him and mouthed an ‘I love you’.

Michael smiled back solemnly and kissed her deeply, only stopping to gasp for breath when he was fully buried inside of her. “Maria…”

“God damn, maybe ya should be watching porn more often to learn some new words. This is fucking ridiculous.” Rath shook his head and chuckled. Damn, damn, damn. Couldn’t he just fucking go away already? She didn’t need him anymore, and neither did Michael. Rath moved again and Maria thought he would finally leave, but he was just rearing up again.

“Ugh!” Michael’s eyes crossed and he slumped forward, into her arms. And fuck! Even Maria could feel how hard Rath just thrust into Michael, because it pushed him just as hard into her.

“You like my hard cock up your ass, bitch? Huh? Do you love to be fucked in your tight ass?” He grabbed Michael by his hair again, pulling him away from her. “Answer me, slut.”

”F…fuck you, Rath.” He gritted his teeth and let out a loud roar when Rath pulled back and then trust into him just as hard as the first time. Maria tried to make him look at her again, but he wouldn’t open his eyes.

“Want to be fucked hard, Mikey-Boy?” Rath let go of his hair and he instantly slumped back down, burying his face in the crook of Maria’s neck. “What? Was that a yes?” Rath laughed and wouldn’t slow down on his thrusts. Not like Maria really minded. For her it was great. But she worried a bit about Michael.

“Baby?” She stroked the hair in the nape of his neck softly and he groaned something incoherent.

“I don’t think he has ever watched porn with the voices on.” Rath chuckled and buried his hand back in Michael’s hair, not tugging on it this time though. “Or maybe I’m already fucking his brains out and he can’t reply even if he wanted to. Am I right, slut?”

Michael just grunted again and rubbed his head against Maria’s skin, as if he was trying to sink deeper into her. Maria kissed the top of his head before she threw her own head back to let out a guttural moan when Michael started rubbing over her g-spot. His brain couldn’t be so dead, or he wouldn’t have moved a little to make it better for her. God, she just loved him so damn much. “Oh, yes! Michael!”

“Michael?” Rath’s voice was raspy by now. “Hey, I’m doing all the hard work here, bitch.” He tried to glare at her but failed. “Maybe I should try the porn dialogue on you.”

Maria frowned but then rolled her eyes. Whatever. She just wanted to shut off and enjoy this. Who knew when she’d ever be feeling like this again?

“Do you like it when I fuck your boyfriend while he’s jacking off in you?” He grinned but Maria tried to ignore him. He wasn’t gonna make her feel any less, or make this all about him. Michael wasn’t just… jacking off. Then he wouldn’t be moving like this. And he certainly wouldn’t have just slipped his hand back between their bodies to rub her clit.

“Oh, yes! Yes, I love it.” She forced her eyes open and looked directly at Rath. “I love what you do to me, Michael.”

Rath snorted and sped up his thrusts, making all of them moan in pleasure. “I’s could just… just stop, you… you know.”

Now it was Maria’s turn to laugh. At least as much as she could while gasping for breath in between. “Like hell… you could… not.” Michael moved his head again and nibbled on her neck. “Oh, shit! Yes!” He tweaked her clit carefully and her hips bucked. “fuck me, Michael!”

“Rath!” Rath growled and looked pissed off again, but nobody bothered, not even himself. At least he didn’t stop or slowed down or anything. Good. Because Maria was close, and from the way Michael was now furiously sucking on her neck, definitely leaving a dark hickey, she knew that soon it would be his turn as well.

Rath must have sensed it too, because he leaned down and pushed Maria’s hand away, then bit in Michael’s neck. It was obviously what Michael needed, because Maria felt him jerking and then spurting his seed deep inside of her. Whether planned or out of reflex, he was pinching her clit at the same time and thus sending her over the edge as well.

“shit, Michael!” Maria bit in his shoulder, her head almost touching Rath’s. She would have chuckled if she had more breath. Poor Michael, everybody was biting him. Okay, now she snickered after all. This was just too damn funny. But then she had to moan again, because Rath wasn’t finished yet and still pushing Michael along her fluttering walls.

“Hell yeah!” Rath grunted and slumped down on top of Michael, stilling his movements. “Epic,” he murmured and kissed and licked over the bite mark he had left on Michael’s skin.

Maria wiggled a bit to get more comfortable. At least the mattress was soft so she could sink down in it with those two heavy studs on top of her. God dammit, she had to moan again, just at the thought of what they just did.

She looked up at Rath, who was so very close to her now. Her eyes focused on his lip ring and once again she wondered how it would feel to kiss him, or have him kiss her in interesting places.

“Your boyfriend’s ass is tight, bitch. I wonder if yours is just as tight.” He was grinning at her and Maria sighed. It could all be so much nicer if he would just keep it shut. “It’s virgin too, isn’t it? Aw yeah, I’d love to pop that cherry.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

Maria growled at him. “Shut the fuck up and kiss me.” Maybe that was the only way to achieve the first. And even if not, she just wanted to feel his lips on hers, at least once.

Rath smirked. “You think you deserve a kiss?”

”I’ll kiss you!” Michael piped up, finally lifting his head again. Maria chuckled and turned her head towards him, more than happy to comply. But just at that moment Rath was grabbing her and pulling her back to him, kissing her deep and hungrily. She tangled one of her hands in his Mohawk and moaned. Damn! Now she could understand Michael even better. This guy was just too damn good. And the lip ring! Oh hell yeah, as he would say.

They were interrupted by a low growl, surprisingly not coming from Rath this time. Maria looked at Michael only to have him stare back with a mixture of jealousy and hunger. That was good, right? She squealed when he suddenly grabbed her, bringing her down for a deep kiss, just as ferocious as Rath’s had been. He licked over her lips before pulling back, as if he wanted to remove every last trace of Rath’s taste from her mouth.

Then it was Rath’s turn to grab Michael roughly by his hair, pulling him back so he could kiss him now. Maria watched transfixed as their mouths crushed together and their tongues duelled in a battle none of them would win. “fuck.” She started squirming again. This was like the hottest kiss she had ever seen in her entire life. It even beat the kiss in the rain from ‘Spider-Man’.

Rath was grinning when he broke the kiss, leaving Michael breathless. “Your bitch really gets off on watching us together.”

Maria shrugged innocently. “Who wouldn’t get turned on when they see two Michaels?”

”Rath!” His grin quickly washed off his face. “The name’s Rath, bitch.”

”Yeah? And my name is Maria, as.shole.” She smirked at him and he chuckled.

“Fine, Ria.” He smiled. “So that was your first step outta the vanilla. I won’t bother asking if ya liked it, since I know.”

”First step?” Maria frowned a little. “There’s more?” She thought this would have been a one time thing. As hot as it was, in the long run Rath was pissing her off way too much to stay around him for much longer.

Rath just started laughing, and surprisingly so did Michael. “You just wait and see.” They both winked at her and Maria suddenly felt afraid. Afraid and very, very excited for what was still to come.

The End… for now.


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