Title: Payback, Elf-Style
Author: Vera
Category: M&M, Post-Graduation, Fluff
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, as much as I wish to own Michael.
Summary: It’s the Christmas after ‘Samuel Rising’ and Maria seeks a little revenge.
Author’s Note: This was written as a response to challenge number one over at ros_ichallenge.


“I really hate you for doing this to me, you know?“ Michael grumbled as he stepped into the pointy shoes and then let out a frustrated “Oh, come on!” when the little bells on top of it started to ring.

“I guess now you know first hand that payback is definitely a bitch, huh, Spaceboy?” Maria called out to him from the bathroom with an amused voice.

He just grunted in response and made sure his hideous green pants would at least cover most of the even more hideous shoes. Then he took a step and the bells rang again. “At least let me take off the damn bells!” Michael quickly bit his lip, realizing maybe he should rather try it with begging again. “Please, baby? Pleeease?” He tried to stick his head into the bathroom but she closed the door in his face.

“No peeking until I'm ready.” She still sounded highly entertained. “And no.”

He could hear her chuckling through the now closed door and it only fuelled his anger again. After unsuccessfully glaring at the door, he reached down with his hand, fully determined to make sure these bells would not ever ring again but then changed his mind at the last minute. She would make him pay for cheating. And he had to shudder at the mere idea she could come up with something even worse than this. But she would, he had no doubt of that.

So he sighed and pulled on his red elf cap, which of course came with a shiny bell on top of it as well. “She will so pay for this later tonight.” He mumbled and then smirked, thinking of the silky black scarf which was amongst his presents for her to be opened later this evening. Of course he had made sure to also buy her some jewellery so they would both be happy.

But if he was honest, he was happy when she was happy. Just her smile was enough to make him feel better. And he knew tonight it would have all been worth it. Especially secretly saving for months to get her that necklace with a single pearl pendant to match the earrings from two years ago. He couldn't wait to see her face! Hopefully then she'd feel bad for nagging on him for spending so much money all through the year, because he had been saving and not wasting it. Well, most of it anyways. And maybe not really most of it either, but she didn't need to know that.

But boy did he owe Isabel this year. Not only for helping him buy it, because otherwise he would have spend twice as much, and probably on a fake too, but also because she had backed him up on splitting apart for a few days so each couple could be on their own. Now at least in the next few mornings he wouldn't hear a mousy brunette complaining about how she couldn't sleep because him and Maria had been too loud.

Michael snorted and was about to reach down and fiddle with the bells on his shoes after all when the door to the bathroom opened and a vision of blond, red and shiny entered the room. His mouth hung slack. “Damn.”

Maria was wearing a very short red velvet skirt with a fluffy white trimming and a matching red velvet top, nicely cut out and also trimmed with the fluffy white stuff at her collar and the ends of her sleeves. Her hair was open and in loose curls and her whole body just glittered. “You like?” She asked as she posed for him, her bare midriff exposed as she seductively stretched out.

“Uhuh.” He could only nod. Damn! He stood up, so engrossed in her beauty that he didn't even notice the bells – until she started giggling.

“You look sweet yourself.” She bit her lip but couldn't stop the giggles. “And nobody is going to suspect a big bad alien hidden underneath this costume.”

“Shut up.” He quickly swooped her in for a hard kiss, burying his right hand in her silky hair and caressing the small of her back with the other. Her small moans were the only sounds he wanted to hear coming over her lips right now.

But the fun was short-lived when she managed to wriggle free. Maria breathed hard and smoothed her skirt down. “We can't.” She nibbled on her bottom lip and avoided eye contact. A dead give away that she didn't really want to stop.

“Why not?” Michael wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer again.

“Because we've got to get to the party.” She pouted but placed her hands on his chest.


”Because, Michael.” Maria sighed. “It's gonna be fun.”

”It's gonna be fun for you to parade me around and have others laugh at me, yeah.” He huffed but didn't let her out of his embrace.

She finally looked up at him. “That's not true.” She shook her head and touched his cheek. “You look cute. Everybody who'll see us will think what a handsome couple we make.”

“Yeah, right.” He raised his eyebrow.

“It's true. Besides, none of the men are even going to glance at you with me at your side.” She winked.

“Yeah, that's it. We're staying in.” He'd be damned if he purposefully let a bunch of horny drunkards leer at his girl at a stupid party, Christmas or not.

Maria laughed. “We can't. I promised Brian I'd sing a song or two.”

“Who?” He frowned again.


”Who?” What? Was he supposed to know who that was?

Maria slapped his chest. “Brian, Michael. Brian, the sweet guy who managed to score us this spacey hotel room when before we kept getting told everything was out-booked for the holidays.”

“Oh.” He slowly nodded because he knew he was supposed to, but actually he still didn't know who she was talking about. He had been busy trying to intimidate the concierge of the Inn across the street before Maria suddenly came up saying she had found them a room.

Maria raised her eyebrow and then shook her head. “Whatever. But we have to show up and sing at his party. It's the least we can do.”


“Alright, Spaceboy, I'll make you a deal. You can stay here and watch TV and I'll go to the party on my own.”

Michael cocked his head. “No prancing around in this dumb costume?”

”Nope, not for you.”

He was seriously considering her offer when he realized that meant she was still going out there in her naughty Santa dress. And she would be without any protection surrounded by a bunch of horny bastards all trying to hit on her. Or worse. “Oh hell no! I'm going with you and I'll stay by your side the whole time.”

Maria smiled happily. “Great! So that means you'll also dance with me. Yay!” She clapped her hands and pushed him away to go look for her shoes.

“Wait, wait…” Michael closed his eyes. “I didn't agree on…” Oh, why did he bother? He knew she'd get him to dance and she knew it as well. He shook his head, cursing when this time he did hear the bells ring. Literally.

Stepping into her red high heels, Maria turned around to beam at him. “I'll make it up to you later, I promise!”

“You better.” He rolled his eyes but had to smile as well. He couldn't help it. Seeing her this happy was rubbing off on him. And he knew, silly elf costume or not, all the men tonight would be damn jealous of him. “Come on, Blondie. The sooner we leave, the sooner we can come back here and we can start unwrapping.” He grabbed her long overcoat and held it out for her.

”But only one gift today, the rest will be opened tomorrow.” Maria warned him as she stepped into the warm piece of clothing.

“I wasn't talking about gifts.” Michael grinned and slapped her ass before throwing on his own jacket.

She gasped. “Ow! Just for that you'll be stripping out of this elf costume tonight. Slowly and to music.”

”What? Come on! You can't make me.”

“Aw, but you're the elf and I am Santa. Don't you know that the elfs are only there to serve me and fulfil my wishes? Didn't you tell me something like that last year?” She raised her eyebrow and gave him an evil smirk.

To his utter shame he had no reply to that, so instead he opened the door and waved his arm. “Wasn't there a party you had to go to?”

Maria chuckled and slapped his ass before she sashayed out of the room.

“Hey!” Michael gasped and rubbed his behind. He'd so get her back next Christmas. Or Halloween. She could be a chambermaid and he'd be her rich boss. Maybe he was lucky and she'd find a costume party to go to for Easter already. Finally able to smirk again, Michael quickly followed his pretty Santa, his bells ringing with each step he took. Oh the things he did for love.

The End


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