Title:One Good Deed
Author: Vera & Zia
Category: M&M, AU
Rating: adult
Disclaimer: They're sadly not ours.
Summary: A Candy Christmas Fic. AU

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Chapter One

Michael was sitting on a bench at a bus stop with some of his clothes next to him in a plastic bag and some other stuff in his backpack. He couldn't believe this. She had thrown him out. On Christmas Eve! What kind of a heartless bitch did you have to be to do that? And they had been living together for almost a year now. How could she just throw it all away for some new guy? Some rich, old new guy. Brody something. Hopefully she'd get happy with him. He probably died of a heart attack while she was fucking him soon. But it wouldn't be beyond her to speculate just on that.

He shivered and wrapped his jacket around himself a little tighter. A little warning would have had been nice. Then maybe he could have booked a room somewhere last week instead of now being told they were all booked out on every god damn place he checked. But oh, it's Christmas. How could he expect to find a room on Christmas? Everybody visited their families on Christmas, so why didn't he just go do that too?

He snorted and scoffed. Would be nice to have one in times like these.

Maria tightened her jacket around herself. Why, oh why, did her car have to break down earlier that week? She really wanted to know. None of the busses ran this late, and she had just gotten off of work. Being a waitress on the holidays sucked. Wasn’t everyone supposed to be at home with their loved ones drinking eggnog and singing Christmas carols? Not out to dinner, screaming and yelling and laughing loudly?

It was cold, she wondered if it would snow. She hoped that it would, but not until she was home, safe and warm in her apartment, dressed in her fuzzy pajamas and slippers with hot cocoa. Until then, she was stuck in her obscenely short dress, and her jacket that really didn’t seem to be keeping her any warmer.

Maria started to cut across the street and glanced up when she saw a guy, young, about her age, sitting alone on one of the benches. She bit her lip and glanced around. He was alone, and he looked cold. “Hey.” She said softly when she stopped beside the cold wood and metal bench. “What are you doing out here?” Maria wondered if he was homeless, and her heart sank. She was alone on Christmas, but that was because she was working, and didn’t have the chance to get home to see her mom for the holiday.

Broken out of his thoughts, Michael looked up to glare at whoever interrupted him, but his features softened when he saw the young blonde standing next to him. He quickly checked her out. Nice! Still, why was she talking to him? "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm spending the holidays."

“Well that doesn’t look like a very nice way to spend the holidays… you know, the bus doesn’t run after five on holidays here.” She bit her lip and tipped her head to the side. He didn’t seem scary, or grungy. But with the plastic bag beside him, she decided he most definitely had to be homeless.

"I wasn't gonna get on it." He shrugged and checked her out again, lingering on her long and shapely legs. That skirt really showed them off. He'd never understand women though. Wasn't that freezing cold?

“Are you just going to sit out here all night then?” She tightened her coat around herself and cast a lingering gaze up towards the sky. It would most definitely snow tonight.

He bit his lip and shrugged again. He had no idea. But he had run out of options where to go to.

Maria looked at him, glanced around, then in the direction of her apartment. “Well… why don’t you come home with me? No one should spend Christmas Eve alone, especially not out here in the cold. So… what do you say?”

"What?" His mouth dropped open and he stared at her. Was she serious? Did she think he was an easy lay or something? "No, thanks."

She sighed softly. “Why not? You have someplace better to be? Look, I got stuck working today and tomorrow, so I couldn’t go home for the holidays. And I really don’t want to spend it alone. I have eggnog, and pumpkin pie, and turkey even… it’s the frozen dinner variety, but it’s still turkey.”

So she was taking him in for the sex. "Why are you doing this?" Did he want to go? He still missed Isabel, but maybe this girl could help him get over her. She had moved on, so he could do the same. And heck, this girl here was hot!

Apparently making a mistake. “I was just trying to be nice. You looked cold. But forget it if you’re not interested.” Maria tightened her jacket once more before she stepped around the bench and started walking again. Stupid homeless guy. Stupid, really, really drop dead gorgeous homeless guy.

Michael watched her leave, considering his options. They didn't look good. But she sure did. "Wait!" He jumped up and grabbed his bags, running after her. "Aren't you afraid?" He asked, as soon as he had reached her.

Maria couldn’t help but smile a little when she heard him call after her. Then she shook her head a little. “Afraid of what?”

"Afraid of me." He raised his eyebrow. "For all you know I could be some rapist, or a serial killer."

“Yeah… I guess you could be…” She bit her lip a little and frowned. “I guess I have a lot of faith in people. Don’t automatically make assumptions that every person I see on the street is out there to hurt other people.”

"So you invite them into your home?" One of these days this would get her hurt and that was just wrong. She was such a tiny person, she wouldn't be able to defend herself. And she was just too nice. "You do this often?"

“Uh, no, as a matter of fact, you’re the first stranger I’ve invited into my home. It’s just that, it’s nearly Christmas. Ya know, that whole ‘Good will towards men’ thing. I was just trying to be nice. It’s cold out here, and it’s going to snow.” Maria stated matter-o-factly.

"But you still couldn't have cared. Nobody does." He watched her out of the corner of his eye while they were walking to her place. She was certainly not like any other girl.

“Don’t say that. Not everyone out there is cold hearted.” Maria sighed softly. “It’s partially selfish okay? This is my first Christmas that I haven’t been able to spend with my mom, so I’m lonely. I want the company.”

And there they were with the sex again. He nodded. "Can I at least stay the night after?" He should insist on getting fed first. He could have just stayed on the bench if she would kick him out again after a quickie.

“Of course!” Maria nodded quickly. “I’ll even bring leftovers from work. Real turkey… or a hamburger if you’re feeling anti-Christmas dinner.” She smiled at him. He was really cute; she wondered how he got to where he was. Sitting cold and alone at a bus stop.

He frowned. Wait, was she talking about the next day? Just how much sex did she want to get? But he shouldn't question it. She was hot and he was lonely, that was all that had to matter. "You could bring both and then we'll see." Sex always made him hungry, so she would better bring him lots.

“Alright.” She nodded again and flashed him a smile. “Oh, here.” She pointed at the apartment building. “It’s on the fourth floor, but there is an elevator.” Maria pulled her keys from her pocket and shoved one into the key hole on the front door before walking inside. She glanced at him and held the door open, waiting for him to come inside.

Walking through the door, he spotted the elevator right away and pressed the button, waiting for it. "Nice." The building was a little old, but it still seemed to be in a good shape. The elevator creaked as it came down though and he wondered if it was such a good idea to step into it.

Maria watched the door swing shut before joining him in front of the elevator. “It really isn’t as bad as it sounds.” She smiled. “It’s good quality workmanship. Honest.”

Michael raised his eyebrow but stepped inside. Whatever. He didn't have much to live for anymore, so he might as well die in this thing. He watched her when she joined him. When did she want it to start? Did she want to get it over with right away, as a test run? His gaze dropped to her lips. Well, he'd sure give her a wild ride and she just had to keep him for a few days. But no, he had wanted to wait for the food first. Yeah… God, she had great lips.

She walked inside and pressed the number four making it light up for a second. The doors closed and she looked over at him, suddenly she realized, she had never introduced herself. “Oh! I’m Maria by the way.”

"Michael." He smirked and dropped his bags to the floor, extending his hand. "Pleased to meet you." Very pleased.

Maria couldn’t help but smile at the smirk on his face. Did he know how sexy that was? She reached out and took his hand, shaking it firmly. “I’m pleased to meet you too.”

"Oh, you will be more than pleased in a few hours." He winked. After he got food. Or maybe not. Those lips… Yes, she surely was a girl to forget all about what's-her-name with.

Her brow furrowed for a moment. What on earth was he talking about? Then the door opened with a ping and she looked out. “This is our stop.” She released his hand and found her keys again and walked a few doors down till she reached her apartment. Then she glanced over her shoulder, looking back at Michael.

He gave her another smirk and waited for her to open the door. She wasn't having second thoughts now, was she? She probably should have. He was still a stranger.

She smiled again when he smirked and walked inside her apartment and waited for him to come inside before she closed the door and flipped the lock back into place. “Well, making dinner will take a little while, they’re always better when cooked in the oven and not the microwave, so if you wanted to take a shower or something to get warmed up you could.”

Michael shrugged and dropped his bags next to the door. "Sure, if you want me to." Did she think he was dirty? Just because he was out on that bench probably looking like a bum didn't mean that he… alright, so he probably could use a shower.

“You don’t have to. I just wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to.” She shrugged a little and headed through the living room. “The bathroom is right here.” She said resting a hand on one of the closed doors. “I’m going to change into something warmer.”

"Okay…" Something warmer? Was that her way of saying lingerie? "It's your call."

Maria rolled her eyes a little. “Just go take a shower and warm up. I’ll turn the heat up too.” She reached up to where the thermostat was and adjusted it for a moment before entering her bedroom and closing the door behind her.

Yeah, that made sense if she was slipping into something skimpy. He scratched his eyebrow and then went into the bathroom, turning on the water in the shower so it could get hot while he took off his clothes.

After changing into a warm pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt, Maria pulled on a pair of socks and her favorite blue fuzzy slippers before she left her room again. She heard the water running in the bathroom and smiled. Good. She walked into the kitchen and found two of the turkey TV dinners that were in the freezer and turned on the oven. After waiting a few minutes she stuck them both in and set the timer.

She pondered for a moment making coffee, and then decided it was a good idea and started a fresh pot before she sunk down on the couch to wait.

As soon as the hot water hit his skin he realized just how cold he had been. He was tempted to just jump out again because it burned a hell lot. It got better after a while though and he quickly finished up, using the soap he found on the edge of the tub.

When he got out and had wrapped one of her towels around his waist he suddenly realized that his bag with his clothes was still outside, and he had no intention of pulling his old stuff back on. But what was the big deal? She'd see him naked soon enough. He passed his hands through his hair and then opened the door to get outside, stopping when he spotted her on the couch.

Maria looked up when she heard the door open then her jaw dropped and she blushed furiously at the sight of him dressed only in a towel. “Oh.” She murmured and quickly looked away. “Sorry… did you um… have clean clothes?” The thought had never occurred to her. That maybe his clothes were dirty, and now that he was clean he wouldn’t want to put them back on.

"Yeah, they're, uh, in my bag." He didn't go to get them though. She was making him nervous now. Why did she look away? And hey! "You've dressed into something warm."

“Yeah, it’s still cold.” She told him before getting up from the couch. “I made coffee… if you want some.”

"Uh, yeah, that would be great." He scratched his eyebrow, clutching onto the towel with his other hand. He had never expected her to actually change into something this thick and comfy. But eating in lingerie probably sucked.

“Okay.” She walked into the kitchen again and grabbed two cups from a cabinet. “Do you want sugar? Or Cream?” She called to him as she filled first one cup, and then the other.

"Black is fine." Finally he could move again and he rushed over to his bag. "Do you want me to get dressed?"

Maria was suddenly wondering if this was all a really bad idea. He was right. She didn’t know him. He could be some psycho axe murderer. “Um… probably a good idea.” She said as she stirred a little sugar into her own cup.

"Something special?" He was walking back over to the bathroom, feeling more comfortable if he could dress somewhere where she couldn't watch him. That would just be weird.

“Whatever you’d like.” She glanced at the timer, ten minutes left till their dinner was ready. Maria chewed on her lip before walking out into the living room with the cops of coffee in her hand. She set one down on the coffee table and held the other between her own.

Okay then. He closed the door again and then changed into a long-sleeved shirt and his other pair of jeans. Hopefully Isabel would let him get the rest of his clothes when he had found a new place to stay at. But knowing her, she had probably just thrown them out of the window already. He didn't bother with boxers, figuring they'd be gone soon anyways and then grabbed some socks before going outside again.

Maria smiled at Michael when he came down the hall again. “Dinner should be ready in a few minutes. Do you need anything?”

"No, I'm fine. Thanks." He looked at the mug in her hands, wondering if it was his or hers.

“Your coffee is right there.” She told him pointing to the mug on the table. “This one has sugar.”

"Okay." He grabbed the other mug, taking a small sip. "Thanks." He smiled, nervous again. He had never done that before. Was he supposed to make the first step? But she had picked him up, so she would do what she wanted to, right?

Maria watched him and absently chewed on her lip. She wanted to talk to him, to ask him why he was sitting out on a cold bench all alone, and why he had no place else to go. But was it any of her business? No, it wasn’t, but she wanted to help.

"Shall we sit down?" He glanced at the couch. Was this all really such a good idea?

“Yeah.” She nodded and sat down on the couch and looked at him. “Um… So…” Maria sighed inwardly. She had no idea what to talk about. She didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

"So food's ready soon?" He drank some more of the coffee, finally feeling warm again.

“Yeah. Any minute now the timer should go off. Did you want to watch TV or something? ‘Cause I was thinking we could just eat in here.”

"Whatever you want." He set the mug down and passed his hands through his still slightly wet hair, thinking back to what she told him earlier. "So this is really your first time?"

Maria let out a soft laugh and nodded. “Yeah, it is. I’m not big on bringing people home with me.”

"That's good." He let out a relieved sigh. "This is my first time too." So maybe they could just start it slow. And she wouldn't know when he was doing it wrong. That was, if she was telling the truth. She seemed honest though. It had to be the holidays. They made lonely people do crazy things.

“How long have you been out there?” She was suddenly brave enough to ask. It didn’t seem like he’d been out there his entire life, but maybe he just dealt well with it. As well as one could anyways.

"Uh, I dunno. I kinda lost my watch." Damn Isabel. He didn't get a change to go to the bedroom and grab it before she closed the door in his face. "Not that long though." He had walked around checking out hotels since the early morning though.

Her brow furrowed for a moment and then the timer went off. “Oh, dinner is ready. I’ll be right back.” She jumped up from the couch quickly and set her coffee cup on the table before hurrying into the kitchen to get their dinner. She used a towel to pull the two cardboard trays from the oven and laid them each on a plate. Carefully she unwrapped them and grabbed two forks before making her way back into the living room. “And here you go. I hope you enjoy, my cooking skills really aren’t that high up on the scale.”

Michael chuckled. "Well, it smells good." He took his plate out of her hands and looked at it. It was better than greasy diner food, which he surely would have gotten today, sooner or later. Why had he been wasting time on that bench anyways? He should have just sat down in a diner and pondered there. But hey, then she wouldn't have picked him up and now he at least had a place to spend the night. And free food.

“Well, that’s because I only threw it in the oven and didn’t actually make it. There is a reason I’m a waitress and not a cook.” She smiled and sat down beside him again. And then she turned on the TV. Something for background noise, if they couldn’t find something to talk about.

"I can make breakfast tomorrow," he offered. She must at least have some eggs and bacon in her fridge, right? Everybody could cook that.

She looked over at him and smiled. “I’d appreciated that. I don’t work until tomorrow evening. So I’m free the rest of the time. And you’d be more than welcome to come and hang out at the diner while I’m working… you’d get lots of free food that way.” Then she bit her lip. It hadn’t come out the way she meant it.

"That's cool." He smirked again. "I guess I'll need it then, huh?" After almost a full day with her he would be starved. She looked like she would surely make him earn his stay. Not that he minded though.

“Well… I wouldn’t want you leaving hungry.” She smiled a little at him.

"Yeah, me either." He picked at the food on his plate. "Leave you hungry, I mean."

Maria opened her mouth, then closed it and looked down at her own food, before lifting her head to look at him again. “What?” She couldn’t help but ask.

"Well, you know." He frowned but then wiggled his eyebrows. Okay, this situation was definitely weird.

She just looked at him. What the hell was he talking about? “Actually… I don’t know. What are you talking about Michael?”

"You know, the company?" He'd make quotation marks in the air, but he was holding the food and a fork. But she had to understand. This was all her idea after all.

Her brow furrowed and she continued to look at him. “Right…” She nodded a little. He was a little weird.

Michael smiled relieved. For a moment he had thought he misunderstood her. But obviously not. Because the longer he spend time with her, the more he really wanted to spend time with her. "So we're clear?"

Maria nodded. “Yeah.” She hoped so anyways. She wondered if he was just acting weird because he hadn’t been around people in normal conversation in a while, or if he was just naturally weird.

"We should eat first though." He winked and finally dug his fork really into it. By now it had cooled down a bit and he could quickly wolf it down.

Maria nodded again and started eating her own dinner and simply shrugged off her thoughts of him acting weird.

They ate in silence and Michael put his plate back on the table when he was done. "That was actually pretty good." It was warm and it had tasted of turkey, even though he doubted it actually had been real turkey. Not of a happy turkey living outside at least.

She smiled at him and nodded. “Good. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She finished eating before getting up and taking his plate, she went to the kitchen and cleaned up the dishes.

Getting up, he followed her. "Do you need any help?" He took his time looking her up and down again, mentally undressing her. She was even more beautiful than Isabel was. Smaller. He liked smaller, especially when she would be underneath him. And she wasn't as obviously pretty, so hopefully she wouldn't be yelling at him when he was messing up her hair when she still had to go out or stuff.

Maria glanced over at him and shook her head. “No, that’s okay, I’ve got it.” She rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher before turning to look at him with a small smile.

"Okay." He shrugged, satisfied with just watching her. When she smiled at him, he had to smile back. It was contagious. "You know, your smile is really cute."

A blush creeped up her chest and over her cheeks and she bowed her head a little. “Thank you.” She murmured.

His smile deepened. "And that is really cute too."

“Stop that!” Maria laughed and shook her head. Damn him, he was so cute.

"You're not used to receiving compliments, are you?" It was a shame. Did people not tell her she was cute all the time?

“Only from the nasty old men at work that try to pinch my ass.” She rolled her eyes and pushed herself away from the counter. “Did you want any more coffee?”

"Oh." His face fell. He wanted to pinch them too. Somewhere where it really hurt. With a pair of pliers. "Yeah, coffee is good." Michael went back to the table and grabbed both of their mugs to bring them to her.

“Thanks.” She smiled at him and took the cups and filled them again. “Here you go.” She said and handed him his cup and then poured some more sugar into her own cup.

"Thanks." He leaned back against the wall, watching her again. Was he supposed to make the first step after all?

Maria nodded and leaned up against the counter and sipped her coffee. It was kind of nice just spending some time with him. He was a nice guy and Maria wondered what happened to him, and why he was living on the street.

"So…" He looked at her over the rim of his mug. Just standing around was slowly driving him nuts.

“This is kind of weird huh?” Maria blushed a little and sipped her coffee.

"Yeah, it is." He nodded. "This really is your first time? With a stranger, I mean?" It couldn't be her first time… could it? How old was she? He'd say maybe twenty-two.

“Well yeah.” Her brow furrowed and she shook her head. Like she knew many homeless people? Like she brought them into her home all the time?

"It's okay. We'll just go slow." He set his now empty mug next to her on the counter, and then remained close to her, reaching out to caress her hand.

She looked down at his hand and then up at his face. “Slow?”

"Unless you don't want it slow, of course." Michael interlaced their fingers and toyed with her hand.

His hand linked with hers was distracting her. “What?”

"It's your call, remember? Just tell me what you want, and I'll do it." He gave her an encouraging smile, then looked down at their hands himself. She was warm and soft. He couldn't wait to feel all other parts of her body.

Maria opened her mouth, and then closed it. She looked up at his face slowly. Just what was he offering her? What did he think she was asking for?! She opened her mouth again but nothing came out.

Michael couldn't resist anymore. Just being so close to her, and watching her beautiful face, he had to lean down and kiss her softly, just barely brushing his lips with hers.

Her knees nearly gave out and she grabbed onto his shoulders to support herself. Maybe she was completely out of her mind. Maybe he thought she was picking him up for sex. She stepped back a little and looked at him.

Cocking his head, he held her gaze. He didn't know what to say, so he remained silent. He didn't want to screw this up. Her lips had felt so good against his, he couldn't wait to deepen the next kiss. That was, if she still wanted to kiss him. Maybe she thought he wasn't good?

She opened her mouth and just looked up at him. “Wait a second… did you… I… this… it wasn’t…”

Michael frowned but didn't step back. "It wasn't good?"

“What?! No! Trust me! It was good. It was really good. But… I … that’s…” She opened her mouth, and then closed it. “I just… didn’t.” She sighed and looked up at him. “That wasn’t exactly the company I meant when I invited you here.”

"You didn't want to kiss?" It kinda made sense… Wasn't that one of the rules for hookers? They never kissed? But he really thought this would be different. Not so… common and hooker-like.

She shook her head. “No Michael, I mean, I didn’t … it wasn’t about sex.” She blushed bright red. What if he wasn’t even homeless? “I just… thought you could use a warm meal.” Now she felt really stupid. Quickly she walked out of the kitchen and rested her head in her hands, hiding her pink face from him.

"Oh, but I thought…" He could feel himself blushing too. Damn! "You said you wanted company, and then I just thought…" He bit his lip and followed her.

“Yeah, like the kind of company that just sits and talks. Because I am lonely.” Though she wouldn’t mind the sex kind either. “I just… you looked so cold out there, and I thought that you had no place else to go, so I wanted to help you out.” She glanced up at him through a crack in her fingers.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have assumed…" Michael scratched his eyebrow. "It's just, I couldn't explain why you wanted to take me home. I didn't expect anybody to be just nice to me, without wanting anything in return." And now he had embarrassed her and himself. And probably ruined it all. "I’m sorry, I'll just go."


Chapter Two

She didn’t respond at first, but quickly stood up and shook her head. “No, wait, please.” She reached up and grabbed his arm. “I… it still is Christmas Eve, and if you don’t have anyplace else to be, I really would like it if you’d stay.”

"Really?" He didn't want to leave, but now he felt even more uncomfortable then before. "And we'll just forget about the kiss?"

She released his arm and bit her lip. “Yeah, I guess so…” She had really liked it though. “If you want.”

"Not really." He smirked and shrugged a little. He couldn't, even if he'd try.

Maria couldn’t help but smile a little. “Me neither…”

"Good." Maybe they could repeat it again later. "So what are we going to do now?"

“I uh… don’t know.” She tilted her head to the side. “Do you have anything in mind?”

He had to chuckle at that. "Yeah, but I will have to drop that now."

Maria blushed and shook her head a little. “I uh… don’t know about that.”

"You don't want me to drop it?" He raised his eyebrow and took a step closer to her.

“Maybe not.” She tipped her head back and looked up at him. “But first… why were you sitting out on that bench, alone, in the cold?”

"Every damn motel in this town is booked out." He sighed. "Guess everybody has a family to visit."

“Don’t you have family to visit?” Maria asked softly and rested her hands gently on his biceps.

Michael bit his lip and shook his head slowly. Her hands were a nice distraction. He didn't really want to go through it all again.

“Oh… I’m sorry.” She offered. “You are more than welcome to stay here though. I mean, for a few days if you need to.” Maria didn’t know why she was offering this to him, allowing this complete stranger to come into her home, and stay with her.

"Thanks. I think… I think I will." He looked past her. "I got thrown out of my place early this morning."

“How did that happen?” Maria tilted her head to the side, she wasn’t sure if he wanted to talk about it or not, but she kind of wanted to know more about him. “I mean, that is, if you want to tell me. You don’t have to though.”

"No it's… it's okay." She deserved to know. "My girlf… the uh, the person I lived with threw me out. I didn't even get to grab all my stuff."

“You’ve got a girlfriend?” She dropped her hands from his arms and looked at him. But if she threw him out, then they probably weren’t together anymore… but what if she threw him out because he was a total jerk and cheated on her or something?

He gave her a bitter laugh. "No, I don't." Why had she stopped touching him?

“So you’re not together anymore?”

"No. She threw me out, remember?"

“Well, it could have just been a little lover’s quarrel.” She told him.

"On Christmas Eve?" He shook his head. "No, it's over. She has someone new. Someone rich. So I got obsolete."

“I’m sorry.” Maria murmured.

Michael shrugged. "Don't be. It's over. I should have seen it coming."

“But still, that’s really gotta suck.” She took a step towards him again and touched one of his hands softly.

"It had sucked way more if you hadn't picked me up." He smiled a little and turned his hand so she was touching his palm.

Maria smiled a little and laced their fingers together. “What do you say we sit down?” She asked glancing at the couch.

Sounds good." He squeezed her hand and led her over to the couch, sitting down beside her. "What about you?"

“What about me?” She asked turning herself a little to face him, she pulled her legs up on the couch with her and kept their hands linked together.

"No boyfriend to keep you from bringing home strangers?" Michael smirked a little.

“No.” She laughed softly and shook her head. “Just me.”

"Good." Wait… "Uh, I mean not good for you." He scratched his eyebrow, suddenly nervous again.

Maria laughed and smiled at him. “I know what you mean.” She said and leaned forward and kissed him softly.

He smiled back and brushed a loose strand of hair back behind her ears. "Maria?"

“Yeah?” She asked pulling back a little to look up at him.

"Will you throw me out when I say I don't really want to talk anymore right now?"

She giggled quietly and shook her head. “No, I won’t.”

"Good." He grinned and leaned forward, capturing her lips in another kiss, licking over her lips before he pulled back again. Hmm, she tasted good. Berries. Must be in her lip gloss.

Maria let out a soft moan and curled her arms around his shoulders. She pressed her body against his and kissed him again. His lips were so soft, and just completely kissable.

Resting one hand on the small of her back to steady her, Michael buried the other in her hair while he finally deepened the kiss, even though he would be content with just tasting her lips for a while longer too. But it itched him to find out if her tongue would be as silky as her lips.

She couldn’t begin to describe the pleasure she was getting from just the feel of his lips on hers and his fingers in her hair. “Oh…” She murmured against his lips, before breaking the kiss to gasp for a breath.

"Maria…" He stroked over her cheek and just looked at her. How could one of the worst days of his life suddenly turn into something this good? And it wasn't even over yet, it had only just begun. He smiled and then pulled her face closer to his, kissing her again.

Maria parted her lips slightly and flicked her tongue out over Michael’s lips, enjoying the smooth fullness of them. Utterly kissable. Slowly she let one hand slid up from his shoulder to tangle in his hair.

Michael moved on the couch so he was halfway lying on top of her, pushing Maria back on the couch even more. His hand left her back and instead he moved it up to tangle in her hair as well. Part of him was afraid she'd pull back, and this way he could refuse to let her go.

She let out a surprised gasp when he laid her back on the couch, but didn’t break the kiss, only deepened it. Maria tightened her fingers in his hair, and wrapped the other arm around his waist; she let her fingers dig into his back through his shirt.

After a few more kisses he felt reassured and bold enough to move his hand away and let it slip under her shirt to caress her stomach and then up her side to check out the fabric of her bra. It felt smooth and simple. Just like her.

Maria moaned loudly at the feel of his hand, warm against her skin. She arched her back and gently sucked his lower lip between hers and tugged softly with her teeth. “Michael… that’s… ohh.” She moaned and let her eyes slip shut.

He kept caressing her skin but he never strayed to her front. There was so much to explore. Would she let him explore her? He'd surely need the whole holidays for it. And maybe a little longer. shit, what was he doing? He shouldn't make plans like this, or even get his hopes up. They'd just get crushed again when she would kick him out when this was over for her. But still, maybe… He groaned and kissed her harder, trying to get lost in her taste.

Maria felt dizzy. Her mind was spinning. The touches Michael was making were making her delirious. Truly, this couldn’t be real, could it? Some strange, dark, tall, completely fuckable man, just on the side of the street, like he was waiting just for her. Just for her to take home, and fuck long into the night… and on into the next morning, and late afternoon.

Slowly he moved his hand again, palming her breast. He pulled away a little to check if it was okay. He wouldn't let her stop kissing him, but if this went too fast, he'd stop. After all, he had warned her to bring home strangers. He didn't want to be one of them.

“Oh Michael, don’t stop.” She begged him softly. The way he touched her sent delicious shivers down her spine, all the way to her toes. If he kept touching her like this, she would never, ever be able to think straight again, and she really didn’t have any problems with that whatsoever.

"Just tell me when to." He gave her a quick kiss and then looked at her again, hoping she would understand him.

Maria slid her hand up and stroked his cheek gently. “I really don’t think I want you to… I mean… if it’s okay with you.”

"It's… okay." He smiled a little. "It's even better now that I don't have to… to stay, you know?" He bit his lip. He had been ready to, but it would have felt weird after all. He just wasn't a guy for that.

She nodded absently. He didn’t want to stay? He just wanted to leave after…? “Right.” She murmured softly. She didn’t want to stop. She wanted him. Maria, without a doubt, wanted him like nothing else. So much for her fantasy of continuing into tomorrow. She’d settle for romp before he left. “Do you… want to stay out here? Or the bedroom?” Out here would make it easier for him to make a quicker escape.

"We could do both." He flinched and was shocked at his own words. "Uh, if that's, uh, okay with you." She probably wanted him to sleep on the couch though. Maybe he could have her so out of it she wouldn't notice when he fell asleep with her.

Maria smiled a little. “Yeah… yeah that’s okay with me.” So he’d stay for a while then? She slid her fingers up to tangle in his hair and kissed him softly.

"But maybe we should start with the bedroom." More room to touch her. And it would feel nicer. Not so cheap. What was this? Just some holiday thing? They both didn't want to be alone, maybe they were just desperate.

“O-okay.” She said, surprised that he had suggested it. She climbed off the couch and extended her hand out to him.

Michael smiled and took her hand in his. He'd have carried her, but that would have probably been to intimate, wouldn't it? Maybe he could do so tomorrow. If there would be a tomorrow. And he should really stop questioning this and take it as it came.

“This way.” She murmured and led him down to her bedroom. There was a soft glow in the room from the bedside lamp, the only light on in the room. “Uhm…” She bit her lip. Was it too romantic looking? She paused once she was in the door and glanced at him before glancing at her bed.

"We can just stop if you feel uncomfortable." But damn how he would love to sleep in that room with her. Maybe even doing just that, sleeping. It was soft and comfortable. Just what he needed today. And she has nice bedposts. He blushed and bit down his smirk. Why was that one of the first things he always noticed on a bed?

“No that’s not… I’m not. My room just isn’t really a sex haven or anything.” Maria shook her head a little and gave Michael’s hand a tug and pulled him closer to the bed. “I can turn off that light if you want.” She said eyeing the lamp from the corner of her eye.

"No, it's fine. I like it. I'd like to watch you." He took a step closer and cocked his head. "If that's okay." And how could she say it wasn't a sex haven? It was her bedroom, so of course it was!

A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips and she nodded. “Yeah.” Maria moved closer to him, still holding his hand, she slid her other hand up and cupped his cheek and kissed him softly. He wanted to watch her? To look at her?

Michael nodded a little and then sat down on the bed, tugging on her hand to make her sit next to him. He was suddenly nervous.

She sat beside him on the bed and chewed on her lip. “You know how you kept asking if I did this before? I’m guessing you meant bring guys home for sex… I haven’t done that either. I’m not saying I haven’t had sex, but I don’t do it all the time, never with strangers. And no offense to you, I’m not saying I don’t want this…” She was babbling and she couldn’t stop herself, words were just pouring out of her mouth uncontrollably. “I do want this, I just don’t want you to have the wrong idea about me, not that it really matters I guess, but I just don’t and…”

Michael smirked and stopped her with a deep kiss. She was just too damn cute. "I don't either." He reassured her when he pulled back. "I mean… I did have sex." Lots, but she didn't need to know that. And most was with Isabel, he shouldn't mention her least of all. "Just not with strangers either. That's what I meant before, that I am happy we're not doing this, because it's my payment for the stay. I don't think I could have been good then." He smirked. "I'm never good at anything I have to do."

Maria laughed softly and her mind felt a little dazed from that last kiss he gave her. “So… how are we going to go about doing this then?” She asked him shifting closer to him on the bed. How did it work when you were a complete stranger? And you knew nothing about the other person, but all wanted was their naked body pressed against yours, fucking you completely senseless?

"I don't know." He smiled and shrugged. "Slow?" He bit his lip and stroked over her shoulder. "I just… I don't want to…" Damn.

“You don’t want to… go slow?” She leaned into his touch and sighed softly.

"Not really." Part of him wanted to, but another part of him just wanted to throw her down on the bed and fuck her already. "But I do. Just… just maybe the next time?"

“Next time?” She smiled. “I … agree.” Maria nodded a little and leaned forward to press a kiss against his lips softly.

"So…" He frowned a little but he couldn't help smirking again. "We just agreed to stop talking and just do it? And we'll go slow tomorrow?"

“I think that is a great idea.” Maria nodded again before standing up, and moving between his legs. “So… the quickest way to get us into bed and having hot sex is… for us to be naked.” She stated and slipped her fingers under the hem of her own shirt and slowly started inching it up her belly.

"Yeah… naked." He nodded dumbly, mesmerized by her actions. "Naked is good." Damn, what was wrong with him? Usually he wasn't like that. It had to be because she was so small and delicate. He was still afraid
to hurt her.

She nodded a little and inched her shirt up the rest of the way, tugging it over her head and then she let it slip from her fingers and dropped it onto the floor.

Michael smiled when he had a good look at her lavender colored bra. Just like he had imagined it. Maybe even better. He carefully reached out and outlined it with his fingertips, momentarily forgetting that they had agreed to do this fast.

Maria smiled a little and leaned forward to claim his lips in a soft kiss. "Your fingers feel really good."

"So does your skin." He smiled and slid the bra straps down her shoulders.

Her eyes slid shut and Maria tipped her head back. "Hmmm." She murmured quietly. The way his fingers trailed over her arms with the straps of her bra sent chills through her spine.

Moving forward on the bed, Michael leaned down to kiss her belly, at the same time reaching behind her with one hand to unsnap her bra.

Maria shivered when she felt her bra fall away from her chest. The cool air in the room hit her skin, and her nipples hardened instantly.

He growled when he saw her nipples hardening. "And I didn't even touch them yet." He smirked and placed his hands on her back, pulling her closer to him so when he leaned up, he could capture one between his lips.

"It's… co-" Her brain stopped functioning the second his lips were on her skin. Maria tangled her fingers in his hair and rested her cheek against the top of his head.

"Hmm." He suckled on her nipple before rolling it between his teeth and tugging on it a little, waiting if she liked it a bit rougher or not.

She let out a quiet cry and threw her head back. "Oh… oh god." Lightly she scratched her fingers over the back of his neck.

Michael smiled and bit down a bit harder, wanting to hear her moan again, then he switched to her other breast.

Maria opened her mouth, ready to cry out at the loss of his mouth only to feel it on her other breast. "Yes Michael… that feels so good." She breathed out.

That was just what he wanted to hear. His hands roamed her back and he was tugging on her nipple again before he blew hot air on it to sooth it. Then he let go of her a little and while he looked at her, he unbuttoned her jeans.

She watched him as he unbuttoned her pants and she slid her hands down to help him push them down over her hips, and down her thighs.

"Damn." He leaned back, licking his lips. He still couldn't believe his luck. "Can you, uh, can you turn around for me?"

Her brow furrowed for a moment and she nodded. "Sure." She did as he asked and slowly turned around for him.

"Oh god." He groaned and adjusted his pants. He just loved thongs, and the way they looked on her… it was just perfect. Better than any Victoria's Secret catalogue he had ever seen, because this was life. He placed a soft kiss onto one of her cheeks while all he actually wanted to do was slap it.

Maria gasped softly in surprise and let her eyes slip shut. "Oh… Michael." How was it that his simple touches made her feel so… wired?

He kissed his way up to the fabric of her thong and then pulled it up between her legs, wiggling it around a little. That was the other reason why he loved thongs so much.

Her hips jerked slightly and she really wished she had something to grab onto. Maria was worried her legs were going to give out and she'd fall onto the floor. She settled for leaning back into his chest, anything for some support. "Michael." She tipped her head to the side and looked up at him.

"You are so damn hot." He turned her around again and then stood up from the bed so he could grab her and kiss her again, hard. Slow had been good for a while, now it was time to really skip it.

Maria wrapped her arms around his shoulders quickly and kissed him hard. "You too." She mumbled and then let her hands slide down his chest and shoved them under the front of his shirt.

He raised his eyebrow and blushed a little, not really used to hearing anything in return, then he helped her get his shirt off of him.

She pulled back a little to look at him. "Wow…" She murmured and smoothed her fingers over his chest. "You're really beautiful." Maria told him quietly.

"No, I'm not." He looked away. Now he was nervous again. Great.

"Yes you are." Maria looked up at him and touched his face softly. "You are." She stood on her tiptoes and brushed her lips along his chin.

He bit his lip. "Thanks." Then he scratched his eyebrow before he leaned down to kiss her again. When they kissed, she had to stop talking and lying to him.

She moaned and wrapped one of her arms around him again and kissed him back passionately. While she let the other trail down to unbutton his pants.

He flinched back a little but then stayed still. He was rather sensitive where she was touching him right now. And it was all her fault. "Maria…" He nibbled on her bottom lip before delving in for another hungry kiss.

Maria moaned into his mouth and unzipped his pants and then pushed them down his legs. "I… want you so bad." She told him and kissed him again.

"God, Maria." He moaned and quickly stepped out of his pants. "Ditto." As soon as he had kicked them away, he turned them around again and then he gave her a gentle push, making her fall down on the bed. He smirked down at her.

She looked up at him and smiled a little. "You're fucking sexy." Slowly she let her eyes wander over his body, taking him in entirely. Bare chest, hair slightly mussed, his tight black boxer briefs showed
off the bulge between his legs well. Maria flicked her tongue over her lips and extended her hand to him. "Come here…"

His smirk widened and he wiggled his eyebrows, then he inched closer to her. Before he joined her on the bed though, he quickly took a hold of her thong as if he wanted to rip it off, only to slowly inch it
down her legs instead. He just loved it too much to destroy it. "You're a goddess," he mused, while his hands slid over her shapely legs.

Maria smiled faintly at him and arched her back and let her eyes slip shut. “Oh… Michael.” She murmured softly. His fingers on her skin felt so wonderful.

He took a deep breath and then moved her by her legs so she was lying in the middle of the bed before he joined her on it, bringing her body close to his and kissing her again.

She wrapped her arms around him and snuggled up close, the warmth was radiating off of him, making her whole body feel nice. Maria curled leg around his waist and pressed closer as she kissed him deeply.

"So soft." Michael stroked his hands up and down her back and her sides, not able to decide where to touch her first, or where to linger longer. But they had the whole holidays to explore each other. He smiled against her lips and then stroked over her leg which was around his waist.

Maria parted her lips to let out a moan before running her tongue along his lips.

Pushing her back onto her back, Michael towered over her for a few seconds, just watching her again. He couldn't get enough of this. Just looking at her beautiful face, her kiss-swollen lips, her flushed cheeks, her now darkened eyes. "Damn." He was just the luckiest bastard in the whole damn world.

He grinned and then leaned down again for a deep but quick kiss, then he descended down her throat, peppering her body with kisses, till he was once again nestled between her breasts.

She moved slightly beneath him, her fingers were tangled in his hair, and down his back, and touching him everywhere she could. Quiet moans poured from her lips and she tightened her leg around his waist. How was it that he could cause so much pleasure?

He thrust his hips into hers because he couldn't hold out anymore. Why was he still wearing his boxers? Damn. But fuck, he didn't bother with condoms either. He had none. Not a single one. He closed his eyes, trying to get it together. Maybe they could just… He toyed with her nipples, letting his tongue circle one of them, while he was rolling the other between his thumb and forefinger. What had he been thinking about?

Maria cried out softly. She needed him more than she ever needed anything else in her life. She was throbbing for him. “Michael… please!” She begged. She could feel his hardness through his underwear, pressed against her dripping sex. And she wanted to feel him inside of her, and she wanted him now.

"What do you want, Maria?" He kissed his way back up to her lips. "Tell me." His voice was raw and husky, even though he hadn't done much yet. But she was just really getting to him.

“You.” She mumbled and kissed him. “I.” kiss “want” kiss “you.” Then she kissed him again and wrapped her arms around him tightly. “I want you inside of me.” She breathed out. Her heart was pounding in her chest in anticipation of what was soon going to happen.

Michael groaned and closed his eyes. He had to bring it up. He just had to. "I don't have a condom."

Suddenly Maria couldn’t breathe. She just stared up at him. No. That… wasn’t fair. “I guess… we have to stop then.” She let out a soft sigh and closed her eyes tightly, feeling like she was going to cry. She was so turned on, and so ready… and now she just had to stop?


Chapter Three

"Yeah." He swallowed hard. "I guess so." So much for his lucky day. But if he had just ignored it now, they might have regretted it later. Or she would have thrown him out right away. "You don't have any either, do you?"

She shook her head. “No… I… haven’t needed them.” Her breathing was labored as she tried to calm herself down. She was hot, and bothered, and on the verge of tears. Maria didn’t move for a moment before she suddenly remembered something. “Wait!” She shoved Michael off of her quickly and leapt off the bed.

A moment later she was digging through a large glass jar that had been sitting on a shelf in her closet. A moment later she turned back around to face the bed holding a small foil package in her hand. “I forgot about this… a customer who had a crush on me, left it as a tip one night.”

"He left you a condom?" Michael frowned. "Damn, Maria, you shouldn't be walking home alone." Creepy guys went to her diner.

“My car blew up… okay, it didn’t blow up… but it broke down and I had to. Usually I drive. And besides, he was just a kid, probably wasn’t even seventeen.” Slowly she walked back over to the bed. “So, if you don’t mind using a condom from some perverted kid, that probably got it in his high school health class… we could continue this…” She bit her lip a little. “That is, unless the mood is completely ruined.”

"No, it's…" Michael passed his hand through his hair and chuckled a bit. "I was just worried for a moment." And he still was. Why did it bother him so much? "Come here." He spread his arms out, motioning for her to join him on the bed again.

Once again Maria climbed up onto the bed beside him and curled one of her arms around his waist. “You sure the moment isn’t ruined?” Maybe it was and he was just trying to be nice? Maybe he came to his senses and didn’t want to do it anymore.

He scratched his eyebrow. Okay, his worries had distracted him for a moment, but he had no doubt he would be back on track in any time soon. "Is it for you?"

She shook her head a little. It really wasn’t… was it? “No.” She murmured.

Michael smiled a little. "So much for fast and furious, huh?" He kissed the tip of her nose.

Maria couldn’t help but smile a little up at him. “Yeah… I guess it didn’t really work out like planned.”

"It might still." He shrugged and pushed some hair out of her face. Or maybe they should just go to sleep and save it for the morning. shit, where had that thought come from? "One of us has to go shopping early tomorrow though."

“You… you’ll stay?” She thought he was just going to stay for a quicky and then leave. Granted he had made a few comments, but Maria wasn’t sure if she should have believed him or not. But now, he was actually making plans for the next day? She lifted her head up and kissed him firmly on the lips.

"Well, yeah." Michael chuckled, taken aback by her reaction. "If you let me."

“Of course I’ll let you!” She pounced on him and threw her arms around his shoulders and kissed him softly. The condom was still between her fingers as she held onto him tightly.

He grinned against her lips and wrapped his arms around her tightly. "Have I said thank you yet? For taking me with you?"

She pulled back a little and looked at him before shaking her head. “No… you are very welcome. And I… have the perfect way for you to thank me properly.” Maria flashed him a smile and pulled the hand down that held the condom. “We finish what we started.”

"If you put it that way…" He chuckled again and brushed his fingertips over her hips. "So soft." He was still marveling at it.

Maria shivered and pressed soft kisses along his collarbone. She shifted her lower body closer to his, kissing him again had reminded her of the intense throbbing between her legs.

"You cold?" Stroking up and down her spine, Michael rested his forehead against hers. He still wanted her, but he was kinda done with the idea of doing it fast.

She shook her head a little, but couldn’t help shivering once more. The way he touched her… so tenderly. “No… but do you want to get under the blankets anyways?” Maria asked letting her eyes slip shut for a moment.

He nodded and gave her another kiss, before reaching down and pulling the blankets up around them. The situation was getting more and more intimate. When had it changed? He had just wanted to fuck her to get his mind off of Isabel, but that didn't seem fair to Maria anymore. Nor to himself. Because he just wasn't that kind of guy.

Maria snuggled up closer to him and sighed happily at the warmth from the blankets and from his body. “Nice.” She murmured softly and rested her head against his shoulder.

"Yeah." He kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her, stroking up and down her back again, more to get her warm than turned on. It had been a long day, he would still be okay with just falling asleep. Yep, something was very seriously wrong with him.

“I thought we were going to…” She murmured tipping her head back to look up at him. “Finish. Not just lay here and snuggle.” Not that she really minded all that much. It was nice to just lay in his arms too. She was confused. She didn’t know this guy, but he was sexy, really, really sexy.

Michael chuckled. Yeah, some part of him thought so too. "Sorry. Guess I'm really not that good at the whole gigolo thing." He laughed softly and then slid his hands lower, cupping her ass.

Maria laughed softly and moved over him. “I think you’re doing great…” She pressed a soft kiss against his lips and closed her eyes for a moment. “But, I think you need to loose the underwear. I’m completely naked, and you’ve still got them on. Mind you, they are very nice, and very sexy, but it’s only fair.” She told him and slid her hands down, after dropping the condom onto the pillow beside Michael, to grasp the hem of his boxer briefs.

"Guess it is." He crossed his hands behind his back, letting her work on him since she had obviously just taken control of the situation.

She dragged his underwear down his legs, and threw it over onto the floor before glancing up at him, more specifically the now uncovered bulge that had been pressing into her thigh. She opened her mouth. Wow. He was … very well endowed. “Beautiful.” She murmured moving up to kiss him again.

He blushed again and brought his hands back to wrap into her hair. Nobody had ever called him beautiful, least of all his erection. Big, yeah, but beautiful? "You're just so…" He bit his lip and looked at her, then shook his head and just kissed her again. He had no idea how to word it.

Maria moaned into his mouth and cupped his face with one hand, kissing him back passionately, while she let her other hand trail down his chest, and lightly over his stomach to gently wrap around his length.

"Mmmhm." He moaned into her mouth and moved against her hand. It only took this one simple touch to remind him where they were and what they had been unsuccessfully trying to do since a while now. And he had wanted to let it pass? Stupid, very stupid.

“Good?” She asked against his mouth and tightened her fist around him. Her own hips were so close to his, and if she just moved a little bit she could have him inside of her, pounding into her, making her forget everything except for him. But no… she glanced at the condom beside her and bit her lip. But she didn’t want to let go to grab it.

"Great." He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. His mouth felt dry. When he opened them again to look at her, he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her down for yet another hungry kiss. His other hand dropped between their bodies, wanting to give her as much pleasure as he was just receiving.

Maria’s mouth opened against his and moaned loudly while she ran her tongue over his lips. “fuck.” She gasped out as her hips jerked against his. Damn him. That felt… amazing. She rocked her hips against his fingers and let her eyes close tightly.

"Good?" He asked her in a teasing voice, while he slowly slipped two of his fingers inside of her, making sure to stimulate her clit with his thumb. Damn, she was so wet! She didn't need this anymore, he could just move her a little bit and then…

“Great.” She managed out and pushed her hips closer to his hand. Damn. It felt so amazing. “Michael…” She whimpered and looked at the condom again. If he reached over and got it, that would mean he’d stop touching her, and if she reached, she would be forced to stop touching him. She didn’t want either.

He followed her gaze. "I know." At least they had one now. Just barely out of reach. If it would be at the other side, he could grab it, but like this… He chuckled again. This was ridiculous.

Maria chewed on her lip and then buried her face in his shoulder. “I’m on the pill.” She told him, amazed at her own stupidity. She was willing to have sex with a complete stranger… who she didn’t know if he had anything… all for the sake of not wanting to stop touching him?

"And you're saying this now?" Michael gaped at her, trying to comprehend. Still it didn't really change things, he should still put on the condom. Because they had one. But when they didn't, why… Because they were strangers. She had picked him up on a bench and thought he was homeless. And he had thought she was just brining him in for sex. That's why. Yeah…

She opened her mouth, and then closed it before breaking away from him completely. If she had to stop touching him, it was only fair that he did the same. She picked up the condom and handed it to him. “Here.” She murmured softly. They had one chance at this, so it had better be really good.

He nodded, giving her a small smile before opening the wrapper. He felt like an ass now. Hopefully she didn't think he was mad that he had to use it at all. Michael gave her another quick kiss and then dropped the condom. His fingers were shaking. Damn. "Sorry." He quickly picked it up again and then pulled it out of the plastic foil carefully.

Maria shook her head a little. “Don’t be.” She told him and reached out to take the condom from him. “Here… let me.” She moved down a little on the bed, under the blankets, not a lot of light was coming in, but there was enough. She rolled the latex condom down his erection and pressed a soft kiss against the head of it.

Michael shuddered and wished she had done that before pulling the glove on him. "Th…thanks." He took a deep breath and then stroked over her cheek.

Slowly Maria looked up at him and then leaned into his hand a little. “No… no problem.” She murmured and moved up over him again. He was so close. So close and just one little movement and he would have filled her fully. She wanted nothing more.

He nodded again, feeling slightly dumb and then realized his hands were both free again, so he reached down to rub over her clit once more.

Maria moaned softly and pushed her hips towards his while she curled her arms around his shoulders. She pressed her chest against his and kissed him passionately.

The closer she came, the more aware he became of his erection, which was now bordering on painful. If he wouldn't get some friction soon, he'd throw her over and get it himself. "Maria, please." He rubbed her clit harder, trying to encourage her.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she jerked her hips a little. “Oh! ... Michael… what do you want me to do?” She didn’t know him, so she didn’t know what he liked, or what he’d want. She wanted it to be good for him, for him to enjoy it.

"Just… just fuck me." He swallowed again. Should he have worded that better? But he couldn't, he was past caring.

Maria nodded and wrapped her hand around his dick to guide him to her entrance before she dropped her hips down. She cried out loudly feeling him fill her just as she had hoped, maybe even better. She wrapped her arm back around his shoulders tightly and held onto him as she began moving her hips.

"Oh, fuck!" He placed his arms on her hips, helping her moving, though she didn't seem to need it. And also he was afraid to go too fast. He believed her when she said she didn't do this very often. She was just so damn tight, he didn't want to hurt her.

She found his mouth and kissed him passionately as she moved her hips against his. “Oh… god.” She moaned and let her fingers dig into his shoulders.

"You're so tight, Maria. So damn tight." He sucked and licked over her lips when air became too much of an issue to keep kissing her deeply. And she really didn't need his help, so he buried one hand back in her hair, liking the feel of it, and his other found its way back to her clit, wanting her to cum as many times as possible. They only had one condom after all.

Maria buried her face in the crook of his neck and kissed and sucked on his skin there. “Oh… fuck Michael. You feel so good. So good.” Her hips jerked against his at the feel of his fingers. “So perfect.” She whispered out softly. The feel of his fingers on her clit grew to be too much suddenly and her inner walls clamped down around his cock and her nails dug harder into his shoulders as she started to cum.

"Oh yes, Maria. Cum for me." He twisted her clit harder than before and then pulled back so he could watch her face, wanting to see her in a moment of sheer pleasure.

She threw her head back and her mouth fell open as she gasped for breath. Her eyes were screwed shut, and her face was contorted in pure blissful lust. “Yes!” She cried loudly. Her hips moved faster and harder against his.

Oh damn! He couldn't stop watching her, but he had to concentrate on something else or he would cum as well. But he didn't want to. He wanted to hold out and throw her over and… and… wrong thoughts. Very wrong thoughts. "Maria…"

She opened her eyes and looked at him through her blurred eyes. “Michael…” Her breathing became labored and she wanted to continue this, to continue to feel him moving inside of her, but her legs felt tired, her previous orgasm had been more powerful than anything she had ever felt before, and her whole body just wanted to collapse in on itself.

"Shhh." He kissed her softly and stroked over her cheek again, waiting till she had calmed down some more and happy that she was calming down in the first place. That had been close.

Maria kissed him back softly, sucking in quick breaths between their lips as she smoothed her hands over his shoulders. “I don’t want to stop.” She murmured out softly. She wanted more. Maria let her fingers from one hand slip up to gently comb through his hair.

"We didn't." He smirked and dropped his hand to brush his fingertips over her spine. "Just waiting till you're ready for more."

She shuddered and pressed closer to him. “I’m ready… trust me…” She hoped so anyways. Would her legs be able to carry her again? “Maybe you should…” She bit her lip a little. Be in control? Take over the whole fucking thing? How could she possibly word that?

His smirk turned into a grin and he nodded knowingly. "I was going to." He winked and then grabbed her ass firmly to hopefully stay joined to her while he firmly flipped them over so he was on top now.

“Good.” She murmured and then gasped softly as he flipped them so she was suddenly on her back, staring up at him. Maria reached up and touched his cheek softly. “I … think I like this position a lot.” Something about having him over her was nice. She wasn’t sure why, but she really liked it.

"You didn't feel nothing yet." He wiggled his eyebrows, though maybe she wouldn't get to feel a lot, because sadly he was still so close. He had to think of hockey, that usually helped. But with her in his arms it was so hard to think about anything else. After another quick kiss, he started moving again, slowly at first, enjoying the feel of her still slightly fluttering walls gripping him tightly.

Maria dug her fingers into his back before quickly smoothing her hands down his spine. "Oh…" She wrapped one of her legs around his waist. His slow thrusts were intoxicating.

"Good?" He shifted a little, trying to find that special spot within her. He was propped up on one of his arms next to her head, trying to keep most of his weight away from her. His other was caressing her thigh.

She nodded quickly. "Yes!" She gasped out. Maria reached one of her hands up and wrapped it around his upper arm before pressing her lips against it. "So... good."

"Good." Michael smiled and kissed her throat. "Perfect." She smelled and tasted so good. When he had time, he had to lick over every part of her body. Some more thorough than others. He smirked and sped up his thrusts. But for now he had something even better to do. "Damn, Maria…" So tight.

Maria grasped at his back. She threw her head back and moaned loudly. “Michael!” She pushed her hips up against his. She was so desperate for him, for more, for complete and utter bliss.

He was just so close, so damn close. And he couldn't manage to think about hockey. All he was able to do was imagine all the other ways in which he would love to fuck her later, and that was not the way to go. Though it was pretty nice. He took a hitched breath and shook his head, sweat dripping from his forehead. Then he slipped his hand back between their bodies to help her along.

“Yes!” She screamed suddenly, her hips bucked and she dug her nails into his shoulders. “fuck. fuck. fuck.” She gasped out. Her inner walls clamped down hard around his erection, drawing him deeper, milking him.

"Oh, shit, Maria!" Her orgasm finally triggered his own and he allowed himself to let loose. His hips jerked uncontrollably and he could see stars exploding in front of his eyes. Wow. He couldn't remember the last time he came this hard, if ever.

She buried her face in his arm and clenched her eyes shut while she tried to breath. “Michael.” She whimpered.

Michael kissed her softly on her lips and then her cheeks, her nose and her forehead. It had been so intense, he was still shuddering and had to bring his other hand back up, to rest some of his weight there was well. But he felt like he would collapse every second.

Her breathing was slowly beginning to return to normal. Her whole body felt tired and worn now. And his body pressed so tight against his, it felt so good. Maria kept her leg wrapped around his waist wanting to keep him there.

"Mmmhm." He rubbed his nose against hers and then buried his face in the crook of her neck, nuzzling her skin. He just wanted to sink even deeper into her and then fall asleep, but he had to get up and get moving. Dispose of the condom, turn so he wouldn't crush her. And he would, in a minute.

Maria sighed softly and kissed his shoulder lightly. “We should… ya know.” They needed to pry themselves apart, get rid of the condom, and then curl back up and go to sleep. She was so tired.

"I know." He yawned against her skin and then reluctantly emerged from his refuge again. "I know," he repeated and then kissed her one last time, before he tried to slip out of her, only to find her legs were still gripping him tightly. "Uh…"

“Oh.” She mumbled and glanced down. “Right.” Slowly she unwrapped her legs from around his waist, groaning quietly as she did. “There is a trashcan right there.” She said pointing to the bin a few feet from the bed.

"Kay." He rolled onto his back after finally slipping out of her, and then grabbed a few tissues from the box on her nightstand. He disposed of the condom and then cocked his head, considering if he would be able to throw it all the way into the bin.

Maria laid back on her bed, staring up at the ceiling, as she struggled to calm herself down. Slowly she rolled onto her side and looked up at him with a faint smile.

Michael smiled back at her and grabbed another tissue, balling it all up into a tight ball, then he aimed at the bin and threw it with a flick of his wrist. He succeeded and threw his arms up in the air happily. "Score!"

She laughed softly and shook her head. “Nice shot.” She murmured before moving closer to him on the bed and resting her head on his chest.

"Thanks." He grinned and wrapped his arm around her, trailing his fingertips over her skin. "I just didn't feel like getting up." Oh, wait… She didn't want him to sleep on the couch now, did she? He frowned.

Maria snuggled up closer to him and yanked the blankets up tighter around them. “I don’t blame you.” She murmured softly. “I don’t think I could move, even if I wanted to.”

Michael bit back a smirk. "Sorry." But it was a good excuse for himself, if she wanted him to leave. It didn't look like it though.

“Trust me, it is okay.” She murmured drowsily. “As long as you keep touching me I won’t object at all.”

"I think I can do that." He kissed the top of her head and gathered her a little tighter into his embrace.

Maria smiled happily and closed her eyes. “Good… now… sleep.” She murmured and pressed a soft kiss against his chest, before tightening her arms around his waist and letting herself drift off to sleep.

"Mhmm." He yawned again and watched her for a moment, smiling. She was just so damn cute. And he was just so damn tired. Slowly his eyes fell closed and he followed her to sleep within minutes.

Maria woke up early the next morning and yawned quietly. She started to roll over and then remembered the night before. Michael. She couldn’t help but smile as she lifted her head up and looked at him. Still sleeping peacefully. She touched his cheek softly before carefully climbing out of her bed and leaving her room.

She moved down the hall to the bathroom and showered quickly, hoping to loosen up her sore muscles. She was really feeling last nights adventure. Once she was done in the shower, she walked back into her room and smiled at Michael. He was so cute. And as she climbed back into bed beside him she remembered it was Christmas morning. She leaned into his ear and kissed it softly. “Merry Christmas Michael.”

"Mmmmh." He smiled at the soft touch and slowly opened his eyes. "Merry Christmas, Maria." What was wrong with him? Usually he was so grumpy when he woke up, especially if he was woken, but something about her touch, and her smell, and now the sight of her, it just made him go soft. Inside. Other parts of his body grew instantly hard, because she was naked and still kinda slick. "Taken a shower?"

Maria nodded. “Yup. I kind of figured that the nasty old smell of restaurant was still lingering on my skin, and that wasn’t too pleasant.” She nuzzled his throat and let her eyes slip shut. “If you want to get up though, I’ll make you Christmas breakfast.” She offered.

Michael frowned. "I liked the way you smelled." She must have smelled of him too in the morning. Maybe that was what she has wanted to wash off. He scratched his eyebrow, still unsure about the whole thing they had going on.

“Got a thing for greasy food?” She laughed softly before lifting her head up to look at him. Then she saw his frown, and mirrored his expression. “What?” She asked tipping her head to the side.

"Actually, yes." He bit his lip, then he sighed. "I'm just thinking…" No, he couldn't tell her. That would feel way too weird. "Just thinking."

Maria reached up and touched his cheek softly. “Thinking what?” Her brow furrowed.

"It's just weird." He looked at her and shrugged. "This whole thing."

She let out a soft sigh and moved to lay on her back, pulling the blanket up against her chest as she did so. “Yeah.” Maria whispered.

"A good kind of weird though." He rolled onto his side so he could continue to watch her. It wasn't good when he doubted it though. Why did she shower? And alone?

“How can weird be good?” Maria asked, but she agreed with him. Whatever it was that they were doing, was weird, but, she liked it. She liked him being around, and he was a complete stranger.

"I dunno. It just is." He leaned down and kissed a spot next to her ear. "Don't you think so?"


Chapter Four

She shivered and nodded. “Yeah. I do… “ How was she supposed to form coherent thoughts when he was kissing her like that?

"So it's good? Whatever it is?" Why did he want to know? It would last as long as it would. He should have learned from Isabel. He shouldn't get into another person again. Ever.

Maria rolled onto her side to look up at him and nodded slowly. “Yeah… I think it is.” But how could she really be sure?

"Good." Michael smiled and kissed her softly, then he closed his eyes again. "Do I have to get up for breakfast?"

“Yes.” She smiled a little. “I have to make cinnamon rolls. You have to help me with them.” Maria kissed him quickly before she hurried out of bed and looked at the pile of clothes on the floor. She paused for a moment, then found Michael’s shirt and pulled it on. “Come on.” She crooked her finger at him as she moved towards the door.

He groaned and rubbed his hands over his face. "Alright." He rolled his eyes, but then looked her up and down, noticing just how great she looked in his shirt. "Hey, you haven't been shopping too, have you?" He raised his eyebrow and finally got out of bed.

“Nope! Just a shower.” Maria walked out of her room and down the hall. She liked how his shirt fit her.

"Yeah, figured." He sighed disappointed and pulled his boxers back on. He'd go for his jeans, but that could hurt in the current state he was in. When he was done, he followed her to the kitchen.

Maria glanced over her shoulder, she was already half done preparing the cinnamon rolls for the oven. “Okay… so I cheated. I’m using store bought ones. Just so long as my mother never finds out, it’s okay.” She smiled at him. “You get to help me frost them.”

"I think I can do that." He smirked and walked up behind her, placing a soft kiss on her shoulder. He was tempted to wrap his arms around her too, but he wasn't sure if it wouldn't be too intimate.

She let out a soft sigh and leaned back against his chest a little. It felt so nice to feel his body against hers. Maria laid her head back on his shoulder and chewed on her lip. The whole thing between them, wouldn’t last, would it? He’d be gone before the end of the day probably.

When she leaned back, he couldn't resist any longer and wrapped his arms around her after all. And he kissed the top of her head too and then closed his eyes. He could allow himself a short moment of… of happiness. It was Christmas after all. Reality would come back sooner than he wanted, he was sure of it.

“I wish I had something to give to you for a present.” She told him quietly. After spending the night before together, she felt like it would only be right, but she didn’t have anything.

"You do! You're letting me stay." She was, wasn't she? "Uh, I mean you took me in yesterday." And she'd let him stay and explore her. She had to. He'd go nuts if she would deny him that, always left wondering what she would taste like, what it would feel like to have her cumming against his mouth. Or to have her under the shower. Or on the kitchen counter… His cock twitched at the thought of that and he pressed her lower body closer to him unconsciously.

A soft moan escaped her lips. “I feel like I should give you more…” She trailed off and rested her hands on top of his. She could feel his rock of an erection pressing against her, and she wanted it, she wanted him. “We… I … I don’t have anymore condoms Michael.” This wasn’t fair. She wanted him now. But she didn’t have anything. Hadn’t her mother taught her to always be prepared? So why the hell wasn’t she prepared?!

"I know." He rubbed against her anyways. "That would be a nice present I wouldn't object against." He chuckled.

“Well… I know something we don’t need a condom for.” Maria spun around in his arms and kissed him full on the mouth while she slipped one of her hands inside his boxers and wrapped it around his length.

He groaned and kissed her back hungrily. "I know quite a few things we don't need them for." Michael smirked against her lips and then ran his tongue over them before kissing her again. All the really fun stuff would require it though. It just sucked.

Maria tightened her fist around him and began stroking him quickly. “Yeah…” She breathed out against his lips. “After breakfast… drugstore on the corner.” She wrapped her other hand around to rest on the back of his neck.

"Yeah, good." He nodded and cupped her ass, wanting nothing more than to put her up on the counter. "We should… should put the rolls in the oven though."

“Later.” She mumbled against his mouth, before moaning and pushing her hips towards his. Her hand worked him quickly, pumping along his length, loving the feel of his skin gliding under her fingers tips.

"Later." Michael agreed and moaned huskily, moving his hips slightly in time with her strokes. They were in a bad position though, he wanted to touch her too. But they'd fall over if they did it now.

Maria nodded quickly and slid her fingers into his hair and pulled his mouth against hers. She kissed him passionately, and wanted nothing more than to feel him against her body, but she knew that they couldn't. Not without any protection. It would have to wait.

He cupped and kneaded her ass, still thrusting against her hand. He wanted to be buried deep somewhere, anywhere. No, he needed it. Isabel would be on her knees by now, but this wasn't her. But damn, this was driving him nuts.

She couldn't help but moan softly into his mouth and try to press closer to him. She tightened her fist around him, stroking him harder, wanting to bring him to orgasm.

"Oh, shit." He bucked his hips, not remembering when a hand job had ever felt this good. But it still made him crave more. "Maria…" He backed her up against the counter, his hands still on her ass.

Maria swallowed hard and arched her back. "Michael." She mumbled and leaned down to suck hard on his throat. "I want you so bad…" Just the feel of him in her hand was turning her on. And his hands on her sure helped a lot too.

"God, I want you too." He closed his eyes and swallowed hard, trying to get a grip. "I need you, I crave you, I want you so bad." She had him right there on the brink by now and he would cum in his boxers. That hadn't happened to him since… since forever.

"But… we don't have anything." She whispered. She pulled back a little to look at him. When she'd told him she was on the pill, he still didn't seem to okay with the idea. But she wanted him. She'd never had anyone tell her that they craved her, and it made her heart beat faster.

"I know." He let go of her ass to grab her wrist, trying to make her pump him hard and fast again. "We will. Later." He nodded and crushed his lips down on hers in a bruising kiss.

Maria gasped into his mouth and kissed him passionately. She followed the direction of his hand and quickly built up a steady pace again. She twisted her fist around him, while she let her tongue dance with his.

"Ugh." He had to break the kiss when his orgasm finally overtook him, and he shuddered again, looking down at her. "fuck, Maria." Too damn good.

She looked up at him and watched his face. Something so intense about watching his face contorted in such pleasure. Maria pressed a soft kiss against his jaw.

Michael growled and swiftly picked her up and sat her down on the counter. He kissed her shortly and then reached next to her, putting the cinnamon rolls into the oven. If they were going to go shopping after breakfast, it was time they ate.

Maria laughed quietly when he put the cinnamon rolls in the oven. She couldn't help but smile as she watched him. He was so cute. "Good idea." She told him.

"You know what's an even better idea?" He raised his eyebrow and stepped close to her, framing her face and brushing his lips over hers.

"What?" She asked leaning in to kiss him softly. Maria rested her hands on his sides and then rested her forehead against his.

"This." He kissed her once more and then bent down, picking her legs up and wrapping them around his shoulders, before he leaned close to her, pressing his lips on top of her honey curls.

"Oh!" Maria threw her head back and tangled her fingers in his hair. "I… think I like this." She hadn't been expecting that, but she really wasn't going to object at all.

Michael smirked and spread her legs a little more so he had full access. Then he carefully licked over her wet folds, taking a first taste of her. "Hmm, fuck." He just knew she'd taste good, but this... God damn! He quickly delved back in, licking her more thoroughly.

"shit!" Maria cried out loudly. His lips were so soft, and his tongue just a little rough. Before she thought maybe last night was just a fluke. No way could it really be that could. No way could he be that good. But apparently he was.

Oh yeah, her moans just made it all even better. He placed one hand under her ass, bringing her up a little higher so he could delve in closer to her. He wanted more of her taste. Much more. But first he had to make her even wetter, so he closed his lips around her clit and sucked on it. Softly at first, then urgently.

Her chest was rising and falling quickly, one hand was tugging gently on his hair while the other gripped the edge of the counter. "Oh shit. Oh fuck. Oh… Michael!" It felt so good. And so surreal. Was this all really happening? It felt too real for it to be a dream.

"You taste so good." He glanced up at her for a second, placing a kiss on the inside of her thigh, then he went back where he really wanted to be. Having breakfast. He chuckled and licked up her juices, pushing
his tongue into her core, exploring her depths.

Maria opened her mouth but the only sound that came out was a garbled moan. She could feel herself inching closer and closer to the edge of one incredible orgasm. One of her legs curled tighter over his shoulder, wanting to pull him even closer.

When he was done exploring, he stabbed his tongue in and out of her, fucking her with it at a steady pace. He brought his still free hand down around his head and found her clit easily, rubbing it to keep her juices flowing.

"Oh shit!" She flung her head back as she started to cum. Her thighs jerked and clamped around his head and Maria gripped the counter tighter, doing her best to stay on the counter.

His hand flew to her back to keep her supported and safe against the counter. He was just conscious enough to make sure she wouldn't hurt herself. But her juices were so intoxicating; he was quickly losing
his mind. He kept licking and sucking her clean, not wanting to part with her yet.

She could barely breathe. All she could focus on was the immense pleasure Michael was causing. Her legs twitched and she chewed on her lip, silently muttering his name over and over.

A different smell was suddenly disturbing his senses. Something not Maria but still very appealing. He gave her one last thorough lick and then slowly pulled his head back up, trying to deduct where the smell was coming from, or what it was. Cinnamon. From the oven. Their breakfast! He let go of her fully and then opened the oven. "I think they're ready."

Maria felt a little dazed when he just pulled away from her. Then the smell of the cinnamon rolls hit her completely and she smiled. "Oh… good." Slowly she slid off the counter and didn't move for a minute,
trying to regain her composure. "Um… the frosting is over on the other side of the oven." She pointed to the container.

Michael nodded and pulled the pan out of the oven, setting it on the counter. Then he looked at her and frowned. He cocked his head and then he just started laughing.

She looked up at him and her brow furrowed. "What?"

"It's just…" He couldn't stop laughing. "This." He gestured towards her and the rolls. Everything was just so damn weird. And he couldn't remember the last time he just laughed because he was happy. And it was all because of her. He quickly pounced and grabbed her around her waist, kissing her hard.

Maria grabbed onto his shoulders and kissed him back. "Yeah… I understand." She murmured after she pulled back a little. She smiled up at him and touched his cheek. "Okay, food. We need food." She looked longingly at the cinnamon rolls.

"Yeah, I could eat some more too." He chuckled and then scratched his crotch unconsciously. After breakfast he would have to wash up and change his boxers. Now he was glad that he didn't pull on his jeans. It was his only pair aside from the ones he wore yesterday.

She blushed and smiled a little. Then she stepped around him and picked up the frosting and spread it on the cinnamon rolls. "I've got plates over in that cabinet." She told him pointing to one by the

"Okay." He got out two plates and then stepped behind her, watching how she applied the frosting. "I thought you wanted me to help?"

"Feel free to jump right in and help me out." She tipped her head back and smiled up at him.

Michael smiled back at her and took the frosting out of her hands, decorating one of the rolls himself. "I think I will do some more frosting later, when we still have some over."

Maria laughed softly and looked back at the rolls. "Oh really?"

"Oh yeah." He wiggled his eyebrows. Still so many more places on her body worth spending time on.

“Hmm that sounds promising.” She smiled a little.

Still smiling he let go of the frosting and instead gathered her hair in his hands, holding it up so he could kiss her neck. "Merry Christmas, Maria."

Her eyes slid shut and she moaned happily. “Merry Christmas Michael.” She told him softly and slid a hand up and tangled her fingers in his hair.

He let her hair fall freely again and kissed his way around her shoulder and up her neck. He couldn't thank her enough for taking him in and letting him into her bed. This was going to be one great Christmas.

Maria sighed happily and just leaned against him. “We need to eat.” She told him softly. “Because we have to go to the store.”

"Yes." Michael nodded against her skin and then suckled on it for a few seconds before pulling back. "Store is very important." He smiled and then looked down at the cinnamon rolls. "But so is food."

“Yes.” She smiled at him and stepped back. “Okay. Food.” She got a knife and carefully cut out the cinnamon rolls and put one on each plate. “Here… coffee?”

"Oh, yeah." He scratched his eyebrow and looked around her kitchen. "Uh…"

“Or do you want juice?” She set the plates down on the table and grabbed two forks.

"Whatever goes faster." He winked and sat down at the table, figuring he couldn't help her anyways, since he had no idea where everything was.

“Well there is still coffee from last night, just needs to be warmed up.” She tilted her head to the side and looked up at him.

"That's cool." Michael shrugged and played with his fork. He was tempted to already start eating. Those rolls still smelled damn good.

She nodded and got two coffee cups, filled them and put them in the microwave and waited a minute before pulling them back out and going back over to the table. “Dig in!” She laughed. They smelled so good. Her stomach was growling.

Michael nodded and gratefully started eating. "S'good," he mumbled with his mouth full.

Maria smiled and nodded. “Good.” She said before she started eating too. It did taste good. She smiled a little, happy to have good warm food in her stomach.

Taking a sip from his coffee when he was almost done, he glanced over at Maria again. She was just someone really special. "I'm really glad you're letting me spend the holidays."

“I’m really glad that you agreed to come and spend the holidays with me.” She was so happy. She could almost completely forget that she didn’t get to go home to spend them with her family.

"Not like I had anywhere else to go." Michael gave a short laugh, then he bit his lip. "I mean, even if I had now, I'd still want to spend them with you."

Maria frowned a little. That made her happy that he was with her. “I really am glad you’re here though.”

He smiled and nodded, then finished eating his cinnamon roll. Hopefully she'd still think so the next day. And the day after that. And maybe he could stay for a week. Or as long till he found a new place to stay, other than a cheap motel. But no, what was he thinking? He couldn't just move in with her, they didn't even know each other!

She finished eating her own roll and drinking her coffee. “We should get dressed.” She told him looking across the table at him.

"Yeah." Michael quickly finished his coffee as well. "And I need to, uh, wash up real quick." He blushed a little, but then he thought back to the reason why and he could feel his cock already responding again. They so definitely had to go shopping.

“Okay.” She nodded. “Shower then. You know where it is. I’m going to get dressed.” Maria stood up and picked up their dishes and loaded them in the dishwasher.

"Okay, cool." Michael stood up and went to grab his bag, then he stopped by in the kitchen again. "You can keep my shirt if you want to, you know." She looked so cute in it. And he should really give her something back.

Maria looked at him, surprised, she smiled. “Thank you.” She told him and nodded. She liked his shirt, and he was letting her have it? Maria felt almost giddy.

"No problem." He smiled back, feeling good. It was only a small thing, but it seemed to make her happy. "You look better in it than me anyways." He winked and then quickly left for the bathroom before things would get too intimate again.

She laughed softly and finished cleaning up the kitchen before she went down to her room and took off Michael’s shirt. She folded it carefully and laid it in the top drawer of her dresser before she pulled out a pair of clean underwear and started to get dressed.

Michael took a quick shower, not wanting to waste more of her water than necessary and then pulled on fresh boxers and a new shirt. His pants were still in the bedroom, so he grabbed his shoes where he left them the day before and then walked back into the bedroom, smiling when he saw she was in it as well.

Maria looked up at him and smiled. “Hey. Feel better?” She asked pulling on a pair of socks and then slipping her feet into her shoes. She wasn’t sure when he looked best… straight out of the shower, still damp, half dressed, or completely undressed. Any way made her very happy.

"Yeah." He passed his hand through his hair. "Clean." He smirked and shrugged, then picked up his pants, pulling them back on.

She nodded and pinned her hair up part way before she found her purse and her jacket. “Let me know when you are ready.”

He quickly stepped in his shoes. "I'm fine." He could grab his jacket on the way to the door. And damn, now that he could see more of her neck… He crossed the distance between them and placed a small kiss on her shoulder. "You look great."

Maria let her eyes slip shut and leaned towards him. “Thank you. You’re just so damn sweet.” She rested her hands on his sides and sighed softly. “We should go.”

"Yeah." He kissed her softly and then moved to her side, taking one of her hands in his. Sweet. It was one of the reasons Isabel kicked him out for. He was just too sweet and nice, or else she wouldn't have even dared to do so. It had been their apartment after all, not only hers.

She laced their fingers together and walked with him out of her bedroom, and then tugged on his hand pulling him from her apartment and to the elevator.

He followed her silently but he kept his eyes trained on her, especially once they were in the elevator. He just wanted to grab her and push her up against the wall, and kiss her silly. And maybe grope some too. He smirked and licked his lips.

Maria looked at him and smiled. “What?” She asked giving him a sly grin. “Got somethin to say?”

"To say?" Michael shook his head, still smirking. "Nope." He had something to do.

“No? … then just what is on your mind? If it isn’t something to say.”

"It's something I will show you." The door pinged, signaling that they had arrived. "Later." When they had condoms to finish what they would start.

Maria bit back a groan. She wanted him. She wanted him to claim her completely. Quickly she stepped forward and kissed him softly before pulling him out of the elevator and out the front door.

Michael laughed and followed her again. Today seemed brighter than the day before. Or maybe it was just because he was with Maria. "It's nice today." It seemed warmer too.

“I wanted it to snow.” She pouted and led him in the direction of the drug store. “It’s not Christmas if it doesn’t snow.” Maria huffed quietly.

"Aw, maybe it will snow later." He squeezed her hand. "The best snow always falls on nice days, when it's clear and bright." He wanted to see her happy, so he wanted it to snow too. Although he usually hated it. He still remembered the times when he was doing deliveries and kept slipping and coming too late because of it.

She smiled up at him. “Maybe.” She wouldn’t hold her breath though. It probably wouldn’t snow. Maria led him into the corner store that was always open. She thanked the powers that be for that. Maria walked with him down the aisles. “This way.”

"I like this way." He smiled, still following her. Though maybe they wouldn't need the condoms anyways. She was on the pill, and she said she didn't bring home strangers. Yeah, but he was one and he had slept with Isabel. And she had cheated on him with god knows whom.

Maria pulled him down to the very back where all of the ‘personal hygiene’ products were. “Pick.” She said pointing to the rows of boxes of condoms.

"I don't care." Michael shrugged. "From the inside they're all the same."

She looked at the rows and chewed on her lip. “These?” She suggested the ‘ultra thin’ ones. “Oh! Six come in one package!” That made her happy.

“Six?” Michael frowned. “Don’t they have and larger packages? Like, I dunno…” He scratched his eyebrow. “Sixty?” How long would he definitely stay? Three more days? Or did holiday include New Years Eve too?

Maria giggled softly and cupped his face and kissed him firmly on the lips. “Insatiable. And no, I’m not saying it like it’s a bad thing.” She looked closer, and then ducked down to look on the bottom shelf. “Boxes of ten… we could get a few of those.” She suggested tipping her head back to look up at him.

"Sounds good." He grinned. There, she was ready to buy boxes, so she was ready to let him stay a while, right? Or maybe she would just stock up for when he was gone, so it wouldn't happen to her again…

"Sounds good to me too." Maria smiled and grabbed a couple of the boxes and handed them to him. Alright... anything else we need before we head back to my place?"

"I dunno." He shrugged and scratched his eyebrow, looking around the store. "I'm not sure what you have at home and what not, you know?" But if they got food from the diner, there was nothing else he would need, other than the condoms. And maybe some lube, but he didn't want to suggest that.

"Well… anything you want to get? And I can tell you if I have it or not." She rested her head against his shoulder for a moment and let her eyes slip shut. She couldn't wait to get back to her apartment. So they could be alone again. And so she could feel his warm naked body… Maria had to bite back a groan.

Michael wrapped his arm around her protectively. "Whipped cream?" He chuckled. "But we have the frosting, so we don't really need that." Or they might get seriously sick. Which wouldn't be cool during sex.

She laughed a little and nodded. "Right. Any other ideas?"

"You'll still get us food from the diner?" Maybe something for in between though…

"Yup. I have to work at six, so you can come down there and eat while I'm working." Maria looked up at him and smiled.

"I sure will." He smiled back and kissed her cheek. "Maybe we should buy something for before though. Do you have some food at home? Eggs and stuff?"

Maria nodded a little. "Yeah, I do. I have anything you could possibly want to make real food."

"I thought you can't cook?"

"Well, I try. I just fail miserably every time." She smiled up at him and laced their fingers together again. "So, if we don't need anything…lets get the hell out of here."

Michael chuckled and squeezed her hand. "You're right, we're wasting valuable alone-time." He winked and then tugged her in the direction of the counter.

Maria went with him willingly up to the counter. "Did you have any cash on you?" She asked reaching for her purse. She wasn't sure if it was something he'd been able to get before his ex threw him out. Which she didn't understand that. Why would anyone want to throw him out? He was a freaking sex god.

"I do!" He reached for his back pocket and then blushed. "In my jacket, in your living room." Damn.

She laughed softly and nodded. "Whoops." She pulled out some cash from her pocket and handed it to the cashier after he rung up and bagged their condoms.

"Sorry," Michael mumbled. "I'll pay you back later. I can also pay you for the stay and all."

"Only if you're paying with incredible orgasms, delivered one right after the other." She whispered against his ear and then smirked at him as she took her change and stuffed it back in her purse.

"I think we could work something out there." He grinned and kissed the skin right under her earlobe. This was all so damn nice. Should it be? They were acting like a normal couple, but they still didn't even know
each other very well. Hell, he didn't even know her last name!

"Good." She murmured and pressed closer to him, and let her eyes slid shut. It felt so good. "Come on Michael… we should head back…"

"Yeah." He closed his eyes for a second and pulled her a little closer. They would have time to worry about it later, for now they would just have a great time.

Maria pressed her lips softly against his shoulder and sighed inwardly. It was so nice. It would be nicer at her apartment though. "Come on, let's go."

He nodded and smiled down at her one last time, before he finally started to walk out of the store, back to her house. They'd reach the elevator soon… He grinned and whistled happily.

"You look happy." She commented with a smile. She was ecstatic. She couldn't wait until they were safe in her apartment again.

"I am." Maybe some higher power had decided that he finally deserved some happiness so they send her in his life. Or maybe this was still all a cruel joke and she would kick him out just when he was too comfortable with all of it. "Are you?"

Maria thought about it for a moment, well rather, pretended to think about it. "Yeah. I am."

"Then let's really hurry back, so I can earn my stay and make you even happier." He tugged on her hand and quickly led her across the street.

She laughed and hurried with him up to her apartment building. Quickly she pulled out her keys and opened the door then dragged him inside and hurried to the elevator. "That is a very, very good idea."

Michael laughed along with her and then dragged her inside of the elevator, as soon as the doors opened. It felt as if they were two kids playing games, one always dragging the other. But as fun as it was, they weren't kids anymore. And he would prove it. When the doors closed again, he quickly backed her up against the wall and kissed her hard.

Maria moaned into his mouth and curled her arms around his shoulders. His body felt so good pressed into hers. She wanted him, and she wanted him now. She didn't want to wait. They had condoms… but the elevator would be arriving on her floor soon.

Reaching down, he angled one of her legs and brought it up around his waist so he could grind his lower body closer into hers. His passion was quickly rising up, and when he was too breathless to continue their kiss, he instead licked his way down to her throat and then nibbled on a nice spot there.

"Oh!" Maria gasped and dug her fingers into his shoulders. "Oh yes." She moaned and let her head fall back. "Michael. That feels so good." How was it that he could feel so… perfect?

He scraped his teeth over her skin and then sucked it between his lips. After he released it again, he blew on it and then scraped his teeth over it yet again, wanting to see her shiver and to hear her moan his name again.

She let one of her hands slip up into his hair, to keep his mouth on her throat. And then the elevator let out a quiet ‘ding’ and Maria groaned. No. It was too soon. But wait. The apartment. “Michael. My apartment. Now.”


Chapter Five

At first he was confused about what she meant, but then Michael felt a whiff of cold air and he knew the doors had opened. He groaned frustrated but then nodded against her skin, before moving away a little. He gave her a quick kiss which turned into a longer kiss after all, and then he just picked her up, not wanting to part with her body. Not even for a second.

Maria moaned quietly into his mouth and held onto him tightly. He carried her so effortlessly. She loved it. Her legs were around his waist, holding their lower bodies together.

They made it to her door in no time and he backed her up against it, kissing her again. "Keys?"

She fumbled for her purse digging her hand inside searching for them. After a moment she pulled them out triumphantly and reached for the door.

Michael took the keys out of her hand and unlocked the door. It opened way too fast and he stumbled a little, almost falling down along with her. He could avoid it though, but he crashed into the wall with her. "shit, sorry!"

Maria yelped and then laughed. “It’s okay.” She said a little out of breath.

"You sure?" He quickly looked her over and checked the back of her head for any signs of serious damage.

“Yeah.” She smiled at him and cupped his face. “I’m okay. Come on… my room. We have stuff to play with.” She jiggled the bag in her hand.

"We do." Michael grinned again and then leaned forward to kiss her hard, kicking the door close at the same time. He was still backing her up against the wall, liking the way it pressed her body so close to his.

Maria let out a soft moan and kissed him back passionately. She tightened her legs around his waist and rubbed his shoulders. It felt so good to be pressed up against the wall.

"Sill want to… want to leave for the bedroom?" Michael asked her in between kisses.

“I kind of like it here… but the bedroom would be more comfortable.” She reached up and brushed her fingers through his hair.

"Depends." He let his hand trail down her side and between her legs. "I'd be pretty comfortable here too."

Her mouth opened and a quiet moan came out. “Oh… Michael…” She bit her lip and her thighs clenched slightly around his waist.

Michael considered taking her just there, but she was wearing pants. Maybe they should wait till she wasn't. Oh! She would be in her uniform in no time. He smirked. Oh yeah, that had been a very nice uniform. He'd definitely love to take her in it. "Alright, bedroom." He placed his hand under her ass to steady her and then carried her into the other room.

“You’re so strong.” She murmured and pressed her lips against his throat.

He smirked a little but then shrugged before setting her down on the bed. "You're just so light."

“Hmm you know, I really like you.” She smiled at him. “I think I’ll keep you just so you can compliment me like this more often.”

Michael smiled and tried to shrug it off again, but deep inside it pained him, because he wanted it to be true. He had no place to go to anymore, other than a motel, when she would kick him out again. "You're making it easy for me, with how beautiful you are."

Maria blushed and smiled up at him. “Thank you.” She told him and touched his face gently, and then pulled him down onto the bed beside her.

"My pleasure." He gave her a quick kiss and then another. As their kisses grew more heated again, he draped one of his legs over hers, wanting to be closer to her again. "Maria…" She just always tasted so good.

“Oh Michael.” She whispered and pressed herself closer to him. She had dropped the condoms onto the bed when he had set her down. Maria pushed her hands under his shirt and touched his skin softly.

Raising his arms, he waited for her to take off his shirt. The worst thing about winter was probably all the many clothes you had to wear. Maria was still in her coat to start with.

Maria pushed his shirt up over his head and then pressed her lips softly against his chest.

Michael moaned and buried his hand in her hair, holding her to him for a moment. Then he let his arms wander and started to undress her as well.

She helped him pull off her jacket first, and then rubbed her hands over his chest and stomach. She wanted to touch him. She wanted to feel him flush and naked up against her body.

"Maria… you're still wearing too many clothes." He took one of her hands and kissed it softly, then pulled on the hem of her top.

“I know… so are you.” Maria helped him pull off her top and then she quickly worked on unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

"But I'm still wearing less than you." He smirked and kicked off his shoes so she could pull his pants down his legs.

“Still too much.” She mumbled and pushed his pants down his legs. She moved up quickly again and pressed her lips against his as she kicked off her own shoes.

"I agree." He licked over her lips and fumbled with her pants, having a little trouble to unbutton them.

Maria pushed her pants down and squirmed around on the bed for a minute pushing them down her legs, while she tried to reach back and unhook her bra at the same time.

Michael watched her and had to chuckle. She was really just too cute. "Let me lend you a hand." He smirked and reached behind her back, quickly opening her bra.

He unclasped her bra and Maria looked up at him with a shy smile. “Thanks.” She finished pushing her pants down her legs and then threw her bra to the floor before she threw her arms around Michael’s shoulders again and kissed him deeply.

Kissing her back at first, he gently pushed her away again after a while. "Let me see you." He bit his lip and moved his eyes over her body, lingering on her breasts and admiring the way her thong accentuated her legs.

Maria blushed as she looked up at him and bit her lip. It took a lot not to cover herself up. She wasn’t used to someone looking at her like he was.

"You're so beautiful," he mused, stroking his fingertips softly over her skin, afraid to break the moment. "So damn beautiful." Now he realized that it had been way too dark the night before. He had only caught a glimpse of how gorgeous she truly was.

Her jaw trembled. “Thank you Michael.” She reached up and gently trailed her fingers over his jaw. “Thank you so much.”

"What for?" He frowned a little, but he was still smiling.

“Saying I’m beautiful.” She leaned in and kissed him softly.

"But you are." Once again he realized how different from Isabel she was. She knew just how beautiful she was, and she got pissed when he didn't tell her. But he wanted to forget all about her, so he shouldn't be comparing her to Maria. Maria didn't deserve that. He shook his head once to clear it, and then leaned in for another kiss.

Maria kissed him softly, and smoothed her fingers up and down his back. She curled one of her legs around his waist and pressed her chest against his. His skin was warm on hers and she loved it.

Michael moaned when he felt her hardened nipples rubbing against his chest. He wanted to do so many things with her, it was hard to focus on just one. "I think we're still overdressed." He smirked and played with the waistband of her thong.

“Yeah. I think so too.” She nodded and kissed him softly before pressing soft kisses along his jaw and down to his throat. His skin had a distinct taste and she loved it.

"Hm, damn." His hands flew to her hair again, holding her against him. "Should we do something about it?"

Maria nodded quickly. “Yeah. We really should. But what would you suggest?” She asked smirking against his skin.

"I don't have enough boxers to afford ripping one in half." He shrugged innocently, still holding her close to him.

“And I really like this thong… maybe… we could actually just pull them off. Ya know… and not destroy them.” She licked his skin before pressing a soft kiss there.

"Maybe." He chuckled. "We'd have to do it fast though." Michael really liked that. The light conversation they had in bed. It wasn't all just dirty talk and moaning, it was fun.

“Yeah, we would… or… well…” She bit her lip and slid her hand down to hook in the hem of his boxers and pushed them down over his hips. “If you take off your boxers… we really don’t have to take off my thong…”

"Oh, we don't?" He raised his eyebrow amused and finally let go of her to push his boxers down further. "You know, I think you're right." He kicked the offending undergarment off the rest of the way and then quickly rolled on top of her, kissing her hungrily before she could say anything else.

She gasped softly into his mouth and moaned softly. Maria held onto him tightly and wrapped her leg farther around his waist.

Reaching down to her thong, Michael pushed it aside so it was rubbing against her clit. When he let go to kiss her again, his cock brushed against her wet folds and he moaned loudly. He just wanted to slip it in and feel even her silky walls surrounding him again.

Maria shuddered and rocked her hips slightly. “Oh… Michael… that’s…” She pushed her hips closer towards him before quickly reaching up to grab the bag. “Michael…” She didn’t want him to wear a condom. She wanted to feel him completely, skin against skin. But she knew that they couldn’t.

"Right." He looked at the bag and then took it from her. "I'm underdressed right now." He gave her a crooked smile and then got one of the boxes out of the bag, before throwing it down on the floor somewhere. They should have unpacked them in the store already, it would have saved them precious time.

She smiled a little at him before taking the box and opening it quickly. She pulled out one of the foil packages and handed it to him. “Here.”

Michael smiled back and opened the foil with his teeth. "Pretty good team work." He winked and then finally freed the condom, handing it back to her.

“Yeah, it is.” She pushed him onto his back and moved down to kneel between his legs. Maria pressed a kiss to the head before she carefully rolled the condom down his hard cock. And then she kissed it again before she moved back up beside him.

"I think…" He took a deep breath. "I think we'll have to continue that later." He smirked and then rolled over her again, leaning down to kiss the tip of her nose.

Maria looked up at him and nodded. “I think we will too.” She rested her hands on his sides and cradled him between her thighs.

"But now where did we leave off earlier?" He moved around till he was nestled nicely between her legs, his erection once again pressing into her mound.

She let out a soft sigh and dug her fingers into his sides. “I think this is about where we were… You were just about to slip inside and fill me up the way only you can.”

He looked at her surprised. "I think I was." And damn if he didn't like the sound of her words! He had to make sure to stay true to them. Reaching down once more, he took a hold of his erection and then slowly guided it into her, stopping when he was all the way inside of her.

Maria let her eyes slip shut part way, but she wanted to look up at him. “Oh…” She moaned out quietly and arched her back a little. “Perfect.” She whispered quietly.

"Perfect," he agreed and started moving slowly, pulling almost all the way out of her, before thrusting back in at an equally slow pace. He wanted to really enjoy it, because part of him was still afraid it might be the last time.

Her breath caught in her throat when Michael thrust inside of her. She gripped his sides and then smoothed her hands around to rest on his back. The slow paced thrusts were intoxicating, and Maria never wanted the sensation to end.

“Maria…” She felt too good. He shuddered but didn’t speed up his pace. Instead he leaned down to kiss her hungrily, letting their tongues battle till air became an issue and he had to pull away. As soon as his lungs were filled again, he kissed her once more, stroking over her cheek at the same time.

Maria felt like she couldn’t take in a real breath. All because of Michael. And she loved it. She felt a little light headed but kissed him back with all of the passion she had.

“You’re so good, baby. So good.” Michael kissed his way down to her throat and then latched onto it, sucking hard. She was driving him wild and even at this slow pace he felt like he was about to cum any second now. So many feelings were overwhelming him, he could barely stand it. But it was too good to loose it now. He finally quickened his thrusts though, reaching between their bodies with his free hand to push the thong further away so he could rub her clit himself.

“Oh god!” She cried out loudly when she felt his fingers on her clit. And with his sped up thrusts she was aching for release. Maria threw her head back and her fingers dug harder into his shoulders. “Oh yes! Yes!” She gasped out.

"Oh yes, Maria!" The pain her fingernails elicited only spurred him on more and he fucked her harder than before, still making long thrusts though, so he could feel all of her. And she seemed to like it too. His balls tightened and his release was just out of reach. "Cum for me, baby. Now!" He squeezed her clit.

“fuck!” Her hips jerked against his, and she arched her back. Maria dug her nails harder into his back and her thighs clamped down around his hips. Her inner walls clenched, and contracted, and wrapped tighter around Michael’s cock, holding him within her, trying to draw him deeper.

"Hot damn!" He came as soon as he felt the first tremors of her orgasm around his dick, seemingly shaking just in time with her. "Maria…" He panted and placed a series of small kisses all around her face and her neck, slowly coming down again. If that was even possible. He still felt so great, so high, he never wanted it to stop.

Maria buried her face in the crook of his neck, trying to catch her breath. Her body felt like a live wire, and every time he kissed her skin she felt little shocks of pleasure shooting through her spine. “Michael… oh god Michael.” She breathed.

"Good?" He stroked over her hair, smirking a little. The question was maybe stupid, but he still liked to hear the answer.

“Very.” She looked up at him with a faint smile and slowly reached up to touch his face. “Very, very good.”

"Thanks." He kissed her hand. "You too. I mean, if you, uh, even want to know it." He bit his lip and then chuckled. Damn. Sometimes things were still so awkward with her.

Maria smiled a little wider and nodded. “Thanks. I do like to know.”

Michael nodded along with her. "You are awesome. You make me shudder."

She couldn’t help but smile up at him and wrap her arms tighter around him. He was such an amazing person, how could anyone hurt him like his girlfriend… ex girlfriend did? Throw him out for someone new? That girl didn’t know what she was giving up apparently. “You are just so amazing Michael.”

He shrugged a little, still not used to hearing compliments for himself. "So I could pay you back a little?" He smiled.

“Yeah.” Maria smiled. “A lot.” She lifted her head up and kissed him softly on the mouth. “Thank you.” She murmured.

"Well, ditto." He kissed her back and then rubbed his face against hers, wanting to snuggle deeper into her soft body. She was so warm and comfortable. This should probably stay all about sex, but it was Christmas after all. He realized that he needed the company too.

“Get some rest? It’s still a few hours until I have to start getting ready for work.” Maria let her fingers dance gently over his back. She felt so warm and safe while she was trapped beneath him. The perfect place to spend the holiday.

"Yeah, so we should use them for some advance payment." He wiggled his eyebrows. In a few minutes he would be ready again. Although just lying here with her was enough for him. It shouldn't be. He should fuck her brains out at the very least.

“But I like snuggling…” She let out a quiet groan when she remembered the condom. “Damn.” She sighed. “The condom.” She didn’t want him to leave her body, it felt too good.

"Yeah, right." He sighed and looked down. "It's not good if I keep it on and we fall asleep." Not good at all. Sighing again, he rolled off of her and reached for the tissue box like the night before.

Maria let out a quiet whimper when he pulled away from her. Now she was cold. She rolled onto her side to face him and watched his face. He really was beautiful. How did she get so lucky?

Michael gave her a lopsided grin and then threw the tissue in the direction of the trash bin, just this time he failed. "Damn." He sighed once again and looked at the ground, not really wanting to get up to fix his failed throw.

She heard it hit the floor, and then heard Michael. “Wait. Just… we can worry about it later. Leave it.” Maria curled her arm around his waist and moved closer to him. She didn’t want him to get out of the bed, even if it was only for a minute.

"Okay. Your floor." He smirked and watched it again. It was safely wrapped in the tissues, so nothing should leave a stain. And even if, then she would have a remainder of him when this was over. Which hopefully wasn't anytime in the near future. Wrapping his arm around her, he pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head.

“It’s fine.” She whispered and tugged the blankets up around them before snuggling up closer to him. She knew that she was getting attached, and she knew that it was a really bad thing. But she didn’t care. She just didn’t want him to leave any time soon.

"Still sorry for my bad aim. I blame it on you though. You still have me shaking." He smirked and played with her hair.

“Then you’re forgiven for throwing it onto my floor.” Maria tipped her head back and looked up at him.

"Good. Still, maybe a little punishment later would be in order?" He cocked his head, his smirk widening into a grin.

She laughed softly and raised an eyebrow. “For you? For throwing it on the floor? Or for me? For making you throw it on the floor?”

"Oh, hey, that's a good one!" His face lit up even more. "Maybe we both need to be punished then."

Maria laughed again and moved up to press a kiss against his lips softly. “Later Michael. Later.”

"Yeah, no arguing that." He chuckled and then closed his eyes, snuggling deeper into the blankets and taking her with him. "We should need our strength."

“Yeah.” She sighed softly and laid her head back on his chest, where she could hear his heart beating. She smiled softly to herself. It really was the perfect place to be. The way he held her made butterflies float in her stomach.

Michael kissed the top of her head once more and continued to softly stroke over her hair. "So sleep. I think I might too." God was he tired. And they only had sex once. He was getting old.

Maria nodded a little. His fingers in her hair were soothing her and her eyes started to flutter shut. She wanted to stay away and focus on him. On how good he felt, and how good he made her feel. But the sound of his heart beating, and his calming fingers in her hair quickly put her to sleep.

He fell asleep before realizing she had as well. It was just all too warm and comfortable. Especially her. His last thought was how easy it would be to get used to this.

Maria leaned against the counter at the small diner she worked in. Across the room was Michael, sitting alone in a booth, looking sexy as ever. A few of the other girls kept asking her who he was, but she wouldn’t tell. Just wanted to leave it up to their imagination. But she was sure, that whatever they came up with, wouldn’t compare to the truth of it all.

“Maria, orders up.” She turned around and grabbed the plates and walked down her side of the diner, setting the plates down as she went before setting the last one in front of Michael. “Here, hope you like pumpkin pie… extra whipped cream.”

"Thanks." He grinned. "But I would have preferred to eat that whipped cream off of something else." He touched her arm and leaned a little closer. "Or should I say someone?"

She turned bright red and smiled at him. “I thought we decided already that whipped cream was a bad idea… that’s what the left over frosting from the cinnamon rolls was for.”

"Right." He chuckled, loving that he got her to blush. "But I have the whipped cream right here. How about we take it with us to the backroom?" Michael was sporting a raging hard-on ever since they entered the diner. And watching her walk around in that tight uniform didn't make it any better. He couldn't wait till her shift was over and he could take her home.

“Well…” She glanced around the diner; everyone had their food at her tables. They all seemed happy. “I guess it is just about time for me to take a break…”

"Really?" He looked at her surprised. Damn! He hadn't taken her for a girl to do it in public places, but he wouldn't protest. "Great."

“Yeah… go out the front door and meet me around the back.” Maria smiled slyly at him before taking a step back from the table.

"With, or without the pie?" He dipped his finger into the whipped cream and licked it off seductively.

She shuddered and watched his lips. “Without… I can grab a whole can of it.” She smiled at him and was so temped to lean in and just grab him and kiss him. But she couldn’t. Especially not when she was at work in front of people.

"Nice." Michael chuckled. "So it's a date?" He wanted to grab her and carry her outside, but that wouldn't be such a good idea in front of her boss. Or the other customers. Who knew which of them were regulars and would get the wrong idea about her? He'd had to spend way more time in this diner watching out for her then.

“It is a date.” Maria smiled and winked before she headed for the door to the break room. “I’m going on a break.” She called before disappearing into the room. Luckily no one else was out there. She walked over to the walk in freezer and grabbed a can of whipped cream before quickly hurrying around to the back door of the room and stepping outside to wait for Michael.

Michael waited till she had left and then quickly took a huge bite from his cake, before hurrying outside to meet her at the back. Would somebody take his pie away? It tasted pretty good. He glanced back at the front door of the diner. Eh, Maria could get him a new piece then. As soon as he had rounded the corner and saw her waiting for him, he forgot all about the pie, and all he could think of was how damn sexy she was looking in that uniform. "Hey, baby. So alone out here?"

Maria looked up at him and nodded. “Yeah… I am.” She tilted her head to the side a little. God he looked so sexy in the dim light from the street light at the end of the alley. “Do you… think it’s safe for me to be out here alone?”

He slowly shook his head. "No, it isn't. Someone could along, and you know…" He walked closer to her. "Just grab you like this." He backed her up against the wall, placing his hands under her ass to lift her up in the air. "And then violate you. Hard and fast."

Her arms quickly wrapped around his shoulders, and her legs around his waist. “Really? And just what if that is what I wanted?”

"Then this is your lucky day, because I am one of those bad guys." At least today he was. For her. He wiggled his eyebrows and then captured her lips in a deep and hungry kiss.

She moaned softly into his mouth and kissed him back passionately. Her tongue demanded entry into his mouth and quickly found his tongue and she let hers rub against it. Just his words had her so turned on, but actually having him touching her, and kissing her… she couldn’t even describe it.

Michael stroked up and down her side, before lingering on her thighs, pushing her skirt up higher. "How long… how long is your break?" He asked her in between kisses.

“Thirty Minutes.” Maria moaned. She dipped one of her hands between them and fumbled with his zipper. Just having seen Michael earlier, watching her, made her weak in the knees. She had noticed him watching her within the first hour of her shift, but had pretended she didn’t notice. Knowing that he was watching her and not any of the other girls made her want to claim him as her own. It made her want to throw herself on the table in front of him and beg him to fuck her brains out. And now, he had her pinned to the wall, and was seconds away from doing so.

"Then we would have time to play with the whipped cream." He reached under her skirt and discovered that she wasn't wearing any underwear. fuck! He had tried to find it out before, but failed. Which was probably good considering how much more painfully hard he just got. "In theory." He really didn't want to play anymore and pushed his hips into hers hard, to prove his point.

“Right now… I just want you.” She leaned in to kiss his ear and tugged on it gently with her teeth. “Inside of me. fucking me so hard I won’t be able to walk straight…”

"Oh god, Maria." He finished unzipping his pants and his cock sprang free instantly. Like her, he hadn't bothered with unnecessary clothing. The cold air made him hiss and he longed to feel her heat like nothing else. What was he still waiting for then? "Maria…" He took a hold of his dick and guided it into her with one swift thrust.

Her mouth fell open and she dug her nails into his back and let out a long guttural moan. It felt even better. The coolness of the air around them, and the warmth from his body. Skin on skin. Wait… Maria slowly looked up at his face and opened her mouth. Skin on skin. He wasn’t wearing a condom. Oh god… She didn’t care. She did, but it felt too good having him inside of her with no barriers. But he had seemed against the idea of no condom. “Michael.” She whispered.

He was thrusting slowly at first, watching her face. Something changed and he wasn't sure what it was. "What baby? Am I hurting you?" He placed one of his hands behind her back. Maybe he was pressing her into the wall too hard?

She shook her head and touched his face. “We forgot something.” She whispered reluctantly. But she tightened her legs around him. She didn’t want him to leave her body. It felt so amazing. It would spoil it if he had to pull out of her to find one. Besides… it was already too late. “But I don’t care.” Maria murmured.

They forgot something? "Oh, fuck!" He bit his lip. Aw, dammit! God damn condoms. "I'm sorry." He took a deep breath, trying to calm down, but his hips continued to thrust faintly along with hers. It was just too addictive. "Want me to pull out?" He so hoped she would say no.

Maria shook her head quickly. “No!” She gasped out softly. “Please don’t. I’m on the pill remember?” She pushed her hips against his, drawing him deeper. One of her hands slid up to tangle in his hair before she leaned in and kissed him passionately.

"Y…yeah." He shuddered and closed his eyes. Aw, fuck it. If she trusted him enough for it, he should be happy. And if he caught anything from Isabel, he would kill her. She wasn't stupid though. She had even sent him to a medical examination first, before she let him forget about protection. And they knew each other since High School. "Okay." He nodded. "Good." He nodded again and then made a full thrust, groaning at the intense feeling it created.

Her back arched and she let her head fall back. “Oh god yes.” Maria moaned loudly. It felt so much better. “Oh… Michael… so good.” She never thought it would be so amazing. But she should have known, when sex with a condom was absolutely amazing, without had to be thousands of times better.

"Yes, baby. So good." He moved her a little so he could thrust even deeper and latched onto her throat again. "So fucking good." And even better now that he could really feel her, skin on skin. It was probably not very clever, but right now he really didn't care anymore.

Soft moans poured from her mouth and she held onto him as tightly as she could. Maria tilted her head to the side to allow him more access to her throat. “Oh fuck yes.” She kept her fingers in his hair to keep his mouth on her throat. It was all so intoxicating.

Michael still held her steady with one hand on her back as his thrusts were increasing in force and speed. It had all been too long. Damn shift. And why had they taken the stupid nap before? They should have just spent the whole day fucking like bunnies. He was sure it would still be special after the tenth, no, after the fiftieth time.

Maria could feel the end approaching quickly, and she wanted it. But she wanted it to last. She wanted it to go on, and on for hours and hours. She didn’t want it to ever end. The way he touched her, and held her, and even spoke to her was so intense. It was perfection in her mind.

"God, baby." He scraped his teeth over her neck but then kissed his way back up to her lips, wanting to taste her. Her and her lip gloss. He wanted her lips swollen and pouty, so when they got back, he would look at her and know he was the one responsible for it. He was the one outside fucking her right now, and none of the others would ever even get close to her. He wouldn't let them. He growled into her mouth and slammed into her with all of his force, wanting to make this unforgettable for her.

"Yes!" She cried loudly. Maria held him tightly and clawed onto his back. Her hips bucked against his. The bricks were digging into her back, but it was only making it that much more intense, and memorable. Maria kissed him passionately, her tongue danced with his and she arched her back. "Yes. Yes. Yes. " She murmured as she suddenly was hit by her orgasm.

Michael moaned loudly when her walls clenched down around him and he finally lost all control, slamming into her in a wild frenzy till he reached his own orgasm after a couple more thrusts. "fuck, Maria!" shit, shit, that was too loud, wasn't it? But damn that was just so damn good again. He wanted all the world to know what he was doing, but damn, the customers… didn't matter right now. He took a shuddering breath and kissed her softly.

Maria kissed him softly as she tried to catch her breath. "Oh Michael." She murmured softly and let her eyes slip shut. How she was going to actually go back to work she didn't know. But at that moment, she didn't care.

He stroked over her cheek and kissed her again, letting his lips trail down her neck and then back up again. "That was intense."

"It was. Very." She nodded and kissed him softly.

Smiling, he kissed the tip of her nose and the top of her head. As much of a fantasy it had been to fuck her in a dark alley, right now he missed her bed, so he could snuggle up with her under the blankets. They stopped moving, so the cold air was getting to him again, as it must to her. "We should probably head back to where it's warm."

"Yeah, we should." She rested her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. But she didn't want to. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked down at the fallen can of whipped cream. "We forgot about something else."

Following her gaze, Michael chuckled. "We could still play with it in the backroom." He raised his eyebrow suggestively.

She smiled. "I'll take it home when I get off work."

"That works too." He kissed her again. "But we also still have the frosting." And they should at least start getting decent again. He sighed and then carefully lifted her off his cock, helping her stand again.

Maria groaned quietly and held onto him as her feet finally touched ground. "We do." She murmured. She didn't want to go back in and go back to work. Not when she had Michael.

He smoothed her skirt back down and kissed the top of her head again. "You're cute." And so small. He rubbed over her arms, afraid she was freezing down here because of him.

"You're sweet." She murmured and wrapped her arms around his waist. Maria rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. "I don't want to go back in there." She whispered.

"And I don't want you to." He wrapped his arms around her protectively, placing one on the back of her head. "How much longer was your shift again?"

"I have an hour and a half left when I get back from my break." This was where she really wanted to be. In his arms. She fit so perfectly against his chest.

"Hmm." He closed his eyes, inhaling her scent. He noticed she smelled best right after sex. "We'll manage." Barely. Michael sighed and rubbed his hand over her lower back.

"Yeah." She nuzzled his throat and kissed it softly. "I really should get back…"

"No time for warming up together in the backroom?" He already had some ideas how he could get her heated up again. And some of them even involved the whipped cream.

Maria kissed his skin softly. "We'd get caught. The other girls are walking in and out of there constantly." So tempting though.

"Damn." He pulled her even tighter into his embrace. "So we will take a hot shower together when we're back."

"Yeah. We will." Her arms curled around him tighter and she sighed softly. "Hey Michael?"

"Yeah?" He considered pulling back to look at her, but it was too nice like this.

She chewed on her lip a little before she opened her mouth. "Would you… just… stay?"

"Stay?" He frowned a little. What did she mean? "Out here with you?" Outside and not come back to the diner to possibly embarrass her? Stay with her? But no, he couldn't even hope for that, or else he would be
even more crushed than he was before the holidays.

"No, I mean, with me. Just stay with me. When we go back to my apartment… I don't want you to just leave any time soon. I just want you to stay."

Now he had to pull back to look at her after all. He had to see her face to believe it. Maybe he was so desperate; he was starting to hear voices already. "Really?"

She nodded slowly. Maybe he didn't want to? "Yeah. I want you to stay."

His mouth dropped open and he didn't know what to say. It was all just so overwhelming. "Really?" God, he was such an idiot. "I mean, uh… really?" He started smiling happily. Could she really mean it?

Maria smiled and nodded again. "Really. I really want you to stay with me. Not just for the holidays, not just for a little while. But more like… for as long as we can stand each other."

"But you don't even know me." Why did she want him to stay? What if she decided she got sick of him one day? Would she just throw him out without a warning, like Isabel did? Could he really risk it?

She frowned and sighed inwardly. "I know." Did that mean he didn't want to? "But I really like you." She pulled her hands back from his sides and wrapped them around herself. "But I guess if you're not interested. Don't feel obligated. You can just stay until you find a place of your own, like I already said you could."

"No, that's not it!" Damn, damn, damn! "I just… I don't want to… I can't handle being thrown out again." He bit his lip and looked down at the ground.

Maria reached up and touched his cheek. "I wouldn't do that. I'm not like Isabel."

"I know." He slowly looked up at her again. "I know." She was Maria. Sweet, gentle Maria, who had taken him in on his worst day and had been nothing but kind to him ever since. "I'd… I'd have to pay you rent though."

She shrugged a little. "Yeah… we'll figure it out. But we don't have to worry about that right now."

"I guess." He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer again. They would have to talk about it though. He didn't want to take advantage of her any more than he already was. "Thank you, Maria." He gave her a look, trying to show her his gratitude and then kissed her softly.

Maria smiled against his lips a little and kissed him back softly. "Thank you for staying." She responded before pulling back a little to look up at him. Maria wrapped her arms around him again and smiled. She could ignore work for a while longer in favor of staying out in the cold with Michael. Something tickled her arms and she glanced up and saw the snow starting to fall down around them. "It's snowing." She smiled happily.

"Wow." He looked up and had to clench his eyes together to protect them from the snowflakes. "I can't believe it's snowing." It was all just too perfect. He remembered how much she wanted it to snow, and he
was happy for her.

"I told you it would snow." She smiled and stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him softly.

"I know you did. But still." He smirked and shrugged. The snow was falling harder now and the flakes tangled in her blonde hair. Many strands had fallen loose in their earlier activity. He brushed one behind her ears. "You look like an angel." Michael cupped her cheeks and stroked her with his thumbs. "You know, I think you are one. My Christmas Angel."

Maria looked up at him, her jaw trembled a little. “And I think you’re my Christmas Savior.”

Michael smiled. He didn't know what to say. So many emotions were coursing through him right now; it was hard to put them into words. And maybe it was too soon for it anyways. So he just kissed her softly and then wrapped his arms around her tightly, just holding her close while the snow continued to fall down on them.

The End


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