Title: Lullaby
Author: Vera
Category: M&M, Graduation Tag
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, as much as I wish to own Michael.
Summary: It’s the first night right after Graduation and Michael and Maria are sharing a motel room.
Author’s Note: This was inspired by “Lullaby” by The Dixie Chicks and written as a response to challenge number two over at Roswell: I challenge.


I wake up again when it's dark and quiet outside. Her face is only illuminated by the orange neon sign hanging from the main building right across the street. She looks so peaceful, with her brown hair sprawled out all over the pillow. Perfect. I wish I had a sketch pad right now, so I could draw her up. But I have to do with memorizing this image into my brain. Store it for later, away with so many other images of her. They always keep me going even at the worst of times.

Even when I thought I had finally left her for good. Was it really only yesterday? It feels like a lifetime ago now. How could I ever think I'd be able to walk away? I already couldn't leave the planet, but it had been different this time. While Liz hadn't seen Maria's body, it never convinced me that meant she'd be safe. But she would be when I left. Yeah… Big mistake.

Just to think they might have shot her just because I left. Because I hadn't been there to protect her… I had never survived it. Never!

“Michael?” Her voice brings me out of my reverie. She reaches out and touches my cheek with a smile that just about melts my heart all over again. “You're too far away.” She winks and I have to chuckle.

I can't get words over my lips just yet so I just nod and move closer to her, wrapping my arms around her body and kissing her softly. We are both still clothed and frankly, it was irritating. We had decided that the whole group couldn't sleep in the van, but we also couldn't all sleep at a motel because a large group would arouse suspicion. I had been the first one to call dibs, with Maria a split second behind me. But then I had insisted on taking a shower first, even though she said she didn't mind, and when I came back out she was already deep asleep.

I re-dressed, because we hadn't really talked about it all yet. Were we back together? I didn't want to scare her off by just assuming. But the way she is snuggling into my body right now, pushing her hands up my shirt, it's a good indication, isn't it? I smirk.

“Why didn't you wake me up?” She looks up at me with her big eyes.

I shrug. “It's been a long day.” And she had looked so peaceful. And happy. I hadn't seen this look on her face in months. How could I disturb her? “And I didn't want you to fall asleep on me again.”

”What? I never…” Maria gasps. “Except for that one time, when you made me pass out. But that wasn't falling asleep! That was your fault! Too much pleasure. Pass-out, not sleep.” She points her finger at me to accentuate her point and I chuckle again.

“So I guess you didn't mind that I went on without you then, did you?” I grin.

“You what?” She slaps my chest hard and I break into a full laugh.

“Kidding, kidding!” I hold up my hands, still laughing.

“You better be.” She raises her eyebrow. “Pervert.”

”Hey! You're the one to pass out on me from too much pleasure.”

“Yes. And that makes you the pervert.” She points her finger again. “A very skilled pervert, but still.”

“I didn't hear any complaints.” I raise my eyebrow and catch her finger, bringing it up to my lips and kissing it.

“I never did.” She smiles. “And I never will.”

”But if I'm the pervert and you're loving it, then what does that make you?” I look away and pretend to think.

“Careful now…” She warns me. “Or you can go wear yourself out in the bathroom while I catch up on some more sleep.”

“Oh please.” I quickly roll on top of her, pinning her arms above her head. She squeals in delight, although I bet she wanted to fake protest instead. “Halfway through, you'd come in and beg me for it.”

“Would not.” She pouts but then gasps when I nudge her legs apart with my knees and soon find just the right spot to make her feel how damn much I want her right now.

“No?” I thrust forward suggestively and her loud moan is answer enough. However she wouldn't be Maria if she didn't try and deny it.

“W..would n..n..not!” She bites her lip and closes her eyes, then opens them again and stares at me. “I would not.” Her voice is steady but her dilated pupils tell me all. “Perv.” She is daring me now and we both know it.

I grin. “Yeah, but isn't that why you love me?” I don't mean anything by it at first. I mean, it was the usual. We've done this many times before. But the second it leaves my lips, it gains a new meaning and we are both looking at each other now, both anxious, unsure, tentative.

Until she smiles at me. “It is.” She wiggles her hand free and strokes over my cheek before she gently touches the back of my head and pulls me down for a soft kiss. “It is.” She re-assures me. “I love you, Michael.”

I smile back. “I…” My voice is caught in my throat suddenly and I feel tears rising up. I force them back down quickly. When did I start to be so weak around her? She had truly broken through my stonewall and once there, she just refused to let me built it up again. Even when I thought I'd made it, she just brought it crumbling back down, just as she did right now. “I love you, too.” I kiss her again, deepening it, ready to put this past us now and finally get on with this. Because god damn, I am so hard it aches. Maybe that explains the tears. Yeah… that has to be it.

But she won't let me. She breaks the kiss and pulls back again. “Michael?” She asks me and cocks her head. What now? I frown.


“I never stopped.” I know what she means, and right now it breaks my heart. Because it means so much to me. So much! The tears rise up to the surface again and much to my utter embarrassment I feel a few dripping down my cheeks.

“Maria…” I don't want this. Not now, not ever. I don't like feeling like this. Overwhelmed. Vulnerable. She was holding my heart in her hands and could crush it right now. Just one simple gesture, a laugh, a flicker through her face, anything to show me that she doesn't mean it.

But nothing of that. Instead she tears up as well. “I'm so sorry, Michael. For what I said… what I did. I… I didn't mean to…” She stops, frowns. I understand. If anyone would understand, it had to be me. How many times had I pushed her out before? Tried to anyways. And it wasn't just to protect her, I see that now. I was protecting myself even more. Because I couldn't stand losing her. Push away before it hurts too much. Push away before you get pushed. Push away before you can't be alone anymore, because you know that's what you're destined to be. And just the prospect of a better life was deadly. Because how can you go on being on your own when you know what it feels like to be complete?

“Shhh.” I shake my head and place my finger on her lips. “Ditto,” I say, then wink. We both have to chuckle and I know she understands as well.

We kiss again. It's sweet, lingering. I move and moan against her lips. Why are we still wearing those damn clothes? I pull away and make a face. She laughs, then reaches up to brush away a few stray tears of mine I hadn't even noticed anymore.

She says nothing. No more words are needed. Just looks. Looks that drive me crazy with need. “Lose the shirt already.” She breaks the silence anyways, because she is Maria. I smirk. Nice to know nothing has changed, really. I obey and roll onto my side so I wouldn't crush her while getting rid of the offending garment. When I turn to rid her of hers, I find that she has already done so on her own.

I shake my head. “Eager?”

She shrugs. “And you are not?” Her eyebrow raises in amusement.

I smirk but shrug as well. “But I like undressing you.”

“So you say, but here I am still wearing my bra.” She shakes her head offended.

My smirk deepens and I reach out with two fingers, quickly unsnapping the front clasp of her bra. She gasps, not expecting me to be so fast. Oh yes, she had gotten me quite good the first time she wore one of these little teasers. But I am a quick learner. Always have been. I'd say it's because of my alien heritage, but when I look at my fellow hybrids… Let's just leave it at ‘I am a quick learner'.

Maria distracts me from my thoughts when she makes quick work of my trouser button and then slowly lowers the zipper. Too slowly. Way too slowly. But I can see it in the way she looks at me. This is a test. She wants me to protest so she can go rip off her own clothes. I hold her gaze and say nothing. But I have to bite my lip when she is done and takes out my cock, slowly trailing one of her delicate fingers over it, then letting go and leaning back. I hiss. Minx.

She points down at her own pants and I shake my head. I lean over and hook my fingers into the waistband, tempted to go at this just as slowly, but my erection brushes against her leg, making me groan and reminding me how painfully hard I am by now. “Fuck this.” I give her a quick kiss and then jump off the bed.

“Michael?” For a second I can see the doubt on her face but I quickly make it vanish when I take a hold of her pants and tug them over her legs before unceremoniously throwing them behind me. She smirks at me and licks her lips when I push mine down the rest of the way and step out of them. I allow me a quick second to ponder my options as I let my eyes drink in her form. Her pouty lips, gracious neck, perky breasts, her flat tummy… she always has to laugh when I tongue her bellybutton. I smile and let my eyes wander lower. By now many more seconds must have passed because she wiggles her toes impatiently. “You coming or do I have to get up and push you over to have you on the floor?”

I laugh. “You really missed me, didn't you?” I scratch my eyebrow, still contemplating when a pillow hits my head. “Hey!” I protest but then join her on the bed. She smiles and I wrap my arms around her, kissing her hungrily. She doesn't notice my hands before it's too late and I've ripped her panties.

“Aw, dammit, Michael!” She slaps my head, but it's playful. “I didn't exactly pack many of those.”

“So? I didn't pack any.”

Maria rolls her eyes when I grin at her. “It's not like I can just go home and…”

She stops and I realize we're heading towards a very unpleasant topic here. One we're both not prepared to discuss yet. Leaving was one thing, but to come to terms with what it entails other than being with me and her friends… leaving Amy, possibly for good… I quickly kiss her to distract her. “As far as I'm concerned you don't need them anyways. Always in the way.” I whisper it against her ear in between nuzzling her neck. She moans in response and I know I saved the mood.

Part of me feels like a horny ass, but if she wanted to talk, I'd stop. But a big part of me is a horny ass right now and in no time I am on top of her, in between her legs, my dick in my hand and entering her. Holy hell, it has been so long! Way, way, way too long. I hold my breath and watch her face, wanting to see the bliss come over it. But it has been long and she bites her lip and I know she is in pain.

“Fuck!” I curse myself twice over for having made the wrong choice. I was too fast, didn't prepare her, didn't pay attention, didn't care, didn't… I fell horrible and start to pull out, but her legs have clamped around my ass and I can't. I frown when she shakes her head. “Maria, please!”

”No… no, Michael.” A single tear escapes her eye and I quickly wipe it away. “Please don't. Stay.” She cups my cheek and tightens her legs. “It's getting better already.” She gives me a smile and I cock my head, not too happy with this.

Eventually I give up and rest my head on the pillow next to her. I sigh. “This is not how I planned it.”

Maria chuckles and I feel a bit better. “I have to ditto again, Spaceboy.” I raise my head and look at her. “But we still have all night to get reacquainted. And it's going to be a lot of fun. And it's going to start right now.” She loosens her legs and I raise my eyebrow.

“You… reacquainted now?” I don't want to hurt her.

“I'm good.” She smiles. “Just… and I can't believe I'm saying this… just go slow.”

I smirk. “Okay, Blondie. Whatever you say. Slow night for you. I'm gonna remember this when I get reacquainted with you some more later.” I wink and have to laugh when her face falls and she pouts, realizing she has just given me the perfect opportunity to tease.

“Fine. But remember there's a lot more reacquainting for me to do as well.” She raises her chin, daring me. I swallow because I know by experience she has the better stamina at this game. And now it's her turn to wink and laugh. Then she grabs my head and pulls me close for a soft kiss. “Michael?”

”Mmmm?” I give her another quick kiss before she has the chance to tell me what's on her mind.

“Can we just start already?” She wiggles a little and I can't help but laugh again.

”Damn, we really have a lot of reacquainting to do.” I shake my head, happy and relieved. A stone I hadn't realized was there falls off my chest and I seek out her lips again, kissing her while I slowly pull back before thrusting forward again, slow this time, enjoying each second and giving her more time to adjust. She moans against my lips and I know she's good.

Our kiss deepens and with each new thrust I go deeper and deeper and our moans grow louder and louder. She breaks the kiss to gasp for air and moan my name. I shiver. She shivers. I look into her eyes and cup her cheek, kissing her again, slower, playing with her tongue, distracting her while I speed up my thrusts. Her legs tighten around me again and I am able to go even deeper. The kiss breaks, we both groan and gasp. She takes my hand and brings it to her lips, kissing it before she leads it down, meaning she is close. I take the hint and carefully start rubbing her clit in circles. Clockwise, just how she likes it.

She throws her head back in bliss and my breast swells with pride. I am getting close myself so I slow down again, instead applying more pressure on my index finger. She bites her lip again, but in the good, the best way. “Michael!” She screams out my name as she falls apart for the first of many times tonight. This I missed the most.

I bite my lip as well when she keeps clenching around me and I can't hold back anymore, fucking her hard and fast now. But it's good. I know it is. She is. More than. Her fingernails are on my back, leaving marks. “Fuck.” I close my eyes, throw my head back, keep rubbing her clit, target her g-spot with more accuracy, hopefully. She screams and I know I'm good. I'm the best. I can make her scream in pleasure. And it all intensifies and I think I am screaming too, but I'm not too sure. The blood is rushing in my ears and this time we come together. I open my eyes just in time to watch her and I meet her gaze and hold it for the longest time. And then there is nothing else. No sound, no distractions, no body, nothing except her. Us. I feel free. I feel loved. I feel happy. It's sheer heavenly bliss.

Then reality comes crashing back down and I feel my body again, my arms threatening to give out on me, my legs, suddenly weak. I roll us over and close my eyes, taking a deep breath. Maria sighs happily and snuggles into my chest. I wrap my arms around her instinctively.

She kisses my chest and then scratches her nails over it. “Ready for round two?”

I open my eyes and stare at her. What? I was part alien, but I was still human.

She chuckles. “Relax, baby.” She looks up at me and then moves up to kiss me. I slip out of her and we both sigh. “Oh.”

I thread my fingers through her hair. “Five minutes.” She nods and kisses me again. Maybe four. She's hot and sweaty. Her soft body feels so good against mine. Okay, three minutes. Tops.

“There's just one flaw to this,” she says and I frown. What now? “We can't have this every night.”

My frown deepens. “Why not?”

Maria chuckles. “You really think they're gonna let us sleep in the motel every night?”

I groan. She's right. “Fuck.” We both sigh. “It's not too late to split up.”


“Not us. I meant for us to split from the group.”

”Yeah, I know exactly what you meant, you horndog.” She shakes her head accusingly but I can see the smile she tries to hide. “We'll find a way.”

I growl. We haven't really planned this all too well, did we?

“How do you feel about public display of affection?” She asks me with a smirk.

I smirk back. “It's sounding pretty good to me right now.” My smirk turns into a grin. “If anything, it might get us a motel room more often.” Because the others wouldn't want to watch. But we won't care. Oh yeah, this sounds like a really good plan.

“Uuuh, someone is awake!” Maria squeals and I stare at her until she starts pumping me and I get it. I groan.

“Five minutes up?”

”Oh, who cares.” She sticks her tongue out at me and I snatch her down for a hard kiss. Our tongues battle while she makes me hard as rock again. She was right. Who cares? It was time to get reacquainted and reacquainted until the very last minute we are allowed to spend in here. And then some. Because who cares if we stay an hour longer? Or two.

I grin and push her over, kissing her lips before I trail down, kissing her chin, lingering on her throat, so perfectly white, ready to be marked. I linger some more before I move lower, taking my time to lick and suckle her breasts, all the time relishing in her moans and her hands in my hair. I can't wait to taste her again. And again. I growl in pleasure. Oh yeah, this was going to turn into a long and blissful night of finally and ultimately getting reacquainted.

They didn't have you where I come from
Never knew the best was yet to come
Life began when I saw your face
And I hear your laugh like a serenade

How long do you want to be loved
Is forever enough, is forever enough
How long do you want to be loved
Is forever enough
Cause I'm never, never giving you up

The End


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