Author: Vera & Zia
Category: M&M, AU
Rating: adult
Disclaimer: If it was ours… well we wouldn’t be writing fics.
Summary: Two criminals, cuffed together, making an escape. Now what happens if those criminals are Michael and Maria?

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Chapter One

Maria stood in the middle of the large room. She had her head bowed, staring down at the floor, and kicking at the floor with the toe of her white canvas shoe. Handcuffs bound her wrists behind her back, too tight for her comfort. She didn’t want to be wearing them at all, but she didn’t really have a choice.

A police officer she had come to know as ‘Bubba’, not his real name, but she didn’t really care, stood beside her, his hand wrapped around her arm. He had barely left her side the entire day. She was getting really sick of him by now. “Come along Ms. DeLuca.” She rolled her eyes and followed him through the room.

Michael scoffed when he was led away from the bench. "This is so unfair! I didn't do anything! And now I get nine months for this shit?"

"Mr. Guerin, please calm down. I can always raise your sentence for showing disrespect to the court." The judge gave him a stern look and the officer by his side grabbed him with a little more force, trying to drag him out of the room.

"But…" Michael stopped when the judge raised his hammer, ready to stay true to his words. "Alright, alright." Michael held up his hands in defeat as much as it was possible, since they were cuffed and the creep next to him was still gripping his arm. "And you stop dragging me. I can walk all fine by myself." He gave the officer a mean glare but he just looked at him indifferently. "What?"

Did nobody want to pick a fight around here? Michael sighed and looked up, just in time to see a hot blonde being led into the room. "Hey blondie!" He whistled. "Think I can get to share my cell with her? Then I wouldn't mind a few months more." Wiggling his eyebrows, he turned back to the judge.

Maria lifted her head up and then narrowed her eyes at the guy giving her cat-calls. “Don’t hold your breath freak.” She snapped at him. “Like I’d come anywhere near you with that hair?” She rolled her eyes again as the officer led her over to the chair and forced her to sit down for a moment. “Stop pushing.” Maria hissed, tempted to kick him or something. But figured that would only get her into more trouble.

"What? What's wrong with the hair?" Michael pouted and looked upwards to check if there was something obviously wrong. But no, she was just a mean bitch. "Chicks dig it!" She just didn't want to admit it.

She glanced over her shoulder at him. “Right. I’ll believe it when I see it. Hope you enjoy becoming some guys bitch where you’re going.” ‘Bubba’ gave me a disapproving look and I frowned. “What? He is! I mean look at that hair! He’s a pretty boy!”

He gulped and was just about to reply when they finally succeeded in pushing him out of the room. Dammit. She was lying, wasn't she? Prison… He couldn't go there. He couldn't… become someone's bitch. But no, he was too hard and mean for that. Michael pushed out his chin. Yes, he was.

Finally he was out of the room and Maria looked at the judge and swallowed hard. “Ms. DeLuca, how do you plead?”

Her jaw trembled. “Guilty… your Honor.” He nodded slightly.

“Bail is revoked pending the trial.” ‘Bubba’ gripped Maria’s arm again and pulled out her of the seat and down the path between the two sets of chairs on either side of the room and out the door. She swallowed hard again and frowned when she spotted the pretty boy again.

"What do you mean I have to share a car?" Michael frowned. The guy who drove him here was decent at least, so it would have been nice to have someone to talk to before he was locked away. But now they told him his car broke down? He looked over his shoulder and spotted blondie again. "Hey sweetheart. Did the judge grant my wish and you're gonna have to share a cell with me at least once a week?"

“Go to hell!” Maria snapped. It was all too much. She was afraid of going to jail for the rest of her life, and having to deal with this jerk… she just didn’t know what to do. “I’d rather spend the rest of my life in solitary than spend even one day with you.”

"Aw shucks, then I guess you're somebody who's gonna enjoy becoming some Big Bertha's bitch in jail, aren't you?" He winked. Lesbian, of course. He should have known. Such a pity with that bod'. But why wasn't she led away from him?

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Maria looked over at ‘Bubba’ and huffed. “Can we just go already?”

“You have to wait a minute. He’s coming with us.” Her jaw dropped.

“What?! NO! You can’t be serious! I’m not getting a car with him!” He spun Maria around, and uncuffed one of her hands then reached for Michael’s arm and attached the cuff before unhooking the other hand cuffs that he wore. “No! This is like a joke or something.” Maria pulled on the handcuffs.

Michael gaped first at their cuffed hands and then at her. "What? Hey wait! You can't cuff me to this bitch. I mean, she's a criminal! You can't cuff me to a criminal." Five minutes ago he wouldn't have complained, but she was obviously not a person you could have fun with.

“You moron. You’re a criminal too in case you didn’t notice.” Maria rolled her eyes. “And it isn’t exactly like I’m thrilled about this.”

"No, I'm not. I'm a victim to the system. I didn't do anything, just steal from the rich. A few years ago I'd have been like Robin Hood." He passed a hand over his hair, making sure it still fell down the way it was supposed to.

“Oh whatever.” She yanked on the cuff; he was too close for comfort. There was no way her day could get any worse. “Can we please just get out of here?” Maria whined.

“Let’s go.” Bubba grabbed her arm, while the other cop grabbed Michael’s and led them out the door and to the patrol car.

"I said I can walk alone." He glared at the creep again, but to no avail. Alright, now how was this supposed to work once he really was in prison? Prison! They never really sentenced him before, always let him go. How was he supposed to know this judge now wouldn't fall for his charms?

Michael was pushed into the car and blondie naturally followed soon after. "And why the hell are we cuffed together anyways?"

“Don’t ask me.” Maria snapped and shoved his arm. “Get on your own side of the car! Stop touching me.” She pushed his leg away from hers. It wasn’t like he could honestly control it. They were cuffed together and just gotten in the car, but she didn’t care. She didn’t want to be handcuffed to him. And she didn’t want him to be anywhere near her. He was infuriating.

"Why? You afraid I'm gonna convert you?" Michael raised an eyebrow and smirked at her, not moving an inch.

She gave him a dirty look. “No, I’m afraid I might catch some horrible disease from you!” The two cops got into the front seats and started the car.

“Would you two shut up.” One of them barked, and Maria whined and did her best to kick the jerk she was attached to in the leg.

The car was already driving but Michael didn't care. "Hey!" He wiggled away from her. "See? She's violent! You have to uncuff me so I can protect myself!" Turning back to blondie, he glared. "What were you arrested for anyways? Manslaughter?"

“As a matter of fact.” She told him with a serious look on her face. “You want the gory details too?” Maria raised an eyebrow at him before trying to kick him again. “And like they’d really care if you couldn’t protect yourself? It would be a grace upon earth if you were rid from it!”

"You hear that? You hear that?" Michael moved all the way back in his seat. "You're placing me here with a killer. This can't be right." He touched the front seat. "Hey buddy, come on. Help me. Uncuff me from this crazy bitch. You don't want a murder on your hands, do you?"

“Bitch?” Maria’s eyes narrowed. “Bitch!? You called me a bitch!?” She shrieked and hit him as hard as she could with her other hand, that wasn’t cuffed to his. “I am not a bitch! You … you asshole!” She was livid. He had the nerve to call her a bitch?

“I told you two to knock it off.” A voice came from the front seat, but Maria paid no attention to it.

"Yes bitch! Crazy bitch!" Michael protected himself with his free hand and tried to struggle with the other as best as he could. Suddenly the car swerved and Michael just had time enough to look down and protect his head with his arm, when they were rolling and it all blanked out in front of him.

Maria was about to start hitting him again when she saw him duck. The car had swerved and she let out a scream as she tried to protect herself, but found it nearly impossibly to do while handcuffed to the jerk from hell. Her head hit the metal barrier between the back seat, and the front seat. Vaguely she felt wetness against her forehead before she blacked out.

Michael groaned and rubbed his forehead. "Aw man. Where did you learn how to drive? In the crash test school for dummies?" He sat back up and looked to the front seats, shocked to find the two cops bleeding and unconscious. What the hell? He turned and inspected the car. The front window was almost completely broken and the doors were all dented. And open?

"Hey, blondie…" Michael nudged her and then jumped back a little when she just lifelessly fell against him. "shit!" He nudged her with his knee. "Blondie?" Then he could see her bleeding from a cut on her forehead. "Aw, dammit! Blondie, come on, wake up!" Now he was shaking her. She wouldn't die on him, would she? "Blondie?"


Chapter Two

Slowly Maria started to come to. Although not very pleasantly. She tried to smack away whoever was shaking her and sit up. Her head ached, as did the rest of her body. “Wha…” She glanced around and blinked a few times. Slowly her eyes shifted back to look in front of her at the jerk who was responsible for shaking her. “You probably gave me a concussion from shaking me so hard.” She muttered.

Michael shrugged. "You probably gave me whatever when you made the car swerve." He was glad to see her awake though. Now he wouldn't have to drag a dead body behind him when he left this car.

“I did not make the car swerve! It was the genius in the front seat that can’t drive!” Then Maria realized the doors were open. And the cops were both unconscious. “What the hell are we still doing in this car?”

“Waiting for you to wake up?" Michael snorted. "But now we should really get out, before it catches fire and explodes." He pushed his door fully open with his feet.

Maria nodded quickly then glanced at the cops. “But… but we can’t just leave them in here… what if it actually does explode…”

Michael frowned. "Yeah…" Dammit, she was right. "I don't think it will explode." But he couldn't be sure, could he?

“But what if it does. What if they don’t wake up and they die in here!” She wanted nothing more than to run far, far away from the car, but she couldn’t just leave them there to die.

"Alright, we drag them out. But if they wake up, it's gonna be all your fault. Just like this crash." He glared at her again and then got out of the car, forcibly dragging her along once again.

Maria shot a glare back at him and then yelped when suddenly he was yanking her out of the car. Stupid handcuffs, she grumbled mentally. “It is not my fault. But I do not want to have two dead cops on my conscience!” She snapped and then glanced at the cops. “Just drag them out?”

"Yeah, one dead person is enough, eh? Or did you already kill more people? Huh? How many bodies on your list?" He carefully opened the door on the passenger side, praying the cops would be more out of it than she had been.

Maria glanced at him and shook her head. “None of your business jerk.” Then she looked inside of the car, at the cop that was sitting unconscious before them. She was terrified to touch him that he would wake up. One, two, three, she mentally counted before grabbing his arm and tugging on it. “I could use a little help here.” She growled.

Michael made a face but helped her dragging the first cop out of the car. It wouldn't do him any good if he let her try alone, fail, but succeed in waking him up by dropping him on the ground. "Damn, I really hope this damn car does explode so we'll at least know this was worth the risk."

“Just shut up.” Maria hissed as they dragged the limp man’s body from the car. Once he was a little ways from the car Maria headed back towards it to get the other cop out. She gave the cuffs a hard tug, and bit her tongue to not whimper. She was trying to inflict pain on the asshole and was hurting herself in the process. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

"Hey!" Michael tugged right back. "That hurts." Bitch. He couldn't wait to get into town so he could get rid of those damn cuffs. They couldn't be very far away, could they? He took a moment to look around, realizing he had no idea where the hell they were. It was in the middle of nowhere and all he could see was trees and mud. Just fucking great. He sighed but then focused back on getting the second cop out of the car.

“Good.” She muttered as they started to pull the other cop out of the car. She glanced around. She had no idea where they were, but it wasn’t like they could hitchhike, someone would find them. “What the hell are we supposed to do now? Leave I know, but where to? It isn’t like we can just walk into town and ask them if they lend us a hand.”

"Why not?" Michael frowned at her. "Not everybody is a mindless minion of the state. I know a few people who'd free us of those cuffs and after that I couldn't care less where you go." The cop was now lying in the grass on the other side of the car. Both still unconscious. Maybe they were dead? But no, he had felt a pulse when he touched his arm.

“Fine! Whatever! Then let’s just go.” Maria snapped at him. “Lead the way Mr. Almighty I know everything.” She hissed at him.

Michael scoffed and walked back up to the street, figuring this would be a nice way to start. "I didn't say I knew which way leads back to town." Maybe she knew but would let him walk just in the opposite direction only to prove a point.

“Oh that’s just great. fucking fantastic!” He started walking up towards the road, but she shook her head. That would only get them arrested again, faster. She yanked on the handcuffs in the other direction. “You’re going to get us caught.”

Maria glanced across the road and at the woods on the other side, dense with trees. Then she glanced at the woods behind them, the trees were sparser. “Whatever.” She muttered.

Michael pointed towards where they came from. “’Cause I’m sure those woods there will be the first place they’ll search for us.” For no apparent reason, and if they even would search. Not like they were big time criminals. At least he wasn’t, but blondie here he wasn’t so sure. “Alright, let’s run before they wake up after all.” He yanked on the cuffs again and then started to make it up towards the street.

“Ow!” Maria yelped. “Don’t be such a jerk! I can walk you know.” She hissed at him and shoved his arm before she hurried to catch up, so he wouldn’t jerk her arm out of the socket or something.

"Then hurry before a car passes and sees us after all." Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. How could all of this happen? Now he was on the run, handcuffed to this crazy girl. Wasn't it just yesterday that he finally had the money to buy a new stool for his shabby apartment? And now he was going to hide out in the fucking woods.

Maria frowned at him. The big jerk. She hurried with him across the road and into the woods. She knew they’d only get lost in there. But what other choice did they have?

Michael gulped as soon as they'd actually passed the first trees. It was rather dark in here. And creepy. He shot a glance at blondie. "Hey, you know I'm too heavy to carry behind, right?" In here nobody would hear him scream…

She looked at him. What the hell was he talking about? Oh… that. “Then don’t piss me off.” She said emotionless. “Besides… I’m sure I could find something to use to detach you from me.”

"What? You think some lumberjack left his axe lying around in here? Dream on blondie, those are no enchanted fairytale woods." They were just dark. How was he supposed to find the way back to town in here? Michael passed a hand through his hair.

“Who said I’d use an axe?” Maria raised an eyebrow. She glanced around, it was dark, and it was kind of scary. She was actually thankful for the dic.khead she was attached to, she wasn’t sure if she could have run through there on her own.

"What else do you want to do? Bite my arm off?" Maybe he shouldn't give her any ideas. But when they talked it at least broke the creepy silence. Weren't there supposed to be hundreds of loud animals in here?

“You never know.” She snapped at him. She was tempted to chew her own arm off though. Maria wasn’t sure how much of it she could handle.

Michael shuddered and almost stumbled over a large stick. "So, blondie… You ever been to the woods before? Camping with your dad or boyfriend?"

Maria frowned and shook her head. “No.” She really didn’t want to talk about this with him. “Camping wasn’t my sort of thing.” She pushed some of her hair back from her face and glanced around again.

He nodded. "Yeah…" Dammit. He had hoped that maybe at least she knew what to do in here to find food or make a fire or something. But maybe they'd be out of here in just a few more hours. "So, which way to go? Left or right?"

Slowly she looked both ways. Then turned and started walking right, yanking on the cuffs. He’d been in charge too much for her tastes. “We’re going this way.”

Michael contemplated to go the other way just in spite of her but no. This way she was to blame again when they got lost. "Alright." And by now he had lost all sense of direction anyways. Not like he would admit this to her though.

At least he didn’t argue it, she thought. Even though she had no idea where they were going. What if they just died out there? Fell into a ditch and died.

And there was the silence again. "Aren't there supposed to be more animals? Like at least an owl and a few rabbits?"

Maria shrugged a little. “I don’t know. Never been camping remember?”

"Me neither." Michael shrugged too. "I just thought, is all." He broke off a small stick and played with it, making it whoosh through the air like a sword.

Maria raised an eyebrow. He was like a seven year old. “I don’t think we’re going to get out of here before nightfall… so what are we supposed to do? I mean attempt to build a shelter? Or just hope that we get out of here and find a town?”

"Huh?" Michael threw his stick aside. "I dunno…" Build a shelter? With what? Sticks and stones? And leaves? "I thought we're just gonna keep walking till we reach town."

“Well ya know eventually we’re going to get tired of walking. I don’t know how long we’ll be walking…” She scowled and kicked at the dirt.

"Why? You lead the wrong way?" Michael raised an eyebrow and then broke off another stick, so at least he'd have something to do.

“Well I don’t know! I have no idea where we are or how to get to any place around here!” Maria stopped walking and stomped her foot angrily. She jerked on the handcuffs, wanting to burst into tears and cry over the whole situation.

"Hey!" Michael jerked back. Crazy bitch. That really started to hurt by now. "And you said this way."

“Ow! Knock it off!” Maria yelled at him and shoved his chest. “But I didn’t know! I have no idea where the hell we are!”

"Oh isn't this just fucking great? Just know that if we end up dying in here, it's gonna be your fault." He rubbed his chest. She was much stronger than she looked.

“Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!” Maria screamed at him. Of all the people to be handcuffed to, why him? She pushed his chest again.

"Ow, fuck!" Michael stumbled backwards and fell over a large something lying on the ground. He tried to balance himself, but it just wouldn't work with only one arm to do it, so fell flat on his back.

Maria let out a shriek as he fell, which pulled on the cuffs, and hurt her wrist and that inevitably caused her to stumble right after him. She landed on top of him with a loud “Ooff.” Practically knocking the breath out of her.

Michael had a hard time keeping his eyes open, because of the stabbing pain in his back. He must have fallen on something even pointier than what initially made him stumble. Where were the soft rabbits and the green grass when you needed them?

He finally managed to keep his eyes open and focused and stared directly into hers. Taken aback he now couldn't close them anymore. He never knew she had such deep green eyes. And her small body felt really good on top of him too. He groaned.

Maria took a moment to catch her breath, breathing slowly before she saw him look up at her. She glanced up and caught his eye, she didn’t move, barely breathed, just stared into his eyes. Then he groaned, and reality came crashing back down and she quickly struggled to get off of him, but only managed to hurt her wrist more when she tried to move her arm too far, and collapsed back on top of him part way.

But she didn’t want to roll off of him and onto the dirt. Who knew how many bugs there were crawling all over the place. She let out a quiet whimper, positive that spiders where already starting to crawl on them.

Michael smirked at her. He knew she'd have a thing for him. All women did. And her whimper just proved him right. "Hmm, blondie, I can understand that you can't resist me, but there would have been easier ways to get us into this position."

“Okay, you can deflate that ego of yours.” Maria growled. “You made me hurt my wrist asshole.” She struggled again, using her hands on his chest to push herself up. She brought her legs up quickly, wanting them out of the dirt, and smacked against his groin. Maria had a passing thought, really hoping that she hurt him, before she managed to get part way up to her feet. “Get up!” She shuddered a little. She could feel the bugs.

"Bitch." Michael mumbled frustrated. "You made me fall so the least you can do is help me up." He held out his hand for her. His body ached everywhere. Not just his back, no, now she also had to kick his groin and just straight into his throbbing erection that she was responsible for too. "You're really just here to punish me, aren't you?"

She glared at him. “I can barely get up myself because you made me fall, and you want my help?! You’re the big strong man, do it yourself.”

"Fine, then I'll just stay here for a while longer." The cold was creeping into him and the stones were still poking into his flesh, but really, things couldn't get any worse than this.

“No!” She cried. Then she felt something tickling her arm. She glanced down and saw a spider and shrieked. She batted it off her arm, still screaming as she stumbled again, tripping over him, and landing on her ass with her legs draped over his stomach.

"Ouch! Not enough that you pushed me down and then kicked me, now you're attacking me again?" Not that he really minded though. This was a nice way to have her.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Maria wanted to lay back and start kicking and screaming and throwing a tantrum like a two year old. Her wrist was really starting to hurt, and there were too many bugs, and he was being mean to her. Why did he have to be so mean?

Michael laughed and sat up a little. "Aw, come on blondie. Lighten up a bit. After all I'm the one who always ends up getting hurt."

Why was he laughing? She wasn’t completely sure. She looked at him with a frown on her face. “I hurt my wrist…” And you fell on him twice, she mentally kicked herself. “Sorry.” She muttered. “Been a long day…” Her head was still hurting from after hitting it on the metal in the stupid car. “And I don’t like bugs.” An ant crawled onto her hand and she jerked it quickly, luckily it wasn’t the one attached to anyone.

"Bugs?" Michael frowned and then looked around. "Aw, fuck!" He hadn't noticed them over all of this. "I'd jump up but my back seriously hurts. I guess it would only make us fall down yet again." He shrugged and bit his lip. She wasn't so bad when she tried to be nice. And she even apologized.

“I’ll help you, if you help me?” She suggested. It seemed like she couldn’t get up on her own, and he wouldn’t get up if she was a bitch. “I can look at your back too… I know some first aid…” She bit her lip, but they were in the middle of nowhere, and she didn’t have anything to use if he was actually hurt.

"You would?" Michael frowned slightly. Was she meaning it? "I think I've just strained something, nothing really bad. It just hurts." He sat up more and also bent his knees to get the feeling back in his legs. This way she was shifted even more into his lap though and his coughed to hide another groan.

Maria nodded. “Yeah. I mean we’re attached, if you’re not going anywhere, then neither am I. So I can take a look and see if I could do anything…” She bit her lip and shifted slightly. He probably didn’t appreciate her weight on him. She swung her legs out of his lap quickly and tucked some hair behind her ear. It was too bad she didn’t like him; he had been sort of comfortable.

Michael pouted when she moved out of his lap, but alright. They had to get up and keep moving, or else they'd never reach town. "Okay, you get up first, and then I will."

She nodded and carefully pushed herself up, this time doing her best not to pull on the handcuffs too much. Once she was standing flat on her feet she held her hand out towards him. It would just make things easier. Once they were both standing she could freak out about the bugs she could feel crawling on her.

"Thanks." He took her hand and pushed himself up with the other and slowly managed to stand up, although with his back still bent. As soon as he was sure he wouldn't fall down again, he carefully tried to stand up straight again. "Aw, fuck."

“Come here, sit down.” She saw a tree stump and directed him to sit on it. If there wasn’t a gash or anything she could at least just try to massage it and loosen up the muscles or something.

Michael cocked his head. Could he trust her? But sitting down again sounded very good, so he sighed and followed her request. "It's already better." It wasn't, but he didn't want to seem like a whiny wimp either.

“Well I just want to look and make sure.” Maria moved to stand behind him, pulling his left arm around in front of him, and used her left hand to push up his shirt. She examined his back, and saw nothing but a few little scratches. What a baby. But she did fall on top of him, so she was sure that it hadn’t felt that good. She smoothed her fingers over his back, and over the scratches. “Doesn’t look like anything deadly.”

"How do you know? Have a medical degree all of a sudden?" Her fingers felt good. Way too good. He was tempted to close his eyes and lean in to her, but he couldn't. Not with her. She was just such a pain in the ass. And he was only feeling so attracted to her because she was the only woman around.

She frowned at the back of his head. She stepped back and walked back around him. “I don’t know. I just said that it didn’t look that bad. You’re just being a big baby.” She was trying to be nice, and he was being a jerk.

"Well, you try falling down on your back with someone as heavy as yourself on top of you." Michael glared at her. A big baby? The ground was hard and full of stones. So what if there wasn't a bleeding cut visible? Didn't mean he couldn't have a few broken bones.

Her mouth fell open, and she glared back at him. “asshole!” Maria kicked him in the shin and huffed. “Screw you. Forget it! I won’t try to be nice to you anymore. You’re just a big mean jerk.”

"Ow, dammit! Mean bitch!" Michael rubbed his shin and made sure to jerk on the cuffs again, no matter how much it hurt him as well by now. But at least it would hurt her too. Why did he have to end up cuffed to this violent lunatic? Why not some nice hooker?

“Stop calling me a bitch!” She jerked the cuffs in response. It was really starting to hurt when they pulled on the cuffs. She was sure her wrist was red, if not cut from the metal binds.

"Then stop being one." Not to be outdone, Michael just jerked his arm once more.

Maria cried out when her jerked on the cuffs again. “Ass.” She pouted and looked down at the ground. She looked down at her wrist and saw the thin red cut from the cuffs. Damnit. She was tempted to start kicking him again, but figured it would only make her hurt herself.

Michael sighed and passed his good hand through his hair. "Alright, I think we should call it a truce and stop." Since he had won anyways and she stopped jerking first.

“Yeah, well I thought we already had. I tried to be nice, and you were a jerk.” She snapped at him. It was entirely his fault. She had tried to be nice.

"And you called me a big baby even though you have no idea how much my back hurts." Michael scoffed and stretched out his legs in front of him. It had been nice to know there was no actual bleeding cut though. But still, it didn't change the fact that she was being mean.

“Just shut up and leave me alone.” Maria sighed and looked around. She wanted to know what they were supposed to do. Where were they going to go? How the hell were they going to get away from each other?

Michael snorted. "Oh, gladly. You go this way and I go the other." He shook his head. As if he'd be able to leave her alone, even if he wanted to.

She was tempted to flop down on the ground and just stay there, but she didn’t want the bugs crawling over her. “Shut up.”

"You go first." Michael stuck out his chin and then finally stood up again. "We should be going though, maybe find a shelter after all." He just wanted to lie down and forget about all of this. His back still hurt and he was cold and hungry. And it was all her fault for leading the wrong way

“Yeah, I already said that.” She glared at him and huffed quietly. She looked around. They needed shelter, where were they going to stay?

Michael shook his head but didn't reply. Whatever. "Maybe there will be a rock formation around and we can find a cave. Hopefully uninhabited of bears." He chuckled and winked at her.

She rolled her eyes and pushed some hair out of her face. “Right.” She looked around again. “What way do we go?”

Did he have to decide? "Uh… since we came from…" He turned around, pointing with his finger. But which way did they come from? He had no idea at all. "Let's just go this way." Michael pointed straight forward.

Maria nodded silently and started walking forward, the way that he had pointed. She really hoped that they found some form of shelter, but she wasn’t holding her breath. She just hoped it didn’t start to storm or anything.

Michael looked around while they were walking. Still no rabbit they could catch and roast, like he'd seen in a movie once. Not like he would have been able to catch and kill it. He wasn't that hungry. Yet. "If you see something edible, scream."

She just nodded again. She figured if she kept quiet, they couldn’t argue, and her head wouldn’t explode. But she kept her eyes open for any sign of anything to eat, or a place to sleep.


Chapter Three

After a while, Michael spotted something growing under a tree. "Oh, mushrooms! You think we can eat those?" He stopped and leaned closer to get a better look at them.

“They could be poisonous.” Maria said looking down at them. But she didn’t know anything about them. If they were or not. “I don’t know.” She shrugged a little. He’d probably make some rude comment about her not knowing this either.

"Want to try them out first?" Michael smirked at her over his shoulder.

She shot him a dirty look. “Why don’t you.” She turned around a little and tried to look around at what else might be there.

Michael shrugged and picked one up, then inspected it closely. What if they were really poisonous? It looked perfectly good to him, but then again the only mushrooms he’s ever eaten before came on a Pizza. "Maybe I'll just pocket a few and if we don't find anything else, we can eat them."

Maria just shrugged. “Okay.” She didn’t really want to eat them though, she was worried that they could be poisonous, and she really didn’t want to die in the middle of nowhere handcuffed to a complete jackass.

After having picked up a few more mushrooms, Michael pulled out a handkerchief and then wrapped them in it. "I think poisonous mushrooms are more colorful." Weren't they supposed to be? As a warning not to eat them?

“I dunno. Could be.” Maria said quietly. She pushed some hair out of her face again and glanced at him before looking around again. “What about that way?” She suggested. “It looks like some rocks are over there… there might be something we could use for shelter…”

"Cool." Michael nodded. "Maybe we could collect some wood as well to make a fire." Fire. He just prayed she had a lighter in her pocket. Or at least a box of matches. It would be really good to get warmed up a bit.

“How are we supposed to make a fire? Does rubbing two sticks together actually work?” She looked back at him.

"Don't tell me you don't have a lighter either?" Of course not. He should know by now that today he just didn't have any luck. They'd most likely end up getting caught again and then he'd have to stay in prison twice as long for attempting to flee.

“Uh, hello, freak. I was in jail. They sort of took all of my possessions.” She was tempted to smack him again. Just for being a moron. Figures, she’d be stuck with a complete moron. She had tried to be nice, but always had to be so rude about everything. “And I’m sorry, but I don’t have any magic powers.”

"shit, you've really already been in jail before? What did you do? Actually kill someone?" They had let him go back home till he had to show up in front of the court, just came with a police car to get him there. But they knew him and it wasn't his first time. They figured he'd have nowhere to run, and he figured he'd be let go again, just like all the other times before. Or he fucking would have run.

Maria shook her head and quickly looked away. “I don’t want to talk about it.” She snapped at him. She kicked the ground and sighed softly. They had taken all of her stuff when they arrested her. All she got to keep was her clothes, and that was only temporary, until they got her back to the prison, then into some horrid jumper for the rest of her life.

"Fine." Michael snapped back and shook his head once more. "Then tell me something else." He just didn't want to be walking around in complete silence again. It was getting darker by the minute and by now there were some noises in the wood. And the whole setting was even creepier than before.

“What do you want to know?” She glanced over at him. Maria glanced towards the rocks, they didn’t seem to be any closer, in fact, and they seemed farther away now. She bit her lip a little. This wasn’t cool.

Michael scratched his eyebrow. "I dunno. Something. Anything." He looked over at her. "Are you a natural blonde?"

She narrowed her eyes slightly. “A proper girl never tells. And the name is Maria. So stop calling me blondie now.” She huffed quietly.

"Aw, but I liked Blondie. It can be my own little nickname for you and I promise to only use it when we're alone." He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at her.

Maria stuck her tongue out at him. Jerk. “Go away.” She pouted. The sun was going down, and it was really starting to cool off. It was making her wish that she had grabbed her jacket out of the back before they had arrested her.

Michael chuckled and nudged her a little. "And that's obviously your little nickname for me?"

She looked at him and shook her head. “No. Jerk is my nickname for you.” She smirked slightly, and was tempted to lean into him. When he had nudged her she felt the warmth. It had felt really good, and she wanted more of it. Why did he have to be a jerk?

"I guess I can live with that, blondie." Their small banter had already made him feel better and more sure of himself again. If he could survive her, he'd be able to survive those woods as well. "When we're in public you can call me Michael though."

Maria stuck her tongue out at him again. Well the jerk had a name, and it was a nice name. “Whatever you say… jerk.” She smirked slightly at him.

Michael smiled back and was tempted to reach out and squeeze her hand. To assure her everything would be okay. And to assure himself of it too. But he couldn't risk her getting all weird about it or pushing him away. They were okay as it was right now. "I think we'll have reached the rocks in another twenty minutes."

“Yeah… it didn’t look that far away when I suggested it.” Maria sighed quietly. She just hoped that the rocks would be someplace decent for them to camp out for a while. To sit down. To take a nap maybe… She didn’t remember the last time she actually slept. It had to have been the night before the last. It was all so frustrating. She glanced over at Michael again. Maybe it wasn’t so bad that he was here, that they were stuck together. She wasn’t sure if she would have been able to head into the woods without him dragging her.

"Still good you saw them. Not like there had been another rock formation more in reach of us." Michael looked at her again. She was really cute in the pale moonlight. It made her eyes shimmer even more and her hair was special too.

“Yeah.” She kicked at the ground a little as they walked. “I just hope that it is worth the walk.” Who knows, town could have been in the opposite direction. Being here had her completely confused and lost.

Why was she saying that? "If not we'll have to dig an earth hole and stay there." But the rocks would bring shelter. They had to. He couldn't keep walking for much longer, besides there were clouds coming up, so soon it would be completely dark around here.

A hole? How the hell were they supposed to dig a hole that they could both fit in? But Maria decided to keep her mouth shut this time. She just nodded a little. “Alright.” She then stifled a yawn and pushed some hair back from her face.

Michael chuckled. She took him for real? "Tired, blondie?"

“Yeah… haven’t really gotten any sleep lately.” She yawned again and clamped her hand over her mouth. She shook her head a little, trying to clear her head somewhat. Maria glanced over at him then back towards the rocks that were so close.

He nodded. Who knew how many days she had spend in prison already? He didn't want to ask her though. She wouldn't tell him anyways. "Come on, we'll be there soon." And before Michael realized it, he had grabbed her hand in his after all.

Maria was caught off guard when he grabbed her hand; she looked down at them, but didn’t object. It made it a lot easier anyways. The cuffs didn’t pull against her wrist like this. So she held his hand, and hurried towards the rocks.

There were several large rocks, creating almost a half circle, with an open middle. Maria was thankful for the partial sanctuary. But it was getting so dark, she wasn’t sure if it would stay light enough for them to try and find wood, and build a fire.

As they got closer, Michael could make out an old fire pit. “Hey look! We can’t be too far away from everything. Somebody’s been here before.” And hopefully they left a lighter. And wouldn’t be back anytime soon. They could always try to explain the handcuffs from a kinky side though. At least they weren’t dressed in prison clothes to top it off.

Maria nodded a little. “Yeah…” But the thought of people having been here worried her, and comforted her at the same time. People had been there, so she figured it was at least reasonably safe. But people had been there, what if they came back? What if they got caught?

"If anybody catches us, we're out here for a little fun and you're my slave so I've handcuffed you. It's your punishment for being naughty. I'm sure everybody will believe that." He winked again and then scanned the area for a lighter or something else useful.

She stuck her tongue out at him and huffed quietly, then started to look around. “What are you looking for?” Being attached made it all so much harder. She wanted to lie down and sleep, but she was sure that he wouldn’t be alright with that.

"A lighter, matches, food. Maybe a blanket. A radio. Anything left over. Preferably food though." His stomach growled right on cue and Michael gave her a pained expression. He didn't have much for breakfast and figured he'd be home again for lunch. But then they let him wait at the damn court and then well, it didn't turn out so good.

Maria nodded a little and continued to look around for anything. She bit her lip and kicked at the dirt a little with her foot. “Oh!” She exclaimed seeing a book of matches. She hoped that there were still some inside. Still holding his hand she jerked on his arm accidentally when she leaned down to grab them.

"Ow, hey!" Michael was forced to lean down with her. "This better be good." At least this way she couldn't yank on the cuffs. Which was exactly why they were holding hands. Yeah… And nobody could call him a liar.

She grasped the matchbook in her hand and looked at Michael. “This good enough of a reason for you?” She asked releasing his hand to pull open the booklet. A smile graced her face and she turned it around to show him. A full book of matches.

He just growled something incoherent. Not wanting to admit that she truly did find the most important thing they were missing right now. Besides food. But he still had those mushrooms. "Okay, now we need to collect some wood." He stood up straight again and looked around. "Unless we don't want to risk anybody catching us…"

Maria bit her lip and glanced around. “I… I don’t know.” She was terrified of being caught. She was already sure she’d end up in jail for the rest of her life if they did get caught.

"It's rather cold though." Michael passed his hand through his hair. "I say we collect some wood first and then decide." Even though he didn't think it could get any darker, so not like a few minutes really mattered.

“Alright.” Maria nodded a little and glanced around. It would be nice to have a fire; they’d be warm at least. She slipped her hand back into his and started looking around on the ground for fallen branches. It was easier to be holding his hand, and then they didn’t fight with the handcuffs.

Michael smiled a little when he felt his hand slide back into his. He would never admit it, but she had something incredibly comforting by now. And he was almost sure she wouldn't kill him in his sleep. And even if, rather her than whatever else might be out there in those woods. He leaned down and picked up a few thicker looking branches and a few sticks.

She picked up various pieces of wood that lay on the ground and chewed on her lip. She was starting to get hungry. And eating those mushrooms was very tempting. It wasn’t like they had anything else.

Leading them back to the fire pit, Michael threw his wood into it. "I guess that's enough." He shrugged. Not like would know.

Maria nodded and dropped the sticks that she had found into the fire pit with Michael’s before kneeling down. She pulled the matches out of her pocket and looked at them, then held them out towards him. “Here. You do it.” She wasn’t sure if she actually could.

Michael shrugged again and lit one of the matches, then threw it into the pit. Nothing happened so he just did it again. "Dammit." He scratched his eyebrow. At least the box was full of them, but he still couldn't waste them all right now. Why the hell wasn't the wood catching fire?

She frowned. He wasn’t doing much better. “Here, let me see.” She took them back and bit her lip. Something had to burn before the wood could catch. But what? She looked down at her shirt, and ripped the hem off of the bottom. She stuck it under the wood and lit another match and held it against the fabric, waiting for it to catch.

Michael stared at her. Had she gone delirious already? "You could have just pulled it off completely if you wanted to turn me on." But then the fire suddenly ignited and he quieted down. Oh.

Maria glanced at him, and shook her head. She hadn’t thought it would really work. “Saw it on a movie once…” Maria lied and watched as the wood started to burn. “What are we gonna do about food?” She asked glancing over at him again.

"Maybe we should search around here again, see if they left anything…" A can of beans would be nice. Yeah, and he could open it up with his teeth. Michael sighed. "Or we just sit down and eat the mushrooms." And then be dead in the morning. "Or maybe just lie down to sleep and check tomorrow when it's light again."

She looked at the fire that was steadily growing, and then at him. She wanted to sleep, but she was hungry too. She knew Michael was hungry. “I don’t know if we’ll have any luck finding anything tonight, it’s awfully dark.”

"Yeah." Michael held his hands over the fire, not as close though because he was dragging her with him. And he felt a little bad that she had to lose part of her clothes for it, since she was already wearing less than he was. At least he had a jacket. "So let's just sit down."

Maria nodded and sat down. She drew her knees up towards her chest and wrapped one arm around her legs. She laid her head down against her knees and let her eyes slip shut. At least the fire was warming her up a little.

Michael pulled the mushrooms out of his jacket pocket and placed them next to him. He wasn't that tempted to try them anymore. Sure, he was hungry, but he was also dead tired and his legs hurt. Not to mention his back and his wrist. "Maybe we could lie down?" He didn't intend on sleeping like this.

She looked down at the ground. Lay down? On the dirt? It was bad enough sitting on it, the thought of bugs… She honestly didn’t care that much anymore. “How are we going to do this?” It wasn’t like they could lie on either side of the fire, and she wanted to be it as close to it as she could without catching fire.

Right, the damn cuffs. "Uh… You lie down first and then I'll, you know… wrap my arm around you? Only, uh, because of the cuffs." And to keep her warm. She really must be freezing when he was cold in his long shirt and jacket. And her shirt was rather skimpy. Like they picked her up in a bar or something.

Maria bit her lip a little and looked at him, then nodded. “Right.” At least she’d be close. Slowly she moved to lie down, draping her own arm across her stomach, so she could lay with her back to him, and he wouldn’t have to really hold onto her. She figured that he didn’t really want to hold onto her all night.

Michael's arm went with hers and he was so very tempted to touch the expanded skin of her stomach. He was sure there was some bare skin just ready to be touched. Argh! He moved a little further away from her and then stretched out his other arm above his head. Her hair smelled good.

Her eyes slid shut again, the exhaustion taking over. Maria stifled a yawn and shifted her weight before stilling again, and letting the heat from the fire seep into her body. Within seconds she had drifted off to sleep.

Unconsciously Michael moved closer to her again. It was just more comfortable and warm. And smelling really good. His brain had already shut off and he was half asleep, so he only knew that he was going after the smell and burying his head in it, before he blacked out as well.

Gradually Maria woke up. Her stomach growled, and she was cold. She rolled over and shifted closer to the warmth that had been behind her. She snuggled up close to it and then slowly opened her eyes. She blinked several times, and then it all came back to her.

Michael woke up with a smile and a throbbing erection. Somehow he must have gotten lucky last night and was now in bed with a soft cuddly… blond woman. Aw, crap. Reality came crashing down on him and he opened his eyes to stare at her.

She saw his eyes open and bit her lip. “Sorry.” She murmured and quickly sat up. She glanced around and looked at the fire that was still smoldering, but the wood was nearly gone. It had to be really early. She saw the matches sitting beside the fire pit and picked them up and stuffed them into her pocket. Who knew how long they’d be stuck in the woods. She hoped not long.

Michael rubbed his eyes and sat up as well. "For what?" Causing his erection? She should be.

Maria glanced back over at him. “Well I kind of figured you didn’t really appreciate waking up with me in your face…” She tucked some hair behind her ear and yawned as she tried to stretch out her muscles.

"Oh, yeah…" It was a pretty face though. "But not much you do about it with us being cuffed and all." And he was only thinking like this because they were all alone in an extreme situation. She was still the same crazy murderous bitch she had been almost a day ago.

“I know, but still.” Maria pushed some hair back from her face again and looked around. “We should get moving I guess… or look for food? What do you think?”

"Both?" Michael stretched his legs. And dammit, he seriously needed to take a piss. And relieving his aching cock would be nice as well. He bit his lip. How long till they would reach town?

Maria nodded. “Yeah…” She shifted her weight to get ready to stand and frowned. She had to pee. But there was no way she was going to while she was attached to him. That was just… not happening. Not a chance. That meant they had to find someplace where they could get these handcuffs taken off.

"So we're gonna stand up now?" God, he needed to pee. The more he thought about it, the harder the pressure grew.

“Yeah.” Maria said and slowly moved to stand up. Her back was aching from sleeping on the hard ground. The thought of the bugs that were crawling on her really started to freak her out, and she desperately wanted to take a shower. If she had to spend much more than an hour with him she’d lose it. She couldn’t take not going to the bathroom, and she couldn’t stand being dirty for too much longer.

Once they were standing, it was even worse. "Hey, uh, blondie? I really have to go behind one of those trees."

“What?! No!” She was not standing around while he went pee. But she had to go too. She kicked at the ground. “I hate my life.” Maria muttered.

"Yeah." Michael bend backwards, making something crack loudly. "I really hate your life too."

“Oh shut up.” She snapped. It was too early. Why did he have to start being a jerk again? “If you’re going to go, then just go. Let’s get this over with.”

Why couldn't he get shackled to another guy? Then he wouldn't have those problems. And he was sure they'd already be in town by now. He took her hand and then dragged her over to a tree. "But keep your hands to yourself."

“Ew! Like I’d want to touch you?” She crinkled her nose up in disgust. “You really need to work on deflating that mammoth ego of yours Jerk.”

Michael scowled and opened his zipper, then got his cock out and switched to his left hand to pee. Just the presence of her hand so close to his made him harden even more. Would she touch him if he'd ask her too? Like really nicely?

Maria’s mouth fell open. She hadn’t meant like that. And her hand was too close for comfort. Quickly she spun around the best she could so she didn’t have to look. More like so she would stop staring.

Michael closed his eyes. Dammit. He never could do it while somebody was watching him. "You couldn't maybe sing something, can you?" He shook his dick a little, hoping to make it function.

She peeked at him over her shoulder. “You want me to sing so you can take a piss?” Maria rolled her eyes. Well it would take her mind off of it. She started whistling quietly at first. “In the Big Rock Candy Mountains there’s a land that's fair and bright. Where the hand outs grow on bushes and you sleep out every night. Where the boxcars all are empty and the sun shines every day on the birds and the bees, And the cigarette trees, the lemonade springs where the blue bird sings. In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.”

Finally he was able to relax. "Thanks." He whispered and then blushed. He was behaving like a six year old. What would she be thinking of him? He needed her to sing a stupid song just so he could pee! "Now if you could get down on your knees and take care of my other problem, I'd be even more grateful."

Her jaw dropped once more. “What?! I am not just some whore to get you off whenever you please! You have a problem? Deal with it on your own. Preferably without me attached to you.” Angrily she yanked on the cuffs. She really had to pee, and she was finding a big bush to go behind.

"Not whenever. Just this once!" Michael rubbed his sore wrist. Evil bitch. "But alright, I can do it on my own, excuse me when your arm is gonna move along with mine." He yanked his arm back to his cock and started stroking it.

“Oh my god! Stop it!” Maria shrieked and yanked back on the cuffs again. “That is so… ew! You fucking pervert! Stop it!” What a wonderful start to her horrible day. She grabbed the metal chain between the cuffs and yanked with both hands as hard as she could.

"Fucking hell!" Michael stumbled and crashed into her, his cock rubbing against her pants. He yelped and then groaned.

She let out a shriek when he ran into her. She felt his dick through her jeans and jumped back. Why did she have to be handcuffed to him of all people!?

"Just let me tuck him back in, dammit." He glared at her and then patted his dick. "Did the mean lady hurt you? Would you like her to stroke you and make it better?"

“Stop it.” She snapped. She pulled on the cuffs again and spotted the perfect bush to hide behind and started walking towards it.

"Hey! Hey, where are you going?" Michael stumbled behind her, holding onto his cock with one hand so it wouldn't tumble around so much. "I told you to let me tuck it back in at least!"

“Well you didn’t do it fast enough!” She stopped when they reached the bush. “You don’t move from this spot, and so help me god, if you peek at me, or I hear you grunt and groaning while I’m over here… well let’s just say you won’t have to worry about <i>that</i> anymore.” Maria said eyeing his dick, before raising an eyebrow and doing her best to get around to the other side of the bush, and stay hidden from Michael’s view.

"She's only mean to you because she likes you so much." Michael pouted and patted his erection once more before he finally tucked it back into his pants. He was tempted to at least pretend to be getting off though. But he didn't. It seemed just wrong while she was squatted there to pee. He didn't take a peek either. He was sure he'd see her naked very soon and then because she'd want him to.

She watched him out of the corner of her eye for a moment, but she didn’t care anymore. She pulled her pants down part way and squatted down. She started to whistle again, Big Rock Candy Mountain was stuck in her head. Finally she was done and she stood up, fixed her clothes and looked at Michael.

Michael chuckled softly when he heard her hum again. "You know, I like your voice."

Maria blushed and looked down at the ground. Was that a compliment? He could actually be nice? She was in shock. “Thanks.” She muttered. “We should uh… get going.” She pointed in a random direction and glanced around again.

"Yeah…" Michael glanced at her from the corner of his eye, then he smirked. "But first maybe you want to pat him and apologize?"

Maria shot him a dirty look and yanked on the cuffs and started walking. “You don’t stop talking about ‘him’ and you’re gonna loose it.” She threatened him.

"You're not any fun." Michael made a face and walked after her, patting his groin himself. "She doesn't really mean it like that." At least his erection was lessening with just the thought of her doing anything to him. "There, now you scared him. Don't complain if he won't come out and play when you want it."

“Trust me. I don’t think I’m going to want to ever play with it. So it shouldn’t be a problem.”

"Uhuh." Michael took her hand in his again and rubbed his thumb over her wrist. "We'll see to that, Blondie."

Maria looked over at him, and down at their hands. She liked how her hand felt in his. It was comforting, and not to mention it helped to keep her wrist from getting hurt more. She didn’t say anything, just looked ahead as they walked.

He smiled and chuckled softly to himself. Michael just knew she wouldn't slap his hand away. And maybe if they were back in town and their handcuffs were off, she'd be a little more grateful and give him something to remember her by before they'd part for good. His stomach growled again. "Why don't muffins grow on trees?"

She sighed softly and shrugged. “I could go for a pizza right about now… maybe a hamburger…” Thinking about food made her even hungrier, and her stomach rumbled. “Could we not talk about food?”

"Okay, as long as you keep looking." And why couldn't there be any apple trees in those damn woods? Or any other fruit. No, they were all just dark and pointy.

“Yeah.” Maria murmured quietly. She pushed some hair out of her face and glanced around. She was so hungry. And dirty. And she wanted to cry.

"We could still munch on the mushrooms." Michael shrugged a little. He had pocketed them in again before he got up earlier.

She bit her lip. Since they didn’t know how far they were from anything. Or how long it might take to find food. “Yeah…” But she was still worried about what they might do to them. If they’d kill them, or make them sick, or just delirious. That could make this whole thing a lot more fun though.

Michael pulled them out of his pocket again and frowned. "They don't look that very good anymore though." They were suddenly a lot browner. And they looked smaller as well. Maybe it was just the light. These things had to be good for a few days, right?

Maria looked over at them and frowned. “I don’t know… what if they make us sick though?”

"Sicker than you already are you mean?" Michael raised an eyebrow. By now he was willing to risk it. And seriously, they didn't look all too poisonous. He figured the worst that could happen was they'd get sick to the stomach.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Shut up.” Then she looked back down at the mushrooms. “Fine. Give me one…” But if they ate just so little wouldn’t that make them more hungry? She held out her hand that wasn’t laced with his.

Michael held the package closer to her so she could take one, then he pulled it up to his nose and sniffed them. "They sure smell good."

Maria took one and looked at it, inspecting it. Then took a deep breath and popped it into her mouth. She started to chew it up, and it didn’t taste bad. She was really hoping that it didn’t make her sick.

Watching her closely, Michael was relieved to see her neither spitting it out nor dropping down dead. So he put the package back in his pocket to have a hand free to try one as well. Hum, they really were quite good.

Maria licked her lips. She was still hungry, but thought that they should wait to eat more, depending on if they found more food or not. This was hell. It had to be worse than jail.

Michael popped another mushroom in his mouth and then held them out for her again. He was proud of himself for finding them in the first place. Especially since she didn't find any food. Michael glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. Her lips were now shimmering with moisture and he let out a silent groan.

“How many more do we have?” She asked, thinking they couldn’t be that lost. Could they? That they’d starve to death out in the middle of nowhere.

He frowned. "Why? You're so bored you want to count them?" He looked at his hand. "All we have is in here."

“No. I just meant… well if we don’t have that many maybe we should save some.” She frowned and kicked at the ground. It was so horrible being stuck out here with him.

"Huh." Michael looked at the mushrooms and then back at her. "I don't think we'll need to do that." They would be out of here in a matter of hours. He couldn't spend another night with her. Not when he was handcuffed too. Just her he wouldn't mind though. Then he could be sure she wouldn't try anything stupid.

“Okay.” Sure. At least he was positive, Maria thought. She wasn’t positive. Not anymore. Not since… it wasn’t intentional. She really didn’t mean to do it. But did they believe her? No, of course not. She didn’t feel all that good all of the sudden, but she didn’t think it had anything to do with the mushrooms.

He put the mushrooms back in his jacket pocket and frowned at her. "You alright?" She wasn't passing out on him, was she? Or freaking out? Becoming mushroom delirious? He couldn't decide which would be worse.

“No I’m not alright.” She ran her hand through her hair. She looked around quickly. She couldn’t take it. They were going to just die out here. And she’d welcome it. Anything would be better than prison.


Chapter Four

"We can sit down if you want to." Michael cocked his head. "You're getting all pale." They should find something to drink too… Maybe she was dehydrated. Just please not mushroom sick.

Maria quickly shook her head. “No, I just… I wanna get out of here.” She covered her face with her hands and squeezed her eyes shut tightly. “I just want to go home. What was the point in running? They’re going to find us, and lock us up and throw away the key!” She was rambling to herself. “It’s not like I can just go home. Oh god I hope someone feeds my fish.”

"You have a fish?" He figured that would be the best thing to work with. Not to mention he had nothing to say to all the rest. And he didn't want to. He didn't want to think about getting caught and going to prison and becoming someone's bitch, as she had called it.

She let her hands drop from her face and looked at him, then nodded slightly. “Yeah… it’s um… a gold fish.”

"Is he in one of those small round bowls or does he have real space to swim in?" Maybe this was a bad topic after all. He didn't want to end up like her fish, just going round and round and always seeing the same things.

“It’s a tank… kind of a big one… I had other fish, but they all died. He’s the only fish I had left… I don’t know who’s gonna feed him.” She was loosing her mind, and she knew it. Babbling about her stupid fish when they should be trying to get away. Trying to figure out how to unlock the handcuffs, or break them or something.

"I'm sure we'll be back soon, and then you can feed him." He tried to give her a reassuring smile. A big tank. That was a good sign. It meant they wouldn't get caught.

Her face crumpled and she took in a shuddering breath. “You might be able to go home but… I don’t think that is an option for me anymore.” Maria pushed some hair out of her face and shook her head. “Forget it. Let’s just go.”

Michael shook his head. "Why? You think they're waiting for you there?" Didn't they only have time for this shit for the really big bads? Not little thugs like himself and hm, well, so maybe then not her.

“I wouldn’t doubt it. The DA wants me put away for life… I don’t think they’ll just give up because I disappeared for a while.” Maria started walking, looking around, and searching for anything that might lead them to a way out of the woods.

"Huh." He followed and kept looking at her. "You really killed someone?" Before he didn't have any reason to doubt it, but now after he forcibly had spend some time with her… She just didn't seem so cold-blooded or hot headed to be able to commit a murder.

She bowed her head and stared at the ground. “I put him in a coma…” Might as well be honest with him. Then maybe he won’t think that she was going to kill him while he slept. Not like they would be stuck together another night, well she hoped not anyways.

"Why?" He wished she would just stop and sit down. Then he could watch her face and touch her while she talked. But this was better. He shouldn't touch her. He shouldn't even bond with her or talk to her. They just had to get to town as quickly as possible. "Did he hurt you or something?"

Maria shrugged a little. “It was all just one big accident after another. I work at a bar, I was delivering drinks. Some guys got into a fight, and I got trapped in the middle of it. And as the DA said I defended myself using unnecessary means of protection. I took self-defense classes… I guess it really doesn’t pay to be prepared. I should have just ducked and tried to crawl my way out of it.” She kicked at a rock and sighed. “So, long story short. The guy is in a coma, and I’m going to rot in jail for the rest of my life because of it.”

“But that’s not fair.” Michael frowned and squeezed her hand. “Not like you went and shot him, or beat him up on your own.” Which was reassuring to know. If he could trust her with it. Maybe she was just lying though. But no, she didn’t have any reason to lie to him.

“Yeah… but they say the force I used wasn’t necessary. I guess it wasn’t really. I don’t know if I would have really been hurt if I’d just let it all happen. Look, it was an accident, but I did it. I hurt a guy that was drunk that wasn’t even thinking.” Maria sighed softly and kicked at the ground again. “I probably deserve what I get.”

"That's bullshit. The system sucks, that's all. It's not like you went and pounded him all for nothing. Shit like that happens; they shouldn't have busted you for it." He shook his head. It was destiny that they could escape because none of them belonged in prison.

She shrugged. “Yeah… just drop it.” She pushed some hair out of her face and glanced around. How long would it take for them to get out of here? What would happen after? And what did he care about what happened to her?

"But it's true! We're both victims of the same system, innocents committed for nothing. The last we can do is b.itch about it." Michael nudged her a little.

Maria glanced over at him. “Yeah… but it’s our own fault. Yours for getting caught, mine for doing it period.” She nudged him back a little, but stayed leaned against him for a moment longer than necessary.

Michael smirked. "That's one way of putting it. I prefer to put all blame away from me." He was tempted to wrap his arm around her, but it wouldn't work. Technically. Which was good. No getting close to a crazy woman who was trained in self defense, that much he should know.

“But it’s still your fault.” Maria smirked back at him. She was beginning to feel a little bit better about the whole situation. Like maybe things would be alright.

He snorted. "I've gotta live too." And for that he needed money. It wasn't his fault if some morons were still stupid enough to fall for his scams. And if he stole a wallet or two it was just because they were almost falling out of their pockets anyways.

“Did you try working? Ya know, getting a job, a real one, that won’t get you arrested?”

Michael raised an eyebrow. "Yah, but that just doesn't work for me. I don't do well with getting orders from assholes."

“Well you won’t do well in prison then will you?” Maria smirked at him. “I mean… when you inevitably become someone’s bitch… you’ll have to learn to take orders.”

He scoffed. "But now I won't go to prison, will I?" Now it was his turn to kick at the dirt. Why did she have to start with this again? "Besides, how do you know I won't make somebody else my bitch."

Maria stopped walking, and turned to look at him. “You just don’t look like the type of guy to have a bitch.” She reached up and touched his hair. “Besides… the hair…”

"What?" Michael flinched away from her. "What's wrong with the hair?"

She quickly pulled her hand back and started walking again. He flinched away from her. Maria shrugged. “I dunno… forget it.”

"No, now you've got to say it." Michael frowned. She was just so very confusing.

“No I don’t.” Maria snapped at him. “I don’t have to say anything to you. In fact. I’m done talking to you!” She huffed quietly.

"No, no, no! You can't just start like this and then stop. Now you've gotta tell me what in my hair is telling you I'm not the type to have bitches." And then he could change it. Or not. Why should he even listen to her? His hair was fine.

“You look nice alright?!” Maria spun around and glared at him. “You look like a nice guy. That is why you don’t look like the type to have a bitch. Now will you just shut the hell up?!” She turned back around and started walking again, kicking at the dirt and the rocks. Stupid jerk. Stupid. Stupid jerk.

Nice? She thought he looked nice? Michael pouted. "Yeah? Just so you know. I've had bitches before. Many of them. They were like all over me."

She sighed and shook her head. “Then fine. I take it all back. Just leave me alone.”

"No, I won't." There was just something about her, it drove him wild. And not always in a good sense. He just didn't want her to think he was some second-class loser.

“And just why the hell not!? I said I take it back. Fine. You’re not gonna end up someone’s bitch. What the hell do you want from me?!” Maria yelled at him. She didn’t get what the big deal was. She called him nice, and he was freaking out.

"Oh, there are a few things coming to my mind." Michael smirked. She was cute when she got so worked up over nothing. "Besides, I can't leave you alone, 'cause we're cuffed, Blondie."

“Just shut up! Alright, I take it back. You’re not nice. You’re a stupid fucking asshole!” She yanked her hand out of his and tugged on the cuffs. He wasn’t walking fast enough. And he was pissing her off.

"Hey!" Michael glared at her. "And you're not nice either." He rubbed his sore wrist and mumbled a "bitch" under his breath. What the hell were they supposed to do? There were out here all alone and they could do nothing else besides walking around and talking.

“Stop calling me a bitch.” She growled at him and stopped walking. Screw it. Screw him. She wasn’t going anywhere until he apologized before being such an ass.

"You stop yanking on the cuffs and being so unforthcoming." Michael stuck out his chin again. She was the one who caused all of their problems. He was only trying to get along with her.

She glared at him and saw a fallen tree a few feet away and walked over and sat down. “You’re a jerk. You’re a stupid jerk. I say you’re nice and you throw a hissy fit. I say you’re not nice and you throw an ever bigger one and call me a bitch! I am not a bitch! You. Are a prick!”

Michael tried to keep standing, but it just wouldn't work. "I'm not throwing hissy fits! Girls throw hissy fits. You throw hissy fits. But I'm not." He reluctantly sat down next to her. This would all have more effect if he were standing or better yet, pacing around. "I just don't want you to think I'm…" Michael frowned and passed a hand through his hair, then back down to get his cut right again. He didn't need to give her any more reason to tease him. "Why am I even telling you this? I don't need to defend myself in front of you."

“Then don’t. And you were too throwing a hissy fit. You were acting like a five year old that didn’t get their way.”

Michael scoffed. "If I were five year old I'd just take what I want. And I wouldn't talk around it."

“You’re a little shit.” Maria crossed her hands over her chest, tried to anyways while pulling Michael’s hand along with hers. Damnit. Damn him!

He cocked his head and stared at her chest. "Is that an invitation?" The madder she got, the more fun it was to tease her even harder. Maybe his survival instinct clicked out there somewhere along the way.

“Augh!” Maria yelled and shoved his hand away from her. She started slapping his arm. At least he kept her angry, then she didn’t just start crying or anything.

"Hey!" Michael caught her wrist with his other hand and then pulled her away from his arm. "Why are you hitting me? I didn't do anything. I asked before touching, didn't I?"

She looked at him, then her face crumbled and she buried her face in her hands. It was horrible. Her life was horrible. She was going insane.

"Blondie?" He didn't like it when she went all silent.

Tears filled her eyes, he was a jerk. She had tried to be nice. She had really tried. But he wasn’t having it. She wished it was all a dream. One really long, horrible nightmare. She held her breath. Maybe if she passed out, once she came to she’d be back at home.

Michael nudged her a little. Why wasn't she bitching at him? That he could take, but this silence made him feel guilty. Even though he didn't do anything. She was just a weird and crazy person. "You alright?"

“I don’t want to be here.” Maybe she was dead? Or still unconscious. She had hit her head pretty hard in the car.

"Yeah, but what's the alternative? Prison? For the rest of your life?" Michael touched her hands so she'd pull them away from her face.

Maria let her hands fall from her face. “I don’t care anymore. What else am I supposed to do once we get these stupid handcuffs off? I can’t go home. I don’t have anyplace else to go. At least in prison I’d have a place to sleep, and food to eat.”

"We could leave the country. I've heard it can be pretty nice in Mexico." Michael shrugged a little and smiled at her.

“You really want to spend more time with me?” She pushed some hair behind her ear and rested her elbows on her knees.

And that's when he realized that he had said 'we'. Michael scratched his eyebrow. "Uh, yeah… I dunno. You're driving me nuts, but it's better than doing it all alone." He smiled again.

“I really doubt that you want to spend that much more time with me. Why do you even care, I mean honestly. What do you even care what happens to me after we get these cuffs off?”

"I dunno, I just do." Why was she being so snappy about it? Now he was nice and it wasn't okay with her either. "Besides, I'm sure we'll get a lot closer after a while, you know. Very close." Michael wiggled his eyebrows.

She shot a dirty look at him. “I’m not getting that close to you.” Then she shoved his arm lightly with hers.

"Yeah, you keep saying that." Michael shrugged it off. Sooner or later she'd give in to her natural urges. "Besides, I take really good care of my bitches." He smirked and bit his tongue to keep from laughing out loud.

A chill ran up her spine. Why did he have to do that? She hadn’t had sex in… a while. And he made it so tempting. But no. No it was not even an option! “I don’t want to be one of your bitches. No matter how good you take care of them.”

"You wouldn't be one of them. You'd be the only one." Michael cocked his head and stroked over her arm. They should get going, but dammit, now he was all hard again. This wasn't fair. Here he was handcuffed to this gorgeous blonde but he couldn't have any fun with her.

Maria shuddered and looked at him. It was so tempting; she shook her head a little. “Please don’t do that.” Her voice came out barely above a whisper.

"What?" Michael trailed his fingers higher up her arm. "Give you exclusive rights? I don't have to; I just thought you'd like that."

Her eyes slid shut and her jaw trembled slightly. “Touch me like that.” She whispered. But she didn’t want him to stop. Maria wanted more.

"Okay." Michael stroked over her cheek instead and then just cupped it, looking at her. She was beautiful. Right now he even forgot what a pain in the ass she was, she was just this pretty girl sitting on a tree together with him.

Why was he doing this? Maria had no idea. She leaned into his hand, and then started to lean towards him. His gentle caresses were almost enough to make her completely forget about everything else.

Michael's lips moved towards hers. They were just inches apart from touching and he could feel her warm breath on his face. 'This is really nice,' Michael thought when a loud noise suddenly jerked him out of it.

"Oh shit!" Michael grabbed her hand and without thinking they ran through bushes and behind a large tree to hide from whatever was coming their way.

Maria let out a quiet shriek when suddenly Michael was pulling her. She’d heard the noise. It scared the shit out of her. What was it? Breathing heavily Maria looked up at Michael. “What… what was it?”

"Shhht." Michael held his finger to his lips and peeked around the tree. "I dunno." He whispered. "Maybe the campers came back. I don't think it's the police coming after us." At least he hoped not. But it would be too early, right? And would they even look for them in the woods? Maybe they just waited in town or on the streets.

She moved closer to him, afraid of it being the police. She slid her hand into his and gripped it tightly. “What do we do? Just hide behind the tree? If is the campers they’ll think were complete morons.”

Michael bit his lip. Why was she always asking him? Couldn't she decide? "You think they'll see us here?" Maybe they should run.

“I don’t know.” She murmured. “Should we… run?” It might only get them more lost, but it was better then possibly being caught and sent back to jail.

"I thought about it as well." Michael glanced back at her and then checked their surroundings again. He still couldn't make out where the noise had been coming from, but it was still there. Like a few people coming closer. "I think we should."

“Okay…” Maria took a deep breath and looked at him for a second. “One… two… three…” She gripped his hand as tightly as she could. And started to run.

Michael followed her and jumped over small bushes and branches, trying his hardest to look at the ground and where they were running to. Damn woods. Damn trees. Damn people. After a while he stopped and rested with a hand on his knees, panting heavily. "I… I think… think we're far enough… away."

Maria gasped for breath when Michael came to a stop, and nearly fell, but quickly steadied herself. She nodded and looked at him, then let her eyes scan the woods. Praying that no one had heard them and followed them.

He moved a little and leaned against a tree. "That sucked."

She nodded and leaned against the tree too. “Yeah.” She breathed and closed her eyes tightly. Her heart was pounding. She really did not want to do that again.

"So…" Michael rubbed over his face, then smirked at her as best as he could, while he was still slightly out of breath. "Do I get my kiss now?"

Maria turned her head and looked at him. She wanted to, so bad. “I can’t…” He made her feel so much better. She stepped towards him.

"Why not?" The moment was gone, wasn't it? But did it really matter where they were? He felt more and more attracted to her with every passing minute. And he was sure she felt the same way. She had to.

“I…” This would never work. It would never work, and she knew it. Maria bit her lip and moved away from him. “I’m sorry.”

"Not as much as me." Dammit. This whole thing just completely sucked. Just when things started to maybe get a little more fun between them, she pulled back again. He wasn't asking for a commitment or anything, just a kiss and then some. Just to get the tension away.

She felt bad, and the look on his face made her feel even worse. ”We should… go.” She looked around quickly, desperately looking for something that might help them figure out a way out of the woods.

"Yeah." Michael sighed and passed his hand over his hair. "At least we didn't get caught. I can't hear anyone following us."

“Yeah.” She murmured. “Which way should we go?”

"We ran from there, so just the other way, I'd say." Michael shrugged. It would be stupid to just go back. What if it really was the police? Was she important enough to start a search? "Hey, that guy you… you know, uh, he wasn't someone important, was he?"

Maria shrugged. “I don’t think so… he was probably important to someone.” She pushed some hair back from her face.

"Hey, he got into a drunk bar fight, I don't think he will be missed." Michael bit his lip. He didn't think about it that way. Now he just made her feel worse again, didn't he? But what did he still care? She made him feel worse too.

“Right.” But how did he know? He could have been someone’s father, or husband, and she could have completely ruined his life.

He nodded. Time to switch the topic. "Let's go." Michael squeezed her hand and then tugged her after him, deeper into the woods again, as it seemed. Did they never end? "And remember to look for anything edible."

“I know.” She murmured and held onto his hand. Why was he still holding her hand after she turned him down? She wasn’t complaining though. It was comforting. But food… and a bath. She wanted to be clean.

"Want another mushroom?" Michael cocked his head again, but not for her. He was hearing something again. Like a rushing something… Water. It sounded like water.

“No, its okay, I’m fine right now.” Actually she was starving, but she was really concerned that they would starve to death if they ate all of the mushrooms. “What is it?”

"Do you hear that?" Michael fastened his pace. If there was water it meant fish. Not like he could catch one with his hands and eat them raw though. But maybe there would be something else edible as well. And even if not, screw food. He needed water.

Maria stopped for a moment and glanced around. “Water.” Water meant she could take a bath! She could have something to drink!

"Yeah." Michael smiled brightly and started running again. This would be worth it.

She let out a quiet shriek when Michael started running, but quickly caught up with him to run towards the water. She couldn’t wait. They came to a stop at the water, and Maria was tempted to jump right in.

"This is great. I'm sure we can drink that." Salt water was only in the ocean, right? He didn't want to ask her and sound like a complete moron. Bending down, Michael looked into the water to search for any fishes, but he couldn't see any. Maybe they were further down, not here where the water was standing.

“I can take a bath.” Maria knelt down beside him and dipped her hand into the water. It was cold, but it would be fine. At least she’d be part way clean. “Too bad we don’t have any soap.”

"Yeah…" Michael gazed her up and down. A bath. Did she mean naked? God, that would surely kill him. But they couldn't jump in there with their clothes on. How would they ever get dry? "I'm not sure if that is such a good idea."

“Why the hell not!?” Now she was pissed. What the hell was he saying? “I’m sorry, but it has been way too long since I was last able to shower. I don’t care about anything but being clean.” But doing that meant she’d have to get naked… in front of him.

"That's swell and all, but unless you can magically slip out of those handcuffs, I don't think you'll have much of a choice. Unless we'll both get naked, and you know what's gonna happen then."

She narrowed her eyes. “Nothing is going to happen. You can just … sit on the shore while I bathe… and you will not look at me. And then you can later… I won’t look, don’t worry. I mean you don’t have to bathe, but it would be much appreciated on my part because you’re starting to smell.” Maria smirked slightly at him.

Michael frowned for a second and sniffed, then he glared at her. "I do not!" Why was she always doing this to him? And why did he always listen? He huffed but then glanced at the water again. It would feel good to get in there… And if only one of them dipped in, the other could hold back their shirts and stuff, because they sadly couldn't pull those off.

“You do too. You know what? I’m not arguing with you about this. I am taking a bath right now.” The question of how she would dry herself off didn’t even cross her mind. “Turn around.” She snapped and started to take off her shoes, and socks.

"What?" Michael chuckled. "I want to see you getting in there without me helping you." Couldn't she have asked him nicely? No, all she did was order him around.

Maria huffed at him. “All I need is for you to be near the shore.” But now the whole thing made her feel self-conscious. What if someone showed up? What if it was the police? And she was naked in the water, for everyone to see. Michael would probably peek too. Arrogant bastard. Maybe it was a bad idea.

He shook his head. "And what are you gonna do with your clothes? Who's gonna hold back your top? 'Cause I won't be getting near you when you're all dripping wet."

He was right. “Forget it.” Why did he have to be right about things? Why did he have to be a jerk? Maria sat down on the ground and pulled her socks back on, then her shoes. Being attached to someone really sucked.

Michael sat down next to her and scratched his eyebrow. "I could do it. It would still be a little tricky, but I guess I can hold your clothes, just as long as you don't dip in all the way, so I'd also have to hold you back as well." She'd bitch about not getting her bath the whole time if he wouldn't. And besides, who knew when they would actually reach town? He didn't think they'd still be here right now when they first started to run.

She desperately wanted to take a bath. To be clean, and he was offering… he was being somewhat nice to her. It was a shock to her system. Maria shook her head. “You don’t want to. So you don’t have to. I’ll be fine until whenever. Besides, who knows how I’ll dry off without a towel.”

"You could rub yourself against me." Michael smirked and wiggled his eyebrows. But fine, then no bath. He didn't really mind either way.

Maria looked at him and stuck her tongue out. Evil. He was pure evil. Demonic asshole. “We should maybe gather wood for a fire?”

He chuckled. "Yeah. You should think about it though. It'd be fun." Michael winked and then leaned down to finally take a sip of the water. When he pulled back he left some in his hand and then splashed it against her.

Maria shrieked and stared at him in shock. “You did not just do that!” She leaned forward and scooped some into her hand and splashed it at him with a smirk before filling her hand again and taking a drink. It felt good against her throat.

Michael laughed softly and drank another handful, before splashing the remains into her face. It had made her smirk before, maybe now it would make her laugh.

She couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. The water felt good on her skin. She dipped her hand back in and pounced on Michael, knocking him backwards and dumping it on his face.

Michael clenched his eyes shut and made a face. "Hey!" He rubbed his free hand over it to get rid of the remaining driblets of water. "That was mean." He couldn't help smirking up at her though, because it was also fun. Especially now that he realized she was sitting on top of him again.

Maria looked down at him with a smirk. “Well you started it. You only got what you deserved.” She realized the position they were in, but she didn’t move, just continued to look down at him.

"I guess you're right." He smiled and placed his hand on her hip. "I always get what I deserve."

She bit her lip and shivered slightly from the feel of his hand on her hip. This was getting dangerously close to being something she didn’t want. But she did want it. She wanted him.

Michael used his cuffed hand to reach up and push a lose strand of hair back behind her head. He still wasn't sure if it was a curse or a blessing to be handcuffed to her of all people. The being handcuffed part was definitely a curse though. It would all be just so much easier without the damn metal.

Her eyes slid shut and she leaned into his hand. No! Don’t do this! Don’t! Maria mentally yelled at herself as she started to lean down towards him. She let her eyes open and looked into his.

Locking eyes with her, he leaned up towards her, his thumb caressing her cheek. And now he wouldn't even move if he heard a gunshot. Michael smiled slightly and finally closed the distance between their lips with a soft kiss.

Maria kissed him back softly. She rested one arm against the ground by his head to help balance herself. His lips felt so good against hers. Maybe it was worth it. Maria wasn’t so sure, but at the moment, in the middle of kissing him, nothing else mattered.

Michael licked over her lips and then pushed his tongue between them, deepening the kiss. She tasted good, even though they had nothing much to eat or drink during the last day. Or maybe it was just because of it. He closed his eyes and placed his hand on the small of her back.

She let out a soft moan and stroked her tongue against his and kissed him passionately. This was wrong, so wrong. Maria slipped her fingers into his hair and sucked on his lip, and gently tugged on it with her teeth.

He slipped his hand under her shirt and stroked over her spine. Who'd have thought that she could be this passionate? No wait, he should have expected it, with all her fits and yelling. He just didn't think she'd get it on with him, and that he would like it as much. "Mmm, Blondie."

Maria arched her back against his fingers and let out another quiet moan. His hands felt so good against her skin. Blondie. He called her blondie. She knew that she needed to pull away from him. To stop this, but he was intoxicating.

Michael pushed her over and quickly found a nice spot to rest between her legs. One where she could feel his pressing erection, and one that would alleviate it a little by rubbing against her. Then he interlaced their fingers again and pinned her hand down above her head while his other slipped under her shirt again, this time to touch her flat stomach.

She trembled beneath him and squeezed his hand. Maria raised her other hand up to slip under the side of his shirt. She felt the hardness in his jeans pressing against her, and she didn’t want it to end.

Moaning loudly, Michael rubbed against her especially hard and then moved his lips down to suck on her throat. His hand traveled upwards and he cupped her breasts through her bra, kneading it softly. Stupid thing. Why was she even wearing one? Not like she had that much. It would look really nice without anything, and it would feel even better.


Chapter Five

It was too much. She couldn’t do this. “No.” She breathed tearing her mouth from his. Maria pushed his shoulder and shoved him off of her and let go of his hand. Her head was spinning. His hands felt so good. “I told you this wasn’t happening.” Her breath was ragged, and she ran her hands through her hair.

"But it was." Michael rolled over her again. "It is." He leaned down to kiss her again. She'd see. She couldn't do that to him again. Make him all hot and hard and then just push him away.

“Stop it.” Maria growled at him and shoved his shoulders again. She knew this was all one huge mistake. He had to be a jerk again. Of course.

Michael rolled off her again and groaned. "Bitch." He rubbed his hand over his face and closed his eyes, concentrating on taking deep breaths.

“Fuck you.” She pulled her knees up against her chest and looked out over the water. She wanted out of this mess, and she wanted out now.

"Please!" Michael glared at her once more and then went back to concentrate on the wind and the ground, and his breathing. And everything but her hot body right next to him. She wanted him. He knew she wanted him! He had felt and heard it, it wasn't just his imagination. Why was she playing all those games with him? This really was his punishment, wasn't it?

Maria closed her eyes tightly and sighed. “Leave me alone.” She would use the opportunity to go look for wood if she weren’t attached to him. “We need to get firewood.” She told him quietly. He just needed to get over his arousal. Just like she did.

"Oh, alright. You stay here and I go get some." Michael snorted and shook his head, glaring at her again.

Tears filled her eyes and she rested her head on her knees, trying to hide from him. She knew it was a mistake.

Rolling his eyes, Michael sat up as well. "Alright, let's go get some firewood. And I guess that means we're gonna stay here for the rest of the day?" He wasn't gonna carry it around to somewhere else. They were in the damn woods, everything was full of branches and twigs.

“I don’t know. I don’t care.” She murmured and lifted her head up and quickly rubbed her eyes. Maria swallowed hard and glanced around before pulling herself up to her feet.

Standing up to keep his wrist from getting even sorer, Michael frowned at her. "But you wanted to go get firewood, so I figured you must have a plan."

“It was just a suggestion. Might be a good idea to stay around the water for a little while. Or just stay near the water when we leave… maybe it’ll lead us out of here.” Maria curled the arm that wasn’t attached to Michael around her waist and looked around, and shifted uncomfortably.

"Yeah, that's what I thought too." Or he would have, if he'd actually tried to come up with a plan instead of just thinking about her. "So yeah, let's stay here for today, go around and look for food, then tomorrow we'll have more strength to walk a longer path again." Now he couldn't wait to get back to town, and then have the cursed handcuffs off.

Maria nodded slightly. Good idea, she was dying to get away from him. Far, far, far away from him.

"And no offences, I hope this will be our last trip then." He cocked his head. "No, wait. Scratch the first part of this sentence." Michael narrowed his eyes and glared at her. Another day shackled to her would be another day in hell, and he could just as easily go without that.

She looked back over at him and glared right back. “Go to hell.” She knelt down and started picking up pieces of wood, trying to ignore him.

"I'm already there." Michael picked up some wood right on the other side of her and yanked on the cuffs again. He just wanted to scream. Or wake up from this nightmare. Or at least fall asleep and dream of her naked and willing, because that was the only way he still wanted to see her.

“Ow!” Maria cried out and jerked the handcuffs back. “Don’t be such an asshole!”

"Oh, I'm sorry. For a short peaceful second I had forgotten all about you there." Michael sighed heavily and shook his head, then scooped up some more wood.

She glared at him and was tempted to kick him in the leg, but just sighed and gave up. It was so pointless. They were stuck, so she was done fighting.

"I guess we should place this somewhere and then collect some more." As much as he wished to just ignore her, he couldn't. They had to survive another night together, and maybe when they had a larger fire going, they could even actually take a bath and dry their clothes. Not like he expected she'd take them off in front of him now, not even for her desired bath.

“Okay.” Maria said quietly. “Where?” She glanced over at him. It was horrible being attached to him. He was mean, and he made her so hot, and that pissed her off even more, that she wanted him.

Michael stood up straight again and looked around. "There's like a little hill over here, maybe we should go there. Have cover from one side." Or whatever. Not like he really knew what he was talking about.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Maria agreed. Some sort of cover so that people wouldn’t just be able to see them immediately.

He started walking towards it. "They'd see the smoke though…" Not like it mattered. Not like any of it mattered anymore. Michael started to think that a few months in prison couldn't be worse than a few days with her. But what if he'd get a few years now?

Maria shrugged. “Well I don’t know then. We’ll probably freeze if we don’t have a fire though.”

"Yeah." Michael bit his lip. "Let's just risk it." They had walked a few more steps when Michael turned to her again. "Unless we stay real close together. Body warmth, friction and all that." He winked. Least he could do was try.

Maria crinkled her nose up at him. She wanted to; it would be a lot warmer like it was the night before. But it would lead to sex. She just knew it would. So she decided it would be best to just ignore him for now.

"The offer still stands." Even though she was a bitch. But a very hot one. And cute in her own crazy way. Michael dumped the wood and nodded at the place he chose. This looked good. Better than where they'd been last night. Except for there was no pre-made place to start the fire.

Maria dropped her wood into the pile with Michael’s and then looked at him. She reached into her pocket and fished out the matches. She looked down at them and swayed a little. The lack of food was beginning to catch up to her, and it made her head ache.

"You alright?" Michael frowned. She suddenly got all pale again. This wasn't good. He wanted to ignore her or tease her, but not worry about her. It meant he cared, and he didn't want to.

“I’m fine… just a little exhausted.” She pushed some hair out of her face and looked at the wood. “Is this all the wood we’re going to get?”

"No, I thought we should get some more." He scratched his eyebrow. "But for now maybe we should just take a rest?" They hadn't really taken one after all of their running around, maybe she wasn't up for it after all. Self-defense trained didn't mean she was that sporty. And alright, so he could use a break as well. But she needed it more than him.

“I’ll be fine.” Maria told him. She shoved the matches back in her pocket. “Let’s just go and get some more wood.”

"You sure? It wouldn't matter much; I think we still have a few hours of light left."

“No, the sooner we get this done the sooner I can rest for a while without having to get up… and maybe we’ll find something to eat.” Food. She wanted something horrible for her.

Michael shrugged. "Whatever. But I'm not gonna carry you back here if you faint on the way." Or at least he wouldn't like it.

“Fine. Then drag me behind you.” She snapped at him. She rolled her eyes and started picking up twigs and stuff again. She really hoped she didn’t have to rip her shirt again to get the fire to start though.

"Oooh, that's a good idea." Michael gave her an evil smirk. "And just remember that it was yours." He led her a little deeper into the surrounding woods, so that he could collect a few thicker branches that would hopefully keep the fire going over night.

“Oh shut up.” Maria grumbled and continued to pick up pieces of wood. She couldn’t wait to get back to their so-called camp site, and get warm, and maybe pass out.

When he was fully loaded with wood again, Michael led them over to dump it together with the other branches behind the hill. "I didn't see anything edible. Did you?"

“No.” Maria said and knelt down to put some of the wood together in a pile and pulled the matches out again.

"Wait." Michael placed his hand on top of Maria's to keep her from lighting the fire just yet. "Maybe we should go back and look for food first. Closer to the water, maybe."

“Sure.” She nodded slightly and shoved the matches back in her pocket. “Maybe there’s fish?” Fish would be nice.

"I'm sure there is, but I don't know if we can catch any." Michael took her hand in his again, just because he was tired of trying to avoid touching her and at the same time risking that his wrists would chafe even more. "Maybe we should find a really long stick, like in the movies."

“We’d have to sharpen them.” She made no comment about holding his hand again. Because she honestly liked it. “And what are we going to use to sharpen them with? Or something for a net…” Maria glanced over at him. “Any suggestions?”

"You jump in and open your mouth real wide?" Michael chuckled and then shook his head. Damn. He could survive on the streets, but out here in the woods? He was all lost.

She narrowed her eyes at him and wanted to hit him. He was being a jerk again. “Why don’t you… and how about you just stay in there and drown while you’re at it.” Maria hissed.

"You go on like this and I might." Anything would be better than this. He was hungry and pissed, and she was just making it worse. She was so confusing. On the one hand he wanted to drown her and on the other he just wanted to kiss her again. Have sex with her in the water. That would a nice compromise. But no, argh! He shouldn't want anything with her.

Maria let out a quiet growl and let go of his hand and then shoved him as hard as she could. And that was when she realized that they were closer to the water than she thought. He fell forward, and she went quickly after him, shrieking as they fell into the water.

"Fucking hell!" Michael spit out some water that he'd swallowed when he fell into it with his mouth opened in shock. Damn her! He paddled with his legs to stay over water, 'cause of course it was deep where she dumped him. "Are you crazy or just stupid?" At least she saved him the time to repeat the favor.

“I’m just pissed off.” She snapped at him, trying to paddle and still be attached to him was a pain. She could barely do it. Maria really hadn’t considered the fact that if he went someplace she would have no choice but to go also. And it hurt her wrist. Jerk. She splashed him in the face with water.

Michael laughed at her. "You're just pissed off? Oh, now that explains." He shook his head. So it was both. Crazy and stupid. Really, he would have been madder if she wouldn't have fallen in here right with him. But splashing water at him wasn't nice. It wasn't his fault she was in here, dammit. He splashed some right back at her.

Maria narrowed her eyes. The jerk was laughing at her now? She sputtered and spit out the water that he splashed at her and then splashed him back. “Jerk.” She splashed him again and smirked a little. The water was kind of cold, but to Maria she was enjoying it. She didn’t get her bath earlier, so this was the closest she was getting to clean at the moment, so she really didn’t mind that she had fallen in with him.

"Crazy bitch." Michael was still chuckling though. Right now he didn't think about getting dry later, he just wanted to dunk her. And that's what he did. He closed the small distance between them and placed his hands on her shoulders and then pushed her down.

Maria came up out of the water, gasping and shrieking and flailing at Michael. “Don’t call me a bitch!” She splashed him again, repeatedly, then tried to push down on his shoulders.

Michael laughed harder. This was just ridiculous. He dunked her and all she complained about was being called a bitch. When she pushed at his shoulders, he went down willingly but wrapped his arms around her body to drag her with him. Once they were under water, he smirked at her.

She struggled for a moment, but then gave up and looked at him though the clear water. Jerk. Stupid jerk. She glared and wanted to smack him but it was nearly impossible in the water. So instead Maria leaned in and kissed him, figuring the shock would cause him to do something.

Surprised, Michael pushed them onto the surface again. Damn. She really had gone over the edge by now. But what the hell, he wasn't complaining. She was more fun this way. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to him for another kiss.

Maria gasped. She hadn’t expected him to continue to kiss her back. He was supposed to be mad at her for it! But she couldn’t help but moan and start to kiss him back. She wrapped one arm around his shoulder and let the other sit by their waists.

Michael leaned back a little so he'd slightly float on the water and wouldn't have to paddle as much. Burying his hand deep into her wet hair, he kissed her passionately; afraid she'd pull back any minute. But it didn't matter, by now he was so desperate; he took what he could get.

She slid her fingers up into his hair and kissed him deeply, her other hand rubbed his arm. She wasn’t feeling the coolness of the water anymore, just his body, and it felt so good. Maria licked and bit at his lips, wanting him closer.

He groaned and almost drowned under her attack. "Shore." Michael mumbled against her lips and tried to lead their way with his arm. He just hoped it was the right way, because he couldn't see anything but her.

Maria pulled back just enough to look at him, then the shore, and helped him get them to the shore. As soon as they were close enough she started to kiss him again, passionately.

Finally having ground under his feet again, Michael could kiss her with even more force. He just regretted that he couldn't use both of his arms properly. So instead he just interlaced their fingers again and pushed his other up under her wet top to caress her back once more.

She moaned into his mouth and kissed him deeply; she squeezed his hand and arched her back. His fingers felt good against her skin. Maria licked at his lips and pulled back slightly to look at him for a moment.

Michael cocked his head and then nipped at her lips before he pulled back again to smile at her. It was so much easier to get along with her when she wasn't talking. And she was a damn fine kisser. And her eyes were stunning. He could get lost in them. But he couldn't afford to, so instead he closed the distance between them for another kiss.

Maria quickly kissed him back, she wasn’t breaking the kiss right now, he tasted too good, and he felt too good. Her fingers tangled up in his hair, and she pressed her body close to his.

"Ow, oh shit!" Michael moved. He must have been sitting on a stone because suddenly there was this stab of pain in his ass. But it would surely pass now. He discarded it and leaned in for another kiss, when it just wouldn't stop after all. He pulled his free arm back and felt underneath him. No stones at all. But it fucking hurt!

He said ow, and Maria had to pull back. She was hurting him again. “What?” She quickly looked over his face and glanced around, then back at him. “What’s wrong?”

"My ass." Michael whined. It just wouldn't stop! "It… it hurts." Why were there no stones? Then suddenly it dawned on him. "Something must have bit me!"

She jumped up quickly and saw a snake slithering into a bush. “Oh my god!” A snake?! And it bit him… on the ass? “There… there was a snake!” She looked back over at Michael and frowned. What if it was poisonous?

"What?" Michael grew pale. He had thought of a water flee or whatever, but a snake? A fucking snake? "I'm gonna die!" He sat up and looked around frantically, searching for the culprit, but he didn't see anything. Anything but her. "You killed me and now I'm gonna die!"

“What?!” Maria yelped. “I did not! Why would I want to kill you? It was not my fault! I didn’t grab the snake and make it bite you! I hate snakes!” She was starting to hyperventilate. This couldn’t be happening. “You’re the one that was stupid enough to sit on a snake! “

"Yes, because you pushed me into the water! You! If you hadn't done that, this all wouldn't have happened." Michael rubbed his hand over his face. Where was that damn snake? Couldn't it just come back and fucking bite her as well at least? "I'm gonna die!" He leaned backwards and stared at the sky. This wasn't happening. "I know!" He sat up again quickly, which caused him to groan because his ass was very sensitive right now. "You've got to suck it out."

“What?!” Maria shrieked and shook her head. “No! I will not! And you can’t blame this on me! And you’re not gonna die! You can’t die!” Tears filled her eyes. She couldn’t do this alone; she had no idea how she would manage.

"Your fault, my fault, the snake's fault, right now I really don't fucking care anymore. Suck the damn poison out! I'd do it myself, but it's kinda hard to reach, you know?" He rubbed over his face again. Couldn't she just go ahead and do it already? It was just getting worse and worse.

Her jaw trembled as she looked at him. “I… Michael…” What if it really did kill him? She had no idea what the hell she was supposed to do. Suck out the poison?

"It hurts, Maria. It really fucking hurts." He looked at her intently and bit his lip. "It was poisonous, I can feel it. It's already starting to lame my legs. Suck it out or you're gonna have to bite my arm off after all."

“But…” She frowned, what choice did they have? She couldn’t let him die. “Okay…” She wasn’t sure how they were going to maneuver to do it, but she’d try. “Roll… roll over.”

"Really?" Michael smiled at her. Maybe he wouldn't have to die after all. "Thanks, Maria." He quickly rolled over and tugged himself a little more out of the water, and then he opened his pants and pushed them down a little.

Maria sat there for a moment, just staring at him. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. She leaned forward and balanced herself on her hands and knees and tugged his pants down a little farther, she could see the bite. Maria took a deep breath before leaning in and wrapping her lips around the wound and she started sucking.

"Fuck." Michael didn't know what to do. He looked at her over his shoulder. Should he encourage her? 'Suck it, baby?' "Hey, don't swallow it, right?" She'd know that, wouldn't she?

She lifted her head up quickly and narrowed her eyes and then spit. “Ya know, I’m not stupid alright?” Maria lowered her head again and closed her eyes as she started to suck, this was ridiculous, it made her feel so stupid, but at the same time, she couldn’t think about it, because she was too worried that Michael was going to die anyways.

"Just wanted to make sure." Michael grumbled and looked straight ahead again. Excuse him for caring. But it worked; he already could feel the pain lessening. Or maybe this was the first sign of his death. The pain would stop so he could die remotely happy? Either way, he didn't have much to lose anymore. "Oh yeah, Blondie. Suck it harder."

Maria had lifted her head, going to say thank you, until his second comment. “Oh fuck off!” She hissed and spit again. The bite didn’t look that bad. “You know, if I didn’t see the bite I would have just figured after that comment that you made it all up.”

"Yeah, that's why I let you suck my ass. Because I'm really sensitive there and enjoy having it sucked very much." Michael snorted and looked at her again.

“Shut up. Unless you just want me to stop and let you die.” She glared. She wouldn’t, she couldn’t, but Maria had to put the threat up there. She leaned down again, wondering when she would know that the poison was all gone, and that he’d live.

When was the time to tell her the pain was gone and he could also feel his legs again? "You wouldn't do that to me. You need me way too much. And you've got the hots for me." Michael smirked and then grinned. Yep, judging by his growing erection, the feeling in every lower region was back.

Maria jerked back slightly and glared. “I do not! And I would too! You don’t know anything!” She couldn’t admit that it was true. And he seemed to be fine now; he was being a jerk, and smirking at her.

"I know that you didn't let me die." Michael bit his lip. She didn't. Even though she could have. "Thank you."

She shrugged a little and sat down and glanced at him. “I couldn’t just let you die, and not do anything.” Maria wrapped one arm around herself; it was starting to get cold.

Yes, especially since it was her fault. But Michael just nodded. "Yeah."

“We should see about getting something to eat…” She pushed her wet hair back from her face and looked around.

"Yeah." Michael silently moaned. She looked so fucking hot with her hair all wet and sticky, and her clothes clinging to her so tight he could almost see nipples. He just wished she'd be wearing something white. "You know, I have this other swollen part of my body you could suck on to make it better."

Maria looked back over at him and narrowed her eyes slightly. He blamed all of this on her and he expected her to do him a favor? “Not happening. You blamed all of this on me, when it was not my fault. And you think that I’m going to do you the favor of getting you off? Not a chance in hell.”

"But you would have if I hadn't blamed you for the snake bite?" Michael cocked his head. That was a promising start to work on. "Come on, you could even swallow it this time. It's healthy." He winked.

She shot him a deadly look and then looked out over the water. “Shut up. You were a jerk. I’m not doing anything for you.”

"Not just another five minutes of your really fabulous lip service? I swear, you're like a real hover. No one else would have gotten the poison out as quickly and as thoroughly as you." Michael winked, but damn, it was true! And it just made him even harder.

Maria was really tempted to shove him again and knock him back into the water. And let the snake bite off his dick. She smirked slightly at the thought. “Shut up.”

Michael pouted. But she was smirking. "I can see how tempted you are. Just give in to your natural needs, Blondie." Michael turned around and tugged his pants up most of the way so he wouldn't get his naked ass on the dirty ground and risk an infection. He still left them wide open though so she could see what he was talking about. "See? He's all hard and ready for you."

She glanced over at him. So tempting… Just kissing him had made her wet… in more ways than just one. Maria couldn’t resist, she slid into his lap, straddling his legs and look at him, not moving close enough to brush against his length. “You want to know what I was thinking about? I was thinking about trying to find that snake again…” She leaned into his ear and smirked. “And seeing if I could get it to bite your dick off.” She pulled back a little and raised an eyebrow at him.

Michael narrowed his eyes at her. Mean bitch. "Yeah, right. You just want an excuse to suck him too, that's all." He quickly grabbed her around her waist and pulled her closer to him. "You don't have to suck him though. I'm sure we'll find a way to take care of it that's rewarding for the both of us." He raised an eyebrow and licked over his lips.

Maria let out a soft gasp when he suddenly pulled her closer. Jerk. She hated him. But that didn’t stop her from leaning in quickly and kissing him hard. She was not having sex with him. No. No. No… but he felt so good.

She just surprised him every time. Michael moaned into her mouth and pulled her even closer, so he could rub against her pants when he pushed his hips upwards. He knew she couldn't resist him. He had just started to doubt about when she'd finally break. Not like this would be the first time they kissed though. He just had to make sure nothing was going to disturb them again now.

A soft moan passed her lips, as she kissed Michael passionately. She could feel his cock pressing against her through her pants. And it felt amazing; she couldn’t wait to feel him without the barriers. No! That wasn’t what she wanted! Her arm wound around his shoulders and she pressed her chest against his, not breaking the kiss even though she was beginning to feel dizzy from the lack of oxygen.

Michael closed his eyes and fought down the need to breath. This was just too good. And he was afraid that if he pulled back, she'd pull back completely. Or one of them would try talking and ruin it all again. It had mostly been her fault so far. She was just giving him too many opportunities to tease her.

Her head was spinning. She couldn’t take it anymore. Maria tore her mouth away from his and gasped for breath, but didn’t move back from him. Her hips started to rock unconsciously, and it only made her more and more wet.

Groaning again, Michael pushed his hand under her wet shirt. "We should get out of those wet clothes." He involuntary shivered, mostly wanting out of the clothes because they were so damn heavy and cold. That really bothered him. He shouldn't be thinking about anything but sex.

Maria nodded quickly and pulled back slightly. “Maybe move? Someplace a little dryer? Less dirty?” She really didn’t want to be rolling around in the dirt while they were wet. It would only make more of a mess, and what was she thinking? She had no idea, but she wasn’t anxious to stop touching him any time soon.

"Yeah." Michael sighed and nodded. He pulled his hand back out from under her shirt and instead stroked a strand of her hair back behind her ear. Damn. But they had to get up and go someplace else. "At our hill there was grass. And we can light the fire."

She let her eyes slip shut and leaned into his hand a little. “Yeah.” Maria shifted away from him, and glanced down with a smirk. “Better tuck that back in before something happens to it.” She moved out of his lap and sunk down beside him while she waited.

After tucking his dick back in his pants and closing them, Michael carefully stood up and then wavered a bit. Apparently the feeling wasn't back to all of his legs after all. But it was all tingly, so he didn't worry for the future. And if he'd spend it in jail, it wouldn't matter anyways.

Maria got up as soon as he did, and slid her hand into his and laced their fingers together. It was easier, and plus she wanted to reassure herself that he was alright. He may be a jerk, but she didn’t want him to die on her.

"Let's just walk slowly, 'kay?" Michael bit his lip again and leaned into her a little.

“Okay.” Maria said softly and brought her other hand up to wrap around his upper arm, hoping to give him a little more support that way too. She rubbed it gently and leaned her cheek against him momentarily before straightening up a little again.

Michael flinched a little and he looked at her bewildered. Why was she so… so tender with him? Didn't she think he was a jerk anymore? With hating her but still fucking her because of their obvious attraction he had no problems, but getting real close? He looked at the ground and his free hand suddenly came up to touch hers on his arm, to keep it there. Why?

Maria quickly looked over at Michael, then at his hand, then forward as they walked. She didn’t understand why he had done that, but she wasn’t complaining. His hands were warmer than hers. Her mind drifted to the fact that they really needed food, and shelter, and warmth, but at the moment, she didn’t completely care about it.

They had finally reached their place over the hill and Michael smiled at the firewood. "Light it up." Maybe their clothes would even dry when they left them on. He didn't want to risk getting bitten again, even though he had technically been clothed before as well.

Without thinking Maria reached into her pocket and pulled out the book of matches. She looked at them, they were soaked. “They got wet…” They were going to freeze to death. How else would they get warm?

"Oh that's just fucking great." Michael shook his head and let go of her. Figures. She wouldn't just kill him quickly, she'd let him suffer for it first. "Couldn't you have thought of that before you jumped into the water?"

“I didn’t fucking do it on purpose!” Maria snapped and moved as far from him as she could. “And I didn’t jump into the water. If you weren’t being an asshole I wouldn’t have shoved you in, and then I wouldn’t have fallen in. So it’s your fault!”

"Sure, of course it is." Michael narrowed his eyes. "I really begged you to shove me, didn't I?" He pinched the skin between his eyes and took a deep breath. This wasn't working. They had to get that fire going. "Alright, so we've gotta try and rub sticks together."

“Yeah right like that will actually work?” They were going to die. Freeze to death, or kill each other, and die. He’d been nice for the split second before she showed that she ruined the matches.

"You have any other ideas?" Michael knelt down and yanked at the cuffs, then he picked a small stick and a larger one, put some leaves between then and started rubbing. It went fairly easy considering how he was already shivering.

Maria sat down and wrapped her arm around her legs, trying to absorb her own warmth. She was so cold now, and hungry, and tired, and she really wanted to cry. She buried her face in her knees and clenched her eyes shut, hoping that Michael would be able to start a fire.

"So I take it you're not going to help me?" It was the least she could do. Not like he expected her to start the fire any sooner than he did though. Michael looked down at what he was doing and he could already see some small smoke.

“What the hell do you want me to do? I don’t exactly have control of my arm at the moment.” She lifted her head up and looked over at him, slightly annoyed.

Michael broke his rubbing to scratch his eyebrow. "Right." Of course. Dammit. "You could have offered to take your turn after a while." He gave a little shrug and then went back to his task.

“Fine, whatever.” She sighed. “We’re going to be doing this all night. There is no way you’ll be able to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.” Maria tightened her arm around her legs and her teeth started to chatter.

"Why not? Worked in the movie." He was so pissed that he broke the stick. But not a problem. If they had enough of anything right now it was a bunch of useless sticks. He took another and started again.

Maria let out a soft sigh and moved closer to him, and grabbed two sticks of her own. It was worth a shot. At least it would cause some friction which would hopefully warm her up a little.

Michael shot a glance at her and shuffled even closer so he could move his hand as freely as possible. Suddenly there was smoke again. And then more smoke. "Look! It's working!" Michael rubbed furiously and finally there was a small flame.

She gasped when she saw the flame and moved a little closer, quickly gathering the wood together in a pile to help with the fire. Maybe they wouldn’t freeze to death.

He quickly threw some more leaves into it to keep it burning with a stronger flame, then he held it to the pile of wood which also quickly caught fire. "Yes!" Michael grinned brightly and then leaned back with a smug expression on his face. "And you said it wouldn't work."

Maria glanced over at him. “So I was wrong. Congratulations. You started a fire.” She wrapped her arm back around her legs and closed her eyes.

"Yes, I did." And she couldn't bring him down. It wasn't every day that he had to survive in the woods and actually managed. Michael shivered again. Alright, time to lose some clothes. He started by pulling out his shoes and socks, then he pulled off his jacket and let it fall between them. Damn cuffs. He's would have gladly placed it nearer to the fire.

She glanced over at him, taking off his clothes. She wanted to get warm, but she wasn’t moving yet. She was mad at him. He treated her like shit, like everything was her fault. Maria watched the fire burning, and hoped that it would get bigger, and warm her up.

After having taken off his shirt as well, Michael was still shivering. But he didn't want to risk being completely naked, not unless he'd at least get sex. That should be worth the risk, seeing as she was already so good at sucking. "You owe me friction and body warmth."

Maria shook her head a little. She was freezing, what else could she really do? She wasn’t so turned on anymore though. Him being a jerk sort of ruined the mood. Slowly she untied her shoes and pulled them off with her wet socks, but then paused and bit her lip. Did she really want to get naked in front of him?

"What?" Michael raised an eyebrow. "You'd rather freeze to death than at least take your shirt off? I know you're wearing a bra. Besides, a few minutes earlier you'd have taken it all of willingly."

“Shut up.” She muttered. It was different then. Maria sighed inwardly and pulled her shirt up over her head and let it fall between them hanging from the handcuffs. But it made her even colder. Her arm wrapped around her chest tightly.

Michael watched her closely. Black lacy bra. He wondered if her panties matched. But surely they would. She was the type to wear everything matched up. And she was cold. This was so stupid. And all over the fucking matches? "Come here." He held out his free hand for her.

Maria looked at him, and shifted closer before taking his hand. “I’m sorry about the matches… and shoving you in the water.” She told him quietly. She was too tired to fight him right now, and all she wanted was to be warm.

He pulled her to sit in his lap. "Yeah." Rubbing his arm up and down her back, he studied her face. "I'm sure you didn't do it on purpose." With the matches at least. And dumping them both in the water wasn't intentional either, just very, very stupid.

She looked at him. “I meant to shove you in the water… but I’m sorry about it. I never meant for the matches to be destroyed.” She let out at soft sigh, his hand felt really good against her skin, and he was warm.

"You meant shove me in the water?" Michael raised an eyebrow. "Then you do owe me body warmth." He smirked at her. Bitch. But she was too cute to be angry with right now.

Maria curled an arm around his chest, and pressed her body closer to his. “Well you were being a jerk.” She murmured and rested her head on his shoulder and let her eyes slip shut.

"Because you were being stupid. And a brat." And an evil bitch. And a pain in the ass. And a constant tease. And he just wanted to throw her over and fuck her and then fall asleep.

“You can’t be mean to me.” She brushed her lips against his shoulder. “I saved your life. You have to thank me.” Absently Maria tailed her fingers up and down his back.


Chapter Six

"You're right." He could do both, but whatever. No need to ruin the newfound moment. "Do you know a proper way how I could show you my gratitude?" He cocked his head and smirked.

“Well ya know, you kept talking about me doing all the sucking, but never once did you offer any.” Maria pulled back slightly to look at him and then brushed her lips against his.

"Why? Have you been bitten by something poisonous as well?" Michael scraped his teeth over her lips in return.

She let out a soft moan and let her eyes slip shut. “Well I wouldn’t say that… but I can think of a few places that would be great if you sucked on them.” Maria lightly scratched her nails against his back.

"Are they red and swollen?" He caressed her cheek with his nose and then placed a small kiss to the side of her mouth. It wasn't as cold anymore, and it was actually nice to go at it slowly.

Maria nodded slowly and leaned towards him, nuzzling his head with her own. “They are.” Then she pressed soft kisses down the side of his neck, and along his shoulder, before working her way back up towards his lips.

"Then these places definitely need my sucking. And let's start with those here." He licked over her lips and then leaned in for a real kiss.

She moaned and shifted again. “Wait.” She murmured and moved out of his lap for a moment, before slipping back in and wrapping her legs around his waist. Then she leaned back into his mouth and kissed him deeply.

This was better. Michael placed his hand on her ass to keep her close and cupped her cheek with the other. They were almost skin on skin in the parts that mattered. Now if only he could get her to discard of the bra… But what was he waiting for? He snaked his hand back up her spine and quickly unclasped it.

Without breaking the kiss Maria pulled her upper body away enough to let the bra slip down her arms, and tangle with the other clothes on the handcuffs, which were really pissing her off, but while kissing Michael, it made her care a lot less. She wrapped her arm back around his shoulders and sucked his lower lip into her mouth.

Michael let his cuffed arm at the ground now, because otherwise the wet clothes always slapped against their bodies again. And this was all about warming up right now. And nothing else. Maybe rewarding her for saving his life too. And alright, having fun and a good time as well. And screw it all. Her nipples were pressing into his chest and he growled low in his throat before he kissed her hungrily.

Maria found his hand through the mess of clothes and laced their fingers together. His kisses were making her dizzy. She licked at his lips before kissing him again. His body felt good against hers, and it made it easier to forget all about how cold she was.

Leaning her backwards, Michael kissed his way down her throat till he found her pulse point, then he started to suck on it. Would be nice to give her a hickey. He didn't want her to end up in prison, but it was a nice picture to imagine how she would explain it to her inmates. Michael smirked and sucked harder, nibbling on the soft flesh as well.

She let out a soft moan and tangled her fingers in his hair, trying to keep his mouth against her throat. It felt so amazing. Maria rocked her hips towards his, and tightened her legs around his waist.

Michael groaned and bucked his hips. Damn pants. They were much tighter now that they were wet. He should have risked the snakebite. Shivering a little, he left her throat and hugged her to him tighter instead. He really wished they'd at least have found a blanket somewhere.

Maria looked at him and leaned her head forward to nuzzle his throat. She softly sucked and bit at his throat before laving it with her tongue. “Michael.” She murmured softly.

"Hmm, Blondie." He threaded his fingers through her hair and moaned. This all felt so damn great. He'd lied before. He didn't have that many women swooning over him. Living on the street made it kinda hard to hook up with the nicer girls in town. And he didn't want anybody to see his shabby apartment. It wasn't like he didn't get any though. Just not as often as he'd want it to.

She lifted her head up a little and turned her head to look at him. She narrowed her eyes slightly. Blondie. She didn’t know why he had to call her that, and it sort of pissed her off, but he was warm, and she didn’t want to start another fight.

What now? Michael smirked. Must have been the name. "Don't stop kissing me, Blondie. You're so good at it."

“You’re the one that is supposed to be sucking.” She sat back a little and looked at him; her fingers were still in his hair, gently stroking the hair at the nape of his neck.

"Right." He chuckled. "Just tell me where, baby."

Maria slid her hand down his arm, took a hold of his hand and pulled it up to cup her breast. “Here works for now.” His hand covered her whole breast and made her let out a silent moan.

"Works for me too." Michael smirked again and kissed her quickly; before he dipped his head down to replace his hand with his mouth. He flicked his tongue over her nipple to tease it a little and then finally sucked it in his mouth. He trailed his fingers over her flat stomach and then cupped her other breast and pinched her nipple in between molding it softly. To keep the sensations alike, he rolled her other nipple between his teeth.

A strangled moan passed her lips, and she quickly grabbed onto his shoulders to keep herself from falling. She arched her back and threw her head back. His mouth was intoxicating, and was causing a stir of arousal throughout her body.

Michael squeezed her hand and pinched her nipple a little harder, testing how far he could go. When she seemed to like it, he scraped his teeth over her other one before he sucked it into his mouth again to sooth it with his tongue.

Maria cried out softly and dug her nails into his shoulder. “Oh… Michael.” His mouth felt amazing. Her eyes slid shut and she rocked her hips continuously against Michael’s, trying to cause some friction against her clit.

He let out a strangled groan again. If it weren't for the snake, he'd have long opened his pants by now. "Maria…" Dammit. It was more amusing to watch her face when he called her Blondie. But his mind was starting to get all blurry.

A chill ran down her spine when he said her name. “Fuck.” She hissed quietly. Maria leaned forward and buried her face in the top of his head, feeling his damp hair against her cheek.

Michael growled and lightly bit her nipple before he kissed his way back up till he found her lips. As much as he liked her hand in his neck, he was so hard it bordered on painful right now. So while he was ravishing her mouth, he guided her hand away and between them to touch his throbbing erection through his pants, hoping she'd know what to do.

Maria kissed him passionately and rubbed her hand against his cock through his pants. But it had taken away from the pressure against her clit, and she wanted it back. She lightly bit at his lips while stroking him through his pants.

Michael rested his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. "Open them." Fuck dammit. Didn't she realize he was dying here?

“Demanding aren’t we?” She opened her eyes and looked at him. “What do I get?” Maria leaned into his ear, and kissed it softly, before gently tugging on his ear lobe.

She wanted something back? What the hell? "Anything." Michael whined. "What do you want?"

Maria took his hand and slid it down between her legs. “I need something.” Anything. With nimble fingers Maria opened his pants and dipped her hand inside and was instantly greeted with his hard-on. She wrapped her hand around him and started to stroke him.

"What?" Michael let out a loud moan and thrust his hips in time with her strokes. "What do you need?" He played with her zipper but didn't open it.

“Your fingers.” Maria murmured. “Inside of me. God please Michael. Touch me.” She leaned in and sucked hard on his throat. His skin tasted good.

That was a little hard with her pants still on and sitting. Fuck. That meant she had to get up and leave him and stop stroking him. Unless she was at least going commando as well. Michael quickly opened her pants to check.

She let out a quiet groan and rocked her hips slightly towards his warm fingers. “MmmmMichael.” Maria murmured and licked his throat. Damn, he felt really good. He made her so hot.

Michael groaned when he felt her panties. Nice and silky and with tiny holes in the fabric, yeah, and he bet they'd look great on her, but only when she was standing to strip for him. Right now they were as much a pain in the ass as she had been, was, is, whatever. But for now he stroked her through them.

“Uhhh.” She breathed and her thighs twitched a little against him. Maria tightened her fingers around his dick and started to stroke him faster. His hard cock felt good in her hand, in the back of her mind she wondered if this was going to lead to sex and was a little concerned about him fitting inside of her.

"Dammit." Michael licked over her throat. "Can I rip them off?" It would be the fastest way to get where he wanted to be.

“No!” She yelped and shifted in his lap. “Let… let me take them off.” Him stroking her through her underwear wasn’t enough. She shifted back slightly, her hand still stroking him. She had no idea how the hell she would do it, and she was a little uncomfortable with getting naked in the middle of nowhere, but who would catch them? Maybe the snake…

"Hurry." Michael nipped at her lips and stopped stroking her. And fine, it all would work better without the pants anyways. And she was on top, so she wouldn't have to worry that much anyways. He could flip her over though. Maybe be nice and have her sit on the already discarded clothes. Maybe not. He smirked again.

Quickly she scrambled out of his lap and stood up the best she could, but she was worried about falling over. “Help me.” She said trying to use one hand to tug down her damp pants, but it was hard to do with her other hand weighed down by their clothes, and the handcuffs.

"Sure." Michael chuckled softly and helped her getting rid of her pants and panties. "Your own fault for wearing pants this tight." But damn, now he got a little nervous. He really wanted to please her, but what if the snake poison was still slightly affecting him? And he was tired and cold and underfed… And it had been kinda long since he got some this time. And he couldn't just throw her out afterwards either to never see her again.

Maria smirked slightly and climbed back into his lap and kissed him. “I worked at a bar, what did you expect?” She wrapped her hand around his dick once again and started to stroke him.

"What were you working as?" Michael raised an eyebrow and placed a small slap on her ass. It was just too tempting. And damn, it felt good. Her ass was just so nice. Small and hard but supple. Maybe he should flip them so that neither of them would touch the ground with something other than their knees…

She gasped softly when he slapped her ass, and jerked her hips forward. “A waitress.” His hands felt good on her ass, they were so large, and rough. They felt amazing rubbing over her skin.

"Oooh, then you must be used to that, right?" Michael smirked and slapped her again. It would have her slapping against his cock if she wouldn't be stroking it. But alright, waitress. Didn't she already say that though? He couldn't remember. His mind was still fuzzy and he didn't think it would get better anytime soon.

She let out a quiet bubbly laugh. She was hot, and beyond turned on. “It happens.” She nipped at his lips and wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. “Mmmm.” Maria purred and shifted as close to him as possible.

Michael smiled and moved his hand back to her front. He couldn't believe she was so casual about it, but it just added to her cuteness. He almost wished they would have met at her bar instead of like this. But then they wouldn't have spent as much time together, he was sure. He let his fingers tickle over her lower lips before he parted them to stroke over her clit.

Maria moaned softly, and her eyes slid shut. “God yes.” She moaned loudly. It had been too long, and he’d been turning her on so much over the course of the day, all she wanted was more.

Kissing her again, he tweaked her clit lightly and then let his fingers wander to lower. He slipped two into her entrance to stretch her and prepare her for later. And damn, she really needed that. She was fucking tight. Michael pulled back to look at her again. On the one hand now he couldn't wait to finally fuck her, but on the other he was a little afraid he'd hurt her. Because he still had to spend more time with her. And he just didn't want to either. Not like this.

“Oooh shit.” She hissed feeling his fingers slip inside of her. Maria looked at him, gasping for breath, as her hips rocked against his hand. Her hand was still wrapped around his cock, and stroking him steadily.

"Maybe… maybe just stop now?" Michael was getting more and more aroused and he wasn't sure if he could blame it on the snake if he came too early. He didn't want to either. Especially not after feeling how tight she was. Tight but accommodating quickly. He slipped a third finger beside the other two and moved them slowly, still concentrating on stretching her.

“No! Please no. Don’t stop.” Maria buried her face in his shoulder and licked his skin, before latching on and sucking hard. Her hand around his cock picked up the same pace as his fingers. She felt so full of his fingers; they felt amazing, rubbing against all the right places.

Aw fuck! Now he could really use his other hand. "No! No, I didn't mean us… this. I meant just you." Oh god, this was torture. "Just stop touching me, please!"

She pulled her hand back quickly and looked at him. But she didn’t want to stop touching him. Maria’s jaw trembled and she moved her hand up to hold onto his shoulder.

"Thanks." Michael kissed her again and sped up the movement of his fingers inside her. Soon she'd be ready. He couldn't wait.

Maria kissed him back softly, and her jaw trembled. “God… Michael.” She closed her eyes tightly and dug her fingers into his shoulders. She could feel the heat from the fire, or maybe she was simply imagining it, because Michael had her so hot.

Michael shuddered and pulled back once more. "You think you're ready?" He brushed his thumb over her clit to convince her if she wasn't.

With a quick nod she thrust her hips forward, and tightened her legs around his waist. “God yes.” Maria wrapped her arm tighter around his shoulder to rub her chest against his.

"Shit." Her hard little nipples were stimulating his chest and he almost didn't think this could get any better. But that was before he finally sank his hard shaft halfway into her. Then he knew it could get better. Much better. "You… you okay?"

She let out a quiet cry and dug her fingers harder into his shoulder. “God… yeah… yeah I’m okay.” Maria murmured softly. She could feel him stretching her, and filling her, and it was amazing. Slowly she loosened her fingers on his shoulder, and looked at him before tightening her legs around his waist and slipping down his length a little farther.

Michael growled and squeezed her hand. It took all of his restraint to keep holding back. But he didn't want to rush this and hurt her after all. He wasn't quite sure why though, since she would deserve some pain after all of which she caused him. But somehow she made him slowly forget all about it. He cupped her cheek and kissed her while he slowly started to pull back and then thrusting in a little deeper with each time.

Maria couldn’t help but moan into his mouth as Michael continued to sink deeper, while kissing her; it made it so much more intense. “Oh god Michael.” She murmured into his mouth. There was a faint hint of pain at first, but it was quickly fading.

"Maria." He broke the kiss and rested with their foreheads mated and his eyes closed to take a deep shuddering breath. "You feel so good." He threaded his fingers through her hair and then let them slide down her spine to rest on the small of her back.

“You… you too.” She whispered and let her eyes slip shut. Her hips moved in time with his and she moved her hand back and forth over his shoulders. “So good.”

"You have… haven't felt anything yet." Michael managed a wink and spread his legs a little to spread hers and make her sink even deeper onto his cock. Fuck dammit. He moaned loudly and thrust into her with more force as well.

“Fuck!” She cried out, a little surprised by the force, and depth. No one had ever touched her like that before. Driving her crazy with passion. “Oh fuck Michael.” Maria leaned in and sucked hard on his throat, wanting to leave a mark there. He felt so fucking amazing.

"Dammit, Maria. So tight!" Michael closed his eyes again and placed his hand on the back of her head to keep her in place. This felt fucking amazing. He was tempted to flip them over after all though, so he could really pound into her with all his force. But it was already great as it was. She was great. Moving on top of him with just enough force to keep this bordering on painful.

She alternated between biting lightly, sucking hard, and licking the same spot on his throat. She let out a quiet whimper, it felt so great. Maria dreaded her orgasm, she didn’t want to cum, because it would be the end of the amazing sensations.

Michael pulled her head back from his throat to look at her and just read her face. He was very close to cumming but he wanted to feel her close around him first. And damn, she was breathtaking. He nuzzled her nose and then kissed her again, forgetting all about asking her how much more she'd need.

Maria kissed him back passionately, stroking her tongue against his, and tasting his mouth. She was going to cum, but it was hanging just out of her reach. She slid her hand up to grasp his and pulled it down between him and pressed his fingers against her clit, desperate for completion.

Michael grinned against her lips, happy she let him do it. It wasn't like she had to. He'd had girls, mostly rich tourists, who just did it all on their own. He never liked that, made him feel like he was just used like a toy. "Fast or slow?" He mumbled against her lips and then sucked her bottom lip in his mouth while he already stroked over her clit with his index finger.

“Mmmm fast.” She mumbled against his lips, and moved her arm back around his shoulders. “So fucking amazing.” She whispered.

"Yes." Michael smiled and licked over her lips. Fast. He could really learn to like this girl. He chuckled a little and rubbed his finger in fast half circles over her swollen clit. And he still owed her some sucking later.

Finally, it was just what she needed, the quick movements of his fingers. “Fuck!” She cried out loudly, her body convulsed, her hips jerked against his, her thighs clamped hard around his waist as she came. “Oh… oh… oh…” Maria gasped for breath.

"Oh fuck!" Michael finished for her just as he followed her over the brink. He wanted to hug her tighter to him, but he was still stimulating her clit and his other hand was still out of use. This sucked. They definitely had to fuck again once those cuffs were off. But he didn't want to have this ruin his orgasm, so instead he bent forward and latched onto her throat.

Maria let out a broken whimper, his fingers were still on her clit, and it made her tremble as a second orgasm tore through her. Her hips jerked and she latched onto him as tightly as she could. Her whole body was buzzing wildly.

Michael shuddered again. Even though he wasn't as hard anymore, it still felt damn great to have her clenching and fluttering around him. Made him wish to be a woman so he could just come as fast again as well. "Damn, Blondie."

She buried her face in his shoulder and closed her eyes tightly, while she tried to catch her breath. She hadn’t felt anything that amazing in a while. Maria let her hand slip between them to take a hold of his hand and pull it away from her clit, she wasn’t sure if she could handle him touching her like that again, so she didn’t want to chance it.

Pulling their hands up to his lips, Michael kissed her fingers and then licked his clean. Oh fucking hell! It made him groan again. He so would give her that sucking tomorrow. "Hmmm." He leaned his head against hers and then stroked over her back.

Maria sighed softly, she was warm now, and her body was trembling slightly. She curled her arm around his back. She felt so tired now, he had made her feel so amazing, it was almost easy to forget where they were, and why they were together.

He kissed the top of her head. Now was the part when he just wanted to roll over and sleep. Especially since he was still exhausted and the hunger was slowly starting to make itself known again. "Maybe if you move your legs I can just fall backwards?"

She nodded slightly and shifted her weight, lifting herself up onto her knees, causing him to slip from her body, which made her whimper at the loss. And made her feel the faint soreness between her legs. She looked down at him, waiting for him to lay back. Maria wasn’t completely sure why he was being nice, well actually she was, and it was rather upsetting. He was nice because he got sex.

"Thanks Blondie." Michael smiled and fell backwards with a deep sigh. At least they had found a spot with grass so it didn't matter that much that he was still shirtless. He closed his eyes and waited for her to join him again.

She watched him for a moment before leaning in and stretching out on top of him. Then she shifted her weight and lay beside him, their connected hands at his opposite side. Maria let one of her legs drape across his hip, and fall between his legs, and laid her head on his chest.

Michael pouted a little when she rolled off of him, but at least she didn't pull back at all. He wrapped his arm around her again and let out a small yawn. "Tomorrow we'll find food." And reach town and get the handcuffs off.

“Okay.” Maria murmured softly. She could hear his heart beating in his chest, and it was a soothing sound. She was so tired. Hunger, anger, and lack of sleep, add that to the sex, she was exhausted. With a quiet sigh she quickly drifted off to sleep.

Michael fell into a deep slumber soon after her, once again too exhausted to dream.

Maria woke up early, her stomach was growling. She was starving. A chill ran up her spine and she opened her eyes. She was cold. No wonder, she was naked. Carefully Maria worked herself out of Michael’s arms and untangled their clothes from each other and did her best to get dressed without disturbing Michael.

Once she had her clothes back on she looked at the fire, it was still burning, but not very strongly. She picked up a piece of wood from beside the fire and stuck it in.

Michael was woken up when something jerked on the cuffs and his wrist hurt. "Whu?" He opened his eyes a little and glanced at her. Then he rubbed he hand over them and frowned at her. "How the hell did you do that?"

“Do what?” Maria looked over at him for a second before back at the fire. She picked up another stick and poked at it a little, helping it grow a little larger. She had hopes for food, and wanted someplace to cook it, because she really wanted something satisfying.

"Get dressed. Without waking me up. And no, actually I just wonder how you got dressed all alone to start with." He sat up a little and passed his hand through his hair.

“What can I say, I’m talented.” She smirked a little at him, and then went back to the fire. “We should probably look for food soon… maybe see if we can get a fish or something?”

"You are." Michael crossed his legs and leaned forward to kiss her shoulder. "Yeah, food sounds good. I strongly doubt we'll be able to catch a fish though. Not without getting all wet again at least."

“Well we have to find something. I’m not sure how much walking I can actually do without any more food in me. One mushroom in nearly three days doesn’t quite do it for me ya know?” He was right. If they tried to get a fish they’d inevitably fall right into the water.

"Yeah, I know." Michael scratched his eyebrow and then wrapped an arm around her to pull her closer. Why did she have to start the day that depressing again? Couldn't they just roll around and have a little more fun, maybe relieve him of his morning erection in the process, and then start to worry?

Maria let him pull her closer, and closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again to look at the fire.

"Let's just start it slow, okay?" He kissed her neck and then nibbled his way up to her earlobe. She still smelled good. And she was right, she was very talented. He still wondered how the heck she could get dressed so easily. And how her lips would feel wrapped around his dick right now.

Sex. That’s what it was all about. She knew this would end badly. So be it. Maria let her head tilt to the side to give him more access to her throat. His lips felt really good. She didn’t want him to stop, because it did feel so good, but she knew once the cuffs were off they’d go their separate ways, and it would be over. He had other girls; he’d admitted to that much.

Michael smiled and licked over the mark he had left last night. Faintly he wondered if she had left him a similar one. It had felt like it. Now he really couldn't go to prison. Or maybe it would show them he was taken? No, ugh, he didn't want to think about any of this right now.

Maria slid her hand up into his hair and let out a soft moan. His mouth felt so wonderful. “We really should get going…” She murmured softly.

“Umhm.” He nodded and scraped his teeth over her mark, then sucked on a spot right over it. They should. Didn’t mean they would actually do it anytime soon. Somewhere in the back of his head he knew that sex would only exhaust him again and that they should use all the daylight they could get. But right now he just really wanted to get off again.

She knew that she should stop this, stop him, but she didn’t want to. She didn’t want him to stop touching her, it felt too good. “If we die out here, I’m blaming you.” Maria told him as she shifted closer to him.

Chuckling softly, Michael pushed her hair over to one side so he had better access to her neck. "That's fine, I'm blaming you." He planted a few more kisses onto her skin before he cupped her cheek and moved her head towards him for a real kiss.

Maria rested her hand on his side as she kissed him back, slow and lingeringly, the perfect type of early morning kiss. But she broke it off short and pulled back to look at him. “We really do need to go… while it’s still light.”

"But it's early. It's gonna be light for the rest of the whole damn day." Michael whined. A quickie would work for him too though.

“But we don’t know how long it’s going to take us to do anything. We’re in the middle of nowhere, with no food, and handcuffed together Michael. That alone is going to make it take a lot longer…”

"Alright." Michael let go off her with a deep sigh. "Fine. Then we'll go." Already she was starting to piss him off again.

“Don’t be so huffy with me, or you won’t get laid again.” Maria shifted away from him and focused back on the fire to let him get dressed.

"I will get laid?" Michael raised an eyebrow and grinned again. Now he had a reason to do so.

“Only if you’re not a jerk.” Maria turned to him and poked him in the chest with one finger before smiling slightly. Might as well enjoy it while it lasted.

"I'm not!" Michael held his hand up in defeat and shook his head. "I'm all nice and will do anything you say, if you're nice to me." He smirked and ran his hand over her arm.

“I’ll be nice.” She glanced over at him and leaned into his hand slightly. “But only if you get up and get dressed, and we go find food.” Maria batted his hand away from her. “I’m starving Michael, we need to find food.”

Michael growled low in his throat. Figures. "So you'll be nice, but not right now?" He rubbed his hand over his face. Why did she have to be so confusing?

“I told you get up and get dressed, and I’ll be nice. And don’t growl at me.” Maria poked at the fire again. Why did he have to be so slow? She needed food, and was sure he did too, so why was he dragging it out and making them both suffer longer?

"I'll growl at you anyway I want to." Michael pouted and pinched the skin right between his eyes. No sex right now. He would have to live with it. But god dammit! "Not even a quickie? Really fast?"

“If we have sex right now it is probably gonna put me into a coma or something! So if you don’t mind carrying me until we find food, have at it!” Maria snapped at him. She was starving, and still tired, so it made her very cranky.

And now his headache was back full force. "Alright, fine, just a question." Michael rubbed his temples. "I don't think the mushrooms are still any good." He looked at his crumbled up jacket. Oh shit! They had gotten wet and then dried in there. If he ever got rid off those handcuffs, he could have to cut out the pocket, or maybe throw the whole thing away. Such a shame, he really liked that jacket. And it was all her fault!

Maria shook her head a little. “Probably not.” Her head hurt from arguing with him, and hunger. What if they never found food and they really did die out there? Most likely she would die first, she was smaller, so it was bound to happen right?

Michael nodded and picked up his shirt, then pulled it back on with as little damage to his wrist as possible. What if they would get infected? But they wouldn't have to stay out here long enough for that to happen, right? "How's your wrist doing?"

“Hurts a little, but its fine.” She told him glancing over at him. It hurt like a bitch, the handcuffs just continued to irritate it. But she wasn’t going to whine about it. Maria was tough, she always had been, the main reason she was stuck out in the middle of nowhere with Michael.

"Let me see." Michael raised an eyebrow and gently tugged her hand up so he could have a closer look at it. Damn, it didn't look very good. Probably even worse than his, because her skin must be thinner. More delicate. Maybe he could rip apart his shirt and use it as a bandage?

“It’s fine.” She repeated and looked up at him. “Really, no big deal.” Maria pushed herself up to her feet, and tucked some hair behind her ear, before shifting her weight from one foot to the next.

Getting up as well, Michael cocked his head. "You sure? I have no idea which herbs could help, not that I would even know how they look like if there are some in these bushes, but I could bandage it."

Maria looked at him, a little surprised by his offer. “It’s… it’s alright, really. Thank you Michael. Besides, it isn’t like we have a bunch of band-aids lying around or anything… well unless you’re hiding them somewhere in one of those pockets.” She smirked a little, and took a hold of his hand. “Besides… let’s try to be positive… we get out of the woods tonight, I can get some real band-aids for it.”

"Yeah…" Michael squeezed her hand and then smirked down at her. "You could search through my pockets though; maybe I am hiding them, maybe not. But if so, they're in my pants pockets." He wiggled his eyebrows. But yeah, his dirty shirt would maybe just make it worse. He couldn't know for sure.

“Later sweetie.” Maria smirked a little. “Come on, we have to find some food, and get out of this place.” She gave his hand a little tug and started walking.

Michael scrunched up his nose when she called him sweetie, but then his mind settled on the 'later'. Hopefully it wouldn't be that much later. "There's got to be something here. I mean, its water. And where there's water plants grow, right?"

“Yeah… but what kind of plants are you thinking here?” What kind of plants could there be? They hadn’t exactly looked yesterday due to the fact that they were fighting, and the water sports, and the snake.

"Berries?" Michael shrugged. "I dunno, what's growing in a wood? Maybe more mushrooms? I have no idea."

“I was just wondering if there was something specific you were looking for.” He seemed to have a better knack for it all, far better than she did.

"A hot dog on a stick." Michael smirked. "You think they grow out here?"

She laughed softly and shook her head. “Um, something tells me no, hotdogs on sticks aren’t that common in these parts.” Maria nudged him a little, and then leaned into his arm.

"Damn." He smiled down at her. "Maybe cheeseburgers then?" Hmm, burgers. Would they serve burgers in prison? He couldn't stand even a week without having at least one. But what was he worrying? He wasn't going to prison. He'd die out here first.

“I doubt that one even more.” Her stomach grumbled. It sounded really good. She was so hungry.

"Stupid woods." Michael kicked at a stone. Oh, he had once seen this show where they ate the maggots under them. "Uh, I might have an idea…" But could he really eat that?


Chapter Seven

“An idea?” Maria looked up at him. An idea? How did you just have an idea about food? She could understand that if they were in the middle of a huge city with restaurants all over the place, but they were in the middle of nowhere.

"Yeah, you know, I've seen that on TV once. They turned one of the larger stones around and there were all kinda of maggots underneath it." He involuntarily shuddered. "They said they're healthy. Proteins and such."

“Oh my god! That is so disgusting!” Maria shrieked and jumped back from the rock. “I am not eating that! No way in hell!” She’d rather die than eat bugs. Her stomach churned.

"I hate to break it to you, princess, but it might be the only food we might find out here." And it would work to just swallow them, right? Not chew, just straight down. But ugh, would they live on if he ate them alive? Stupid idea. Very, very stupid idea.

“Oh god, I think I’m going to be sick.” He wanted her to eat bugs?! Ew! They were alive! And squirming! But he was right, what if they were stuck out there for a long time. They could cook them, maybe then they wouldn’t be so horrible. But how would they…? Maria didn’t even want to think about it.

"Fine. You can starve, I'm gonna go find me some bugs." The more she was against it; the more he wanted to just show her. Hopefully it would be enough to actually go through with it and not chicken out as well. Michael knelt down and turned the largest rock around. They were right; it was crawling and squirming underneath it right away. He gulped.

She quickly covered her mouth with her hand. He was going to eat them?! “Wait!” Ew! “What if…” Maria shuddered. “We took some back to the fire… I mean, it’s still burning… cooking them would kill any… bacteria or whatever might be living in there…”

"Yeah…" Michael watched them crawling a little longer. "Might be a good idea. We can pin them on sticks, so then they'd be dead for sure." And they couldn't crawl around in his intestines.

Maria opened and closed her mouth. She couldn’t. Just looking at them made her want to throw up. “Go for it…” She turned her head away again. It was horribly disgusting.

Michael glanced at her. It was good that she was looking away now, so she wouldn’t see how much conscious effort it took him to reach out and… not touch them. No, he’d have to find another way. He took the next best stick and then poked into the mess. But damn, they were already lessening, squirming away to hide. Evil little buggers. He had to chuckle at the irony of it all.

She glanced over at him out of the corner of her eye, and gagged. She covered her mouth again quickly and clenched her eyes shut. It was disgusting. How could he actually do that?

Alright, time to get serious. Michael carefully reached out and touched one of the fatter bugs, then held it steady so he could poke the stick through it. "Aw, fuck!" This was so fucked up. He shouldn't have to do this. He should be at home, watching TV and eating a Pizza or something. No wait, it was early. He should be at home in his bed, still unconscious from the night before.

“Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.” Maria mumbled over and over, trying to ignore Michael, and the fact that he was poking at the bugs. She had to pee again, and the whole bug thing was making her ill.

Michael glared at her. This wasn't helping any. "Just don't think I'm gonna let you eat any of my bugs." He looked at the smaller ones. How was he gonna get those on a stick? Damn. But maybe two would just be enough for now. Just to try it out, if they were even edible.

“I don’t want any! That’s so icky!” She stomped her foot. Maria couldn’t believe he was actually going to eat them. She was thankful that she could look away at least, and hoped that he wouldn’t make too much noise when he ate them.

"Fine. More for me." Not like he really needed more. And besides, there were still plenty of other rocks with even creepier bugs, he was sure. Yuck. Michael quickly finished his second 'bug on a stick' and then stood up again. "Alright, let’s go back to the fire."

She shuddered and sighed, doing her best not to look at the bugs as they headed back to the fire. She needed to eat something. Her head felt fuzzy, and she was getting dizzy. But she did not want to eat that.

Michael sat down and then held both sticks over the fire. It was making weird crackling sounds. But maybe that meant it got roasted. Or whatever. "We've just gotta pretend its corndogs."

“Ew.” Maria muttered sinking down beside him, but turned away from him and closed her eyes tightly. She leaned back into him a little.

Michael bent his head back to touch hers without really thinking about it. By now he was used to having her close. After a while he pulled the sticks back and inspected them. "I think they're done." As much as they could actually be done.

Maria glanced over her shoulder at him. “You’re actually going to eat those?” Her nose crinkled up.

"Well, yeah." He should. Now he already touched and killed them, might as well eat them too. And he wanted to show her, right? That he can do it. That he's not a wuss. And that he can survive out here in the woods. Michael sighed and removed the legs of one of the bugs.

She shuddered and leaned back against him again. “Yuck.” She muttered. He was eating them… at least he’d probably still be alive come tomorrow, Maria on the other hand might not be.

"I know." Michael shook his head. But it was food. Food. He quickly took it into his mouth and chewed on it. Ugh, very crispy. But it didn't taste even half as disgusting as he thought. Actually, it tasted kinda okay.

Maria sat there quietly for a while before glancing over her shoulder at him again. “It taste okay? You still alive over there?”

Michael chuckled. "No, I fell over from instant deadly food poisoning, didn't you notice?" He turned a little and met her eye. "It tastes good." He held out the second stick for her, even though he shouldn't. "Here, taste for yourself."

Maria stared at the stick for a long moment, before looking up at Michael. “I thought you weren’t sharing?” Could she eat it? It would be food…

"I thought I wasn't either." Damn her. Once again she was making him all soft and nice. But if she wouldn't take the bug soon, he'd just eat it himself after all.

She took a deep breath and then took the stick from him. “Thanks.” She said softly and took it from him. Then she just stared at it. Could she actually bring herself to eating it?

"Never mind." Michael mumbled and then leaned back against her. He couldn't stand it though and he moved again so he could watch her. He wanted to see her face when she ate the bug.

Maria bit her lip before ripping off part of it, and slowly moving it up to her mouth. She clenched her eyes shut tightly and swallowed hard. It didn’t taste horrible, but it didn’t taste great.

"So?" Michael cocked his head. "You think it needs more salt?" He smirked. It was fun to watch her though. She looked like a kid that had just been forced to take some bitter medicine.

She laughed quietly and shook her head. “Ew.” She shuddered and looked up at him. “That’s… gross.” She looked at what was left on the stick for a second before pulling it off and quickly putting it in her mouth. After chewing it as little as possible, Maria quickly swallowed it. “I think I need some water. Yuck.” What she could really use was a toothbrush, and something real to eat.

Michael laughed at her. "Yeah, okay." He stood up and then held his hand out for her. "Water is good. I think we should stay close to the river, wherever we go today."

Maria nodded a little and slid her hand into his. “Yeah.” She rubbed her hand over her mouth. “Thanks again though… for ya know… letting me have that other thing…You didn’t have to.”

"I know." Michael helped her up and then looked away. He always felt uncomfortable in situations like this. "I just didn't want to carry your unconscious body around, that's all."

She rolled her eyes and sighed. She thanked him, and he was a jerk. The only thing that made him happy to get from her, was sex. Fantastic. Once she was standing she quickly released his hand and wrapped her free arm over her stomach.

Michael scratched his eyebrow and then bit his lip. "We should still eat more though. Just this one bug won't hold us for very long."

“Well as soon as we find something suitable to eat, we can.” She was really hoping that there were berries near the water. Something.

He chuckled a little and started to head towards the water again. "So no more bugs for you? Maybe some nice fat worms then?"

“Are you trying to make me puke?” Maria asked, slightly annoyed. He was mean. A big jerk head. She rolled her eyes. Nice and mature Maria, she mentally berated herself.

"No, no." Michael held up his hands. "Just giving you the options." He interlaced their fingers of the cuffed hands and then squeezed her hand. "And you know, there is still one other thing you could swallow that I hope is much less disgusting than bugs."

“Didn’t I tell you later? And still. I’m not satisfied with the amount of sucking you did last night.” Maria looked away from him and glanced around; keeping an eye open for anything that looked edible.

"Alright." Michael chuckled again. "I'll make sure there's gonna be more sucking later then." He squeezed her hand once more and glanced at her. And it won't be any burden at all. They had almost reached the water again and Michael raised an eyebrow. "But no more baths, okay?"

“Well you’re no fun.” Maria smirked slightly at him. “Trust me… I’ve had my share of baths for now.” She pushed some hair behind her ear.

"Good to know." He wouldn't have minded having to take off their clothes again though. But that would also mean risking another snakebite so nope; they should just behave for now. "And I am too fun."

“No you’re not.” Maria stuck her tongue out at him, and then smirked. She pushed him a little with her arm.

Michael pouted. "Don't make me throw you into the water."

“Well if you throw me in, you’re coming right in with me.” She nudged his arm again.

"I know. And am willing to risk it." Michael smirked back at her.

Maria laughed softly and quickly shook her head. “No! No more water… at least not right now.” She tugged on his hand a little once they reached the water. “But right now, I’m thirsty.” She released his hand and knelt down and dipped her hand into the water, after carefully looking around for any snakes.

Kneeling down next to her, Michael took a sip of the water as well. "There are fishes in here…" He could see them swimming a few feet away. But no way were they ever going to catch one. It was frustrating.

“Maybe there are more farther down… and we could come up with an idea maybe… figure out how to catch some… or find something that might help.” She wanted to be positive about it, but it was really difficult.

"Like a fishnet?" Michael sighed and looked her over. "Why couldn't you be wearing something slinkier, with maybe fishnet stockings?" He'd have loved to rip them off her to, uh, use them for catching fishes and stuff.

“Waitress Michael. Not a stripper.” She told him, and took another drink of water before sitting back on her feet to wait for him to finish. “Ya know, it’s not like I was planning on getting arrested, and then going on the run and getting lost in the middle of the woods.”

Michael rolled his eyes and then splashed some water in his face. Now who of them was no fun? "I know. I didn't plan on all of this either, or I'd have at least pocketed a Swiss knife and a lighter." Not like they would have let him keep the knife before he was led to the court. Nor had there been any situation where he could have used a stupid knife out here. It might have opened the handcuffs though.

“Okay, we need to stop getting mad at each other for not having things. I mean, this was all accidental, and we just need to deal with it. I’m sure we’ll figure a way out of this mess.”

"Yeah." Michael sighed and scratched his eyebrow. "I mean, we already survived two days out here. And hey, you saved my life and I lit the fire just by rubbing sticks together." He grinned, still proud of that one, and then sat down next to her.

Maria nodded a little. “Yeah, and you’ve found food… we can manage… but I’m sure we’ll be out of here in no time.”

"Oh, yeah, of course we will." Michael nodded enthusiastically. "And then we can get rid of those damn cuffs."

“Yeah, that’d be nice.” Maria looked down at her wrist, it still hurt. “We should probably start walking again… maybe there is some berries or something farther down.”

"Yeah." Michael nodded and reluctantly got up again. He was tired. And still hungry. He should have probably eaten some more bugs, but not if there was still the hope of finding anything else. He stretched his back and then held out his hand for her once more.

She slid her hand into his and leaned into him a little as they started walking again. “Just hopefully it won’t take that long to get all of these things done.”

"Yeah. And after that the only time I ever want to see handcuffs again is when you're on my bed and wearing them." Michael smirked at her. "Fur lined." Those at least wouldn't chafe.

Maria’s mouth dropped. Was he serious? “Oh really?” He wanted to be with her? No, it was sex. It was just sex. No relationships.

"Yep. I mean, I don't suppose you want to be wearing steal cuffs ever again, do you?" He raised an eyebrow. "Not like I'd mind though. We could just keep those." He juggled with them. "But I bet you'd look good in pink."

“I never want to wear these again…” He thought that they would stay together after this? Maria couldn’t believe it. They had sex one time, and now he wanted to keep her around?

"Me either." Michael looked down at their joined hands. It would be some time till she was healed enough to be wearing those fur lined cuffs. Some time. Would they still even meet each other in a few days? She couldn't go back. What if she just left for another town? Would it matter?

Maria pushed some hair behind her ear, and glanced around. It was a little strange now; she wasn’t sure what was going on. But she knew she didn’t want a relationship. The sooner the handcuffs were off the better.

"I really hope we'll find some berries soon." Michael kicked at the dirt. Maybe it was all the hunger that was making his brain to mush.

“Yeah… I’m sure there will be some eventually.” Maria laid her head down against Michael’s shoulder. She hoped so anyways. She really doubted that she could handle walking a long distance without eating some more food.

Michael nodded and smiled at her. He'd wrap his arm around her, if they weren't cuffed. Maybe it was just the situation. All alone out here except for her. And she's saved his life. Of course she was the one who risked it in the first place though; he lately tended to forget about that. But no, she was a pain in the ass. And she kept him at a distance unless she wanted to be touched. She was no fun either. Not much. Not when she was… no fun.

She let out a quiet sigh. When neither of them was talking it felt sort of relaxing wandering through the woods. If they weren’t in the situation they were currently in, she was sure that she would be enjoying it a lot more.

He scratched his eyebrow. The more he kept thinking about her, the worse his headache grew again. It was not constantly there. This dull throbbing right behind his eyes. He sighed and glanced at her once more. "So… you're trained in self-defense?"

Maria tipped her head back and looked up at him. “Yeah. I took some classes before I started working at the bar, I work until late at night, walking out to my car… figured it was safer, and it made my mom a little more sane about me working there.”

"Your mom?" Michael frowned. Right, she must have parents. Every normal person had them. "Are you close?"

“Pretty close yeah, I mean, it was mostly just me and her when I was growing up, so of course we were close. I got all my odd little habits from her.” Maria was curious why he frowned. Did he not like moms? Bad experiences with them or something? Was it any of her business to ask?

"Oh." Michael passed his hand over his hair. This was making him uncomfortable. Stupid topic. "So then can't you just go to her when we're back? Or do you think they'll be searching there as well?"

“They might. I don’t know. She lives in town, runs a little shop. She said I could work there… but no, I had to get out and find my own job.” Maria rolled her eyes, and then looked at Michael again. “What about you? You close to your parents?”

"No." He looked away. "No, I don't… uh… what kind of shop?"

“Aromatherapy and stuff. You don’t what?” Now she was curious. Why was he avoiding the subject? The thought of them possibly being dead ran through her head and she felt like a horrible person she was to press it. “Sorry, never mind.” Maria said quickly and glanced around.

"No, it's…" Why had he been starting this again? But at least now he wasn't really thinking about her anymore. "I just… I don't know them."

“Oh… I’m sorry. I… you don’t have to talk about it. I’m sorry for bringing it up.” Maria shook her head a little. She didn’t have any right to question anything about him; it was none of her business.

"I started it." Michael shrugged. Whatever. It was no big deal. He was grown up now, and over it.

“But I pushed it. When it was none of my business.” She tucked some hair behind her ear again.

Michael shrugged again. This was what always happened. People got suddenly all sensitive around him and felt sorry for ever asking. As if he wasn't stable enough to handle it. "I know one way to make it better."

She raised an eyebrow. “How?” Maria asked him.

"You can start by getting on your knees." Michael smirked at her.

“You suck first, and I’ll think about it.” Maria smirked back at him. Guys were all alike; they cared about their own pleasure. They’d tell you that they’d get you off, but once they came, they’d roll over and fall asleep.

Michael chuckled. "So it is later now?"

“We’re supposed to be walking. Not having sex.” Maria told him. They needed to find food, and get out of here, but the idea of sex was just so damn tempting.

"I know." Michael pouted and rubbed his hand over his face. Like he thought. No fun. "But let's make a break when we find some berries, okay?"

“Alright.” Maria agreed with him. A break for them would be good; they’d need their energy to continue to walk.

"Cool." Michael smiled and squeezed her hand. Now he was even more eager to find one of those damn bushes. Or maybe they grew on the ground? Didn't strawberries just grow between your feet? He raised an eyebrow and looked down. But here wasn't even any grass anymore.

Maria resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Of course he liked that idea. After walking for a little while she spotted a bush near the water. “Wait…” She tugged on his hand a little and pulled him in the direction of the bush. “Berries! They look like… I think they’re just raspberries.”

"What do you mean just raspberries? Raspberries are great!" But he would have even been happy about the ugliest green whatever berries he'd ever seen. Or no, alright, not really green. Then he'd rather eat another bug. But fuck! Berries! He grinned brightly.

“I know I just meant that there were only raspberries there, variety would be cool…” Maria reached out, and carefully started gathering some berries, trying not to poke herself on the prickly parts of the plant.

Michael shook his head. "It's really hard to satisfy you, isn't it?" She wanted a variety? Well, he still wanted a hot dog, but they weren't in some damn supermarket. He reached out and grabbed a few berries as well.

Maria smirked at him. “Yup.” Then she winked and popped a berry into her mouth. They tasted amazing. So much better than the bug. There was a rock near the berry bush, and Maria moved over and sat down, still eating her berries. She was thinking about taking more berries with them, but wasn’t sure how they’d manage to do that.

Michael naturally had to follow her and then sat down next to her, eating a few of the berries at once. Still chewing he grinned at her. "I'm easy to satisfy."

“Of course you are, you’re a guy.” Maria smirked and rolled her eyes. “Girls aren’t quite so easy.”

"I know." Michael sighed. "Sometimes I wish I was gay. Less work. No foreplay or anything other. Just straight instant satisfaction."

“Hmm. Good point. I mean, if I was with a girl of course we’d know how to satisfy each other.” Maria reached over and picked some more berries, and handed some to Michael, before getting more for herself.

Michael frowned and took the berries. He had been joking. Was she serious? "Yeah… maybe it would help if you'd let us guys watch while you're satisfying each other. Just so we can learn, you know?"

“I think not, you’re gonna have to figure that one out for yourself. Best way to do it, is ask.” Maria popped another berry into her mouth.

"But it would be more fun may way." Michael smirked before eating another berry as well.

“But I’m not so sure that many girls would be all for that idea.”

"Why? It would only be for their own good." He shrugged a little. And it would be lots of fun for the guys. And way cheaper than renting porn.

“Because I don’t think most lesbians would want guys watching. Bi… might be more likely to happen.” Maria ate a few more berries and looked over at him. “Or you could just ask the girl what she wants. That would be a lot easier.”

"I'd take straight girls too. Why would I want to know what lesbians like? They won't fuck me." Michael shook his head. She was weird sometimes. "And really, I'd rather watch and then join instead of talk about it." He nudged her a little. "But since we're all on our own, I guess for now I'll have to do it your way."

Maria shook her head a little. “Why do you even need to learn anything? I thought you had tons of bitches, who probably just fall all over themselves just to be with you.”

Michael frowned. Right, that's what he had told her. "But obviously I couldn't satisfy you." He ate the last of his berries.

Maria decided that not commenting on that might be a good idea. “We should figure out how to take some of the berries with us… because we probably can’t carry that many in our hands, and then it would make it a little hard to do anything without dropping them.”

"Yeah." His handkerchief. "Oh damn!" He quickly pulled it out and crinkled his nose at the mush of mushrooms still buried in it. Shaking them out next to him, he glared at her. "Have I thanked you for throwing me into the water yet?"

“Shut up.” Maria sighed and started picking some more berries.

Still trying to shake out his handkerchief, Michael sighed. He just wanted to dump it here together with the really disgusting looking mushrooms. "I don't think I want to wrap anything in this anymore."

“Well, then what the hell are we supposed to use?” She stopped picking and looked at him, waiting for some brilliant solution.

"Maybe if there's one bush of berries, there's gotta be more along the way now too?" But did he really want to risk it? And those were raspberries. What if the next ones were those icky sour black ones? "We should at least go to the water and clean it out."

“Whatever.” Maria muttered and stood up. This whole thing was so tiring.

"You want to eat them with mushroom taste on it, and maybe even get sick from it all?" They had been in there for two nights.

“I don’t care! Just get up; let’s go wash the stupid thing.” Her head was aching. And him acting like a jerk made it worse. She didn’t want to do any of it. She wanted to be at home, and not lost in the woods with an amazingly sexy man that she wanted to pin her to a tree, and ravage her body. Maria shuddered. A very tempting idea.

Michael rolled his eyes and stood up, then just walked down towards the river without looking back at her. She'd follow. She had to. Things didn't look good for their break though. Now she'd tell him he was too much of a jerk to fuck him again. He knew her by now, she was mean.

Ideas of the different sexual positions they could manage out in the woods ran through Maria’s head. And she was mentally kicking herself. Bad, bad thoughts. Why did he have to be cute? He was an asshole, but it only made her want him even more.

They had reached the water and Michael finally glanced back at her. She seemed lost in thought and had this smile on her face. Probably was plotting ways to throw him into it again, or what other things she could do to continue making his life a nightmare. He passed his head through his hair and knelt down. Damn her.

Maria let her eyes slip shut. Fantasy Michael was much nicer than the real Michael. In some ways… He wasn’t just a jerk. She let out a quiet moan, and then quickly yelped, realizing that real Michael was still right beside her. Damn. Maria rubbed her thighs together slightly and hoped that he wasn’t paying any attention to her.

Michael looked back at her again and frowned. What the hell? "What?" The snake didn't come back, did it? He quickly looked around.

“Nothing.” Maria said quickly, and bowed her head, trying to hide the blush creeping up her neck to her cheeks.

He shook his head. "You are so weird." Somebody understand women. And she was a very special one too. Her manual probably came in ten books. Michael sighed once more and then cleaned out his handkerchief.

She glanced over at him and smirked slightly. Now she was getting wet, and the idea of skinny dipping was appealing. Or on the rock… against the tree. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and growled. “Will you hurry up!”

"Will you just shut up then?" Why didn't she clean it anyways? She got it this dirty and she was the damn woman. It was her fucking job to clean. He glared at her once more and then pulled his handkerchief back out of the water.

“Argh!” Maria yanked on the handcuffs. He was pissing her off. Why couldn’t he play nice? She knelt down beside him and leaned in close to his ear. “If you can’t hurry up I’m going to just have to get myself off without your help.”

"What?" She was playing her sick mind games with him again, wasn't she? Making him hot only to turn him down again. "Please, go ahead. I'll be watching." Whatever. She wouldn't do it anyways. And he wouldn't fall into her trap as easily again. And it didn't matter that this little statement had instantly made him rock hard again. He wouldn't show her.

“No! Dammit! That isn’t what you’re supposed to say!” She did not want to masturbate in front of him, not if he wasn’t going to participate. “You promised you’d suck! You’re supposed to go all caveman like and ravage me dammit.” Maria hit his shoulder and frowned.

Michael laughed nervously. "What?" Was she serious? Or rather delirious from the lack of food and everything else. Maybe it was the bug. You could get high from frogs; maybe it also worked for bugs? But did it really matter? He should just shut his damn brain off and seize the moment.

She sighed quietly. “Just forget it.” She climbed back up to her feet and pushed some hair out of her face. She needed to learn to control some of those fantasies she was having. But Maria didn’t get it. She thought Michael wanted sex.

"You can't mess with me like that." Michael stared at her and rubbed his hand over his face, then stood up as well. He knew it. He just knew it! She had to be the most evil bitch to ever grace this planet.

“I wasn’t fucking messing with you!” Maria snapped at him. “It’s alright for the guys to want to get laid all the time, but if a girl brings it up … “ She let out a dramatic gasp and then rolled her eyes.

"Argh!" Michael wildly shook out the handkerchief. "Listen, you were the one to always stop it so far, so I figured you were just teasing me again. Besides, if you'd really want it, nothing could stop you from having it."

“Well ya know, I figured the invitation would be all that I needed! Just forget I ever mentioned it alright?!” Dammit, if the fighting with him didn’t make the throbbing between her legs even worse.

"Yeah, sure. Now I know you didn't really mean it." Bitch. Why couldn't he just get immune to her already? She was just too damn hot. Evil, evil her.

“I said forget it because you’re being an asshole! I offered it and you didn’t want me. So fuck you!” She tugged on the cuffs. “I want to leave, and I want to leave now.”

"I did want you! I do. I always do." Dammit. He wasn't supposed to say that. "But you… you kept… ah, you're right, just forget it." He tugged on the cuffs as well. Yes, it hurt, but so did his dick, and all thanks to her.

Maria spun back around quickly and looked at him. “I always what?” She challenged him. She wanted to shove him, and push him, and beat the crap out of him. But most of all, she wanted to just fuck him. Too much sexual tension was happening between them.

"You always push me away. So now it was my turn." He pouted and stuck out his chin. Yeah, that worked. Much better than being afraid she'd push him away again.

“You’re… just a jerk.” Maria tuned back around and started walking again. They should keep it like this. Fighting was better than sex, or falling, or getting into a relationship. Besides, she didn’t want to be with a guy who had a bunch of girls. And she didn’t want to be with him. Period.

"And you're a mean bitch." Michael walked next to her but soon sped up and walked a few steps in front of her, inevitably tugging on the cuffs once more. But the pain felt actually really good right now. It kept his mind clear and diverted the focus away from his throbbing cock.

The handcuffs were cutting into her wrist again. It hurt, but at least it was keeping her mad at him.

Michael reached between his legs and adjusted his cock slightly. "Just wait till we're back home, then I'll take good care of you. Or she will, when I have her handcuffed to my bed." He turned and smirked at her. Then she wouldn't be able to just stop it again.

Maria’s jaw dropped. “Oh I’d like to see you try. Self-defense remember? I could kick your ass.” She snapped at him.

"Sure you could." Michael smirked wider. "You wouldn't even see me coming. Or maybe when we'll have the cuffs taken off, I'll make sure that only my part vanishes and instead close them all the way around your wrists."

She glared at him before shoving his arm. “Bastard.” She hissed. “I bet you lied about your little harem. I bet that’s the only way you could get a girl… handcuffed.” She knew that she was being a bitch, but he made her that way. He infuriated her so much.

"No, but that's the way I like them best." All the things she made him say. But it didn't matter. He soon would never see her again.

Maria growled and yanked on the handcuffs. Crossing her arms over her chest. Screw him if he was uncomfortable. She was mad at him.

Michael was dragged closer to her again. This wasn't good. It just made it all the harder to resist the urge to pin her against the next tree and make her shut up by kissing her senseless. "I bet you're just aching to be handcuffed by me, aren't you?" He raised an eyebrow.

“No.” She hissed in a quiet voice. But once he said it, it was a new fantasy to file in with the others. How could he do this to her? Make her feel so primal. She just really wanted sex, and she didn’t understand it.

"Pink, fur lined? And some shackles for your feet too? I'd even be nice and place a vibrator between your legs to get warmed up while I let you service me." He wiggled his eyebrows. "One with extra clit stimulation." He wasn't really sure why he kept this up, but something about her just irked him to tease her till she snapped.

Maria’s body quivered, and she faltered slightly. “Shut up.” Maria whispered. The idea sounded extraordinary. And she wanted it, now. But no, he was a jerk, and he treated her like crap.

"No vibrator? Maybe just a plug and a clit tickler? Or do you like pain? I'm sure I could find some nice nipple clamps. And those usually come in a set of three." Michael winked. He couldn't stop grinning. And damn how he wished he'd already have her shackled to his bed right about now. Or at least have her anywhere else so he could take care of his erection himself.

The wetness between her legs increased tenfold and she shuddered. “Stop it.” She murmured, and stopped walking. How could he keep doing this to her? She noticed the bulge in the front of his pants, and let her arms fall from her chest and moved closer to him. Maria brought her hand up between his legs and rubbed against the swelling.

Michael groaned and now it was his turn to shudder. He stepped closer to her. "You stop it." Leaning down so their lips were only inches apart, he breathed heavily. If she'd pull away now, he would… No, no, he wouldn't do anything, because this time he wouldn't leave the choice to her. He cupped the back of her head and kissed her hard and passionately.


Chapter Eight

A loud moan escaped her lips, but was quickly muffled by Michael’s mouth. She kissed him back with pent up vehemence. Maria let her arm curl around his waist and pulled her body closer to his, pressing her chest against his.

Kissing her till he ran out of breath, Michael reluctantly pulled away for a few seconds. Fuck. She just felt so damn good pressed against him. And her mouth… He couldn't even start thinking about her lush lips without his cock leaping again. He backed her up against the nearest tree and then kissed her again.

Maria wrapped one of her legs around his waist, draping it over his hip to draw him closer, and give her something to rub her heated sex against. She moved her arm around his shoulders, and was thankful for the tree behind her, giving her something to lean against, without the fear of them tumbling to the ground.

Michael moaned and unzipped her pants. He couldn't wait much longer, he needed to feel her. And not through their pants. "I want to fuck you so badly." He stroked over her cheek and then kissed her again. She was intoxicating.

She nodded quickly and darted her hand between them to unzip his. “God yes.” She whispered breathily. How could he do this to her? Maria slid her hand inside, and wrapped her fist around his cock and started to stroke him. He was hard, and she loved the feel of him. Vaguely she wondered if there would be the same dull pain that had been there the night before.

"Yes, harder!" Michael closed his eyes and he thrust into her fist, kissing his way down to her throat once more. He licked over her sweaty skin. She tasted salty but still sweet. How the hell did she always do this? Look so perfect, taste like this; touch him like she was now. He slid his hand into her pants and rubbed her through her panties.

Maria let out a strangled moan and arched her back. Her fist tightened around his dick, and she pumped him harder, while her hips rocked against his hand. “Oh fuck… please.” She whimpered. Maria wanted him inside of her, pinning her to the tree, and fucking her for all he was worth.

"Get… get your leg down." Michael looked at her and pulled his hand out of her pants. As much as he loved to feel her move against him, he'd love it even more if they were naked. Or at least without pants.

Maria whined as she let her leg slip down from around his waist. She missed the contact of his hand against her. “Hurry up dammit.” She pulled her hand away from his dick, might as well make him suffer too.

"I could still just rip your panties off." Geeze. He was in a rush as well, but it would go faster if she'd stop complaining and instead would just help him get her clothes off. And why had she stopped touching him?

“No!” She squirmed a little, trying to push her pants down her legs. “You want ‘em off? Help me out.” Maria said lifting her head up to look at him for a second before pushing at them. They were still slightly damp from yesterday, and not having full use of her hand made it difficult.

"You wanted to keep them on?" Michael shook his head. She was just so very weird. But they were gonna fuck now, so it didn't matter. Michael helped her push down her pants and then knelt and opened one of her shoes so she could step out of the clothes with one leg. It would be rather difficult against this tree with her legs closed.

“No… but you’re not ripping them.” She growled and grabbed his shoulders to steady herself. Maria looked down at him, and realized she really liked this position. “I think… you should just stay down there.” She rubbed her thighs together a little.

Michael growled back at her. As tempting as it was, it would mean no attention for his dick. "Later." As soon as her shoe was off he stood back up and kissed her again. It was just nicer when she shut up.

Maria shoved her panties down her legs, and kicked them, and her jeans off the leg that was shoeless, and hooked it around his waist again. His pants rubbed against her clit, and she bucked her hips and moaned softly.

Nibbling on her bottom lip, Michael reached into his pants and got his cock out in the air. He winced a little. Cold air. But then he rubbed it against her wet folds and sighed happily again. This was better. "You're so hot. Are you hot for me, Blondie?"

She arched her back and moaned quietly. “Yeah… fuck yes.” She murmured. She was, she couldn’t deny it. Well she could, but it probably would mean she wouldn’t get fucked. She slid her hand under the back of his shirt and raked her nails down his back. “Are you that hard for me?” She asked in turn. It was only fair.

Michael grinned at her, tempted to say no to her question. But she could always still push him away. "Nobody else around, is there?" He licked over her lips. "Yes. Yes, I am hard for you. I want you." He pushed his hips into hers, still not penetrating her.

Maria licked back at him, then gently captured his tongue between her teeth. Him driving his hips against hers was causing the most wonderful friction against her soaked lower lips. “Shi.t… fuck… fuck me Michael.” She pleaded with him. The need she felt for him was nearly consuming.

Yes." Michael nodded and growled once more. "Yes, I will." He wrapped a hand around his cock and then guided it into her in a swift move, almost burying it to the hilt with the first stroke. "I am."

She let out a loud cry, her leg tightened around his waist, and her nails dug harder into his back, frantically in search of for anything that would keep her from tumbling into oblivion. Her inner walls molded around him, and she shifted her hips closer to his.

Michael smirked at her. "This good?" He pulled back almost all the way and then thrust forward with another hard stroke. Fuck. It was. It was this good. She was just so god damn tight, but it still fit perfectly.

“Fuck!” The way he touched her, and how he filled her, Maria couldn’t get enough of it. “God Michael.” Maria moaned and released her fingers from his back, and instead rubbed her palm up and down his spine.

Michael shuddered and buried his face in the crook of her neck, finding another nice spot to suck on. She felt amazing. And all of his pent-up tension was finally starting to leave him. He cupped her ass and started a series of long and hard strokes.

Maria moaned softly and buried her face in his shoulder and clenched her eyes shut. She started murmuring softly, unintelligible things. The intense passion made it nearly impossible for her brain to focus on any one thing, other than the hard length driving into her. With each stroke seeming to go deeper, and deeper.

"Maria." Michael kissed and nuzzled her shoulder and then interlaced his fingers with hers of their cuffed hands. His other wandered between their bodies to play with her clit. He had held out for too long; this would be over even quicker than their first time.

She whimpered and her hips jerked slightly. Her fantasies from earlier had done a great job of turning her on, and then having Michael, who had to be the god of carnal sex, fucking her, and his fingers on her clit. Her orgasm was unstoppable. Maria started sucking on the side of his neck, and bit down, trying to muffle her wail as she came.

"Aw, fuck!" Michael shuddered and his hips bucked into hers out of control, then his own orgasm rushed through him. He had to take his hand away from her clit so he could steady himself against the tree. Damn cuffs.

Maria clutched to him as tightly as she could, her body felt weak, and she just wanted to lie down, and sleep for a while. She started to kiss, and lick, and suck on his shoulder where she had bitten him.

As soon as his legs were steady again, he buried his hand in her hair and held her head close to his shoulder. It felt good. She was so soft and snugly after having sex. And nice and quiet. Which was especially desirable.

A quiet moan passed her lips when she felt him bury his hand in her hair. She knew that they needed to get going again, but she didn’t care. Maria just didn’t want to go anywhere, not while she was still lingering in orgasmic bliss, with him buried inside of her.

Michael kissed the top of her head and then carefully slid his dick out of her and untangled her leg from around his waist. His knees felt weak once again and he sank down on them quickly, covering it up by kissing the skin right above her honey curls. And while he was at it… He had promised her a sucking, didn't he? With a smirk he hooked her leg around his shoulder and then took a first taste of her.

Maria gasped, and grabbed onto his other shoulder, and brought her other hand up to grab onto the tree. She honestly hadn’t been expecting him to actually go down on her. She wrapped her arm around the tree the best she could to help her balance, while she slid her other hand, the one that was handcuffed to his, into his hair.

"Mmmmmh." Michael let his lips vibrate against her swollen nether lips and then took her clit between his lips and sucked on them softly. His free hand had been on her ass again but now he moved it to tease her opening from behind.

“Oh god.” Maria moaned loudly. His lips felt so amazing. Her breathing started to grow harsh, and she tightened her fingers in his hair. He was intoxicating, and it felt so fantastic.

Pushing two of his fingers into her, he scraped his teeth over her clit at the same time. Then he took a few moments to lick and suck on her swollen lips, making sure to avoid touching her clit again for now. It was always fun to tease her, verbally or like this.

She panted, and gasped for breath. Her thighs were starting to tremble from the intense pleasure Michael was causing between her thighs. “Michael.” She murmured and threw her head back. Maria pulled her arm back from the tree and curled her fingers in his hair.

Michael growled softly and rubbed his nose against her clit. Her fingers in his hair felt good. Too good. He could get used to having sex with her. But he couldn't stand being around her. Maybe they should make an arrangement to meet once a week to fuck.

“Oh… oh god… uh.” Maria let out a breathy cry as she came, her fingers tightened in his hair, and her upper body coiled forward, and her thighs twitched. It was too intense. It was bad and she knew it. She didn’t want to feel like this because of him. But she couldn’t help it.

Wow. Michael pulled back to look up at her. This took much less work than expected. And actually he would have enjoyed toying with her some more. He licked over her clit once more and then pulled his fingers out of her, licking them clean. Her juices were mixed up with his sperm, but it didn't bother him at all. In fact it tasted really good. He dipped his fingers in again and then held them out for her.

Maria’s eyes fluttered open and she looked at his fingers, then him, then back at his fingers. She bowed her head and wrapped her lips around his fingers and started to suck gently. She meticulously lapped at his fingers with her tongue, licking up every bit of their combined juices from them. She pulled back a little to look at him; a small smile graced her lips. “Mmm.” Maria purred quietly. “We taste good.”

"Yeah, we do." Michael smiled back at her. Fuck. He really would miss the sex if they had to separate. He got up reluctantly and brushed the dirt off his pants. "Maybe we should sit down for a while." Lying down would be better, but then they'd have to walk some again till they'd find a place covered with more grass.

She nodded, and let her foot slip back down to the ground. But her legs felt wobbly. She wasn’t steady. How were they supposed to walk when Maria felt so unstable? She bent over a little to start pulling her underwear and pants back up her legs, but could barely stand up straight. “Could you… like hold me steady or something?” She asked.

"Sure." Michael took a step closer to her and then scratched his eyebrow. "Maybe wrap your arm around me and I'll pull them up?"

“This is your fault you know.” She smirked a little and lifted her head up, before slipping her arm around him. “You made me come so good I don’t think I can walk straight.” She hoped that he’d get the compliment in it, and wouldn’t start acting like a jerk. Maria now wouldn’t be surprised if he had a harem of women. Especially if he fucked them all like that.

Michael chuckled and pulled her panties up her legs. "Thanks." He gave her a small kiss and then bent down again to pull her pants up as well. "But don't expect me to carry you now. My legs are too wobbly as well."

Maria smiled at him, and once her pants were up, she buttoned them and kissed him softly. “Thanks. And fine. Be that way.” She stuck out her tongue, and then laughed quietly. “Come on… There’s gotta be someplace to sit… or lay… a nap would be nice.” She shoved her foot into her shoe, and slid her hand back into his.

"It would." Michael nodded and looked around. But it would also waste time. But then again, they had no idea where the hell they were walking around, so he strongly doubted they'd have reached town today like planned. Before he had been hoping it, but by now he just didn't care, as long as there was food.

“Okay… let’s go find someplace.” With a quiet grunt she pushed herself away from the tree and started walking. She let her other hand wrap around his arm, and leaned into him a little. Maria was mentally kicking herself for this. For the closeness, she knew it was a bad thing, but she couldn’t help herself with him. Not after the mind blowing orgasms.

He smiled at her and almost stumbled over a branch because he was looking at her for too long. She was just so cute. And they should have sex more often. Afterwards the really got along quite well. "You know… we didn't collect any raspberries before." He realized it when he thought about food. They had just been too mad at each other to remember them.

“Do you think we should turn around and go back? I mean what if there aren’t any more. There could be… but better to be safe than sorry right?” Maria tipped her head back to look up at him.

"Yeah." Michael bit his lip. They hadn't walked too far away yet, and even if, it really didn't matter much anymore. At least not right now. But he started to suspect he was still way too happy from his previous orgasm to be able to think straight. But it was a nice state of mind. He shrugged and then smiled at her once more, before turning and walking back to where they had come from.

“Okay.” Maria said, and quickly followed. The calmness that they had after they had sex was nice. Maybe it was just something they should do a few times a day until they got out of the woods. But if they did that, who knew how long it would take them.

It didn't take long and they had reached the bush again. Michael let out a sigh of relief and quickly collected a few in his hand, then sat down on the rock again.

Maria sunk down on the rock beside him and closed her eyes. Thoughts of getting a real bath flitted through her mind. If she and Michael were getting along, it would work. But more than a bath at the moment she wanted a nap. Just a short one.

He wrapped his arm around her, making hers cross her chest. "Those cuffs really suck." It would all be much easier without them. He ate a few berries and then rested his head against hers.

She nodded a little and shifted a little closer to him. “Yeah they do. We really need to find something to use to pick the lock.” Seconds later her eyes popped open and she groaned. “Do you realize how stupid we are?”

Michael frowned. "You mean in general for even getting arrested?" Or for being still stuck out here in the woods, completely lost. Or maybe for having sex with each other and enjoying it, even though they should just despise each other?

“No. I mean the fact that the cops that had us… were unconscious… and they probably had the keys to our handcuffs. Meaning, if we had actually thought about it, we might not be handcuffed together right now.” Maria tipped her head back to look at him, before letting them close again.

Michael stared at her. Fuck dammit! "But it could have woken them up." But he really hadn't thought about it. He had been in such a rush, it was all a blur.

Maria shrugged a little. “We’ll never know now. And we didn’t think of it. We could kick ourselves for as long as we are cuffed together for it but it wouldn’t do us any good. Well, that is unless you did think of it, but you secretly like being handcuffed to me.” Maria looked up at him and smirked a little.

"Oh yes, you got me. It's my darkest secret come true. From the moment I first saw you I thought 'Damn, I really want to be lost in the woods with her. No food, no place to sleep, no way to undress properly. That would be fun.'" He smirked back at her and then leaned closer to her ear. "And I wanted the snake to bite me too, just so I could get you to suck me."

Maria let out a quiet laugh, and looked at him. “I knew it.” She smirked and turned a little towards him. “But, I haven’t actually given you the thorough sucking that I promised. You think you’re up for it?” He deserved it after the incredible orgasms he gave her.

"God, Blondie." Michael groaned. What about getting back to town? Or taking their nap? "Maybe we should wait till we've at least found some green to lie down again." And he would now always regret this, wouldn't he?

“Hmm… oh alright. But just remember, you’re the one that chose to wait.” Maria smirked. “We should get some berries now, and start walking again?” She squeezed his hand brushed her lips against his jaw.

"Yeah." Michael closed his eyes. He was already partially regretting it. Great. But no, then he wouldn't have been able to walk any further for the next hour or so. Not with her blowing him. She would be too good. Aw, fuck. "Let's hurry up."

“Where is your handkerchief?” Maria asked getting up from the rock. She reached over and started picking some of the berries.

Michael reached into his pocket and got it out. Luckily he had pocketed it in shortly before they were getting it on. "Hm, looks okay." He shook it out once more and then spread it out in his lap.

Maria glanced at him and smiled and handed him the berries, before going back to picking more. Being handcuffed made it a little difficult, but she was enjoying the fact that they weren’t fighting. It made the whole thing so much nicer when they weren’t fighting.

Michael put them onto his handkerchief and waited for her to collect more. That's how it was supposed to be. Her taking care of the food and then later he'd care for the fire again. He smirked. Yeah, that and the berries would fall to the ground if he got up to pick some as well.

She put another handful in the handkerchief, and looked at him. “Do you think that is enough?” Maria reached over to the bush and picked a few more off and popped them into her mouth.

"Dunno." Michael shrugged. "Make it a handful more." They'd still fit into the bundle. "Not like we really have to care about leaving some berries on the bush for whoever passes this way after us. For all we know nobody ever might."

Maria picked some more and then tucked some hair behind her ear. “Good?”

"I guess." He nodded and then tied a knot so they wouldn't fall out. "I still hope we'll find something else though. Some just recently died animals maybe." Or a hotdog on a stick. He sighed again and passed his hand over his hair before standing up.

Dead animals. That sounded completely unappetizing. Maria nodded though, and stood up and slipped her hand into his. “Okay, so we start back the way we came again?” She wanted grass, a lot of it, just someplace to lay with Michael.

"You mean where we left this morning?" And once again, did it really matter? Maybe that had been the right way. There would be grass for sure. And already a fireplace. And they even had some wood left from the night before.

“Actually I meant back towards where we just came from. But it might be a good idea to go back there, just for one more night, so we can get some rest, ya know.”

"I don't really care anymore." Michael shrugged and kicked at some dirt. Just as long as they could lie down and have sex again. But sex would make him even hungrier. Maybe they'd succeed in catching a fish this time though.

“Come on then.” Maria gave his hand a little tug, and pulled him back in the direction of the hill. A nap would be really nice. She really just wanted to curl up against him and take a long nap.

"Sure." Michael followed her, carrying the berries in his free hand. "This time, if you see a dead animal scream." He nudged her softly. "That or a really sharp stick, so maybe we could catch a fish. It works in movies." And could be used against snakes too... At least he hoped so, since they were just returning to where that evil little bastard had been.

Maria smiled a little. “Right. We could always try to figure out how to sharpen one…” She suggested. She had no idea how they’d do it, but it was an idea.

"We could rub it against the cuffs. They're sharp enough to cut into skin." He gave her a crooked smile.

“That would probably be really uncomfortable for our wrists though.” Maria said nudging him a little.

"Yeah." Michael smirked. "A fish would be worth it though." Or killing that damnable snake. He still owed her for saving his life. And he didn't like owing anything to anybody. It made you dependent. But he hadn't strangled her in her worst moments, maybe that already counted.

“Hmm yeah, I think it probably would be.” Maria smiled a little. She would love to have a fish, to be full, and completely satisfied. With Michael she was already close to being satisfied, just a little more food would make it all that much better.

He could already see the hill again. "We didn't get very far today." Another reason why it didn't matter much which way they went.

Maria laughed quietly and shook her head. “I wonder why?” She joked. Of course she knew why, because he pissed her off, made her hot, and fucked her senseless. “Tomorrow we’ll do better.” She said, trying to reassure them both. Tomorrow they would start out with a great romp on the grass, and it would put them both in a good mood, and they could manage without trying to kill each other.

"So you won't go and distract me again tomorrow?" Michael raised an eyebrow. Since it was her who started it all today. And it would still be her fault if they died out here.

“A little, in the morning.” She smirked. “And then we can fully focus on getting out of here.” Maria smiled sweetly at him.

Michael chuckled. "Yeah, I'll hold you to that." As much as he loved the sex, they could still have it once they were back in town, right? "You know, when we're back you can probably crash at my place for a few days."

Maria opened her mouth, and then snapped it shut. He was inviting her to stay with him? Why? “Uh… thanks.” It was the sex right? He just wanted to get as much sex from her as possible before she ended up getting arrested again.

"Since you said you can't go back to your own place." He shrugged. "But maybe I could, and feed your fishes."

She looked at him, completely surprised. “Thank you.” She whispered, quickly blinking back the tears that stung her eyes. “But that probably isn’t a good idea. I mean, if they’re looking for me, and they find you… you could get arrested again.”

"Ah, I dunno. They won't be looking for me, I don't think." He just had to go to prison because his judge had been an asshole. Usually he was left alone.

“I appreciate the offer Michael, really I do. But, it’s okay… my fish probably already died anyways. I wouldn’t want you to risk that.” Maria glanced away from him and tucked some hair behind her ear as they reached their campsite from the night before.

"I don't think they die that fast. Or do you have special sensitive fishies?" He raised his eyebrow again. Maybe she had those Japanese fight fishes he saw in that funny movie once. She looked like someone who might.

“It’s been a few days since I was home… Thank you Michael.” Maria told him again. She didn’t get why he was being so nice to her right now. But she really appreciated it.

Michael shrugged and then inspected their fireplace. Fine. So they couldn't have been expensive fishes. "Just good that you didn't have a cat, eh? Even though if you'd have both, you wouldn't have to worry about it."

Maria couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh my god you are so evil! I’m surprised you didn’t throw a dog into the equation!” She pushed his arm a little, and smiled. Her poor fish. But she didn’t want to be the cause of Michael getting arrested again. Not now anyways. Maybe in a few days when he would of course piss her off again, maybe then she wouldn’t mind.

"Dogs don't eat cats." Even though they should. Cats sucked. A few more or less wouldn't matter. A whole bunch of them less would be nice though. He leaned down to check the ashes. Nothing smoldering anymore, dammit. So he'd have to rub sticks again. Swell.

“You don’t think so? I think they should.” Maria knelt down beside Michael and looked at the wood. “Do you think the matches would still work? Even though they got wet?”

Michael smirked at her. She just scored a lot more points in his book. Then he shrugged. "Won't hurt to try."

Maria picked up the matches that she had dropped beside the fire pit the night before, and handed them to Michael. “Here… you managed to start it last night, maybe you’ll be lucky again now.” She gave him a small smile.

"I started it by rubbing sticks, not with drenched matches." He turned the box in his hands. They looked dry now though. He got one out and rubbed it against the side. Nothing. Michael shrugged. "Maybe it's the box." He leaned back and rubbed another stick against the zipper of his pants. And it caught fire.

She let out a happy shriek. He did it. They would be warm again! Maria put a few more pieces of wood into the pile of ash, to let Michael light them.

Michael held his hand around the flame so it wouldn't go out and then carefully chose a spot with more leaves to light up their fire once more without having to rip apart any more clothes. Even though it wouldn't hurt for her to lose some more. He chuckled softly.

Maria couldn’t help but be happy that he did it. She pounced on him once the fire was going and threw her arm around his shoulders and kissed him. “Good job.” She mumbled before kissing him again.

"I know." He grinned and slid his hand in her hair before leaning in for another kiss. Anybody could have lit that match, but if that was the reward he got, he wouldn't go and tell her.

She kissed him passionately, and kissed her way down his throat, and against his chest. She pulled back a little to look up at him. “Do you think you’re okay to have me repay that favor now?”

Michael groaned. "We should probably get more wood and stuff." And just how fucking stupid was he? "But we still have time for that later." Yeah right. He'd be wiped and sleep. But so what? When he was cold when he woke up, they'd just had to get back to the body heat solution. "So yeah. Yeah. It's all okay now." He nodded to emphasize it and kept his hand buried in her hair.

Maria smiled and kissed his chest, and slowly pushed his shirt up so she could kiss his stomach. “It can wait.” Then she unzipped his pants and gave them a little tug. She slid her hand up and rubbed his stomach, and his thighs, wanting to tease him a little before she actually touched his dick.

"Yes." But he couldn't. Michael watched her closely, smiling down at her. He really liked her hair. And she looked even better from this point of view. So promising.

Maria nestled herself between his thighs and pressed a soft kiss against the base of his dick, then slowly trailed her tongue up the bottom of his cock, and pressed her lips softly against the head. “So far, so good?” She asked with a small smirk before wrapping her fingers around the base of his dick.

"Uhuh!" Michael nodded his head wildly and pushed his hips upwards a little to encourage her to go on. She was going at it so slow. Like she really liked what she was doing. It was so unexpected.

She couldn’t help but smile, at least he seemed to be enjoying himself. She was really enjoying teasing him. Her lips pressed soft kisses down his length, then back up the other side. Maria smirked a little, and then engulfed his cock in her mouth, and rubbed her tongue against his dick.

"Fuck!" He clenched his fingers in her hair and bent his back as far as it would go. "More!" He wouldn't admit it, but it had been too long since he'd gotten a decent blowjob.

Maria sucked on his dick, and then pulled her mouth off him while her fist began to stroke him. She pressed a soft kiss against the head of his dick again, before wrapping her lips around his cock again and sucking again. Her head bobbed up and down, in time with the movements of her hand.

And he couldn't even remember when any girl seemed to enjoy it as much as Maria just did. Or maybe she was just very good at pretending. Right now he didn't care… much. "Damn, Blondie!" He did his best to unclench his hand so he could stroke over her hair. He didn't want to hurt her, or keep her from doing whatever she wanted with her pretty little head.

She smiled a little; glad he was enjoying it, because she sure as hell was. His tangy flavor on her tongue made her mouth water. She wanted more of it. Her hand tightened, and she pumped his shaft harder. Maria pulled her mouth off him and glanced up at him through her lashes. “Cum for me Michael.” She murmured before wrapping her lips around his dick again.

Michael nodded again. He wanted nothing more than that. Besides maybe feel just like this for even longer. Or not? He couldn't decide. And she was making it damn hard for him not to cum. His hips were thrusting in time with her movements and he clenched his hand in her hair again. "Maria!" He couldn't help it anymore; his seed spurted into her hot mouth.

Maria swallowed quickly, and several times, her hand still stroking him. She took her time licking him clean before moving back up his body, after pressing soft kisses against his stomach, and then to his neck. Maria laid beside him and let her eyes slip shut. “Good?” She asked with a smirk. She could still taste him on her lips.

"Great." Michael kissed her softly. "Thanks." Why was he thanking her? He never did that. But nobody has ever been this good. He just felt all around great. They were warm, he was satisfied, and she wasn't in her bitch mood. Life was great.

Maria smiled and kissed him back before laying her head on his chest. “My pleasure.” She slid as close to him as she could, and draped her leg between his. She stifled a yawn and closed her eyes. A nap was just what she wanted.

"I thought it was all mine." Michael squeezed her hand and stroked over her cheek with the other. She was just so very cute when she was like this. He kissed the top of her head and then closed his eyes as well.

“Mine too.” She murmured drowsily. Maria laced their fingers together and sighed softly. “Sleep now.” She murmured quietly before dozing off.

"Yeah, sleep." Michael moved his hand to rest on her back. He could get used to this. Which was bad. Very, very bad. But he had no doubt she'd change into the bitch again very soon, so then his brain would clear up again. He yawned and then quickly followed her to sleep.


Chapter Nine

Maria woke up slowly, she was warm, and comfortable for the most part. She opened her eyes and smiled slightly when she saw Michael. This was bad. How comfortable she was with him, she knew that she couldn’t be.

Michael groaned again. "Maria!" He jerked awake and then blinked disorientated. "Maria?" He frowned, then smiled at her. Right. She was here with him, after they had sex. And because they were still handcuffed together… Damn.

She lifted her head up quickly when she heard him saying her name. “What?” She asked, and saw him smiling at her. She smiled back and kissed him softly. “Sleep okay?” Maria laid her head back down on his chest, and rubbed her hand against his stomach.

"Yeah." He just had weird dreams. He couldn't really remember much of them though. It were just some random images flicking past his memory. Kissing Maria. Holding her. Her going down on him. And then there was this giant snake. Or did Maria turn into the snake? And then it wanted to bit off his… oh shit! Michael winced.

She nodded a little and let her eyes slip shut again. “I know it probably isn’t any of my business… but, what did you mean when you said you didn’t know your parents… I mean, why not?” Maria asked softly. “If you don’t want to tell me just say it.”

Michael frowned and tensed up. That was her second question after how he'd slept? "Uh, I just… don't know them." Like he didn't really know her. And when they got back, he never had to see her ever again, so what the hell? "I grew up in the orphanage and foster homes."

“Oh.” Maria bit her lip and lifted her head up to look at him, she rested her head against her hand as she propped herself up part way to look at his face. “I’m sorry. I mean… it doesn’t really seem like enough, and I doubt you really want my sympathy, but I am sorry that you had to go through that. No one deserves that.”

Michael shrugged. "Whatever." She didn't know anything. Just growing up in foster homes wasn't bad. Not always. He'd heard legends about there being some nice families out there, who took you because they wanted a kid and not the money.

She frowned and shifted away from him. She tried to be nice, and understanding and he basically blew her off. Maria sat up and pushed her hair behind her ear and looked at the fire. She was worried about it going out and then them not being able to build a new one. So Maria picked up a piece of wood and laid it down in the fire.

"You think we should go and collect some more wood?" It was still partially light. If they waited a bit longer, they wouldn't be able to anymore. And it would be a nice way to switch the topic.

Maria nodded. “It’s probably a good idea.” She glanced around, avoiding looking at him.

"Yeah." Michael passed his hand over his hair and then sat up as well, stretching his legs. "You think we should try and catch a fish too?"

“Sure.” Maria said and pushed some hair behind her ear again. Real food would be nice. “Maybe if we broke a stick off the tree… it would be thick enough, and sharp enough from the break to get some fish with it?”

"Yeah…" Michael nodded. "That could work." He stood up and just wanted to bend his arms backwards, when he remembered the cuffs. He was gonna be so sore if this went on for much longer.

She stood up quickly after Michael did, and tugged at the hem of her shirt a little. It was such a pain to be handcuffed to each other. She hated it.

Michael smirked. "You're pushing it the wrong way."

“Hush.” Maria said and cast a glance over at him. “We need wood, and food.” She slid her hand into his and gave his hand a little tug.

"Was still the wrong way." He chuckled and winked at her, then started to walk back towards where the woods were a little deeper.

“Not right now it isn’t.” She smirked and glanced around, picking up pieces of wood as they walked. “What do you think about that one?” She asked pointing to a small branch jutting out from the tree. It was sort of long, and kind of thick, but not too thick; maybe it would work for catching a fish.

"Looks good." Michael shrugged. And hopefully it wouldn't break when they were sticking it into a fish. Or more likely onto a stone. "We should get two though, one for each of us." For now he broke this one off.

“But you’re the guy, you’re supposed to be the one doing the hunting and catching. I do the cooking.”

"You'll gut the fish and scrub it and stuff?" Michael raised an eyebrow.

“Ew!” Maria yelped. “Well… you can do that too… but how could we even cut it, we don’t have a knife.”

"But you could find a sharp stone." He shook his head. "And alright, when you don't gut it, you'll try catching one too." He wasn't the only one to get embarrassed by it. Because he strongly doubted he'd succeed. And then she'd have a reason to bitch at him.

“Oh, great, so I get to make a complete fool of myself. Thanks Michael, I appreciate that.” She smirked at him. “But fine… I’ll try… as long as I don’t have to gut it.” She shuddered.

"Alright, works for me." Since they wouldn't catch one anyways. "You'd have loved that, wouldn't you? Standing on the shore, probably not even in the water at all, laughing at me because I can't catch anything."

Maria laughed softly and leaned into him a little and smiled. “I would love that. But I’ll help you try and catch one. But… you have to hold my clothes so I can take a bath, and get clean.” She said to him, but she wasn’t sure it was a great idea; there still could be that snake, or other snakes.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Let's see if we're still dry after trying to catch those fishes." She wanted to take her stupid bath again? Wasn't she cold enough the day before?

“I want a bath. I want to be clean Michael.” Maria whined and nuzzled his shoulder. “Please.” She pouted a little.

"So you can get dirty again?" She wasn't gonna tell him he had to take a bath as well, was she? But damn, she was so fucking cute when she was like this. It was hard to refuse her anything.

Maria smiled slightly. “Maybe. I just want to be clean… but would you help dry me off?”

"Would you want me to?" With her he couldn't be sure. Not even after having had sex with her a few times today.

“I would love you to.” She bit her lip a little. “I mean… well if you don’t mind.” Maria glanced away from him and picked up some more wood.

"Of course not. But forgive me for wishing I had a towel to do it, you know?" He nudged her a little and then picked up some wood as well, careful not to damage the sharp stick.

“Yeah, a towel would be nice; a lot of things would be nice. But we don’t have any of the luxuries right now.” Maria nudged his shoulder back.

"But soon we'll have them again." Michael smiled hopeful. Sometimes he thought they wouldn't, but right now he was sure they would reach the town soon. They had to, eventually. At least they weren't out in the desert or something, with no water or food at all.

“Yeah.” Maria smiled back at him, and picked up some more wood. “Do you think this is enough for now? Or should we get some more?”

"I think we should carry it back to our place and then come back to look for another long stick." He couldn't carry much more. Not without breaking the one they already had.

“Alright.” Maria pouted a little. “So does that mean I’m not getting out of trying to catch a fish?” She smirked a little, and turned around with him and started heading back towards the camp site.

"Nope, not even if you continue to pout like that." Michael smirked again. Sometimes it was just really fun to have her around.

“Damn.” She huffed and then laughed quietly. “You sure?” She asked raising an eyebrow. “I’m really good at pouting.”

"I can see that." He chuckled. "But it won't be good enough. You'd have to add in bribes as well."

“Oh, I can do that too! I can suck some more if you like.” She wiggled her eyebrows at him and then smiled innocently. “I could do anything you’d like.”

Michael cocked his head. "Anything?" But no, it wouldn't be worth it. Or would it? No, he'd get her to do anything just by a snip of his hand; he wouldn't need to use this situation for it.

“Within reason.” She told him. Maybe saying ‘anything’ was a bad idea. He could come up with some horrible thing she would never want to do.

"Then forget about it." He should have known. She wasn't that easy after all. They had reached the campsite again and Michael dropped his wood onto the small pile of old branches.

She huffed. “Dammit, please? I can’t just flat out say I’ll do anything you want. Because you might come up with something that I’m not okay with.” Maria pouted and then stuck her tongue out at him. She dropped her wood into the pile and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well, I for one am not okay with playing the clown for you. Besides, it's gonna be easier if we both try and catch the fish. We have to stay close because of the cuffs, remember?" God damn, her tongue brought back great memories… She was so evil.

Maria growled at him and gave him a dirty look before smirking. “Oh fine, be that way.” She was already planning ways to tease him once she got her bath.

"I am." Michael wiggled his eyebrows and then turned around once more. "Come on, it's gonna get dark pretty fast now."

“Okay.” She slid her hand back into his, and headed back into the thicker woods to find another stick. She really hoped that they would be able to catch a fish, or two. She was really looking forward to real food.

It didn't take long and Michael had spotted another stick that might work. "This one?" He didn't wait for her reply and already broke it off. Wasn't the only stick this tree was growing, so it wouldn't hurt.

Maria nodded. “Sure.” She just shrugged, since he was already breaking it off before she could respond. “Okay, now we have some sticks, let’s go attempt to catch some fish.” She smiled at him and gave his hand a light tug.

"Yeah…" Michael bit his lip and walked over to the water with her. "Attempt would be the right word for it."

She looked down into the water, and bit her lip as she took one of the sticks from Michael. “Well, it’ll be an interesting attempt.”

Michael laughed. "Yeah." Then he bent down to take his shoes off. Those took the most time to dry off again. Besides, he was planning to step into the water anyways.

Maria bit her lip and kicked off her shoes, and then stuffed her socks into them, and rolled up the hem of her jeans a little.

Michael did the same and then carefully stepped into the water. "Let's hope they're already tired."

She smiled at him and stepped into the water after him, and watched for the fish. There were quite a few of them, but she wasn’t sure if they could actually catch any.

Cocking his head, Michael studied the fish for a while. Or at least he stared at them; he wouldn't really call it 'study', since it didn't give him any clue. Then he just aimed at a fat one and rammed his stick into the water. Nothing. They just all swam away. "Dammit."

Maria watched him try to stab one of the fish. She glanced around, they scattered. With a frown she moved a little, seeing some fish near a rock. She stabbed into the water, and frowned. “Damn.”

Michael gave her a crooked smile and then waited till they had reassembled around him. He repeated the same damn stabbing motion for over ten times, he just never even scratched one. "I don't get it. I'm fast. Why are they never where I aim at?"

Maria looked at the water, then at him. “Because they’re under water… so when you stab at them, you think you’re right on top of them, but they’re not really right there…”

"Huh?" He frowned. "That doesn't make any sense."

“Yes it does. You have to stab a little ahead of it… or a little behind… because the water creates like weird dimensions… like don’t you remember looking through the water as a kid, things are always distorted.” Maria watched the fish in the water. She understood it, but she just couldn’t do it.

Michael looked at her. "If you're so smart, then why don't you catch any fish?" And everything was looking all clear to him, not really distorted. It still didn't make any sense.

“I have bad aim. Why don’t you just try it? If it doesn’t work, go back to doing it your own way.”

"Try it how? Just aim a few inches more to the left? The right? What?" This was now really starting to piss him off.

“I don’t know.” Maria huffed and looked at the fish. “Just… by it.” She rolled her eyes, and spotted one fish before stabbing at it. She felt it hit something, and it wasn’t just a rock. “Oh my god! Ew!” Maria shrieked seeing the blood from the fish.

Michael gaped at the water. "Holy shit! You did it!" He quickly hugged her close. That was great, now they were gonna have food. And wait a minute… Why did she catch a fish and he didn't? Michael pulled away and frowned. This wasn't right.

Maria stared at the fish, unable to believe she actually did it. She couldn’t help but smile. “I told you so.” She pulled her stick out of the water and crinkled her nose at the twitching fish. She refused to clean it. Michael had to.

Not to be outdone, Michael growled low in his throat and then stabbed at another fish. "Fuck dammit!" This was so not fair. He stabbed again, this time almost stabbing his foot. Alright, this wasn't the way this was gonna work.

She tried not to giggle watching Michael. It was amusing seeing him get pissed about it. “You’re not doing it the way I told you to.”

"Shut up." He glared at her and then stabbed into the water again. She was just making it worse. But he shouldn't let her win, he had to concentrate. Maybe if he already put his stick into the water, then it would get… distorted too?

“I’m sorry it’s just… you’re getting so mad about it. Calm down. Take a deep breath.” She rested one hand on his arm and smiled. “Relax.”

Michael was about to flinch away from her again, but then he decided to maybe listen to her after all. They needed food, and he couldn't deny that she had caught a fish first. And if it wouldn't work now, it was her fault, and her catch was just sheer luck, nothing more.

"Alright." He nodded and closed his eyes for a moment before he concentrated on the fishes again. "Calm?" He glanced at her before he finally decided on one and then checked where his stick was in the water and where the fish was compared to it, then quickly stabbed - and succeeded in catching the fish.

“You did it!” Maria shrieked happily. They had food now. “Come on! Let’s go cook these… oh by the way, you’re cleaning them.” She smirked at him. “We should probably clean them down here though…” She’d help, if she had to.

Michael was still on a rush and happily grinning. "Sure." He'd probably agree to anything right now. He did it, he caught a fish. Just with a stick. A fucking stick! He was just so damn good. "What did you say?"

She laughed and kissed his cheek. “Cleaning them. We should do it down here, so we can rinse them and stuff.”

"Uh, yeah." He touched his cheek. Why had she been kissing it? Probably because he had agreed to clean the damn fish, stupid as he was. They stepped out of the water and Michael sat down, so he could get it over with.

Maria sunk down beside him and looked at her fish on the end of the stick. “This is gross.” But at least it had stopped twitching. She used the tip of her finger to push it off the stick and crinkled her nose. “Yuck.”

"You don't have to eat it if you find it so disgusting." Michael smirked at her. He could do with two of them. Taking his own fish in his hand to get it off the stick, he knew what she meant though. It was way more slimy than he thought it would be. And bloody. Ech.

“I didn’t say that!” She laughed and nudged his shoulder. “I just don’t want to touch it while it still has its insides… and its head… it’s looking at me Michael!” Maria whined.

Michael chuckled. "Yeah, it's blaming you for its death." He looked around for a sharp stone. "Do we really have to gut it though? Maybe we can just eat around it or something?"

“Ew! No!” She grabbed her stick again and pulled it closer, so she could use the pointy end. It disgusted her, but there was no way she was eating a fish when its guts were still inside of it. Taking a deep breath Maria jabbed the stick into its belly. “Ew.” She mumbled over and over again as she stuck her thumb inside and started trying to pull the stuff out.

Michael watched her fascinated and involuntary shuddered. But good, now he wouldn't have to do it. Just like they had agreed on before they went fishing. He'd hunt, she'd clean.

“Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.” Maria shuddered and shoved her hand in the water, trying to wash the bloody mess of her hand. She shoved the fish in after, and did her best to make sure it was clean. But she still had a problem with the head. Why didn’t they have a knife? Maria glanced over at Michael. “Why aren’t you cleaning yours?” She frowned at her fish. Why wouldn’t it stop looking at her?!

"I thought you were gonna do that when you're done with yours." Michael shrugged and continued to just watch her.

“No, no, no, no, no, no.” Maria shook her head quickly. “I said I’d cook them. You said you’d clean them. You agreed to it. I cleaned mine; you can clean your own.” She picked up her fish and pointed it at him, making it look at him, instead of her. But she still swore its eyes moved to focus on her. Maria glared at the fish. “Clean your own damn fish Michael.” She made the fish’s mouth move as she spoke.

"Didn't we say you clean it, and I cook it?" But then he had to laugh when she made the fish speak. "See? You're already all close to yours, you can become just as close to mine." He held it out to her hopefully.

“No, it was you catch it, I cook it. You only caught one. The deal is off!” Maria smiled, and then looked at her fish. “Dammit.” She muttered. She really wanted the head off of it, but she had no idea how to do it. The stick wasn’t sharp enough was it?

Michael sighed. "We never agreed that I had to catch more than one." But fine. He didn't think she'd budge anytime soon, and he was so hungry by now, he could do that. He'd touched worse things in his life. Just nothing as slimy before. He shuddered again and then did the same as her, using the stick to open it and then gut it with his thumb.

Maria made faces as he cleaned the fish. It was really gross. “How can people stand to eat their fish with it’s head on… I mean, if I eat something, I want it not to have a head.”

He shrugged. "I don't care much about the head." Just as long as those damn intestines were finally all out. Michael held it into the water, careful not to have it washed away. "But maybe I could cut it off." It couldn't be worse than what he just did right now.

“How?” Maria asked looking at him, then smiled as she held the fish out towards him. If he could do it, fantastic. She didn’t want her fish looking at her anymore. She just wanted to eat it.

Michael grabbed the sharpest looking stone in his reach. "With this." He held it up for her to see and then touched it to the fish. This should work. It worked for cavemen, so why wouldn't it now? He cocked his head and then started sewing the fish's head off.

“Ew.” Maria closed her eyes and buried her face in his shoulder so she wouldn’t have to look. It was worse than pulling out the guts! But she hoped that it would work.

Michael smirked at her and succeeded in getting the head off. It actually went pretty easy, since the fish was really soft. "Wait. What would you do for me if I get the head off?" He kept the stone at its head, pretending he didn't already cut it. She wouldn't look anyways.

“What do you want?” Maria asked him cautiously. Stupid fish, with a stupid head. And Michael was asking for something in return of getting the damn thing’s head off? Evil bastard.

"I dunno… you have anything to offer?" Michael raised an eyebrow. "You said you wouldn't do anything, but what exactly was it you wouldn't do?"

“I don’t know… I mean… I said I’d do anything… but then I realized you could put up something that I didn’t want to do… but I didn’t exactly have any ideas on something I wouldn’t do. Anything you want Michael, just please. Cut the stupid head off. Please.” She didn’t think she’d be able to bring herself to eat it, if it still had a head.

"Anything? You sure?" But he shouldn't be so stupid. The more he'd question it, the more likely she was to take it back again. "Alright." He took the stone back and then pulled back from her so she could see it. "Tada."

Maria pulled back and looked at the fish. “Ew.” Then she smiled. “Thank you.” She took her fish back, dunked it in the water again, just to rinse it off, and then looked back at Michael. “Should we head back up there and cook them?”

"Yeah, wait, I'll behead mine too." He smiled back at her and then quickly sewed the head of his own fish off. This time it went even faster, because he wasn't hesitating.

Maria whined when she watched him decapitate his fish. She hadn’t intended to, but it was sort of interesting, in a disgusting sort of way. “Okay, let’s go.” She picked up her stick, so she’d have something to hold her fish with while it cooked, and stood up.

"One sec." He quickly washed his hands and then pulled the fish back on his stick. Then he washed his hands again. "I wish I had soap." Why did they have to be so slimy? He could live with bloody, but slimy?

“Soap would be nice. Then I could really get clean. In the morning, before we go, when it’s light out, I want to take my bath.” Maria told him. She wasn’t not taking a bath. She had to at least attempt to wash her hair or something. Michael would just have to deal with it.

"We'll see." Michael shrugged, then he frowned again. "Wait. In the morning? But then when are you gonna get dry and stuff? Wouldn't it be better you'd do it in the evening when we have a fire going and all?"

“Well the fire has still been burning when we’ve gotten up in the morning sort of…” She bit her lip. But it would make more sense to do it at night, and then she would also feel a little less self conscious about Michael peeking at her while she was washing. Not like he hadn’t seen everything already, but that wasn’t the point. “I guess after we eat would be a better idea.”

"Yeah." Never would be an even better idea. But he'd see. Maybe he could distract her with sex. He stood up and then looked at his fish again. "I can't believe we caught these."

Maria smiled at him. “I know. It’s kind of nice… to know that we could do something like this.” Once they got back up to the fire Maria sat down and stuck her fish on the end of her stick again and held it over the fire. “So now that we know we can do this… we know we won’t die of starvation while we’re out here… because I mean, there has got to be more fish farther down too. They wouldn’t all just be up here right?”

"Uh, yeah, I guess." Michael scratched his eyebrow. "I don't really want to stay into these woods for much longer though. I miss my bed and a blanket at night. And more variety in food wouldn't hurt either."

“I know…” At least he could still go back to his bed. “But we don’t know how long it’ll take to get out of here.” Then she thought about it. Tomorrow they should focus on nothing but walking out of here. They hadn’t done anything today other then fuck, and argue. “We should start walking as soon as we wake up in the morning… and not stop till it gets dark.” Hopefully they would find a way out, and into a town somewhere.

"Yeah, we should." He nodded and passed a hand through his hair. He had been used to sleep outside, on the streets, but he worked hard to get his own place and a bed, so now that he had it, he didn't want to have to do it all over again.

The sooner they were out of the woods, the better. They could get the handcuffs off, and never see each other again. But Maria had no idea what she’d do. She wasn’t sure if she could make it to Mexico, or anyplace else for that matter, without being caught. She looked at her fish in the fire, watching it. Wishing things had just been different.

Michael handed his stick to her. "You cook." Even though she got the better end of this deal. But no, wait… he still had a blank card to get her to do anything he wanted. He smirked and checked her slowly up and down.

Maria took his stick without complaint and held it over the fire with hers. Then she felt him looking at her. “What?” She asked glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. She didn’t like the look he was giving her. Then she remembered, oh, right, she agreed to do anything he wanted.

"Nothing, just checking the goods." Michael smirked wider and whistled under his breath.

She blushed and shook her head. “Stop it.” Maria shifted, and pulled her legs up against her chest. She was used to getting hit on by guys, but usually they were drunk.

"Why? It's mine, so I can watch it all the way I want to." Michael slid a little closer to her, still eying her, just to piss her off some more.

“Excuse me?” She shot him a glare. “I am not yours. I belong to myself thank you very freaking much.” She snapped at him.

"No, not you." Michael shook his head and then poked her. "Just your bod'. We have a deal. I can do anything I want to it."

“What? No! That was not the deal!” Now she was worried, just what did he want her to do? Because she foolishly said anything.

"No? Then what was the deal?" Michael cocked his head, still smirking at her. He knew she'd chicken out. But it was always fun to get her so agitated over nothing. He was just kidding around, he had no idea yet what he wanted her to do.

Maria sighed. “What do you want me to do?” She asked as she turned the fish over the fire, letting the other side cook too. She hoped they’d be done soon, and then maybe Michael would just forget.

"I'm not sure yet. We're so limited through the cuffs." Michael tapped his chin, pretending to be thoughtful. "All those nice positions that we can't try now…"

Maria quickly pulled his fish out of the fire and handed it to him. “Why don’t you eat and think about it.” She rolled her eyes and pulled her own out of the fire. It looked done anyways. At least it was food. The skin pulled back easily and she smiled. She was a good cook.

Michael chuckled. "Maybe I'll wait till we're back and I'm rid off the cuffs. It's all gonna be much easier with you cuffed to my bed anyways. Much less struggling and all this shit." He grinned and then inspected his fish. Damn was he hungry. And it looked much better, now that it was cooked.

She shot him a dirty look. She knew that she wouldn’t stay around him long enough to get handcuffed to his bed… not matter how great of a fuck he was. But she had better things to do at the moment, like eat. She pulled off some of the meat and popped it into her mouth. It actually tasted good.

"Are you okay with feet shackles? No wait, never mind. I don't need to ask." Michael chuckled again and then bit into his fish.

Her jaw dropped and she slapped his arm. “Jerk.” She muttered. He was loving this, because she made a stupid mistake, she was going to be kicking herself for the rest of the time they were stuck together. Maria shook her head and went back to eating her fish, trying to ignore Michael.

"What's the matter, Blondie? Can't deal with a little bondage?" He nudged her with his foot but then went back to eat more of his fish. It was the best fish he'd ever eaten. Granted, he didn't eat much fish at all, but none of them ever tasted as good.

“I can handle bondage just fine. I’m cuffed to you aren’t I?” She did her best to get all the meat off her fish; she didn’t want to leave one bite. Not when she hadn’t eaten in a few days. And it tasted good, and that surprised her the most. A fish out of a stream, cooked over an open fire would taste better than anything she’d had in a long time.

"Oh yeah, I could see how very well you handle that." Michael laughed and then picked at his fish, trying to get a few fish bones out of it before he ate more. He didn't need her saving his life again. It would screw with their momentary situation and give her the upper hand again.

Maria stuck her tongue out at him and picked off the last bit of meat and ate it before tossing what was left of the bones by the fire. Now she was happy, she had eaten something, but she still really wanted her bath. But would it really be worth it? Most likely she’d end up fighting with Michael about it.

Michael smirked and finished his fish as well. "I've gotta say, you did a bang-up job at cooking."

“Oh, like it was so hard to do.” She couldn’t help but smile a little. “I’m a pretty good cook when I’ve got a real stove too.”

"Oh, I hope so." Michael smiled. "Maybe I'll have you service me in the kitchen… naked and shackled of course."

Maria growled at him. “Who say’s I’ll cook for you?” She raised an eyebrow at him and turned a little to face him.

"Anything, remember?" Michael threw his fish into the fire and then patted her knee. "But if you'd rather service me sexually, I have no problem with that."

“Oh… shut up.” She snapped and tried to push him away with her foot. Then she quickly stood up, and pushed her hair out of her face. “I want to go take my bath now.”

"You do, huh?" Michael leaned back a little, looking up at her.

“Yeah, so come on. I’d like to do it before it gets any later.” She tugged lightly on the cuffs, trying to get him to get up.

Michael didn't move. He just ate, couldn't she give him a break? Or at least be a little nicer to him? "Do I hear a please somewhere in between those lines?"

Maria sighed. “Fine, please Michael? I would really like to go and take a bath. Would you so kindly get up and come down there with me?” She knew that she should be nice to him, but it was a little more difficult to do when he was talking about the ways he was going to use her.

"No a little more honest and with a little smile on your face?" He smirked up at her.

“Michael.” She whined. It was impossible to be nice to him when he was like that. “Please. I am begging you. I just want to take a bath.”

"Alright, fine." Michael finally stood up with a deep sigh. "All you had to do was ask nicely." Maybe he would have gotten her to offer more favors though… But he was satisfied and tired, he just wanted to sleep. And the sooner she got her bath, the sooner he'd get his piece of mind.

“I did ask nicely.” She grumbled as they walked back down to the water. “Would you like… turn around… please?” She asked. It was starting to get dark, but still. She rested her hand on the button of her jeans and looked at Michael.

"Why?" Michael frowned. Alright, now he was more confused than ever. He'd seen her naked. And up close. So what was the big deal now?

“Just do it please?” Maria pleaded with him. “Just until I get in the water… please Michael.” She didn’t know why she was making a big deal about it, he had seen her naked. But this was different; they weren’t caught up in the moment.

Michael grumbled and rolled his eyes, but turned around. This was going really well. When she stayed like this, he'd never get any ever again, no matter how many times she'd promised him 'anything'.

“Thank you.” She murmured and slid her pants down her legs, contemplating on her underwear. Taking a deep breath she took it off, and piled them together, then pulled her shirt over her head, and unhooked her bra, then made sure that they were close to Michael. “Hold that please.” She asked as she moved towards the water. It seemed a lot colder than it had been earlier.

"'Kay." She'd better be grateful for this later. Michael sighed and did his best not to turn around and look at her. He didn't need to take peaks, he already saw everything. And it would just piss her off in the wrong way. Teasing her like before was different.

Once she was in the water she sighed. It was cold, but she was happy to be able to at least try to get clean. “You can… turn around I guess…” She said. He’d see her when she got out anyways, because she wasn’t putting her clothes back on right away, not when she was wet. Maria dipped her hair under the water and did her best to wash it with one hand.

Michael shrugged and turned around. Damn, he shouldn't have. She looked so unbelievably gorgeous in the dim light, with the moon already out and shining onto the water. He couldn't help but stare at her awestruck.


Chapter Ten

Maria tossed her head back, and then rubbed her forehead, where she had hit it in the car. “Is there still blood on my head?” She asked looking at Michael, who was just staring at her. She shifted slightly, and glanced behind her, then back at him. “What?”

"Huh?" Michael still just stared at her. "Oh, uh, nothing." Damn, damn, damn. She was too pretty. This wasn't good. If she'd ask him right now, he'd do anything for her. Without limitations. He so had to get his head clear again. Or at least not show it so obviously. But he still couldn't get himself to stop looking at her.

She raised an eyebrow. Why was he looking at her like that? “Is there blood on my head or not?” She felt around, trying to tell if it was there or not. Maria moved a little closer to him, so he could see her better in the dim moonlight.

Michael groaned and gulped. "What?" He saw her lips moving, but no sound reached his ear. Nothing he could understand at least. And now that she was closer it was even worse. Maybe he should just jump into the water as well. Headfirst. Couldn't get any worse, even if he'd hit a stone.

“Are you okay?” Maria asked him softly. She reached out and touched his hand. She couldn’t figure out was wrong, and why he was looking at her like that. Maybe he as going to pass out or something.

Finally Michael could focus away from her and instead look at her hand. "What?" He repeated again and then frowned about himself. Wait, she looked worried. "I'm okay."

“Are you sure? You didn’t eat anything that was poisonous while I wasn’t looking did you?” He had to be alright, she couldn’t do this alone, aside from being handcuffed to him, she wasn’t sure she could actually manage to get out of the woods alone.

Michael chuckled nervously. "Besides you?" Maybe that had just been it though… Nah. Now he was really going mad.

Maria frowned and pulled her hand back a little. “Is there still blood on my forehead?” She asked him again.

"Uh, no." Michael reached out to touch it softly. "It must have been washed off when we fell into the water before." At least he hadn't noticed any blood on her lately. Which was why he didn't even consider asking her how she was. "Does it still hurt?"

She shrugged. “A little.” Maria moved back again, farther into the water, and closed her eyes, letting the water wash against her skin.

Michael nodded. "Oh." Oh? If he could, he would just fucking smack himself right now. But he had no hand free. At that he had to chuckle again. This whole situation was kinda funny, when you thought about it.

Maria dunked her head back under the water again, she was getting cold now. She glanced over at Michael and furrowed her brow. “What’s funny?” She asked straightening up and moving towards him, and out of the water.

"Nothing. And everything." Michael shook his head, still laughing. "Just this whole situation." And damn, now she was wet and naked and fully visible. That wasn't helping him any in regaining his sanity.

“You mean the fact that we’re running from the police, and handcuffed together?” She smirked. Well, it was sort of funny. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. “Wasn’t there a movie like this? But it was three guys? I don’t think they had as much trouble with the handcuffs as we have had.”

Michael stopped laughing and instead smirked back at her. "Yeah, I guess they didn't. But the ones I saw where both with only two people." He handed her her clothes back. "But in one they weren't really handcuffed, just had those explosive collars around their necks."

“Well, handcuffs are a lot better than explosive collars.” Maria smiled a little. “Come on; let’s head back up to the fire. I’m cold.” She bent down and picked up her pants, underwear and shoes, before standing up again.

"Yeah, I guess." Michael smiled and then quickly dipped his now free hand into the water and cooled off his head. "But we'd have more room to move. And as long as we'd stick together, they wouldn't go off." But remembering some scenes from the movie where the heroes had come awfully close to it, he was glad they weren't living in this future.

Maria nodded slightly. “Well I guess that could be better.” She held her clothes against her chest, and shivered against the cool air. “But I think that would be really uncomfortable, having a big thing around your neck… I mean a necklace is one thing, but a big collar? I don’t think I’d like that.”

"So you'd rather have the chafing cuffs?" Michael shook his head and then picked up his shoes as well so they could head back to their fire. "But yeah, I think it would have gone off when it came into contact with water, or maybe we'd just have gotten electrocuted instead of having it blow our heads off…"

“Hm… nice Michael.” Maria laughed and shook her head. “And the cuffs aren’t that bad… I’d rather have that than the chance of having my head blown off. I mean yeah its cutting my wrist, but at least I know how far I can go from you… and the only result is a cut on the wrist.”

"But the other way would have ended our pain a whole day ago." He winked and nudged her slightly. "And hey, don't you want to get dressed by the way?" It was still driving him wild, even though it was a bit better now that they were finally talking again.

“I’m wet.” Maria said. “I don’t want to get my clothes wet, it’ll only make me colder, so I intend to try and get dry by the fire before putting my clothes back on.” She glanced over at him. “Why? Do you have a problem with me being naked?” She didn’t understand him, he had made a big deal about turning around, and now he wanted her to put her clothes on.

"No, I was just thinking…" He scratched his eyebrow and then shrugged and finally started walking. "You were the one that made a big deal out of getting undressed." So now she could have the decency to fucking cover herself. But noo, he had to get this clear view of her naked ass. He hadn't seen it before, not really so close at least. And not from this angle and in the moonlight, and with his brain being on whatever drugs they had put into the water.

“Yeah, well then I thought about the fact that I wasn’t putting my clothes back on when I was wet.” Maria shivered. She really wished that she had a blanket or something to wrap around herself.

"Whatever." Michael tried his best to concentrate on the ground, but her ass was just too great to look away. "Aw, fuck!" Even though it made him stumble over… something hard. At least he didn't fall flat on his face. That would have just been the last straw.

Maria looked at him quickly with wide eyes. “What is your problem?”

"Sticks and stones." Michael grumbled. Damn woods. "And it's already way too dark. You shouldn't have taken your stupid bath."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Fine, I’m sorry. I’m obviously screwing up everything for you.” At least she was clean. Screw Michael and the fact that he had to be a jerk to her all the time. Once they were back at the fire she quickly dropped her stuff by the fire, and sat down on her pants, and then pulled her legs up against her chest.

Michael sat down next to her and let out a relieved sigh. Now that she was sitting on it, he at least couldn't stare at it anymore. "You not afraid of the snake?"

“Gee, thanks for reminding me.” She sighed. “Yeah, I’m terrified of the stupid snake, but I doubt my clothes would do anything to stop it from biting me.”

"Yeah, it did kinda bite me through my pants before." Michael raised an eyebrow and looked around, paranoid himself now. "But snakes don't go to where the fire is." At least he hoped so. He actually had no clue what the hell snakes did and what they avoided.

“Hope so.” Maria murmured and rubbed her hand up and down her arm. It was cold, but her skin was still wet, and she was getting sleepy.

Michael slid a little closer to her and rubbed his hand over her back. "Cold?"

She looked over at him, and nodded. “Yeah.” Maria said quietly and shifted towards him. The fire was warm, and it felt really nice, but she was still cold from the water. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to take a bath when it was dark, and cold, but she felt better because of it, at least partially clean.

He reached over and touched her shoulder. "If you sit in my lap I can warm you up." Bad, very bad. But it didn't serve him any if she was sick tomorrow. And besides, maybe they could just fuck again. Then he would get his head focused on just the sex and he's stop having all those other mixed feelings.

Maria looked up at him and nodded slightly. “Thanks.” She said softly and moved to sit in his lap, and leaned against his chest. He was a lot warmer. She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder.

Michael couldn't help smiling brightly and he wrapped his arm around her tightly, then rubbed up and down her back. She wasn't even that wet anymore, so his clothes stayed mostly dry. "Couldn't have wrapped my arm around you otherwise, 'cause of the cuffs." Yeah, as if that had been the only reason he wanted her in his lap again.

“Mhmm.” Maria murmured with a nod, while snuggling deeper into his chest. “I appreciate it.” She told him honestly. She did. He didn’t have to be nice to her, but she really loved it when he was.

"Yeah?" Michael smirked and brushed his lips over her hair. "Are you gonna be grateful for it too?" He had to get this to the physical plane again. Anything was just bad. He couldn't get even more attached to her than he already was.

She lifted her head up. “What do you want?” She asked. He wanted sex, she was sure of it. Not that Maria really minded, she definitely enjoyed the sex.

"I want you to stroke me again." It would definitely help him sleep. Because like this he wouldn't be able to, no matter how tired he was.

Maria pressed her lips against his jaw and nodded. “Okay.” She had agreed to do anything. She let her hand smooth down his chest, and then nimbly undid his pants and slipped her hand inside. Instantly she was greeted with his hot dick. She wrapped her fingers around him and started to stroke him slowly.

Michael moaned and closed his eyes. It was bad of him to force her to do this in return for him just warming her up. But that's what he was. The bad boy. It was the easier way to get through life. "Good." He nodded. "Very good, Blondie."

She stroked her hand along his length steadily, she let her eyes slip shut and rested her head back on his shoulder while watching her hand pump his length. At least she was beginning to get warm, she’d put her clothes back on after she was finished with Michael.

He groaned and looked down at her. She was cute, and nice. Right now at least. Damn, now he felt bad for letting her do this again. But it felt too good to stop, even if his consciousness succeeded, his dick wouldn't let her stop. "Harder baby, please."

Maria tightened her hand around him, and stroked his dick harder. Her hand moved slowly, taking her time up and down his length but with sound movements. She began moving her hand quicker, but still engulfed his cock with each stroke.

Aw fuck. He clutched her tighter to him and closed his eyes. He'd cum soon. And then make a mess all over her because she was so close. "Stop… better. You'll… you'll get all dirty again." Dammit.

Maria shifted out of his lap and dropped her head down and wrapped her lips around the head of his dick. She figured it was better this way, wouldn’t make a mess, and he wouldn’t be able to bitch about not getting to cum. She swirled her tongue around the top, before taking him deeper into her mouth.

"Fuck!" This worked too. He was gonna stand up and turn around, but hell! He buried his hand in her hair to keep her in place and thrust his hips upward, carefully fucking her mouth. She was too good on her own though.

She bobbed her head in time with the movements of his hips. She closed her eyes and sucked, and stroked her tongue against his dick before she started to hum softly.

"Gah!" Michael clenched his fingers around her hair and then came with another yell on his lips. "Oh fuck… damn..." He panted. "Damn, Maria." She was just too damn good.

Maria swallowed quickly, drinking him down before lifting her head up. She tucked him back into his pants and pulled away and started to pull her clothes back on. Her tongue flicked out over her lips, she could still taste him, and it wasn’t a completely horrible thing either.

Michael quickly grabbed her before she could out on too much. He pulled her close to him once more and then crashed his lips down on hers, kissing her hard, still sharing his taste.

She gasped and grabbed onto him, and kissed him back. Maria let her fingers slip into his hair and kissed him passionately, her tongue stroked against his.

He slid his hand under her half-dressed shirt and contemplated pulling it off all the way again. But she was cold; he could feel it on her skin. It kinda killed the mood. He rubbed his hand over her back quickly.

Maria broke the kiss to gasp for air and slid her hand around his torso and held onto him. Her mind was spinning, and her body was steadily warming up under Michael’s touch. But he came; she thought that was all he wanted.

Michael gently pulled her hand away from his body and helped her pull her shirt back on, then he smiled and placed her arm back around his waist, because he had actually liked her touch. He stroked over her cheek before kissing her again. Maybe he should say something, but he didn't know what.

She looked at him, watching him pull her shirt back on, then he pulled her close again, and she was beyond confused, but she didn’t question it. Maria kissed him back and gripped his shirt. Her fingers dug into it.

His cock came to life again and Michael moaned into her mouth. Didn't he plan to be asleep by now? But he just had to properly thank her for blowing him, and one kiss led to the next, and things just always heated up so damn fast with her. He pushed his hand under her shirt again. At least she was heating up too.

Maria moaned and arched her back. “Oh.” She breathed and threw her head back. His hands felt great. It wasn’t fair that he could do this to her, turn her on like this. Her body was like a live wire under his hand.

Michael nibbled on her bottom lip and then licked a path down to her throat till he found her hickey again. No wait, now it was two of them. Damn, he was so lucky there were no mirrors around. She'd so kick his ass. But as it was, he could work on a third. Michael smirked and found a nice spot to suck on.

“Michael.” She purred and let her hand slip up and tangle in his hair. Her eyes slipped shut and she let her head fall back. The wetness between her legs increased ten-fold at the feel of his mouth sucking on her skin.

"Hmmm." He scraped his teeth over her skin and then kissed his way up to her ear. After tugging on her earlobe, he pulled back a little and looked at her. This was wrong. It wasn't just about the sex anymore, because he already did get some. But maybe if he wouldn't tell her she'd think he was insatiable. He could live with that.

Maria lifted her head up and looked at him, her breath came out labored and she slid her hand down to his shoulder to keep herself from falling back. “We should… get some sleep.” She was hot, and wet, and wanted nothing more than to have him pounding into her. But that was bad. Quickly she moved away from him and resumed her task of trying to pull her clothes back on. But now she was sweaty, and horny, and desperate for completion.

"We should." Michael leaned back and passed his hand through his hair. Fucking hell. He shouldn't have given her any time to think about it. Now he was just as hard as before again, and there was no way he'd get her to take care of it this time. At least it didn't seem like it. He laid down on his back, but then had to sit up again quickly, because it had put a mean strain on his cuffed wrist.

She pulled on her underwear, and then struggled with her jeans. Tears filled her eyes, she just wanted to cum, but she wasn’t going to ask Michael to help her. Maria huffed quietly and finished pulling her pants on, fully frustrated now she laid down and curled up on her side, extending her arm over her head so Michael could move to wherever he wanted, within reason anyways.

Michael frowned at her but then moved to spoon her from behind, his cuffed arm stretched out right next to hers. Was she finally regretting it now? Or maybe she just had another of her fits. Whatever. "You think you can sleep right now?"

Her jaw trembled and she clenched her eyes shut. “No.” She whispered. She could feel his body against hers, and his warmth, and she wanted more of it.

"Me either." Michael moved even closer to her and nuzzled her neck.

Maria slid her hand behind her and found his and pulled it around to her stomach. She bowed her head forward and pushed her hips back against his.

Why did she fucking get dressed in the first place? Michael rolled his eyes but he soon was moaning again. Having her ass so close to his cock wasn't helping him any at all. He slid his hand over her stomach and then opened her pants again. His hand vanished into them quickly, not giving her any time to protest.

Her mouth opened and she let out a quiet whimper. “God… Michael.” She could feel the hardness in his pants, and she wanted him inside of her. Maria hated herself for her contradicting feelings. She didn’t want him, but oh did she. She slid her hand between them and fumbled with his zipper.

"Maria." Michael still kissed and nuzzled her neck. Her hair was still slightly wet, but it didn't bother him. It was good, cooling him off a bit. But not enough. He pushed at her pants and tried to get them partially off of her again. Like this he couldn't fuck her, and right now he wanted nothing more than that.

Maria pulled her hand back from his zipper and helped him with her own pants and shoved them down her legs and kicked them off and then pushed her panties down before darting her hand back between them and slid her hand inside and wrapped it around his dick.

Slipping his own hand back between her legs, Michael growled softly and moved his hips, thrusting into her hand. "I want you." He located her clit and rubbed it gently.

“Fuck.” She murmured while pushing her hips back. “Michael please.” Maria begged. She stroked her hand up and down his length. This was not what was supposed to happen.

Michael slid one of his legs under hers and then spread them apart. His hand was still just stimulating her clit though. If she wanted it, she'd have to do it herself. Not to mention once again he was missing the full mobility over his other arm.

Maria shifted her hips back and led his hot length towards her dripping entrance. Seconds later his dick slipped inside of her, and she let out a loud moan. “Oh god. Oh shit.” She bit her lip and clenched her eyes shut.

"Fuck!" Michael tweaked her clit and bit into her shoulder. He hoped this was coming, but hell! He thrust his hips forward so he was fully buried inside of her. "You're so god damn tight." And like this he was buried even deeper inside of her, almost pushing up against her womb. At least it felt like it… And oh! "It's not hurting you, is it?"

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head when she felt him fill her completely. It hurt, but at the same time it was intoxicating. “Ugh.” She cried out, unable to form any actual words, just thrust her hips back against his. Maria felt the need to hold onto something, but didn’t want to inhibit any of Michael’s movements or touches so she wrapped her fingers around the grass.

Joining their cuffed hands, Michael squeezed hers and then slowly pulled back and thrust into her again carefully, not going as deep again. He wanted to savor this now and really feel all of it.

Maria moaned softly and squeezed his hand. “Michael.” She managed out, pushing her hips back against his in time with his thrusts. “Deep… deep is good.” She told him. But his not as deep thrusts were just as good. The way he rubbed against her g-spot and his fingers on her clit. She was afraid of passing out from the incredible pleasure.

"Yeah?" He kissed the spot he had accidentally bitten into before and went deeper again with his next thrust. "Yeah, feels good for me too." He smiled and slowed down his fingers on her clit to match the time of his strokes. "You're so wet, Maria."

She whimpered when he went deeper again. How was it that he could touch her like this, and turn her on like this? “You… made me… this wet.” Maria let out a strangled moan and bucked her hips slightly. He was too good at this. His lips, his fingers, his hard length, and his hand laced with hers.

"I know." Michael chuckled softly. "And it makes fucking you so much easier." He sped up his thrusts a little, but not by much, going all the way with each of them now. She should be stretched enough. And it just felt too damn good.

Maria tipped her head back and slid her fingers into his hair and pressed her lips against his jaw. “Michael… so close.” She murmured. She had been so desperate when this first started, now she didn’t want it to stop.

He nodded but took his fingers away from her clit. He wasn't just as ready. And besides, she'd been evil, so now she could wait.

She cried out quietly. That was evil. She had nearly been there, and he stopped touching her clit. ”Bastard.” She hissed, but it quickly turned into a moan. Maria was happy that he stopped touching her clit; she hoped that it would last a little longer.

Michael chuckled again and nuzzled her cheek. "I can make you wait extra long." Even after he already came. He wouldn't have much of a problem with it. Not with her. She was just here so he could tease her.

“No!” Maria yelped. “Please no.” She murmured and kissed him. He wouldn’t actually do that to her would he? She wondered. He couldn’t.

He smirked. "So you'll be good and won't complain about anything I do to you?" He cupped her mound, but only so he could thrust into her with more force, and she wouldn't bend away from him.

“Uhhh.” Maria moaned and arched her back, but nodded. “Good… I’ll be good.” She dropped her hand to rest on his wrist, loving the feel of his more forceful thrusts.

"Good." Michael shuddered and sped up his thrusts. "Then I'll be… good too." He kissed her shoulder again and spread her legs a little wider, so he had more room to move, now that he was going at it faster

“Oh shit.” Maria gasped. The way he stroked against her inner walls was driving her insane. The quick thrusts made her throw her head back and cry out softly, her fingers gripped his wrist.

Michael nibbled on her neck again and finally moved his hand a little higher once more, so he could stimulate her clit again. He was close and sure she'd send him over the edge with her orgasm. She was already tight, but then… Michael shuddered just thinking about it. "Cum for me, Maria." He blew against her skin. "Now."

“Fuck!” Maria screamed feeling his fingers against her clit; it was the final straw and sent her over the edge. Her hips jerked and twitched as her p.ussy clenched down tight around his cock. She felt dizzy and gasped for breath, her body going rigid against his as the tremors of her orgasm coursed through her.

"Maria!" As expected, he came with her, but damn it all, he couldn't foresee it would be this intense. Michael bit into her shoulder again and his hips were jerking in a wild rhythm along with her. "Fuck." He kept his fingers on her clit and nuzzled her throat, his eyes closed to stand the sheer pleasure rushing through his veins.

Her breath came in spasmodic puffs and she buried her face in the cool grass. The pain in her shoulder had only increased the pleasure throughout her body, and her hips twitched at the feel of Michael’s fingers still touching her sensitive clit. Never in her life had she experienced something so intense.

Michael shuddered once more and once his hips had slowed down a bit, he tried to get closer to her, to steal some of her warmth. "Shit, that was even more… than before." It was just more of all of it. He couldn't remember ever having cum this hard. They so had to become fuck buddies.

Maria nodded faintly and closed her eyes. Her breath was beginning to slow back to normal, but was still erratic “Oh… god.” She breathed, she couldn’t help but wonder why it has been so intense, but would chalk it up to the delay in reaching her orgasm.

Michael chuckled, even though it came out hitched due to his lack of breath. "No, it's still me. But thanks." He kissed her shoulder again and then frowned when he saw the red bite marks on it. Fuck. That was even worse than a hickey. He quickly kissed it again and then blew against it, to maybe help soothe the pain.

A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth, and then she let out a soft moan feeling him blowing against her shoulder. The cool touch felt good on her now hot skin. “That was…” She couldn’t even think of a word that was fitting on how intense it had been, so she simply let out a quiet moan.

Michael smiled. "I know." And she had wanted to get dressed and sleep instead. Hopefully she was regretting it now. "I'm sorry about your shoulder though." He kissed it again.

Maria turned her head to look at her shoulder. She knew it had hurt when he bit her, but she hadn’t realized he’d left marks. “Jerk.” She muttered, before snuggling deeper into his chest and letting her eyes slip shut again.

Smirking, Michael kissed her one more time, before he closed his eyes as well and buried his head in her neck, nuzzling her hair away so he had more space. He squeezed her hand and kept his other where it was right now, safely cupping her mound. He knew she couldn't go away, not with them still being cuffed, but it was just a nice place to touch.

She took a breath and let it out slowly, trying to calm her body. She was tired, and her body was exhausted, but her mind was racing. Sex with Michael was amazing, but being with him was horrible. He was a jerk, but he made her warm. Asshole.

Michael yawned against her skin and then rubbed his head against her, trying to mold his pillow. But she wouldn't budge. Whatever. He was too tired to care about anything anymore. His legs went completely limp and he couldn't feel her fingers anymore either. That was when he fell asleep.

Maria laid there for a long time, just listening to his breathing, and the feel of his breath on her. It was soothing, and eventually lulled her to sleep.

Rather late in the next morning, Michael woke up with a groan. His erection was nestled between her wet folds and he didn't bother to open his eyes. It would probably break the charm and make reality crash upon them again. But instead he slowly sawed his hips against hers and puckered her neck with small kisses.

Maria let out a quiet groan, annoyed with the disturbance that was pulling her from her sleep. “Go away.” She muttered, but shifted her hips unconsciously towards the gentle motions that were causing a new flood of wetness between her legs.

"Can't, we're cuffed, remember?" Michael squeezed her hand to make her aware of it, still moving his hips. He let out a deep moan and spread her legs a little so he could move more.

The memories flooded her mind and she let out another moan and pushed her hips back against Michael’s again. “What a way to wake a girl up.” She muttered, but she wasn’t too upset about his methods.

"What? You complaining?" Michael rolled her clit between his thumb and forefinger. "I can stop if you really want me to."

“Fuck no.” Maria hissed and her hips shuddered slightly. “Don’t stop. I wasn’t complaining. It’s an excellent way to wake a girl up…” Maria chewed on her lip and arched her back slightly.

"Yeah, thought so." Michael smirked and kissed her neck, then he pulled his hand away from her clit to instead take his cock in it. He quickly stroked it a few times to lessen the pressure and then rubbed it around her entrance, teasing her some more.

She whimpered at the loss of his fingers, but let out a happy sigh when he stroked his dick against her again. “It’s good.” She murmured.

Michael nodded, taking it as a sign that she was ready. He spread her legs a little more and then slipped his dick inside. "Damn." She was just as tight as she'd been the night before.

Maria’s mouth fell open and she pushed her hips back. She was amazed at how he filled her; no one had ever managed to touch her like that. No one made her cum the way he had. “Shi.t.” She hissed.

Cupping her cheek, Michael turned her head towards him so he could kiss her. This was the only thing that sucked about this position. Not being able to kiss her and watch her face. Even though this was all about the sex, so why did he care?

She slid her hand up and tangled it in his hair while kissing him back passionately. Her tongue danced with his. Maria’s hips moved with his, completely lost in the moment.

Michael groaned into her mouth. Her hand on his hair just heightened the pleasure of it all. Damn, how would it be when they were fully mobile and had a whole pair of hands to touch and caress more? His hips were moving out of their own accord, much faster than how he started it last night.

Lightly Maria tugged at his hair, her nails scratching his scalp gently, while her other hand clutched his. In this position she had hoped for less intimacy, that she wouldn’t feel so connected to him, but it had failed last night, and it was failing again.

He was wrong. Like this he could still kiss her. And he wouldn't have been able to watch her otherwise either, because his eyes were closed again so he could stand the whole thing without falling for her. Because if he'd see her the whole time, and realize it was her who gave him this much pleasure, he couldn't guarantee for nothing.

She knew this had to stop, but she couldn’t seem to make her body do what her mind was screaming. Yelling at her, telling her to stop this silly lusty affair in the middle of the woods and get out of there, and figure out a way to get out of the woods and get the handcuffs off. But her body chose to ignore everything but Michael’s incredible touches. Maria had to break the kiss to gasp for breath, but kept her face close to his; as soon as she had filled her lungs with fresh oxygen she could kiss him again.

Michael opened his eyes when he felt her break the kiss and then instead placed small kisses onto her cheek and around her lips. She looked stunning. Maybe it was the bath she had last night. Or maybe it was just her. He couldn't imagine seeing her with make-up. It could only make it worse, because more beautiful didn't work. God dammit! Couldn't she just start and be mean to him again?

Maria opened her eyes for the first time since she woke up and looked into Michael’s. His name rolled past her lips in a soft moan. Her orgasm was creeping towards the edge of oblivion without her knowledge or consent. She knew that she should just cum and get it over with and stop staring into his deep chocolate brown eyes, but that would spoil the moment. And she wanted to spoil the moment! But she didn’t want the amazing sensations to end.

"Maria…" He stroked over her cheek and then kissed her again. He should just shut his brain off and have a good time without worrying about anything. Everything felt great, why would he even want it to change?

Her eyes slid shut and she moaned softly into his mouth. Kissing was good, then she wasn’t getting lost in his eyes. Maria tightened her fingers in his hair and moaned again.

Caressing her neck, Michael let his hand wander down her body. He lingered on her breasts and pinched her nipples through her shirt. Then he stroked over her stomach till he found her center again. Somehow in the back of his mind he knew that he was close, and he wanted her to be there with him, so he tweaked her clit.

She sucked his lower lip into her mouth when she felt his fingers against her clit pushing her towards the edge. And with a strangled cry she came, biting down on his lip and bucking her hips against his.

Michael squeezed his eyes shut as far as they would go when his own orgasm rushed through him. "Oh, fuck." He mumbled against her lips and gave her an open-mouthed kiss while he was gasping for breath. That little bit of pain had just made it even better.

“So-sorry.” Maria stuttered out before kissing his lip. She smoothed her fingers down the back of his neck while returning his open-mouthed kisses. And while she was kissing him she decided that she had to have died. Back in the car when she hit her head, she was in a coma, or dead or something, because no way could the sex actually be that intense.

"S'okay." Michael shook his head a little and then cupped her cheek again. "I didn't mind." Besides, it wasn't worse than where he bit her. It was actually a lot less. And he was really glad they didn't have any mirrors so she could see it.

She smiled a little and kissed him softly. “Okay.” She murmured and let her eyes slip shut. Another nap would be nice, but she knew they needed to get up and get going. But she really didn’t want to move, aside from the fact that her body was still tingling from her orgasm. “We should go…”

"I know." Michael sighed and, slipping out of her, he rolled onto his back. "We could still stay here for a day longer, catch more fish, gain more strength, rest some more, and you know…" Have sex. Which contradicted with taking a rest and gaining strength, but what the hell? It would be fun.

Maria whimpered softly and pulled her knees up towards her chest. She felt cold and empty now. “Yeah… but that means that we’ll be out here longer.” It was a good idea. “When we do leave though we should take some fish and fruit with us… but how are we going to carry any of it?”

Michael shrugged and zipped his pants back up, then reached out for Maria to get her closer to him again. He'd kinda hoped she'd turn with him. He wasn't sure why though, since he didn't want to fuck her again right away. "One of us could carry the fish on a stick and the other carries the berries. There could still be a shallow stretch of water further down though, so maybe we won't need to carry any fish."

She turned her head and looked at him “Yeah…” She sat up and grabbed her pants and pulled them back on after her panties and looked at Michael. “Okay.” Maria nodded a little before laying back down against his side.

"Okay what? No fish? Or staying here and have more sex, uh, sleep I mean." He wrapped an arm around her and cocked his head. He'd be fully okay with staying here. Suddenly he didn't really want to get back to town at all. It would just mean getting back into his old life, and that sucked.

“I don’t know.” Maria buried her face in his chest and closed her eyes tightly. She liked just laying here with him, here she didn’t have to worry about the police, but once they were out, she wasn’t sure how long she could go before they caught her.

Michael sighed again and started playing with her hair. "Either way, we have to get up pretty soon. I need to relieve this other ache that won't go away just by stroking it."

Maria lifted her head up and looked at him. “What?” Her brow furrowed. She shifted closer to him again. He was warmer.

"I really need to take a piss." Michael looked at her apologetically. He'd love to just keep lying down with her, but nature demanded it's call. Even though it would most likely break the spell again and it wouldn't mean they could just lie down again afterwards.

“Oh.” Maria shook her head and sat up. “Yeah… me too.” At least they weren’t fighting, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Michael sat up as well and then passed his hand over his hair. "I guess we should go further away from here. Not spoil the uh, camping place or stuff."

“Okay.” Maria yawned and stretched her arms over her head before standing up and holding her hand out towards him. Her legs felt stiff, along with the rest of her body. That’s what she gets for having passionate sex with a man on the grass.

Taking her hand, he stood up as well. "Aw, fuck." He didn't really feel his legs, just some parts and they were hurting. "I think more rest might not be such a bad idea after all." More sex would though. And in those positions they could have it in, no wonder it put such a strain on his limbs. He couldn't really stretch them the way he wanted to.

“Yeah.” She nodded and started walking with him, but leaned into him a little. Her body hurt, and more sleep sounded like a great idea.

Michael squeezed her hand as they walked deeper into the woods again. But not too deep so she might get bitten by snakes, or sit onto something nasty. He didn't have a problem with that; he could do it all standing. But once again, why did he suddenly care for her that much? Probably just because he didn't want to give her a reason to bitch at him. Yeah, that had to be it.

Maria glanced at him and gave him a little smile as they walked; it was nice that they weren’t fighting. After a few minutes she glanced around. “Here good?” There were a few larger bushes, and some trees. Plenty of things to hide behind while she peed.

"Sure." He shrugged and unzipped his pants again. Then he took a step closer to the tree and got his dick out before he let it flow. "Aaah." Michael sighed again and closed his eyes. He had been holding in for way too long. Fucking cuffs.

She stood off to the side, and behind him, and did her best to turn in the opposite direction while he went. “You know… you didn’t seem to have a problem today… not like you did the other day.” She glanced over her shoulder at him.

Michael frowned. "Right…" He shook off and then tucked it back in. "I guess it's because you've seen him up close a few times now. He's not shy anymore." He smirked at her over his shoulder.

Maria couldn’t help but laugh softly. “Alright. Whatever you say.” She smirked. And grabbed his hand once he was done and pulled him over to another bush. “Turn around.”

"Why? No reason for you to be shy either." He winked but turned around. Not like this was something he really wanted to see. But she had a point before. Why didn't he have any problem to pee in front of her? He didn't even wait for her to turn around. Sure, for one thing he had to do it rather urgently, but so did he two days ago. He was starting to trust her, and get all comfortable around her. That had to be it. But it wasn't something he was all too happy about.

She stuck her tongue out at him before unzipping her pants and glancing at the ground before squatting. “Can’t you sing or something?” She smirked, but it wasn’t even a problem. Once she finished she stood back up and zipped her pants back up and tugged on Michael’s hand.

Michael grimaced but then relaxed again when he heard her pee without it. "Trust me, if I would have sang, all the snakes would have come slithering down here so to strangle me so quickly, I hadn't stood a chance."

Maria laughed quietly and kissed him softly. “Aw, I’m sure you’re not that bad of a singer.” She kissed him again then stepped back. “Come on, let’s head back… nap maybe?”

"Sounds good." Even though it wouldn't do his muscles any good. What he needed was a workout. Or just a short sprint. But once he was lying, the pain would go away too.


Chapter Eleven

She leaned into him and then started to walk back to the campsite with him. “I take it we’re not going to go anywhere today are we?” She didn’t really have that many objections to it, but still, she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life out there, but she didn’t want to go back to the real world.

"I'm not sure. We're late and I'm not sure if we're gonna find such a nice place to rest further down as well." He looked at her. "But we might. And one of these days we really have to find a way back to town. We can't live off one fish a day for that much longer." And he wanted the cuffs off and his bed and a hot shower. And a TV. How many hockey games had he missed by now? He didn't even want to think about it.

“Well… we can just get a lot of rest, and I do mean rest, not just more sex, and then start again tomorrow with trying to get out of here. I may not find another place like what we have now, but if that keeps us from leaving we’re never going to get out of here.” Maria rested her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah." She was so snuggly again. And it felt nice. Comforting. Michael decided that for now, he could give in to it and just take what he could get. It was the situation. He was sure once he was safely back home these feelings would just vanish along with the cuffs. "I don't want to die out here."

Maria lifted her head up and looked at him. “I don’t either.” She tightened her grip on his hand. “But… we won’t I mean… we can’t be that lost… can we?”

"I don't think so." They had almost reached the fireplace again when Michael stopped. "Wait! We should collect more wood now that we're here." He took a few steps back and then started to collect some. "Anyways, we have food and water and a place to stay. As long as none of us gets seriously sick - and there is no reason for that - we're going to survive out here for a little longer." He gave her a comforting smile, then smirked again. "Unless we're going to kill each other."

She smiled at him, comforted by his words. Then she laughed. “Well, I think as long as we have sex once a day we’re good.” They seemed to get along after having sex, so it was a good plan. Maria helped him gather some more wood.

"Once a day?" Michael stared at her. "That would mean we're already out for today? No no, that's a bad plan. Four times is more like it."

“I meant at least.” She glanced at him and smirked. “Four times? Don’t you think that is a little much? Hmm… once in the morning, once when we take a lunch break, dinner break, and then before bed?”

Michael chuckled. "You're making a plan for it? But fine, that leaves a spot open for spontaneous sex out of the moment too, so I'm all okay with it." He winked and reached over to give her a quick kiss before he collected more branches.

Maria smiled and watched him for a moment. “Well I was just wondering how we were going to do it. And still manage to get somewhere. Four times is a lot, and I’ve gotta admit, I’m pretty damn tired after a romp with you.”

Grinning proudly, Michael had to admit she had a point there though. "Ditto." He straightened up again. "So alright, maybe just twice a day from tomorrow on. We can spend a whole day in bed once we're back in town to make up for it."

Her mouth opened and closed and then she just smiled. “Okay.” He still wanted her to stay with him? She was sure it was all due to the sex. It was great sex. But she hadn’t expected him to actually want her to stick around after they got the handcuffs off. And she knew that she couldn’t. Not for too long anyways.

Michael smiled at her and then started heading back to their fireplace. "But maybe we're going to have lunch breaks too." He winked.

Maria smiled at him and rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say Michael.” She laughed softly and dropped the wood that she had gathered beside the fire.

Or maybe they could have sex a few times before they went to sleep. He didn't doubt she'd have him hard again pretty quickly. They'd see. He dropped his wood on top of hers and then bent down to throw another load of branches into the still smoldering fire.

She sunk down in front of the fire on her knees and watched as he stoked the fire. At least they could light a fire, so freezing wasn’t an issue, and food wasn’t really either. Her only concern was the snakes, and other possible wild animals. But she hoped that the fire would keep them away.

Michael sat back after the fire was burning brighter again. Then he spread his legs and pointed between them for Maria to sit.

Without a word Maria quickly moved to sit between his legs and leaned against his chest. He could be nice. When he wanted to, and Maria really liked it.

Wrapping his arms around her, Michael rested his head on her shoulder. "I like this; it almost feels as if we're just out in the woods camping."

“Yeah.” Maria smiled and rested her hands on his arms. “I like this too.” She murmured and pressed her lips against his arm, before tipping her head to the side to rest against his. With him holding her like this Maria felt like they were a couple, not two people that hated each other, and for now, it was alright to just pretend.

He closed his eyes and just rested against her for a moment, then his stomach growled and disturbed his peace. "I'd like pancakes now. Or just a slice of bread." He sighed and reached for the berries from the day before. He could just pretend there were waffles around them or something.

“I’ll make you pancakes as soon as we’re out of here.” Maria told him. He had after all offered to go feed her fish. So she could feed him.

"Thanks." He smiled and kissed her cheek, then unwrapped his handkerchief and grabbed a raspberry and held it up to her lips. "I really can't wait."

Maria smiled at him before parting her lips and taking the berry. “Thank you.” She told him. She wished that they really were just camping. Then she slid her hand down picked up one of the berries, and held it up to his lips in return.

Michael slid his lips over her fingers to take the berry and then lick over her skin before he pulled back. They still had half a day to waste, probably more. But it would take them some time to catch more fish, he was sure. Nevertheless, they could start their nap by getting really exhausted.

She stroked her fingertips over his lips before pulling her hand back. A nap, and more food, and some sex, and then another nap, and she’d be golden. Her body was starting to hurt less, and she was relaxing well.

Michael kissed her shoulder and then popped a few more berries in his mouth before once again holding some out to her. "Does your shoulder hurt? Where I bit you?" He bit his lip and then quickly added an "Accidentally."

Maria took the raspberries and ate them before shaking her head. “A little…” She reached up and tugged at the neck of her shirt so she could look at it. Her jaw dropped. “Michael!” It looked worse than it felt.

He bit his lip again and tried to look innocent. "What?"

“Oh don’t give me that! Look what you did to my shoulder!” She lightly smacked his cheek before kissing him. “You have to make up for that…”

He laughed against her lips. "Gladly." Then he pulled back and touched his finger to the bruised spot. "It doesn't look that bad…" Alright, so it did, but what was he supposed to do? He had already apologized for it. "Besides, you bit my lip. Are you gonna make up for it too?"

“Your lip isn’t as bad as my shoulder.” Maria smirked but nodded. “Yeah, I will.” She slid her hand up to caress his cheek and rested her head against his.

Michael smirked back. "Good." He took a few more berries and ate half of them, before handing her the rest. There were still some left now, but that bush hadn't been so far away, so maybe they could just get new ones later. The fish was more urgent though, since those berries did nothing to satisfy his hunger.

Maria smiled and ate what as left of the berries and sighed softly. She knew that they really should get going; they had to catch fish for lunch, or dinner, or whatever. “Should we go catch some fish now?”

"Didn't you want to take a nap?" Fish first sounded good though. Then they'd have more strength for the nap and what came before.

“Yeah, but it’s probably a good idea to go and get it now. Rather than put it off until later.” Maria let her eyes slip shut and smiled slightly. She didn’t want to get up. She wanted to stay sitting in Michael’s arms like this.

"Yeah, I know." Michael nodded and then closed his eyes again before he rubbed his head against hers and then went to kiss her neck and shoulders. Her hair was nice. So soft.

Maria let out a soft moan and tipped her head to the side. “Michael… after we catch some fish…” She slid her fingers up into his hair and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Uhmhm." He moaned softly and blew against her now wet skin. Nobody has ever touched him like she did before. He'd had sex quite a few times, but it was always different. Faster and with much less touching to those body parts that didn't count as primer pleasure zones. Like his neck. But he liked it, he really did.

Lightly she ran her nails over the back of his neck before squeezing gently. Another moan made it’s way past her lips. His ministrations were soothing on her sore shoulder, and caused a flood of wetness between her legs.

Michael growled softly and kissed her skin again. Damn, this felt too good. Could he really risk giving in to it and by that get used to those feelings and more specifically her? He wouldn't see her again after maybe a week of being back in town. With a sigh he pulled back from her. "Let's go and catch some fish."

Maria sighed and nodded. “Alright.” She pulled back from him and stood up. Holding her hand out to him she smiled slightly. “At least we know how to catch them this time.” She glanced at their sticks they used the night before still beside the fire.

"Yeah." He chuckled slightly and took her hand to get up. "I hope it'll help us actually catching them faster too." Michael winked. He still wasn't sure if it hadn't been sheer luck that they caught some the day before. Especially on her part. But no way would she outdo him again today.

“Hopefully.” Maria smiled at him and leaned into him a little. It was nice when they were getting along, but she sort of missed the bickering. As much as she loved the sex, fighting kept her going.

"So, whoever catches less fishes has to clean all of them?" He needed a real reason to be better than her, other than just to be better. And like this he'd try harder and she'd hopefully get nervous.

“What?!” Maria laughed and shook her head. “I don’t think so.” She shook her head again as they walked down to the water. He wanted competition? Must have been a guy thing, since she managed to catch a fish the night before, before he did.

"Why not? You afraid you'd lose?" He nudged her slightly before he bent down to take off his shoes and fold his pants up.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Oh that’s it little man. You’re on.” Maria used her toes to kick her shoes off, and then folded up her own jeans. She picked up her stick again and smirked. “Let the games begin. And be prepared to clean up a lot of fish guts.”

Michael snorted. "Oh the 'little man' is so gonna show you! And by the way, I'll get back at you for that one later." He was anything but little and she should know. He huffed and stepped into the water, flinching a little at how cold it was.

“Oh yeah? And just what are you gonna do?” Maria smirked and stepped into the water. She moved slowly a little deeper into the water and kept her eye on the fish. Now she was determined to kick his ass.

"I'll teach you the error of your ways." Michael winked at her but then huffed again. He had to think of something special for her now. But with the handcuffs still on and out here he was kinda limited.

“Hm oh really.” She shook her head and just watched the fish before shoving her stick into the water at one. She huffed when she missed. “Damn.”

Michael chuckled. "Someone's gotta clean the fish today." Then he took his time to concentrate and put his stick into the water before shoving it into the fish. The day before he'd learned that it didn't matter from what distance you were doing it, just as long as you did it with enough force. "Yes!" He grinned happily when he succeeded at once and caught a big one.

Maria frowned, now she was determined, and annoyed. When they gathered again she took a deep breath and stabbed at the fish. She smirked and glanced at him. “Hmm.” She pulled her stick out of the water and showed off her fish.

Michael raised an eyebrow. Dammit. "Mine is bigger." He stuck out his chin and then walked back to the shore and then laid the fish down on the ground.

“It’s not the size that counts, it’s the amount.” Maria smirked and laid her fish down a little ways from his. Then she moved back to the water and looked at the fish.

"Not if we fish out the same amount of them." He turned back as well. "Which of course we won't, because I'm gonna win." They just had to stop when he had the upper hand.

“Bite me.” Maria took her time, watching the fish, focusing on them, and not on Michael. She stabbed again and laughed softly. “What was that about size?” She asked lifting the fish out of the water.

Michael grumbled and aimed at another fish, then he stabbed. And missed. "Fucking hell!" He was tempted to throw the stick away. Why wasn't she sucking up? She was supposed to not catch any and later be grateful for the food and not make him clean them.

She chuckled quietly and gave the cuffs a little tug before moving back to the shore and laying her fish beside her other. “Ya know Michael, cursing doesn’t make it any better.”

"We'll see." Michael tried to glare at her but he had to laugh instead. Sometimes he forgot just how ridiculous this whole situation was.

“Hope you like fish guts.” Maria smirked and did a little dance before going back to the water.

Michael growled and turned the stick in his hand and then let it swish against her ass. "Brat."

She gasped and jumped. Her eyes went wide and she slapped his arm. “No one said you could slap my ass.” Then she smirked. He had done it before, just the other day in fact, and she let him. But now it was different.

"No?" Michael smirked back and raised his eyebrow again. "Well, I say I can." He took a step away from her and then hit her again.

“Ow!” Maria jumped again and pointed her stick at him. “Jerk.” She growled before smacking his ass in return with her own stick.

"Hey!" Michael gasped and rubbed his backside. "Evil bitch." He pouted and then shook his head. "Let's call it a truce and rather get us some more food, alright?" It wasn't as much fun when she was hitting him back.

She pointed her stick at him. “Don’t call me a bitch.” Then she moved back to look down in the water and watch the fish. “You’d better hurry up and catch some more fish, or you’re on cleaning duty baby.”

"Don't call me baby." First 'Little Man' and now this. It was just getting worse, wasn't it? He so had to catch another fish right now. He passed his hand through his hair and then shook his head to clear it.

“Does that mean ‘sweetheart’ is out of the question?” She couldn’t help but smirk and ready her stick to stab at another fish.

Michael flinched and missed the fish again. "Michael is just fine, okay?" He was fuming now. Dammit! It was supposed to be the other way round.

“But I like sweetheart! How about Honey Bunny?” Maria cooed. Messing with him was fun.

"Stop that! I'm not a girl." He glared at her again, ready to murder her with the sharp stick.

She smiled sweetly. “Just because you’re a boy doesn’t mean you can’t have a sweet nick name. I like… googley bear.”

Michael frowned. "Googley bear? What the hell is that supposed to mean?" But bear was good, right? Dangerous, deadly animal, large and manly.

“It means you’re my sweet snuggly teddy bear.” Maria batted her eyelashes at him. “Or maybe just honey.”

Michael growled again and violently stabbed at the fishes. He was surprised himself that he actually caught one. "Haha! See? I'm not sweet, I'm a deadly killer."

“Aww… whatever you say baby.” Maria smirked and looked at the fish again. “Nice catch. Mine’s still bigger.” She smirked.

"Yeah, but my first one was bigger than yours, sex kitten." He figured he couldn't really get to her with cute names, so he had to think of a few naughty ones.

“Oh I like that one!” She stepped towards him and nuzzled his arm before purring. “No ones ever called me that before.” She looked back at the fish, watched them swimming and stabbed at them again. It was small, but she got one.

He shuddered a little when she purred but then frowned when she made yet another catch. "That's no fair, my stick is still full." Michael pouted and then dragged her back to the shore to throw the fish together with the other. "But really, you're killing innocent baby fishes now?"

“I didn’t mean to! And it’s not a baby! It’s just… smaller.” Maria huffed and pushed her fish off the stick. “And it’s not my fault you’re slow.” Maria smiled.

"Hey, you started, so I still have one try good." He turned around and padded back out to where the fishes were. "And it sure was a baby fish… slut bunny."

Angrily she swung her stick and smacked Michael in the ass. “It’s not a baby!”

Michael yelped and jumped. His ass now really hurt. "You know what? If you keep this up you won't get any today."

“Oh really? You okay with that? Honestly. No sex for the rest of the day. No blow jobs, nothing.” She wiggled her eyebrows at him and smiled.

"Yeah, nothing but a spanking for you." Michael smiled back at her. He could do this. Besides, she'd be begging him to get fucked in a matter of seconds, if he really wanted her to. And then he'd graciously step away from his threat.

“A spanking?” Maria raised an eyebrow and swung her stick again and smacked him in the ass once more. “I think you’re the one that should get the spanking… that is after you clean the fish.”

Michael reached out and tugged the stick away from her. "Oh yeah? I want to see how you spank me, Blondie."

“Hey!” She shrieked and grabbed for her stick. “asshole!” Maria narrowed her eyes. “Give me back my stick.” She moved towards him and tried to grab it.

"No." Michael held it away from her. He was tempted to just throw it away, but they'd need it again to cook them.

She stuck out her lower lip and pouted, stepping closer to him. “Please.” Maria slid her hand up to rest on the back of his neck and lightly scratched her nails against the skin there.

"N..no." Michael's voice faltered. She was just too good at this. "W..we…" He coughed to clear his throat. "We should stop anyways. If I catch another, we'll have enough fish for today."

Maria stepped closer. “I win. You get to clean them.” She kept her nails on the back of his neck, lightly scratching because it seemed to get to him.

"What? No! I still have one try left." He moved his head a little, but not enough to shake her off. It felt too good to really try.

“I beat you though.” She leaned in and kissed his throat. “I caught more, faster. So I win. You get to clean them, and don’t forget to cut off the heads.”

"No, no, we didn't set a time limit. And you started off, it's not my fault that now you kept me from catching another." He let out a soft moan. "You play unfair."

“You didn’t say there were rules.” She flicked her tongue out against his skin and sucked softly.

"I never said there weren't any either." He almost dropped the sticks but then placed them both safely in his cuffed hand, while his other went up to her hair to keep her in place. For this he could live with cleaning the fish.

Maria licked at his skin, sucking softly and slipped her fingers up into his hair and scratched his scalp. “Too late. I say I win.” She told him.

Michael rolled his eyes. "Alright, fine. I'll clean the fish." He moaned again and passed his hands through her hair.

She smiled and lifted her head up to kiss him softly. “Thank you baby.” She murmured and stepped back a little. “Are we going to catch a few more fish now?”

"Just let me catch another, so we'll at least have the same amount to eat." He sighed again, but this time it was more of the frustrated kind. He was afraid he'd lose the game about teasing each other with sex as well.

“Okay.” Maria smiled at him and took her own stick back and stepped towards the water. “I’ll cook ‘em.”

"Really?" Michael smirked slightly and followed her. "What sauce are you gonna make to go with them today? I think I'm in a saffron mood."

“Sure I’ll work on that one.” She laughed softly.

He smiled and watched the fishes, then her. "So you liked 'sex kitten'?"

A blush crept up Maria’s cheeks and she nodded a little. “Yeah, I did.” She smiled at him and glanced away quickly.

Michael chuckled. "Good. I think the name fits you." He reached out and stroked his fingertips over her arm, then pretended to concentrate on the fishes once more. It didn't really work though.

She shuddered under the feel of his fingers. “Is that my new nickname then? Instead of ‘Blondie’?”

"I think I'll use both. And maybe slut bunny too, depending on the moment." He winked and gave her a small slap on her ass again, this time with his hand though. Which was the much better way to do it, since now he got to feel her supple flesh. But on the other hand this was bad, because now he wanted to fuck her even harder.

Maria gasped softly and pressed her ass back against his hand. “Mmm okay.” She smiled and stepped away from him. “Fish.” She said pointing to the water. He was so distracting.

"I know." He nodded and then rubbed over his face. Alright, he had to concentrate. Just one more and they'd be good for today. Or at least for lunch. He was so hungry, he felt as if he could eat ten fishes. Or twenty of her baby fishes. He chuckled and the fishes around him vanished because his legs must have shook too. "Dammit."

“You want me to try?” She asked enjoying the feel of the cool water on her feet. At first it had just been too cold, but now she was used to it, and enjoyed the feel of it.

"Whatever." He had to clean them anyways, so it really didn't matter anymore. He had his ego boost when he caught the first really big fish.

Maria pouted and looked at him. He was cranky. She’d make it better once they got back to the campsite. “You can do it if you want. I’m sure you can.”

He looked at her. "I know I can." He stuck out his chin but then sighed again. "I dunno though. I think I've lost it. I'm so distracted." And it was all her fault. Why was he telling her? It would probably just make her proud.

She moved closer to him and touched his arm before kissing his jaw. “It’s my fault huh? I’m distracting you?” She couldn’t help but smirk a little. She liked that she could distract him. Even if he didn’t really appreciate it.

"You are." Michael pouted and quickly bit his cheek to keep from smirking. She was close to him and touching him again, that was all that counted. He couldn't show it off though, at least not so soon. He would never be able to pull another bluff then.

“Sorry? I’ll make it up to you?” She kissed along his jaw to his lips and kissed him softly. “Will that make up for distracting you?”

"It's a start." Michael smirked but then reluctantly took a step back from her again. "But we should continue this after we've caught the last fish."

“After lunch.” Maria smiled and looked at the fish again. She was actually looking forward to it, and that pissed her off.

"Why after lunch? After cleaning the fish works too." He wiggled his eyebrows at her. They could eat later, he wasn't that hungry. Okay, he was, but he could hold out for a little longer. His stomach was better conditioned than his dick.

“Whatever you say Michael.” She rolled her eyes. She had agreed to it, hell she offered it, and she had no objections.

"Gee, don't sound too excited." Michael shook his head and then finally concentrated on the fishes. Just one more and they could get out of here. He only had to quickly clean them, and then he'd have her beg for it. He smirked and quickly pushed the spear forward, successfully capturing his last fish.

“I am. Of course I am. Sex with you is absolutely amazing.” She purred, and smirked. “You’re super sexy, and I want you all the time.” Maria laughed softly. “That better for you? My big buff man, super strong, and capable man.”

Michael grinned brightly. "That's more like it." He grabbed her head and kissed her hard, as a small thank you, and then took her hand in his before he walked out of the water. Maybe he could get her to clean the fishes… ah, whatever, he could do it. Worked the day before. And it was best to have her grateful instead of arguing with her.

Maria swayed slightly after the kiss. Wow. She smirked and shook her head a little. Sneaky bastard.

Once out of the water, Michael knelt down and pulled his fish off of the spear. "I still caught more fish that you though." And they never set a damn time limit.

“That’s why you’re my big strong and capable man. Able to take care of his sex kitten.” Maria smirked and sat down on the ground.

Michael chuckled and blushed a little. "Yeah, I guess I am." He used his stick to open up the first fish. "But you're just saying that to get me to gut the fishes, aren't you?"

She sat back a little and smirked. “Nope. ‘Cause I already got you to do it.” She really wished they weren’t cuffed together; it would make everything a lot easier.

"Yeah…" Michael frowned a little. Then why was she suddenly so nice to him again? Was this her plan to make him forget this stupid no sex thing? Or maybe she already forgot about it. He just shouldn't mention it anymore; it was a stupid idea anyways. Nodding to himself, he went back to gutting the fishes.

“Why are you frowning?” Maria asked. She was complementing him, and she was going to screw him, or get him off someway, she hadn’t decided how yet. And he was pouting.

"Nothing, it's just…" He frowned again. "Unexpected." Michael shrugged and cleaned out the fishes he already gutted. "I mean, having you be so very nice all of a sudden. I can't help thinking there's a catch to it."

It was Maria’s turn to frown now. “You think the only reason I’d be nice to you is to get something out of it?” She scoffed and shook her head. “Fine. You don’t want me to be nice to you then I won’t be.” She looked away from him shaking her head.

“No, that's not it!" Oh great, now he ruined it again. He rubbed the back of his hand over his forehead, careful to not smear any blood in his face. "You're just so… You drive me crazy!"

“Gee thanks.” Maria rolled her eyes. “You’re not exactly keeping me sane either.” She shook her head and sighed softly.

"I didn't naturally mean it in a bad way." Michael looked at her. "In a way it does keep me sane."

“What the hell are you talking about?” Maria looked back at him. He was infuriating. She complimented him and he got all huffy about it.

He sat back and let go of the fishes for a moment. "This whole situation. If I wouldn't have you to occupy my mind, I think I'd have really gotten crazy. I mean, we're lost in the woods. I almost died because a snake bit my ass. And for all we know they might actually be looking for us by now. And I really don't want to get caught and end up in prison. Or stay lost here and just die."

She swallowed hard and just watched him. “You’re not gonna die… and you’re not going back to prison.” She hoped so anyways. “It’ll work out fine. We’ll be out of here in no time, and you can go back to your life.”

Michael nodded slowly. "Yeah, I guess." Till he got caught again. Maybe he should start looking for a serious job when they were back. One that didn't require education and where they wouldn't ask you what you've done so far or what your criminal record was. And one that would pay enough for his rent and food. Yeah, as if he'd ever find something like that. "And you? What are you gonna do when we're back?"

“I don’t know.” Maria whispered and pulled her knees up to her chest. “Leaving the country I guess. I don’t think I really have any other option.” She had no idea what she would do once they found their way out of the woods. But she didn’t want to go to jail.

"Maybe you could just get a good lawyer. I mean, you didn't really do anything, right? It was just an accident." Michael shrugged and moved closer to her so their knees were touching.

“Yeah, it was an accident… but they want to put me away for life. Besides, I can’t afford a good lawyer. I could pay my bills, buy food… buy a few luxuries now and then. But hiring an excellent lawyer isn’t happening.” Maria looked at him and shook her head. “Okay, no more Maria pity party.” She rubbed her eyes and sighed and looked at the fish. “I’ll give you a hand with that.” She said and picked up a fish.

"You don't have to." Michael bit his lip and picked up another fish as well. He didn't really know what else to say to her, since he couldn't help her out with money. Unless maybe he'd pull a really big scam… But no, with their luck it would so blow and end up even worse for the both of them.

“It’ll be done quicker.” Maria told him and picked up her stick again and stabbed the fish with it. At least it gave her something to take her anger out on. “You’re still cutting the heads of though.”

Michael had to laugh at that. "Yeah." He nudged her slightly and then gutted the fish he had in his hands right now, before searching for a sharp stone again.

She smiled a little at him before looking back down at the fish, and ripping out the guts. She crinkled her nose up disgusted, but at least they’d have food. That was what really mattered. But they had to get out of the woods soon.

After having found a nice stone, Michael cut off the heads of the first four fishes he'd gutted, waiting for Maria to finish with the other two. "Maybe we could find some herbs to stuff them with? Though they tasted alright as they were yesterday." He shrugged. It was at least real food compared to the berries.

Maria handed him the fish and shrugged. “Yeah… but are we really going to find herbs out here? And if we do, how do we know it isn’t going to be poisonous and kill us, or cause some major hallucinations.”

"Herbs?" Michael narrowed his eyes at her. "I don't think those can be poisonous or stuff. And there has to be herbs out here, right? We just never looked for them, since it's not something you can eat alone, like berries or mushrooms."

“I don’t know okay? It’s not like I spent a lot of time in the woods before now. You want herbs, then fine, we’ll go look for herbs.” Why did he get cranky with her? She was just saying it was possible. Maria figured keeping her mouth shut would be a better idea.

"No, its fine." Michael shook his head. Argh! Why did things go so wrong again? "I just thought about it, we don't need stupid herbs."

Maria just shook her head and finished cleaning the last fish before handing it to him. She wiped at her hands, hoping Michael would hurry and behead the fish so she could wash her hands. They were slimy and bloody.

He quickly chopped off the last heads, using a little extra force to get rid of his building frustrations. But sex would help. Yes, he was sure afterwards she'd be all snugly and content again and they would at least eat in peace.

She picked up the fish and started shoving them onto the stick, before getting up and moving over to the water. They had to wash them and their hands, and then they could head back. Carefully Maria submerged the fish under the water and shook the stick a little, cautious not to let them fall off, and then she shoved her own hands in the water and scrubbed them as clean as she could.

Michael did the same as her and cleaned his fishes again and then his hands. "I'm starting to miss my soap almost more than my bed."

“Yeah, some soap would be nice.” Maria sighed and dried her hands on her pant leg. “I’m looking forward to a hot shower. With soap. And a soft towel.” She said more to herself, than to him.

"Yeah… I'd love to dry you off with it." Michael winked. Hot sex under the hot shower with her. Oh, that sounded very promising.

She shuddered and looked at him, before shaking her head quickly. “We should get back and cook the fish.” Maria said trying to change the subject quickly.

"We should." Michael smirked. "But first we were gonna fuck, right?"

Maria glanced at him again and nodded. “Sure.” She pushed some hair out of her face and stood up stretching out her legs.

Michael chuckled and stood up as well. She was just a very special person and he doubted he'd ever fully understand what was going on in her brain. But as long as it would get him laid, he was all fine with it. He held up his stick proudly and then started to walk back to their place over the hill.

Focused on her fish Maria walked with Michael back to the campsite. She really wanted to sleep some more. But Michael wanted sex, hell, so did she. And she was hungry. So a nap would just have to wait until later.


Chapter Twelve

Once they had reached the fire again, Michael placed his stick on the ground carefully, so he wouldn't get his food too dirty. Then he threw in some more wood into it and sat down. They'd have to get more wood before the night to keep it going, but finding wood was still the last of their problems.

Maria sat down and moved her fish to hover over the fire. Right. Michel wanted sex. But she was worried their fish would get dirty. She glanced around looking for something to prop them up with.

Michael spotted a large stone and handed it to her. "We can eat first though." He shrugged. It wasn't such a big deal.

“Thanks.” She said taking the rock. She used it to prop the fish up so that they were near the fire, and would cook slowly. Then she shook her head. “No, it’s okay; it’ll be a while before they’re done. Might as well get our minds off the food.”

"Ooh, you make it sound so romantic." Michael chuckled and shook his head, then he placed his fish right next to hers, after blowing some grass off of it.

“You want romance?” Maria raised an eyebrow. “Never would have figured you to be the romantic sort of guy.” She pushed some hair behind her ear and looked at him.

"Yeah well, sometimes a guy wants to be charmed you know? Some flowers, maybe chocolate…" Michael smirked at her. "Wouldn't hurt if you took me out every now and then too."

“I cooked you dinner last night. So you have no room to talk.” She adjusted the fish so that they wouldn’t fall, and they were near the fire.

"Hm, yeah." Michael cocked his head as if he'd think about it. "So you just cooked me dinner so you'd get some?" It was just fun to play with her.

“Right. That was it.” Maria glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and raised an eyebrow. “Like I needed to cook dinner to get sex?”

"You don't?" Michael raised his eyebrow as well. "Then what else do you do to get sex?"

“I don’t have to do anything.” She smirked at him. “So, we gonna fuck now?” Maria asked casually.

"No, not just like that. I'm not that easy." Michael pouted and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He wanted to see what she'd do.

“You’re the one that wanted sex. And now you’re refusing it just because I’m not wooing you with flowers and candy?” Her brow furrowed and she shook her head.

“No, I'm refusing it because you're not supposed to get it by saying 'I want sex'. That's against the rules." And it never worked for him.

“Against the rules? What the fuck!? I didn’t realize we had rules.” Maria shook her head. “Then fine. We won’t have sex.” She picked up her stick with the fish and moved it closer to the fire. Might as well cook it faster if they weren’t having sex.

"I didn't mean our rules; I meant the general sex rules." Michael rolled his eyes. He should have seen it coming, so why didn't he? "And besides, I wasn't refusing, just stalling." He reached over and pulled her stick back to where it had been before.

“General rules don’t apply out here. Besides, for the most part, every time you’ve said you wanted sex I haven’t objected.” She pouted when he took her stick. “And for stalling you should have to wait even longer. You’re rude.”

Michael smirked. "I never just came to you and said I wanted sex now, but alright, from now on I'll do that. Or maybe I won't even ask. I'll just go and unzip my pants and point at him. Or maybe I should snap to get you on your knees. And when I snap twice it means you should take off your pants."

“Oh go to hell.” Maria muttered and grabbed her stick again and held it over the fire. “I’m not your servant. And I wasn’t saying flat out I wanted sex. You’re the one that said you wanted to have sex when we got back. I was just bringing that up, and you got huffy about it.”

"I was just teasing you, Blondie." Michael nudged her and took the stick out of her hands.

She narrowed her eyes at him when he took her stick again. “Stop that.” Maria huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"What? You want sex, so we can't have the fish burning." Michael shrugged and placed the stick next to his once again. "Or do you really want to go back and catch some again?"

“You’re the one that wanted sex.” Maria told him and then looked at him. “I wanted a nap.” Okay, she wanted sex too, but he messed with her, so now it was her turn.

"So that's why you said you wanted sex just a few minutes ago?" He cocked his head. "Because it helps you falling asleep?"

She growled. He was making it impossible to be obnoxious, and it pissed her off. “Go away.” She muttered and turned her body away from his. Yeah, sex was good, but he was frustrating her.

Michael grinned. "No can do. But this position works for me." He leaned forward and kissed her neck.

Maria tipped her head forward and let out a quiet moan. “You suck.” She muttered before slipping her hand up to tangle into his hair.

"Ditto." He smirked against her skin and then scraped his teeth over it, before he reached out to turn her around after all. He'd missed kissing her all morning.

She let him pull her around to face him and kissed him deeply, and rested her hand on the side of his neck. “You’re not nice.” She murmured before kissing him again.

"You are." He smiled and nipped at her bottom lip. "At least you taste nice. And you feel nice too." Michael stroked over her side and then slipped his hand under her shirt to caress her back. "Soft and warm."

Maria moaned softly and kissed him back. He was being sweet, and it pissed her off. Why couldn’t he just be a jerk? She arched her back and let her head fall backwards. “You’re… just saying that.”

"No, I'm not." Michael nuzzled her cheek and then kissed her chin. "You are very sweet. And soft. Just like a good candy."

Lifting her head up a little she looked at him. She wanted to cry. He was being nice, and she didn’t know why he would be. She stroked her fingers through his hair before kissing him again.

Michael joined their cuffed hands and traced circles over her lower back. It was weird, but for now he was just content with kissing her. Maybe the lack of food was really wearing him out.

Maria kissed him softly, and squeezed his hand while her other gently scraped the back of his neck. She pulled back a little, the intimacy of it was more than she could handle. So she brought her hand down from his neck and pulled at his shirt.

Michael looked at her and then pulled his shirt over his head to let it fall over their cuffed hands. Then he cupped her cheek and leaned forward to kiss her again, deep and thoroughly. He didn't want to rush it. Not now. And they had so much time. Nowhere else to go for the day and nothing else to do.

Maria whimpered softly against his lips. She kissed him back passionately, and let her arm wrap back around his shoulders. His body felt good against hers. He made her mind spin. She didn’t want the intimacy, but she loved it. She absolutely loved the intimacy.

He growled softly and then pulled his hand away from her back. This wasn't fair. He was starting to get cold and she still had all her clothes on. If he had to be shirtless and risk getting bitten by whatever he at least wanted to feel her skin as well. Pulling back to smirk at her, Michael snapped his fingers twice.

She crinkled her nose at him. “That doesn’t work.” Maria shook her head and stuck her tongue out at him. “If you want something off, you’ve gotta ask. Or do it yourself.”

Michael pouted. "I thought we had agreed on this code."

“I didn’t agree to that.” Maria shook her head and smirked.

Michael huffed and started to tug on her shirt. "Alright, fine. Then we do it the hard way."

She smiled and lifted her hand over her head to help him pull it off. “I don’t think it’s that hard, do you?”

"It's more work than snapping." Michael smirked and then reached behind her to unclasp her bra. As soon as her breasts sprang free, he couldn't help just gazing at them. She was just too pretty.

Maria blushed and shook her head. “Stop looking at me like that.” She curled her arm over her breasts and smirked slightly. She loved the way that he looked at her, but it made her feel self-conscious.

"I can't. Not with the way you're tempting me. And I can see your nipples hardening under my gaze." He raised an eyebrow and grinned at her, before focusing in her chest again.

She shuddered and let her arm slip down from her chest. “But you’re making me blush.”

"And? I'm the only one here to see it." Michael smiled and stroked his fingertips over her arm. "And I think it's cute. I like that I can make you blush just by looking at you."

Maria smirked at him and slowly brought her hand up to touch her fingers to his lips. “Hush.”

Kissing her fingers, Michael smirked back at her and then just wordlessly leaned forward to kiss her again. They didn't need to talk. And actually it was probably better if they didn't do it, because they always risked pissing the other off.

A quiet moan passed her lips and she let her hand rest on the back of his neck once more while she kissed him passionately. The way he made her feel was intoxicating. She felt beautiful. Her other hand held onto his tightly, rubbing her thumb against his hand.

Michael stroked up and down her back before burying his hand in her hair like usual. Then he tilted her head back a little and descended down her throat, kissing and nipping at her soft flesh as he went. But he shouldn't linger, she was already marked enough. And besides, right now there was a better place to suck on. He grinned against her flesh and circled one of her nipples with his tongue, before he closed his lips around it to suckle it softly.

Maria threw her head back and moaned loudly, and tangled her fingers in his hair. She arched her back, loving the feeling of his mouth against her breast. “Oh… oh Michael.” She moaned softly and lightly scratched the back of his head, keeping his mouth on her breast.

He scraped his teeth over the hard nubbin before he closed them around it and first rolled it, then bit into. "You like it harder, don't you?" Michael looked up at her and flicked his tongue out.

She hissed and tightened her fingers in his hair. “Fuck. Yes.” Maria tightened her fingers in his hair and moaned.

"Do you want me to bite you again?" He kissed her nipple and then blew against it, cooling it off.

Maria nodded her head wildly. How was it that he could do this to her? Make her so delirious with passion. “Yes! Please!” Her legs wound around his waist and pulled herself close to him.

Smirking satisfied, Michael first bit into her areola very lightly, before he closed his teeth around her nipple again. He felt like she could take more, but he hadn't been sure. He ground his teeth and then opened them again to suck on the rock hard little nipple.

She could feel the lust between her legs increase and thrust her hips forward slightly, trying to relieve some of the ache there. Her fingers gripped the back of his neck and she cried out at the feel of his teeth. It was amazing. “Oh fuck!” Maria buried her face in his hair.

Michael growled and pulled back to cool her off by blowing against her heated skin again, even though his own breath was probably just as hot. Maybe they should take off their pants and then continue with this. Right now his dick was just hurting while it pressed against the confines of his pants, aching to be thrusting into softer parts of her.

“Michael.” She moaned and gripped his back. She took in deep breaths, breathing in the scent of him though his hair. “Pants… off please.” Michael’s cock was pressing against her through their pants and she could feel it, but she wanted to feel it without their clothing.

"What about your other nipple?" He pulled his hand back from her hair and touched it teasingly. But really, was he crazy? The longer he was teasing her, the longer he did the same to himself.

Her mouth fell open and she just looked at him. “But…” Maria shook her head. “After… I want to feel all of you against me.” She moved her hand to gently stroke the side of his face and looked at him with lust filled eyes.

Michael smiled and nodded. "Yeah, damn, that sounds good." He quickly kissed her first though, not being able to resist the urge. Then he reluctantly pulled back to unzip his pants. He didn't want her to get up. There was always the chance that when she had a moment to think about it, she'd back away again.

Maria kissed him quickly then sat back and smirked as she slipped out of his lap and unzipped her pants quickly and squirmed until she managed to get them off. She was thankful that she’d taken her shoes off by the water, one less thing to fight with. She tossed her jeans a few feet away, and then glanced at Michael as she tugged her panties down her legs.

"Damn." Michael gazed at her. He had been contemplating about standing off and taking off his own pants, but now suddenly all he could think of was naked Maria standing in front of him. Sliding forward quickly, Michael wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her lower stomach. He could smell her from here and it did nothing to clear his mind.

A soft gasp passed her lips, then she looked down at him and smiled. She slid her fingers into his hair and stroked it back from his face. His lips were soft against her skin, and it made her knees weak.

Smiling up at her, Michael spread her legs carefully so she wouldn't fall over but he'd have enough room to move in closer to her. Then he nuzzled her thighs and kissed his way towards her heated center. "You smell horny." Good. He was gonna say good. Ugh.

Maria moaned softly and lightly pulled at his hair. “I am.” She murmured and let her eyes slip shut. She hadn’t expected this. She thought they would just go back to how they had been, and have sex, and eat, and sleep. She didn’t think that he would do this, not pleasure her.

Michael smiled again and kissed her thigh. She was cute. But he couldn't get so used to her. For now there was nobody else around to remind him of it though. He moved in closer and planted a kiss on her lower lips before spreading them apart so he could really taste her.

Her mouth fell open and she let out a soft moan. “Oh god.” She whispered and rubbed the back of his head. Her thighs trembled and Maria let her head fall backwards and clenched her eyes shut.

Michael licked up her juices and groaned. Damn. This was all just way too good. Intoxicating. Made him dizzy. But he wanted more. He spread her legs wider and pushed his tongue up her hot core, exploring the soft cavern.

“Oh shi.t!” Maria cried out loudly. Her legs felt weak and she was afraid of them giving out, but it was too good to loose. The feel of his tongue was causing sensations to roll throughout her body.

Rubbing his nose against her clit, Michael opened his mouth wider, still fucking her with his tongue. But as good as she tasted, he couldn't wait to replace his tongue with his throbbing cock. It could only be better for her too, right? But with the way she was moaning above him he wasn't so sure.

Maria opened her eyes again and looked back down at him with her eyes full of lust. “Oh… god Michael I’m gonna…” Her jaw trembled. She could feel it, close. She just wanted him fucking her till she screamed. Her fingers tightened in his hair, and she lightly scratched the back of his head.

Looking up at her, Michael considered his options. He could stop, flip her over, and fuck her the way it was supposed to be, or he could keep this up and drink her down. Or he could make her beg for it first. But since he still wanted to get a blowjob from her every now and then, he decided that his dick could wait. He moved his hand till he could reach her clit and then rubbed fast circles around it, at the same time targeting her g-spot with his tongue.

“Ugh!” She cried as she came. Her legs trembled and her nails dug into the back of his neck. “Fuck.” Maria hissed. His mouth was amazing, and it made her feel like her entire body was going to explode.

Michael growled and licked her clean. This had been the right choice after all. She tasted so good, now he wanted even more. Taking his hand away, he licked over her nether lips till he reached her clit and then stabbed at it with his tongue.

“Oh… oh… oh!” He didn’t just stop like she had expected, and now he was causing delicious vibrations to flow through her body, with it starting between her legs. “Michael.” She purred and bit her lip as she smoothed her fingers through his hair.

Her actions made him smile and he scraped his teeth over her clit, wanting her to tug at his hair again, or maybe rake her nails over his scalp. He needed the pain to assure him this was real.

“Oh my…” Her hips bucked slightly and she tugged at his hair, trying to keep her balance. Her knees gave out and she slowly slid down into his lap. “Jesus.” Maria murmured and looked at him, then smirked and kissed him softly.

Chuckling against her lips, Michael had to break the kiss. "I think I prefer 'Jerk' as my nickname, but thank you." He grinned and tugged on her bottom lip before he kissed her again.

Maria kissed him softly, and bit at his lips in response. “I like sweetie still.” She laced their fingers together again and kept her other arm around his shoulders. She licked at his lips and tugged on his lower lip with her teeth.

Michael growled again. "Alright, as long as you don't throw in another small animal I guess I can live with it, kitten." He stroked over her cheek and then kissed her again, more passionate than before. He still didn't get any and now he was getting frustrated.

“No sweetie pie?” Maria smirked and laughed softly, then kissed him again deeply. Her tongue stroked against his, and she could taste herself on his lips. She rubbed the back of his neck with her hand.

"No food names either, nope." He shuddered slightly when she touched his neck like this. There was just something about her touches… It made him all tingly.

She pulled back a little and laughed. “You’re just no fun sweetie.” She smirked and kissed him softly. She slid her fingers into his hair and stroked the back of his head, then scratched the back of his neck.

Michael snorted and quickly flipped her over so they were lying down with him on top of her. "No fun, eh?" He raised his eyebrow and slipped his hand back between their bodies to tease her clit.

Maria smirked but it didn’t last long. She gasped and her hips jerked against his hand in surprise. “Oh… I didn’t mean it. You’re fun…” Her hips rocked towards his hand and her fingers slid down to his shoulders. She liked this position much better.

"Yeah?" Michael sped up his fingers and then just pulled them back. "How much fun?"

She arched her back and moaned loudly, and then his fingers were gone. “You asshole! You aren’t any fun now.” She pouted and lifted her hips up towards him.

He laughed. "Aw shucks, I'm sorry babe. Just tell me what it is you want, so maybe I can make up for it."

“Fuck me.” Maria murmured and looked up at him. She slid her hand over his cheek and brought his lips towards hers and kissed him deeply.

Michael rubbed his cock against her wet core but didn't plunge forward. "Yeah? How bad do you want it?" And whatever she said, it would be okay. He itched to be buried deep inside of her.

“So bad.” She moaned and threw her head back, her fingers dug into his back. “So bad Michael… fuck me please.”

That was more than good enough for him. Taking his dick in his hand, Michael positioned it at her entrance and then pushed forward with one hard thrust. "You ever tell me I'm no fun again, I'm gonna remind you to this." He licked over her lips and then thrust into her hard and fast.

“Fuck!” Maria cried out loudly and curled her leg around his waist to pull him closer. “Oh god Michael.” She moaned loudly. “I’ll… I’ll remember.”

"Good." He moved to stimulate her clit once again, mostly because he noticed that he had held out for too long so now he wouldn't be able to keep fucking her for very long. The next time they'd do this differently again and he'd be the one to cum a few times, not her.

She moaned quietly and rocked her hips against his. It was so good. Maria buried her face in the crook of his neck and clenched her eyes shut tightly.

Michael bit his lip surprised. Once again he wanted to be able to use his other hand as well so he could bury it in her hair and cradle her head against him. Even though this was sex right now. Sex. Nothing else. She was just the snuggly type while doing it, obviously. He turned his head and kissed her hair before it became too much for him and he closed his eyes and thrust into her as hard as her could. "Damn, Maria. Cum for me!"

Maria screamed out his name as she came. Her thighs clenched together and she jerked her hips against his. “Fuck! Yes!” She cried. Her inner walls clenched tightly around Michael’s dick, drawing him deeper, milking him. She threw her head back gasping for breath.

"Shit!" Michael squeezed her hand tightly when he came soon after her. He sucked on her neck to keep from talking and maybe mumbling things he'd surely regret later. But he could so get used to this. It was so weird. She was already the woman he'd fucked the most times. Usually it never went beyond two, maybe three times. Then the night was over and in the morning he was gone.

She closed her eyes tightly and slid her hand up his back and into his hair again, gently combing her fingers through his hair, and lightly scratching his scalp and the back of his neck. She had noticed that he seemed to like it, and she liked the feel of his hair. Maria pressed her lips against his shoulder and nuzzled his skin. She was buzzing from her orgasm, the high from it was intense, and she didn’t want it to go away.

Michael shuddered again and brought his hand back up, licking it clean first, before he finally buried it in her hair. "Want me to flip us again?" This way maybe it was warmer for her, but she was so tiny, he didn't want to crush her either. During the sex it was one thing, but afterwards he wouldn't have to.

Maria shook her head. “No.” She tightened her legs around his waist. “Don’t move.” She purred softly and licked his shoulder softly, then pressed a kiss there and sighed.

"'Kay." Michael rubbed his head against her to get closer, if possible. "Hey, Maria?"

“Huh?” She opened her eyes and turned her head so that she could look at him.

"When we're back, will you stay with me? Uh, just for a while." He bit his lip and looked away from her. "A week or so?" Just till he was back in his old life again. Then he wouldn't need her anymore and she'd surely piss him off enough to kick her out.

Maria opened and closed her mouth several times before nodding slowly. Why was he being nice to her? She didn’t understand. But she was sure it was mostly because of the sex. “Okay. I will.” She murmured softly.

Michael smiled. "See? So now you don't even have to worry where to go to once we're back in town." Not for a while at least. And he could go stake out her apartment. He still refused to believe they would really be waiting for her there. Had they even enough cops for shit like this?

She smiled a little at him and nodded. He was being nice… a week. That was as long as she’d stay there. Maybe less. “We should probably get up and finish the fish.”

Michael groaned. He didn't want to move, he wanted to stay like this and close his eyes. "Yeah." She felt so good in his arms. He never had anything to hug before, now he started to realize what he'd missed.

Maria kissed his shoulder again and let her eyes slip shut. “It can wait a few minutes.” She whispered and rubbed her hand up and down his back.

"It can." He closed his eyes as well and relaxed, letting his body sink even more into hers. He should have pulled off more of his own clothes, then he'd be able to feel more of her skin on his. But her body warmth was seeping through his clothes and together with her smell it was enough for now to comfort him.

She nodded again and relaxed with a quiet moan. She was tired and his weight and his warmth felt good. Maria didn’t want to move.

He could easily let her lull him to sleep now and then wake up happy because she'd still be in his arms. But that would just mean he'd get even more used to her and those feelings. And when she'd be gone again, he'd miss her and feel even worse than before. So he had to get his walls back up pretty soon, before it was too late. And he should start right now. He should.

Maria rubbed her hands along his shoulders, just breathing slowly, and letting her body calm down. Softly she kissed his shoulder and kept her legs locked around his waist. A little nap was all she wanted, and then they could get something to eat. She didn’t want to lay with him like this though. It was too intimate.

Michael felt all tingly again. But in a good way. Very, very good. But his mind was screaming at him to stop this because it wouldn't last and it was better to end this on his terms. "Dammit," Michael muttered and with a last kiss to her cheek, he untangled himself from her and slowly sat up. "We should check out fish before it burns."

She let out a soft sigh and sat up then started gathering her clothes again and pulled them back on while looking at the fish. It didn’t look burnt yet. She finished pulling on her shirt and moved closer to the fire again and shifted the fish.

Michael had watched her getting dressed and zipped up his own pants as well. This was better already, less tempting. "I'd still like to have some herbs with my fish." He shrugged.

Maria shook her head and sighed again. “Don’t know what to tell you.” She moved the fish closer to the flame. They looked almost done.

"You don't need to respond to everything I say." Michael crossed his legs and stared into the fire.

“Fine.” She sighed and turned the fish. Alright then, she decided, she just wouldn’t talk to him. She was being nice, conversing with him, and he told her not to.

Michael nodded. Good. When she was pissed at him she wouldn't want to get close again. But she'd still want sex later and they should keep it at that. "How much longer till it's done?"

Maria didn’t answer. She picked at the fish, checking to see if it was done, before handing him his stick back. She pulled one of the fishes off her own stick and started eating it.

Michael rolled his eyes. "Thanks." Bitch. But whatever. He smelled at his fishes first and then took one down as well, placing the others back over the fire so they'd stay warm. Then he pulled some of the skin away so he could take a bite.

Quietly she ate her fish, doing her best to ignore Michael. He was a jerk. And she didn’t like him. But she loved laying in his arms. And that was the worst part. How good she felt when he held her.

The fish tasted good without any herbs. It was just so much better than any he had eaten before, not including the one yesterday though. Maybe it was because they were as fresh as it could get. Or maybe it was because he was eating in company. Silent company, but still. But no, it was just hunger. Yeah. Had to be.

Maria finished eating her fish and adjusted the rock so that she could stick her fish back up by the fire again too. She combed her fingers through her hair and glanced around. She had no idea what she was supposed to do with him. Sex made it easy, but at the same time it made it so complicated.

He looked at her after he'd finished his fish as well. "You think we should keep some for later? Or eat all of them now?" He wasn't sure if he could eat all three of them. He was hungry, yes, but his stomach had started to adjust to not getting much food.

She shrugged a little. “That’s up to you.” She spoke and didn’t mean to. Silently she cursed herself. “You eat them all now you’re not going to have anything else to eat later. And you’ll have to catch more.” Maria laid down on her back and stared up at the sky. She was close enough that it didn’t put much strain on her wrist.

"You'd have to get into the water as well then, so… ah, you know, never mind." Why was he even still caring? If he wanted more fish, he'd get more fish. She just had to tag along.

“You want to eat them, then eat them. It’s not a big deal having to go back to the water.” It was, she wanted to throw a fit and tell him to fuck off and go to hell. But it didn’t work that way right now.

"Fine." Michael glared at her. "You know maybe I'll keep my fish but will go to the lake after all, just to have a bath. Because I really feel dirty after spending so much time with you."

Maria clenched her eyes shut tightly. “Whatever.” She muttered. He was such an asshole. “I don’t exactly feel all that clean anymore either.” She snarled back at him.

"But you already had your bath yesterday, for the exact same reasons, didn't you?" His right eyelid started to twitch and he just wanted to scream. And then jump up and run away from her as fast as possible.

She rolled her eyes. “Actually I wanted to bathe because it’s been like a week since I’ve been able to shower since I’ve been stuck in jail!”

"Oh." Right. She had said that before. But it didn't change anything. She was still a bitch who didn't want him. How could she? "When we reach town tomorrow you can have one with soap." And then he'd kick her out again.

“Whatever.” Right. Like they’d ever get to town. They were going to die out in the middle of nowhere and she knew it. She’d never get her nice warm shower with soap and a soft towel because she was going to die. Or end up back in prison.

"No problem, I like sharing with you." Michael shook his head and then looked away from her. It was too tempting to stroke over her hair and then lie down next to her.

Tears welled up in her eyes and annoyed she rolled away from him and closed her eyes tightly. She just wanted it to be over.

Michael was tugged closer to her again when her arm shifted. Now it was just right to spoon her again, and nuzzle her neck and inhale her scent and bury his face in her hair. Argh! "Can't you get up and sit?"

Huffing loudly Maria sat back up, wiping at her eyes, before pulling her knees up against her chest. She was tempted to start biting her arm off.

He frowned at her. "What's wrong? Are you crying?" Michael leaned closer to get a better look at her. Damn, now he felt bad. He hadn't been that harsh, had he? She really was too sensitive sometimes. Which just made her even cuter though.

“Nothing. Everything is just peachy.” She wiped at her eyes again and sighed. “I’m so sick of being stuck out here. I wish this wasn’t real.” Maria whispered.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Michael scratched his eyebrow and then slid a little closer to her, having their legs touch.

Her jaw trembled. “Why do you have to be nice to me?” Maria lifted her head up and looked at him.

"Because we're stuck together and I don't like it when you're no fun." Michael sighed. "And I just… I like you. And I don't want you to be so depressed and stuff."

She scoffed and shook her head. “You’re not supposed to like me. You’re supposed to hate me. You’re not supposed to want to spend any time with me.” Tears filled her eyes again and she quickly shook her head.

"I know." Michael bit his lip. "Trust me, I know. And I really try to hate you. And you make it very easy for me too, most of the time." He smirked and nudged her a little, trying to cheer her up.

Maria sighed quietly and looked at him again. She moved closer to him again and slid between his legs and leaned back against his chest. “I don’t want to be out here anymore. I want to go home.” Maria felt so tired, and it was making everything worse.

"Me too." He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, deciding that for now it was time to shut off his brain again and just give in to what he really wanted to do. "And we will. Tomorrow we'll reach town."

“Do you really think we will?” Maria asked softly lifting her hands to rest on top of his and then she closed her eyes. She wanted to believe that they would. That they would reach town, and they’d be free.

"Sure. If we follow the river it has to lead us somewhere." It had to. And it wasn't like they were somewhere very far off with miles and miles of woods between a few houses. They were still around a big city.

She nodded and snuggled deeper into his chest, enjoying his warmth while it lasted. Before long they wouldn’t be together anymore, and… she didn’t want to think about that right now. She pressed her lips softly against his wrist.

Michael smiled down at her. "Hey Maria? Do you like me too? Just a little?" And he hadn't planned to shut his brain off that much. How could he be so stupid to ask her that? He was just making himself vulnerable to her, and it would hurt all the more if she'd use it.

Maria opened her eyes and looked at the fire for a moment, surprised by his question. But she nodded slowly. “I do.”

Smiling wider, Michael nodded. "Good." He kissed the top of her head again and tightened his arms around her. He'd still kick her out after a week though. But it was going to be a great week filled with sex and sleep, and real food and showers.


Chapter Thirteen

She sighed softly and rubbed his arms, before exhaustion took over her body and she drifted off to sleep. Her mind was still filled with worries, even as she slept, of never finding a way out, and going back to jail.

Michael watched her for some time, before his eyelids grew heavier and heavier and finally they fell shut altogether and he followed her to sleep.

Maria jerked awake, gasping quietly before quickly looking around. She’d dreamt about the police showing up and arresting them. Her breathing came out ragged and she glanced at Michael, then at the fire and then clenched her eyes shut, trying to calm down.

"Whu'?" Michael was jerked out of his dream and he frowned down at her. Dammit. It had just been so nice with her shackled to his bed after they had already taken a shower together. But now he had been standing next to the bed, smirking down at her and she had been begging and pleading with him that he'd join her and fuck her again. And dammit, just thinking about it again made his cock twitch and ache.

“Sorry.” Maria murmured glancing at him. She pushed her hair back from her face and sighed quietly.

"No, it's okay." Michael reached down and adjusted his pants. "But now that we're already up, how about we get tired again?"

Her mind was stuck on that dream. It wouldn’t leave her alone so she shifted away from him and glanced down at the bulge in his pants. “I’ll take care of that for you. “ Maria unzipped his pants and dipped her hand inside to wrap her fingers around Michael’s dick.

"Please." Michael gulped and closed his eyes. Aw, fuck. Her hands felt so damn good on his flesh. So soft, but she still knew how to touch. "Take it out." Maybe the cold air would help him some.

Maria moved again so that she could kneel in front of him while she pulled his cock out. Slowly she stroked her hand up and down his length and then lowered her head to press her lips in a soft kiss against the head of his dick.

Michael groaned frustrated. After his dream he was too hard to be teased like this. "Harder, dammit, please!" He gave her a pleading look and pushed her hair out of her face so he could watch her better.

She glanced up at him before engulfing his cock in her mouth and sucking hard. Her fingers wrapped around the base and pumped him slowly. Her tongue rubbed against the vein that ran along the underside of his dick, before teasing the head with the tip of her tongue.

He thrust his hips against her mouth and tugged on her hair. This wasn't really what he'd hoped for. It was still teasing. But damn did it feel good. "Oh yeah…" Michael gulped again.

Maria let her tongue caress the head of his dick, before lowering her mouth around him and sucking hard. Then she did it again, teasing him with her tongue before surrounding him with her lips. All the while her hand continued steady strokes up and down his length.

Squeezing her cuffed hand hard, Michael bucked upwards again without being able to control it. "Fuck, Maria!" He was afraid he'd just grab her and fuck her face, and then she'd kick him and he wouldn't get any.

Her eyes opened up long enough to glance up at him before lowering her head again and bobbing up and down quickly. She had a feeling he was getting close, and she wanted him to enjoy it. Maria slid her hand down to cup his balls and fondle them gently.

"Fuck!" That was unexpected. Michael tightened the fingers in her hair and held her head tight to him as he shot his load into her waiting mouth. "Hell." He let go of her quickly and panted. Dammit. She was making him lose all control in all aspects of his life.

Maria swallowed quickly, drinking down every drop of his seed before licking him clean. She sat up and tucked him back into his pants and licked her lips clean before glancing at the fire. A small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth; at least he had enjoyed it. She laid a few more pieces of wood on the fire, wanting to keep it going.

Michael watched her and then shook his head. She was so confusing. Right now she was acting as if giving him head was the most casual thing ever and she could just go on with the motions right after it, while he was left there in awe, still trying to catch his breath. That was so wrong. "Come here."

She looked at him, then moved back over towards him. “What?” She asked furrowing her brow.

"What?" Michael made a face and shook his head again. "You are so damn weird!"

“What?!” Maria exclaimed. How the hell was she supposed to know what he wanted?

Michael laughed at her. She was just so damn cute when she was irritated. "I just wanted you to come closer so I can touch you and thank you properly, you know?"

She sighed softly and shook her head a little. “You don’t have to do that Michael. Just because I…” She took a deep breath. “It doesn’t mean you have to do me any favors.”

"That's not it." He stroked over her cheek but then pulled his hand back again quickly. They were getting too intimate again. And ah damn, what the hell? He was allowed to still be mushy in his brain due to his recent orgasm. "I just wanted to kiss you." He nuzzled her nose and then gave her a chaste kiss on her lips.

Maria frowned for a moment before kissing him back tenderly. She didn’t understand him. But in the back of her mind she wanted to, though she knew that was bad. That she would be gone in a few days, and never see him again.

Smiling against her lips, Michael cupped the back of her head and licked over her lips, wanting her to part them so he could really kiss her deeper.

She flicked her tongue out against his, and licked it before kissing him intensely. The hand that wasn’t cuffed rested on his knee as she squeezed his other hand with hers.

Michael could still taste himself on her lips and it made him harden again. But just kissing her would have done the trick as well. He pulled back when the need for air became too much and then rested his forehead against hers. "See? That was all I wanted." He smirked.

Maria nodded silently and continued to absently rub her hand over his knee while she tried to catch her breath. How was it that he could kiss her, and moments later she was struggling to breathe? And the moments seemed to last an eternity, but once they were over, it seemed like seconds.

He kissed her nose and then pulled back to look at her. What now? Sex and more sleep? Or maybe they should eat another fish first? Michael looked past her to check on them. They still looked okay, not black or anything.

She glanced over her shoulder at the fire and the fish like Michael did before sitting back down between his legs. Her breathing was still unsteady, and she closed her eyes tightly.

Michael pouted when she moved away from him but then he wrapped his arms around her again and kissed her shoulder. This was a nice position too, especially with her ass so close to his ever growing cock. It was promising.

“I had a dream the police found us.” She murmured softly as she moved her hands to rest on top of his. Maria sighed softly and shook her head. She knew that she just shouldn’t talk. It always seemed to make things more complicated.

Michael kissed her neck and nodded slightly. "But they won't."

Her jaw trembled. But what if they did? Maria nodded a little and tilted her head to the side, allowing Michael more access to her neck. His soft kisses were soothing. She held his hands and rubbed her thumbs against his wrists.

"And you're gonna be safe with me." For a week. Then she should know where to go. And he could work on forgetting her. He closed his eyes, still planting small kisses all around her shoulder and throat.

Maria nodded and let one of her hands slip up to tangle in his hair. She loved the way it felt under her fingers, and his lips were doing a fabulous job of making her forget why she was afraid.

"I was actually dreaming about you in cuffs too." Michael smirked and scraped his teeth over one of her hickeys.

A soft moan escaped her lips, and she tightened her fingers in his hair. “Oh really? The pink furry ones?” Maria asked softly.

"Yep, those were the ones." She remembered. That was a good sign, right?

“And just what was I doing in those cuffs?”

"You were writhing on my bed. Naked." He nipped on her sensitive skin and then toyed on it with his tongue. "All hot and ready for me, begging me to fuck you."

“Oh…?” She arched her back and let out a hushed moan. “Really?” Her voice was breathy and soft, already turned on just at the thought of being in his bed, naked and writhing.

"Yeah…" Michael moved his free hand further down her body to play with her zipper. "But I wouldn't fuck you. Not that early anyways. I was teasing you and getting back at you for all the times you teased me."

“I don’t tease!” Her jaw trembled with lust. “You can’t tease me, it’s not nice.”

"But you liked it." Michael chuckled. "I could see how wet you were, much like I can smell you now."

Maria smiled faintly and nodded. She moved his hand that was cuffed to hers and pulled his hand up to cup her breast, and kept her hand on top of his.

He grinned and cupped her breast in a firm grip. "And you do too tease me. All the time." He loosened his grip and instead found her nipple and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. "Don't you agree?" He scraped his teeth over her hickey again.

She nodded quickly and grasped his wrist. “I do.” Maria whispered and threw her head back farther, his mouth just felt too good. She kept her fingers in his hair, lightly tugging at his hair.

Fully unzipping her pants, he pushed his hand into them to cup her mound through her panties. "So you agree that I have every right to tease you back?"

“Uh…” Maria nodded slowly. “Yes.” She whispered, she didn’t want to say no, in fear that he’d stop touching her. His hands felt too good.

Michael sucked on her throat and started to move his fingers, teasing her lower lips. "And I can do anything I want to you, and you won't say no?"

She chewed on her lip and rocked her hips slightly. “Y-yes.” Maria nodded her head. “Just… don’t stop.”

"So now I have it twice from you that I can do anything I want with you." Michael grinned. "Very nice." He stopped touching her and leaned back on his hands instead, wanting to see her reaction.

“No!” Maria cried out spinning around quickly to look at him. “I said anything as long as you didn’t stop touching me!” Her breathing was ragged.

"No you didn't." Michael smirked at her. "But do you want to add it?"

“I said don’t stop! And you stopped!” He was smirking at her, the cocky little bastard. She slapped his arm and huffed.

"Yes, but I took it as a plea, not a condition. And to answer pleas or not is something I can now freely decide over." He tapped her nose. "And it's more fun to ignore them once in a while." Michael winked.

Maria huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. “Then you don’t get to do anything you want if you’re not going to be nice.” She stuck out her tongue, and tried to hide her smirk. He was evil. A complete jerk, and she was totally turned on.

"Oh, really?" Michael pounced forward and pushed her onto her back, then he hovered over her. "That's too bad though, 'cause I already had some ideas in mind." He leaned closer as if he wanted to kiss her but continued to just look at her.

She shrieked and grabbed onto his shoulder when he pushed her back. Maria lifted her head up a little, trying to close the distance between their mouths. “Really?” She murmured watching his lips. “What… what did you have in mind?”

Michael smirked and pulled back a little again. "First I was gonna let you undress again. I think I start to like it this way. You naked, and me not." It gave him more control. And not feeling all of her skin was good to remain some distance to her.

“And then what?” She asked completely absorbed in his fantasy, because she wanted to make it a reality.

"Then I'd have you lie back, much like you are now." He quickly licked over her lips, not able to resist touching her at least a little. "But you'd have to spread your legs apart for me. And hold your lower lips apart. You'd feel the cold air rushing through them." He rubbed over her nose. "Can you feel it?"

Maria felt a gush of fluid between her legs and nodded quickly. “I can.” She murmured. “Tell me more.” She slid her fingers into his hair and arched her back slightly.

Damn, this was almost better than actually doing it. But it became harder and harder not to touch her, or have her touching him, other than his hair. "Then I'd go down on you, just breathe warm air on your clit to show you the contrast between what you get from me, and how cold any lonely it would be without."

Her whole body shuddered against his and she curled one of her legs around his waist. “Mmmm.” She moaned. “So warm.” Maria flicked her tongue out against his lips. “More.” She murmured.

Michael leaned his hips more into hers, letting her feel his pressing erection. "Then I'd lick you. First your clit, and then, when it's really hard and throbbing I'd leave it alone and slide my tongue further down between your silken folds. But I'd watch and make sure you won't touch your clit but leave it alone and still spread wide."

Maria’s thighs trembled and she nodded. “That… isn’t fair.” She lifted her head up and kissed his throat. “You can’t tease me like that, it isn’t fair.”

"Maybe. But it's not supposed to be. It's punishment for you and fun for me." Michael moaned softly and stroked his hand slowly over her side. "But I could always just stop it. But then you won't get to feel my tongue anymore. And you want to feel my tongue, don't you?"

“No! You can’t stop.” She nuzzled his throat and closed her eyes. “I want to feel your tongue, I love your tongue.”

He grinned and slipped his hand under her shirt, then stroked over her side again. "So you'd love to feel it pushed up your core, exploring your cavern till I've found your g-spot? And then I'd concentrate on toying with it."

“Uh huh.” Maria nodded quickly. “Oh yes Michael.” She murmured.

"I'd start teasing your clit again, rubbing it with my thumb. Then I'd wait till I could feel your walls start to flutter around my tongue, but then, before you can find your release, I'd pull back again." Michael cupped her breast and rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“Ugh!” She moaned out and arched her back. “Why? You can’t do that! Michael.” Maria scratched the back of his neck and sucked on his throat. “That isn’t fair.”

"Haven't we already been over this?" Michael smirked. "But you've been a good girl and didn't touch your clit, did you? So I can reward you."

“Oh! Yes! I’m good, I’ll be good! Reward me please.” His hand felt good on her skin, and she wanted more.

"Okay, I will. I'll kiss you, deep and thoroughly." Michael brushed his lips over hers and squeezed her nipple. "Can you taste yourself on my lips and my tongue? You taste so very good, Maria, don't you?"

Maria whimpered and arched her back and kissed him softly. “I can… I taste good… but we taste better together.” She told him, hoping to encourage him to fuck her.

He chuckled, momentarily taken aback. "Yeah. Yeah, we do." He gave her a soft kiss but then pulled back again. The game wasn't over yet, she was just trying to distract him. "So, I dunno… will I fuck you, or will I let you suffer a little longer and have you blow me first?"

“Fuck me, please Michael. I sucked you off earlier… I’m so wet.” She lifted her head up and licked his ear. “You’ve made me so wet Michael. You’ve gotta fuck me. Please.”

Michael grinned and raised an eyebrow. "Oh no, the right answer would have been 'Anything you want, Michael.' Because I'm in charge and I can still do anything I want, right?"

“Please.” Maria begged, and nodded. “Anything. Please Michael.” She pulled her head back to look at him. “You are in charge, please. It was just a suggestion… a desperate plea.”

He cocked his head. "Yeah, that sounds better." He pulled his hand back out from her shirt and instead touched her lips. "But you have such a pretty mouth, Gorgeous lips. I'm so tempted to feel them wrapped around my cock again. And it would be so good. I'm so hard for you, baby. Just touching you, tasting and smelling you has brought me so close to the edge already." As did just telling her about it. Dammit!

She moaned softly and kissed his finger before parting her lips and licking them, and then sucking them into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his fingers and she looked into his eyes. “I can feel you. It feels so good Michael.” She licked at his fingers again.

Michael groaned and watched her tongue closely. Fuck, she was too good in this game. He ground his hips into hers and pulled his hand back so he could kiss her hard. Enough with all the talking, now he really wanted to feel her.

Maria moaned into his mouth and kissed him back passionately. Her tongue stroked against his, tasting his mouth. She slid her hand up into his hair again and held his mouth against hers, not wanting him to break the kiss, and tease her again.

Sliding his hand in her hair as well, Michael only broke the kiss to gasp for air, then he dove right back in again. All this teasing had driven him desperate. It had been fun though, and the good thing about it was that he could just go and touch her now that he couldn't stand it anymore.

Maria gasped for breath when he broke the kiss, and was happy when he kissed her again. She wrapped her other leg around his waist and rocked her hips slightly.

Michael growled and broke the kiss again, this time to latch onto her throat and suck her soft flesh between his lips. He should have let her undress first after all. Slightly frustrated, he slipped his hand into the waistband of her pants and pushed at them. But with her legs around his waist it was useless. It felt so good though, he didn't want her to untangle them from him either.

“Oh Michael.” She moaned loudly and threw her head back. She wanted them both to be naked, to feel his body against hers completely. She let her hand slip down from his hair and down his back and pushed it up under his shirt.

He scraped his teeth over her skin and then looked at her again. "We need to lose some clothes." He stroked over her cheek and kissed the side of her mouth.

Maria nodded quickly and pulled back a little. “Okay.” She kissed him again before unwrapping her legs from his waist.

"Damn." Michael pouted but then quickly reached for the waistband of her pants again, succeeding in pushing them down a little more this time.

She lifted up her hips for him, allowing him to pull her pants down and then she helped him with getting her pants down. Maria slid her hand back around and unzipped his pants and pushed them off his hips.

Michael kicked his legs to get his pants off him all the way. As soon as he had kicked them a few feet away, he cupped her cheek and kissed her again.

Maria kissed him back deeply and hooked her legs over his hips before pushing him onto the back and smirking down at him.

He raised his eyebrow and smirked up at her. "Flipping the tables, are we?" He knew he could just as easily flip them again, but he was curious to see what she had in mind.

She smiled and nodded. “I’m in charge now.” She laid her hands on his stomach and pushed them up, inching his shirt up slowly.

"Are you going to tell me a tale too?" Michael rested his arm above his head and played with her fingers on their cuffed hands. He seriously hoped she wouldn't take as long though. But she had to be just as horny as he was, right?

“Do you want to hear a tale?” Maria asked him softly. She slid her hand up and brushed some hair back from his face. Slowly she leaned down and kissed him softly.

"Yes." Michael smiled up at her. "But not right now. Right now I want to live it." He winked and cupped the back of her head, then pulled her down for another kiss.

She let out a soft moan and kissed him passionately. “Living it is a lot better.” She rocked her hips towards his and smirked slightly against his mouth.

Michael brushed his fingertips over her back. "But my tale has made you wet." He looked up at her. She really needed to lose the shirt as well.

Maria nodded and arched her back. “It did… so wet.” She leaned down and kissed his throat. “Do you want to feel how wet?”

Nodding wildly, Michael pushed his hips upwards. "Yes!" This was sweet and all, but damn, he really needed to be buried deep inside of her now.

She smiled and nodded. “Okay.” She pushed her underwear down her legs before straddling his waist again. Maria wrapped her hand around his dick and rubbed it over her dripping wet slit.

Michael groaned. "Fuck me, Blondie. Please!" This small preview wasn't enough; it only made him harder, if that was even possible.

Maria bit her lip and slowly slid down along his length. A moan passed her lips as her hips met his, and he was fully engulfed within her wet walls. “Oh fuck.” She whispered.

"Yes." Michael arched his back and tried to get as deep into her as possible. "Fuck." He passed his hand through her hair and then pulled her down to kiss her again, while he moved his hips slowly up and down. Not much, but without some friction he'd go mad.

She kissed him passionately, stroking her tongue against his. Maria moved her hips against his, in the slow tandem he had created. She rested her arm over his head, bracing herself on the grass.

Slipping his hand under her top, Michael caressed her back. He never thought he could like this, being fucked so slow, but with Maria everything was different. Or maybe he was just tired. And hadn't he decided to stop thinking about it? He shook his head and then looked into her eyes, trying to get lost.

Maria opened her mouth, trying to take in a full breath, as she stared into his eyes. His eyes were so deep, she felt nothing but him. She brushed her fingers through his hair, pushing it off his forehead.

Suddenly it was too intense and Michael had to close his eyes. This was too intimate, too good. It wasn't just fucking, they were bonding again. "Maria…"

He closed his eyes and she whimpered at the loss. It lost something when he stopped looking at her. Maria lowered her head and buried her face in his shoulder. “Oh god Michael.” She breathed.

Michael opened his eyes again when he heard her whimper, but then was thankful for her hiding her face. And she apparently didn't whimper because something had hurt her. But why did she do it then? He hadn't touched her any differently. But she was a woman, who knew? He pulled his hand back out from under her shirt and instead stroked over her hair. "My kitten."

Maria nuzzled his throat, pressing her lips against his skin softly. His kitten… she liked that, a little too much. She nodded slightly and licked his throat softly. His fingers felt good and she didn’t want him to stop touching her so gently.

Turning his head to watch her, Michael continued to stroke over her hair. He'd really miss her. No, not her. The sex. And the snuggling. And the teasing. He'd miss touching her. And talking to her too, actually. Dammit, dammit, dammit!

She felt his head turn and opened her eyes to look at him again. Her jaw trembled. He made her feel so good, better than anyone ever had before. It wasn’t just the sex either. None of her boyfriends had ever turned her on like Michael had. No one had treated her like he had either.

Michael smiled and kissed her softly. Their hips had picked up on speed on their own, but not by much. It was weird, with how turned on he'd been before, he had expected some quick and passionate fucking not this slow love-making. Love-making? "Maria?"

Maria looked at him and touched her fingers to the side of his face. “Yeah?” She breathed, and couldn’t help but smile slightly.

"This here… what we do…" He bit his lip. "It's sex, right? Just sex?"

She swallowed hard. Just sex? But it felt like so much more. It was so much more intense than sex ever had been before. Tears filled her eyes and she closed them tightly. “Just sex.” She whispered and turned her head away.

"Good." Michael nodded and it down hard on his lip. Fuck, now he'd really ruined it. And he didn't even feel better. The whole point had been to feel relieved and then really enjoy this, now he just wanted to take it back.

Now she just wanted it to be over with. She wanted to be away from him. The quickest way to do that was to come, and to make him come. Maria sped up her hips, but it didn’t feel right, it wasn’t the same. But it lost the amazing feeling. Or maybe that was just Michael saying it was just sex.

Michael frowned at her. She still refused to look at him and she wasn't touching him like she had before either. He really had to go and ruin it all, didn't he? He moaned involuntarily because the faster pace brought him closer to the edge. But he didn't want it to end like this. Not after they had been building up for so long. It would be completely wrong. He wrapped his arm around her back and then quickly flipped them over, stilling her movements.

Maria gasped at the sudden change of positions, and then he stopped her from moving her hips. She looked at him quickly and narrowed her eyes. “What are you doing?” She growled at him.

"Slowing you down." Michael shrugged and smirked at her. She was just too cute when she got angry; it already lightened him up again.

She glared at him then turned her head away. She was mad. She just wanted it to end, but he wouldn’t let that happen. Asshole.

Michael touched her cheek. "Maria, look at me."

“No.” She grumbled and brought her arm up to cover her face. She didn’t know why she was getting so upset, but he pissed her off when he said it was just sex. Even if that’s all it was… it felt like more.

"Maria!" Michael scolded her in a stern voice. "I still have a few things good, and now I want you to look at me."

“No.” Maria repeated. “Go away.”

"I won't. I wouldn't even if I was able to." Without the cuffs. But this wasn't about them being shackled right now. It was about her behaving like a spoiled five year old. Just that they were also kinda having sex. Neither of them was still moving though.

She pouted and lowered her arm from her face. “You’re a jerk.” She muttered.

"I know." Michael winked at her, then he stroked over her cheek and just watched her for a moment. "I'm sorry."

Her eye slid shut for a moment and she leaned into his hand but then turned her head again and shook it slightly. “Don’t be sorry. Just forget it.”

"I can't." Michael cocked his head. "And you can't either, obviously." He feathered his fingertips over the side of her face. "I didn't really mean it like that."

“It’s the truth Michael.” She looked back at his face and sighed. “It’s just sex. That’s it.”

"Then why did you turn away and stopped touching me when you said that?" He wasn't sure what was better. To have her agree that it was just sex, so then they could just go on fucking with a clean conscience, or to have her admit that it was more. They didn't need to define it. Just agree that it was more.

“Why did you even ask?” Maria countered. More than a little upset with him. “It’s sex. That’s all it is.”

Michael mustered her face. Something was going very wrong here and it just went worse and worse. "Yeah, you're right. Just sex." He shook his head, tempted to flip them around again and just lie down and sleep, or let her finish this. He wasn't really in the mood for it anymore. Which was also something that had never happened to him before. Had to be the food. The lack of meat was bad to all of his system.

Just sex. Maria sighed inwardly, and shook her head a little. “Now are you going to finish fucking me or not?” She ran her hand through her hair. The mood was so completely lost.

"I dunno." Michael frowned. "Do you want me to finish?"

She wanted the mood back, for it to be passionate, and intense, and leave her screaming for more. “The mood is sort of gone.” She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked up at him.

"It is." Michael agreed. "How about I flip us back over and you can tell me your story?" Maybe that would heat things up again. Or at least make him fall asleep.

Maria opened her mouth, then closed it again. She didn’t have a story, she had been thankful that he had said no to it earlier, because she didn’t have any lurid dominating fantasies.

"Either way, I can't hold it much longer, I need to relax." Michael shrugged a little and then flipped them over, so he could rest on his back and wouldn't have to stay propped up to keep from crushing her. He let out a relieved sigh and closed his eyes for a moment.

Suddenly Maria was on top of him again and she bit her lip before lifting her body off of his and sitting up. This was good… she knew that she couldn’t get attached to him, feelings were bad, and the sex was just too intense for their own good.

Michael shuddered and looked at her. He didn't mean she had to get off of him completely. Now he felt really cold. He reached down and cupped his dick. "Alright, talk."

“What do you want me to say?” She asked grabbing her underwear and her pants before drawing her knees up to her chest.

"Why are you getting dressed?" He reluctantly sat up as well and passed his hand through his hair.

“I’m not. I’m just…” Maria didn’t know what she was doing. Tears stung her eyes and she yanked her underwear on angrily. It was his fault. He was such a stupid jerk.

"Just getting dressed?" Michael rolled his eyes. "Why are you mad at me? I didn't do anything. You said it was just sex."

“You said it first!” She yelled at him before burying her face in her hands. “It’s all that it is! Sex! There is nothing more to it. Who cares if it’s the best sex I ever had!” She shook her head and wiped at her eyes quickly.

"The best? Really?" Michael smiled, almost forgetting the rest of what she said. But he quickly cleared his head and placed his hand on her shoulder tentatively. "It was just a question. I wasn't… I apologized, okay?"

“Forget it.” Maria muttered and shook her head. “It’s just sex, and I know that. Just forget about it.” She sighed and stopped trying to pull on her jeans.

"Didn't we already have this conversation a few minutes ago?" Michael scratched his eyebrow.

“Yeah. Drop it.” She stared down at her pants in her hands and sighed softly.

"Fine." Michael grabbed her pants and threw them a few feet away. "I hope you weren't cold."

“What are you doing?” Maria asked and furrowed her brow. He stole her pants, why the hell did he steal her pants?

"Keeping you from getting dressed." Michael shrugged innocently.


Chapter Fourteen

She looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

"Uh…" He scratched his eyebrow again. He wasn't really sure; he just didn't want her getting dressed. It would mean it was all over and there'd be no sex, nor snuggling anytime soon. "Because I felt like it."

Maria shook her head and pulled her knees up to her chest. “Fine.”

Michael slid a little closer to her and placed his hand on her knee, stroking it softly. "So are you gonna tell me your tale now?"

“I don’t have one.” Maria murmured quietly. It embarrassed her that she didn’t. Michael had this great, amazing story, and she didn’t have one.

But she had asked if he wanted to hear one! So she was just playing him, knowing he'd say no. She knew him too well already. "Can't you make one up?"

“I don’t know.” She muttered, then sighed and closed her eyes. “I’ve never really made up fantasies before.”

"I'm sure you've had fantasies before." Michael nudged her. "Come on, you must have had daydreams? At the very least after you saw me, right? I mean, you just have to fantasize about me." He winked.

A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. “I… they aren’t anything that extravagant.”

"No? I'm offended." Michael smirked at her and he nudged her again. He just wanted to forget all about the last ten minutes, and this was a good start.

“What can I say? I’m boring.” She smirked at him.

Michael laughed. "Oh, you're anything but, Blondie." He shook his head, still chuckling. "So go on, just start with something."

Maria bit her lip, trying to think of something. “We’re in a bath tub.” She frowned a little, boy, that was exciting. “Lots of bubbles, really warm water. And I’m sitting facing you.” She moved to sit between his legs so that she was facing him now. “Like this.”

He smiled. "That's a nice start." He pushed some hair out of her face and then wrapped his arm around her waist. "Do we have a sponge?"

She nodded and shifted closer to him, letting her hand rest on his side. “Yeah. And we’re washing each other, slowly… Because we have all the time in the world.”

"We have." Michael nodded. This was going to be a nice fantasy.

“We’re all clean and everything. And then we start touching each other, slowly, softly.”

Michael slipped his hand under her top and caressed her back. "Where?"

Maria arched her back and nodded slightly. “All over… starting slow… there is good.” His hands felt good on her back. She dipped her hand under his shirt and rubbed her fingertips against his side.

He stroked his fingers up and down her spine and moved so their upper bodies were closer together. "Do we kiss?"

“Yeah.” She murmured and kissed him softly. She let her hand wrap around his body to rub her hand up and down his back.

"Good. I like kissing you." He touched his lips to hers again briefly but then sat back so she could continue.

Maria frowned when he sat back. “Then don’t stop.” Why did he have to stop? That wasn’t very nice.

Michael chuckled. "I just wanted to give you room and breath for your story."

She shifted her whole body closer to his and shook her head. “I don’t want you to.” Maria stuck out her lower lip and pouted at him.

Michael wrapped his arm around her waist to hold her to him. "No?" He closed his eyes and rubbed their noses together for a brief second before he smiled at her. "What do you want me to do then?"

“Kiss me.” Maria kissed him softly and let her eyes slip shut. His hand on her back caused little electric shivers to shoot down her spine. And it made her happy.

He kissed her again, barely having their lips touch, and then again, letting it linger, before he finally snaked out his tongue to allow her a real kiss. They should let this built up again slowly. Even though he was still hard and frustrated, he still didn't feel like rushing things just to get off. He could have had that earlier.

She kissed him back slowly, enjoying the tenderness, loving the slow, leisurely pace they were going at. But it was going to get intense again and she knew it. But she hoped that Michael wouldn’t spoil it again by asking if it was just sex or something like that.

After a while Michael pulled back again. "You just didn't want to finish your tale, did you?" He smirked at her. Not like he was complaining. He only let her talk so they could get over the just sex crap.

Maria smirked back at him and shook her head. “Nope.” She kissed him again softly. “I prefer the real thing.” She told him quietly while stroking her fingers against his skin lightly.

"I understand." He kissed her again. "But I'm going to want to hear something every now and then after all." Playing with the waistband of her panties, Michael wiggled a little closer to her still, so now she was almost touching his cock again.

She nodded slightly. “Okay, I think I can handle that… I’ll work on some fantasies that you’ll like.” She glanced down between them, their bodies so close again. And she had her underwear on again. Damn. It was in the way, but she didn’t have any desire to move back from him to take them off.

"I can't wait." Actually he could right now, but all in all he got more and more to look forward to once they were back at his place. It would be such a great week. "But tell me, how did your fantasy end? With us both in the bathtub?"

“It ends in a nice and warm and comfy bed. But all the action takes place in the tub.” Maria slid her hand back down and rubbed it against his arm, and gave him a small smile.

Michael kissed the sides of her mouth and then sucked on her bottom lip. "All the action?" Part of him wanted to rip off her panties and continue this while she was bouncing on his cock, or at least just be buried inside of her without moving. Anything so he wouldn't feel as cold anymore. But this was still supposed to be slow.

She nodded and smiled against his lips. “Yup. All the action.” She leaned in towards his ear and kissed it softly. “The hot, passionate, fucking.”

"Did we make the water swap over?" Maybe he should consider keeping this fantasy unfulfilled. In his small tub, and with water dripping down his neighbor's ceiling, it could end not as well as it might sound. But maybe they could go to her place after all.

Maria shrugged. “Probably, in the fantasy world, I’m a little distracted by the intense orgasms.”

Michael laughed. "Oh, those don't belong to your fantasy, they belong to the real world." He wiggled his eyebrows and kissed her hard, while he slid his hand under her shirt and then up her stomach till he could stimulate her nipples.

She moaned suddenly and arched her back. She kissed him back passionately, her tongue stroked against his, while she let her hand rub up and down his arm.

He had lost count about how many times he'd missed freedom over his left arm so far, but right now he could add another scratch to it. He wanted to pinch both her nipples at the same time. Or slide one hand in her hair or stroke over her back. As it was he could only play with her fingers and occasionally squeeze her hand.

Maria pulled her mouth back, gasping for breath. His fingers were adding to the fire that was building inside of her belly. She pushed her hips towards his, desperate for the sensations of his cock slipping in and out of her body.

"Fuck." Michael groaned when she came in contact with his throbbing erection. He moved his hand down between them and touched her through her panties. "Damn Blondie, those are so wet, you should take them off before you catch a cold."

She smiled a little and nodded, but didn’t move. “I don’t want to move.”

"I could still rip them off." He cocked his head and nipped at her lips, while his fingers returned to play with the waistband.

“No… then I won’t have any underwear for who knows how long… and they cost like ten dollars.” After all, they were from Victoria’s Secret. But she’d been wearing them for a long time, and that was gross, but she didn’t want to be stuck without underwear for a month because he ripped them off.

"But why do you even need it in the first place? I live happily without." Michael shrugged. It just made things so much easier.

“Fine.” She muttered and kissed him again. Maria didn’t want to move. “Rip them.” She kissed him again and shook her head. “But you’re buying me a new pair.”

He raised his eyebrow and strained them a bit to prepare for actually ripping them apart. "Are you sure?" He didn't need her bitching and complaining about it later. Or right now. Would she be as evil? He was too god damn frustrated to risk it right now.

“Yes!” Maria yelped. “Rip them!” God she just wanted him fucking her.

Michael quickly leaned forward and kissed her deeply, then he ripped her panties off and threw them next to her pants. "God, you are so fucking unbelievable." He stroked over her back and looked at her.

She gasped softly and nuzzled his throat. “Yeah babe, I know.”

He chuckled, but then frowned. "Hey! What did I tell you about those girly nicknames?" Michael couldn't resist, he slapped her ass lightly. But she fucking would have deserved a real blow for calling him 'babe'. Like that stupid pig.

Maria bucked her hips forward and moaned softly. “What?” She asked innocently. “Snookums?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him, waiting for him to slap her ass again, sure that it would come.

Michael's eyebrow started twitching and he spanked her again, harder this time. She should have known what was coming, but she still provoked him. Bitch. "Want to try that again?"

She let out another moan and rocked her hips slightly. “Baby Boo?” Maria leaned in and licked his throat. “Honey bunny, sweetie pie? Fuck muffin?” She pressed her lips against his skin before biting lightly.

"Little witch." Michael grabbed her and moved her so she was lying in his lap. Screw fucking her, it could wait a little longer. He spanked her four times, one blow for each nickname. "Fuck muffin? That deserves two." Shaking his head he just spanked her again.

Maria shrieked in surprise when he threw her over his knee. She couldn’t help but moan from each strike against her ass. It stung, but felt so good, making each feeling in her body that much more intense. “Fuuck.” She moaned and bit down on her lip.

Carefully stroking over her bum now, Michael eased her legs apart a bit more and then slid his hand lower to tease her opening. "You know, if anyone's the fuck muffin here it would be you."

Unconsciously she nodded and rocked her hips towards his hand. His fingers were barely touching her and driving her insane. “Michael.” She murmured. “I can’t be fuck muffin… I’m sex kitten. Remember?”

"You're right." He chuckled. "But I say you can be both. And we still need a name for me." Michael leaned closer to her and brushed his lips over her shoulder. "Want to try again?"

Maria shuddered and tilted her head to the side to look up at him. “You don’t like any of my ideas, so no.” She pouted.

"You still don't understand why I didn't like any of your ideas?" Michael pulled his hand away from her and then lightly thrummed his fingers onto her backside. "Maybe your lesson isn't over then."

“I understood! But I’m not going to come up with another!” She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, well tried to anyways. But it pulled on the handcuffs and annoyed her even more.

"Fine, be that way. Then you're gonna stay like this for a while longer." Michael shrugged and sat back a little.

“Michael!” Maria shrieked and squirmed in his lap before slapping her hand against his leg. This was just pure evil. How could he do this to her? She felt out of control, like a two-year-old or something, that got in trouble for talking back.

"Hey now! Don't touch." Michael caught her hand and held it out in front of her. "All you have to do is come up with a name. That can't be as hard, can it?"

“Snookie wookie.” She growled at him angrily. “And just why can’t I touch? You’re allowed to throw me over your knee and slap my ass, but I’m not allowed to touch you?”

"That's right." Michael smirked at her but then had to let go of her arm to slap her ass again. "And that was for 'snookie wookie'."

“Ouch! You asshole!” Maria shrieked and tried to move out of his lap but it was impossible with the way she was laying, and the handcuffs.

"You said you learned, so this was your own fault. And you know, I think you just deserve another two for lying to me." This was fun. He couldn't quite understand why, since he'd never done anything quite like this, but Maria just sparked something in him. Besides, he was sure this wasn't really hurting, just pissing her off.

“I was not lying! I was trying to piss you off! I already told you, your nickname is Jerk! That is all you’ll ever be.” She hissed at him.

"Then this won't surprise you." Michael spanked her three more times. It was just all too tempting. And she had to be playing along, she just said it herself, she wanted to piss him off. "And I want a sexual nickname. Just like you're Blondie and Sex Kitten…" He leaned closer to her again. "And Fuck Muffin."

“Fuck you!” He was an infuriating ass. “What do you want? Stud man? Sex machine?”

He smiled and rubbed over her glowing cheeks. Maybe this was starting to hurt after all. "Do you mean those or are you just saying it?"

“You pick it. From now on you’re just jerk off.” She muttered and huffed. Her ass hurt, stinging pain was sending little sensations through her spine, and it felt really good.

Michael pouted and slowly stroked his fingers between her legs again. "You sure about this?" He rubbed over her nether lips and then briefly touched her clit.

A moan escaped her lips and she rocked her hips faintly. “Michael… you’re a fucking sex god alright?” She bit her lip and closed her eyes.

He smirked and kissed her shoulder again. "That's all I wanted to hear." Even though it would have been nice to tease her some more. When he couldn't concentrate on it anymore, he was painfully reminded of his own pressing erection for which he still hadn't found any release. He rubbed her clit firmly, wanting to speed this up a little.

She moaned again and rocked her hips. “Michael.” She murmured, then began chewing on her lip again. Her thighs were trembling slightly. How could he do this to her?

"Yeah, Kitten?" Still rubbing her clit with his thumb, he pushed two of his fingers inside of her to add to the stimulation. Then he nuzzled her throat.

“Ohhh that feels… so good.” She breathed out. “More… please.” She begged softly. Maria knew this had to stop; she wasn’t sure how much of him she could actually handle.

"More?" He slipped a third finger beside the others and was pumping her in time with his motions on her clit. Flashes of her on her knees, her hands cuffed in front of her, filled his mind. Damn fucking cuffs. Why couldn't they just cuff her and leave him alone? He wasn't the real criminal, she was!

“Ugh!” She cried out softly. Her thighs squeezed together, and her hips bucked slightly. Her orgasm was building up in her stomach, making her mind spin.

Michael smiled and kept teasing her till he could feel her muscles start to twitch as sign for an impending orgasm. But he still wasn't getting any so he pulled away before she could reach it and instead slapped her ass again. "Alright, my turn."

“No!” She yelped. He stopped. She was so close, and he just stopped! That wasn’t fair. “Your turn for what?” She was mad at him, he denied her orgasm!

"My turn to get some luvin'." He smirked and stroked over her bum.

“Why should I?” She asked looking at him.

"Why should you what?" Michael raised an eyebrow. He should just turn her over again, but he was still itching to play.

“Give you any pleasure.” She growled at him.

"Because you're a nice little kitten?" Michael chuckled softly. "But you know, actually I had wanted to make this pleasurable for the both of us. Turn you around and fuck you and all. But if you want to stay a brat, then fine. We don't have to do this."

“Let me up.” She said lifting her head up to look at him. Maria pressed her lips against his thigh, and relented. She would pleasure him, the best she could.

Smiling, Michael helped her sit up facing him again. Good. He was lucky she didn't call him in on his bluff.

Maria looked at him for a moment before kneeling down between his legs and then she wrapped her fingers around his dick and stroked him slowly.

"Aw, fuck." Michael bit his lip and reached out to still her hand, but then decided against it and just placed his hand on top of hers to speed up her strokes.

She glanced up at him when he sped up her hand and lowered her head to wrap her lips around the head of his cock.

Why was she doing this? Hadn't she just told him she wouldn't do anything for him? He thought she'd just turned so he could fuck her, not for this. But hell, if she went on like this, he'd cum before he had a chance to.

Maria closed her eyes and sucked softly, her tongue stroked against his dick, swirling her tongue around the mushroom shaped head. Seconds later she pulled her mouth off him and pulled her hand away and sat up smirking slightly.

"Bitch." Michael tried to glare at her, but he couldn't help the smirk from emerging on his lips. He should have seen this coming. He shook his head and then grabbed her and kissed her hard. This game had been going on for way too long anyways.

She moaned into his mouth and kissed him back passionately. “Don’t call me a bitch.” She muttered before kissing him again.

He chuckled against her lips and tangled his fingers in her hair. "Alright, Sex Kitten." He sucked her bottom lip in his mouth and nibbled on it softly.

“Fuck me Michael.” She murmured against his lips, while licking at his lips. Her fingers wrapped around his back and dug her fingers into his shoulder.

"Wrap your legs around me." Michael stroked down her back and placed his hand on the small of her back.

She let her legs curl around his waist, over his hips, and pulled her body closer to Michael’s. Her cuffed hand found his, and laced her fingers with his. Maria lifted her head up to look into his eyes.

Stroking over her cheek, Michael smiled at her. This was all he wanted. Both of them being happy and close to having sex. No wait; actually he wanted them to have sex. He grabbed his dick and steadied it so she could slip around him.

Maria kissed him tenderly as she shifted her body closer and slid down around his length. She moaned loudly and shuddered a little. She didn’t understand how it could feel so amazing still, even after all the sex already.

Michael groaned and closed his eyes. "Fuck." Finally! And now he wouldn't stop, even if the cops would come running because they've found them. They would just have to wait. He slipped his hand under her shirt and pushed it up. "Raise your arm?"

Slowly she raised her arm up to allow him to pull her shirt up over her head. She started to move her hips slowly against his, taking him deeper.

He took off her shirt and let it fall over their joined hands, then he brushed some hair off her forehead. "You're so beautiful, Maria." He kissed her softly and had to close his eyes again because it was starting to be too overwhelming again.

Her jaw trembled and she kissed him softly before lowering her head again, and burying her face in his shoulder. She started to move her hips a little quicker, steadily building up a quick pace.

Michael moved his hips together with hers as best as he could and threaded his fingers through her hair. He kissed the top of her head and then feathered his fingertips down her spine. She felt so vulnerable in his arms, how could he have spanked her just minutes ago? He frowned and squeezed her cuffed hand.

“C-come with me Michael.” Maria murmured against his throat as she latched onto his skin. Sucking and licking softly. His skin tasted good. There was something about it. And his body felt so strong against hers.

Squeezing his eyes shut, he groaned audibly. He wanted to, he really did. But now he couldn't help thinking he hurt her. He lightly touched her bum. At least it wasn't glowing anymore. "Does it hurt?"

She lifted her head up to look at him and nodded slightly. “A little.” It stung, but his fingers caressing her skin made it feel really nice. They were cooler than her own skin, and it was soothing.

"I'm sorry." He bit his lip and looked into her eyes. But she had played along. And she did deserve it. Some of it. Yeah. He had to keep reminding himself of that. But still… she just was so small and delicate right now. He brought their cuffed hands up to his lips and kissed the back of hers.

Maria shook her head a little and gave him a soft kiss. “Don’t be. It’s fine.” She touched his lips with her fingers and then kissed the back of his hand.

Michael smiled and touched his hand more firmly to her ass, bringing her closer to him again, which made him hiss from the friction it caused on his dick. "You sure?"

She moaned softly and nodded quickly. “Yeah.” She breathed out, letting her hips rock against his. “It… it felt good.” And the pressure of his hand was adding an erotic pain/pleasure to spike through her and push her closer to the edge.

"It did?" Michael smirked. He was finally able to fully relax again and moved his hips in time with hers. His orgasm was closer as well and he shuddered when he felt his balls begin to tighten.

Maria nodded and kissed him softly. “Come with me.” She told him again. She wanted to come, so desperately. She’d been so close earlier, and then it was delayed, not once, but twice.

He nodded as well. "Yeah." He would. Now he had no inhibitions anymore. Michael kissed her again but then pulled back to look into her eyes.

She looked into his eyes, and dug her fingers into his back, holding him as tightly as she could. “Mi-ichael!” She cried as she started to come. Her inner walls clenched tightly around his dick, and she drew him deeper.

"Shit!" Michael clenched his eyes shut and came together with her. It was such a rush that he slapped her ass again out of instinct, which resulted in having his cock buried even deeper inside of her. He shuddered again and forced his eyes open to watch her.

Her head fell back, and she moaned loudly. The slap against her ass made it even more intense. ”Shit!” She cried out and pushed her hips against his. Her face contorted, and Maria bit down on her lip.

Michael growled and kissed her hard, bringing his hand back up to tangle in her hair. How could it always just top the previous time they had sex? If it wouldn't stop she'd have him die from pleasure overload anytime soon.

Maria moaned softly and kissed him passionately. Her hips continued to rock against his gently. God it was good. Her other hand clenched tightly onto his. She couldn’t believe how intense it was with him.

When breathing became an issue, Michael reluctantly broke the kiss and then rested against her panting. "Wow." He chuckled softly. "If this is the outcome, I think I'll always have to spank you while we have sex."

She smirked slightly and smoothed her fingers over his shoulder. “Hmm I don’t think so. My ass would get really sore after a while.”

Michael laughed and grinned at her. "Yeah, maybe. But wouldn't it be worth it?" He wiggled his eyebrows and kissed her again.

Maria laughed and moaned softly into his mouth. “You can say that, because your ass isn’t red!”

"No, but my hand slightly hurts." Michael held it out to her with a pout but then his grin broke through again.

“Oh poor baby.” She rolled her eyes and pressed her lips against his hand. “I think my ass hurts more. Jerk.” She muttered and smirked at him.

Michael chuckled. "But that's 'cause you deserve it, Blondie." He pushed some hair off of her forehead and then brushed his thumb over her lips. They were swollen from all their kisses and it just made her look even more gorgeous.

She kissed his thumb and smiled against it. “Maybe, but it’s still sore. I think you should find out what it’s like.” She loved his gentle caresses, they were soothing, and so … intense at the same time.

"Oh?" Michael raised his eyebrow. "My sex kitten wants to spank me?" It sounded intriguing though, in a very strange way.

“I think it’s only fair.” Maria leaned in and pressed her lips against his collarbone.

"But I didn't do anything. You called me girly names." He stroked over her hair and looked down at her. She could do anything she wanted to him right now. But hopefully he'd come down from his high soon, before he promised her something he couldn't take back later.

“So? If you were more in touch with your feminine side you wouldn’t have had a problem with it. My little snuggly bear.” She giggled softly and kissed his shoulder. She couldn’t resist it.

Michael shook his head. "You're evil." He tugged on her hair and made her bend her head back so he could nip at her lips.

“I know.” She smirked and stuck her tongue out at him and flicked her tongue over hips lips.

Michael smirked back and then kissed her deeply once more. He'd be lost out here without her. Okay, so he was still lost, but with her it was actually fun most of the time.

Maria kissed him back deeply and raised her hand to run her fingers through his hair. “We should… eat… and rest some more.” That was what they were supposed to be doing, resting, not having mind blowing sex.

"Yeah." He leaned his head back into her fingers and then nuzzled her nose. It required her getting off of him though, and he liked their current position. He stroked over her back again and then cocked his head.

She sighed softly and laid her head back down against his shoulder and let her eyes slip shut. He felt too good to move. He was warm, and his body felt strong against hers.

Michael kissed her shoulder and then looked over to their fish. "If we move a little, I can reach it." Without burning his feet. But it could be worth a try if it meant not having to lift her up and away.

Maria opened her eyes and glanced over at the fish. “If you hold onto my waist I can just lean back and grab it.”

"You sure? I don't want you to burn." He raised an eyebrow and considered if she was in any danger of burning her hair or something.

She pulled her hair over her shoulder and smiled. “If it starts to fall, grab it.” She smirked and shifted her weight slightly before she started to lean back. It felt weird, not having control of what happened to her.

She was funny. When he'd grab her hair, he'd have to let go off her waist and she would fall. He sighed and tried to keep her as steady as he could with his hand on her back, since she already was leaning back.

Maria grabbed one of the sticks and smiled triumphantly as she sat back up and looked at Michael. “Thanks.” She murmured before holding the stick between them. “Dinner is served sire.” She said dramatically.

Michael chuckled again. "Sometimes you're such a nice and obedient little kitten." He kissed her softly, careful to avoid squashing the fish between them, which wouldn't only be nasty on his shirt, but on her skin as well. Then he ran his fingers through her hair. "And thanks for getting me my fish." With a wink he took it out of her hand.

She stuck her tongue out at him and then sat back a little, resting her hand on the ground behind her. She was so blown away by the intimacy they kept creating. But it wasn’t real. Once they were back in the real world it would go away again.

He grinned and then picked some meat away from the fish, holding it out to her lips. She'd got it after all, so she deserved the first bite. "Here, it's still warm."

Maria parted her lips and flicked her tongue out to take the fish from him and wrapped her lips around his fingers. She sucked softly and stroked Michael’s digits with her tongue before pulling her mouth off his hand and smirking slightly, before eating the fish.

Michael groaned and shifted his hips. Wicked bitch. She already had him half hard again and if she kept this up, he'd be ready to fuck her again before they had finished this fish. He narrowed his eyes at her and picked some meat for himself before feeding her again.

She smiled innocently at him and then flicked her tongue out again. She liked that he was feeding her. But it was another intimate thing too. And Maria was loving every second of it.

"If you want to finish your meal you better stop doing that." Michael growled and bit off part of the fish, without ripping it first. This way they'd finish sooner so he could fuck her again.

Maria pouted, and nodded. “Alright. Whatever you say.” She then held her hand out towards him, because with him feeding her each bite the temptation to suck on his fingers was just too strong.

"Later you can suck." He winked again and held the fish closer to her so she could help herself.

She pulled off some fish and popped it into her mouth and smiled slightly at him. “Whatever you say.” She said again and smiled slightly.

"That's right. Whatever I say." He patted her head with a smirk and then ate some more of the fish.

Maria laughed and shook her head. “Oh shut up.” She continued to eat the fish until she was practically full. It was nice to have food. It would be really nice once they got back to town.

Michael finished off the last fish and then threw the stick next to them. They still had two more for later, this now had been her stick, and the baby fish had been really small. He bit his tongue last minute though to keep from commenting about it again. He didn't want her moving off of him. As soon as the stick was out of their way, he licked his fingers clean and then wrapped his arm around her waist.

Maria leaned back against his chest and rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She let out a happy sigh and wrapped her arm around his chest. She wished they weren’t in the middle of no where, but rather someplace warm, maybe on a beach, camping there, with a campfire, and marshmallows, to make s’mores or something.

Michael smiled and kissed the top of her head. She just made him feel so good when she leaned into him like that. He rubbed over her back and then checked the fire. Damn, they had to throw some more wood in it soon or else it'd go out on them.


Chapter Fifteen

“This would be a lot nicer if we were in a nice warm apartment or something… maybe a bath tub.” She smirked slightly and squeezed his hand. He was being so sweet, and she was loving it.

"Heh, yeah." He smirked and stroked over her hair. "Then we could live out your fantasy and fill all the blanks."

“Yeah.” Maria kissed his shoulder. “We should do that.”

Nodding, Michael pulled back a little and then bent his head down to give her a soft kiss. "We need to move now though, or else our fire will run out."

She groaned softly and nodded, before shifting backwards a little. “Alright.” She sighed. “Where did you throw my pants?” Maria asked glancing around. She didn’t have her panties anymore, so she couldn’t just sit around in those. And she wasn’t sitting half naked.

"Why? You want to pull them on again?" Michael frowned. "If so, then I'm not telling you."

“But it’s cold without them.” Maria whined and pouted at him. He didn’t expect her to just sit around naked did he?

"But I just wanted us to move so we could throw more wood into the fire, then get back to snuggling, and getting warm, you know? Warming up to friction and body heat, remember?" Especially friction. Lots and lots of friction.

Maria pouted. “Then hurry and do it. I’m cold.”

"I'll hurry because I'm hot." Michael grinned and gave her a quick kiss, then he carefully rubbed around so he could reach the wood. It wouldn't work though. "Ow, dammit." With his pants still up this might have been a plan, but like this his ass was getting very sore.

“You okay?” She glanced at him. He didn’t get bit by another snake did he? Maria pushed some hair behind her ear.

"My ass hurts. The damn ground is hard." Michael whined and reached back so he could rub part of his backside. "And stony."

“Poor baby.” Maria smirked and glanced at the fire. “Hurry up and come here.” It was all a little rocky, but she thought maybe over where she was a little less rocky.

He rolled his eyes and lifted her completely off him, then got up to get to the firewood. He stretched his limbs with a groan as soon as he was standing. "Once we're back, I won't leave my comfy soft bed for at least two days."

“Don’t forget the bath. That is a requirement as soon as we get there, before bed.” But if hopefully they got the handcuffs off, he wouldn’t have to go with her, so he could stay in bed the entire time.

"Yeah, alright. This'll help loosen my muscles and then you can give me a nice backrub to make it even better." He turned and winked at her, then threw some more wood into the fire and bent down to spread it with the empty stick.

“Alright.” Maria told him and smiled faintly. “I’m good at backrubs.” She moved closer to him and the fire. The warm fire. It seemed to be colder all of the sudden, and she figured it was because Michael wasn’t holding her anymore.

"I hope so." Damn, he really couldn't wait till they were back. He wanted those damn cuffs off of him. And speaking of, he glanced at his wrist and scratched at the sore skin. At least it was better now that they weren't constantly tugging on them to punish the other. After a last glance at the fire, Michael moved to sit down next to Maria again.

“Lemme see.” She saw him looking at his wrist and pulled his hand into her lap to look at it. It was scratched up from the handcuffs, and it made her feel bad. She was the reason it was like that. “Sorry.” She murmured and pressed her lips against his skin.

"Why? You look just the same." Michael shrugged a little and gave her a sad smile. "Unless you mean sorry that we're cuffed, because that's all your fault, because you bribed the cops to do it, so you'd be close to me?"

“I most certainly did not.” She smirked a little, then shook her head. “And that was my fault, and that is why I’m sorry. I kept yanking on them and… so I’m sorry.”

"You really hated me a lot, didn't you?" Michael smirked, partially proud that he could affect her so much, even if it was in a bad way.

Maria frowned and sighed. “You were mean to me. What else was I supposed to do?”

"You were mean to me too." Michael raised an eyebrow and then brushed some hair out of her forehead. "But I guess we're past that now, right?" As long as they concentrated it all on sex, it was fine.

She nodded slightly and looked at him. “Right.” They were… Sex made it okay, And soon they wouldn’t have to see each other ever again.

He smiled at her and kissed her forehead, then leaned backwards and looked up at the sky. "It's getting pretty dark all of a sudden."

Maria glanced up at the sky and frowned. It was overcast with dark clouds. “Is it just me… or does it look like a storm is coming?”

"I hope it's just you." He bit his lip and looked at her, then sat up again and checked the surrounding area. Still no cave in sight. "If it really starts getting bad, we should hide in the woods rather than out here."

“Yeah… I guess your right.” Maybe there would be a big tree that would protect them. Or something. “We should get dressed… just incase.” She’d rather snuggle with him, but she was afraid of them getting drenched and then not being able to get dressed, and being stuck in the middle of the woods naked and wet.

Michael sighed and passed his hand over his hair, then checked the clouds again. "Yeah." He nodded and reached over for their clothes. "I really hope they'll just pass though. It's gonna kill our fire if it starts to rain."

She nodded a little and started to pull her clothes on. “Sure… it’ll just blow over, and no rain, and then we can click the heels of our magic shoes together and be home.” She wasn’t trying to be bitchy, but she didn’t want it to rain.

Michael glared at her and fastened his pants. "Fine. Just remember that I'll be safe at my home, while you're gonna jump right into the arms of a few cops waiting there for you. But maybe they at least fed your fish in the meantime." Why did she have to destroy even his smallest hopes? It wasn't his fault that the weather was changing.

Maria bit her lip and tugged her shirt over her head, before pulling her pants back on. Why did he have to be so mean? Okay, so he was right, as soon as they were out of the woods she would be arrested again, and go to jail. She kept her head bowed when tears filled her eyes. She didn’t want him to see what kind of effect he actually had on her.

"Aw, crap!" The first droplets of rain hit Michael and he quickly stood up and grabbed the last stick with their fish. He'd just start off towards the woods, but then he'd fall and their wrists would just hurt even more. It really sucked being handcuffed to her. "Hurry up."

She looked up at him and sighed. At least if she started crying the rain would hide her tears. She scrambled up to her feet and started walking with Michael into the woods. Why did it have to rain? They would never make it out of the woods. They’d freeze to death, or starve to death, or something.

Michael walked with her till it was almost all dark because the woods were so deep, and the clouds were blocking most of the daylight anyways. Then when he spotted a fallen tree, he sat down on it and passed his hand over his hair. "We should probably eat the fish now, before it might get drenched too."

Maria sat down and shook her head a little. “I’m not hungry, so go for it.”

"But you will be later when you don't eat now." He held out the stick for her. He wasn't hungry either though, but it would pain him to have to throw them away. Especially since he had caught these two fishes on his own.

She turned her head away from him and sighed. She didn’t want to. It was raining, and it scared her, the thought of what might happen to them out here.

"Alright, I'll put them down." Michael leaned the stick against the tree and then looked up to the sky again, seeing nothing but trees. But he didn't think the sun was already back bursting out there and besides he could hear the rain falling on top of the trees.

Maria sighed softly. He was a jerk, and it was making it all worse. He was mean, it was raining, and she wanted to curl up in her own bed.

"So…" Michael glanced at her. "You like rain?"

She used to. She used to love the rain when she was little. But she didn’t like being stuck in it, in the middle of nowhere. Maria nodded a little. “Yeah… I used to.”

"I never did. Probably comes with sleeping outside." He shrugged and rubbed his hand over his face. And he thought he never would have to sleep in the rain again back when he got his apartment. His warm, comfy apartment. Alright, so it was small and shabby, but anything was better than the woods.

Maria jerked her head up and looked at him. “You slept outside?” He had lived in an orphanage he’d said earlier, but she didn’t realize he’d had to sleep outside at some point. Right, but he didn’t want her pity or whatever. Last time they talked about it he got mad at her.

"Yeah… For a while." He bit his lip and scratched his eyebrow. They probably shouldn't talk, but there was nothing else to do. He didn't think sex was an option right now.

“Oh…” She looked down at her lap and chewed on her lip. “That sucks.” She didn’t know what to say. If she said she was sorry he’d get snippy.

"Yeah." Michael smiled sadly. "It beat the place I came from though."

“Oh.” She murmured again and didn’t look up. She didn’t like the thought that he had to go through that.

Enough about him. It wasn't exactly making the whole situation any more pleasant. "Is your place big?"

“It’s big enough. Just me and the fish, so I didn’t need a huge place.” Maria tugged at the hem of her shirt, and then glanced around. It was really getting cold.

Michael chuckled softly. He could just imagine her talking to her fish when she was alone. "Yeah. I don't have any pets."

“Pets are good to have… makes it nicer… I think I guess…” She shrugged a little and looked back down at her lap.

"Well soon I'll see." Michael smirked and nudged her a little. "Since I'm gonna have my very own kitten, at least for a week."

Maria looked at him, then quickly away. Yeah, right. Like they could stand another week together after they got out of there.

He frowned. Why wasn't she playing along? Or at least tell him off if she changed her mind? He sighed and leaned back, looking up at the sky again.

“Hopefully the rain won’t last for long.” She said glancing around. It was so damn cold, and she wanted to be warm, and away from Michael.

"Yeah." A drop hit his eye and he silently cursed. "Because if it will, I don't think the trees will protect us for much longer."

“Great.” She muttered. So then they’d be even colder. “We’re just going to die out here.”

"Aw come on, because of the rain?" Michael rolled his eyes. "We'll survive."

“You don’t know that. It could just keep raining, and we can freeze to death, or… there could just be something out here that kills us!” She was starting to freak out, but she was doing her best not to.

"Something out here that kills us?" Michael laughed. "What? Like that recently escaped serial killer I heard about on the news? The one that goes around with this giant axe and prefers to kill cute blond girls?"

“Shut up!” Maria yelled at him. She couldn’t take it anymore. Too much stress. She burst into tears and buried her face in her hands, as she sobbed quietly.

"Blondie?" Michael gaped at her. What? He didn't do anything, just teased her a little. Nothing he didn't do before. So what the hell was her problem now? He bit his lip and touched her shoulder. "Maria?"

“Leave me alone.” She muttered and tried to control her breathing. It wasn’t just them being stranded; it was also because she was completely terrified that once they got back to town the cops would find her.

"Do you really want me to comment on that?" He raised his eyebrow and rubbed his hand over her back, trying to soothe her.

“I don’t want to die out here, and I don’t want to go back to jail. You’re a jerk, and you get mad at me when I try to be nice.” Maria shook her head and shifted away from him.

"What? No, I don't." Michael frowned. Did he?

“Yes you do!” She shook her head, and her jaw trembled. “I try to be nice, and understanding and you get mad and snippy! Just forget about it.”

"I don't know…" Michael passed his hand through his hair nervously. "Maybe… maybe I do." He sighed and looked away. Why was this about him suddenly? "Do you want us getting close? I mean, real close?"

“No.” She said quickly. “But that doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole to me. The only thing you like about me is the fucking and the sucking.”

"That's not true. I like the kissing too." Michael smirked at her.

Maria shook her head a little and sniffled quietly. “Because it leads to sex.”

"And that's my fault now?" He sighed again and passed his hand through his hair once more. Wasn't it all just bad enough? "Besides, I can say just the same about you. You don't like me either."

“I never said I didn’t like you. You’re just a jerk. Just when I think things are okay, that we’ll make it out of here, you do something that completely changes that.”

"Me? Like what? Make it rain?"

“You said that when you were safe at home, I’d go home to the police, and go back to jail.” Tears rolled down her cheeks and she looked at him before quickly looking away again. “You’re an ass, and you go out of your way to make me feel like shi.t.”

"Come on, that was a joke." He touched her shoulder again. "I told you, you can come and stay with me, didn't I? And earlier I was just kidding, because you came with the stupid magic shoes when I tried to be hopeful."

“It’s from the Wizard of Oz; it’s my favorite movie… I just didn’t want it to start raining. Rain is great when you’re in the middle of a big city, not when you’re lost in the middle of the woods. I don’t want to be out here anymore! I don’t want to not be able to go home. And staying with you for a week isn’t going to make life all better.”

Michael didn't know what to say. She was right. But maybe she could come up with a plan in that week? "I knew that, with the movie." He shrugged. He never saw it though.

Maria looked back down at the ground. “It’s the first movie I ever remember seeing, back when things were still good between my parents. It was playing at the drive in…” Like he cared about the reason she loved the movie? She shook her head a little and closed her eyes. “I just wish I could go off to Oz or something… life would be so completely different.” Right Maria, and he probably thinks you’re a complete psycho for that. She shook her head, mentally berating herself.

"But you can. Your old life is over, now you can start a new fresh one, somewhere else. Some strange country too. Why not go to Mexico? It can be your Oz." What had it been like in Oz? He had no idea, but now he wished he would have watched the stupid movie sometime.

“Just without the Munchkins, and the good witches, and the bad witches, and magic slippers.” Maria wasn’t sure if she could do it. If she could even make it across the border without getting caught. She’d get more time for sure, just for trying to escape. But there was that small chance that she could actually make it.

"Munchkins?" Michael frowned. "But see, no bad witches is good, right?" He had no idea what he was talking about, but at least she'd stopped crying.

“The midgets, in munchkin land… but there are no good witches either. Or the magic ruby slippers. It’s just going to be me getting lost in a country I’ve never been to. And I failed Spanish in high school.”

"They speak English." They had to. Everybody spoke English. "But you could go to Canada too. It's like a magical ice land, full of strange animals and stuff."

She let out a strangled laugh and shook her head. But she was scared to be in another country where things were different. She had lived in the same place her whole life, it would be a huge change, but she had no other choice.

Michael smiled, glad that he could make her laugh. Even though he shouldn't bother. They weren't close and none of them wanted to be, but yet it happened. "So those magical slippers, what else could they do besides bringing you to Oz?"

“The magic slippers kept Dorothy safe in Oz. And they took her home. I guess they wouldn’t really do me any good even if I did have them.” Maria’s head was throbbing. Her crying fit made it ache, and then fighting with Michael made it worse, and it was still raining.

"I dunno, something to keep you safe is valuable in my book." Now he wanted magic slippers too. Magic sneakers would be even better though, then he wouldn't look as dumb in them.

“Sparkly red slippers don’t match my outfit.” She looked away and sighed softly. Here they were again, talking, and this had to be more intimate than the intense sex, because they were talking, and being honest with each other.

"Sparkly too? Alright, no, then it's not worth it." Michael chuckled and then reached over to brush some tears from her cheeks.

Maria leaned into his hand and closed her eyes. “I really wish you wouldn’t do that.” He did it days ago, the gentle caress. They made her insides feel like jelly, and she wanted to just melt into his arms and never leave.

"What?" Unconsciously Michael bent his head closer to her, still stroking her cheek.

“Touch me like that.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. She could feel his warm breath and her eyes fluttered open part way. “I can’t… think when you touch me like this.”

"And right now that's bad why?" He knew what she was saying though, his brain was starting to leave him as well. But he welcomed it. He really didn't want to think about reality all too much.

She closed the distance between their mouths and captured his lips in a soft kiss. “It just is.” She murmured pulling back a moment later.

"Maybe you're right." Michael cupped her chin and kissed her again. Her lips were so soft and warm; they made him forget all about the rain and the creeping coldness of being out here without a fire.

Maria let her hand travel up to rest on the side of his neck as she scooted her body closer to him. She didn’t break the kiss, she didn’t want to. When he kissed her, it felt like nothing else existed but the two of them.

Michael caressed her cheek again and then buried his hand in her hair so she wouldn't be able to pull back now that he had to break their kiss to get some air. Her hair felt wet. Weird. But he didn't really think about it, he just nuzzled her till he had enough breath to lean in for another kiss.

She kissed him back, her thumb stroking along his jaw. She felt water under her fingertips and pulled back from the kiss again as soon as Michael reinitiated it. Blinking several times before she realized the rain was falling harder, and coming through the canopy of leaves. “Michael.” She whimpered.

"Shit." He looked up and then quickly squeezed his eyes together. Way too much rain for any kind of comfort. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer. "I think right now I'd even pull on those shoes if they sparkled in bright pink."

Maria choked on a laugh and moved as close to Michael as she could. Her arm curled around his waist and she buried her face in his shoulder. “It can’t rain for long…” But she knew that it could, that it could keep raining for days, she just hoped that it didn’t.

"Yeah, good thing is it can't rain harder." It couldn't, right? He rubbed over her back and rested his head on top of hers. Why couldn't they have found a cave? As nice as their spot over the hill with the green grass had been, right now he really would have preferred a dark, stony cave.

She nodded a little and sighed softly. A shiver ran up her back and she tightened her arm around his waist. “I wish we hadn’t met like this.” He could be nice when he wasn’t blaming everything on her.

"I dunno. I don't think we've had more than five minutes together if we wouldn't have. You ignored my first pick-up lines, remember?" Michael chuckled softly. She'd have so kicked his ass if they had met in her bar.

“Yeah… but you seem like a very determined man. So I don’t think you would have just stopped with a few pick up lines.” Maybe he would have. She was a bitch, and she knew it. And usually in the bar she ignored the attempted pick ups from guys, no matter how cute they were.

"Probably not, but you seem like an angry little blonde, would you have fallen for them after a while? I mean, didn't you just say you still don't like me?" He wasn't sure for how long he would have tried. Most likely he'd have just chatted up another girl in front of her eyes. Someone more easy. The trouble wasn't worth it for just one night.

Maria pulled back slightly. He was right. She didn’t hate him, and she did like him, but she didn’t like him at all when they first met. And he was still a jerk sometimes. “Right…”

"I like you though." Michael smirked at her. Sure, she was still a pain in the ass, but she was too cute not to like her. He smoothed some wet strands of hair out of her forehead. And she looked even cuter when she was all wet.

She looked up at him and shook her head. “No you don’t. We’ve been over this. You like sex.”

"I like that too." He frowned at her. And when exactly have they been over this? "But you can be really cute when you're not a bitch."

Maria narrowed her eyes for a moment. “Stop calling me a bitch.” Then she frowned. “I never said I didn’t like you.”

"You just did not only five minutes ago!" Michael shook his head. He was sure it would never get boring with her around.

“No I didn’t. I said you were an asshole.” She huffed quietly and looked away from him. Every time they were getting along he called her names and was mean. Okay, so this was her own fault. She started it this time.

"No, I mean when we talked about meeting somewhere else. You confirmed that you don't like me." Which was all good because after a week of sex he could then get rid of her with a good conscience. She'd maybe even leave all on her own.

“No!” Maria huffed. “I didn’t mean I didn’t like you. I meant that I wouldn’t have gone for your pick up lines…” She shook her head. “Forget it.”

"So you do like me?" Michael raised an eyebrow, still smirking slightly. He wanted her to like him, even though it complicated things. But he'd also feel weird if she just stayed even though she hated him.

“Yeah… when you’re not an asshole.” She glanced at him and smirked slightly. He deserved it, since he called her a bitch.

He chuckled. "Alright, I can live with that." Michael slicked his own hair back. Damn rain. Couldn't it just stop? He glanced down at the fish. Fucking hell. He'd still eat it though, drenched or not.

Maria moved back against him and snuggled into his side again. “It’s cold.”

"I know." He kissed the top of her head and rubbed over her arm. He just realized that all of the wood would be drenched too, so there was no way they could start a new fire anytime soon. "Maybe we should already move, so tomorrow we'll reach the town faster."

“Okay… and moving will keep us warm.” She chewed on her lip and glanced around. She slid her hand into his again and looked out into the darkened woods. “Let’s go I guess…” How would they sleep? Everything was soaked.

"Until we fall over something, then we stop. Okay?" It was just getting darker by the minute, but just sitting around didn't make things any better. He stood up and tugged on her hand, then grabbed the stick with his fish.

“Okay.” Maria got up and walked with him, squeezing his hand tightly. The darkness scared her. She wasn’t normally afraid of the dark, but the raining made it seem like a scene straight out of a horror movie.

Michael interlaced their fingers and pulled her a little closer to him. Even though she was just as wet and cold as he was, there was still heat emanating from her body. Maybe he imagined it though, but it just felt better if he could sense her close by. "I think not even serial killers are out in weather like this."

She looked up quickly, and then smiled a little. “Horror movies are always taking place in scenes like this. Dark and stormy, and then the psycho comes up behind you and slices your head off.” She glanced behind her quickly, and then shook her head. She was being ridiculous.

He laughed. "Heard something?" But he couldn't help glancing around as well. Argh, damn her. "That's just in movies. Nobody can be as psychotic. Besides, nobody knows we're here. We don't even know where we are."

“Yeah… but dammit… it’s creepy out here. Don’t laugh at me.” Maria pouted and shot him a dirty look and then smirked. Okay, so she was being really stupid about it, but it was dark and scary.

"Maybe if he has an axe, he can uncuff us?" Michael looked around again. "Hello? Serial killers with an axe? I'll let you have the cute blond girl if you uncuff us first."

“Stop it!” Maria shrieked and slapped his arm. “You’re not nice!”

"Ow." Michael rubbed his arm but chuckled. "You always get so worked up over things."

“That wasn’t nice! I’m scared and you’re making fun of me!” Maria pouted and smacked his arm again.

"But now you're not scared anymore, right? You're angry." He gave her a triumphant smirk.

“Oh my god! You are such a jerk!” Maria laughed, but he was right.

Michael shrugged. "And that's why you like me so much." He wiggled his eyebrows at her.

Maria pushed his arm, but smiled. “Shut up.” He had distracted her, she wasn’t afraid anymore. But she wasn’t exactly thrilled about being in the dark and rain, but it was okay, if Michael could distract her she could mange.

"I know you do." Michael smiled and started to head out of the woods and towards the river. "You just have to like all my charming traits."

“No I do not.” Maria huffed and smirked. “Alright. Yeah, I like you…”

"You're just saying that so I'll fuck you again later." Michael faked a pout and was happy when they were out of the deepest woods. Even though now the rain was hitting them harder it was easier to see where they were going to.

Maria moved closer to Michael and glanced around. “Yeah, you know what I’m up to.” She smirked up at him and curled her other hand around his arm and sighed softly. She really hoped that they would be out of the woods soon.

"I'm not complaining." He smiled down at her and then looked at the way they were taking. "I think if we keep close to the river we'll end up somewhere."

“Yeah, I hope so.” She rested her head against his shoulder. “It really is cold. I can’t wait till we’re out of here.”

"And then have a hot shower before we take your bath." He sighed and closed his eyes for a second to imagine it, which resulted in him stumbling over something on the ground. "Ah fuck!"

Maria lifted her head up quickly and looked at him. “You okay?”

"Yeah, just humiliated." He bit his lip and looked around.

“No reason to be humiliated, it’s just me.” Maria shrugged a little and glanced around again.

"Yeah, well, that just is reason enough." Michael blushed. Anyone else he wouldn't care.

“Well don’t be.” She didn’t understand why he would be, she didn’t think he should be. It was dark, and raining, like he could really see perfectly?

"I'm not!" Michael snapped and kicked at a stone. He didn't like this. He didn't like that she could make him blush and worry and ashamed. It wasn't good, it made him too dependent.

“You said you were!” He didn’t make any sense; he just confused the hell out of her. Maria shook her head a little.

"But… but I'm not anymore." He blushed harder, hoping it was at least dark enough so she wouldn't see it, and then kicked at another stone.

“Okay, fine.” She rolled her eyes and let her hand fall from his arm, and curled it around her stomach. It was cold, and Michael was being cranky.

Damn, why did she stop touching him? And why did he suddenly care so much? It was raining and cold and dark and he just wanted to be warm and snuggle with her. Not have sex. Just snuggle in front of an open fire - inside. On a furry carpet. He had to have a fever. Or maybe he was food poisoned after all.

Maria shivered. She wanted to cry again. It was cold, and wet, and horrible. Life couldn’t possibly get any worse. “Do you have a fireplace?” She asked glancing at him before looking back at the ground. Wanting to watch where she was going.

Michael laughed. This was surreal. "No. I kinda have way too little money for that, not having a real job and all." But he had just thought the same… Still, why the hell did she have to ask that?

“Oh, okay.” She nodded a little. Would a bath alone be enough to warm her up? She felt like she’d never been so cold in her entire life.

"Do you have a fireplace?" Maybe they could go to a motel that had one. Were there even motels with fireplaces? And would she have the money to pay for it? Maybe she had a credit card in her pockets somewhere.

Maria shook her head. “No.” She sighed. “I always wanted one, but the place I got didn’t have one.”

"Yeah, it would be nice to have one now, but we've been in front of the fire a lot these past days, so now if I have to chose, I prefer a hot shower and blankets." In his comfy bed. God, he really wanted to be home.

“Yeah.” Maria nodded a little and sighed softly. He had a good point. A very hot bath would be very, very nice. Anything that would warm her body back up.

"I'm sure we'll make it soon." Michael glanced at her. If not they'd really get sick and die out here. But it couldn't rain forever. And he felt like it was already lessening, but maybe he imagined it.

“Right.” She nodded again and sighed. “Do you have any soup? Or hot chocolate?” She glanced around and then back at him. Damn cold. Damn Cops. Damn rain. Why did this have to happen to her?

"Sure." Michael frowned. "Soup. No hot chocolate though, but there's a store not far from my place where we can get some." Not like they'd have to hide in his place, right? There wouldn't be 'wanted' posters with their faces on them like in the Wild West.

“Okay.” Maria glanced back down at the ground. “Thanks.” She told him softly. She appreciated the gesture, his kindness, knowing it would surely be short lived.

"Why? I haven't bought it yet." He smirked at her. "Besides, you're gonna pay."

“In case you didn’t already notice, I have nothing. Meaning no cash, no checks, and no credit cards on me. But hey, if you want to risk being arrested again you can go to my place, I’ve got my tip money added up from about a month and a half stashed in a lock box in my underwear drawer.”

"Oh, I think I'll do that, just to get a chance to go through your underwear drawer. You can really define a girl by the underwear she buys." Michael nudged her and then leaned closer to her. "But if not, I have no problem in letting you pay in kind."

A chill ran up her spine and she stumbled slightly. “Dammit.” She cursed under her breath. Damn him for making her whole body go out of whack. She had no problem with repaying him in such a way though.

"Careful where you're going." Michael grinned at her. At least he wasn't the only dork around. But while he was looking at her, he stumbled again himself. "Fuck!"

She couldn’t help but laugh. He teased her so he deserved it. It felt good to laugh now. Things were really bad, and she was scared, but he made her laugh. She stopped and moved in front of him and then kissed him soundly on the mouth.

"What?" Michael frowned. How did he deserve that one? And why was he questioning it? He quickly shook his head to clear it and then leaned forward to at least kiss her again.

Maria kissed him again softly before pulling back a little. She pulled back a little and took his hand again and started to walk again. “Nothing.” She told him quietly.

"I like this nothing." He smiled at her and squeezed her hand. It was even worth the stumble.

Maria flashed him a smile before glancing around. He made it easy to forget about everything else. She really hoped that they would arrive in town soon. She was really getting tired. And the rain made it worse.


Chapter Sixteen

They walked in silence for a while till the rain finally lessened a bit after all. They were still getting wet, but at least it wasn't pouring down on them anymore. Not like it really mattered though, since now they were already wet to begin with. "It's clearing up."

She nodded a little. “Yeah… That’s good.” At least it was something. If it stopped raining it wouldn’t be so hard to walk.

"It's too late to get any lighter though, the sun is all set." He kicked at a stone and almost fell yet again because it was so slippery. He should probably only concentrate on walking and nothing else.

“Yeah, but at least we can walk, and not continue to get drenched on, because personally, I don’t want pneumonia.” Maria pouted and looked up at him.

"Me either, but I don't think we'll get dry anytime soon what with it still raining and being so fucking cold and dark." He made a face.

“So moving is probably the best idea, that way we at least have body heat going for us.” She knew now he’d probably make a comment about generating heat by having sex, but the more they walked the sooner they’d be out.

"Aw, Blondie, I thought we should walk for a little longer, then we can do this." He smirked down at her and rubbed his thumb over knuckles. Right now he was just too pissed to have sex. Not at her, but at their general situation. This was supposed to be their quiet night and they day should have ended with sex, not with fleeing into the woods because the sky broke down on them.

Maria smirked at him and shook her head. “Right.” She laughed softly. Of course. Gently she squeezed his hand, and glanced around. She couldn’t wait to be out of the woods and in a warm bed.

"I'm still hoping we find a cave though." He looked around. One with dry wood inside so they could light up another fire. "But they don't really come this close to the water and out of the woods, do they?"

“I don’t know.” Maria shrugged a little. A cave would be really nice. She ran her hand over her face, and stifled a yawn. “A cave would be really nice.”

"And warm." He was tempted to close his eyes and imagine them sitting in front of a warm fire, possibly on the fur of a bear he had just killed with his bare hands so they could have the cave for themselves. But then he would have stumbled again. It worked to just think about it too.

“Very warm.” She laid her head back down on his shoulder and sighed softly.

Michael rested his head against hers for a brief second, then he concentrated on their way again. "Hmm, we could eat the bear too after I killed it."

“Hmm… you’re going to kill a bear?” Maria asked intrigued. How was he going to kill a bear? “How are you going to kill a bear?”

"Uh." Michael blushed. "I'm not quite sure; he's already dead in my fantasy. But I know I did it with my bare hands." He smiled proudly. "To protect my woman and win us a cave."

She laughed softly and nodded. “I see.” His woman? “So that means I’m your woman?”

"Well, yeah." Michael shrugged. She was a woman and she was his. Right now and for the next several days.

“Okay.” She rested her head back down on his shoulder and watched the ground as they walked. “What are we going to do when we get back? How will we get the handcuffs off?”

"I told you I have this friend." He glanced at her quickly.

Maria looked at him and furrowed her brow. “Oookay.” She lifted her head up and looked around again.

"He's… he'll know what to do." Kyle always knew what to do. And he had a garage so he wouldn't have any problems to find something to get the damn cuffs off of them.

“Okay.” She nodded again and glanced around. She had a feeling asking about this wasn’t a good idea.

Michael nodded as well and for the next few minutes they walked in silence again. "Hey, are there lights?" Michael squinted his eyes. He could swear it was getting lighter where they were heading too. They didn't forget about time and this was the sunrise already, was it?

Maria jerked her head up and looked, trying to see the lights. And she saw them. “Oh god…” They were really near town! She felt very happy suddenly. She couldn’t wait. She wanted a warm, warm bed. And dry clothes! And food!

Realizing he was looking at the city lights a big grin spread on Michael's face. "I knew we'd make it! I told you, didn't I?" He smiled down at her.

“Yeah… that’s great.” They were really almost there, but she was terrified that as soon as they got there, as soon as they stepped into town she’d be arrested again.

"What's wrong?" Michael squeezed her hand. "Sad we didn't get to stop in a cave first?" He smirked and nudged her a little, not wanting to see her down, now that they finally made it.

“No… it’s just… I’m absolutely terrified of being caught, and getting arrested and going back to jail.” She glanced at him and sighed. “Forget it. It’s nothing.”

"You won't. You're not a mass murderer and there aren't going to be any cops standing there controlling every entry. They just really don't have the people for this." He squeezed her hand again. They didn't come this far only to get caught again. That just wasn't the way it worked. "Besides, Kyle's living in the outskirts, so it's really not that far away anymore… assuming this is our town and we didn't walk the wrong way." He chuckled softly.

Maria looked up at him and tightened her grip on his hand. “Okay… let’s go.” She took a deep breath. He was right, she was being psychotic about it, but she couldn’t help but be afraid.

"Just think of a warm bed and a cup of hot chocolate. And a hot shower." He sighed and sped up his pace unconsciously. "And hot sex to get even warmer together."

She hurried to keep up with him. She couldn’t wait. She could almost feel the hot water beating down against her skin. Damn, she wanted that shower now. Maybe wherever they were going, his friend’s house, they had to have a shower, so she could sneak off, once she was detached from Michael and shower.

A short while later, Michael could hear the sound of cars. "There's gotta be a road. Maybe we should head through the woods again till we reach it." And then stay hidden though. No need to gamble with luck.

“Okay.” Maria nodded a little. Other people. She wanted to start running, as fast as she could until she found people, and stores, and food.

Michael took a turn to the right and just as he was about to enter the deeper woods again, he suddenly slipped and fell down flat on his face and into the mud. "Fucking hell!"

“Ah!” Maria let out a shriek when Michael fell, their linked hands, and the handcuffs brought her down with him. She landed on her butt, her hands sunk deep into the mud and she groaned loudly. “Ew!”

Michael sat up and glared at her. He was going to apologize, but not with her not even half as dirty as he was. "Don't be such a princess, it's just mud." He smirked and shook his hand out so the mud on his fingers had to splash onto her.

Maria gasped and stared at him before pulling her hand up out of the mud and pushing it into his face. “I’m not a princess you jerk.” She smirked and laughed softly.

"Ew! Hey!" Michael sputtered and passed his arm over his face, trying to wipe as much of the dirt onto his jacket instead. "That wasn't nice."

“I know.” She smiled. “But Michael, mud is very good for the skin, haven’t you ever heard of mud baths?” She leaned forward and wiped her finger down his cheek, not really wiping any mud off, or anymore on.

He raised his eyebrow. "Oh, since it's so good for the skin, I'm sure you'd love to take one, since you're a woman and all." He smirked and started to push her face down towards the ground.

“No!” Maria shrieked and shoved at his arm. “That’s not nice!”

"What will I get for not shoving you in?" He stopped but didn't giver her any chance to straighten back up.

“Well… what do you want?” Maria asked glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. He couldn’t do this. They were almost in town, and already covered in mud.

"I want you to cook for me tomorrow. Meat, no fish. I don't want to see any more fish for the next couple of weeks." It hadn't tasted bad, but it was another thing to have to eat it for two days straight.

“Okay.” That was it? She just had to cook? “Steak, chicken, hamburgers, whatever you want.”

"Great." He let go of her with a bright smile. "I think I want all of it." Michael chuckled and licked his lips, his mouth already watering. So now she really would be his slave for a week. He still had two sexual favors to gain from her and now she was cooking as well. After the last few days of hell the next would be perfect bliss.

“Okay.” Maria repeated and then smirked before shoving a handful of mud into his face again and then she quickly scrambled up to her feet the best she could.

"Bitch," Michael mumbled while wiping his arm over his face yet again. He was tempted to just shove her right back in, but no. She'd get it as soon as they were home. He smirked and stood up as well, then grabbed his stick with the fish. They looked anything but good by now, but he still wasn't leaving them behind.

“Don’t call me a bitch. Or I’ll shove you back in the mud.” But she couldn’t help but smirk. Until she noticed that he was smirking. That couldn’t be good. Now she was worried, just what was he going to do to her?

"Go ahead, I can't get any more dirty now." Michael spread out his arms and rolled his eyes. At least it was still raining. But not hard enough to get really clean. It was just one large muddy goo he was covered in. He probably should burn the clothes.

“Don’t tempt me.” She grumbled and really was tempted to shove him backwards. But she’d go with him and she didn’t want to. “Come on, let’s just go. I want these handcuffs off.” She was worried about them coming off and seeing what her wrist looked like.

"Yeah, me too. Mine, not yours." He winked and took her hand in his, then started walking towards the street again, more carefully this time.

“Shut up.” Maria stuck her tongue out at him. “You said I’d get pink fuzzy ones. No more metal.”

He laughed. "You will." Leaning down, he kissed her cheek. "But I wanted you to keep those till you're at my place. Not that you run as soon as they're off, you know?" Would she?

“Oh shut up. I want these off. And I don’t want to wear them ever again.” Maria growled at him. “I’m not going anywhere.” She huffed.

"I won't let you. You owe me." Big time. Food, sex and whatever else would be coming to his mind. "But yeah, let's burn those cuffs together with our clothes."

“I owe you what?” What had he done for her to make her owe him anything? Aside from promising he could do anything to her.

"Don't play games with me, Blondie." Michael raised his eyebrow. "You owe me food and you owe me sex. And whatever I come up with to get back at you for showing the mud in my face."

“I may owe you, but you don’t own me. And just because I said I’d do it, it doesn’t mean I have to.” She would, but he was going too far with saying that she owed him. She was just doing him a favor.

"Oh, no, no, no." Michael wagged his finger. "For the next week I do own you. You're gonna be my little slave girl, remember?" She hadn't protested to that before, so she had no right to do it now. Or… or… or he'd have to go buy long shackles and make sure she'd never be able to leave his apartment.

“I agreed to stay with you, but no way in hell do you own me, and if you’re going to have this attitude with me then I won’t stay.”

"Yes you will!" Michael glared at her and then instinctively ducked when he heard a passing car. They were already closer to the street than he had realized. "Dammit." And this was all her fault again. If she wouldn't have distracted him, he'd have seen it coming sooner.

“Stop being an asshole Michael!” Maria yelled at him. She didn’t care if someone heard right now because he was pissing her off.

"But you're being mean! I made plans for this week and now you tell me you won't be there anymore. How am I supposed to react?" What was going wrong all of a sudden? He really just wanted to be back home and take a long hot shower to clear his head.

“I said I would stay. But I do not owe you anything. And you don’t own me. I agreed, anything, I’ll be your little slave girl, but it ends when I say it ends.” She was so tired. She just wanted to sleep, and Michael pissed her off, and he was driving her insane.

"Fine." He rolled his eyes and walked faster again. This was just what he wanted, nothing else. He wouldn't have forced her to anything or shit. Not really. Dammit, dammit, dammit. What was she thinking of him?

Maria hurried along with him, trying to keep up so he didn’t yank her arm out of the socket. He was a jerk. Why did he have to be so rude? She huffed quietly.

After a few more minutes in silence, Michael gave up. "What did you think I was going to do to you in the new few days?"

She shrugged a little. “I don’t know. You said I was your slave, so I wasn’t ruling anything out.”

Michael looked at her. "Like what? Feed you to my lions?"

“I don’t know alright.” She snapped at him. “I’ve never exactly had anyone ask me to be their slave for just an hour let alone a whole week.”

"Really? That's a pity." Michael smirked. "You look like a very good slave girl to me. In fact, the first time I saw you I was already thinking how nice it would be to have you servicing me."

Maria narrowed her eyes at him. “Shut up.” She ground out.

"And I was right, it was nice." He wiggled his eyebrows and grinned. She was just too cute when she got mad.

Maria shrieked and slapped his arm. “Oh god I hate you! You are such an asshole!” She couldn’t wait until they got to his friend’s house; she wanted the handcuffs off so that she could beat him up properly.

Michael laughed but turned away from her a little. "Maybe I am an ass, but you still can't wait to fuck me again." He leaned closer again. "Am I right?"

“Wrong.” She growled at him. Okay, so that wasn’t exactly true. But she didn’t need him getting a big head… ‘er well, ego rather.

"Wrong?" He raised his eyebrow and considered pinning her to the next best tree. "You're lucky we're wet and dirty - in the bad way."

Maria shuddered and pushed on his arm. “Hurry up. I want out of here.” She decided not to respond to him, it would probably only encourage him further.

"I want out of these clothes." He sighed and picked up his pace again, realizing they had slowed down during their little banter. But now it wasn't very far anymore. He could already see the first houses. Luckily it was late enough for the streets to be mostly empty. It would be hard enough to explain why they were wet and covered in mud, but they still wore the cuffs as well.

She stifled a yawn again, she was so tired. Why couldn’t Michael just carry her? “How far do you think it is?” She asked, wondering if he knew where they were. Nothing looked familiar to her.

"Not very. Like I said, Kyle lives on the outskirts. So maybe twenty more minutes, then we're there." Considering it was the right town. But it looked like it. But then again, by night every town looked the same.

“Good. I want to sleep.” She yawned again and was tempted to just tip over right then and there and sleep on the ground. Twenty minutes? She didn’t have a watch, and she was curious what time it was. Was it in the middle of the night? They couldn’t have been walking that long, could they?

"Me too." He looked at her again. Soon he'd be home. Then he could take that shower, or they could take it together and then he just wanted to fall in his bed and sleep. Their fight had left him rock hard, but still, he was almost sure that they wouldn't have any sex before late tomorrow.

Maria sighed and relented, she tightened her grip on his hand and moved closer to him, her head rested against his shoulder and she let her eyes slip shut momentarily. Sleep, and a shower, and food, she was thrilled by the prospect of it.

Michael frowned but then had to smile. Soon he'd even be able to wrap his arm around her. "Maybe Kyle will have some hot chocolate, then we won't have to go shopping anymore."

“Sure.” She murmured. She didn’t care about the hot chocolate anymore. She just wanted sleep. When she’d wake up she’d want food, and something to drink, but as long as she was in a nice warm and soft bed… “Do you have lots of blankets on your bed?”

"Uh, no, not really." Blankets were expensive. "Why? How many do you need?" Wasn't a thick one enough?

Maria shrugged. “I don’t know. But I’m cold, I was just wondering. I’m sure once we get inside I’ll be fine.” Her toes were cold, and wet inside of her shoes, and she could feel the water squishing inside of them with each step.

"It will." Because he sure as hell wouldn't go and buy new blankets for her. "Besides, you have me to keep you warm."

“Yeah.” She murmured and glanced around again. She needed to stop laying her head on his shoulder or else she was going to fall asleep, and trip, and he’d just drag her behind him like she told him to.

"Car!" Michael warned and ducked again.

Michael ducked, and Maria slipped. She grabbed onto Michael for support and managed not to fall. And stayed hidden uncomfortably until the car had passed. “Sorry.” She told him straightening herself back out again.

"It's okay." Michael bit his lip. He wished they could just stop a car and get driven the rest of the way. "We didn't fall." He shrugged. "And maybe we don't need to duck anyways. It's just a reflex."

“Better safe than sorry.” She told him. She didn’t want to get arrested.

"Yeah." He looked around and then started walking again. "If we were real criminals, we could just hold up a car, kick the owner out of it and then steal it." Maybe they should still do it… Wouldn't add more to their sentence than running away already did.

“What would we hold them up with? Fish? A pointy stick? Mud?” They wouldn’t have to walk much longer, she hoped.

"Mean glares?" Michael chuckled softly. "I dunno, we look pretty scary at it is. And hey, the stick is very pointy."

“Michael… darling, shut up and walk.” Maria smiled and shook her head. He’d snap at her for the pet name most definitely, but she didn’t mind. She was too tired to care.

"Darling?" He shook his head but let it go. At least it was better than most of the others she had come up with.

“Yes, darling, don’t back talk me.” She smirked a little.

"Oh, sorry honey, did you say something? I was planning ways to tie you up creatively, so it's gonna be more comfortable for me, and less for you." He smirked back at her.

“Hush.” She smacked his arm and shook her head. “Gonna use rope? Or ohhh maybe some of those thick leather cuffs, with the long chains that can attach to headboards and such.”

Michael stared at her. "You'll see." The only thing he had were those fur lined cuffs but they weren't even pink like he had teased her with. But now she was scaring him. Did she expect this other shit? "Uh, which would you prefer?"

“Something that won’t cut my wrists?” She honestly didn’t know. She didn’t know what any of them would feel like, she’d never worn handcuffs before a few days ago, no kinky leather straps around her wrists, no rope. But it was hard not to joke about it when he mentioned it. It helped ease some of the fear of being completely helpless, and at his mercy.

"I guess that rules out rope." He smirked. "Damn." Michael winked and nudged her a little. "Actually, I think it also rules out silky scarves or anything else that closes tightly." And maybe the fur lined ones too. If she'd struggle it would hurt. He frowned. Maybe it was best to leave all of this shit. She was just as sore as he was, he didn't want her to get an infection or even be really hurt because of him.

“Whatever you have is fine.” She told him. But she was still scared. Maria wanted to believe that she knew him on some level, and knew that he wouldn’t hurt her in any way, aside from the spanking before, which she could still feel the heat of, even thought it had been hours earlier.

"No, I don't think so." They'd see. Right now he wouldn't bind her with anything, but he also didn't doubt she could just make him snap again. Later, when he wouldn't be so tired and brain-dead.

Maria frowned. Now he didn’t want to tie her up? She didn’t understand him, not in the least. But soon they would be someplace warm, and they would be clean. Soap, she could wash her hair, and wouldn’t have to worry about Michael sneaking peaks at her in the water.

They walked in silence again till they finally reached the first houses and a sign with the city name on it. "Alright, yes, we walked in the right direction." Michael smiled.

“Thank god.” Maria muttered, thankful for knowing that they would be safe soon. Well as safe as they could be for being runaway convicts.

"I just really hope nobody will see us now, because we have to get out of the woods and onto the streets." He looked around again. "Maybe we should come up with a cover story if we get caught after all."

“Like what? We went into the woods to go camping, got carried away with the sexcapades and got lost?” A cover story? They were handcuffed, and covered in mud, and she had obvious hickeys on her neck, not that she could see, but she knew they were there, along with the dark bite on her shoulder.

"Well yeah, that works." Michael chuckled. If only it would have been the truth. "And as soon as we're back home you're gonna get a spanking for losing the keys to our cuffs." He winked.

Her jaw dropped. “I wasn’t serious!” Then she frowned. “My ass still hurts from the last spanking thank you very much!” It did, her jeans chafed against her skin, and she was in a way thankful for not having her underwear, sure that it would have made it worse, but the rough material of her jeans didn’t exactly feel pleasant on her backside either.

Michael laughed. "I was just adding more to our story, but now you've given me an idea."

“No.” Maria whined and looked at him. That wasn’t fair. Why did he have to spank her? It wasn’t like it didn’t turn her on, but it hurt like hell. He deserved to be spanked too! Then she smirked. Now that was an idea.

"What?" Michael cocked his head. He wasn't sure if he liked that smirk. "You thinking about what comes after the spanking?"

Her smirk turned into an innocent smile as she looked at him, she batted her eyelashes, and licked her lips. “Mm hmm. I was thinking of repaying you for my spanking. In a way that will be most enjoyable.”

He smiled. "Yeah?" Damn, her tongue drove him wild. He couldn't wait to feel it on his dick again. "You better."

“Oh… believe me. I will.” Her voice changed slightly, with a hint of the evil smirk in it. He thought that it would be enjoyable for him, maybe it would, but it would be more so for herself.

He frowned a little but then shrugged it of. "Good." Smiling again, he squeezed her hand and then quickly passed a street. On the other side it would be darker again.

Maria pushed some hair out of her face, with her muddy hand and sighed. They were completely covered in mud, and she hated it.

"Alright, it's just two more streets." Kyle had to be still awake. He usually worked at nights on his less legal repairs and stuff.

“Good.” She told him, thankful that they were close. Soon she’d have the damn handcuffs off, and could move without dragging Michael with her.

There was a car passing and Michael tried to blend in the shadows. It passed, so they either didn't see them, or they did but just didn't care. Good.

Maria glanced down the street after the car, then back at Michael. They were nearly safe.

"You know, I'm almost sad." He smirked at her then picked up his pace again. "I had been looking forward to hearing you tell them the tale of our sexcapades."

“Later.” She told him quietly, hurrying to keep up with him. She was just so tired. And hungry, and couldn’t wait to get to his friends house.

Michael raised his eyebrow and squeezed her hand. Oh yes, this week was gonna be real good. "I'll take you up on that." Now it was only just around the corner. Hopefully Kyle would have some clothes that could fit him, since he didn't plan on going home dressed in mud.

Maria nodded a little. “Alright.” So now she had some time to try and come up with a fantasy for the two of them.

When they had finally reached 'Kyle's Garage', Michael was happy to see the lights still switched on. "We're there." He walked to the backdoor and knocked on it. "Kyle, it's me. Open up!"

Maria took a slow deep breath, and watched the doorknob, waiting for it to turn, to jiggle, anything. The lights were on, so someone had to be home. So someone had to open, and then they could go inside.

"Kyle! Come on, man. Open the damn door!" Michael banged his fist against the door. "I know it's late, but it's important." He kept up a steady banging, hoping it wouldn't wake up the neighbors. But he didn't much care anymore, he just wanted to get out of these clothes and the fucking cuffs.

Kyle groaned when he heard the pounding on the door. Why the hell wouldn’t they just go away? He was busy. “Sorry baby.” He looked down at Tess, and brushed his lips over the tops of her bare breasts, and pulled back from her. He slid out of the bed, tugged on his boxers annoyed and left their room and yanked open the door, ready to start yelling, until he saw that it was Michael, covered in mud, and from the looks of it, handcuffed to a muddy blonde. At least he thought she was a blonde, but he could be wrong. “What the hell?”

"Was about time." Michael glared at Kyle and pushed past him into the garage, tugging Maria behind. "Please tell me you can get those off." He held up their cuffed hands.

Kyle raised an eyebrow. “I was a little busy.” He shook his head. “Give me a minute, and I will.” He jogged back up the stairs and into his room and looked at Tess. “Michael is here, and handcuffed to someone…” He grabbed his jeans off the floor, and then his shirt and pulled it back on.

"Handcuffed?" Tess frowned amused and got out of bed. She had been pissed about the interruption, but this was intriguing. "Let me guess. To a girl?" She chuckled and grabbed her robe.

He smirked and nodded. “Of course, this is Michael we’re talking about.” He walked over to her and kissed her softly. “So I’ve got to figure out how to get them off, it may take a while. Sorry.” He told her again and kissed her again before stepped back and pulling on his shoes.

"That's okay. It won't take all night, right?" Michael so owed her for this. At least two drinks when they next met up in a bar. She tightened her robe and looked for her shoes. "Besides, this might actually be more fun." She smirked at him.

Kyle laughed. “It might be, and no, I hope not. I have better things to do.” Kyle moved back over to Tess and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him.

Tess grabbed his ass in a firm hold. "Yes, you have unfinished business up here." She winked and then leaned up to kiss him softly.

He chuckled and kissed her back slowly, letting his fingers tangle in her hair. “Yeah. I know.” He licked over her lips before pulling back with a groan. Michael owed him big for this. Kyle lightly slapped Tess ass before smirking and leaving their room. He walked back into the garage and looked at Michael and his … friend. “Alright. Wanna explain this to me?” He asked as he started digging through his tools for something to use on the cuffs.

"No?" Michael offered, then sighed. "You know when I told you I had this appointment at the court? Well, it didn't go so well."

“So you got handcuffed, and what did you do? Have a mud fight?” He grabbed a saw, figuring it would be easiest if they weren’t attached before he tried to get them off. Kyle picked up a saw and gestured for the two to come over to the bench.

"Well, yes, and no. It's a long story." Michael shook his head and walked over, placing his hand on the bench. A saw? But he had to know what he was doing. "You're not gonna saw into my hand, right?"

Maria followed Michael’s move and rested her hand on the bench, slightly weary of Michael’s friend with the saw.

“Right…” Kyle shook his head. “I might. You have the worst fuckin timing man. Tess is not a happy woman.” He wrapped his hand around part of the handcuffs before laying the saw down on one of the chains and started sawing back and forth.

"Tess, why?" Michael frowned, then he remembered the state in which Kyle had opened the door. "Aw shit, I'm sorry, Kyle."

"You better be," Tess stated as she entered the garage, still only in her robe and fluffy slippers. She grew bored upstairs and wanted to see this woman he was handcuffed too. But why the hell were they covered in mud? She walked over to them and smiled warmly at the fellow blonde. "Hi. I'm Tess."

“Hi.” Maria said shyly, finally daring to speak. It was really embarrassing.

“Yeah, man you owe us.” He’d much rather be working up a sweat fucking Tess, instead of working one up trying to saw through the thick metal handcuffs.

Tess rolled her eyes. "Mostly me, he already did get some before." She lightly swatted Kyle's head and then looked at the blonde again. She didn't seem like any of the girls Michael usually picked up. She was way too shy. "So how comes you're covered in mud?"

Maria glanced at the girl, Tess, and blushed. “Michael fell, pulled me down with him.” She smirked a little. It was funny really, the whole mud thing.

"I see." Tess chuckled. "And you were outside in the pouring rain why?" She cast an accusing glance at Michael.

"Hey, don't look at me like that. It wasn't my idea." He pouted and then put the fish down on the ground, so he could scratch his eyebrow. "Not like we wandered off into the woods to have sex. Even I wouldn't do that in a weather like this."

A furious blush rose up Maria’s face and she quickly looked away. No they ran into the woods and ended up having sex.

Finally the metal snapped. The saw broke through and Kyle smiled triumphantly. “Michael, you’ll do anything for sex.” Kyle walked away and set down the saw and dug around for something else to break through the actual cuffs. He grabbed some metal cutters and walked back over to the bench and raised an eyebrow at Michael.

"But not risk my health." Michael pouted again, not even realizing that the cuffs were broken. "Well, not like… not like this." He shuffled his feet and glanced at Maria. "You tell them!"

Maria quickly pulled her hand back and shook her head. “No.” She exclaimed and pulled her arms around herself. She did not want to tell these people about why they were having sex in the middle of the woods.

Kyle grabbed Michael’s wrist and started cutting through the metal cuff. He really wanted to know why they got cuffed together in the first place and why they were running around in the rain and mud.

"No?" Michael shook his head. "See? That's what I had to deal with for the last few days. And we were handcuffed, so I couldn't even fucking go away."

"Days?" Tess gasped and looked at them again, noticing that under the mud the girl's top was ripped. Creepy. Could still mean she only had sex with Michael though.

“Oh like you were really a picnic to spend all that time with?! You’re an asshole! You were when I met you and you still are.” Maria growled at him. “Because the genius here dragged me into the freaking woods.” She huffed and looked down at her wrist, moving the cuff so she could look at the cut, it was dirty, and she really hoped it wasn’t going to get infected.

Kyle looked up at the girl’s sudden outburst. He couldn’t help but laugh quietly. He was amazed Michael had hooked up with her, but he said the court thing didn’t go well, but he wanted to know how exactly it happened. “There.” He said breaking through the metal and then pealing the cuff off Michael’s wrist.

"Thanks, man." Michael was tempted to give Kyle a hug, but that would just be too weird, so he walked over to Tess with his arms outstretched.

"Oh no, don't you dare!" Tess held up her hands and took a few steps back. "Look at you. You're dirty and you stink. Don't you come near me like this." She shook her head but smirked. "What the hell did you guys do to end up handcuffed in the woods? And don't you usually have a spare key, Michael?" She remembered the short time she had been with him, before she met his friend Kyle. She still owed him for introducing them, even if he hadn't meant for them to hook up.

"Yes, I do." He smirked and winked at her. "But those aren't my cuffs. See? They're metal."

Maria glanced over at Michael, then at Kyle. “Thanks.” She said quietly resting her hand back on the bench so he could get the cuffs off. She closed her eyes tightly as he worked on it.

“Do you want to use the shower man? You really could use it.” Kyle looked over at Michael and Tess before focusing back on the cuffs.

"Yeah, thanks. Can I take Tess with me too? I need someone to scrub my back." He grinned at Kyle and then wiggled his eyebrows at her.

"Michael! You're here with your girlfriend." Tess slapped his shoulder and instantly regretted it when her hand came back covered in mud. She stared at it disgusted.

“I’m not his girlfriend.” Maria said quickly.

Kyle shook his head. “Fuck you man. She’s mine now. Not a chance.” He snapped through the metal and pulled it off her wrist and noticed the cut on her wrist. “Tess? We’ve got a first-aid kit right?”

"Yeah, why?" Tess frowned and walked closer to the blonde. "Aw, shit, that looks bad. Michael, what did you do to her?" She turned around and glared at him.

"Me? Nothing. She did that to me and herself. My wrists are just as sore." He pouted and held them up for her to see. "Under all the mud." He shook his head and rolled his eyes. "Alright, I'm gonna go take a shower, later we'll talk." And then he could get pampered by Tess. It was funny to get Kyle jealous, and now Maria was there as well, so it could turn out to be even more interesting.

“It’s nothing really.” Maria said and shook her head. Great, so Michael was leaving her with them. She didn’t know them, she was sure they were great, but what if they decided to turn her into the police or something? Finally her hand was free. She pulled it towards herself and wrapped her other hand around it.

“Right Michael, whatever you say.” Kyle smirked. “Come on man, I’ll get you some clean clothes.”

"But something that fits." Michael waited for Kyle and then they left to go upstairs together. He couldn't wait to be clean again. Then maybe they could talk over a hot coffee. Or it could wait till some other time. Whatever, at least he was free again.


Chapter Seventeen

When the boys were gone, Tess smiled at Maria, placing her already dirty hand on her arm. "What do you say we go to the kitchen and I clean up your wrist and have a look at it?" She tried to look as welcoming as she could. How could this girl end up with Michael? "They should have let you shower first though. Guys." She shook her head.

“Thanks.” Maria smiled a little. “It’s really not a big deal. Michael was muddier than I am so… it’s fine.” Tess was nice, she was thankful it wasn’t just Kyle here. He seemed nice, but she felt more comfortable with another woman. “My name is Maria by the way.”

"Nice to meet you, Maria." Tess led the way to the kitchen. "But you're just as cold, you're gonna need a hot shower, and soon." She nibbled on her bottom lip and watched her concerned. "So you've been out there for days?"

She nodded a little. “Yeah. I’m not sure how many, but it’s been a while. We had a fire going… but then it started to rain and it sort of ruined the fire, and then we were soaked, but we managed to get here, so it’s all okay now.”

Tess raised an eyebrow and turned on the water in the sink, waiting for it to reach a decent temperature. "How'd you end up with Michael in the first place?"

“In court… we were both there, I guess something happened to the car he was being transported in, so the cops handcuffed us together, and we ended up having to take the same car, the driver crashed, and we ran.” Maria swallowed hard.

"In court? You were convicted?" Tess gasped and grabbed onto the sink to keep standing. Would that mean they were onto Kyle as well?

“Yeah.” Uncomfortable she shifted her weight from one foot to the other and tightened her arms around herself. “What happened was an accident.” She didn’t want Tess thinking badly of her. And Maria wasn’t sure why she cared. “But it did, and … well, I did it, but it’s… it’s kind of a long story.”

Tess nodded. "You can tell me about it over a hot coffee. Or tea?" She cocked her head and then took Maria's hand, leading her under the spray of water. And then she had to beat up Michael for getting convicted. She just hoped it had nothing to do with Kyle.

“Some tea would be really nice.” Maria winced slightly when the water hit her wrist, but then it felt nice, the water was warm. She sighed inwardly.

"Sure." Tess pulled a small towel out of the cabinet and placed it next to the sink, then went to get two cups, a pot and the tea, waiting till Maria was finished so she could fill the pot.

Maria washed the mud off her hands and part of her arms. “Thanks.” She picked up the towel and dried off her arms and frowned at the cut. Stupid Michael, it was all his fault.

After quickly having filled the pot and set it to boil, Tess took Maria's hand in hers again to have a better look. "Let me see." She winced and bit her lips. "Damn, this looks really bad. You've been handcuffed all this time?"

“Yeah… we weren’t smart enough to get the keys off the unconscious cops… it’s fine. It’s really not that bad. It doesn’t really hurt that bad. If stupid Michael wouldn’t have pulled on the handcuffs so much…” Maria sighed.

Tess chuckled. "Yeah, he can be a little hothead, can't he?" She looked at the cut again. "I'll disinfect it after your shower I guess. Otherwise it'll be all for nothing."

“Yeah, thanks, I appreciate your help. The last few days have basically been hell. And dealing with Michael… I mean yeah he started the fire the night we didn’t have matches, but he was stupid enough to get bit by a snake, and was such a jerk that I forgot we were attached and shoved him into creek… and then fell in myself. Which led to the snake bite, and … I’m babbling.” Maria blushed and looked away quickly. Her wrist felt better already, it was clean, and it wasn’t being cut by the metal anymore.

"No please, go ahead." Tess chuckled again. "Sounds like you spend some interesting time together." The water was boiling and she fixed the tea. Snakebites and fires without matches? And then the mud bath in the rain? And all of it while being handcuffed to Michael? Tess couldn't even begin to imagine what that must have been like. This poor girl. Michael better make it up to her.

Maria laughed softly. “Yeah… Fishing, walking, arguing and having sex is basically how we spent the last few days. I’m surprised we survived out there, aside from the natural elements, just the fighting… that would be the main reason we have cuts on our wrists, fighting led to yanking on the cuffs in a really violent game of tug-o-war. But we did… we caught fish, we made campfires, we found berries, the rain started and we hid for a while, then walked until we finally reached the road, and found ourselves here.”

"Wow." Tess sat down on the kitchen table and motioned for Maria to do the same. "That's kinda romantic though. The both of you lost in the woods, having to fight your way to survive. It's so primal." She sighed and propped her arms up on the table, then rested her head on them.

Maria sat down across from Tess and shook her head a little. “It wasn’t really romantic… he’s a jerk and we don’t exactly like each other that much.” The sex though… “The sex was the best I ever had though.” She blushed, not meaning to say it out loud. No matter how true it was, it was intense, and just the thought of it made her want him again.

"Trust me honey, I know." Tess reached out and squeezed Maria's hand. "Don't tell Kyle though." She winked, then cocked her head again. "But it's different with him. It's better in that I love him. That just makes the whole thing so much more intense. And he knows some nifty tricks too." Smiling solemnly, Tess suddenly felt the incredible urge to run upstairs and jump into Kyle's arms and kiss him silly.

“You and Michael? You were a couple?” If it was more intense when you were in love, god she couldn’t even imagine with Michael. It would probably kill her.

"Yeah, almost two years ago now. I think I was the only girl he spent more than one night with. At least that was all I saw him doing after we broke up." Had she broken his heart? But nah, that couldn't be. They stayed friends and all. It was a mutual break-up. "But now you broke the circle."

“Not by choice. He didn’t want to stay with me.” But he asked her to stay for a week after they returned to town. This wasn’t good. She knew it was bad. “He asked me to stay with him… for a week before I leave, because I have to leave. I can’t stay here anymore.”

Tess raised an eyebrow. "He did?" And Michael sure wanted to stay with her. If not she'd have been off running by now instead of sitting and talking to his friends. He could be such a mean idiot sometimes. But he surely had to have been nice to this girl. "And why can't you stay? Abusive boyfriend or something?" Bad people looking for her?

“Because I’m supposed to be in jail right now… for something that isn’t good, and I’m really ashamed of … so if I stay in the states, I’ll end up back in jail probably for the rest of my life.” Maria bowed her head and sighed softly.

Nibbling on her bottom lip, Tess pushed the cup of tea closer to her. "That sucks." She didn't want to push to know what she had done. "Any idea where you'll be going to?"

Maria picked up the cup of tea and looked at it before slowly taking a drink. It felt better all ready. It burned her throat, but warmed her from the inside. “Mexico I guess. It’ll be a quicker trip to that border, rather than the Canadian border.”

"That might be true, but I think I'd rather live in Canada. There's gotta be only handsome hunks living there. Look at all the actors." Tess sighed dreamily.

She laughed softly and shook her head. “Yeah, but I’m really worried about getting caught.” Wasn’t Michael done with his shower yet? She shifted nervously and bit her lip before taking another sip of her tea.

Kyle pulled open the drawer and pulled out a shirt and sweatpants for Michael to wear and tossed them to him. “There. So, are you going to explain what exactly happened with that chick down there?”

"Want my towel to fall off, you pervert?" Michael caught the clothes and then quickly held onto the short towel around his waist again, glaring at Kyle for throwing them. "Besides, I don't have to explain anything."

“That’s it. Just curious what Tess saw in you.” Kyle smirked. “And I think you do. You were handcuffed to a muddy chick, showing up at my house in the middle of the night. Who the hell is she? Why were you handcuffed to her?”

"I don't want to make you cry." Michael smirked back and put the clothes down on his bed so he could pass his hand through his hair. "And she's a criminal. They handcuffed me to it when they were, uh, when they were…" Michael looked around. "Transporting me off to prison."

“Shi.t.” Kyle muttered. ”How big a criminal?” He wondered if he should be worried about Tess down there with her all alone. “And prison? They let you go before.”

"I know!" Michael whined. "The judge was just such an asshole. Also to her. I mean, she didn't really do anything. Put a man in a coma, but it wasn't her fault."

“Tess is safe right?” Kyle asked raising an eyebrow. She put a guy in a coma? That couldn’t be good.

"Sure." Michael frowned. He hadn't thought about that… But nah. "Yeah, she only hurts men."

Kyle frowned. He really wanted to get back down there and make sure things were okay. “Don’t get arrested again man. You need to make sure of that. Tess won’t be thrilled if you go to jail.”

"I know. That would put an end to our secret little love affair." Michael faked a deep sigh. "But how do you know about it?"

Kyle shot him a dirty look. “Oh fuck off.” He shook his head. “I’m going back downstairs to make sure my girlfriend is still alive. You two are welcome to stay tonight, on the couch, just as long as she doesn’t kill us all in our sleep.”

"Thanks, but I don't really want to hear your petty attempts at fucking Tess' brains out. I might have to come upstairs and slap you for hurting her." He could live with them being together, but sleeping a night in this house? That really wasn't on top of the list with things he wanted to do. Besides, he wanted to be alone with Blondie.

“Afraid to know that she likes it?” Kyle raised an eyebrow before walking back down the stairs and into the kitchen. They were both sitting at the table, and Tess was alive, so that was a good thing. “Hey.” He walked over and leaned down to press a kiss against Tess’ cheek.

Michael snorted and pulled on the clothes as soon as Kyle was gone. He towel-dried his hair and then yawned. Maybe he should take him up on his offer after all. He didn't want to head out in the rain again and get cold all over. But would Maria be gone by the time he woke up when he could neither shackle her, nor just lock his front door and hide the key?

“Michael is out of the shower, so you can head up. It’s the first door on the left up the stairs.” Kyle said to Maria as he sat down beside Tess.

Maria nodded slightly. “Thanks.” She said before getting up quickly and walking out of the room. She made her way up the stairs and opened the door. She saw Michael and bit her lip. “Sorry. Just looking for the bathroom.”

"You're right here." Michael nodded and put the towel down. "And no need to apologize. First, you didn't catch me naked, but second, even if, nothing you haven't already seen." He winked.

“But I could have just waited until you were done.” She felt really out of place being in his friend’s house.

"I am done. Or do you see me under the water?" He smirked and took a step aside so she could start for the shower.

“I meant out of the room.” Maria walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind her and turned on the water. Slowly she started pulling off her clothes and sighed softly.

"So what do you make of this?" Tess asked Kyle while she busied herself with making a pot of coffee, knowing Michael would probably want this more than a cup of tea. "Michael convicted, then on the run, and now he's with this girl. Did you know that she has no place else to go? So he invited her to stay with him for a week."

“He didn’t mention that… just that she was going to jail. She put a guy in a coma.” Kyle watched every move Tess made. Why, of all nights did Michael have to show up then? He’d much rather be upstairs in bed with his beautiful girlfriend.

Tess gasped. "She put a guy in a coma? This tiny shy person? And she's so shy! Maybe we should ask her to stay with us instead." She tapped her finger to her lips and looked at Kyle.

“I told Michael that they could stay tonight. You don’t think it’s a good idea that she stays with Michael?” Since when did Michael invite a girl to stay, for more than one night? Kyle couldn’t remember the last time. He got up and walked over to Tess and snaked an arm around her waist.

"Would you want to stay a whole week at Michael's? With nowhere else to escape to?" It was suddenly hard to concentrate though, because Kyle's body was so warm and he smelled so good. She leaned into him and inhaled his scent.

“No.” Kyle pressed his lips against her shoulder softly. “I guess you’re right, you want to ask her?” Was it safe? She put a guy in a coma; he was a little worried for the safety of all of them.

"Yeah." She played with the hair at the nape of his neck. "Thanks." It was nice that he agreed. Because if he wouldn't have, she wouldn't have gotten any for a long time, because that would have been his punishment. She smiled and kissed him softly.

“What ever makes you happy.” Kyle kissed her softly and wrapped his other arm around her waist to pull her closer.

"I love you, baby." She closed her eyes and kissed him deeply. It still amazed her how lucky she was to have found him.

"Hey you two, cut it out!" Michael entered the kitchen and shook his head. First Maria was being weird again and now he had to watch them make out. Would it never end? He had really thought it would all be better once the cuffs were off, but why should it?

Kyle smirked against Tess lips and dipped her backwards kissing her passionately. Just for Michael’s benefit. He set her back upright and kept his arms around her. “You don’t like it? Leave.”

"I will." Now it was set. He wouldn't be able to stand this for much longer. It was sickening. They were already bad enough when they went out together, but in their own four walls… no way. "I'm just waiting for Maria to get finished so I can take her."

Tess looked at her two boys and shook her head to clear it. The kiss had left her dizzy. Michael should come by more often, it always made Kyle try to please her even harder.

Maria got in the shower, taking her time, washing herself, and her hair. The water felt so good on her skin. It was so hot. Finally she climbed out and wrapped a towel around her body, and then stared at her dirty clothes that were folded up on the edge of the counter, and covered in mud. She didn’t want to pull them back on, but she didn’t have anything else. She contemplated going down stairs to ask for clothes, but she didn’t want to run around in the too small towel. She glanced in the mirror and saw the dark hickeys on her neck and throat. “Thanks a lot Michael.”

"Hey, did you give her clothes?" Tess looked at Michael.

"What? Me? Why should I? I don't go to your dresser and snoop around. Who knows what else I might find in there." He threw Kyle a look. Vibrators he could understand, but if there were shackles or anything, there'd be hell to pay.

She shook her head. "Alright, fine. So I'll go give her some." Did he expect her to pull on her muddy clothes again or what? After a last kiss for Kyle, Tess headed back upstairs into their bedroom.

Maria heard the door open in the bedroom and slowly pulled open the bathroom door. She poked her head out and saw Tess. “Hey, do you have some clothes or something I can borrow?”

"That's what I came up here for." She smiled at Maria and then opened her dresser. "What do you want? Sweatpants and a shirt okay, or do you want real clothes? I can also just give you a pajama, if you want to go and lie down right away"

“What ever you’ve got is fine.” She couldn’t help but smile at Tess, thankful that she was nice. She stepped out of the bathroom and leaned against the door frame. “I think I’m going with Michael though… I don’t know.” She pushed some of her damp hair out of her face.

"You're welcome to stay here." Tess grabbed the sweatpants and a thick shirt. She was probably still cold, so it couldn't hurt.

Maria opened and closed her mouth a few times. She was actually offering to let her stay there? It might be better than with Michael, it definitely would be better than with Michael. “I’d really appreciate that.” She smiled a little and held her hand out for the clothes.

"Good." Tess smiled and walked closer to her, handing her the clothes. She'd have Kyle set the couch and… "Shit." She leaned closer to Maria and touched her throat. "You really did have lots of sex with Michael, didn't you?"

She blushed instantly and her eyes went wide. “Yeah…” She touched her neck and bit her lip. “It was intense.”

"I can see." Tess chuckled. "You know, that's something I really don't miss. The hickeys. It was always hard to explain them at work."

Maria chewed on her lip. So the hickeys were something he did a lot? “How did you two end up together?” They didn’t seem anything alike, she was nice, and Michael was… a complete asshole. “You just don’t seem like a likely couple.”

"We don't?" Tess laughed softly and sat down on the bed, patting the space next to her for Maria to sit. "I dunno, it was just a natural thing. We grew up together in the orphanage, but then Michael got adopted and I didn't. I was too smart for that."

She walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed beside Tess. “Oh…” Maria held the towel against her with one hand and the other laid in her lap holding the clothes. “He told me about the orphanage, and living on the streets… I tried to be understanding but he just got mad at me for it. But … so you were in the orphanage with him?” Suddenly her life looked like perfection and roses.

"Yeah." Michael had told her about it? And about living on the streets? It had taken him to be drunk to tell her, and they knew each other a long time. "It wasn't so bad there. At least we didn't get beaten up. They came to check on this stuff, you know? That's why I didn't want to get adopted. Michael was naïve, he thought there'd be a nice family to come and get him out of there."

“I’m sorry. I don’t have any idea what it would be like living like that, but I’m sure it wasn’t great. It’s really none of my business.” Maria shifted awkwardly. “I should go get dressed.”

"Yeah." Tess shrugged. "I have no problem talking about it though." After all, she didn't have as hard a time as Michael.

Maria got up and started towards the bathroom, but stopped and turned back around. “Why were you in the orphanage?” Was it like Michael? Her parents just abandoned her? But she didn’t know for sure that was what happened to Michael. He just told her that he didn’t know them.

Tess frowned at her. "No parents. Why else would someone end up there?"

“Right… sorry.” Quickly Maria darted into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She sighed and pulled the towel off and pulled on the sweatpants and the t-shirt. She felt naked, her bra was soaked, and muddy, and her underwear, her cheeks turned bright red. Were still out in the middle of the woods.

Tess laid back down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. With Maria here she couldn't have sex with Kyle. It would just be too weird. But she couldn't kick her out just for that. She needed a friend, and like she said herself, she didn't have anybody else.

She towel dried her hair and folded the dirty towel up with her muddy clothes and wrapped her arms around herself feeling self conscious. When Maria walked back into the bedroom she saw Tess laying on the bed. “Thanks for the clothes… I’ll um… head downstairs and let you get some rest.” She felt bad that they showed up so late, and interrupted them.

"No, wait, I'll come with you." Tess quickly sat up again. "I'm not tired. Well, not more than you, I bet." She stood up and walked over to her, then wrapped her arm around her shoulders. "Let's make you a bed on the couch or maybe grab some food first? What did you eat out in the woods?"

Maria looked at Tess, a little surprised but then shook her head a little. “Fish… and berries, and some funky mushrooms that I’m surprised didn’t kill us. Which Michael was nice enough to let me try them first.” Maria sighed a little. “I think I’m too tired to sleep right now.” She was exhausted, and starving, but finally she was getting warm, and she was clean.

Tess chuckled. "Yeah, sounds like him. You should have insisted he'd try them first though. Or threatened him with no sex. That always worked for me. Of course it was a hard task to accomplish though. Still is with Kyle." She sighed. "It's always so easy in the movies."

“Wouldn’t have worked, we weren’t having sex at that point. It took the snake bite in the ass to get us to have sex.” Maria glanced around, their place was nice, it made her want to go home. “Some food would be really nice right now.”

"Huh." Tess was sure there were lots of interesting stories to tell about their little adventure in the woods. So maybe it was worth not getting sex. "Alright, let's go back to the kitchen and see what we've got." She let go of her so they could descent the stairs.

Maria walked with her down the stairs and back into the kitchen. She tightened her arms around herself and glanced around, she hated how self-conscious she felt. Kyle and Tess were strangers, and Michael… she wasn’t sure about him anymore.

Kyle looked up when he heard someone walk in, and smiled when he saw Tess. Were they leaving soon? He wanted to fuck his girlfriend, but then he remembered Tess wanted Maria to stay. Damn.

Michael stood up and put his coffee mug down. "Ready to go?" He couldn't wait. He wanted real food and sleep and sex. Most likely even in this order.

Maria bit her lip nervously and avoided looking at Michael. She promised him she would go with him. She promised him that she would be his slave for a week. “Yeah. Just… I forgot my shoes.” She looked down at her bare feet. Quickly she turned around and ran back up the stairs and into the bathroom. They were muddy too. She did not want to put her feet back in them. She shoved her clothes and her shoes in the towel she had used and carried it back downstairs with her. Michael could return the towel later.

"What the hell?" Tess stared after Maria. "She said she wanted to stay here, Michael."

"Oh no, she's most definitely not." Unless he'd stay too, and then just for one night.

"Why? She can do whatever she wants." She rolled her eyes. Michael. Some things she shouldn't even try to understand.

"No, not this week she can't." He shrugged and smiled satisfied when Maria came back down.

"Oh, honey, where are you going with the towel and your clothes? I can just wash them here." Tess quickly grabbed the bundle out of her hands, then she looked down at her feet. "And see, Michael? No shoes, so she stays." She wanted to hear more stories about their adventures in the woods.

“No.” Maria shook her head. “I…” It was all too much for her tired head. “I appreciated the offer Tess, I really do. But Michael wants to go, so we’ll go. I already told him I would. My shoes were muddy… they’re in with my clothes.” She just wanted to curl up and sleep somewhere. At this point she didn’t care where.

"Alright." Tess sighed and threw a glare at Michael. "But promise me you'll come by later to tell me more about your time in the woods and your future plans. Maybe Kyle can help you. He knows lots of people."

She nodded a little. “Sure. Thanks.” Then she looked at Michael. “Let’s go…” How were they getting to his place? Not walking she hoped.

"Wait! I'll get you shoes from me. What size do you have? And in the meanwhile Kyle here can get the car keys so you can drive, won't you, sweetheart?" She smiled sweetly at Kyle.

“Seven and a half.” Maria told Tess with a small smile. She was nice, Maria was very thankful that she was, and that they weren’t like Michael.

Kyle bit back a growl, like he could deny her? “Yeah, sure.” He muttered and walked back into the garage. At least they were leaving so he could have his girlfriend to himself again. He fished around for the keys for a minute before walking back into the kitchen and tossing them to Michael. “There.”

Michael caught the keys with a grin. "Thanks, Kyle." He knew he hated to let anyone else drive his car and now he wouldn't even be in it to watch out for it.

Meanwhile Tess had been busy rustling through her shoes but she came back empty handed. "I'm so sorry, Maria. I have a six and Kyle has nine and a half. None of those would fit you. I thought maybe I had bought some too large one day, but if so, I couldn't find them."

“Oh… it’s okay.” Maria told Tess. “Thanks anyways.” She looked at Michael and raised an eyebrow. “You’ll just have to carry me.” She smirked. He was making her go with him, he could carry her to the car.

He groaned. "But I'm tired. Can't you just tiptoe around?" Couldn't stuff like that wait till tomorrow after he had eaten and slept?

She glared at him and huffed. “Fine. Be an asshole.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “I’ll just stay here then. I won’t stay with you for the next week, so that means I won’t fuck you again.” She shrugged a little. His choice, she wouldn’t mind the sex, but if she didn’t go, then she could just get out of town sooner.

Michael growled and swiftly picked her up while mumbling "Bitch" under his breath.

Tess couldn't help smirking at the situation. She winked at Maria as soon as she caught her eye. Threatening with no sex, usually worked like a charm. At least in the early stage of a relationship. Later they'd become too clever and mean for that.

Maria smiled sweetly at Tess, and then looked at Michael. “Stop calling me that, or you’ll regret it.” She sing-songed in his ear, and combed her fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck.

Kyle smirked watching the scene play out in front of him. It was nice seeing Michael whipped like that. He moved closer to Tess and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Glaring at her, Michael decided she'd regret this. Sore wrists or not, she'd end up shackled. For a long time. "Let's go, you're heavy. You'd think that someone loses weight when they're without food for a few days." He smirked at her, then turned to Kyle and Tess. "Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help. And oh, I left fish in the garage, consider it payment. Hand-caught by me." Michael couldn't help grinning proudly. It still amazed him that he had been able to accomplish that.

Maria shook her head. “Barely. I had to teach him how to catch the fish.” She smirked, hoping to pop his happy little bubble. Paybacks for calling her fat. Jerk.

"Either way, that's uh, nice." Tess tried to jump in before they could go any further in their obvious foreplay. They didn't seem to notice it, but the sexual tension was coming off them in waves, and it just made her even hornier. She slid closer to Kyle and placed her hand on his ass, letting him know that soon he'd be hers again.

Kyle quickly bit back a groan and tightened his arm around Tess’ waist. “Yeah, so, see you guys later. Michael, I want my car back tomorrow.” He wanted them to leave. Now. So he could throw Tess over the kitchen table and finish what they were working on upstairs.

"Maybe, maybe not." Michael smirked. "Maybe we're gonna be too tired to come by tomorrow already. We have lots of sleep to catch up on." And anything else you could be doing in bed, including eating and watching the sports channel trying to catch up on what he'd missed while he was gone.

Tess rolled her eyes. "You promised to bring her back so we could talk." But whatever. "Just try to be here while there's still daylight out there." She winked and then squeezed Kyle's firm ass.

Maria rolled her eyes and waved to Tess. “I wouldn’t count on it.” She huffed, then stifled a yawn and buried her face in his shoulder. She was tired, and her feet were cold. “Come on. Let’s go, then we can come back tomorrow.”

"Maybe." And damn, why did she have to be so snugly again? It made him feel all warm and fuzzy. It had to be the lack of sleep though and he was just dizzy. "Alright, we're off. She's really getting heavy now. Bye guys, and thanks again."

"Anytime Michael, just well, daylight. Remember." Tess waved them off. "See you tomorrow, Maria."

“See you Tess.” Maria lifted her head up and smiled at her before laying her head back down. “Stop saying I’m fat. I’m not fat.” She huffed. “You call me fat I’m not going to have any sex with you anymore.”

“Bye.” Kyle called after them, before pulling Tess closer, and around to face him and kissing her deeply.

Tess grinned against his lips and chuckled as soon as they broke it off. "She's gonna give him a hard time. It's nice to see he might have found an equal though."

He nodded and smiled. “Yeah, it’ll be good for him.”

"Hopefully he'll realize it before she's gone." Tess bit her lip. Maybe she should think of a back-up plan if he wouldn't. She wanted Michael to be happy. He'd always protected and cared for her and she deeply regretted that she couldn't do the same for him when he had been with Hank. So maybe now it was her chance to finally make up for it.

“Well, Michael is a little slow sometimes.” He pressed his lips against her throat. “You planning on doing something to make sure he does realize it?” Kyle raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe." Tess smirked. He knew her too well. "But not tonight. I think we have something much more pleasant to finish first."

Kyle smiled at her. “Good.” Then he lifted her up, threw her over his shoulder and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom. “He had to pick just then to show up didn’t he? I have more important things to do, like give you lots of pleasure.” He smirked slightly and tossed her onto their bed.

Tess giggled and looked up at him. "Uuuuh, Kyle. You're so strong." She slowly opened her robe, revealing that she hadn't bothered to pull anything else on underneath it.

“It is a very good thing I didn’t know about that the entire time we were down there, because if I had, we wouldn’t have been down there for long.” He pulled is shirt over his head and kicked off his jeans before leaping onto the bed and on top of her.

"But Kyle, that would have been rude to our guests. I might have had to punish you for it." She winked and smoothed her hands down over his back, till she'd found his ass again.

“And I wouldn’t have had a damn problem with it.” He leaned down and kissed her hard. Kyle dipped his tongue into her mouth and wrapped one arm around her back while he stroked gently up and down her side with the other.

"That's why I love you, baby." Tess smiled and then quickly pushed him over so now she was on top. She kissed him again quickly and then slid down his body, occasionally placing soft kisses onto his chest as she went.

Michael opened the passenger door of Kyle's car and then placed Maria down on the seat. "There, happy now, princess?" If she could walk around barefoot in the woods, then why not now? Having her in his arms had just made him more and more awake again. If this kept up, they'd really sleep through all of tomorrow because they'd spend the rest of the night having sex.

Maria laughed softly and nodded. “Yeah, I am. But I’m hungry, and sleepy. You do have food right? Something?” Her toes were still cold. “Maybe socks?” She wiggled her toes and looked up at him.

"Yeah." Michael smirked. "Tess could have given you socks though." Kyle had given him some. "But we're at my place soon. Kyle's car is fast and the streets are free around that time." He walked around the car and opened the garage, then sat down on the driver's seat and started the car. "But stop threatening me with mo sex. You promised."

“Just don’t get a speeding ticket.” Maria scooted closer to him and snuggled into his side. “And I know I promised, but you act like a jerk I won’t be in the mood, and you promised me food and warmth.” She yawned and rested her head on his shoulder. “I’ll have sex with you, after I get some food. I promise.”

"Stop snuggling so much or this won't work." Michael looked down at her and then started the car. "Trust me. I'm hungry too, but I also just want to stop this car again and fuck you on the hood."

Maria huffed and moved away from him. “But I’m cold.” She whined. He wasn’t nice. She pulled her legs under herself and wrapped her arms around her stomach. Her hair was still damp, so that made her even colder.

"We're at my place soon, okay? Then you can blow-dry your hair and eat a hot soup and shit." He looked at her and then drove out of the garage. "And maybe I'll even let you snuggle with me under the blankets." He winked and then quickly jumped out to close the garage behind them again. Maybe he'd let her snuggle. If she behaved. But it wasn't good. Too nice.

With a quiet sigh she leaned her head against the window. He didn’t want to snuggle with her. She knew he didn’t. She didn’t really want to snuggle with him either. Too relationship like.


Chapter Eighteen

After getting back in the car, Michael sped his way down the street and onto the main road. He kept stealing glances at her. Now she was so far away. Her body had been so warm against his… But no, no, he had to concentrate on driving. Maybe music would help. He turned on the radio.

Maria winced slightly when he turned on the radio; she had nearly dozed off to sleep. She yawned quietly and sat up a little straighter and sighed inwardly. “How long till we get to your place?” She was tired, and just wanted to sleep, and sleep.

"Too long." Michael gripped the steering wheel tightly. Pop Songs. Why would they play bubbly Pop Songs at a time like this? Had to be Tess' channel of choice. He groaned and pulled the music off again.

She sighed and rested her head back against the window and let her eyes slip shut once more. She was so tired.

Finally Michael pulled into the parking lot of his apartment building. "If you want hot chocolate or something special to eat, we better go get it now."

Maria shook her head and glanced at him. “No, it’s fine.” She looked out the window at the building and swung open her door. She looked at the ground, it was soaked. Her feet were cold already, but they were clean at least.

"Alright, but don't complain later. I will not walk down here again just to get you anything." Alright, so most likely he would, but it was best to not even have her ask about it. He got out of the car and then walked around to pick her up again.

“Fine, you won’t hear a word out of me.” She rolled her eyes and looked up at him. “And I’m not fat.” She huffed and swung her feet out of the car, rested them on the bottom frame and stood face to face with Michael.

"Hey, I didn't say anything now, did I?" He chuckled and took a step back. "But you can walk if you prefer to."

“I was just telling you before hand.” He moved away. That wasn’t nice. “Don’t be a jerk.” She didn’t want to walk; there was a big puddle right outside of the door.

"What? You want me to pull out my jacket and place it over the puddle of water so you can gracefully walk over it?" He rolled his eyes. "Not to mention that my jacket is back at Kyle's place, dirty with mud because of you."

She narrowed her eyes at him and shook her head. “Forget it.” She stepped out of the car and right into the puddle, then slammed the car door behind her. “Where is your apartment?” The puddle was cold, but she hoped that it was at least not muddy water.

"Argh!" Michael let out a frustrated growl and swiftly picked up off her feet. Why did she have to be so damn complicated? He shook his head and without another word walked towards the entrance.

Maria growled at him. “Jerk. You are such a jerk.” She huffed and rolled her eyes.

"Want me to drop you again?" Michael glared at her. Nothing he did seemed to be the right thing. So why did he even bother?

“I want you to be nice to me.” She shook her head a little and glanced around. At least they were at his apartment, she could eat something, and sleep, she hoped anyways.

"I am nice. Want to see what I do when I'm not?" He raised his eyebrow and then slung her over his shoulder so she was looking face down on the ground. Then he used the opportunity to slap her ass hard before he continued the way around the building to his actual apartment.

Maria let out a surprised shriek and grabbed onto his waist, terrified that he would drop her. She knew she wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t light. Then he slapped her ass and she yelped. “Oh my god! Michael! Put me down!” He was going to drop her on her head, and break her neck!

"Only at my place, onto my bed." He smirked and slapped her again. "And you'll get another few if you keep yelling like this. It's in the middle of the night, I don't want to wake my neighbors."

She bit down on her lip hard to keep from screaming or crying out again. That hurt. Her ass still hurt from earlier, and now he had to do it again?! Then she smirked and swung her own hand slapping him on the ass as hard as she could.

Michael jumped and tried to get away from her, but then realized it wasn't possible. "Evil bitch." He growled and quickened his pace. He could already see his door, so the torture would soon be over. Or maybe now it would just begin. He could always kick her out again though. He had to remember that.

“I’m not a bitch.” She slapped his ass again. He was rude to her. He deserved it. Then she huffed and gave up.

"Are too." Michael pouted and searched his pockets for his keys, then remembered that it weren't his pants. And the keys haven't been in those before either. What the hell happened to his keys? He closed his eyes and tried to remember. Right, he had given them to Sean so when the cops would have wanted to use them to get into his place and check for other illegal stuff they wouldn't be able to do that. "Fuck." Michael put her down.

Maria looked at him a little confused. Why had he put her down? Not that she was really complaining… “What?” She asked glancing around. “Forget which apartment is yours?”

"Har, har, Blondie." Michael passed his hand through his hair. "I have no keys. And I'd just break the door, but it's no good living here with a broken lock." He looked around. So he'd have to go to Sean's to get them. "Wait here for a minute, alright?"

She sighed and leaned against the wall. “Fine.” Great. He didn’t have keys? Maria closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around herself. She was cold, and her feet were wet now. Because Michael made her mad so she stepped into the stupid puddle.

"I'll be back soon." He kissed her softly without really knowing what he was doing. "Stay?" he bit his lip and then quickly ran off to Sean's apartment. Luckily he lived in the same block. And knowing him, he'd still be awake and playing video games or something.

Where would I go? Maria wondered and shook her head. But she smiled a little. That was the first time he’d kissed her since … it had been hours. She sighed and glanced up and down the hallway before slipping down the wall to sit beside the door, her knees were pulled against her chest and she wrapped her arm around her legs.

Michael had been right, Sean was still awake. And since he was now neither dressed in mud nor handcuffed to Maria, he didn't have to answer any stupid questions. He could just get his keys and hurry off again. Maybe Sean hadn't even realized what time of day it was. He was really out of it when he was into his games.

He smiled down at Maria when he came back. She looked so cute and vulnerable sitting down like this. "Got them." He juggled with the keys and then opened his door and held his hand out for her to get back up.

Maria looked up at him. The keys, then his hand. She reached up and took his hand using it to pull herself up to her feet again. “Good.” Maybe she could take another shower later? Or a bath? With really hot water and bubbles… right. Like Michael would have bubble bath or something?

Michael walked inside, tugging her behind. After hurrying to Sean's he was now really too wiped to carry her again. He kicked the door close and scratched his eyebrow. "So what do you want to eat? A soup? Or I could order a Pizza? Both?"

“I… I don’t care. Whatever you’ve got is fine.” Maria glanced around his apartment, it was kind of nice, not in the sense of it being a great place to live, but it wasn’t horrible. She yawned and looked at Michael. Her stomach grumbled, but she was so tired. Her body felt off, and everything was too much. Sleep. She wanted sleep. “A nap?” She walked over to the couch and sat down. Food could wait; she had eaten some fish earlier.

"Before any food?" He cocked his head. "Sounds good." They had survived a few days with little food and what he had missed most of all was his bed. She was right, they could always eat later. "Come on, the bed is this way." He went to stand in front of her and then pointed towards his small bedroom.

Maria looked up at him and blinked a few times. She just wanted to sleep. Bed? But that meant getting up again. Her eyes were heavy lidded. “But I don’t wanna get up.” She whined.

"Come on, you can't sleep on the couch. We've spend the last few days sleeping uncomfortable." He held out both hands to her and raised an eyebrow. "I for one am going to my bed. Where the blankets are."

Blankets. Warmth. Maria groaned quietly and stood up and slid her hands into Michael’s. “Okay.” She yawned and buried her face in his chest for a moment before yawning and pulling back a little. “Okay, lead the way.”

He smiled and tugged her behind him into his bedroom. Now it was the time to shut his brain off for the night and just forget about how bad all of this is for their relationship - which should stay based on sexual tension - and just lie down under the blankets and hold her. Just to get warmth and avoid pneumonia. Yeah, that was all it was. And now that his brain had something to believe in, it would hopefully keep shut.

She smiled when she looked at the bed. “Hmm nice.” She murmured and walked around to one side of it and crawled up into it, slipping under the blankets. It was soft, and warm. And it made her really happy. Maria buried her face in his pillow and closed her eyes.

"Yeah…" Michael watched her for a moment. She was just so god damn cute. He never wanted to see any woman lying in his bed unless she was naked and ready to fuck, but Maria… He rubbed his hand over his face. No more thoughts. It was too late for that. He quickly stepped out of Kyle's shoes and joined her under the blankets, spooning her from behind and wrapping his arms around her waist.

Maria sighed softly and snuggled deeper into his chest and rested her hands on top of his. “G’night Michael.” She murmured softly and yawned. Within seconds she was sound asleep, her body winning out, exhaustion completely taking over her.

"Goodnight, Blondie." Michael pressed a kiss to her neck and then buried his face in her hair, then quickly followed her to sleep.

Slowly Maria woke up, blinking several times. She didn’t see a clock, and couldn’t tell if there was light shinning in a window. Did his room have a window? Everything was blurry. She contemplated getting out of bed, making something to eat, for her, and for Michael, a thank you for letting her stay with him, but she didn’t want to move out of his bed.

Michael groaned and pulled her closer to him. Something made him wake up but his whole body ached and he just wanted to fall asleep again so it would stop. But he couldn't, because he ached too much. And he was hungry. But he didn't want to move, that would just make him ache even more.

She let out a slow breath and sat up slowly. Food. She wanted food. Besides, Michael would probably start demanding food any second. She pushed some hair out of her face and stretched her arms over her head.

"Eh?" Michael groaned again and rolled onto his back, then rubbed his hands over his face. "Why are you getting up?"

“Food. I’m your slave aren’t I? I want food, figured you want food too.” Maria stretched her legs out and frowned she had finally warmed up, and now she was too warm. “Do you have some boxers I can borrow?”

Michael chuckled. "No." He owned like three pair of them, all bought by Tess for various occasions. "And as your master I could just demand you come back and lie down." But he was too hungry for that.

“But I’m hungry.” Maria huffed. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her naked. “How about a shirt?” One that was longer than the one she had borrowed from Tess. She laid back a little, her head ended up on his stomach as she pushed the sweatpants down her legs and kicked them away.

"What's wrong with the clothes you're wearing now?" Michael frowned at her. And damn, he was really wiped because seeing her without pants didn't turn him on in the slightest. Alright, maybe a little, but he'd still prefer food and a knock out with a hammer over sex.

“I’m hot.” All she’d done was complain about being cold for days, and now she was too hot. She couldn’t help it. She sat up and sighed. She wasn’t running around naked, that was for damn sure.

Michael closed his eyes again. "Shirts are in the drawer, on the bottom. Unless you want a button down one, those hang." Anything so she'd stop bugging him.

Maria made a face at him, but his eyes were closed so he didn’t even see, but it made her feel better. She got up off the bed and walked over to the closet. She flipped through the shirts and found one she liked and pulled her shirt off, and then pulled it on. And then she walked out of the room. Hopefully he had food.

Kicking back the blankets Michael decided that she was right. It was hot. Usually he slept naked and now he was fully dressed and in warm clothes none the less. He sighed and slowly sat up as well, then slumped to the floor and tried some sit ups to get his body working again and the ache in his limbs to go away.

She started to dig through the cabinets and drawers, and the fridge, looking for something to make. There were eggs; she was curious how he liked his done. She got them out, then found bacon, and bread, to make toast with. Finally she found some pans, and started cooking, her stomach grumbled. She was really hungry.

He stood up again and looked at his bed. It was tempting to just fall back in, but then what? He couldn't count on her to bring him food and maybe she wouldn't be able to cook after all. Michael pulled off Kyle's clothes and then pulled on short sweat pants and a white T-shirt, then joined her in the kitchen.

Maria heard him walk into the room, the bacon was fried, and lying on a plate, the bread was in the toaster, and she was just getting ready to do the eggs. “How do you like your eggs? And how many do you want?”

"Scrambled." Michael looked around amazed. "Wow, you really can cook." Breakfast at least, but that was a good sign. She even toasted the bread. He smiled and went to his fridge to get his milk out.

“Of course I can, you doubted the all and powerful Maria DeLuca?” She smirked and grabbed a bowl and cracked some eggs into the bowl and quickly scrambled them before dumping them into the pan. “I’m a very good cook, better with some things more than others.”

"I hope you're better with meat than with veggies." He winked and then sniffed his milk. "Damn stupid cops." He crinkled up his nose in disgust and then emptied it out in the sink. "I hope you like orange juice?"

“Orange juice is good.” She smirked. “And I’m best with Italian.” She poured the eggs out onto a plate and smiled. “That good or do you want more?”

"Nah, it's fine." Michael smiled back and then got the orange juice out, carefully smelling it as well. Good, at least this was good for longer than milk. He got out two glasses and then sat down on his table. "I like Italian. I could spend a happy life eating nothing but."

“Well then, maybe I’ll have to make something for you.” She took the plates over to the table and walked back to the stove and turned it off.

"That was the right choice of words." Michael winked. "Just scratch the 'maybe' out of it." He smirked and poured them both a glass of juice.

“I don’t know if I want to share my amazing Italian abilities with you though.” Maria smirked and sat down at the table, giving the hem of his shirt a little tug, feeling really naked.

Michael pouted. "Then I don't think I will either." He picked up his fork and dug into the eggs, his stomach grumbling at the sight and smell of food.

“You make Italian?” Maria raised an eyebrow at him.

"Sure. It gets expensive to always order take-out after a while." Michael shrugged and then ate some of the eggs. "Tish ish good," he mumbled with his mouth still full.

Maria smiled at him from across the table and laughed softly. “Good.” She started eating, thankful to have food, real food.

He stretched his legs out and touched hers in the process. His first instinct was to pull them back, but then he decided against it. It was weird to have breakfast with her, in his kitchen, and being so comfortable around her even though they didn't have sex for almost a whole day.

She glanced up at him, their legs touched, and he didn’t pull away, and she decided against it too. Just let their legs rest against each other’s. It was comfortable. Minutes later Maria’s plate was empty and so was her glass. Food was so good. She was tempted to go take another shower, just because she could.

Still munching on a piece of bread, Michael looked at her. What would he do with her this week? And more importantly after this week? He scratched his eyebrow. "We should go shopping sometime today."

“Okay.” Maria nodded. “Don’t forget you’re supposed to take me back to Tess and Kyle’s. My clothes are there.”

"I don't think they'll be washed and dried before late this evening." Michael shrugged. He didn't feel like going there so soon again. He wanted a quiet day in here with more food, more sleep, and maybe some sex. "Besides, wasn't your shirt ripped anyways?"

“Tess said I could borrow some clothes.” Maria sighed. “I don’t have anything else. I seriously doubt you want to go out and buy me new clothes.” She rested her head on her hand and closed her eyes. It was all so stressful. She just wanted to go home.

"Maybe if you're nice I will." Buy her clothes, buy her food, letting her stay. What else would he have to do for her? "And in here you don't need any. You look good in my shirt.”

Maria frowned. She didn’t want him buying things for her. She had a closet full of clothes, and money. But she didn’t want him to get arrested for going to her apartment.

"What? You always want to walk around fully dressed? Besides, you can't keep Tess' clothes anyways. If you take them with you wherever you go it's not 'borrowing' anymore." Michael pushed his plate away and leaned back in his chair.

“No that’s… never mind. I just don’t want you buying things for me. I hate that I have clothes and money in my apartment, but I don’t want anyone going to my apartment.” Maria shrugged and shook her head. “I’m not fully dressed now am I? But if I wanted to be I could.”

"I could send Sean." Michael shrugged. He had a way to talk himself out of trouble, and in fact he taught Michael all he knew. "And fine, you could be fully dressed. But only till I rip your clothes off again."

“I don’t want anyone getting into trouble. Just forget it.” Maria got up from the table and started picking up the plates, and cleaning up the mess from making breakfast.

"But you don't even know him." He stood up as well to help her clean up. "I'm sure he'll come up with something so stupid they'll just let him go again, if the cops are even waiting at your apartment. Maybe you're just way too paranoid."

“I just don’t want to take any chances Michael. I don’t know him, but that doesn’t mean I want him getting in trouble.” She sighed and pushed her hair out of her face. “And I have every right to be paranoid Michael. I pulled something a lot worse than a little theft. And then I ran away…”

"But maybe by now the guy is out of the coma, or maybe somebody else witnessed and told them you didn't mean to hurt him?" He sighed and rubbed his temples. He was really glad he wasn't in her shoes. That must really suck.

“I don’t know alright?!” He didn’t understand. “I just know that I don’t want to risk my life for it.” Angrily she spun around and walked out of the kitchen and back down to his room. She was happy that now she could actually leave when she was mad.

"But that's why we're risking Sean's life." Michael walked after her with a grin. "But fine, I won't press anymore." For now. "It's your stuff and your choice." He shrugged and then yawned. "Alright, I think I want a shower. You coming too?"

Maria looked at him, and then nodded. “Sure.” Another shower would be nice. And it would probably lead to sex, and that would be nice too.

Michael smiled and closed the distance between them, then gave her a soft kiss. They hadn't kissed since almost a full day either. They really needed the whole week to make up for all that they missed out on in the woods.

Slowly she slid her arms up around his shoulders and kissed him back softly, and slowly, enjoying the feel of his lips against hers. She felt better now, food in her stomach, and sleep, and she was clean. She wanted to enjoy the next week with him.

Feeling strong enough, Michael picked her up again. This time so she could wrap her legs around his waist.

Maria gasped softly against his lips and looked at him. She hadn’t expected him to actually pick her up. She lowered her head and kissed him softly after tightening her legs around his waist and securing her arms around his shoulders.

Michael smiled against her lips and walked them over to his bathroom, all the while stopping for small kisses, only broken when he checked for the way. It wouldn't do them any good if he kept banging into the wall. Once inside the bathroom, he let her down again. "Now's the time to undress again." He winked. "And please take them off willingly, as it's my shirt and I prefer not to rip it."

She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. “Why don’t you take it off me?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him.

He smirked and nodded. "Alright." Michael slowly unbuttoned the shirt, starting with the top button and then working his way down.

Maria’s eyes slid shut as he worked on unbuttoning the shirt, she could feel his knuckles brushing against her skin through the shirt. Against her breasts, and her stomach. A chill ran up her spine and she shuddered.

Michael kissed her throat and then pulled back to slip the shirt off her shoulders. It was good to see her naked in his bathroom, to be able to take a step back and really admire her. "Turn around for me?"

Slowly she turned around for him, slowly. Why did he want her to turn around? She wasn’t sure, but she did it anyways. It just felt so good to be someplace warm, and comfortable. And in a few minutes they would be in a nice warm shower.

After having watched her up and down again, Michael stepped behind her and kissed her neck, then he cupped her breasts with both of his hands. "This is something I haven't been able to do before." Touch her with both hands without twisting his arm. Being free of the cuffs really had something to it.

Maria let out a soft moan and her head fell back. “Yeah.” She nodded. “I like this.” It was so different, something completely new. He could actually touch her, without causing them pain.

"Me too." He massaged her breasts softly and moaned. And finally he wasn't so dead tired anymore that he wouldn't even think about sex. Right now he wanted nothing but. Okay, maybe the shower because his limbs still ached. He let go of her and turned on the water.

She whimpered at the loss of his hands and looked at him. Water was good; a shower would be very nice, but damn. Why did he have to move away from her?

"And now we can actually undress." He smirked and pulled off his T-shirt.

“I never thought I’d be so happy to be naked.” Once Michael’s shirt was off she stepped towards him and wrapped both her arms around his shoulders. Another thing she liked, she could actually hold onto him.

"And then you want to go get clothes?" Michael raised his eyebrow and arms around her waist.

“Because I don’t want to walk around naked all the time. You said we had to go shopping, you don’t want me going naked now do you?”

"No, but you could have gone in the sweater from yesterday." He shrugged a little and smoothed his hands over her hips.

“But I want pants, other than sweatpants. Plus, I still don’t have any shoes.” Maria leaned in and pressed her lips against his chest, loving the feel of both of his hands on her body.

"Fine, so we'll have to go buy you stuff after all." He had forgotten about the shoes. Would Tess be able to wash them? He could live with carrying her around for another day.

“But…” She huffed. “Stop doing that.” She pouted at him. He could be so nice, and it pissed her off, because it made her not want to leave.

"Doing what? Touch you?" Michael frowned. What now?

“Being nice to me like that.” She huffed and breathed him in. He smelled good. Clean. She smirked a little.

"I'm not nice." Michael pouted. He kept telling her to walk around naked, didn't she notice? "I just don't want to carry you around all the time."

“Right.” Jerk-mode again. It was better than sweet sex god. “The water is going to get cold.”

"Yeah." Michael sighed. But he couldn't let her think he was nice. She'd just abuse it and demand more stuff. And he wasn't nice. This was just a deal to get sex and food, after a week she'd get kicked out. He stuck out his chin and stepped away from her again. "We should get under it."

Maria sighed inwardly and wrapped her arms around herself and nodded. “Yeah.” She made a mental note; never tell him he’s nice. She should have known that already.

He nodded and then pulled off his shorts, revealing his rock-hard cock. Suddenly he felt self-conscious about it, because the mood had shifted between them. But it would only prove to her that he wasn't a nice guy.

Without saying a word Maria climbed into the shower, and stood directly under the spray of water. It was nice and warm and the spray felt good against her skin. She closed her eyes and let the water wash over her face.

Michael bit his lip and considered waiting for her to finish first, but that would be a nice thing, right? So instead he stepped in behind her and groaned when his dick touched her ass. Dammit. He should have waited, this would be torture.

Maria gasped softly when she felt his length brush against her ass. Her eyes flew open and she looked over her shoulder at him. She glanced down and saw how hard he was, but just turned back around into the water. If he wanted her, he could ask, or just take her, she wasn’t offering herself up, she was still mad at him.

"Fuck." He grabbed his cock and pumped it up and down a few times to get at least some relief and then he reached past her for his shower foam. But like this he brushed against her even more. He hissed and took a step back.

A quiet moan escaped her lips and she took a small step forward. Jerk. She closed her eyes again and ran her hands over her face, and then through her hair.

Soaping himself up, he used the opportunity to stroke his aching cock some more. If she wanted the foam she would have to turn around and ask nicely. Maybe he should make her get on her knees to beg for it. And once he'd have her down there… He groaned and closed his eyes.

She opened her eyes and looked at the shelf. He had taken something, the soap? She grabbed the bottle of shampoo and squeezed some into her hand. Maria could hear him groaning behind her, and was curious about what he was doing.

He poured some extra soap in his hand and then pumped his cock with quick strokes, all the time imagining Maria on her knees, replacing his hand with her mouth and sucking hard. His moans and groans grew louder as he got closer and closer to an orgasm.

When she started working the soap into her hair she heard his groaning getting louder. Slowly she turned around to look at him and watched his hand pumping his own cock. It was beautiful watching him, he seemed so into it.

He was almost there. Just a little harder… He opened his eyes to take a look at her ass but was shocked to see she had turned around. "Shit." Michael dropped the shower foam and let go of his dick. Dammit! Now this was embarrassing.

“Why did you stop?” Maria frowned at him. She didn’t want him to stop. She wanted to watch him come.

"Wh…what?" Michael passed his hand through his hair and blushed. Why didn't she yell at him for what he had been doing behind her back? Literally!

“Why did you stop doing that? I liked watching that.” She blushed a little and looked away.

"You did?" Michael cocked his head. "Why?"

She just shrugged a little. He’d get mad if she told him he was beautiful. She turned back around and went back to washing her hair, and let the water rinse it clean.

Michael growled frustrated, tempted to bang his head against the wall. Now he couldn't go on, it would just be too weird. Before he had forgotten she was there, but there was no chance he could do it again now. "Gimme the shampoo." He reached past her and grabbed it.

Maria stepped to the side a little giving him more room. Everything was so messed up now, because she said he was nice. “Asshole.” She muttered under her breath. She wanted the soap but it still lay forgotten on the bottom of the tub. With a sigh she knelt down and tried to pick it up without touching him.

Michael jumped back when she suddenly knelt down. "Look who's talking." She was so god damn evil.

“What the hell is your problem?” She lifted her head up, her hand wrapped around the soap, and instead of her eyes going all the way up to his face, they stopped on his cock. Inches from her face. She swallowed hard and tightened her hand around the soap.

"You're an evil tease." Michael gulped, unable to move. He didn't want to pull back, but he wouldn't just thrust his hips forward either.

“I didn’t do anything.” She snapped at him, but didn’t move away from the position she was in. On her knees, staring at his engorged cock. She wanted to wrap her lips around it. Something about the hot water, and the spirals of steam that lifted up around her, wrapping her in their warmth. Slowly Maria lifted her hand up and trailed her fingertips over the length of his dick.

"Well, that's the prob…" He swallowed hard when she touched him. "…lem." The last came out husky and barely audible.


Chapter Nineteen

Maria moved her fingers slowly and lightly before leaning forward and wrapping her lips around his dick. His skin smelled good, clean, and she loved the taste of it. She flicked her tongue out against the head of his cock.

"Damn." Michael bit his lip and tangled his fingers in her hair. She better not pull away or he'd have to pin her against the wall and make her regret it.

She worked slowly, intoxicated by everything in the moment. Her head felt fuzzy. She sucked softly and let her hand pump along his length slowly, then quickly, alternating back and forth.

He pulled one hand away from her hair and instead used it to steady himself against the wall. "Shit, Maria. So good." He had been so close before and now her light touches… It was good though. So damn good.

Maria glanced up at him before engulfing his dick, and lightly scraping her teeth up his dick as she lifted her mouth off of him. Then she wrapped her lips around him again and sucked hard, her hand wrapped around the base, and stroked him quickly.

"Fuck!" He couldn't hold out any longer and climaxed into her waiting mouth. Michael shuddered and had trouble to stay upright. His limbs were still not fully working it seemed, and the hot water and the steam, along with the way too intense orgasm again… He moved away from her and rested his whole body against the wall.

She looked at him when he moved away from her. She felt used. She sucked him off and he just moved away from her? Silently she stood up, shaking her head. Maria just wanted to hurry up now. She squeezed some of the soap into her hands and washed her body quickly, and let the water rinse it away.

Michael watched her clean herself. "You could have let me do it." It would have been fun and he owed her now.

Maria just shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.” She sighed softly and tipped her head back, letting the water wash over her.

He sighed and passed his hand through his hair. For him it would have. But fine. Grabbing the shampoo again, he squeezed some in his hands and then quickly washed his hair, stepping in closer to her again so he could rinse it off.

“Towels?” Maria asked and stepped out of his way. She wanted to just jump out of the shower now and run screaming. Not really, but he was driving her insane.

Towels? Aw, damn. "In the closet. In the bedroom." Now he remembered that he had changed them before he left and now forgot to bring fresh ones with him.

Maria sighed quietly. “Just tell me where and I will go get some.” She was rinsed off at least. She could freeze for a few seconds while she went out looking for the towels.

"Behind the door on the right. You'll see them." Michael closed his eyes and stepped fully under the spray of water, letting it rush over his head. He wasn't sure yet if this was a good morning or not. So many things started to go wrong.

Maria climbed out of the shower and knelt down to pick up Michael’s shirt. She wrapped it around herself, not wanting to run around completely naked. She walked out of the bathroom and down the hall to his bedroom. She pulled open the closet and saw the towels.. She pulled one out of the closet and wrapped it around herself after stripping of Michael’s shirt. Then wrapped another around her hair.

She picked up another towel and breathed in it’s scent, just like Michael, and it pissed her off. Sighing softly Maria turned back around and walked back into the bathroom and hung the towel over the bar before turning around and leaving the bathroom again.

Michael frowned when he heard her coming in and then leave again, but she was probably making food again to surprise him. That would be great. He smiled and turned off the water, then grabbed the towel and climbed out of the shower to dry himself off.

Maria walked down to the bedroom and dried herself off, she threw one of the towels, and his shirt into the hamper and pulled Tess’ sweatpants and shirt back on before sitting on the edge of the bed and using the towel on her hair.

"Maria?" Michael left the bathroom while he was still toweling his hair. He didn't smell any food. Damn. And she wasn't in the kitchen either. He frowned again and went to his bedroom where his frown just deepened when he saw her. "You're dressed."

“Yeah.” She said simply and finished drying her hair. It was still damp, but without a hairdryer it would have to stay that way and dry on its own. Maria got up and tossed the towel into the hamper and pushed it out of her face. She needed a hair tie, or clips, or something, anything to keep it out of her face. But she wouldn’t get any. Not anytime soon anyways.

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Fine." Then he walked back to the bathroom to get dressed into his previous clothes and blow-dry his hair. Whatever. It was just so frustrating to be around her. One minute he wanted to hug and kiss her but then again he wanted nothing more than to kick her ass or pick her up and shake her to make her stop being so confusing.

Maria shook her head when he left the room again and walked back over to the bed and threw herself down on it. She yanked the blankets up over herself, and then yanked the pillow over her head. She wondered if she could just smother herself into unconsciousness. But then Michael would call 9-1-1… maybe… and she’d end up in jail again. Whatever. She closed her eyes tightly.

After he was done in the bathroom he went back for Maria. Maybe ask her if she wouldn't want to blow-dry her hair as well. Maybe not. He scratched his eyebrow when he found her lying in bed. "Tired, Blondie?" He sat down on the edge of it and touched her back. She was dressed in the thick clothes and buried under the blankets after a hot shower? "Are you cold?"

She sighed happily at the feel of his hand against her back. Even though she barely felt it through the blankets and her clothes. “No.” She muttered and threw the pillow off her head and turned her upper body around to look at him. “Why do you keep getting mad at me?”

"I dunno." Michael looked at her. "I wasn't mad at you. Recently."

“Uh like ten minutes ago you got mad that I said you were nice. And then when I gave you a fucking blow job you moved away from me as quick as you could after you came.” She rolled her eyes and buried her face in the bed again and brought her arms up and covered her head with them.

"But I was wiped! I couldn't stand anymore and didn't want to lean on you so I rather leaned on the wall." She thought he had been mad at her? But why should he? "I was anything but mad. I was all happy at that moment."

“You still got mad because I said you were nice. What is your problem with being nice? Every time I’ve commented that you were nice you got mad at me...” She shook her head. “Forget it.” She grabbed the pillow and yanked it back over her head. Maybe he would just leave her alone.

"I don't want you to get a wrong impression of me and then… and then get disappointed. I am not nice. Not anymore." He looked away. The nice guys just get trampled on. They don't survive out there for long.

“What is wrong with being nice?!” Maria sat up and looked at him angrily. “I’m not saying that you’re Mr. Perfect all around nice guy. But you have moments. These amazing moments when you act like you care. And then seconds later, you’re an asshole again.”

"I don't want to care." He didn't even try to deny that he did. Because he did care. A lot. That was the whole damn problem. "It just complicates everything."

“Fine. Then don’t.” Maria shook her head and sighed. She threw the blankets off the bed and quickly climbed off. She wanted to be away from him. He pissed her off. She hurried out of the room and wrapped her arms around herself.

"What?" Michael rubbed his hands over his face and then jumped up to follow her. "What do you want me to be like? What do you expect? I really don't know." He paced the room. "Do you want to get attached?"

“No!” She yelled at him and then sighed. “I just… I don’t expect anything from you. I just want to have something in my life that I can actually be happy about. That makes it worth waking up in the morning. And I have nothing.” Maria looked at him and then shook her head. “Forget it. It’s just so fucking pointless.” She ran her hands over her face and through her hair. She felt so miserable. Michael didn’t make anything easier. She just wanted to cry. She had nothing anymore. No life, no home, no personal belongings. Not even her guitar.

"How about sex?" Michael offered. She couldn't expect him be her reason to wake up happy, could she? They weren't in love. Hell, they didn't even know each other, just how they react in extreme situations and that didn't count.

“That’s about the only thing I have left.” She sighed and sat down on the couch. God. She hated this. Sex. Great. “Fine, you want sex, then fuck me. Make me forget about everything.”

"I didn't mean right now." Michael sat down next to her, reaching his hand out to touch her knee, but then he pulled it back again. "I meant that might be a reason to get up to. Happily."

“So sex for a week. Then what?” Maria shrugged “Forget it; it’s not your problem. In a week I’ll be gone, and you can forget all about me.”

"I don't know Maria. You have all week to decide, make plans, study cards and whatever." He shrugged as well and glanced at her. "That's of course aside from your kitchen and bedroom duties." He winked and nudged her.

She looked up at him and sighed, but smiled a little. “Right.” She leaned closer to him and looked up at him. “How about we take care of some of those bedroom duties right now?” She wanted her mind off of everything.

"Are you sure?" He brushed some lose strands of hair out of her forehead. Not like he was against it, but it wouldn't be fun if she wasn't into it.

“Yeah, it’s been nearly twenty-four hours since I got to cum, you’ve got to already.” Maria moved closer to him and leaned into his hand.

Michael laughed at her bluntness. "You're right, twenty-fours is unbearable. So we've gotta have to do something about it." He smiled and kissed the side of her mouth.

Maria kissed him back softly and let her arms wind around his shoulders to pull herself closer to him. Her eyes slipped shut and she tangled her fingers in his hair. This was better now that she could actually hold onto him.

Still kissing her, Michael picked her up and had her sit in his lap. Why had she pulled on those stupid clothes again? He couldn't feel any of her. He sighed softly and wrapped his arms around her waist, slipping the hands under her shirt to caress the naked skin of her lower back.

She couldn’t help but let out a soft moan and press herself close to him. His hands were soft on her skin and it felt really good. “Michael.” She murmured and flicked her tongue out over his lips.

"Right here, Blondie." He smiled and nibbled on her bottom lip. Kissing her was something he had really missed all morning. The episode in the shower had been great, yeah, but they hadn't had a decent make-out session until now.

Maria kissed him back and sucked softly on his lips. After several minutes she pulled back a little and looked at him. “I thought this was supposed to be a bedroom activity?” She wanted them to do it in bed, in a soft, warm bed.

"Yeah." Michael smirked. "Want to head over?" He smoothed his hands over her hair and looked at her. She was just so cute.

She nodded a little. “Yeah.” She pushed some hair out of his face and kissed him softly before standing up.

"I could have carried you again." Michael stood up as well and then took her hand in his. "But thanks for saving me some strength for later."

“You don’t have to carry me around.” She made him do it the day before just because she could. “Besides, I want you nice and rested up, so you can fuck me all day long.”

Michael chuckled and stepped closer to her, his lips hovering just above hers. "All day long, huh? So no shopping, no Tess?" No clothes? Sounded great.

“Oh yea… Tess yes. She said when it was still light out… so several long hours of blissful sex?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him and stood up on her tip toes to close the distance between their mouths for a split second. “And you can go shopping by yourself, and I can wait here naked and ready in your bed for your return.”

Michael groaned at the image. "I think I'll have to handcuff you then to make sure you keep true to that promise." He winked and then gave her hand a quick tug before heading to his bedroom. And hopefully she'd be so out of it that she wouldn't think about Tess anymore when they were done.

“And what happens if your apartment catches on fire? Or someone breaks in? Then I couldn’t get away. I don’t have any shoes Michael, where am I going to go?” She walked with him into the bedroom and walked over to the bed.

"You never know." Michael shrugged and then pushed her back to fall on his bed. "Now lose the clothes and promise me you won't pull them on ever again."

Maria laughed and looked up at him as she stretched back on his bed. “I’m not promising that. I will be putting clothes back on at some point and time. I’m not running around naked.” Maria slid her fingers under the front of her shirt and slowly pulled it up over her head, and then shimmied out of her pants, and then draped her arms over her head and smirked at Michael.

"Wear my clothes." He picked up the discarded sweater and threw it in the farthest corner of his room. "They're not as thick." Shrugging a little he watched her lying in his bed once again. He could get used to this sight, especially now that she was naked. But he wouldn't. Because she'd be gone in a week.

She smiled at him and straightened one leg out and bent the other, and turned her body slightly. “Okay. Then I promise, I won’t put those clothes back on. But wait! We’re going to Kyle and Tess’ I can’t go just in your clothes.”

"Why not?" Michael passed his hand through his hair. She was making it harder and harder for him to concentrate and not just pounce on her.

“Because! You said you don’t have any boxers, and I’m not just gonna go in one of your shirts. They’re nice and big, but not that big!” Maria loved the way he watched her. She slid her hands down and wrapped them around her breasts, and gently kneaded them before turning her body some more and lifting herself up onto her hands and knees. With a smirk Maria turned around to face him and started to crawl slowly towards him.

"But… but…" He gulped. What? Right, clothes. "I do have shorts, as you can see." He pointed towards his pants and then gulped again when he saw the prominent bulge of his renewed hard-on. He wished he had a camera. Maybe he could have Sean get him one… It would be nice to have a little remainder of the time with her.

“I do see… you need boxers. Oh, you have to buy me new underwear, Victoria’s Secret, because those are the ones you ripped. You agreed, so don’t say no.” She crawled to the foot of the bed and looked at the bulge. “I could take care of that for you… but me first. You got to cum in the shower. I didn’t.”

Michael growled. "That's mean. I don't have to let you cum at all. You're my little slave girl for the week, remember?" Unconsciously he adjusted his pants.

“Then you’re going to have a very unhappy little slave girl on your hands.” She laid back on the bed again and smirked up at him. “That’s up to you. An angry slave girl that is very, very unsatisfied. Or… you can have a very pleased and sexually sated slave girl that will fulfill your every whim and desire.”

"You will fulfill those anyways, or you'll get punished." He raised his eyebrow and smirked at her. "But I think for now I chose the very satisfied slave girl." He winked and pulled off his shirt. "What do you want me to do?"

Maria smiled. “Come here.” She held her hands out towards him. “And what are you going to do to me? If I don’t fulfill your wishes? Spank me?” She wiggled her eyes at him.

"Spank you." Michael placed a knee onto the mattress. "Tease you." He knelt onto it fully and then crawled closer and hovered over her. "And whatever else I can come up with."

“Hmm but that sounds like fun more than it sounds like a punishment.” She smiled up at him and then rubbed her hands over his arms. “But as long as I’m satisfied, I’ll be your perfect little slave girl.”

"Fun, huh? Well then if you're clever you'll pretend it's not and we'll both get our wishes." He winked and brushed his lips over hers before pulling back again.

Maria giggled softly and lifted her head up, but pouted when he moved out of her reach. “Tease.” She smirked.

Michael grinned. "You haven't seen anything yet." He crawled back a little and then leaned forward again to lick down her throat, stopping just short of her breasts.

She moaned and arched her back. “Michael…” His tongue felt good on her skin. Everything was different now. They weren’t forced to be together. They could move any way they wanted, and he could touch her. And to top it off, they were in a warm bed.

"I like your skin, Blondie." He nuzzled his way down the valley between her breasts and then kissed her flat stomach. "It's always so warm and soft." He looked up at her and slid even lower so he could circle her bellybutton with his tongue.

Maria slid her hands down and tangled them in his hair. “Ohhh… yeah…” She bit at her lip and closed her eyes. Everything was better now that they weren’t in the middle of nowhere. Because she knew he was touching her because he wanted to, not because there was no other option.

Michael placed more kisses on her skin till he reached her blonde curls. Just above them he stopped again, then he grinned and crawled up to kiss her lips. If she wanted more, she'd have to tell him.

Soft moans left her mouth as he kissed down her stomach. But then he stopped and she felt his lips on hers. “Michael.” She whined and ran her hands though his hair. “That… wasn’t very nice.” She could feel the wetness growing between her legs with each touch he made against her skin.

"What? The kiss? You want a better kiss?" He smirked and then cupped her cheek and kissed her hard, letting their tongues glide together till they had to break apart for air.

Maria moaned loudly into his mouth and gripped his shoulders. “That wasn’t what I meant.” She said breathlessly when he finally broke the kiss. She licked her lips and smiled at him. “I meant kissing your way down my body only to stop before you reached the best part.”

"The best part?" Michael chuckled. "You might be right, but then again, this is teasing." He winked and brushed his lips against hers briefly.

“I don’t want you to tease though.” She pouted and looked at him. Her fingers trailed down his chest.

"No?" Michael just watched her for a long moment. When she pouted she could get anything from him. Hopefully she'd never find out. "What do you want me to do instead?"

Maria licked her lips and kissed him softly. “How about you kiss your way back down my body and maybe continue what you were going to do before?”

"I was going to tease you, remember?" Michael smirked but complied and slid back down her body, quicker than before, but still letting his lips graze her skin along the way.

She shuddered and tangled her fingers in his hair. “Okay, but this time, don’t tease me. I want to come Michael. I’m so wet.” She murmured and closed her eyes.

He positioned himself between her legs and placed his hands on her thighs to spread them apart, then he smiled up at her. "Okay. I'll see what I can do." He winked and then dipped his head down, quickly licking over her clit and then gazing up at her again.

She let out a soft cry as soon as she felt his tongue on her clit. “Michael.” She breathed. Damn. She loved the feel of his tongue, it was so soft, but rough. Maria tightened her fingers in his hair.

Michael smirked and then licked her again, slowly working his way up to her clit. Then he circled it and stabbed at it, before starting between her nether lips again. He moved his hands so he could spread them apart and make it easier for him. She didn't lie though, she was very wet and for all he could tell, it wouldn't take much effort to bring her to her orgasm either. It was a pity though, because he loved tasting her like this.

Maria arched her back and lightly scratched her nails over the back of his head. He was too good at this. Her thighs trembled. It wasn’t right for any one man to be so talented with his lips and tongue.

He growled and shuddered when he felt her scratches. This just made what he was doing even more fun, because he wasn't just pleasuring her, she gave him a lot of it back as well. Deciding she deserved more, he closed his lips around her clit and sucked on it hard, then he released it and blew hot air against it, watching it leap slightly.

She felt like a puddle of nothingness when she felt the hot air against her clit. It made her inner walls twitch, along with her thighs and her fingers and every single muscle in her body. Her mouth felt dry and it hung open as she tried to beg for more of the sensual touches, but no words came out, only a guttural moan.

Michael looked up at her again and then smiled proudly. He made her speechless. That was a first. Just bad that this way would only work when they were alone. He smirked and then scraped his teeth over her clit before sucking on it again.

Her fingers tightened in his hair and she wrapped one of her legs over his shoulder and rubbed her foot against his shoulder. Hoping to encourage him to do that more. Michael was causing delicious sensations to roll though her whole body, like a cyclone, driving her closer and closer to the brink.

Reaching up, he stroked over her leg but then used his hand to spread her nether lips apart and open her clit to him once more. He blew on it again, knowing she'd liked it before and then toyed with it with his tongue, pushing it back and forth and then stabbing it again.

“Ugh!” Her back arched up off the bed and her thighs quaked, and then she came. Intense contractions ran throughout her body. From the top of her head to her toes. Her legs curled over his shoulders and one hand pulled on Michael’s hair while the other shot up to cover her mouth to muffle the loud moans and cries that were spilling from her lips. She couldn’t help it. The feelings were just too intense.

Michael pulled back a little and blew on her clit again and watched her quiver and quake. It was fascinating. And actually very pretty. Like his own special flower, blooming just for him. He smiled and licked over her clit yet again.

Maria bit down hard on her lip when she felt him lick her clit again. Her thighs twitched and her hips jerked up slightly. “Oh god.” She whispered. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the ceiling, but not really seeing it, everything was fuzzy around the edges, tremors from her orgasm still running through her body.

Scraping his teeth over her clit one last time, he then proceeded to lick her clean before he placed another small kiss onto her hard nubbin and then slid back up her body. He laid down on his side next to her and stroked over her cheek. "Good?"

She looked up at him with lust filled eyes and smiled. “Very good.” Her thighs were still twitching. Slowly she reached a hand up and held onto his. “Very, very good.” She pressed her lips against it and sighed softly enjoying the feelings.

"So you're a happy slave girl?" Michael smiled and brushed his fingers against her skin.

“Very happy slave girl.” Maria smiled at him and rolled onto her side to kiss him softly.

"Then I'm a happy master." He winked and kissed her again, feathering his fingers up and down her side. "Want to rest now?"

She kissed him again and softly, it was so tempting, just to lay there and let him touch her like this. It felt so nice. “No… I’m okay. Your satisfied slave is ready to obey.”

Michael smiled and twirled a strand of her hair around his finger. "Let's just rest some more, okay?" What was wrong with him? She just offered to take an order, but he didn't make any use of it? But he was still so wiped and lying here in his warm bed made it too tempting to just close his eyes and sleep, or maybe just watch her some more.

Her eyes slid shut and she nodded slightly. “Okay.” She wasn’t going to argue. Maria shifted closer to him and rested her hand on his side. It was so nice to just relax with him like this. Sleep would be nice, just a few hours.

He kissed her nose and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. Then he closed his eyes as well and sighed happily. For the first few days he'd allow this intimacy, but then towards the end this had to stop. But gladly it was still a long time till then. So for now he could just pretend to have someone to fall asleep and get up with.

Maria buried her face in his chest and sighed contentedly before she quickly drifted off to sleep.

Her even breathing soon lulled him to sleep as well, and he once again fell into a peaceful dreamless sleep. Somehow it calmed him down to have someone beside him, even if it was a stranger.

Maria woke up a while later, her body felt better, rested. She lifted her head up a little and saw Michael beside her, she couldn’t help but smile. She leaned forward and kissed his jaw softly.

Michael groaned and tried to slap whatever was waking him away. But when he didn't come in contact with a fly but part of her hair, he quickly opened his eyes. "Sorry. Not used to sleeping with someone yet." He blushed, but damn, why did she have to keep waking him up?

“You just slapped me away?” She raised an eyebrow. “Not nice.” She buried her face in his chest and closed her eyes.

"I thought you were a fly." Michael shrugged. "An evil fly that was waking me up."

Maria frowned. She woke him up; it wasn’t like she did it on purpose. “Sorry.” She murmured and rolled onto her side, so her back was to him.

"I guess I would have woken up soon anyways." Michael shrugged again and then rolled over to spoon her from behind. "And now that I'm awake…" He pushed her hair over her shoulder and kissed her neck. His previous erection was back and demanded the attention it missed out on before.

She let out a soft moan and tilted her head to the side. He felt good. Her head turned slightly towards him and she shifted her hips back a little. “Time for slave to please her master?”

"Oh yeah." Michael grinned. He could get used to the whole master thing. It sounded good from her lips. "And you better do it well or I'm gonna have to punish you." He chuckled a little and scraped his teeth over her soft flesh.

Maria moaned again. “And just what would you like your little slave girl to do?” She let her hand slip up to tangle in his hair. His lips were intoxicating.

"First off I want you to take off my shorts." As nice as it would have been to just do it himself and fuck her right here and now, it would be a waste of a perfectly fine opportunity to play with her, now that she was in the mood.

“Okay.” Maria sat up and pushed him onto his back, and then slithered down his body, giving his shorts a tug. She dragged them down his legs and looked up at him as she knelt between his legs. “Now what would you like?”

"You already woke me up with a kiss, so I think it's only fair if you do the same for him." He winked and smirked. Not like his dick wasn't already fully awake and at attention though.

She smirked at him and nodded. “Gladly.” Maria ducked her head down and wrapped her fingers around the base of his dick, and then pressed her lips against the head in a soft kiss. “Does he need more?”

"I dunno…" Michael looked at his cock. "Do you need more, buddy?" he raised his eyebrow, then grinned at her. "He says yes. Lots more. He still feels so tired."

Maria couldn’t help but laugh softly. “Yes sir.” Maria murmured and leaned down to kiss his cock again, and then she wrapped her lips around him and sucked softly. And then she pulled her mouth off of him. Then she ran her tongue up one side and down the other.

Moaning softly, Michael buried a hand in her hair, his other clenched the bed sheets. "He says you're very good at waking him up, but he still feels a little down."

“Well we don’t want that.” Maria murmured before licking as his dick again. Her hand started to move slowly, pumping up and down while she licked at and sucked on the head of his length. Her eyes slid shut and she moaned softly. She loved the taste of him, she’d never really enjoyed giving any guy head before.

"Do that again!" Michael clenched at the sheets till his knuckles turned white. "Make some noise." He bit his lip. Damn, that had felt good.

Her eyes opened and she glanced up at him, before humming softly. She rubbed her tongue against the vein along the bottom of his dick. A few seconds later she engulfed his dick with her mouth and moaned again while her fist stroked him faster.

"Aw fuck!" Michael bucked up into her mouth. "Alright, alright! He's all awake and happy now!" But if she kept this up, he'd be all soft and asleep again pretty soon.

Maria sat up and looked at him pouting. “Are you not satisfied with your slave?” She asked him, trying to hide her smirk.

"Shit, I am!" He gulped and nodded quickly. "That's why I told you to stop."

She stuck her lower lip out and moved over his body. She kissed him softly and rested her hands on either side of his head. “Well what would you like your slaved to do now?”

Michael didn't answer her this time, he just pulled her head down for another, more passionate kiss. When then broke apart, he licked over her lips and then smiled up at her. "That was a quick treat for being such a good little slave."

“Hmm I like treats like that.” Maria smiled at him. “But your slave is feeling naughty right now.”

"Are you?" Michael cocked his head. "Why?" The thought of spanking her flicked through his mind and his cock leaped just an extra bit. Damn, she was better at this game than he was.

She nodded a little. “I am.” She kissed his jaw. “I woke you up; shouldn’t I be punished for that?” Maria glanced up at his face before licking his skin.

He grinned again. "You're right, you should. But since you have been such a nice girl right now, I think I'll let you chose the punishment you see fitting."

Maria smiled at him. “Really? A spanking maybe?” She didn’t understand how he could do this to her. To make her feel so hot, and into the idea of a spanking.

Michael frowned amused. "You want a spanking?" How could he ever end up with this girl? She was perfect. Well, perfect in bed, and she had made a great breakfast, so maybe perfect in the kitchen too. Now if only she'd stop pissing him off in real life, he might keep her after all.

“Yeah. Got a problem with it?” She asked cocking her head to the side a little.

"Hell no!" And this game really shifted and was now hers, wasn't it? "I mean, uh, I think that's a fitting punishment for being naughty to your master, yeah." He couldn't stop grinning. Not like he wanted to hurt her or anything, but it had just something incredibly hot to it.

Maria smirked and climbed off of him. “Then spank away.” She turned around on the bed, her ass sticking up towards him as she settled herself on her knees and leaned down on her elbows.


Chapter Twenty

He shook his head. He never woke up and this was still a dream, right? It had to be. But so he'd make full use of it as long as it would last. He smirked and placed a kiss on her ass, then climbed off the bed and stood up next to it. "And how many spanks do you want?"

A chill ran up her spine when she felt him kiss her ass. “I want… you to choose. What do you think is fitting?”

"Let's start with 15 and then we'll see." Michael rubbed his hand over her ass, just checking where he would hit first. If she wanted it this bad, she'd have to wait for it a little.

Maria let out a quiet moan and she rocked her hips back slightly towards his hand. “Okay.” She nodded and bowed her head forward, readying herself for it. When he’d done it to her the day before it had been such a shock. But she was really looking forward to it now.

Biting his lip, he swung his arm and then placed the first blow on her right cheek. It wasn't very hard, but still with enough force to make it slap. He loved the position she was in. It called for more than a spanking. "You know, I think you should count so I don't lose track."

She gasped and her whole body jerked forward slightly. “Okay… One.” She said, her voice wavering slightly. Damn. That was good.

Michael nodded and then repeated the action six more times, always waiting till she had counted before planting the next slap. Now after the seventh he stopped for longer and just rubbed his hands over her already glowing cheeks. "You okay?"

Maria nodded quickly. It became harder and harder to keep her voice steady as she counted each blow. Then Michael stopped and asked if she was okay and she couldn’t help but smile. She looked over her shoulder at him and nodded slightly. “Yeah.” Her voice broke. The pain was intense, but along with that was this amazing pleasure that spiked through her veins like the greatest high.

"Ready for more?" He was still rubbing her supple flesh and now leaned forward to place a kiss on each cheek. He couldn't deny that his cock was close to bursting, but part of him still felt a little wrong for doing this to her. Before it had been different, she had really pissed him off. But now it was supposed to be foreplay.

She moaned and threw her head back, lifting off her elbows and wrapping her fists around the blankets. “Uh huh.” She breathed out, pushing back towards him. His lips were soothing, while her skin was heated. Nothing had ever turned her on like this before.

God dammit, she really liked this. Michael groaned and was tempted to just skip the other blows and fuck her right there and then. But if he'd give in now, he'd regret it later. Maybe. And while he was contemplating about it, he could have already counted two more off. Shaking his head about himself, he straightened up again and then landed another seven blows so there was now only one more to go.

“Oh shit.” Maria cursed under her breath. It hurt. She gripped the blankets tighter. “Michael.” She whispered. She could feel the wetness dripping down her inner thighs, and couldn’t wait until he’d fuck her, and hoped that he would decide that only fifteen was adequate enough punishment.

"One more to go, baby." He reached out and then landed the hardest blow thus far.

She screamed out his name and her arms buckled and she buried her face in the blankets. The pain shot through her backbone, and ricocheted through her whole body. Making the tips of her fingers and toes tingle. “Oh… my… fucking… god.” Maria mumbled into the bed.

"Didn't you forget something there?" Michael leaned closer to her, massaging her ass cheeks again.

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him over her shoulder. “Fifteen my amazing master.”

Michael grinned. "That's right. Fifteen. And since you proved to be a very good slave, and flattering helped too…" He winked. "I think it's enough for now. You just woke me up; it wasn't that big of a deal." Leaning even closer to her, he placed one hand onto the mattress and then kissed her softly.

Maria kissed him back softly, and nuzzled his cheek. “Since you’re satisfied with my punishment, care to fuck me now?” She asked him in a soft voice. Her breathing was harsh with lust.

Michael chuckled. "Patience, Blondie." After all, he had to wait as well. And it was very, very hard. Literally. He stroked over her hair and kissed her again, then straightened up once more. "Can you move around so we're even?"

She nodded a little. “Okay… just, tell me where.” She said before she propped herself back up on her hands.

"Just so you face the wall." He pointed towards it. This way he could keep standing. Would let him thrust harder than when he'd kneel down behind her on the bed. And it was better for his knees. Damn few days in the woods. Now he started to worry about his aching limbs when he was about to fuck.

“Okay.” Maria told him and shifted her body so that she faced the wall. Then she glanced over her shoulder at him and flashed a smile. How could she give this up after a week? Because they would of course fight again once the sex was over, and they went back to normal things.

Michael ran his fingers over her ass and then between her legs to check if the spanking had made her wet. "Fuck, Maria! You really are a naughty one, aren't you?" He knelt down after all and spread her legs further, so he could lick up some of her juices. "You're dripping wet from a spanking."

She blushed and nodded. “Yeah.” She whimpered. She couldn’t help herself; it was just something about the pain/pleasure that turned her on so much. And a lot of it was just because it was Michael doing it.

He licked up some more and moaned softly. Fucking her could wait, this was almost more fun. "Maybe I should spank you some more then? When it turns you on so much?"

Maria nodded again. “Your slave would not object to that.” She was already turned on, and having his tongue against her wet sex was pushing her towards the edge of an orgasm.

After a last lick, Michael stood up straight again and then passed his hand through his hair. "But I don't think right now you've deserved this reward yet. Your master wants to fuck you first, or his dick is gonna fall off from all the pressure." He chuckled softly and then grabbed his cock and rubbed it along her wet folds, lubricating it.

She couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh before she felt his dick against her. “Hmmm please fuck me Master.” Maria pushed her hips back slightly towards his, wanting to feel him pounding inside of her, it had been too long.

"Request granted." Even if she wouldn't have asked again. He pushed his hips forward and buried his cock deep into her. "Fuck." He bit his lip to keep from screaming out random obscenities, but it felt like fucking her still got better with every time. Not being able to stay still for long, he grabbed her hips and then started to shaft her hard.

Maria let out a guttural moan and pushed her hips back against his in time with his movements, along with the help of his hands. She lowered herself down onto her elbows again for more leverage in the movement. He felt so deep, like he couldn’t possibly go any farther inside of her, and she loved it.

Michael closed his eyes and stroked up and down her back before holding onto her hips again. He didn't have to bite his lip anymore, because by now he was unable to speak. Each thrust sent his pelvis crashing against her ass and he could feel how hot it was. It just spurred him on more and he let go of her hips again to place another slap against her cheeks.

Her mouth fell open, and continuous moans and cries spilled from it. He rubbed against her sore ass and it sent the most amazing sensations through her. And then she felt him slap her ass and nearly came. “Fuck!” Maria cried.

"More?" The slap had made her shake and vibrate around his cock and he'd never felt anything quite like it. He was sure with another slap he'd come.

“Yes!” Maria screamed out. Her whole body shook. “Michael. I… I wanna come!” She buried her face in the blankets and breathed deeply, or tried to anyways. She could smell him on the blankets and it made everything that much more intense.

"Fuck, me too." He gritted his teeth and spanked her three more times, quickly landing blow after blow to have her continuously shake around him. It was enough to send him screaming into a violent orgasm.

She screamed his name and shoved her hips hard back against his as she came. The slaps on her ass made it more intense, if that was even possible and tears rolled down her face from the overpowering sensations. Her inner walls clenched tight around his dick, drawing him deeper, milking him.

Michael slumped forward, covering her body with his and placing hot kisses against her neck. "Wow." He smirked and grazed his lips over her skin. "That was…" He didn't know how to put it in words.

“Uh.” She managed out, and then moaned softly at the feel of his lips. “Yeah.” She whispered. Amazing couldn’t even begin to describe the incredible feelings that were still rolling through her body. Maria turned her head to the side, gasping for breath, trying to slow down her pounding heart.

Frowning when he saw her tears, he reached out tentatively and wiped some away. "Did I… did it hurt too much?"

Quickly Maria shook her head and gave him a gentle smile. “No. No you didn’t. It was just… intense.” A stray tear rolled down her cheek, she was trying not to think about never feeling this again. In a week it would be gone. The way he made her feel so amazing. How he made her entire body hum with electricity with just a touch. “I’m okay.” She reassured him.

"You can tell me if it's too much. Please don't think that I want to hurt you and you have to endure it so you can stay." He bit his lip and looked at a spot on her back, unable to look her in the eyes just yet.

“Michael… I know. I asked you to, and it was amazing, I loved every second of it. But that’s just it; I loved it because it was so intense. Nothing has ever felt quite like that before, I don’t even know how to describe how it felt. Intense isn’t really the right word for it.” She watched him for a moment, wanting him to look at her again. “Thank you.”

He turned his head and looked at her surprised. "No, thank you." He smiled softly and kissed her again. "And I know what you mean. It was even beyond intense." Stroking over her cheek one last time, he reluctantly pulled himself back up, then slipped out of her and finally slumped back on the bed, this time next to her.

Maria couldn’t help but whimper when he left her body. She felt so empty, and cold. As soon as he laid down she snuggled back into his side and closed her eyes. “Hmm beyond intense, that works.” She smiled a little.

"Glad you approve." Michael chuckled and wrapped his arm around her. "We should move again though. Get under the blankets, and most of all turn so my legs won't touch the ground anymore." A larger bed would be nice.

“Yeah.” Maria murmured and nodded. But she didn’t want to move. “Okay, I’m moving… really I am.” She felt so wiped now, tired, blissfully happy.

"Up and moving, slave." Michael smirked and nudged her. "Or else I'm gonna have to punish you again right away."

She groaned and quickly moved. She was all for punishment, but her ass was sore, and she was so sleepy. She moved up to the head of the bed and pushed the blankets down for the two of them to slip under.

Following her, Michael laid down beside her and then wrapped his arm around her and pulled the blankets up with the other. "I need to remember what gets you moving." He winked then closed his eyes, yawning softly.

“That won’t always work.” She told him snuggling deep into his side. Her head rested on his chest and she sighed contentedly. “Sometimes I’ll be a naughty slave just to spite you.”

Michael chuckled. "Yeah, but now I'll have to find another punishment for you, since I know you love to be spanked." He opened his eyes again and played with her hair.

“Hmm… okay.” She couldn’t help but smile. His fingers felt good in her hair. “But what if I like that punishment too? Going to keep punishing me until you find a really good one?” Her arm draped over his waist and sighed softly.

"I am. And I think next I try teasing you some more. You like pain, so that can't be it. Let's see how you can deal with pleasure denied." He smiled and rested his hand on her shoulder. "More pleasure that is. I'll make sure to keep you on a very low constant level."

Maria shuddered against him. “Oh that is cruel.” It would be excellent for a punishment, and would make her want to be a good little slave.

"So be a good girl and I won't have to do it to you." He closed his eyes again and snuggled deeper into the pillow, taking her with him and getting closer to her as well. Maybe he should order her to get up and make him some food, because now he realized that he was really hungry. But that would be too evil.

She nodded a little and let out a slow breath as she started to drift off to sleep. She liked listening to the sound of his heart.

Michael decided that he was too tired to eat anyways and then concentrated on her even breathing instead of his growling stomach. He'd order food as soon as they'd wake up again. Smiling to himself, he quickly fell asleep for another nap.

Maria laid there for a while, thinking, contemplating. Trying to figure out just what she would do when the week was over. Could she leave if she stayed for the full week? His breathing had evened out, and calmed her down, and a few minutes later she drifted off to sleep.

Michael woke up when his stomach growled too bad. Damn, he really needed some food now. Looking down at her, he decided she was too cute to wake her up and carefully slid out of bed, trying not to disturb her. Then he grabbed his phone and padded into the living room to order a Pizza for them.

She rolled over, suddenly feeling cold. But she didn’t feel Michael. Her eyes flew open and she sat up quickly. Her eyes scanned the room, he wasn’t there. Did he leave? Where could he go? This was his place. Slowly she laid back down on the bed and buried her face in his pillow.

Returning to his room, Michael smiled when he saw Maria lying in his bed, her hair spread all around her, and the most important part, she was naked. He put the phone back on the nightstand and then slid back into bed beside her.

“Where were you?” She asked him softly, her eyes still closed, not moving from where she lay. She felt self-conscious about her possessiveness. Was that what it was? She wondered. Why did she get so worried when she woke up and he was gone? It wasn’t just about the sex, now there was an emotional connection, and she didn’t want that.

"You're awake." Michael glanced at her. Good, then he didn't need to be so careful anymore. He wrapped his arm around her again, wanting to feel her body on his. "I was ordering a Pizza."

Maria went willingly against his body. “What kind?” She asked softly. Pizza. Yum. She wanted something horribly bad for her, after living off of fish, bugs and fruit for days.

"Hot pepper, extra hot. With mushrooms and ham." His mouth watered just thinking about it.

She nodded a little and buried her face in his chest. “Okay.” A lot more sleep would be nice, but she was really hungry. “How long till it’ll be here?”

"Twenty minutes. So hm, I guess fifteen now." He checked the bedside clock. It was about damn time he got some real food, it was almost time for dinner again.

She nodded again. “After are we going to Kyle and Tess’?” It wasn’t that she wanted to get away from him, but at the same time she did. The emotions inside of her were going completely haywire.

"We'll see." Michael shrugged. They needed to go shopping too. She needed shoes. And fresh clothes. "But yeah, I guess we will. And stop in a shoe store on our way."

“Okay…” She bit her lip. She really didn’t want him buying things for her. “Do you really think that your friend… Sean was it? Could get into my apartment and get my stuff?” She wanted to be able to pay him back for what he would buy her.

"Yeah. He's smart. Maybe if the police is waiting he can go through the window or something, so they can't ever suspect he went there to get stuff for you."

“Yeah…” Maria rolled onto her back and pulled the blankets against her chest. “Then you wouldn’t have to buy me stuff, I could pay for it myself.”

"It's just shoes, the rest you'll get from Tess." Michael shrugged. "Besides, I'm your master, so I have to care for you." He smiled and kissed her nose.

Her eyes slid shut and she let the warm fuzzy feelings flow through her at the gentle gesture. She decided not to say anything in response, but rather do one better. She pressed her lips against his, kissing him softly.

Cupping the back of her head, Michael responded to the kiss and then deepened it a little. Not much though because the Pizza guy would arrive soon and they couldn't start anything before they had eaten.

She slid her hand up to let her fingers tangle in his hair. It felt right to be waking up with him, to be kissing him in bed.

He broke the kiss and took a deep breath, then looked at her. "We should get dressed. I'm not all against eating in my bed, but that's more for anything sweet, not fatty Pizza." He smirked and glanced at the clock once more. "Maybe we could have a quick shower too."

“I don’t think we can be that quick.” Maria smiled at him and then pulled back a little. She sat up and winced at the feel of her sore bottom rubbing against the sheets. “Ow.” She whined. She knew she asked for it, but it hurt!

Michael nodded and then winced as well. "Sorry." He bit his lip. It was one thing to spank her during sex, but he kept forgetting the aftermath of it. "We'd have time for me to lotion your ass though."

Maria threw a smile at him over her shoulder. “Don’t be sorry, I’m fine. But… that might help.” She bit her lip, wondering if she was going to be able to stand sitting for any extended period of time.

"Yeah." He reluctantly rolled out of the bed again and headed towards the bathroom. "And you better be on your stomach when I get back." He smirked at her and then vanished to get the lotion.

She couldn’t help but smirk and shake her head, not wanting to risk more punishment at the time she quickly laid back down on the bed, and stretched onto her stomach. Her eyes slid shut and she buried her face in his pillow, breathing deeply. It smelled good.

Michael came back in with the lotion in his hand and smiled when he found she had complied. He sat down on the bed next to her and kissed her between her shoulder blades. "Good girl." He smiled and then opened the jar, placing it on the nightstand and then getting some lotion out before he touched it to her ass carefully.

Maria shuddered when she felt him kiss her. It felt nice. “I can be a very good girl.” She smiled and sighed softly when she felt the cold lotion on her skin. It felt good on her heated ass. Soothing, and calming, and it made her whole body feel so much better.

"I know." He smirked and massaged her ass with both his hands now, wanting the lotion to really get into her skin. "But you can be a very naughty tease too, can't you?"

She moaned and nodded. “I can.” Maria arched her back slightly. “Hmm if you keep that up I’ll be whatever you want me to be.”

Michael chuckled. "Right now I just want you to be happy, and able to sit down for lunch." The lotion also had some cooling stuff to it, momentarily numbing some of the pain away. At least so it read. He finished up on her ass and then slid a little higher on the bed. "Show me your wrists?"

Maria lifted her head up and looked at her wrists. “They look better.” She rolled onto her side and lowered them, to allow him to see them. “Not so bad anymore, but they still sorta hurt.” She frowned a little.

He nodded. "Sorry, I should have bandaged them yesterday." But he had been too tired. Too tired to do his own either, but he was a fast healer. Maybe his body was just used to it by now though. He took her wrists in his hands and applied the lotion on them as well.

She shook her head a little. “It’s okay, they’re not that bad Michael, besides, I forgot too.” She smiled up at him. “Thank you though.”

Michael just nodded again and glanced at the clock. "Aw, damn." The Pizza guy should be here any minute now. "I've gotta go get dressed." He stood up again. "And wash my hands." He was about to pass them through his hair but then stopped himself before it was too late. Stupid him. But she had this tendency to make his brain go to mush when he spend too much time so close to her. He quickly left for the bathroom again, leaving the jar on the nightstand.

Maria pulled the blankets up against her chest and smiled after him. He was sweet, whether he admitted to it or not.

After washing his hands, Michael brushed over his hair and then went back to his bedroom. Just as he was about to say something, the doorbell rang. "Oh, can you get it?"

“I’m naked!” She exclaimed and laughed. “You said you were going to get it, that was your whole reason for getting out of bed!”

"I was getting the lotion, you can get the Pizza." Michael smirked. "And this way we even save on the tip, moneywise I mean." He winked at her but grabbed his short pants again and pulled them on.

Maria stuck her tongue out at him. “What, you want me to go out there and flash him? Hey, maybe we could get it for free then.”

He tapped his chin. "Now that's a thought." The doorbell was ringing again and he silently cursed. "Next time we'll try this." Michael grinned again and then rushed out to get the door, not wanting to risk him going away and taking the precious food with him.

She laughed quietly and curled up on her side; the sheet fell between her legs, and covered her up to her chest. Would he bring it into bed? Probably not, the table would be a better place to eat it, but she was comfortable in the bed. She’d wait to see what he said before going anywhere.

Having paid for the Pizza, Michael kicked his front door shut and then brought it to the kitchen. Maria was nowhere to be seen yet so he returned to his bedroom. "I told you no fatty food in my bed."

“But I am so comfy.” Maria smiled at him. “Gonna come dress me? Carry me to the kitchen?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him. She didn’t expect him to, but he was fun to tease.

"Yeah, right." Michael rolled his eyes. "If then in turn you're gonna carry me back in and don't want to have any more sex today, fine."

She pouted at him and huffed. “Oh be that way.” She threw the blankets aside and climbed out of the bed. She bit her lip, to stifle the whimper that threatened to escape when her ass rubbed against the blankets. She climbed out of the bed and walked over to Michael’s closet to grab a shirt.

Michael winced slightly when he saw her hurting. Maybe he should have carried her after all. Just out of bed. But no, he wasn't joking, he really still was too tired to carry her around yet again. He grabbed a pillow and waited for her to finish.

Silently Maria flipped through some of his button down shirts before finding one she liked and pulling it on. Then she turned around and looked at Michael. She raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “Want to have a pillow fight?”

"No, I was using it to hit your ass so you hurry up." He raised his eyebrow. "The Pizza's getting cold, princess."

Maria stuck her tongue out and walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

Michael followed her and lightly swatted the pillow against her rear. "That was for sticking your tongue out." Evil tease.

“Ow!” She yelped, though it didn’t really hurt. “You suck.” She rubbed her bottom and walked over to the table.

"Your own fault." Michael chuckled and then placed the pillow onto her stool before sitting down on the other one.

She stopped and looked at him, then at the pillow, then smiled. “Thank you.” She smiled and sat down in the chair.

Michael scratched his eyebrow. "No big deal." She shouldn't have to squirm around while they ate. It would be… distracting. He opened the Pizza box and took a deep smell, which made his stomach grumble again.

Oh right, she wasn’t supposed to thank him. She rolled her eyes and grabbed a piece of pizza. She was starved now.

"I hope you like it hot." Michael grabbed a piece as well and took a large bite. It was his favorite, but right now he'd probably even eat a Pizza all with veggies, hungry as he was.

“Yeah.” Maria nodded. Then she took a big bite. It tasted delicious; it was nice to have real food. A quiet moan escaped her lips. “Yum.” She murmured.

He just smiled at her and took another bite. Good to know they had the same taste, in Pizza at least. So they wouldn't have many problems with food during this week.

She ate her pizza quickly, it tasted so good. Then she grabbed another piece of pizza and started eating it. Maria had never tasted pizza so good before.

Michael watched her while munching on his own slices. If she continued to eat like this, she'd have him outdone in no time. No woman had ever eaten more Pizza than him. Or faster. But on the other hand he'd never shared any food past-Tess.

“This is really good.” Maria told him after swallowing her finale bite of pizza. She pushed some hair out of her face and shifted in the chair, the pillow made it much easier to sit still.

"Yeah." Michael quickly finished his last slice as well. She actually finished faster than him. Damn. "It's my favorite place to order, and they're just around the corner so it never arrives here cold." Which was good for the delivery boy. Saved him some yelling and cursing.

“That is cool.” She nodded. She looked at the pizza, silently contemplating another piece. She chewed on her lip, then glanced at Michael. “What are we going to do now?” She wondered if they were ever going to Kyle and Tess’, or if he really did intend on keeping her here all day.

"Dessert?" Michael shrugged. "We could go to the store and buy some."

“Michael. Naked, remember? No clothes. I can’t really go anywhere, unless of course you want me arrested for indecent exposure.”

"What's wrong with my clothes?" He frowned. She wasn't naked now either. But shoes! He always forgot about the shoes. "I could give you some of my shoes too. I guess you'd have to be able to walk in them to the deli and back."

“Nothing is wrong with your clothes, but I don’t think I’d get away with just wearing your shirt in public. And Michael, I really doubt your shoes would fit me. I can just wait here. I’m not going anywhere.” She rested her cheek against her palm and her elbow on the table.

"Nah, it's okay then. We can go shopping later." Michael stood up and opened his fridge. "I still have ice cream if you want."

She watched him as he got up. “That’s okay, I’m kind of full.” Did he not trust her not to leave? Maria wondered, but where did he think she would go? Could go? She had no real clothes, no shoes, and no money.

He shrugged and closed his fridge again. "So what else do you want to do now? Watch TV?" Michael frowned. They probably should have watched the news already to see if they were looking for them. But nah, they wouldn't. They weren't important enough.

Maria nodded a little. “TV is good.” She got up from the chair and frowned. It hurt a little. They could watch TV, and she could take a nap.

Michael smiled and grabbed the pillow. She could sit on it on his couch as well. Hopefully there wouldn't be any news, it would just ruin their day, even if they weren't on them. But he had no intention of going to Tess' anytime soon. She'd just ask him a bunch of embarrassing questions, or worse, ask Maria and get answers.

He took the pillow and it made her smile a little. Another example of him being sweet, but she kept her mouth shut and walked over to the couch. She was looking forward to snuggling into his side, and getting some more sleep.

Throwing the pillow down on the couch, he switched his TV on and then grabbed the remote control before sitting down on his couch. First he did was switch to the sports channel and away from the embarrassing cartoon channel it had been set on.

Maria whined as she sat down beside him. “No sports.” She complained leaning into his side once she settled herself onto the pillow. Her head laid against his chest and she frowned at the TV.

Michael wrapped his arm around her and made a face. He should have known. "But your master wants to watch hockey?" Maybe he could try the dominant thing out of bed too.

“But hockey makes your slave very unhappy.” She looked up at him and stuck out her lower lip in a dramatic pout. “Anything but sports. Please.”

He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Fine. But we won't watch any soaps." He clicked around again. So there was the first thing he wouldn't miss when she was gone. And he had no doubt more would be added to the list as the time passed. "Oh, the Bundies!" He stopped zapping and placed the remote control down.

Anything was better than sports. Maria closed her eyes and sighed softly. She wasn’t planning on watching it anyways. She was just wondering if he actually would change it for her. She couldn’t help herself and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Michael laughed out loud at a scene playing out on the screen. "Hey maybe I should call myself Grandmaster M. How do you think that sounds?"

She heard him laughing and it was pulling her out of her sleep. “Whatever you say.” She muttered and then snuggled herself deeper into his chest. “Just say it quietly.”

Michael pouted. "You're not even watching."

“I’m sleepy.” She yawned and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Just watch your TV.”

"But you said you wanted to watch too." It was no fun to have the Bundies on and not being able to laugh because it would wake her up. Number two for his list.

“Then turn it back to the hockey game. Just don’t jump up and cheer or anything.” Right, like that would happen. “Never mind, I’ll just go sleep in your bed.” She felt so tired now. She blamed the incredible sex from earlier.

"You are very weird." Michael pointed the remote control at her and then switched his TV off again. Fine. So he'd watch when she was away again. Or maybe later when she wouldn't be as tired anymore.

Maria furrowed her brow at him, then the TV as she sat up. “Why did you turn it off?” She wasn’t trying to make him turn it off; she just wanted to get some more sleep.

"Because we're going to bed." Michael shook his head. She could ask stupid questions. He stood up and grabbed the pillow once again.

“What? No Michael!” Maria huffed. “You wanted to watch TV.” Now she felt bad. Just because she was here didn’t mean he had to spend every second with her.

"Yeah, so you can sleep and then later be all awake and hyper when I try to get mine. No, thanks." Besides, he liked holding her. A week would be over pretty soon, he didn't want to waste it watching TV. Not even hockey. Besides, it was a Monday. No good games were ever on Mondays.

Maria got up from the couch and frowned at him. “I wouldn’t…” She had woken him up earlier so he wouldn’t believe her. “Whatever.” She grabbed the pillow and stormed down to the bedroom. She felt bad now. She made him turn off the TV. Huffing she climbed into bed, but winced when she tossed to her side and her butt rubbed hard against the blankets. “Damn it.” She muttered.

Michael had followed her, but now he remained standing in the doorframe. "Want me to sleep on the couch?" He rubbed his hand over his face. What the hell was wrong with her all of a sudden? She was just so damn weird and complicated. Number three.

“No!” Maria sat up angrily and looked at him. “I just… I don’t want you to come to bed just because I’m tired. You wanted to stay up and watch your stupid hockey game. So go watch your hockey game. I don’t want you to just drop what you’re doing because of me.”

"I only switched on the TV so we'd have something to do. Something other than sex and fighting, because it seems like we can't do anything else. Obviously I was right." He rubbed his hands over his face and sighed again.

Tears stung her eyes and she laid back down on the bed and closed her eyes tightly. He was right; all they did was fight and have sex. It was time that she left. As great as the sex was, she couldn’t handle a week of fighting. She wasn’t sure how she was going to leave, but she would. And soon.

"So want me to sleep on the couch?" Michael repeated again. He didn't want to, but he didn't want to pester her either. It might make her leave.

“No.” She whispered. She wanted him to hold her. She wanted to sleep in his arms, but she didn’t want him doing this just because he felt like had to.

He had to smile but then quickly wiped it off his face. He was still mad at her. Some part of him at least. "Want me to sleep on the floor then?"

Maria rolled her eyes. “Sleep wherever you want.” She pulled her pillow over her head, annoyed with him now. She wasn’t going to admit that she wanted him to hold her.

"Fine." Bitch. He had just offered her a sign of peace but she denied it. Infuriating! He walked over to where she was lying and pushed at her to make her roll over onto the other side of the bed. "I want to sleep right here."

“Damn it Michael.” She whined. Then she sighed softly. He was such a jerk. She kicked him before moving away from him to lay on the edge of the bed. She was tempted to get out of the bed and go sleep on the couch. And if he kept it up she would.

"Hey!" Michael glared at her. "No kicking. You are a very disobedient slave all of a sudden." He climbed into the bed and laid down on his back, looking at where she was lying though. "Are you jonesing for more punishment?"

“You shoved me over on the fucking bed! You think I’m just going to let you do that and not react? And no, I want to sleep. So leave me the fuck alone!” Maria sat up quickly and yanked on the top blanket, ripping it off the bed, if he was going to be such a jerk she’d sleep in the other room.

"You want to sleep then lie back down." Michael pointed on the spot next to him but sat up slightly as well. This wasn't going so well. But by now he didn't even care if she left or not, because he wasn't sure if he still wanted to hold her after this little scene.

“No.” Maria shook her head, and walked out of the room, dragging the blanket with her. Her head was starting to throb; she just wanted to be away from him. She climbed up onto the couch, groaning when her ass rubbed against the rough cushion. Annoyed she rolled onto her side and yanked the blanket over her head.