Title:The Crew
Author: Tiffinni24
Category: M/M - Very AU! NO Aliens!
Rating: mature
Disclaimer: The names belong to Roswell and their creators, Iím just borrowing their names for a bit, so please donít sue.
Summary: A simple question on a senior survey, makes one person look back to find the answers.
Author's Notes: Mariaís nickname is Baby, so she will be called that A LOT. Also this is my first fic, so please tell me how Iím doing; I want your feedback, good or bad. If you want it tell me, just donít take it.

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Chapter One

As I sit here and stare at this fucking survey I can’t help but sit back and think about the last 4 years of my life and all that has happened. How can one simple question be so hard to answer? How can I sum up the last four years of my life in 20 words of less? I don’t know what I’m scared of it’s a simple question. But with this one question opens a flood gate of memories. Some happy, some sad, but mostly I fear the future.

So I sit here in Mr. Brookes, 5th period Senior Auto shop class, two months before graduation, staring at this one simple question, like it holds all the answers to the universe. Yet I sit here pen in hand, paper on lap, feet on desk, without the slightest idea of my answer.

* * * * *

For as long as I could remember it was always the four of us. The Crew, they called us. In reality we were four people all from different groups, sharing nothing but an easy out claws and a passion for cars.

We were three boys and a girl. One set of fraternal twins, and two people who had been in love with each other since the 1st grade. The jock, the nerd, the muscle, and their queen.

I’m sure your saying; every high school had their groups, its common knowledge. True, but these people were not your everyday high school click. They were your worst nightmare and your most treasured dream. They had the looks, the brains, the money, and worst of all they held no fear. They ruled the school. They got anything they wanted. They were invincible. And I am one of them.

Chapter 2

We were each given a “label” by our fellow classmates, I don’t know who started it but it did seem to fit.

Sean was the jock. He stood at 6 foot 1, 195 pounds. Bright red hair with freckles and his eyes were blue as the sky. He was the quarterback of the football team and ruled as captain of the basketball court. He graced all the walls of the girl’s bathrooms. He was every girl’s fantasy and every guy’s competition. He had more knots on his bedpost then numbers in his age. His sexual conquests were not limited to the swooning girls falling at his feet, but also our female teachers. If a teacher was riding our ass about not attending class or failing it, Sean would give his most favored come on line. Before the week was over our Crew had an A for the year, and never again stepped a foot into the classroom.

Kyle was the nerd. He stood 6 foot 1, 180 pounds. Dark auburn hair and dark brown eyes. Sean and Kyle were twins, but you would never know it if you weren’t told. They were nothing alike; they were on extreme opposite ends of the spectrum. Kyle was not your typical nerd, he wasn’t in to school like your average ones; he was a nerd of a different kind, even if he was into computers and books. Kyle knew everything and anything about computers, he was our hacker. If we were in trouble with the law he could delete our life away. He read anything and everything he could find and recited it verbatim. Every time he would read a new book we always seemed to find ourselves dressed in black and breaking into some place seeing if what the book said would work. He loved the ladies and the ladies loved him, he wasn’t a man whore like his twin, but he had quite a few women gracing his arms at once.

Michael was the muscle. He stood 6 foot 4, 270 pounds. Dirty blonde hair and eyes the color of Jack Daniels. He could have won any Vin Diesel look a like contest hands down. Michael was the most feared of us all. It was not just the way he looked that scared you, but his attitude. With just one look he could turn the hardest bad ass into a baby crying for its mother’s tit. He held the power; he knew it and he sure as hell used it. Michael wasn’t into sports or even working out, his muscles just came naturally. If there was ever a problem with anybody not getting the message, he would send it loud and clear. All it took was two hits, him hitting you and you hitting the floor. Not only was he the muscle but he was our dealer. He had connections that would put the O’Dea family to shame. Anything you wanted or needed all you had to do was say and within the hour you were floating on the highest cloud you could ever imagine. Of course he was the most sought after, but he never cared or even bothered to act, he had eyes for only one. He’d been chasing after her since the 1st grade and finally caught her five years later, he hasn’t let go since. And defies anyone to try and pull her from his grasp.

Baby was the queen. She stood at 5 feet 8 inches, 130 pounds. Bright auburn hair and eyes greener then grass. Considering her small frame her breasts were larger then average and her ass would give Beyonce Knowles a run for her money. She was the youngest in the Crew and the most protected. Baby was anything but a queen, but the people at school saw it differently. The only girl in the Crew and the way the boys treated her was exactly that, their queen. She was the star in every boy’s wet dream and the girls envied her. Not just because of her looks but the fact that she ran with the three most sought after guys in their school. And held their untouchable hearts in the palm of her hand. Baby’s passion was cars; she was a grease monkey and loved it. She could tell you anything and everything about a car, just from the sound of its engine, or a quick glimpse of the taillights. Baby had men lining up to sniff at her panty drawer but she didn’t give a fuck; she only talked to her three boys. And there was only one man allowed to get a glimpse of her panties. The same man she had loved since the 1st grade, Michael. He was her world and everyone knew it and everyone was jealous of it. They had a love that was only read about or watched in movies, but never before seen in real life.

So that is how we were seen to the people of our high school. Everywhere we looked we were being watched, we didn’t care we did what we wanted. Our classmates put each of us in a certain class, into which they were accustom to. Nothing mattered to us, except each other. We didn’t have the greatest home life, our parents were never home and when they were, they were never around. We could have run away and they wouldn’t have noticed for months. We weren’t best friends, we were family. And no one messes with my family.

Chapter 3

Mr. Brookes taps me on the shoulder telling me class was over I’m free to go. I look around the room and it was empty, I grab my book and head out the door. A quick glace at my watch tells me my day in hell is over. I only attend 2 classes a day, 4th and 5th period Auto Shop, so I was done.

I work my way through the mass of students, which is easy considering they part like the red sea when they see me. I never bothered to ask wither it was to make sure I wasn’t touched so they didn’t die, or that they wanted to get a better look. I wasn’t in the mood to even care, I just wanted out of there. As I approached the door, I gave the guard on duty a quick nod and out the door I went. As I approach my baby a 1968 Dodge Charger convertible in classic black, I wonder where the guys were. The thought quickly leaves my mind as my baby revs to life.

I unlock the door to the loft and yell I’m home but no one answers. I head up the stairs to see if they even bothered to get up yet. We were out closing our favorite club, El Diablo’s, last night we made it home just in time to see the sunrise, but their beds were empty.

I strip out of my clothes and curl up under the covers, wanting to take a nap. But I couldn’t that fucking question wouldn’t stop playing in my mind. It made me think of how we found this loft and why.

* * * * *

I was jolted out of my precious sleep by the most annoying ringing sound I’ve ever heard. As I stretched to answer it, I found that I couldn’t move I was being weighted down. I peel my eyes open to found the source of the weight lying on top of me; I slowly move my head towards the clock to see the time. “WHAT THE FUCK, its 3 a.m.” I yelled, causing the man on top of me to stir. I swear a bomb could go off next to his head and he would just roll over. He slept like the dead.

After I managed to get out from under him, I begin the search for the annoyance. As soon as I found out that it was coming from his jeans, the ringing stopped. With a quick stop to the bathroom I got back into bed, Michael immediately spooning me tightly. Before I even got to make a move to continue the marathon sex from earlier, the ringing started again. This time it came from my cell phone, which was conveniently on the night stand. Without looking at the Caller ID, I answer with “WHAT THE FUCK IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU NEED TO TALK TO ME AT 3 AM?” Before I could even get an answer, I felt the phone being taking out of my hand.

“Were on our way” said Michael.

He starts getting dressed when he looks at me, his eyes never lie and this was no exception.

“What’s wrong? Who was that?”

“Baby I need you to get dressed, we got to go.”

“What? Go? Go where? And don’t you dare Baby me; tell me What the Fuck is going on!” I know my nicknames Baby everyone calls me it; they were the ones to give it to me. But you can always tell when Michael is using it as an endearment, his voice softens.

“Just get dressed!”

“Fuck you. I’m not moving until you fucking tell me who called me at 3 a.m. And why the fuck are we leaving immediately after it!”

“Fucking Christ, Baby. We don’t have time for this shit right now. You either fucking get dressed right now or I’m leaving without you!”

Huh, wait a minute. Be kind rewind, did he just say he would leave without me? He never leaves without me, if I don’t want to go he stays home with me and vice versa. Something’s seriously fucking wrong here.

“Can you toss me, my jeans?”

He nods and says, “Thank you.”

After I’m dressed, I start looking for my keys, it didn’t help that my room looked like a tornado hit it. I was hunched over a pile of clothes when Michael spins me around to look me dead in the eye and say, “I love you.”

Fuck, there is something seriously wrong. I kiss him softly on his lips and before I could deepen it he pulls away; mating our foreheads I say, “I love you more.”

Before I knew it we were parked in front of St. Josephs Emergency room. Michael hops off his bike, helmet in hand and looks at me, I’m frozen in fear. For the first time in my life I couldn’t do anything. He gives me a gentle shake and says come on. I climb off his bike and my legs give out, he straightens me and pulls me close to his side. I couldn’t do anything but think of who’s in there, what happened, and what will we do?

We knew where we were going; we grace the hospital almost as much as the jail cell. But this time was different; we weren’t breaking into some place and being nursed for a broken limb because the only exit was a four story window. This was not some quick stop to the hospital before booking, because some perv felt the need to touch my ass. Or even some other accident because we were street racing and lost control of the car. This was different and I just hoped that we would be able to survive.

When we rounded the corner I fell completely to my knees, I couldn’t will my body to move anymore. All it took was one look from Sean to know that we were here because of Kyle. Michael picked me up and carried me to the chairs Sean was in. Both men tried their best to console me and keep me calm, but nothing worked, I felt my life slipping away.

Chapter 4

I couldn’t think about anything but Kyle. The more the two of them talked the harder I cried. They must have realized they were upsetting me more, so they walked down the hall but stayed within eye sight.

I looked up just in time to see a nurse walking out of the room we were sitting in front of. “You can go in now, but please don’t stay long he needs his rest.”

With a mumbled “thank you” and a quick nod I rushed in the room. The sight before me made the bile in my stomach rise to my throat. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling faster, and a sob escapes my mouth. Kyle was laid out on the hospital bed, beaten, battered and bruised. His face was so swollen he couldn’t open his eyes, a large deep cut with stitches now graced his once beautiful face from the top of his hairline to the edge of his jaw. It looked like someone tried to use a machete to cut off his ear. His once tanned muscular chest is now as black as tar. His ribs were taped off; I assumed he had several broken ones. His left hand was sporting a black cast up to his elbow. A blanket was covering the rest of him but I just had to see for myself.

As I begin to slowly peel away the cloth, careful not to wake him or cause him anymore pain. Sean says, “Baby, please, you don’t need to see that, just let it be.”

“I have to see what they did.” They make no move to stop me so I continue on. The more of the blanket I pull away the more bruises I see. His body was literally one black and purple bruise. Both of his legs, from his thigh to his toes were in casts. You would not have known it was Kyle, if it wasn’t for the flaming eye tattoo on his left hip.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to know. “WHO FUCKING DID THIS? WHO WOULD EVER DO ANYTHING TO HIM? WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?” I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Michael reaches out to try and control my flaring arms, “DO NOT TOUCH ME!” I pushed him with all my might and he bounces off the wall and onto the floor. “ANSWER ME! SOMEONE BETTER FUCKING ANSWER ME NOW!”

With my eyes full of unshed tears I turn to Sean for my answers. “Patrick”

“WHAT THE FUCK DOES PATRICK HAVE TO DO WITH THIS?” Patrick was a line backer on the football team with Sean. Sean had been diddling not only Patrick’s girl Sam on the down low but as well as his mom. No one was supposed to know, but we don’t keep secrets from each other, so we were the only ones. Patrick hated Sean with a passion, he had everything he wanted and more then he had realized. Patrick owed Sean money and he sent Michael to collect on the debt. He didn’t pay up so Michael rearranged his face as well as broke his arm in three places. Patrick sat the rest of the season out on the bench and never got to try out for basketball because of it.

“Patrick and his friends jumped him, when he was coming out of Krissy’s house. The whole thing was a set up.”

There was a football game last night; normally after the games we all go get fucked up at Patterson Park. But Sean had a date with the other schools head cheerleader and Kyle was meeting up with Krissy. She was a cheerleader for our school, and a book worm to boot. They had been conveniently running into each other at the library once a week for the last month. Kyle was going to seal the deal this evening.

“What do you mean Krissy was a plant. How do you know?”

Michael carefully walks towards me hands held out where I could see them. “Baby please calm down, I can’t take it if you end up in the hospital to, so please try to stay calm, we will explain everything, I promise.”

“Absolutely promise?”

“Absolutely promise.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Sean please tell her.”

“Um, Ok, I got a phone call around 1:30 this morning, from Patrick. He told me to go to Krissy’s house there was something on the lawn for me. I got there and it was Kyle. I found him, he couldn’t move he was barely breathing and blood was all over the place. I called the ambulance and Krissy came out; she told me that Patrick came to her a month ago with a plan to get back at me. He told her that if she didn’t do what he said or told anyone, he would tell everyone that she had aborted Chris’s baby. She was to manipulate Kyle into thinking she was interested and then get him to come over. She called Patrick around 12 and Kyle left around 12:30.” Kyle was more of a gentleman when it came to the ladies; he liked to know what was in their head before he took them for a roll in the sheets.


“Baby please, she’s been through enough tonight, first priority is Kyle. We will take care of Patrick later.”

“What happened to him, I want the run down.”

“You saw for yourself externally. Internally he has 6 broken ribs, a broken wrist, and both knee caps. A punctured lung and severely bruised organs. He lost a large amount of blood, so they gave him some. He’s going to be in the hospital for at least two weeks and several months of rehab after. They have him so pumped up on pain killers . . . he’s going to be up out for awhile.”

“What about your parents?”

“I called Dad; he said he’ll be here by the end of the week.”

“And you’re Mom?”

“The usual, ‘I’m sorry but I can’t help you’”

For the rest of the week he was never left alone, there was always one of us with him. He woke up a couple times, just enough to crack a joke and he was out again. The three of us lived in that hospital until he was released.

Of course their father never showed up. It was a month later that he finally came home, just long enough to tell Sean and Kyle that they were to much trouble and maybe it was best for them to find another place to live.

They stayed with me in my parent’s home for almost 4 months before my father noticed they were there and then they went over to Michael’s. His father noticed after a week, considering that he was actually home this month. Mr. G wanted an explanation, so we told him what had happened. He told us that he could help. He gave us the keys to a loft and said they could stay there. Of course we all knew that it was the loft he kept his mistress at; she recently left him so the loft was empty. We fell in love with the loft; Mr. G signed the lease over and hired a contractor to fix it to their liking. With in the month Michael and I joined them. We’ve lived together ever since.

It’s disarming to find out that four high school students are living together in their own apartment without parental supervision. But it didn’t faze us, considering our parents were never home to begin with. It was actually a nice change to think of home and longing to be there, when you lived with your three best friends that were your real family. It was the end of our sophomore year and summer was quickly approaching, no one from school knew of our living arrangements yet, it would be interesting to see what they had to say about this new development. While we were living it up partying our life away, rejoicing that Kyle was finally ok, and all happily living together like a family should. There was an unspoken agreement between us that there was one final piece of business that needed to be attended to.

Chapter 5

I was jarred out of my thoughts when I heard the loft door slam. “Baby are you home?”

“Up here.”

Michael walks into our bedroom with his hands behind his back, and a shit eating grin on his face. “Hey baby, you ok?”

“Yea just a little tired. Where were you today? And what are you up to?”

“I’m not up to anything, just thought I’d give you these.” He brings his right hand forward, presenting me with a bundle of purple daises. I reach for the other hand, slowly bringing it towards his front, a bag of M&M’s.

“What did you do?” The flowers are nothing unusual, he gives them to me at least 3 times a week, but the M&M’s are. The only time I get M&M’s is when he has done something that will make me kick his ass. It’s his own way of making a peace offering, and mine to him is Hot Tamales.

“I didn’t DO anything. But I do have something to tell you.”

“And that is?”

“I invited my Dad over for dinner; I wanted to tell him the news.”

I’m too tired to fight with him, so I just nod my head and open the bag of candies. I love his Dad he’s a great guy, if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have this place and he’s always checking in on us to make sure were still alive unlike my own parents who didn’t even bother to ask where I was going when I was carrying boxes out their front door. But I couldn’t help but think about what he would say to this latest development of chasse we call our lives.

“Ok you try to take a nap and I’m going to run to the store, how about steaks on the grill?”

“Sounds perfect.”

“Ok, the guys aren’t home yet, I think they went to the music store, so it should be quiet for you. But I’m going to leave a note for them to be quiet when they get back. I love you”

“I love you more. Please be careful. And while you’re gone can you gas up the Charger for me, I don’t want to stop in the morning?”

“Sure thing.” He gives me a soft kiss on the lips and rubs this thumb over my cheek. “Sweet Dreams, Baby.”

As I hear the front door closing, I can’t help but remember Michael’s own reaction to the news.

* * * * *

It was our Senior Prom, and Michael and I were just voted Prom King and Queen, weird considering we didn’t even know we were in the running. We were on the dance floor wrapped in each others arms having the traditional dance, when I felt Michael kiss a path from my neck to my ear. “Happy Anniversary.”

“Mmm, the same to you. God I could kill Sean for dragging us here.”

“It’s okay after this dance we are officially free, you want to know the best part about agreeing to come tonight?”

“O this is going to be good.”

“You have no idea; the loft is ours for the night.”

“You mean ours until the bimbo’s throw them out?”

“No I mean ours until 12 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.”

“Mmmm, what ever will we do?”

“I could think of a few things.” Again I felt his lips claim the back of my neck and start moving upwards. I heard a few cat calls and even whistles from the crowd but the only thing that registered were his lips.

“Hey knock it off; can’t you keep your lips to yourself?” Sean yelled making us pull apart.

Even though Michael said that was the last song, I knew we were going to be here for at least 3 more songs. He always did that, like he was making sure the music really did suck before he left. We were on our second to last song and I was tired and didn’t want to spend our 7 year anniversary at our senior prom. So I decided to give him his present.

I pulled back from the tight embrace to place an envelope in Michael’s hand, when he opened to read it, his eyes flashed in anger and before he could lash out I ran out the door.

I made it to the loft before I broke down crying. I was trying to get the door unlocked when I heard Michael yell, “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING? HOW CAN YOU JUST DROP A BOMB AND RUNAWAY?”


“I’m not denying it, but I am going to explain it. When I opened that letter I had every emotion run through me as I read it. I was angry because you kept it from me. I saw the date on the paper, you’ve know for weeks.”

“I wanted this to be my gift to you, but as usual I fucked everything up.”

“Hey don’t you dare think that, yes we over react A LOT and we even make excuses, but never and I mean never say or even think that you are a fuck up, if anything, I should be the one saying it. I should have known.”

“I hid it for a reason. I’m sorry I ruined the rest of the night.”

“You ruined nothing, if anything you made it better. Now please open the door.”

When I stepped into the loft there were two lines of rose petals leading to the dining room table. I turned back to Michael and he nodded his head and gestured me forward. On the table were 2 covered dishes one in front of me and one in the center.

He reaches to remove the cover and on the plate in the center, he displays a Carvel Ice Cream Cake with the words, ‘I Love You’ written across it. I look up at him with a confused expression on my face. Michael moves to uncover the last plate. It’s a small blue box with the words Tiffany & Co. on the cover. Michael gets on one knee and asks, “Will you marry me?”

All the tears from before met the fresh set in my eyes and I could do nothing but set them free. Through blurry eyes I look at the only man I have ever loved, that could not only bring me to tears but render me completely speechless at the same time. I was shocked back into the moment when I could see his lips moving but no words were registering. I shout at the top of my lungs, “Yes of course I will marry you.”

My hands were shaking so hard that he had to use both hands to place the ring on my finger, one to hold my hand steady and the other to slip the ring on. This was the first time that I actually got to look at the ring, and I felt like I was being blinded by it. It was a white gold band with three 3 carat diamonds shaped like a diamond and two 1 carat diamonds shaped like a pyramid flanking the ends. It was breath taking.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of Course.”

“Did you do this, because of what I showed you earlier?”

“Hell, No. I have had this planned for months. Remember that trip to New York 3 months ago, with Dad?” Nodding yes he continued. “Well I didn’t go with him to see my Aunt, yes she was there and yes I did see her, but I went to buy your ring and our matching wedding bands, for when you’re ready.” Taking the letter out of his pocket he waved it in front of my face. “This letter had nothing to do with the proposal. If anything it makes it all the better.”

Chapter 6

The next morning Michael had run to the shop to sign for a part that was delivered for his bike. A few months ago Mr. G gave Michael a brand new Yamaha YZF-R1, for his 18th birthday. So we were currently transforming his former everyday bike into his new racing one. He’s keeping the old racer for parts.

“How’s the bike coming along?” I greeted him with a kiss when he walked into the kitchen.

“I’ll tell you all about it after a quick shower.” One more kiss and he was gone.

Michael came back down about 10 minutes later. “Can you please grab me a bottled water?”

“Anything for you, beautiful. Are you making lunch?”

“Yep. It’s ready. So Sit.”

“Good I’m starving.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that, if he’s not eating or thinking about it, he’s thinking about sex. Men are so predictable or at least my man is.

After we relive our morning to each other, we fall in to a comfortable silence. Michael as usual was the first to break it. He began laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“I just can’t believe that we have been together for 7 years?”

After that comment I started laughing myself. “Who would have thought that we would have lasted that long? Honestly not me.”

“I know what you mean; it took me forever to finally get you to go out with me. But seriously I know we bicker a lot and push each others buttons to no end. But you’re the only one for me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I feel the beginning of tears starting to burn my eyes and before I even shed one, he saves the day and pulls my face down in his hands and gives me the most passionate kiss I think we’ve ever shared. I’m not one of many spoken words, I’m better with actions. And Michael is just the opposite; we balance each other out perfectly. When air became a serious issue we reluctantly pull apart. I get up quickly before I jump his bones, to place the dishes in the sink.

Turning around to face Michael I see he has the letter in his hands. He carefully unfolds the letter and begins to read it. He finally looks up at me, and I saw the tears in his eyes. He lunged at me, full speed, and swings me around the room. “Baby you got to stop” I tell him while trying not to through up.

“O God, Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

“No I’m fine, but I did just finish eating.”


“WHAT?” We both turned our heads towards the door to find the source of the words and none other then Sean and Kyle were standing in the doorway with a look of pure shock all over their faces.

After a few moments, it finally registered what they walked into and joined the fun. I had a Doctors appointment a few weeks ago for a routine check up and found out myself. I just knew that it would make the perfect anniversary present for Michael. I was never regular in the period department, and I couldn’t take birth control pills because I had a heart defect that caused me to take medicine regularly, which over powered the pills so it was pointless to take them. We were careful, but you can never be too careful. So here I stood a senior in high school 3 months before graduation, engaged to be married and 3 months pregnant.

Chapter 7

“Somebody get the fucking door!” Sean bellowed jarring me awake. As I rolled over to get up, I heard Michael’s reply, “Jesus, Mary and fucking Joseph, how many fucking times, do I have to tell you Baby’s sleeping, so SHUT THE FUCK UP!” I couldn’t help but laugh; if Sean didn’t wake me up with his bellowing I'm sure Michael’s would have done the trick.

Once my feet hit the floor I make a mad dash to the adjoining bathroom, I suddenly felt nauseas. Of course it was a false alarm, as usual. I asked my Dr. why I hadn’t had the usual signs of pregnancy; he said ‘It’s a blessing not to have the morning sickness, so just go with it’. Michael thinks that it’s because I’m Irish, German and they have Iron Clad stomachs. I love him to death but sometimes he can be so dense. As I walk back into our bedroom, I wondered, what does one wear to tell her future father in-law she with child?

“Hey Baby I was just about to come wake you. Have you been up long?” asked Michael.

“No, just woke up”

“Dad’s here, you ready to come down?”

“Getting there, why you nerves?”

“That’s the understatement of the year.”

“Well no worries, I was thinking we could just ease into it.”

“No worries, I got it figured out.” With that he stepped out of the room.

“God help us all.”

After the traditional hellos and pleasant conversation, Michael asks Mr. G if he wanted a beer. “Sure, the usual would be fine, thanks.”

Michael hands Mr. G his beer and before he can mutter a thank you, Michael blurts out, “Baby and I are engaged.” Quickly I cover my eyes before I have my finance’s murdered body burned into my brain.

“About time you finally put a ring on her finger” Mr. G turns to Sean and Kyle with his hand out and palm facing up, “pay up, I won the bet.”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I burst out laughing, I couldn’t stop tears were rolling down my cheeks. I turn to look at Michael and laughed harder. He had a face not everyone gets to see, but it’s been making its appearance more often lately. Pure Shock, his mouth was open like a fish trying to find water and his forehead was crinkled with confusion.

“What bet?”

I didn’t know that Mr. G, Sean and Kyle had placed a grand on when we would get married. Kyle said we would get engaged after High school and marries within 6 months. Sean said a verbal engagement and a trip to Vegas. But Mr. G as usual was right on his betting, engaged while in High school and married immediately after. It was a two part bet, but already Mr. G knocked out Sean. Now it was double the money Kyle would have to pay when he lost.

Dinner came and went without a problem and dessert was in the immediate future and still no mention of the bun in the oven. I was beginning to become worried that we would have to repeat this dinner thing again next week, when Michael got his confidence back. I hope he found it fast, I was already beginning to run out of my fat clothes and I know for a fact Mr. G would question why I suddenly found Michael’s wardrobe more appealing then my own. I tried cornering him a few time but he bolted before I got to follow through.

After dinner we have a ritual of getting drunk. Mr. G was no exception; he would always come over for dinner at least twice a month and always mention that this is his favorite part. After his 5th shot of Wild Turkey, he notices that I’m not drinking. Michael beats him with his answer before he gets to comment, “Baby’s pregnant.”

Never one to be upstaged I casually lifted up my black Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt which exposed my small bulge and unbuttoned jeans and added, “4 months to be exact”

Mr. G calmly picked up the bottle off the table and walked over to the liquor closet grabbing two more bottles and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Breaking out into a laugh Michael added, “Well that went better then I had expected.” We soon found ourselves laughing along with him at the expense of the drunken man locked in our bathroom.

After about an hour Mr. G came out, with 3 empty bottles, stone cold sober asking 50 questions. We answered most of them and ignored the ones about our sex life. Three hours later, after showing him the test results, the traditional rubbing of the belly, and a hug for the proud father, he finally left. Kyle and Sean went out to celebrate and Michael and I headed for bed.

During our nightly routine of bathing together, I told Michael about the survey. After a good laugh and a few comments on what his answers would be, he became serious. I told him about my trips to memory lane recently and he was strangely quiet. As we curled up in bed his past seemed to be haunting him also. Our bodies were beginning to relax when dreamland started pounding on the door, but mine snapped back to life when I felt his hand cover the 4 inch scar above my right breast, and his parting words of ‘I lost you once.’

Chapter 8

I had another nightmare again last night, I haven’t had them for almost a year, and I blame this one on Michael. Dreams are a way of subconsciously telling you the answers to life. If you’re stressed about a situation, you normally dream and find the answer with in. But the problem is it’s stored in your short term memory and most people can not remember their dreams and if they do their broken up.

Nightmares are just the opposite they feed on your fears, they find that one thing you fear most in life and in your dreams make it a reality. And more commonly they take a memory from your life and make it haunt you until your brain can deal from the trauma. In this case the latter is true, but the problem is I will be having this same nightmare until I die.

* * * * *

It was the beginning of September, and we were now officially juniors. It was the first day of school, the only day that we actually go to school the whole day and attend all the classes. We even arrived on time. It was like any other day the four of us rolled into the parking lot together. It being the first day back everyone was in the lot looking for their friends they forgot over the summer. As we pull into our spot, Kyle pulls into the one next to ours and shouts over the blaring music, “good to see they didn’t forgot our spots”. We had the best parking, right in front of the doors.

Kyle and Sean climbed out of Kyle’s 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible, propped themselves against the car and looked around at the quickly forming crowd. When we pulled in I noticed some new faces and I was positive they were checking out the new girls. As I accepted Michael’s hand and began climbing off the bike, Kyle leaned over and called our attention to Patrick. I felt Michael stiffen and grow his ever favorite scowl, I put my hand on his chest, lean forward and whispered ‘let it be, we’ll deal with it later’. He wraps his arms around me and claims my lips to his, I knew what he was doing, he was telling the new faces to stay off, as if the others didn’t already tell them. As Sean clears his throat we reluctantly pull apart, I never understood that. As much play as he gets he’s uncomfortable with PDA’s.

After the long morning of classes and trying to comprehend the new rotating schedule we found it was lunch time. We never eat cafeteria food it’s just something about having to smell it all day that makes the stomach curl. We all had Mr. Brookes Auto Shop for 4th period, him being our favorite teacher and I his best student let us send Kyle to Wawa for subs, only if I promised him one upon his return. Kyle still hadn’t returned when the bell rang for lunch, so we headed out into the food court.

To get to the court you had to walk through the small, dark cafeteria. Once we opened the doors and stepped in everyone literally stopped what they were doing to get a look, it always left me unnerved, I felt like I was an art piece on display. As we were making our away across the room to the other set of doors, there were a group of freshmen standing in our path.

Sean being the nice one, gestured for them to move, heaven forbid we walk around them. You could see that the kids were confused not knowing what to do, calmly Sean says, “Move.” Still no response, Michael grabs the closest freshman by his shirt and shoves him out the way, quickly the others followed. In two steps Michael reaches the door to the court and held the door open like nothing happened.

When Kyle found us, we were sitting under the only tree in the court. Michael was propped up against the tree stretched out, I was curled up next to him using his stomach as my pillow and Sean was lying in the grass staring up to the sky telling us of his latest freshman to do list. As Kyle passes out our lunch, he settles in to his usual spot.

It was the last period of the day and I found myself sitting in Junior English, thank god I only had to sit in here the first day. Mrs. Murphy was one of Sean’s most favorite teachers outside school, and it would be no problem to get out of it. But once I stepped foot into the class, I had to check my anger, Patrick was sitting behind me.

Mrs. Murphy was going over the curriculum and passing out books, when I felt some one tracing the tattoo on the back of my neck. I reached behind me without looking and grabbed the finger of the source, quietly bending it until I heard a whimper of, ‘please stop’. Satisfied I carried on with my staring at the clock.

Mrs. Murphy said the last 20 minutes of class we were to start on our homework assignment. After answering questions she asked to speak to me outside. After a quick conversation about how she wouldn’t care if I didn’t attend class, only if I took the final. I told her we had a deal if she gave me a detailed study guide for it. With a hand shake I headed back into class to grab my things. When I turned to leave someone grabbed my ass and squeezed, god help them is all I could think. I turn around and see that its Patrick, I immediately jump into action. I grab his hand that touched me by his finger and bend it back until I hear an unhealthy snap, not satisfied I continue on until I hear another snap, his wrist. I bring my other hand into play and grasp a firm hold on his arm and twist, another snap, his arm. While he’s screaming about his arm, I punch him right in the face. The force from the punch knocks him backwards into the desk behind him, causing blood to come from the back of his head. I didn’t even get a chance to finish, before I was pulled away by the guard on duty.

I’m not a fighter I leave that to the guys, but every once in a while a girl gets in the way and me being the only girl in the crew, I have to whoop her ass. When we were in 4th grade the guys started showing me how to take care of myself, for when they weren’t around. That lasted about a month, until one day Sean went home with a black eye and an ice pack taped to his groin. Michael was the only one after that to teach me about fighting, he attended karate 2 times a week and insisted that I join also, we both are now 5th degree black belts and undefeated in the boxing ring at the local Y.

After a trip to the principal’s office I found myself being handcuffed and escorted off to jail. It was nothing unusual for me; I’ve been arrested many times before. My favorite pig, Officer Harris came to the school once the call was placed. He knew my history and knew about my home life enough to know what to do and who to call. He wasn’t a bad guy, we got along fine, and whenever any of us were arrested he always came and made sure we were taking care of. It didn’t hurt that he was my Uncle.

The final bell had rung and a flood of students graced the halls, before we even got to the door, I heard Michael yelling my name. Once he saw Ofr. Harris he seemed to relax a bit. Harris gave Michael the run down and told him when to pick me up. He gave me a gentle kiss and a congratulations, after they did that man hand shake thing I was escorted out the door towards the car. I turned back long enough to see Sean and Kyle run up to Michael and start laughing; I personally thought it was hilarious myself.

I always hated getting a lecture and this was no exception. The short 3 minute ride to the precinct was pure torture. I prayed to God that he didn’t make me write a paper of apology to the kid’s family, like he did Kyle last time.

After all the forms were filled out and the papers were typed, I was free to go, or so I thought. Ofr. Harris escorted me into an interrogation room and suddenly he turned into Uncle Mark. ‘How many times did I tell you don’t fight at school and if you have to fight make sure you don’t draw blood, you know that’s an automatic trip here.’ But I was taken back when he added, ‘I know that you guys are going to finish the job on him after what he did to Kyle, but please make sure that it’s a clean job and not during school, you can’t afford to get expelled.’ Uncle Mark was the lead officer in the case involving Kyle’s beating, by law the hospital has to call the cops when cases like that come in, we were thankful that he was listening to his scanner when the call came through. When I walked out of the door to leave, I heard Ofr. Harris yell, ‘And I don’t want to see you back here again.’

Michael was sitting outside on his bike when I walked out; I waited until we were safely at home before I told him what Uncle Mark said. I knew Michael already had a plan in his head on where and when this Patrick situation would take place, I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

Chapter 9

It wasn’t until Friday that I knew the plan was in action. The guys didn’t say anything about it but with the way they were acting, I knew something was up. Normally I would be right there in the planning, but after Monday the principal already had me in his office twice, telling me that I was one step away from expulsion. I knew my record was long and he wanted to make an example out of me. So Michael convinced me that it was best not to know anything just in case something happened that I would be looked to for. It pissed me off a bit but I got over it.

That night we went to this new club called, The Spot. It wasn’t our usual scene, but Sean got a tip that Patrick would be there. It was a 21 and under club, with dance music, I was not happy about being there, but it was about business not pleasure.

It being a Friday night and a small town, everyone was there. The line was wrapped around the street just to get in, but as we were passing the door, checking to see if he was in line, the bouncer called out to me. It was Bruce. Bruce was also the bouncer at The Greene Turtle, another bar we graced often. Apparently with the summer over they cut back on his hours during the week, needing the money he got a job at The Spot. Bruce was a close friend of ours, considering we were always the last to leave the bar, he left with us, but not before having a few, after hours. We talked about stupid shit for a bit and then Kyle gave him a heads up that there might be trouble tonight. Bruce always looking for a good fight offered back up and ushered us in.

The Spot was beyond crowded we saw tons of people from school and a few friends from local bars. As I parked myself in front of the bar, Jacob a bartender from Coakely’s kept me company while the boys made the rounds. After about 20 minutes Michael came back and offered to dance. Into the 3rd song Sean tapped him on the shoulder and made a gesture towards the back door, understanding what was going on I went back to get a drink.

After my 4th shot of Jagermeister, I got worried. They were taking to long. I went back to the front and got Bruce then we headed towards the back door. As soon as I made it through the door I heard a shot fired. I suddenly felt dizzy, falling into the door and slowly sliding down, I felt tired and then everything went black.

When I woke up I was in a crowded hospital room, my eyes immediately searching for Michael. He was sitting in the chair next to the bed with his hands in cuffs and he looked like he hadn’t slept in days. Sean was leaning against the wall next to Kyle and they looked half as bad. I was shocked to see Uncle Mark he was huddled in the corner with a doctor.

After the doctor checked me out I asked for them to leave, I wanted to talk to Michael alone. But the look Uncle Mark gave Michael did not go unnoticed.

Needing to be close to him I scooted over and gestured to the open space, immediately he fell into my arms, sobs racking his body. I wanted to ask a million questions, but the comfort from his arms was enough, for now. After a few minutes he pulled away and without even asking he told me what I needed to know.

“Patrick shot you. I couldn’t control myself, I went after him. Once you were loaded into the ambulance, Harris pulled me off of him. He was dead. I killed him. When I was in processing, you were in surgery. When the bullet impacted it shattered when it hit a rib. A piece punctured your lung and they couldn’t stop the bleeding. You died on the table. You were legally dead for 3 minutes before your heart started again. Sean called the precinct and told Harris. He brought me to the hospital and we haven’t left your side since. This is day 4.”

I didn’t care about anything anymore; I just wanted to be held by Michael, while he was still here. Uncle Mark found us an hour later asleep in each others arms. When I woke up Michael wasn’t there. I didn’t see him or Uncle Mark the rest of the week. Every time I asked about Michael, Kyle and Sean would avoid the question or completely change the subject. I was released a week later.

I felt empty inside and going back to the loft didn’t feel like home anymore. I couldn’t stand to be there, I never once walked into the bedroom, I couldn’t bear to go in there when everything in that room smelt like him. I tried to visit him but even with my connections in the police department, he wasn’t allowed visitors.

I was never alone physically, Sean or Kyle was always there sitting, watching my every move. They left me alone once. Kyle went to the store and Sean fell asleep on his watch. I knew I was alone so I did the only thing that I could to make me forget. I grabbed Michael’s stash of drugs he kept in the office safe and locked myself in the liquor closet. I don’t remember anything, only what I’ve been told.

They broke down the door to the closet and found me with pills, powder, grass, empty viles and bottles all over the floor, I was hardly breathing. I was rushed to the hospital and had my stomach pumped. The cops again were called. That was the first time I saw Ofr. Harris, since he took my life away. I wasn’t arrested but I did have to attend meetings and therapy. I never went; Kyle took care of that for me. After that I was watched like a hawk.

Three months later Michael came home. The state dropped the charges after Adam, a friend of Patrick’s, came forward, explaining what happened that night. I don’t know if Kyle and Sean got to him or if he came forward himself, I didn’t care my baby came back to me and everything was right again. I thank God everyday for that happening and I will continue until the day I die. That was the last time that anything went that far again, no one stepped up to us for fear of what would happen. People did challenge us, but before it got out of hand they would back down. The shooting was the worst thing that ever happened to me, my every fear came to life. It’s been a year and it still haunts me and it will continue until my dying days.

Chapter 10

“SEAN! GET YOUR FUCKING CARROT TOP AND FRECKLED ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” I came into the loft screaming, I was beyond fucking mad. It’s been two weeks since we told Mr. G about the baby and what a hell of two weeks it’s been. I’ve been having trouble getting around, do to the extra weight so moving is next to impossible. I can’t fit into any of my old clothes anymore, so Michael and I went shopping for maternity ones, I HATE shopping and don’t even get me started on malls. I’ve had three doctors appointments, and the next thing worse then shopping in a mall is being endlessly poked and prodded. I got stuck under a car last week because my belly was to fat. That fucking survey is do in four days, I still haven’t written it And to top it all off I was coming out of yoga this afternoon and got a disarming phone call. “CHRISTOPHER SEAN ANTHONY, I’M NOT FUCKING AROUND! DON’T MAKE ME COME UP THERE!”

I heard a door open and I look up to see Kyle walking out in to the hall, I know my yelling woke up him. “Baby what the hell is your problem why are you yelling? Are you ok?”

“NO I’M NOT FUCKING OKAY, GET ME SEAN NOW!” I know I’m being a bitch but I’m tired of being tired and I’m even more tired of this shit.

Sean’s door was locked so when Kyle started banging on the door, it woke up Michael. He came out screaming, “ITS FUCKING 11 A.M.WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?”


On the first try of slamming into the door it breaks off the hinges, Michael falls crashing into his bed. I was mad before, but I’m fucking livid now. Sean brought one of those bitches into our home. We had one rule, and one rule only, no sleepovers!

After grabbing that bitch by her nappy hair, I ripped her out of the bed, and I tossed her down the stairs and out the door, naked. When I turned around Michael, Kyle and Sean were standing in the living room, the two looked confused and Sean looked scared. My eyes returned to Michael’s and he silently asked me to calm down for the sake of the baby. I was in the middle of trying to relax when Sean asked “What’s the problem?”

“Several things, but first I want to know why that fucking bleached blonde hoe you were having a SLEEPOVER WITH WAS IN MY HOUSE!”

“I’m sorry we couldn’t go to her place because of her parents so we came here and I was so fucked up I passed out in the middle of it.” As I laughed at him, I didn’t care about her anymore. I knew he was upset enough about not being able to perform so I decided to just let it go.

After our laugher stopped I continue on a lot calmer, “After class today I got a call.”

“Class, I thought you didn’t have class today?” Sean questioned. Kyle and Michael were in the kitchen getting snacks for the show, they didn’t know what it was going to be about but they just knew it was going to be good; after all I did call him Christopher.

“I don’t, I was at Yoga.” I started yoga about 2 years ago, I heard it was relaxing and helped deal with the stress, it was and it did. During sex once I squeezed Michael’s dick like a vice with my internal muscles when he was cumming. It trigged him to have another orgasm immediately and he came non stop for 2 minutes. Michael wanted to know how I did that, Yoga was all I said, he immediately signed up, and 2 weeks later convinced the other two to join. When I found out about the pregnancy I switched to the expecting mothers class, it was less straining on my muscles.

“Oh, who was the call from?” Just from the look in his eye you could tell he was scared about what I was going to say, but I wanted to torture him a little bit longer.

“You know who! Let me see it!”

“Huh, see what?

“Don’t fucking play dumb with me you know what I’m talking about. I want to see it.”

“I’m not playing dumb.”


That did it, he knew it was coming. I never call him Christopher, only when he has signed his death warrant. This has only been a handle full of times in 18 years. He pulled up the right leg of his boxer shorts to his upper thigh, showing me the tattoo; it read Pamela with a heart around it.

Sean’s action caught Michael’s attention and quickly came forward. Pamela was Mrs. Murphy’s first name; she was mostly referred to as P when in mixed company. She left her husband last month; the rumor around school was because she told her husband of the affair but didn’t mention who the guy was. We knew though, it was Sean. One night Sean didn’t want to go out to dinner he said he wasn’t feeling well, when we returned home, I went to his room to bring him our leftovers and walked into the shock of my life. Mrs. Murphy on top of Sean naked, riding him with no shame.

“Whoa, so this is serious” I was too shocked to talk thank God for Michael.

“Not really”

“What do you mean, ‘not really’? SHE FUCKING LEFT HER HUSBAND FOR YOU!”

“Michael” Jesus I can’t take much more, I waddle over to the couch and tried to get comfortable, while I listened to Michael shout and Sean try to explain.


“The only ones that know about us are in this room, so unless Kyle’s pillow talking, were safe.”

“Safe is not the word I would use.” I whispered.

“What, what did you say? . . . Baby what did you mean by that?”

“How do you think I found out about the tat?”

“You said you got a phone call. Who called you?”


Chapter 11

“Scottie?” asked Michael.


Kyle finding the trend in this conversation picked it up with, “Scottie, Scottie? You mean our Scottie?”

“The one and only.”


* * * * *

“Let’s get matching tattoos.” Michael and I just got back to his parent’s house after our movie date. His Dad was in Germany on business and his mom was still “visiting her sister”. That was our code word for ‘Dads away on business so Moms at some hotel recovering from her latest plastic surgery’.

“You have got to be kidding.”

“Don’t even try it I know you want one, every time we go to Barnes and Nobles you spend hours in the Body Art section. And I have even caught you staring at the tattoo parlors when we pass them. I know you want one, so let’s go get one. I know the perfect place.”

“First of all, were 15, I don’t have my fake ID. And it’s your fault I lost it last weekend. Secondly I wouldn’t be caught dead in the dives around here, for fear of diseases. And third I wouldn’t even know what to get.”

“Well then all your problems are solved. I’ve got your new ID right here, I know the perfect place to go, and third I have an idea of what we could get.”

“Really and what’s that.”

Michael ran up the stairs and came back carrying his sketch pad. He tosses it on the couch and starts getting his things together to leave.

“How did you remember this?” It was the same tattoo that my grandfather had on his forearm, except his had the family name.

“I don’t know but after I saw you staring into the window of that parlor downtown, I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I drew it from memory and added our names into it.”

“So that’s the reason why you asked what our names were.” About three weeks ago we were curled up on the couch quietly reading to ourselves, when out of no where Michael asked what his name was in Gaelic and how to spell it. My grandfather was born and raised in Ireland, when he was 25 him and my grandmother moved to America while she was pregnant with their fourth child. He tried to teach my father his native tongue and when he was younger he was pretty good, but the older he got the less interested he was. Growing up I spent a lot of time with my grandfather, he insisted that I learn the language as well as Latin, because most of the words were Latin. I learned everything he could teach me, but before he died, he made me promise to continue on with the studies without him and then pass it on to my children. Many times Michael would sit in on the studies, grandfather said being Irish, Michael should learn his ancestor’s native language, as well.

“Yep, you ready?”

“Where exactly is this place?”

“Don’t worry you’ll love it.”

A half hour later we were in ‘The Flaming Pit’s’ tattoo parlor. According to Michael this place came highly recommend not only by some of our friends but also his father. That’s where we met Scottie.

Scottie was the owner’s apprentice. He was a senior in our school and his reputation in art preceded him. Scottie was given a full ride to the New York Academy of Art, but turned it down to study as a tattooist. He only has one tattoo and no intention of ever getting anymore.

Three hours later Michael and I walked out of the ‘Flaming Pit’ sporting our first tattoo. Matching at that. On Michael’s inner right wrist was a shamrock with my name in Gaelic under it and mine with his name in Gaelic was on my left inner wrist. It was the first of many to follow.

The next month Kyle convinced the three of us that we all needed matching tattoos. After another trip to Scottie we all found ourselves branded with a flaming eye on our left hip.

Scottie quickly became a close friend; he almost seemed part of the crew, until he became an addict. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol. The weird thing was that no matter how many days he hanged with us, he never did drugs in front of us or even bought them from Michael. And he drank but never more then a few beers or shots. He was checked into a rehab facility and attends AA and NA meetings regularly. He still hangs with us, but not as much. We even went as far as not drinking or smoking in front of Scottie, but he still hung back.

Throughout the next four years we found ourselves addicted to tattoos. To date Sean has 7, Kyle has 5, Michael has 6 and I have 7. We haven’t done the matching ones since, but I’m sure that after the baby’s is born, we will be gracing the chair again. Each tattoo has their own personal meaning to each person, but the only common thread is they all were done by Scottie.

Scottie’s girlfriend of 2 years just had a baby girl, named Natalie. They moved into the loft across from ours and they come over often, we’ve even babysat a few times. He still goes to his meetings and hasn’t had a relapse. He now owns he’s own tattoo parlor called, ‘3rd Street.’ He loves to gossip and when you’re working up close and personal on a person for at least 2 hours; you hear a lot of dirt. Normally he would wait to dish the good shit at our weekly dinners, but every once in awhile he gets one too good to keep to himself. Fortunately I’m the first call.

Chapter 12

I couldn’t take Sean and Michael’s yelling anymore, so I went to bed. When I got up that evening, I found Michael on the couch watching South Park. “Where are the guys?”

“Sean is across the hall ripping Scottie a new asshole and Kyle ran to the creamery.”

“He ate all my ice cream!?”

“Yes, after my nap I came down and saw the empty tub, told him he ate your ice cream and he bolted out the door.”

“If he knows what’s good for him he’ll return with 2.”

After the show was over, Michael and I moved to the kitchen to start dinner. “What are you in the mood for? Or should I say what is the baby in the mood for?”

“I don’t know what the boy is in the mood for, but mama has a craving for poppa’s Chili and cornbread.” Among Michael’s many talents, his favorite was cooking; he was a master in the kitchen and cooked food that the Queen would die for. We often fought over who would cook, I normally won, but I can’t stand long enough to cook anything that didn’t involve tossing a TV dinner in the microwave; so Michael was in his glory.

“You’re pretty sure of yourself that it’s a boy aren’t you?”

“No doubt, and besides like God would ever grace us with a girl in the crew for any longer then an hour.”

“That was mean Mama, but I’ll ignore it.”

“Please you’re just mad that I thought of it first.”

“Always with the laughs,”

Our playful banter must have gotten to him, because he grabbed my face gently in his hands and gave me a soft kiss. “Okay seriously what happened with Sean after I went to bed?”

“Oh, you’re going to lovvvve this. Sean said that Mrs. Murphy wanted to get a tattoo, so he took her to Scottie. She told him that he should get one with her name in it. So he did, he said when he dumps her, when schools over, he’s going to get it covered up.”

“Wait, what’s he telling the other regulars?”

“That it’s his mom’s name.”

“O thank God I wasn’t within ear shoot of that conversation; I would have blown his cover, laughing so hard.”

“O I’m not done, it gets better.”

“Well what are you waiting for, kept going.”

“I’m trying but someone keeps interrupting.” I make a motion of zipping my mouth shut and tossing the key into the air. “Anyway, she did leave her husband for him and she thinks their going to be a couple out in the open when schools over.” My eyes are bugging out of my head and if I wasn’t already sitting down I would have fallen over by now. “But the kicker is Sean has spotted her out with Mr. Williams, you remember him he was our 6th grade gym teacher, she doesn’t know Sean knows and he’s going to use it as his excuse for dumping her after graduation. You may speak now.”

“Wow.” Sean doesn’t tolerate his woman stepping out on him, unless he openly knows about it from the beginning. Many girls have tried to keep it from him and when he finds out, all hell breaks loose. He normally dumps the girl publicly and of course, everyone knows about it, bringing questions to her other callers, it never ends pretty.

“I tell you the juiciest dirt, to hit this loft in months and all you can say is wow.”

“Yeah its all I can even think of to say, that and I hope to God he knows what he’s doing considering if she does flip out which I’m sure she will, she won’t turn us in, cause then were fucked.”

After dinner the four of us were sitting on the couch eating the fresh ice cream, Kyle replaced, watching ‘Pump Up the Volume’ for the thousandth time. “Hey did you guys turn in your senior surveys yet?”

“Yep turned it in yesterday,” Michael said never taking his eyes off the screen.

“No, I’m still having trouble; every time I go to fill it out I go blank. Did you?”

“Yea, can I read yours when you’re done?”

“No, I didn’t read any of yours, so you can read mine when they pass out the yearbooks.”

“Well you better figure it out soon, their due on Friday.”

Truthfully the problem wasn’t that I was going blank, but it was trying to sort threw the memories. Their all special to me and all equally important, most of them will fade as I get older and some will be forever remembered. But the problem was picking the ones that I would want to be remembering when I’m 80 years old with my great grandchildren and grandchildren gathered around me wanting to know what mom-mom and pop-pop were like in high school.

Chapter 13

Friday came and went and I still haven’t turned in the survey. I ended up talking the yearbook editor into giving me an extension. It was harder then I thought, normally I would wear an extremely short skirt and wear a shirt with only 1 hole buttoned, but being five months pregnant that wasn’t going to happen. So I sent Michael to scare him for me. He gave me two more weeks, which is up on Monday. I just hope I will be able to do it in time.

The last few weeks have been crazy; you would have thought that it being a month before graduation things would have calmed down a bit. How wrong was I? If anything it has gotten worse. We have been to busy getting ready for the baby to do anything “fun.” None of us has gone out in a month, and the guys are going crazy. Me, I’m too tired to do anything but sleep, and it takes all my energy to go to school for just 2 hours a day. God bless Kyle, Sean and Michael, they have been angels through this whole pregnancy so far, so tonight I have decided they need a break.

Since the tattoo incident with Mrs. Murphy, Sean hasn’t been entertaining the ladies at all. I didn’t think that I would ever see that happen. But Kyle says he just wants to spend what time he has left with us. Sean got a full scholarship to the University of Maryland, to play football. Which he immediately accepted, UM has always been his dream school and to play for them is an honor. He has two months before he has to start attending practices, which are from sunrise to sunset, until school starts.

Kyle hasn’t gone out in about two months, which is unusual for him, normally we have to pay him to stay at home with us. Kyle applied to only one college, ITT Technical Institute. As predicted he was accepted and he hasn’t calmed down yet. When he gets excited about computers he starts talking his “computer nerd talk” and it makes my poor head spin, I don’t understand a word he’s talking about, but I don’t dare interrupt him, for fear of him thoroughly explaining.

Michael has become extremely calm. He hasn’t picked a fight or even swung a pinch in months. I think impending fatherhood has calmed his fighter within, Kyle thinks that its fear. Given Michael’s extremely long arrest record, he’s afraid that the next time might be the last time. Michael has never been interested in higher education, he has been however interested in the military. I don’t know if he will enlist, every time I bring up the conversation he shrugs his shoulders and changes the subject.

I on the other hand have never been interested in anything but cars. Mr. Brookes says that I should go to school for Automobile Technology, that I could teach the professors something. But I can’t, if I was to go to school to get a degree in it, I would never use it. Cars are my hobby and they ended up being a way for me to graduate high school but I couldn’t do it professionally, for I know that I would become bored with it and it wouldn’t be a hobby anymore, it would be a profession. I’m not thinking right now about my future, because I have four more months until my child is born, then it’s all about the baby, until its old enough for me to start thinking about me again.

Do to the fact that the guys have been so good to me the last few months, having staying home and kept me company. Staying out of trouble to where I didn’t have to worry, not having to hear about the latest melodrama or their conquests, and even stopping the use of drugs and alcohol. I’m taking them out.

We couldn’t celebrate properly for Sean and Kyle’s college acceptations, because I was too tired to go out. Well I have slept the whole week and even went out yesterday to secretly shop for an appropriate outfit for this outing. It’s going to be a weekend to remember. And it’s only Thursday.

Chapter 14

As I’m heading out of my last class, I spot Sean leaning on the wall waiting for me. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, wanted to catch a ride, Kyle took off last period and I don’t think he’s coming back.”

“Don’t you have one more class after lunch?”

“Yea, but with no way home. . .”

“We’ll I’m starving so lets grab something to eat and then I’ll bring you back for your last class and wait.”

“Wait? Since when have you waited for anything? Lunch sounds good, but I’m ready to leave school, so let’s head out.” I knew his point, a month left in the school year and he already was expected to UM so he didn’t care.

“Okay, where to?”

“Taco Bell?” I’m a sucker for Taco Bell you don’t have to ask me twice. “Where’s Michael?”

“Right here. Hey baby, where we going?” A quick kiss started to become an all out grope fest.

“EWW, Hey, stop it, how do you think you got that kid? Hello were in public…”

“SHUT UP!” Michael and I said.

“Taco Bell?”

“Hell yeah, I’ll drive. Where’s Kyle, he wasn’t in class?”

“O he left last period, didn’t say why or where, just found a note in my locker.”

“Weird, well I guess a table for 3 then, come on I’m starved.”

After we ordered the whole menu we decided to head home to eat. Once we parked the car in the lot and started climbing out we heard the distinct sounds of Black Sabbath coming from the building. It’s a toss up on who was playing it. Our building used to be the home warehouse for Pepsi Cola. When the space got to small they built a larger one on the other side of the town. The building was immediately bought by a millionaire shut-in.

He liked the open space but feared people and the outside, and add in the fact that there was no one around for 3 miles on each side, made it his ideal home. He had no family or friends to inherit it when he died, but Michael’s father was his lawyer and when he notified the city of his death immediately placed a hefty bid for the building.

Mr. G transformed the warehouse, into four separate three story lofts that could easily house a family of 100 with room to spare. When we moved in he signed the warehouse over to Michael. We knocked down the one joining wall to the other loft and made it one huge house. Michael and I live on one side and Sean and Michael live in the other, everything is still the same just we moved bedrooms. We rent the other two lofts to the public. Truthfully we only rent one, to Scottie and his family, the other Mr. G hides his mistress in, but it’s empty again.

When we made it down the hall, we could see Jessie, Scotties girlfriend, beating on the door, we couldn’t hear what she was saying but the screaming baby in her arms said it all. Michael quickly unlocks the door and runs to the stereo flipping the switch.

“O thank God your home, I have been beating on that door for over an hour, I just got the baby to sleep when the music started, and she hasn’t stopped crying since.”

“Don’t worry Jess; I’ll take care of it.” Pointing to Sean I said, “Don’t eat my food or you will be going out to replace it.” I turned to walk up the stairs to Kyle’s room. I don’t bother knocking, there’s nothing going on in there that I haven’t seen or heard on a regular basis. “What the fuck is your problem? You woke up Natalie with that music.”

“Go away.” Kyle had himself in bed with the covers thrown over his head. This was never good, the first clue was Black Sabbath, and he only plays them when there’s a problem. And the second was the child like manner he was displaying.

“I will when you tell me what’s wrong.”

“Baby, please there’s nothing anyone can do so, please go away.”

“Nope, I guess were going to be roomies then cause I’m not leaving until you do. And don’t forget Michael he can’t sleep unless I’m there so you might as well spill.”

“I hate it when you use Michael as a bed mate for your threats.”

“It works every time, so tell Baby sister your woes.”

Once I make myself comfortable, in his leather reading chair, he peeks his head from under the covers to tell his story. “I had a meeting with my college advisor this morning; he says I can’t go to college.”


Chapter 15

“WHAT?” As if on cue Michael and Sean run into the room. “What do you mean you can’t go to college?” We could all see that he was having a hard time trying to explain what is happening, so we gave him the time he needed to gather his thoughts.

“I didn’t get the scholarship, so they contacted my Dad to fill out forms so I could get a loan, he told them that I was 18 and an adult, I can take care of my own college tuition.” I personally knew his father would pull some shit, but still the three of us sat there in complete shock. “I don’t have that kind of money.” When Mickey and Kyle’s Dad threw them out, he cut off their money. This wasn’t a big deal because their mother set up another account at another bank, and whenever their Dad would put money in their accounts they would draw it out and put in the other. They’ve been doing that for years, so they had a pretty penny saved up. They were smart, in hiding the money but never smart in keeping it.

“How much is a full year’s tuition?” I can’t take it when my boys break down, so I had to get him to talk.

“With everything including the fees and tuition, $33,000.”

“And when is this money due by?”


I gestured for Michael’s hand and managed to get up with a lift. I quickly waddled down the stairs to my purse stopping long enough to write something, and I walked back into his room. Tossing a check written for $33,000 on his bed and walking back down to eat my lunch.

I had the money, shit I had a lot of money, more then people thought. My parents opened a bank account for me when I was born, and every month put $5,000, in it. When my grandfather died, he left me all his money which was well in to the high millions mark. My parents never stopped putting the money into my account, it automatically came out of theirs every month, and my father assured me that it will continue until he dies. He was never around when I was growing up so he figured this was the way to make up for it.

When we told my parents about the baby they set one up for him as well until his 25th birthday, so after he graduated college he could start his life without the worry of money. And I recently found out that my mother’s parents left me their estate and money when they passed. I was a baby when my grandmother died, so my mother took care of the funds, hiding it away from everyone until my 18th birthday when she signed it over. I was loaded and wouldn’t have to worry about money for the rest of my life, the guys knew I had it; Michael was the only one that knew how much.


“Look I’m hungry and I don’t like to be yelled at, so sit and calm down.” Kyle immediately sat down and started to reach for my food. “Don’t even think about it.” As I’m slapping his hand away, “Do you really want to deprive your nephew of his food?”


“Then I suggest you find something else to eat.”

After he made his sandwich and sat down he asked, “Where did you get that money?”

“Don’t worry about where it came from, I have plenty to share. You know that I have a hefty bank account, that has never been a secret, so don’t worry. I wanted to give this to you. You deserve to go to college and nothing like money should be in your way.”

“That’s a lot of money and you could use it for the baby and even move out of this place.”

“Whoa, stop right there, I will not be moving out of here unless you don’t want us around. We’re a family and families live together, and take care of each other. I’m sure when you and Sean get married and start a family you would want to move into your own home to live, then maybe I’ll consider moving, but until then I’m not going any where.”

“Even if were 70 and you have 50 kids running around?”

“Not even then.”

“I want to pay back the money. How about we consider it a loan?”

“No. I want you to start saving for your 2nd years tuition. The money was a gift. Let’s leave it at that.”

“I don’t think I can, I . . .”

“If the next words out of your mouth is ‘I want to repay you’ then don’t finish it. I might be pregnant and waddle like a duck, but I still can kick your ass, so don’t even try it.” I didn’t even know Sean and Michael were in the room until I heard them trying to muffle their laughter.

“Okay now that everyone’s problems are solved for the day, I have a surprise. So go upstairs shower and change unto something party like.” Before they even got to open their mouths to question I gave them my look of, don’t even start and added, “GO!” They all quickly ran up the stairs and across the loft.

About an hour later, I came down the stairs on the other side of the loft to see 3 faces of complete amazement. Michael was the first up to help me finish the steps, “Baby you look absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank You.” I was dressed in a pair of low rise black slacks and a sleeveless v-neck t-shirt that hit just above the waist of the pants, it showed a little of my stomach. Hey, I’m a pregnant 18 year old woman, I wasn’t dead and I think pregnancy is beautiful, so it didn’t hurt to show a little skin.

“Baby, I could so fuck you right now.” Kyle’s comment was nothing, if not norm but the look on Michael’s face was priceless.

“I know what you’re saying she has this glow to her, almost like an angel.” If Kyle’s comment made Michael growl, I just knew Sean’s would end in blood shed.

So before fists started flying I quickly stepped to the door saying, “Well our cars here so let’s go. But before we leave, I have a few rules. There will be no talking about school, parents, graduation, money, or other girls. I never want to see you quiet and alone, I want to see happy faces and hear cheerful laughs. If a girl approaches you, Sean or Kyle, I want you to go for it; I don’t want to hear that you passed on her. Michael you can look but don’t even think about touching. I want you to drink and do what ever you want, but please remember your limits this is supposed to be fun, and I don’t think hospitals and morgues are fun. So what are we waiting for, let’s go.”

Chapter 16

Everything was kept a secret the guys didn’t know where we were until the last minute. I had borrowed Mr. G’s company’s private plane to take us. Mr. G was already there making sure everything was set for our arrival. I had the pilot drop us off at a strip 30 miles from our destination, it was perfect there were no signs telling them where we were and the windows in the limo were so blacked out I couldn’t even see. When my cell phone rang it was Mr. G telling me everything was set and he would see us in a couple minutes.

Now was the time to tell them where they were. “Okay boys, the first night of a long weekend has just begun, you may now know where we are, feel free to open the sunroof and windows to see.” I sat back and enjoyed watching their faces.

“Oh My God, we are in Vegas.”

“Holy Shit, were really here.”

“Baby why are we here?” Typical Michael to always want answers.

“We are here to party, we are staying for only one night are plane leaves Friday at 1 p.m. Don’t worry we will be to busy to gamble we will save that for another time, I promise.”

As are car pulled to a stop in front of the Bellagio, we jumped out. The driver handed me a key card with the room number on it. When I walked into the room, I couldn’t contain my shriek. It was huge. Before I got to even look around Mr. G came out from the kitchen, “Hey kids”

“Dad what are you doing here?”

“Well Baby told me that she wanted to come to Vegas so I came here to make sure everything was to her liking. You guys have a packed night, so might as well grab a nap and freshen up because we dine at 5.”

The flight left me tired so I was the first to hit the hay. When I woke up everyone was sitting in the living room chatting, when Mr. G spotted me he said well lets get something to eat. He wanted to take us to this expensive restaurant, but as we passed the buffet, I quickly made a U-turn and everyone followed.

After dinner Mr. G wanted to show us the town, we ended up in front of a wedding chapel. Michael had produced a set of matching rings and I just knew that he had planned this. He promised that we would have a proper wedding after the baby was born.

The rest of the night was planned out to a T, by me. I got front row tickets to Metallica, and backstage passes. After the concert we stumbled upon several strip clubs and it was, a little after 10 am when we parted ways. Kyle moved to a private room in the club, Sean was following some girl out the door and Michael and I went back to the hotel to do what married people do on their honeymoon. We met up at 11:30 for brunch with Mr. G at the buffet, and replayed the whole night for him, well as much as they could remember. We almost didn’t make our flight because Sean was busy yet again hitting on a waitress from brunch.

It was the most fun we had in months and it only just begun, I was thinking about how much sleep I could get in between now and the time we needed to leave later. But it was soon forgotten when my husband began rubbing my belly that housed our son and I was lulled to sleep.

Chapter 17

When are plane landed, we headed back to the loft to get a quick shower and change clothes to go out again. I was taking the boys to see the Pink Floyd Experience; it’s an awesome light show with Pink Floyd’s music as a background. It’s a hippie concert as we call it, which means that the drugs are free flowing. After the concert we made a stop at Babylon.

Babylon is a traveling rave we stumbled upon a few years ago, and it was love at first site. It’s set in the future but has a 60’s vibe to it. After our arrival we soon spilt up, with a promise to meet at 7.

Michael and I were dancing when he spotted the guys going into the back. There were open rooms in the back that have beds, couches, showers and even a few swings. The room is completely black with a few lights in the corners. To get into the room you have to pass a few guards and answer a couple questions, but the last guard was solely there to pass out condoms. The backroom was known as the sex den. Dustin and I have been known to grace it a free times ourselves.

I wasn’t surprised to see Kyle go back but I was surprised to see Sean and three girls go with him. We knew they were into mixing up their sex lives, not only did they tell us the story the next morning but we even have been kept awake hearing the noises coming from their bedrooms. I just never thought they would double team. This truly was going to be a memorable weekend.

It was going on 5 a.m. and Michael was starting to come down from the shit he was on and I was dead to the world. So we decided to head home, we couldn’t find the guys and I wasn’t about to go back there to find them. Michael talked his way in and came back a minute later with a look of disgust on his face.

“Did you find them?” He nods. “Did you tell them?” Another nod. “Do I want to know?”

“I didn’t even want to know, let alone see, I have been scared to life!”

“They weren’t . . . doing . . . together?”

“No not each other, but the same girl.”

I didn’t want to know the rest I had an idea, but I didn’t need to hear about it. Don’t get me wrong Michael and I have a more then active sex life and have tried everything, but we never thought about bringing another person into the show. Michael and I have possession issues.

When we got back to the loft it was a little after 7, I was waiting for Michael to come out of the bathroom, when everything started catching up with me and I fell asleep.

* * * * *

“Maybe we should knock, they could be busy.”

“Don’t you think that we would have heard them by now?”

“True, but the last couple days have been so packed that sleep has been precious, I’m sure it just caught up with Baby. Maybe we should go back to bed and she’ll wake us when she’s ready.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.”

Before Kyle and Sean moved from the door I had it open. “Next time you want to have a conversation about waking me, maybe you should have it downstairs instead of in front of my door.” I was asleep until I heard them talking to each other, one of these days I’m going to teach them the concept of whispering. “Are you guys tired?” They both nod. “Well then go back to bed and when I wake back up I will come and get you?”

“Sounds perfect, night.”


Once I saw their bedroom doors shut, I closed mine and turned to find Michael still asleep, snoring. I didn’t realize that I fell asleep in my clothes from last night; it’s been awhile since that has happened. I move to the bathroom and take an extremely long hot shower and get back into bed. As soon as I got comfortable Michael rolled over spooning me closely and began to rub my tummy, I was out before I even had a thought.

Chapter 18

The rest of the weekend was a bust. I woke up a little before 5 Monday morning, Michael was still sleeping, and I needed to work on the survey, so I headed towards the kitchen. I was shocked to find Sean awake at this hour.

“Hey, what are you doing up?”

“Making a sandwich, you want one?”

“Actually, yeah, may I put in a request?”

“As long as I don’t have to try it.”

I have always had weird food cravings, but lately with the pregnancy it has been extra weird. Last week, I ate a sandwich that had tuna fish, ham, egg, sweet relish, mustard, mayo, red onions, mushrooms, bacon, Fritos and cottage cheese all smooched together on a sub roll. It was heaven; it tasted so good I made Michael and Sean try it. “Come on it was good, even Michael agreed.”

“No it wasn’t. I can’t wait for that kid to come already, you and Michael’s cravings are disgusting.”

“Are you going to make my sandwich or are you having too much fun critiquing my eating habits?”

“I will make the sandwich if you tell me what’s on the menu”

“Is there any Doritos left?”


“Any roast beef?”


“How about cheese?”

“Swiss, Provolone and Mozzarella.”

“Okay then I’ll take an oven toasted roast beef and mozzarella with queso instead of mayo, those Doritos and don’t forget the bread and butter pickles.”

Sean and I were quietly eating when Michael came into the kitchen.

“Hey baby.” Michael bent down and kissed me, his tongue sweeping over my lips. Pulling back he asked, “Doritos and pickles?”


Nodding he said, “Tasted pretty good.” Smiling quickly at Michael I turned to Sean giving him my ‘I told you so look.’ “Why are you up so early, I missed you?”

“What time is it?

“6:30” Sean answered after looking at his watch.

“Then I can say the same to you then, huh”

“I’m going to the shop before class, what’s your excuse?”

“Survey” It was one word that spoke volumes. It was due in 2 and a half hours and I still had nothing for it, I can’t get another extension cause I’ve already held up the printing once.

“What’s the problem? What’s taken you so long to fill it out?”

Before I answered I looked around the room, mapping an escape route. Sean made his quick exit once he told the time. If I was smart I would have followed his example. Michael is not a morning person at all. There are only 2 things that make him tolerable before 12, lazy morning sex and coffee. We were out of coffee and I didn’t have time for sex.

“I can’t just put 4 years of my life in 20 words, shit I still couldn’t do it in 20 pages. And I sure as hell don’t know how you answered it in 10 minutes. Maybe things are more important to me then you”

“Ouch . . . low blow mama, you’re not fighting fair.” Michael reaches across the table and holds my hands. “Baby, just because I didn’t have a problem answering the survey, doesn’t mean it made what I wrote less important. If anything your trips down memory lane, helped me with my answers. I’m sorry that you’re having problems with this, maybe you’re thinking about this all wrong. What if instead of summarizing your high school life, you use the first thought that comes to your head for your answer. You’re not writing a Pulitzer’s prize novel you’re answering a simple survey. Besides what would you put in your book if you could summarize high school in 20 words?”

“You know as you age, you’re not such an asshole in the mornings anymore.”

“Well let’s keep that our secret. Besides it’s not the age.”

“We know it’s not the sex.”

“You’ve got those guns cocked and loaded this morning, don’t you Mama?”

“Yeah, some ones got to be the bitch, but seriously if it’s not age or sex, what is it . . . Fatherhood?” Michael shakes his head. “Then I don’t know, you tell me.”

“You, Baby, it’s you.”

Chapter 19


“Yes, you.”

“I make you tolerable in the mornings?”

“Not just that. I get up after you in the mornings, most of the time you don’t know . . . I feel you get up and it wakes me and I stay awake . . . I know your whole routine, I could tell you blindfolded. You put on my shirt and go into the bathroom . . . not just any shirt, it’s the one I took off before bed, after you brush your teeth, you grab a cup of coffee and come back . . . and sit in my reading chair. You rub lotion on your belly and you talk to our child. You tell it stories of us or just our everyday tales . . . You sit in the chair and you tell the baby everything and anything. How you hope that it has your hair . . . and my eyes . . . that Sean and Kyle will make weird faces and obscene noises that will scare him, but just laugh and they will stop. That I can’t wait for him to come . . . and how there will be many more brothers and sisters for him to play with, after he comes out.” Michael wipes the falling tears from my eyes before he continues. “Baby, don’t you see, it’s you that makes me tolerable in the mornings.”

Through watery eyes, I kiss him softly at first, but the passion quickly grows into more. Before I pull away to breathe, Michael grabs my hips and pulls me into his lap. He moves his lips down my jaw creating a path of wet kisses down my neck. With each kiss down my body he undoes one button, exploring all he can reach, before the shirt rips. The first tip of his tongue on my nipple sends me into orbit, my fingers working their way up his back to stop at his neck, forcing him to take more in his mouth. “Oh God” I couldn’t help but moan, Michael pulls away to look me in the eye, I groan.

“Shhh, baby I got you” He quickly switches to my other nipple and gently nibbles on it, while his hand massages the one he just left. I can’t take it anymore, he’s driving me insane, my hand snake down between our bodies and into his boxers, grabbing a firm hold of his cock and squeezing hard. “Shit, baby” he managed to stand up and move us onto the table, my legs quickly wrap around him to forge our centers together. Moving my hand away to pull our bodies closer, my feet make quick work of pulling his boxers down. Trailing his tongue from the center of my chest up over my throat and licking around my lips, begging for entrance. Michael’s kisses are better then any drug known to man, they left me breathless, wet and always wanting more.

Our bodies melted together, you didn’t know where one started or ended, we were one. I sucked his bottom lip in between my teeth and gently nibbled on it, he quickly pulled away before he got distracted. Michael began worshipping my face and neck with soft wet kisses. The more he nibbled my ear lope and blew hot air to soothe it, the crazier I got, the friction we were mindlessly creating with our lower bodies was driving me over the edge. “Baby I can’t hold out much more.”

“I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, just hurry.” It’s been 2 day’s since we made love, and it felt like a lifetime ago. We have been used to making love at least once a day, normally it was 4 times a day, but I’ve been too tired to keep up with him. I was completely brought back into the moment when I felt him fill me to the hilt in one swift stroke. “Mmmm”

No matter how many times he does that, it still feels like the first time. It was on the 4th stroke that I felt that familiar coiling in the pit of my stomach, and my toes began to curl digging into Michael’s back. “Baby . . . I . . . ” He clapped down on my nipple so hard I screamed, triggering both our orgasms. As we lay spent on the kitchen table, Michael was slowly soothing my bleeding nipple with his tongue, when Kyle came walking into the kitchen.


“Yeah that about sums it up.” I don’t know if it was Michael’s comment or the shock of what he walked into, but Kyle ran to his room, not to be seen for the rest of the day.

“How about we take round 2 to our bedroom?”

“Thought you were going to work before, class?”

“Umm, go to the shop or make love to my wife, wow that’s a tough call.”

“Shut up and kiss me before I divorce you.”

“Your wish is command, my queen.”

Chapter 20

It’s three days before graduation and we’re standing in line to receive our yearbooks. The guys are joking with each other about what happened last night with Sean. He “secretly” went and got his tattoo covered up but we all knew about it, but the funny thing is what he got it covered up with. A heart with an arrow pointed inward.

As our Senior Class President, handed me, my yearbook, I quickly signed the sheet and turned to the guys. “Hey I’m going to head to class; I’ll see you guys later.” I didn’t even bother to wait for their responses I was in my own world. When I got to shop class, Mr. Brookes was walking out. “Hey where’s the fire?”

“Class today is cancelled; there was an announcement during homeroom.”

“Didn’t feel like going.”

“Well why don’t you head on home, you look like you need a nap.”

“Thanks Mr. B, kick a girl when she’s down.”

“It’s all good, besides I wouldn’t be able to get a punch in. You could take me in a blink.”

“True. Do we have class tomorrow?”

“Yes, review for the final. You don’t have to come; I know you don’t need it.”

“Thanks, I just might take you up on that. Have a good night.”

“You to Baby, and please get some rest.”

* * * * *

When I got back home, it was completely quiet. I enjoyed the silence, it’s few and far between lately and it will only get worse once the baby comes. The temptation to read the yearbook was beginning to win me over, but I held it at bay just a little longer. I wanted to take a bath and relax before the guys got home.

I lit the candles and turned on my David Gray CD before I climbed in the mound of bubbles. The hot water working wonders on my straining muscles. I laid back and let my body relax.

I must have fallen asleep; I heard the beginning chords of ‘Save Me’ repeat. So I reluctantly climbed out and grabbed Michael’s shirt from last night off the hook and curled up in his reading chair in our room.

As I flipped through the pages of the yearbook, my eyes immediately caught the “Senior Best” pages. It’s the section where the school votes the seniors into the most likely to succeed, athletic, funniest, etc and showed a picture. I was surprised by the results.

Most Likely to Succeed – Kyle. You could tell that the photographer caught him when he wasn’t looking. He had his head buried in some book sitting under our tree in the court yard.

Most Athletic – Sean. His photo was taking from the All-State banquet, where he won and was awarded his football scholarship to University of Maryland.

Best Looking Male – Michael. His photo made me laugh; he was in shop class hunched over a car, grease up to his elbows and some under his chin. It looked like someone called his name and he turned to look.

Best Looking Female – Baby. Mine was almost as funny, from the picture I could tell it was taken before the baby fat showed on my face. I was walking out of the school parking lot into school and you could see a glimpse of Michael’s arm in the picture.

True Love – Michael and Baby. This was the shocker, I never knew that there was even had a category for this. The picture was taking recently we were under our tree; Michael was stretched out with his back against it and his arm around my side, where I was tucked under it with my head resting on his chest. We were looking at each other and his left hand was spread out touching the large bulge on my stomach. I remember that day, Sean got a hold of a dirty joke book, and was reading it non stop.

In the bottom left corner was a picture of the four of us. It was taken the first day of school our senior year. It looked like we were walking into the camera, but in reality we were walking towards the front doors. Kyle was on the left, with his hands deep in his pockets and his face turned towards me. I was next to him and as usual I was tucked tightly under Michael’s arm. Michael was looking at Sean who was on the right, and his hand was out patting Michael on his shoulder. Under the picture were four words saying, Best Friends for Life. The picture spoke more then the caption.

I reached for the box of tissues I set on the floor earlier, speaking to myself I muttered, “Damn hormones.” If this two page spread made me cry, I was afraid of the impending flood when I turned the page.

Chapter 21

I quickly skimmed the page until my finger fell on Kyle’s senior photo, with his survey next to it.

Kyle Joseph Alexander Valenti
Computer Whiz
Closest Friends – My family, Sean, Michael and Baby
Greatest Accomplishment – Security
Favorite Teacher – Mr. Holly
Favorite Class – Auto Shop
True Love – Computers and my Mustang
What I will Miss the Most – Our Tree
I Will Remember – The beating, Homecoming, the day after Prom, the court yard, jail, P, Scottie, Patterson Park and The Crew.
Where do I See Myself in 10 years – Working for either Intel or the Government

Next to Kyle’s was Sean’s senior photo.

Christopher Sean Anthony Valenti
Football Quarterback, Basketball Captain and All-State All-star
Closest Friends – My brothers, Kyle, Michael and sister Baby
Greatest Accomplishment – All Star Quarterback
Favorite Teacher – Mrs. Murphy
Favorite Class – Auto Shop
True Love – My Family
What I Will Miss the Most – Spirit Week
I Will Remember – The Crew, the loft, our tree, Prom, P and freshman girls.
Where do I See Myself in 10 years – Pro Football Player

I went back to the beginning to read Michael’s.

Michael Gabriel Guerin
Closest Friends – My Brothers
Greatest Accomplishment – Graduating
Favorite Teacher – Mr. Lily
Favorite Class – Lunch
True Love – Baby
What I Will Miss the Most – 3rd Floor Girls Bathroom and Breaking in New Students
I Will Remember – Patrick, Scottie, P, the court, Prom, our loft, my morning alarm clock, Officer Harris and The Crew
Where do I See Myself in 10 years – A father and husband.

Finally I read mine.

Maria Nicole DeLuca
Closest Friends – My brothers, Kyle and Sean
Greatest Accomplishment – Surviving
Favorite Teacher – Mr. Brookes
Favorite Class – Auto Shop
True Love – Michael
What I Will Miss the Most – 3rd Floor girl’s bathroom and the court
I Will Remember – Everything, the laugh lines around my face and the Scars that can be seen and not, will remind me.
Where Will I be in 10 years – I don’t know, I can’t see into the future. But I know I will be happy.

“Baby you home?” I heard Michael bellow.

“Yeah just a second.” I quickly wiped my eyes with the tissue, before getting up. I slowly closed the book and stood. Stepping out into the hall, I stopped at the ledge to look down upon my three boys. They immediately looked up from their spots on the couch with smiles on their faces. I quietly stared at them, their answers from their survey still fresh in my mind.

“We were thinking about going for a swim, you want to come?”

Little did I know my answer would change are lives forever. And that one moment we just shared would be our last, together.

The End


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