Title:Two Worlds Collide
Author: Jillian
Category: AU, M/M, Angst
Rating: mature
Disclaimer: The names belong to Roswell and their creators, I’m just borrowing their names for a bit, so please don’t sue.
Summary: Maria isn't exactly normal, she was adopted by Jim and Amy Valenti. Moved to LA with her mother and brother when she was a child and now that she's 17, a senior in high school, is moving back with her small family, to Roswell, New Mexico... the only plus is being closer to her father. But she's going to find out more answers about her past than she ever wanted.
Story Notes: Everything that happened on the show for seasons one and two have still happened, only Kyle and Maria weren't there (Though Jim still found out and helped the aliens) and Alex didn't get killed, though Tess and Nesado took off for a bit, and that will be explained later. And there have been a few altered details into the pod squad that will be known soon enough.
Author's Note: My first story, other than stories written for school, so I hope whoever reads this, likes it. Also going to be told from Maria's POV.

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"Meara! You must do whats right! Do you hear me?! Do you understand? No more of the running around, no more of it, I will not stand for it.. I can't.." I knew she meant well as she ranted and raved, walking back and forth in my chambers, concern etched in her never aging face, but she didn't understand.. I was already in too deep and I couldn't turn back now to follow rules I had never lived by. Didn't *she* understand, she had to, she had gone through the same thing that I was going through now... but I knew it was different just the same.

"Mother... please.." My words came out so quietly that I was surprised she even heard them. Tomorrow I'd be marrying a man I didn't love, a man who wanted me because of my father, because my father was a king and he needed royality to marry. "I can't... don't make me do this, let me leave, let me go to him..."

"You know I have no say so, it's your father's rules.. it the rules of our people." She came and sat next to me and I closed my tearful eyes and she stroked my hair.

"I can't marry Khivar, we both know what he will do to me.. He'll make me his slave.." It was the same as when his own father had ruled, the queen had been placed in the background, had been made to serve his every wish and bear him children, nothing else, and I was about to be put in that same situation. I opened my eyes and tried to reach reason with her, "I love him.. I love Rath, don't make me do this.. please!"

I woke with a jolt from the dream I had been having, memories really. My head banged against the car window and I turned to see mom driving silently and Kyle snoring in the backseat. The dreams had been getting more intense as soon as I began remembering my past, memories of a different past life, of a one true love, a forced marriage.. a war..

I silently scoffed at myself and rolled my eyes. Past life, true love, forced marriage, war? Yeah right, I'd been cooped up in this car reading too much is what it is. Again with the denying. I knew... that all the things I dreamt, the brief flashes I recieved on occasions were true memories, even though they scared the hell out of me... but I had powers to back it up, and I was just greatful that I had atleast one person to talk to about all of this.

My brother... or well adoptive brother. Kyle Valenti. He knew everything about me, he had been the one that had calmed me down at the age of 13 when I almost burnt down our bathroom... and the time when I was 15 and set our English Lit teacher's desk on fire. He had been the one to guide me through my growing powers, though he had less knowledge about them then me, but he was it. He was that one person in all the world that could know my secret, and had kept it all his young adult life.

Most didn't know that I was adopted or that Kyle and I weren't even twins, but we pulled it off pretty well, especially since our mom.. since Amy doesn't even know that *we* know I was adopted. And sometimes I think that me becoming a Valenti wasn't the right thing for mom and dad to do. It tore them apart in the end. Kyle and I had often sat in the attic at home.. well our old home, and we would just talk about the day that everything went downhill, the day mom left dad, took us, and moved us to LA. Not that I mind it now, I love the city, but when we were younger, when I was younger.. the only thing I could think about was how I could get back to my.. to our dad, to our real home...

And now here we are, on our way back to that town, and all I can think about is how we should be back at home, in LA with our nice apartment. But I suppose things don't always happen the way you plan them. I planned to be finishing my senior year with all my friends, lying out on the beach on the weekends and on school breaks, spying on Kyle and whatever good looking friend he brought home.. but it wouldn't be happened.. atleast not most of it.

Mom got a job transfer. We're going back to Roswell, New Mexico. And mom keeps perking us up, telling us the things that are good about this trip. Like we'll see our childhood friends... though it'll be awkward, we hadn't talked to any besides dad from Roswell since we were like 10... but the one thing I have to agree on is.. Dad. We see him once a year and he usually flies out to us. But now... he'll be right down the street. I can't think of anything better about this move.

So here I am. Sitting in the passangers seat of my moms SUV, watching the 'Now entering Roswell' as we pass it by and I guess at all the sand.. not much life there. I forgot about this, sometime over the years I forgot about the small town that I had landed in when I was only a two years old... the town that my parents had just moved to when they found me and had been able to pull off the adoption quite well without anyone knowing...

I wonder if things changed so much? Maybe Liz Parker is still dancing on her roof top like she did when we were friends and little.. and Maybe Alex Whitman still lives here and writes his songs... and maybe this time around I'll get more answers then I could have possible gotten back in LA...

"Hey Pea Brain, your drifting off again, come back to the world of the sane." I glare over my seat at Kyle who is groggy, but smiling and awake. Maybe this time around I can watch my brother crash and burn a few times in the love department.

"Well if you exist in this world, then I think your naming it wrong.. My reality is sane, yours... well I think it's named dumbass.." I smile at him and he sticks his tongue out at me. After a few more remarks thrown back and forth, mom breaks us up with a laugh and informs us were there... our new house... and it oddly looks like our old house..

My eyes grow wide and before I can think, I'm out of the car and throwing myself into a mans arms.

"Hey Ria..." His eyes are tender and I can't believe how long it seems since I last saw him.

"Hey daddy..." I grin up at Jim Valenti, My father.

"Shove over sis, let me get some fatherly love too.. I am the favored and only son." Oh yeah... *our* father. Maybe coming here wasnt such a bad idea... after all, we can always make our own excitment instead of just playing a part in it like we did in LA.

Chapter One

My room is exactly the same as when I left it seven years ago. Only small changes that I can see of. A new vanity table, a plain white dresser in the place where my childish, hand painted fairy one had been, and the added bonus of all my boxes that had been shipped here a week in advance.

It was, and still is, strange being in this room again. The walls are still painted sky blue with white fluffy clouds and my bed is still covered in my white comforter with the little pink roses on it. This room had been my innocence.. a childhood innocence that I can't take back. The day we moved, I left that behind... That was when my memories began to show themselves in my dreams.. and when my powers decided they wanted to come out and play.

I'm still smiling from my... well our warm welcome back by our father. Mom had not informed us that we will be living with dad again, that see had found a place, but it's far too small for myself and Kyle to share with her... so we are here... Home.

Kyle is, at the moment, checking out his old room while mom and dad chat downstairs and I take a tour down memory lane in this room. It's very strange, thinking of your parents being only friends, if that, and nothing else. But I suppose that's just me... Kyle had never said it bothered him that mom and dad split... and we still don't know why they did, only that there had been a lot of fighting before they ended it.

After a few minutes of moving around my room, touching the family pictures on the new dresser, the little nic-nacs on the shelves with my childish books, I decide I want to go see if Dad has kept the play room the same as he has our bedrooms. I smile to myself as I pass the sign on my door. 'Maria's Realm' it reads in my sloppy handwriting with stars colored around it. My bedroom had been my safe haven from my nasty brother and arguing parents. That makes me smile more as I remember and began to walk down the hall.

The first thing I notice as I enter the room that once was filled with Barbie Dolls and G.I. Joes, is that the room has been painted a dark color, almost black and there are weird posters all over the place, even on the ceiling. It takes me another couple of minutes to realize that the entire room has been changed besides the color and wall coverings. There's a bed now, queen size, larger then my old bed sitting in my room right now, a desk, dressers, and a boy sitting in the desk chair.... A boy my age and starring at me like I've just grown another head.

I frown at him and in return he raises an eyebrow, a sarcastic gesture I'm sure as a smirk crosses his face. I slowly back out of the room and close the door behind me. There was a boy.. .a young man sitting in my brother's.. sitting in *my* old play room and he had totally redecorated . The only thing I can think of is that he is one of dad's sister's kids... or dad decided to rent the room.

"Daddy!" I suck in a lung full of air to shout that one word. I want some answers... and now.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“So you just took him in? He lives here too?” Kyle questioned for the hundredth time as I tried to wrap my mind around the fact that I would be living in a house with some strange boy that could probably strangle me in my sleep. Maybe I can still go live with mom and sleep on the couch or something?

“His home life wasn't nice, and then he was just tossed out on his own, he's a good kid, works shifts at the Crashdown Cafe and does well in school. I thought the least I could do was offer up a room that wasn't being used.” Dad explained and it made me wonder just how bad this boys... Michael's home life had been that my father felt he needed to be an adult about it and take him in.

“You gave him our room.” I protested with a pout, catching a smirk from Kyle as dad smiled and gave my hand a pat.

“You wouldn't have used that room, it was going to waste... but as you can see, your rooms are the same as you left them.” He pointed out and he was right. I knew that neither myself or Kyle would have had much use for a child's play room. But it still felt weird not having that around in this house that I... we had partially grown up in. “And I still have all your old toys and things. I just boxed them up and stuck them in the attic, so when you feel like taking that stroll, you can go right up there and dig around.”

I sigh and roll my eyes before smiling and leaning forward and kissing his cheek. “Thanks for that... I'll be nice to the strange boy your allowing to live under the roof as your teenage daughter.. very hot daughter, I may add.” Kyle snickered and I can hear him saying something about no one wanting to touch me, even with a pole, as I walk away and back towards my room.

To my surprise, when I finally reach my door, a hand closes over mine. I look up, shocked, and find the strange guy, Michael, starring down at me with an unusual look on his face, somewhat unreadable.

“I know about you. You hurt Jim in any way, I'll make you dust.” For some reason, his whispered, rough words scare the hell out of me. What does he mean he knows about me? I don't understand any of that. But I don't get a chance to ask because he's walking away and I'm left pondering my thoughts and his words.

Chapter Two

It's been a week since Michael made his threat. He hasn't spoken to me since, but that doesn't mean he isn't keeping me on my toes with his glares. I told Kyle about it the first night, and maybe I made a mistake doing so. He's been very hostile towards Michael ever since, and that has dad asking questions that no one wants to answer.

School isn't any better than our icy environment at home. Kyle is doing great though. He's taken up with the football team and is once again in his popular jock act. The transformation has yet to be passed on to me. It's odd and extremely lonely for me. I once was able to make friends so easily, but here, if you're not a cheerleader or dating a joke, then you're nothing.

My first day at W. Roswell High, I ran into Alex. He was so funny, the same as I remembered, and he remember me right away. But the next time we ran into each other, after lunch, he was distant, and looking at me with distrust... still is actually. I soon found out why though, he and even my once best friend, Liz Parker, are close friends with Michael and the Evans' siblings.

You can just imagine my shuck and surprise to find them all at my house one day, and as soon as I come walking into the room, they get quiet, then scattered to get to Michael's room like I'm the plague. It only adds to my loneliness to be avoided.

“I'm sorry.” Too lost in my thoughts, I didn't even see him approach. Of course, someone other than my brother coming up to me during school hours is un-expectant.

“For what, Alex? We haven't been friends for years. I understand that you've been brainwashed by the pod person known as Michael Guerin, and that's the reason we aren't friendly anymore.” I tell him with a hint of sarcasm. It surprises me when something close to fear and shock cross his face, but then it seems to hit him that I *am* making a lame joke, and he seems to relax some.

“If you were anyone else...” He starts, but I cut him off.

“If I were anyone else, I'd what? Be apart of your secret little club that excludes me now for some unknown reason? Or if I was someone other than Maria Valenti, the Sheriff's daughter, you'd be able to speak to me without getting banned from your little gang you've got going?” I question and feel my anger coming out.

“You don't understand, Maria.” He speaks and I can hear something like pleading in his tone.

“You're right. I don't understand. I don't understand how you and Liz, of all people, can somehow see me as some type of threat. Jesus Alex. I'm still the same girl that used to beg her father to allow one little boy come to her sleep overs. I'm still her. I'm just older and co-ed sleep overs will never be allowed again.” I push my words out and I know I sound a bit emotional, but I have spent the last week barely speaking to anyone and for the first time in my life, left feeling like a social reject and an outcast.

“But none of us are really the same as we were as children.” He tries to explain, but I don't want to hear any of it and once again cut him off from continuing.

“Yeah, I guess you're right, Alex. I'm some huge narc, and you're in a gang now.”

“Maria-” I once again, and for the last time today, cut him off. Shrugging off his hand, I raise from my seat a the picnic table and collect my things.

“No. You're completely right. We're both very different and changed people now. The Alex I knew would have never made someone feel the way I do at this very moment.” I pause just before leaving and look him in the eyes. “Better get back to your gang, wouldn't want them thinking you're telling me all their secrets.” I inform him as my eyes move to the people I have now duped his 'gang'. They're all glaring out way and I know their minds are going a mile a minute trying to figure out what we are discussing. For a moment, I feel a little better knowing that for the last couple of minutes, they've been feeling what I have felt since arriving in Roswell.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I've once again locked myself in my room, playing around on my laptop, messing with music cords as I begin to hear shouting downstairs. Two very male voices shouting. And without a doubt, I know it's not my father having an argument with Kyle or Michael. No it's obviously my brother giving Michael Guerin an earful.

I can't help what happens next, I've always been curious. I find myself walking out of my room and sneaking down the front stairs, pausing by the bottom. I can see the back of my brothers head as he screams at Michael, telling him he has no right to judge or mistrust someone he doesn't even know, saying that we are dad's children, if anyone should be feeling out of place living in this house, it should be him.

I can't help but feel so much love towards my brother in that moment. He's always one to protect me. I can clearly see Michael now and it's shocking to find out that they are having this argument in front of a room full of people. My father is standing there, trying to break it up. Alex, Liz and the freak sibs, Isabel and Max... they are all standing around watching the fight. Where the hell was I when everyone decided to have some sort of fight in our house?

“No dad, stop trying to make all nice with the outsider here. Do you know that for the last week, school and home have been hells for you daughter? That her only place to get some peace is at moms. That she's even considering talking mom into letting her stay with her. And do you realize why she's doing that?! Because this boy... Because Michael Guerin, this stranger that you brought into our home, has been making it hell for her.”

I grimaced as Kyle lets it all out and then sighed, finally making my presences known. I crossed my arms and glared at them all, there would be no prisoners taken.

“I love it how everyone decides to arrange a little pow-wow with the main topic being me, but then no one feels the need to invite me. I don't want to be discussed. I don't need my problems figured out by other people. I can do it myself. Kyle.. I appreciate that you want to be all big brotherly on me, but don't. And Dad, don't get in the middle of it, and everyone else...” I shrug then, “Nevermind... do what you want, just leave me out of it.” I turn and leave before anyone can say anything else to me.

Chapter Three

I make it back to my room under ten seconds, and not another ten seconds go by before I hear Michael and the others pass my door to go to his room, and not long after that, Kyle comes into my room. His shoulders are hunched over and he's wearing his puppy-dog face, his eyes pleading for forgiveness.

“I only do the crazy, over protective brother thing because I love you.” He says simply and I laugh quietly, sitting down on my bed and patting the spot beside me in an invitation for him to join me.

“I know. It's one of the reasons I've always put up with you in the past. But, Kyle, I don't need my protector now.” I inform him, smiling when he sighs and looks away. “This time, i want to let it go. Dad cares for Michael and those other kids. Whether we like it or not, we're more strangers in this home than he is. He's been here for years... I bet he's just a little weirded out by having to share dad with us. Beside's, it's probably making him feel a hell of a lot better thinking I'm some sort of enemy, now that he knows he's been making it uncomfortable for me to live here.” I try to reason and give Kyle a look when he opens his mouth to say something snide.

“In all that talk, Ria, did you forgive me? Was it between the lines?” I laugh at him and nod. In return he beams that familiar Valenti smile at me. “Okay, cool. Lets listen to some music.” My eyebrows raise in amusement and confusion. Today's Friday. I had been so sure that he had some big date with the redhead that's been hanging on his arm at school for the past week.

“You're free for you lovely sister?” I question, another laugh slipping free as he bounces off my bed and to my CD player.

“Yep. Trust me, it wasn't easy getting out of plans with all the hot babes wanting to hook up.” He wiggles his eyebrows at me, and I throw an 'I'm sure' back at him as we settle down in a comfortable silence, both doing our own thing as we listen to the music playing.

I think an hour must have passed, because dad finally pokes his head into the room sometime after it's become dark.

“You kids doing okay in here? Everyone still alive?” He questions, a little teasing in his voice. I look up to see his gaze is mainly on me, but as soon as we make eye contact, his gaze shifts so that it now includes Kyle.

“Fine. No planned double suicides here, dad. We're getting a little hungry though, could die from starvation. Think we can do pizza?” I question and catch Kyle briefly looking up from what he's reading before returning his attention to it.

“I was going to try whipping up one of your mother's old recipe's.” I stare back at him in silent horror.

“No offense, dad, but I don't we can survive another one of your home cooked meals.” Kyle puts in and I'm greatful for that. I'm still shocked that dad would even suggest he cook after the mini fire in the kitchen only two nights ago.

“I'll call you when dinner's done.” Kyle and I groan at the same time while he leaves, chuckling as he does so. We once again fall into silence as we listen to music. Me, doing my homework, Kyle, reading one of my cosmo magazine's. I pause briefly when I pick up the sound of people leaving Michael's room, then continue on.

“You know he's going to try cooking again, right?” Kyle informs me from his spot on the floor at the edge of my bed.

“Yep.” I say simply, not having to look up to know that one of his hands is extended my way.

“Think we'll survive this one too?” He questions as I hand one of my pillows down to him.

“Maybe.” I tell him, glancing up from my paper to see the back of his head is cocked.

“Hmm...” I smile at his 'non' response, then concentrate on my work again.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

It seems like hours have passed since our father checked in on us, but I look at my clock and realize, with some shock, that only twenty minutes has passed. I guess it's true what they say, doing boring homework seems like forever.

I groan and close my civics book, pushing it to the far end of my bed along with my folder and pen. I roll my eyes a little as I hear Kyle let out a little giggle for the hundredth time from reading a 'girl-y' article. It is truly fascinating what amuses a teenage boy.

Mine and Kyle's heads snap towards my door when the doorbell loudly plays through the house.

“He ordered pizza.” Kyle says in awe.

“No burnt kitchen.” I answer back, both of our gazes never wavering from the door.

“No food poisoning.” He reasons back and slowly our gazes lock, grins smoothing across our shocked faces. “Wanna bet on who gets downstairs first?” He questions and I scoff as I slowly raise from my bed and he slowly raises from the floor.

“Nope, already know who's going to win.” I grin at him then and raise towards the door as I throw my answer back at him, “I am, you have to turn off the CD player.” I hear him cursing behind me and I giggle as I raise downstairs. But my smile and giggles slowly die and my eyes open widely at the scene before me.

Alex and Liz are slumped over together on the couch, un-conscience is my guessing. Max is being lifted out the front door by two men in dark suits and I can tell he's not awake either. My gaze slowly moves across the others and I'm surprised to find my dad being held down to the wall by another two men, it takes a few seconds to realize that a man has Isabel and is sticking her with a needle. Everything seems silent to me, but in a second, as Kyle slams into my back, I can hear Michael's bellows and my eyes quickly snap to him, still struggling against men.

I move forward, fear and anger rolling through me, brushing Kyle's hold roughly aside. I will not stand to see my father harmed, even if I don't understand what's going on.

“Let him go.” I say firmly, staring at the men that have my father and it surprises me, once again, how quiet everything gets with my three little words.

“Ah, and the fourth makes her appearance.” I never take my eyes on my father, but I can sense this man somewhere behind me, and for a minute I fear he has Kyle, but I don't look back, it's a distraction, I'm sure. “We were afraid we'd have to make a second abduction to find you.

“I said let him go, or all you all very stoned.” I spit out and I can feel the energy and rage rolling through me. I watch as my father's and Michael's eyes widen in surprise, but no else seems effected as a fireball starts to form in the palm of my hand. “If you refuse to release him, I'll make it so you do.” I smirk a little, I never realized I could be so confident when it came to family. “As you can see, I have a few tricks up my sleeves, and unlike you, I'm not afraid to kill for what I want, you obviously are.” It's very apparent that everyone is alive in this room, just either out cold or being held down, I wouldn't be as careful. I raise my hand, ready to blast the two men by my father, but before I can, I get distracted and it's my downfall.

“Maria!” Kyle screams and I quickly turn to him, only to see him being hit over the head, knocked out and a second later, there's a stinging sensation in my neck. I frown as my hand moves along my neck and I pluck something like a needle from it.

“Drugs?” I question, swaying a little as my vision blurs. “Smart, but not enough, it's not going to keep me down forever.” I get out, a little slurred before my world goes black.

Chapter Four

I start to come to, but don't open my eyes. My head is throbbing, but my surroundings are ones of comfort and safety, at least it feels that way at the moment. I know I'm lying on a bed, that much I'm sure, covers on me, pillows beneath my head, it makes me want to think... that the whole thing with strange men in suits was only a nightmare, but as I open my eyes, I know that's not true.

The first thing I notice, that tells me I'm not at home in my bed, is that there are no glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. I start to sit up quickly, but then groan, my head is killing me, so I try it again, more slowly this time. It takes me a few minutes to take in the room I'm in.

There are two beds, both 'flowered' with nice, comfortable and warm bedding, pink... actually most of the room is pink. Two matching dressers, one night stand between the beds, a lamp on it and two glasses, filled with water is my guessing. A door on the other side of the other bed, maybe a closet? Bathroom? There are dolls and stuffed animals around the room, a small table with two chairs in the center, what looks to be note pads or journals sitting on it with pencil's, but what really makes me do a double look, is the opposite wall from the bed is a mirror.. I'm talking the entire wall. It makes me think about the interagation rooms that my dad would let me and Kyle tour when we were little, back before the big move.

I just know I'm... no 'we're' being observed. Oh, did I forget to mention that Isabel is pacing in front of said mirror wall like a caged animal? No? Well I have now.

Kyle and my dad aren't here, neither are Max or Michael and it puts a bit of fear in me.

I groan again, a little more loudly this time as I push off the covers and roll from the bed, this time alerting Isabel that I am indeed awake and not a happy camper.

I open my mouth to say something, but Isabel quickly stops me, pointing to our mirrored wall, then motions towards the door. I make a face, because I'm sure I'm going to be stuffed in a small closet with her, but to my surprise, as we enter, I see that its a bathroom. As big as the one Kyle and I had shared in our apartment back in LA.

There's a shower stall, no tub, a toilet, a sink, and a small cubby hole type of closet where I can clearly see towels, washcloths, toothbrushes, soaps and our girly products. They surely had to have been planning our... what had the guy said? Abduction? Well they had to have been planning it for a long time for all of this to possible.

“There's no camera's or wires or anything in hear. I guess they have some sense of what privacy is.” Isabel says bitterly and I understand now that this will be our safe haven until someone breaks us out, or we come up with a plan, and I am positive that I will hurt someone if we're left here for a long amount of time.

“I don't even understand why we're here.” I say quietly, sighing as I slowly situate myself on the floor, my back pressing up against the wall, my knee's drawn to my chest. Isabel doesn't say anything yet, sitting down on the toilet and looking at me like I have no mind at all. I know we're not friends, I know that if this was any other situation other than kidnapping that we'd be at each other throats. But I don't know what this is, and right now, we're all we have in the world... or at least in 'this' world.

“How can you not know?” She questions and I shrug my shoulders. She sighs and shakes her head, glaring at the bathroom door as if the people on the other side of the mirror can see through wood. “They want us... they took us because we're different, because of our powers, because they want to... experiment.”

My eyes widened a bit and I'm sure I look scared, but she looks terrified, like she knows what's going to happen and this is hell all over for her. We sit there in silence for a while before I decide this is the perfect time to figure some stuff out.

“Is this why you all.. hated me? Didn't trust me? Because you knew that I was... that I am like you, 'different'. Were you afraid I was going to hurt my dad, or come after you?” I question. I don't say alien, even though we are both thinking it. I know just by the situation that we are one in the same, two alien girls locked up by some scientist freaks.

“No.” She says quietly, and this time looks at me, some regret, but I know she's not going to apologize, and I'm not going to ask for one until we get out of this place. That will be dealt with later, now is just about getting some answers, “Before you and Kyle came.. Michael was crazy..” She smirks as I just give her a look. I know enough about the boy that lives in my old playroom. When is Michael ever not crazy? I ask myself, and she seems to get that silent question. “Not the way he is now... but he was afraid that once you and your brother came that if you didn't get along, Jim would kick him out, so he was being eager to please, which is something, if not, a miracle if you actually know him. So your things were there and he snooped, found out that Kyle was big on sports and girls, any typical teenage boy really. But then you were harder to figure out, so the day before you arrived, he finally got up the nerve to snoop on your laptop.” I glare now and she shrugs, “That's Michael for you. Anyway, he got on your laptop and found a lot of... strange things. Like facts about the crash, weird happenings leading up until a few years after it. Alien facts, weird sightings... all that stuff. Research... a threat to us is what he called it.” I gaze at her in confusion, this was all over my research? “We thought you were them.” She nods towards the door and I finally feel some shock.

“You thought I was one of those looney scientist freaks in the suits?” I question, my eyes wide, “I'm only 17 for crying out loud, I'm too young... Not to mention, THAT IS THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!” I say loudly and she just frowns at me.

“They aren't scientist, Maria. They're the FBI. Special Forces Squad as for as we know.” She says simply and I go silent.

I never thought the FBI would be after me. Hell, I never even thought that there may be others out there like me? I never got sick, and any scraps or bruises I got, Kyle patched me up, ever since I was a child. I never use my powers intentionally and if they ever went off accidentally, people never believed it was anything other than some strange accident. Why would I have to fear exposure or that the FBI would want to cage me up like some wild animal and do tests?

I am finding it hard to wrap my mind over the fact that Isabel and I are being observed like we really are aliens, we're probably going to drugged over and over again before our time here is over. It sends chills down my spine.

“Our powers?” I question quietly.

“Whatever drug they put in us... well it's keeping our powers at bay, or they have something lining the walls that interferes. I'm not sure how it works really.”

“Did you think it was a bad dream too when you woke up here?” I question, maybe for some sort of comfort that I really am not alone.

“I didn't wake up here. I woke up in the van.. car... whatever it was that they had us in. You were still out. Max was dizzy, but awake... and Michael... well he's never been able to control his powers, not even when they're needed, all they had to do was give him something to make him pass out for the few seconds to get him into our transportation.” She smiles somewhat sadly at me. “Michael told us... how you're one of us, how you had something fire-y growing in your hand, ready to save your father... to save Jim...”

“My father.. Kyle? Are they...” I trail off, i don't even want to know if my accusations on them not being able to kill anyone is true or false.

“They're fine.. at least that's what Michael said. Alex and Liz were knocked out, and then Kyle.... right before you went down, at least by his words, and your father.. right before they put Michael under. That's all I know.”

“Did my dad... does he know about you guys? He didn't seem that surprised to see those men.” I feel some surge of hope in me, if dad knows who the guys were, what Max, Michael, and Isabel are, then he'll surely come for us... and he won't disown her, his daughter because of the strange powers, because of her alien part.

“Yes. And now he knows about you. Alex and Liz know too, they know what to do, they always have... if something like this were to happen again..” She trails off and I frown at the word 'again'.

“It's happened before?” I question, understanding now why her fear had been different then mine when I woke up here, “If... *When* we get out of here, there's a chance it'll happen again?”

“Yes... and Maybe, you never know until it happens.” She didn't offer an explanation right away, but soon began talking, and I was greatful for it, I was beginning to go a little nuts. “Last year... Liz Parker was shot at the diner her parents own, Max and Michael were there, Max healed her and all this... fear and panic settled in and maybe that's really where all this began. Liz told Alex, but your dad, he's known since he took Michael in when he was 13, caught him using his powers. Your father helped us out at every turn. Tess and Nesado finally showed up... Tess is like us, and Nesado is our protector.” My head swims with this new information. “They told us why we were here, what our lives were on our other planet...” I close my eyes briefly. No dreams had come to me sense being back in Roswell, no memories... and maybe it's because those dreams had been telling me to come back in a way. But it made me wonder now.. who played what role in those dreams, who was who in our past. “The FBI got on to us somehow, ambushed us like they did last night, in Jim's house and everything. We should have seen it coming then... we should have seen it coming now too.”

“So this isn't the first time you've been in this room, that's how you knew no one could hear or see us in here, you've been in here before...” I put in, surprised when she just shakes her head.

“No... I've been up for hours, your body's not as immune to the drug as the rest of us. I had time to check out the room for any and everything. Last time we were taken, we didn't get a nice pink room that looks to be made for an 8 year old. White rooms... and separate. Straight away with the experiments and tests. We didn't see each other again until Tess and Nesado, with the Sher- with your father's help, broke us out, and burned down the last site. This is a completely different place, and this time, I think they're going to go about things differently, to get better results I think.”

“Why did that man... why did he call me the fourth if Tess is the fourth? I don't understand that.” This whole thing... situation is right over my head, and the only thing keeping me somewhat sane is Isabel's knowledge and history with being captured by the FBI.

“I don't know.” She answers back, and she's wearing the same confused look as me. I hope my father gets us out of here soon. I don't think we'll survive this.

Chapter Five

Two weeks have passed and yet have we've been rescued. I'm beginning to worry we'll be here a lot longer, and once again those feelings, that we won't survive this, are coming back. Isabel had kept that fear down, with her strong presence. She kept me going and I'm glad to say that for now, that I have a friend here.

We've been told, occasionally, how the boys are doing. And Pierce will come in here to gloat that he has us, and that our little 'unit' back home is running around like a chicken with no head, no clue where we are. It puts dread in me, but I feel somewhat better that we know that Michael and Max are being held just the same as we are. No real physical harm, just minor, almost doctor like tests, and observation.

We have these journals that we're supposed to write in every day. I don't think it's working the way they planned it to. The first day here, I remember writing something about them being sick bastards. They came and got the journal, returned it the next day and the page had been torn from it. We've been using the journal's, but every time they come and take them, there's nothing in them.

We won't talk in front of the mirror, knowing people are back there watching us, and we don't like sitting in that bathroom all the time, so instead we use it only when we really need to talk, and we use the journal's for our own communication. We write in them, back and forth, and when down, tear out the pages, rip them to pieces and flush them down the toilet.

The first time we did this, Pierce came in here furious, he almost hit Isabel, but caught himself right before he did so. We both keep our distance when he comes into the room now. We've thought, and even talked about trying to make a quick escape one of these times when they open the doors, but they over power us, we know it now. Too many big men, and just us two little things without our powers. It's like walking around naked... we're basically human now, with no powers.

That's another thing. We don't know how they're keeping us without our powers. They haven't given us anymore drugs. Isabel thinks it's in the food, or maybe water... or again, maybe it's some sort of lining in the walls. That's how they did it when they were captured last time, but this is different and we don't know.

We've caught a few conversations while the guards and other doctors, Pierce have been in the room a few times, about why we're here, but we can never put all the pieces together. They need us. Something about our genetics and a science miracle. But I know if it was just us they needed, we would be all over the papers... we'd be in a lab somewhere, but instead we're in some run down house that we can't escape.

“You're doing that staring thing again.” Isabel speaks up from beside me and it makes me jump. I blink a few times and see that in fact, I have been staring at her the entire time I've been thinking of the two weeks here.

We're once again in the bathroom, it's early, we're getting cleaned up. We have no privacy together. She was taking a shower only minutes before, I guess I missed her exit of the shower, but I see now that she's standing next to me at the sink, dressed, and I've been starring.

“Just thinking.”

“Don't hurt yourself too much.” I smirk as she briefly looks at me, then goes to brushing her hair and I finish brushing my teeth.

“If that was a blonde joke, don't make me remind you, you're also blonde.” I point out and she rolls her eyes as I leave the bathroom to let her finish up. I shriek in shock and fear as three of the guards grab me as soon as I step out. Isabel's out behind me in a matter of minutes and I hear her shouting, but I feel myself getting dizzy, tired, and can't say anything back.

I've been stuck by another one of those needles. I'm sure something bad's about to happen... and I won't be awake for it. The last thing I see before I go down, is Isabel trying to get to me.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I groan as my eyes blink open, once again my thoughts are that this is a dream, and that when I look around, I'll be in my room. But right away, I'm struck with a new fear as I found myself in a different room. It looks just as normal as before, only it's larger, different, like a loft maybe. What strikes me as odd is that there are three beds. Two small twin sized ones, and then a larger, maybe queen sized one. Everything else is duplicate like the other room, only not pink and I feel some sort of relief from that.

I sit up and I find it odd that I feel so much discomfort in my abdomen, but in my entire body like I had the first time they drugged me. I jump when a hand touches my shoulder, flinching away before I see that it's Isabel with a worried gaze. And I guess this is when I realize there's no mirror now. No one's observing us. Odd.

“Where are we?” I question quietly, lying back down when she pushes my shoulders. Maybe she can sense the pain, or maybe she understands something I don't.

“New room.” She says simply, almost like she doesn't want to say anything else. But we have been locked together for two very long weeks, and I know, when we're along in the bathroom, we take turns babbling, getting it out of our systems. We like to talk in other words.

“What did they do to us?”

“They didn't.” That answer confuses the hell out of me, but I don't have to ask anything else, she begins to talk. “They took you, drugged you, and took you out of the room... they 'escorted' me here sometime later. You've only been back an hour.”

“What did they do to *me*?” I rephrase the question with worry and she gulps and looks to something else. I follow her gaze and am in shock when I recognize the man being Max. He's sitting against the wall, on what looks to be a bench. I quickly scan the room, but don't see Michael anywhere.

“He's in the bathroom. He was taken... just like you, Max and I were brought here. You and Michael just got here... an hour ago. He's been awake since, like I told you the first time, you're not used to the drug like us.”

“Isabel... what did they do to me... to Michael?” I question urgently, pleading in my voice, I'm sure. But she looks to Max against, for answers, for something to tell me. It's pretty obvious that they have no idea what went on while Michael and I were gone. But both are silent for a while and it's driving me mad, until the door slams open and in stalks Pierce, only instead of his annoyed expression he usually carry's, he actually looks delighted.

“Well, have to say. This was easier than I thought it would be. The last to the final step of this project has been taken. You can all give yourselves pats on the back now.”

“What do you mean? What did you do?” Michael growls and it's the first time I've realized he's been standing there the entire time, having come out of the bathroom when Pierce walked in. “What the hell did you do to us.” I know now, that I will never make Michael angry enough to growl at me that way. Maybe if he was doing that voice back at home, I'd laugh it off, but here... now.. it terrifies me down to the very core.

“Well let's just say, you all are going to be sharing this room with someone else in about nine months.” He leaves after that. And I think I'm the only one in the room that doesn't get it right away. I see Isabel pale, Max, for a turn, looking furious and Michael... well lets just say it's the first time I've seen him silent in shock.

“What does that mean?” I question, but as soon as the words are out of my mouth, I feel sick with the knowledge that comes to me. “That bastard...” I say quietly to myself before pushing Isabel away and running from the bed to the bathroom, slamming the door behind me as sobs come, then the nausea. I lean over the toilet, feeling sick as I empty my stomach, then slide to the floor, still crying.

How could one person be so evil, as to do this to someone. I don't understand it. I understand that he... that they all think of us as things, but to involve.. I choke back another sob and touch my stomach... but to involve an innocent baby in this.. it's not right.

I can't believe I'm still stuck in this place. I can't believe my body... Michael's body, have been violated against our will, I can't believe that they knocked me up for some damn project. When my powers come back, I'm burning this place to the ground, and no one is going to stop me.

Chapter Six

Months have passed now, or at least that's what we're thinking, judging by my ever growing mid-section. They have yet to tell us how long we've been locked in this room, occasionally seeing new faces, but never friendly, but every once in a while Pierce will come in here to gloat that it has been a while and our family... friends back home are starting to give up on a search for us. I don't believe him.

Through all of this, I think the only comfort I get now, is when my child... Mine and Michael's child... when it kicks around inside, making it's presence known. My doctor, he's a mean old bastard they, and when I say 'they' I mean Pierce, well 'they' picked him to intimidate us, I'm sure, and he certainly does that. I can't say that he's lacking in keeping me... or any of us healthy, because we are, we are all perfectly healthy, just unhappy, and we hate them all the more for that.

Dr. Wadsworth, my doctor, our doctor, he checks regularly on us all, but especially me because of the pregnancy. He says I'm about 6 months now and I can't believe that much time has passed. Max thinks maybe my pregnancy is faster than a normal one, because like me, none of the others can believe we've been here for 6 months and have yet to be rescued.

I've gotten used to the idea of being a mother, of having a baby. I think the shock wore off when I started showing not so long ago, of course I still can't believe I'm ballooning like I am, Max and my doctor assure me it's normal... I trust Max's words more than the doctors at this moment in time.

I don't think Michael has fully grasped that he's going to be a father, but he's still dealing and he's doing the best he can... I hold nothing against him. I didn't ask this to happen and neither did he. We were taken against our will... and then we were made parents the same way. We don't discuss how this happened, I talk to Isabel about it and I'm sure he talks to Max about it, but we don't talk together. Maybe we should, but for now we don't.

He's been incredibly sweet about the whole thing though, and very protective. I still don't think he's grasping that he will be a father, but I think he's pretty much grasped that I'm carrying something that's his, something precious. I swear he growls like a dog every time a doctor wants to take me out of the room. It's pretty amusing until it gets out of hand and Pierce orders him to be given a sedative.

“Maria will you go back to sleep? All your shifting is keeping me awake.” I glance over to my side as Isabel speaks and find her turning away from me, shoving a pillow over her head.

“Sorry... kicking..” I say simply and I see her hand make a small motion before she's still and I know she's fallen back asleep.

I think Pierce and whoever helps him were expecting Michael and me to share this bed when they informed us I was pregnant. I don't know what they know about us, but if they thought, just because I'm pregnant now, that I'd be sharing a bed with Michael Guerin, they are sadly mistaken. Isabel and I agreed to share, but I think she's having second thoughts now. It's uncomfortable for me to sleep completely through a night now, and I keep her up with my constant moving.

I sigh and roll onto my side with some difficulty. My poor stomach, stretching so far I'm sure I'm going to have to ask Max to heal stretch marks after all of this is over. I still can't believe they all think I'm in my 6th month. I still say it's further along then that, I'm too big, but what do I know, never been around pregnant women... and never been pregnant until now.

I let my eyes adjust more to the dark and gaze across the room to the two twin sized beds that hold sleeping boys. I never thought Max would be the one to snore and talk in his sleep, I think we've gotten used to it by now, we can actually sleep through it now, so that has to be a sign.

My eyes move across to land on Michael and I'm not surprised to find him sitting up in bed, back and head resting against the wall, gazing at the ceiling. He's been the biggest surprise out of all of this, not even the pregnancy really shocked me as much as him. He's been incredibly sweet and making sure all my needs are met. When I think about us getting out of here, if we'll be friends now that we know each others secrets, I know I won't hold a grudge, I should... but I can't. Especially now that we're having a child together.

That's another thing. Why I'm the only one having a child... instead of both me and Isabel... or just Isabel, or why Michael instead of Max. Apparently Isabel had been on her period when Pierce's bigger and badder boss told him to conceive a child. I remember them telling us that two weeks after they told me I was pregnant, Isabel blushed and glared so hard I thought her head would explode. I didn't find that part particularly shocking, but when they informed me that Max wasn't the father because incest didn't run well on earth, that about threw me through a wall. They haven't told us anything else on how they would know if we're related or not, but they did inform us if this pregnancy didn't go well, Isabel would be the next pregnant alien in the room. I just hope we're not here for that.

I quietly glance at Isabel before sliding out of bed and from under the covers. I try, as quietly as I can, to get across the room, holding my stomach with a grimace as the baby gives a particularly powerful kick, then find myself by Michael's bedside. He glances at me without so much as a word before scooting over and helping me up. I slide against the wall and stare at the ceiling like he had been just seconds ago.

“Kid kicking your bladder again?” He questions quietly, his hand curving over my bulging stomach and I smile slightly as I tear my gaze from the ceiling to look at him.

“Always... but at least I know the baby's okay, doctors aren't poisoning me or anything. Got a healthy kid in there, who knows, when it comes out, maybe it'll be all powerful and decide to break us out.” It was pretty unlikely that *that* would happen, but a girl could dream.

“You gotta learn to sleep through it, you're not getting enough rest.” I roll my eyes as he checks me over, obviously looking for some sign that I could be getting sick.

This is our nightly ritual. I sleep better during the day than anything and anyone who wakes me then... well it's unlikely, I sleep through anything when the lights are on, I don't know why. I wake in the middle of the night, uncomfortable, Michael's always awake, like he's waiting for me. I get out of bed and go to him and we talk quietly some nights, others we fight quietly, and then other nights we just sit here silent, occasionally I have fallen asleep in those times and woken in his bed while he's across the room with the other two.

No one really questions why I end up in his bed. I don't think they care all that much anyways, we've got other pressing thoughts then if Michael and I are starting a romantic relationship, and as much as I've begun to like him, I don't think now's the time to think about starting anything that hasn't already been started, like the pregnancy.

“I get enough rest. Don't play doctor..” I smile a little wickedly at him now, “Unless you want to go under the clothes in a not so doctorly way.” I see him smirk and somewhat feel it too as he shakes his head then wraps an arm around my shoulder and pulls me to rest against his sign.

“Who thought pregnant women would be so horny... of course it could be that you just find me unbelievably attractive and that's what triggers the need to get naked..” I chuckle at his answer, then stifle a yawn as I lay my head on his shoulder. “Why don't you just try to get some sleep, maybe the kid will keep the kicks to himself now..” He suggests and I silently accept the suggestion.

My eyes drop closed quicker than thought they would, and feel sleep overcoming me in a matter of minutes. But I feel his lips drop a quick kiss on my forehead before I'm completely out, and I can't help but think there are some good things about being here.

Chapter Seven

I'm sure that my pregnancy is growing... speeding up abnormally now. I know it's only been a few days since the doctors informed me that I am just going into my seventh month. But I swear that just overnight my stomach has expanded. Michael and Max discuss it all the time, privately. I'm sure both are worried, but they refuse to discuss it with me. Typical though, figures that I'm the one going through it and they won't tell me anything. At least I have Isabel, she tries to reassure me about everything, and sometimes I can almost believe she's telling me the truth.

I sigh quietly to myself and turn onto my side, staring at the body fast asleep beside me. It surprises me at first, considering I went to bed with Isabel lying next to me, but now it is more than likely late into the night and Isabel is gone, instead Michael lies here, sleeping like a rock.

I reach out silently, letting my fingers gently smooth over his face and down to his shoulder. My hormones are too off base for my liking. If the doctors or Pierce had given the boys something differently to wear, maybe I wouldn't always be feeling so... well, horny really. They get no shirts and sometimes I really feel for them considering how cold it gets in here, and other times... well lets just say whoever decided to give us these bodies when they sent us here... kudos. At least they get pants though, even if you can see everything through them.... can I say yum?

Jesus... my hand is still sliding over his bare shoulder, I'm practically molesting Michael in his sleep... Do I have no shame? No... No I don't.

I gasp, sort of freaked out when his eyes snap open with no warning to lock with mine, but the flash that hits me next really sets me on edge.

'We can be hanged for this. If your father knew.... if he knew about our meetings, about this... they would surely hang me... you're married now, Meara..' I close my eyes as Rath whispers these words to me in between sweet kisses along my shoulders.

Today is my wedding day... or rather it was this morning. I'm no longer the youngest daughter of the King and Queen of Antar, no longer am I just simply Rath's partner in crime... or the whispered conversations of being his lover, no longer am I princess in her castle. I am now a Queen to the enemies, and I am to be shipped tomorrow morning with my husband to my new land, to new people.... to no longer see anyone I love.

'I hate him... I hate them for doing this to me, to us.' I whisper back and turn to look my lover in the eyes... beautiful hazel eyes that I can see the tiniest spark of sorrow in them. He's trying to be strong, shield me from his pain, but he doesn't have to, I can feel it either way. 'They are sending me away, they made me marry him because they know you would never marry Vilandra if I was around... can't they see that it is not me who loves Khivar... can't they see her sneaking off to his room at night, for who knows how long since he came here to take my hand in marriage..' I trail off and close my eyes. We don't say anything more, right now... this is our time, we won't have another.

I reel back and would have fallen from the bed if Michael hadn't caught my waist just in time. The memories are coming back, but why now? I don't understand, but as I catch Michael's eyes... the same hazel from all my memories, I know he had been my lover in our past life, and I know I wasn't the only receiving that flash.

“Have you always gotten the flashes?” He questions quietly and all I can do is nod as I stare at him. “Me too...” He says and I feel little comfort with that.

“They confuse me half the time.” I speak quietly so I won't wake the others. “And I can feel the pain in them. I was married to a horrible man that I my parents basically sold me to. And I was in love with another that was going to marry my sister.” I close my eyes, feeling tears building behind them. My memories are catching up to me again and I just don't want it to be now, I have too much on my plate as it is.

“I know.” He says quietly, I know he has most of the same memories, after all, he was my lover in our last life. My eyes open and I look at him as his hand slides across my cheek, brushing away a few tears that had already fallen.

“I don't want our baby to be born here.” I whisper quietly.

“I know... I don't want that either.” I have to believe his words, because what man would want their child born at a lab to be tested upon. I stare at him as his hand brushes away hair from my face and I know my breathing changes as he leans it.

It takes me by surprise at the intense pleasure and freedom I feel as his lips touch down on mine. Gentle and soft at first, feather light, but then it's more... more pressure, more feeling... more passion. There's nothing I can do but respond and it feels so good, like I had been waiting for this my entire life, waiting for this feeling again. It's like shock waves going through me as his hand slides down my arm to my hip, cupping it and pulling me closer. It doesn't even phase either of us as my rounded stomach bumps his and we have space between us.

My mouth opens almost at the same time as his and out tongues meet, but before anything else can happen, I feel this shock through out my body and pull away to yelp in pain.

We stare at each other for a moment, confused, happy, feeling like we're on a high, but something catches my attention and I frown, a pained expression on my face.

“I think I'm leaking.” I say weakly and am not surprised by the painful cramp that hits my stomach, though it does hurt.

“You're wha....” His eyes are furrowed in the cutest way, a scowl on his face until he seems to realize that the bed down below is being soaked through. “Your water broke.” It rushes out and all I can do is nod.

He jumps from the bed, flipping on all the lights, and I can't help but laugh with some pain how Isabel yells for them to be turned off and Max just sits up confused.

“Maria's having the baby..” I am silent throughout this as Isabel jumps up and Max is by my side in an instant. I have people that care about my well being in here, at least I can be happy about that. But before anything else can happen, and I am sure that Max and Michael had been planning to deliver this baby in here for some reason, the door is almost thrown off it's hinges as Pierce comes strolling in with his guards.

The next few minutes go by in a quick blur with screaming and thrashing, but now from me, from the others, I'm starting to feel the contractions and the pain and it's all I can do to just concentrate on that as I am put onto a stroller and taken out of the room.

They give me nothing for the pain, but they shoot drugs into me anyways, I think it's to speed up the labor and to make sure my powers don't suddenly come back when the baby is here. And I'm crying now, because I don't want to have my baby here, because even though I'm huge, I'm afraid it's too early for my baby to be born, because I'm afraid of what they'll do to us and my child when it comes out.

More minutes pass, it seems like forever as I'm told to push and I have a nurse at my side instructing me to do this and that, push and breath through the pain and all I can think is that I want to be out of this hell hole, and then I hear a wail. My baby's wail, and the tears are still pouring down my face.

I'm a mother.

Chapter Eight

It's been a week since I gave birth to this beautiful baby girl that I'm holding in my arms right this second. She has her father's eyes, it's all I've been able to think about. This child, how I'll care for her, what I'll name her, how will she turn out? I don't know any of those things yet.

They haven't allowed me back to the room with the others, and I feel for Michael, he's probably pacing around, going out of his mind with worry along with the others. But I know, the second the baby and I go through that door, that things will be okay, because giving birth to her, it had given me more faith that we will get out of this place. I have yet to name her, I don't want to pick something that Michael might hate, after all, it is his child too.

The nurse from when I was giving birth visits me daily, checking on mother and baby is the way she says it. Sometimes I'll catch her giving me this worried sympathetic look like she knows something is about to go down, but won't let me in on the big secret. The more she looks at me that way, the more my faith wavers and I don't like that at all.

My eyes move along the simple white room I'm in as I stand with baby Guerin in my hands. I wonder if they even know I've been feeling little shocks of my powers coming back, like right now, I can hear people walking down the hall. It's a part of me that I had never really picked up on, being able to hear better than normal humans, but now I live to hear those footsteps coming down the hallway. I think they had to lay low on whatever they were giving me, because of the baby mostly, they don't know if it will hurt her... they must think I'm this mega idiot not to notice.

I move back against the wall, holding my child to my chest, and she's just calm, staring up at me with her beautiful eyes, not a care in the world. I don't trust any of the new doctors they have coming to me, at least the old ones I had gotten used to, the only person I can bear to talk to now is that nurse who treats me like Maria and not like a lab rat.

“Miss Deluca... you're going to be joining your friends today.” The nurse is the first to enter and first to speak as she walks around the room, and she's collecting the things they'd given me to take care of the baby. So they are allowing me to take her with me, I would have died fighting against them if they had even tried to keep me away from her. “They've all been very worried about you, I told them they shouldn't. Mother and baby are in perfect shape, but we just had to make sure that there were no side effects to an alien birth. You understand, right?” She questions me and I simply nod slightly.

Sure I understand, they want to make sure that my child and I weren't defected in some way, with something I could take back and spread around, after all, they only have so many aliens to work with.

I make a noise in the back of my throat, frowning as the nurse takes my baby, then guides me to sit in what looks like a wheelchair, only there are binds to go around my ankles and wrists.

“Don't worry Miss Deluca, I'll be handing you back your precious little girl as soon as we arrive at the room.” Imagine my surprise that they didn't knock me out this time, or wheel me out in pain like the last time. I can see every hall and maze, and I quickly map it down in my head as I am wheeled through some dark halls, then brighter ones.

They've kept me far away from the others, I realize they had suspected I could be gaining powers again, otherwise they wouldn't have cared where they put me, as long as I was in a separate room.

I bow my head a little, closing my eyes as a door opens in front of me and I am wheeled into the room. I can smell them all in here, weird really, but I can.. and I can sense them and it feels so wonderful.

I slowly look up and as soon as I do, I can see the others. Isabel, Max, and Michael, lined up against the wall, standing there, looking anxious and still pissed off, but there.. and underneath that, I can see happiness at having me back. It takes a few seconds for me to realize that they have armed men guarding them, making them stay in spot, she was sure if they hadn't been there, that she'd been crushed among three bodies, what a way to die.

One of the doctors they had assigned to me is undoing the binds and I my legs are a bit wobbly as I stand, but I do stand and I wait. It seems like forever until the nurse comes in behind us, and I can hear the intake of breath from the three against the wall as my daughter is set in my arms.

I hear, more then see, the guards leaving, and most of the doctors, only the nurse left. And in those two minutes, the other three are around me, blocking me in a protective triangle. Questions are thrown from two sides by the Evans' siblings, but Michael is silent and I think he knows I'm okay now.

“She's beautiful.” He says simply and I smile.

“Yes.” I agree, then gesture to hand her over. He looks nervous, but takes his daughter and he looks so happy in that moment, it makes my heart swell. He reaches a finger out and her tiny hand reaches up to lock a fist around his finger, very large compared to her tiny ones. I watch a surprised expression pass over his face and I know he's felt that shock, the same shock I felt the first time I held her. Our baby's got some powers stored in her tiny little body. She gives a little giggle when he leans down to kiss she cheek and he grins before the nurse makes it disappear.

“It's only gas, she's far too young to actually laugh.” The nurse informs us, then tells us she'll be back later for a check-up before leaving. I watch her leave then turn back to Michael and our child.

“Your beard tickles.” I say simply, and everyone looks at me with confusion, but I simply smile and watch Michael pass our child to Isabel, “Your beard Michael, it tickled her when you kissed her.”

“How do you know that?” Max questions, looking at Michael once, then looking at Isabel with the baby.

“It's a connection. Our daughter has some power in her, Michael. And she's using it. She'll connect with you soon too, I know it.” I shrug a little and take her back, moving to sis on the bed I just know that Michael and I will be sharing now.

“What did you name her?” Michael questions, following after me and sitting next to me on the bed.

“I haven't.” I tell him, glancing at him with a small smile. “It didn't seem right without you there. So now is the time to pick out a name she likes. Any suggestions?”

“Yes actually, Kyra.” He looks at me, almost begging me to remember, but he doesn't have to. I remember the little girl, he doesn't even need to ask silently.

“Kyra it is then. You like that honey?” I look at my girl, our girl as she touches Michael's fingers again. I know it's right to name her that now... after a child we almost had in another life.

Chapter Nine

It's only been a few days since I've been brought back to the main room with the others, but I can't stop this feeling that something is really off. It doesn't quite feel as safe as it had those many months we'd been left alone while I went through my pregnancy. I can just feel this dread in the air, that something major is going to happen and none of us know what.

We can all feel it, even little Kyra. It's why none of us have been getting much sleep, it's why at night Michael makes Kyra and I sleep against the wall even though it's his usual spot, it's why Kyra is fussy all the time, refusing to sleep most of the time, alert.

Something is going to happen, we just have no clue as to what it is.

At this moment, my panic and fear is slightly pushed back by motherhood. Kyra is gazing up at me with her sleepy eyes as I breast feed, her resting on my stomach and chest. Michael is sitting up next to me, just watching and it's weird that I don't feel the least bit uncomfortable with him, well, starring at my chest, but I know he's not really, he's just watching his daughter.

It's late, and I can only tell that by Isabel's sleeping form across the room and Max's quiet snores, and from the fact that it must have been at least a few hours ago I had finally fallen asleep, only to be awakened by my lovely, yet hungry little girl.

Just watching her, or watching Michael watch her, it sets me at ease, as if I know that whatever comes our way, we will break through the barriers and take back what's ours, or that we will fight back and survive.

“She's going back to sleep.” Michael's voice doesn't surprise me as it probably would have any other time, maybe it's because I've been watching him, or maybe it's just that I'm getting extremely comfortable with him, I'm almost afraid of being separated when we get out of here... because no one knows what will happen then.

“I know.” I inform him softly, looking down at Kyra who has stopped feeding and is now just sleeping on my chest. I glance back at him, smiling gently as he reaches over and plucks her easily from me without waking her. I shiver and feel my nipples tighten as his hand brushes my breast and it causes me to blush. Not that the reaction hasn't happened before, but he hasn't ever touched me or seen the reaction and as I look at him now, I realize he's too busy lying back down and letting Kyra lie on her stomach on top of him, that he didn't even notice the brush or my reaction. Figures... oh well.

I quickly pull my shirt back down and lie back against my pillows, pulling the cover up to my chin as I gaze at him tiredly. He slowly looks back at me and smiles that soft smile that I have only seen directed at Kyra and myself, it makes my skin tingle and my insides melt.

“Go to sleep Maria, I'll take care of Kyra.” I know I wouldn't have agreed any other night, I would have stayed up too and we would have made quiet conversation before drifting to sleep, but I have already been woken 4 times tonight and I'm exhausted, so I take Michael up on his offer and close my eyes. I smile slightly when I feel him reach out and brush hair out of my face before drifting off.

When I finally come to, obviously hours later, I know something is off, I don't even have to open my eyes to figure it out. My eyes snap open anyways though and I sit up straight in bed. I frown and glance around, finding everyone else sleeping, which is odd, because of how hard I can sleep sometimes, especially since having Kyra, the others basically take rounds being awake so no one comes in and stirs up trouble.

My heart jumps into my throat as I look at Michael and don't find our daughter sleeping on his chest like I would have any other day. I make a small choked sound in the back of the throat as I notice a red mark on the inner part of his arm, a puncture wound. My heart is raising and my vision is getting blurry.

“Michael..” My voice is too raspy, and I know he can't hear me. I clear my throat and say his name louder as I reach out and shake his arm. He gasps and sit straight up like I had just poured water on him, and I glance across the room when at the exact same time, Isabel and Max are doing the same thing. “Kyra's gone Michael..” I say as I quickly get out of bed, holding onto it because I felt like I'd fall, but quickly gaining my balance.

I watch as confusion passes over his face, and then fear, and anger as he gets up, and I can tell that the fear is eating him up.. and maybe guilt. It clicks in my mind that they'd drug the others in the middle of the night so they wouldn't struggle, fight back, but remain sleeping and they could take Kyra, after all, hadn't that been what this was all about? Getting an human/alien baby.
I can't stop this panic that comes too, but it does fade slightly when my pillows go up in flames as I glare at them, accusing them of allowing me to sleep through this.

I step back in shock, but should have known. They hadn't been giving me anything to keep my powers at bay, although I hadn't really been able to use them, but now, in a time when I am furious and fearful, they come out, I should have known.

Everything after that is kinda blurry, fast and loud. Everyone.. including myself, is freaking out because Kyra is gone, and then my powers come to play and it seems like I just worsened the atmosphere.

I don't even think I'm breathing until the door flies open behind us and I feel fear swell up in me. What now? A man, an older man and a girl.

“Tess!” Max cries out and I flash around to search for Isabel's eyes, I don't even know why I'm looking to her for my silent questions, but she simply nods and I can see relief in her movements.

“Maria..” I snap back around and feel my legs buckle beneath me, in a flash, the man has come forward and is easily pulling me into his arms.

“Dad.” I whisper, feeling the tears in my eyes, but not letting any go. I need to be somewhat strong, for my missing daughter, for Michael. I can't break right now.

“We've got to get out of here.” I hear the older man, Nesado I'm guessing, say this and I pull myself out of my dad's arms too quickly, making me dizzy, but Michael's there to catch me as I stumble.

“We've got to find Kyra.” He says simply, roughly, and no one questions who Kyra is, at least not now.

“There's no one else here, but there's a bomb that's rigged to go off. We think it was set for none of you to be able to get out alive.” The girl says quickly and I watch as she hurries Max and Isabel to put on the shoes and coats she has for them.

I can't move. Everyone is gone and they've taken my daughter. No one even tries to get me to put on anything, I think they are too preoccupied with other things. It takes me whole minutes to realize I'm being picked up, Michael's carrying me and as I look up at his stone cold expression, I know he's feeling pain and guilt at that moment, but determination as we leave, and my dam breaks. I'm literally sobbing into his neck, and my dad keeps saying soothing things to me, that this is all over, that I'll be home soon, he doesn't know that I want to stay now, I want this to be a nightmare and I wake up next to Michael with Kyra in my arms.

I'd rather spend eternity in that room with just the four of us to keep Kyra, instead of being free and losing her.

Chapter Ten

Three days, twelve hours and twenty-three minutes. That's how long I've been free, that's how long we have all been free. The amount of time Michael and I have been without our daughter is certainly longer, but we can't be for sure when exactly she was taken.

I'm going out of my mind with worry and fear, and this painful feeling in my heart. I want my child back, but I have no idea where she is, where I can go to find her, save her, have her back with me. I cant be happy about being out of the lab, Michael understands that, but no one else does. We have explained, over and over again to my parents, to Kyle, Alex, and Liz... and to the Evans' who were told about their adopted children's real background while we were locked away, about the events that took place in that lab, about Kyra, about... well everything there is to be told.

Max and Isabel stay away from the touchy subject, I'm not sure if it's just because they don't want to relive those moments, or because they know it's painful for me and Michael.

God bless everyone though. They are trying so hard as I sink further into myself, but it doesn't help. I can't sleep most of the time, without my little girl, and my mother, who has taken permanent residence up in our home, won't allow Michael to stay with me, sooth me to sleep. I know she goes off the handle every time she comes in to check on me and Michael's with me, though I'm never awake for those moments.

The only time I can sleep is with him near, be it my room or his, because I can't sleep on my own now, and I'm pretty sure that Isabel is loving having her own room and bed and back at home, so burdening her with my presence would be bad. Weird, isn't it. I should be glad to have my own space again, and yet I have thoughts of sneaking out when mom locks me in my room, to run to the Evans' home and climb into bed with Isabel.

I'm sure Kyle or Alex would have a field day with that if they knew. Funny, not even the thought of a new friend and my brother being perverted helps me any longer.

“I want her back.” I surprise myself with my words, and then I sigh as Michael lifts his eyes and looks at me. That silent look that tells me I can either continue with my sentence, say things I already have, or go back to the silence we've been sitting in for the past hour and be lost in my thoughts. “I'm going to take a shower.” I decide instead.

“I'll be here.” I manage a small lifting at the corner of my mouth. It's not quite a smile, but as close as I will ever come to one until Kyra is back in my arms.

“I know.” I say simply back. I know he will be here when I get out of the shower, because he's never anywhere else. He's with me almost 24-7 unless he needs to do something, school.. he's with me, work... he tries to get me to tag along with him, sometimes I refuse, and then he promises to be here at certain times when he gets off. Other times, when he has errands to run, or other things, he writes it all down, gives me an estimate time he'll be back. I think I should feel smothered, but I'm only greatful for it, and I have this feeling that he's doing it just as much for himself as for me.

I gather my clothes and walk slowly to the shower, pausing briefly at Kyle's door as I hear laughter. I feel my shoulders slump and depressing thoughts enter my mind, but I brush them away, refusing to think when all I need is a hot shower and then I'll be fine... for the moment anyways.

I wish I could have my old life back, but I can't... and I'm stuck with this one. Making plans daily to find Kyra, but nothing panning out, feeling this tearing pain throughout my entire being, watching everyone else seemingly moving on and I'm standing in the same spot.. but at least I'm not entirely alone. I have Michael, it's that simple thought that keeps me alive I think.

I sigh as I let the hot water run over me. It's refreshing, it's... well it makes me feel better and think less. That's always a plus.

I go for the shampoo, feeling a smirk crossing my lips as my hand pauses over mine before going straight for Michael's non-scented shampoo, but before I make contact, I gasp and a weird, almost painful jolt washes over me. I slip a little and have to quickly slide down the shower wall to sit in the tub. I close my eyes and it hits me again, only this time it's with a sound.

“Kyra..” I mutter, disbelieving what I'm hearing. It's my child's cries. Oh my poor baby is calling me. I actually hear myself cry out as another hits me, but it's a bit more painful and I hear here crying louder, and I see... things. Signs, places... doctors.. so many doctors.

My eyes snap open and a determined spark is probably in them, I'm almost positive of it. I turn off the water, grab a towel and don't even bother to dry off or put on my clothes as I wrap myself up and walk almost zombie like back to my bedroom, where no doubtedly, Michael is still sitting on my bed, reading his book.

His eyes quickly look up at me as I enter, and then this painful look crosses his face. I watch his eyes close, then open and he seems to be confused about something, but I can't dwell on that right now.

“I know where Kyra is.” We both say at the same time. I pause from my stride into the room and he pauses from throwing his book on my night stand. We glance at each other, and then move. I go for my closet to get more clothes, and he goes for the door. I know he's going to tell the others.

We can get her back. And we will, even if it means killing to do so.

Chapter Eleven

I'm alert. Maybe too much. My nerves are on end and it has the others worried. I can almost see the wheels turning in Max's head and Tess keeps turning around from her seat in the front of the car to stare at me... at us. Michael and Me. Maybe I wouldn't be so jumpy if I wasn't putting the life of my child in the hands of two strangers.

And no amount of knowledge from our past life, something I can hardly remember except for those few moments with my lover, will make Tess and Nesado any less of strangers. I'm still confused about a lot of things, about the past and present, but until I have Kyra back in my arms, I am willing to set them aside and wait for the answers I truly want.

I look over at Michael as his hand wraps around mine, and I give him the most sincere smile I can muster.

“I wish Isabel was with us.” I whisper quietly to him and he just gives me that look, the one that says he's thinking the same thing. It doesn't surprise me really, that his mind is on the same thing as mine. Great minds think alike after all.

Everyone wanted to go, when hours before Michael and I told them we knew exactly where Kyra was and that we were getting her back. But it wasn't really possible, to take everyone, it would be a liability.

So we made a plan.

No humans could come. It sounds harsh and cruel, but we need power people, and no matter how much Kyle talks up his power drives, football moves are not real powers. It's safer for him to stay behind anyways. I don't think I could live with myself if anything were to happen to my family.

After a while, almost every agreed to the plan. Isabel was set to stay. There are too many unprotected people we're leaving behind for there not to be at least one major power person among the group. Max argued against his leaving his sister behind, of course, just as much as Kyle protested about being left behind. But I was obviously able to get away from Kyle and Max is being quiet now. I think Michael quietly pulled him aside and explained that I couldn't leave my family, and his friends, alone with a stranger. I think he's beginning to understand that some things aren't really adding up.

There are just too many unknown secrets for all of this to be a big misunderstand of sorts... alien wise anyways. If Tess and Nesado remember as much as they say they do, then why did they never mention me? The long lost sister and enemy's queen, the lover to the second in command? How could they forget to mention me? Unless they, of course, are working some sort of angle.

But I refuse to dwell on those things now.. especially since I'm starting to get flashes this very moment.

I squeeze Michael's hand as tightly as possible, feeling him tense beside me as images go through my mind, and I'm sure his too, and the familiar jolt of pain accompanies them. They are quicker this time though, and in a matter of seconds, I am slumped back against the seat with my eyes close, but Michael has recovered quicker than me and is gently stroking the back of my hand as he gives Nesado, who is driving, orders.

We're getting closer. The flashes are becoming more persistent, like Kyra knows we're just around the corner and is urging us to get there faster.

My eyes snap open, and I can feel Michael's worried gaze tear away from me as we both stare at the same building. It looks like an old abandoned warehouse, but we both know that behind the crusty exterior, is a lab where our child lays screaming her little lungs out for us. And this time around, no one is going to stand between us.

Chapter Twelve

My head hurts. That's the only thing going through my mind in this instant. I can't see, my vision is a little too blurry for my liking, and for just a brief second, I'm deaf. These are scary feelings, scary thoughts, but they are true.

We came into this building, prepared to take back what is mine, but we weren't prepared for the battle that ensued. I can't even think that clearly at the moment. I remember walking in; I remember hearing Kyra, seeing her for the first time since she'd been taken.

I can remember reaching for her, almost there, and then…

Oh, that's right. Nesado. The bastard. He wasn't the protector he was supposed to be, at least not for us, only for Tess. I think Michael killed him, I'm not sure, but I know one thing for sure, his blast hurt. Hurt badly.

“Maria! Get your ass up right now! Do not die on us now, Kyra needs you!” Max, I realize, is screaming at me. I think I had begun to drift away, I wasn't sure… but I realize now that I can see, I can hear. I HAD been dying, I had been about to leave my baby… Leave my mother and father, Kyle… and Michael. I'd been about to leave them all, letting my thoughts drift away from me… into that dark void.

I won't let it happen. I can't. I'm needed here.

My eyes snap open and I find Michael and Max facing off against Tess and a few other people I never saw. Oh god… they were aliens. I knew they were, knew it in my gut. They were protecting Tess, as Nesado had. I scan the room quickly, trying to find my daughter, my precious girl, and I spot her. Lying where she had been when we first walked in, still wailing.

Her tiny voice, which had seemed so strong in my mind, could hardly be heard over all the screaming, all the yelling and fighting. I had to get to her, I just had to. I couldn't let anything happen to her. I'd go crazy.

And then she just stops. She stops crying, stops screaming her little lungs off. As if she knows I'm coming to her, that I'm here now, to save her from freak aliens.

That's right baby, Mommies got you.

I'm almost two feet away when her screaming starts again. I freeze, my blood starts rushing throughout my entire body and it seems as though my heart speeds up. And that's when I realize that she's not the only one screaming. So am I, it reaches my ears before the pain explodes in my back, spreading down to my legs and making them jelly-like. I collapse and my scream fades into a whimpering painful whine.

I can feel it all now. I can feel where someone's blast has hit me, where it's spreading. And I can almost feel myself giving up. After all, why does Kyra need me so badly? She'll have Michael to take care of her, and my mother, she'll have them all, they'll all take care of her, I know they will.

I grunt my teeth and open my eyes, throwing my hand up and hitting the bitch's leg with my fireball. Tess. I knew something was funny about her, ever since I heard about her taking off with Nesado, and then magically appearing to rescue us, after Kyra is taken? It never settled well with me. And now I know why. Their deal, the one they made with our enemies, all of them. They pulled that damn deal with the Special Forces to get us out of the compound. The baby for us, and now, they've come with us to collect my baby, kill us and hand her over to Khivar's hands. Never.

I don't think much as I feel the heat spreading in my palms again and I let another fireball go, bigger then the one before and in an instant, the blue eyed alien that had everyone fooled is no longer here. She is but a pile of ashes at the feet of Kyra.

I smile then, closing my eyes and finally letting my body rest on the hard ground. I can feel Michael and Max, they're winning. We'll come out on top. I did my job. I saved my baby. They'd take care of Kyra. She was family, it was what you did.

I can barely hear Michael's voice now, calling out to me, but Kyra's wailing is still loud. She'll be fine. I know that. I have to trust that the others will make sure of it.

“It doesn't hurt much…” I murmur before everything goes dark and silent.

Chapter Thirteen - The Final Chapter

My body aches. That's the first thing I realize as I come back to the world. That, and the fact that I'm freezing cold. I open my eyes then shut them against the bright light that shines back. My entire being seems to still as I try to remember where I am, what happened to put me here. And for the life of me, I can't remember. My mind is completely blank. Why can't I remember?

Oh God! Am I still at the compound? Are they running more tests? No... I realize very quickly that 'that' is not so. They wouldn't have bothered to put clothes on me and wouldn't have cared about my comfort. I am very comfortable, clothed in cotton, covered by a nice fluffy comforter, if not helping in the warmth aspect, it is still nice. None of those doctors or any of the FBI could care the least about my comfort or any other aliens for that matter. What they cared about was getting their samples, keeping their 'hostages' alive long enough to do their stupid experiements.

Kyra! My eyes open again and this time I care little about my stinging eyes. It takes me a few minutes but I can finally see, and see I do. I'm in my own room, in my own bed, my own clothes, my own everything. And then all the memories come running back. It almost hurts, remembering everything. And I do remember everything. Every needle stuck in my skin, every test run, every moment of weakness after they took my daughter, every life I took to protect her, and what hurts the most is the fact I had been ready to die, ready to give up. But I would do it all over again, just to know my daughter is safe and sound. And if I'm in my home, that means that she is safe and sound, and here. I'll have her in my arms soon.

My thoughts stop dead on as I slowly stand, a little wobbly, which surprises me because Max had to have healed me for me to be even breathing at the moment. But I stand anyways and head out the door on my jelly-ish legs. I can clearly hear someone humming a lullaby and my heart thumps loudly in my chest as I realize whoever that is must have my daughter. My precious daughter. I've lost so much time with her. Every little second away from her, every minute and hour, everyday that I had been laid up in my bed, just wishing for her back. It was all leading up to this moment.

"My baby." I say quietly, my words nothing more than a harsh whisper. My throat hurts so bad, like I haven't spoken in years, or like I've just spent the last few hours screaming non-stop. But I'm almost sure that is not possible. Maybe it has been just that though, hours since our storm on that warehouse. Hours since we had killed humans and skins and our own kind to get our baby back.

I stop in the entrance to the den watching as Michael continues to hum to our child. They both look so charming and peaceful, Michael holding Kyra in his arms and rocking her in the chair. So peaceful. I close my house for a second, not wanting to intrude and just memorizing this. I wish I had a camera. What would my mother be saying right now? Oh yes, this is definately a Kodac moment.

"Maria!" I jump at the loud voice and instantly begin to form a fireball in my hand, ready for action and anyone who dares to come between me and my family again. I quickly realize though, that it is merely my brother, having come up behind me and will the fireball away, surprised that this time, it actually vanishes back into my palm. I look at Kyle for a second before turning my eyes back to my love and our child. Wow, this is the weirdest time to realize you love someone. But I do. I love Michael.

I love him for helping me get through our time in that compound, almost the same way I love Isabel for being my confident and letting me cry on her shoulder in our roughest times there. I love him for his part in my pregnancy, for his little men that gave us Kyra, even if it was against our will. I think I love him most for putting his life on the line to save Kyra. I love them all for that. For getting Kyra back.

We may have had problems, and still do, But I love him. I think I love him more then every right now. The picture of innocence, starring at me with surprise while our child stares up at me calmly.

"You're awake." Michael states the obvious and close my eyes once again and smile. For a second I had forgotten what his voice sounded like. My eyes shoot open as Kyra starts to cry. I quickly forget my weakened state and walk forward, tears beginning to form in my eyes as I reach out and for the first time in what seems like years, I take my baby into my arms.

I cry quietly, tears of joy as Michael stands and lets me take his spot in the rocking chair. I look up at him and don't have to say anything to know that he is as much grateful as I am to have her back. He squeezes my shoulder before nodding his head at Kyle and they both leave me in peace with my daughter.

"Hi Kyra. I don't know how well you remember." I whisper quietly, watching as her tiny eyes blink up at my sleepily. "But I'm your mommy, and your going to love me, I promise. Your daddy and I will always keep you safe, nothing will ever come between us again. Nothing." Her eyes close and I feel the familiar spark of our connection spur to life. I close my eyes too, starting to rock and hum the same tune Michael had been humming just moments before. She believes me. And that's all that matters.


"Are you going to tell her?" Kyle asks, fear and concern lace his face as he glances towards the room where his sister now rests with his niece.

"I don't know. Max thinks it would only make matters worse. We don't know if it'll happen again. It could have been a one time thing. She might never remember." Michael shook his head, closing his eyes and running a hand over his face. Times like these were difficult. "I don't think we can all just tip-toe around this, one of us will slip... and then she'd know and be furious, or maybe even slip back into... *her*."

Kyle sighed, but nodded. He was new to all this alien business where things were dangerous. He wished he could go back to a time when the only danger they had was being grounded by mom because they had 'set fire' to something in the house. Atleast then, he could protect Maria and she actually knew it and loved him for it. "We're gonna have to figure it all out and soon." He picked up the phone, dialing the familiar number of his fathers office, wanting to let everyone know about Maria being awake. "She was out of it for two weeks. Correction, she's had a murdering bitch possessing her for two fucking weeks. We're going to have to do something."

Kyle turned from Michael then as his father finally picked up and for the first time in a while, he had a good surprise for him. "Guess what Dad!? Maria's back."

* The End *


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