Title: The Sidekick
Author: Fate
Category: MM, AU
Rating: adult
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell nor the characters in it.
Summary: Superheroes and sidekicks. Michaelís POV
Author's Note: I came up with this because of a dream I had.

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Batman has his Robin (and you can’t forget his Batgirl), Superman has his Superwoman, The Hulk has his Shehulk and Spiderman has his.... well... he doesn’t have anyone, that’s why he’s so cool but that’s beside the point. Most superheroes have their sidekicks and I am one of them.

They call me The Protector, trusty sidekick to The King (sounds like Elvis a bit, don’t you think?). Oh and we can’t forget Princess another one of King’s trusty sidekicks.

It seems that the sidekicks reward is to be unnoticed, I am tired of being unnoticed. Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you my story, but I trust you to keep my identity and the identity of my brother and sister a secret.

The Villain & The Temptress

Every superhero has his (or her!) villain, in our case we have Khivar, one of the many evil doers of the world. The King’s arch nemesis, Khivar. And just like other superheroes and their villains, no matter how many times we beat him, he just keeps coming back for more. We protect the innocent and we try to protect the innocence of the not-so-innocent.

“Hey Elvis,” I said to Maxwell, the nickname I gave him seems to annoy him more than flatter him.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?” Maxwell asked walking towards me with a bouquet of daisies in his hand.

“Aw, Max, for me?” I said sickenly sweet, “You shouldn’t have.”

Max glared at me. “They’re for Liz, Michael,” he said in his authoritative voice.

I rolled my eyes, “Ahh... the promiscuous little Miss Parker.”

“Liz is not promiscuous.”

“Not what I saw last night.”

“What?!” Max pushed me to the wall as I let out a dry laugh.

“Chill, Elvis, it’s called a joke.”

Max let go of me as Isabel walked in and ignored both Max and I.

Every superhero has his girl, Batman had Catwoman, Robin had Batgirl, Superman had Lois Lane. In Max’s case, he’s got Princess. Heh... just kidding. He’s got the little perfect Miss Liz Parker, the librarian. Dull, dull, dull... dull.... dull. Dull. See, I don’t think it’s possible to be that... well? Dull. So sometimes I stake out the corners to see if she’s working... unfortunately, I haven’t found her... yet. That girl’s too perfect to not be doing something crazy like that. Princess has her man, at least, that’s what I think, she’s been sneaking out lately.

The City of Antar flashed the crown into the sky and we’re immediately on call. We stood atop a building in the perfect poster pose for superheroes and their sidekicks. Princess on the King’s left, dressed in red, her long blond hair accentuating the sparkling tiara from the moonlit sky, a silver mask covered her eyes, she had long white leather gloves with matching leather boots, and a short pink cape.

The King, in the middle, wears a short royal blue cape and a golden crown. He wears purple, the color of royalty, spandex. Yes, kiddo, S-P-A-N-D-E-X, there are some thing that men don’t need to see on other men. That is one of those things.

I am to the left of Elvis, dressed in black leather. I have black leather pants, kind of tight but loose enough to be able to do anything in them. A tight black shirt, a long black cape, a black mask, black rubber boots, and black rubber gloves. My jet black hair slicked back as opposed to its usual dirty blond spikes.

We watched as a man in a suit exited the building, he looked in both directions and carefully stepped into another building. I didn’t recognize this man... there’s a new villain in Antar City.

We jumped off the building and landed on our feet with perfect ease. Knowing the city well and the buildings, we each took a different entrance into the building without a word said. Stealthily, I slipped in unnoticed. Instantly, I noticed an odd smell, it smelled like... like... crack (grapefruit juice). Don’t ask how I know. Hiding behind some big waste bins, I watched as the man in the suit with the slicked back hair talked with some of the grungy workers dealing with the white powder.

Suddenly, a girl in a black leather suit with a long cape and long legs came diving down. Right on to the dude with the suit.

“Temptress!” the guy said in such a terrified voice.

“Pierce!” the Temptress said.

“I’d stop right now if I were you, Temptress,” Pierce sneered.

“I wouldn’t be talking if I were in you’re position, Pierce,” Temptress retorted.

“Actually... “ Pierce motioned to the other guys, “I wouldn’t be talking if I were in your position.”

There were men surrounding her with their guns drawn.

“Come closer and Pierce gets it,” the Temptress said as she threatened them.

I couldn’t tell whether she was bluffing or not, but something told me that she wasn’t.

The Temptress squeezed his throat.

“Stand down!” barked Pierce.

The men lowered their weapons. The Temptress lessoned her pressure. Pierce took this as a chance to jab her in the knee and he took off.

“What are you waiting for, idiots? Shoot her!” Pierce barked his order at his goons.

The Temptress thought quickly as she took a device in her hand and shot up make her fly upwards.

As if on cue, the three of us closed in on Pierce and his goons.

I fought the goons as I watched the Temptress fly back down and fight her way towards Pierce. I fought off the goons easily, I tried to beat ‘The Temptress’ to him. Unfortunately we ended up fighting for control over him.

“What are you doing?” The Temptress asked frustratingly.

“Taking this guy in,” I responded.

“Over my dead body, I’ve been after Pierce since forever,” The Temptress said, her ruby red lips moving in a tantalizing way.

“Well he’s in Antar now.”

“But he belongs in Roswell.”


“Yes, and he’s mine.”

“Awww, I didn’t think you cared, sweetcheeks,” Pierce said.

“Shut-up!” Both the temptress and I yelled as the Temptress slapped him over the head.

“He belongs to me so move out of the way.”

I don’t know how, or when, but Pierce had suddenly disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

The Temptress screamed with frustration and stomped off, probably in search for Pierce.

Elvis called the local authorities as we all left. Princess and him left in the Snobmobile as I took off in my motorcycle.

I decided to take a detour so I could take a break from the mighty pain-in-the-asses. As I was ripping through the highway I heard a motorcycle rev it’s engine behind me I slowed down to take a peek behind me.

The Temptress. On a motorcycle. With her cape and her blond hair flying behind her. She caught up with me as she tried to pull me over. I decided to stop at my spot.

As we both got off our bikes she began to push me.

“Just who do you think you are? It’s your fault he got away, and I’m so tired of having to chase his ass down in every single fucking city!”

“My fault?! It’s your fault that he got away, if you would just let me arrest him...”

“He belongs in Roswell, not Antar,” her green emerald eyes sparkled, “Who are you anyway? The Jackass?”

My eyes narrowed. “The Protector, what are you? The Slut?”

Her emerald eyes flashed with danger, and for once, I think I was actually scared for my life.

“Temptress, although, I’m sure you don’t have one in your life.”

My pride took the best of me. “I have had lots of women!”

“Mmmhmmm... you’re hand doesn’t count, Protector.”

“Hey just because you’re a lesbian who’s jealous that I get more women than you.”

The Temptress laughed a wondrous laugh, “Honey, I don’t have to be a lesbian to get more women than you.”

I growled at her, she was really getting on my nerves. “I don’t have to stand here to take your abuse!”

The Temptress laughed at me once again. “You’re even acting like a woman.”

I walked towards my bike ignoring her.

“Nice hair!” she bit sarcastically.

I stopped. You can take shots at my siblings, you can take shots at me, hell, you can take shots at my bike... BUT you do NOT diss the hair. “What?”

Her ruby red kissable lips curved. Her green eyes shined in a challenge. “You heard what I said, Jackass.” With that she turned her cape flowing high behind her, and I couldn’t help but to think, ‘Nice Ass.’


After our little brawl, I went back to Max and Isabel’s house to drop off my bike and pick up my other non-superhero bike. I rode back to my apartment unable to keep my mind off of the loudmouth temptress.

As I walked up to my apartment, Kyle Valenti, my neighbor, was outside smoking a cigarette. His eyes lit up as he saw me approach him.

“Hey, Michael,” Kyle said.

“Hey, Kyle,” I replied. “What’s up?”

Kyle smiled. “My sister’s coming tomorrow.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Sister? I didn’t know you had a sister?”

“Well, she’s not exactly my sister, she’s more of my step sister, but we’ve been steps for so long that we’re more like actual siblings than fake ones.”

I nodded.

“I haven’t seen her in years.”

“You don’t go visit?”

“No, I can’t stand that town, my parents have visited a couple times, but not her.”

“Where’s she from?”


The world seemed to stop right then. Maybe I could find out from her about the Temptress. My mind began to wander as I thought of the Temptress. Her dark green emerald eyes, her beautiful blond hair, her luscious ruby red lips...


I snapped out of my stupor.


“Dude, you okay? You kinda spaced out there for a bit.”

“Sorry about that, hard day at work.”


“Okay, well I’m gonna head in then, I’ll talk to you later okay, Kyle?”

“Yeah sure, oh hey, I forgot, Tess wanted to know if you, Max, and Is, would like to have dinner with us tomorrow night, we kinda want to give Maria a nice welcome party.”

“Ummm, I’ll see if they’re busy, but I’ll definitely come, I mean, I can’t pass up a chance at good food.”

Kyle chuckled. “Alright, but be warned, when Tess gets excited about something, you might want to bring your own food.”

I laughed. “You better not let Tess hear that, goodnight, Valenti.”

“Laters, Guerin.”

So I walked into my homey apartment and straight to the phone. Max’s gruffy voice answered the phone.

“Hey, Elvis,” I said, being overly cheerful.

“What do you want, Michael?” Max asked sternly.

Slowly I relayed the details to Elvis, as if I were talking to a child of the mentally ill.

“God! Michael! Is there a point to this???” Max finally blew up.

I chuckled as I said “TessandKyleinvitesyouandIsovertotheapartmenttohavedinnertomorrownight.” Then I hung up on him and unplugged my phone.

Annoying prick-ass brother.

Searching through my near empty fridge I couldn’t stop thinking about The Temptress’ lips. How it would feel against mine. Her body.... whoa! Time for a cold shower.

The Sister

After meeting for breakfast with the Snobsquad, I decided to go back to the apartment just to relax. On my way to the door I bumped into a woman carrying a suitcase and a purse. She wore a short black skirt with a olive green halter top. She had long legs that seemed to never end. Her hair was long, blond, and curly, it hung below her shoulders... but it was her eyes and her mouth that got me.

Her eyes were dark green and they shined, her lips were ruby red... tantalizing. Could it be? No! It couldn’t possibly be... could it?

We stared at each other for what seemed like forever. Her eyebrows scrunched up in a frown. There was a flash of something in her eyes that I couldn’t catch. Suddenly, Kyle’s door opened.


The woman’s mouth widened into a bright smile. Her eyes brightened.

“Kyle!” she dropped her suitcase, she and Kyle hugged. Kyle twirled her around as they both laughed with happiness.

That laugh...

I felt a sudden pain inside my chest. It hurt to watch her in his arms. It hurt to watch her be so happy in his arms.

“Michael, this is Maria Deluca, my sister,” Kyle said, the twinkle still in his eyes. His arms still around her.

I smiled at her. “Hi, nice to meet you.”

Maria’s cheeks were flushed and her hair was a bit wild. Her eyes shined with happiness. She smiled at me. A great wondrous smile.

“Nice to meet you too.”

I was hypnotized. The beauty in front of me stood there her piercing eyes looking into mine. I think Kyle noticed the instant attraction between the both of us.

A squeal broke our silence.


Maria whipped her head around to see a bouncing curly haired Tess.


The two girls hugged, suddenly it seemed like a start of every man’s fantasy.

Kyle picked up Maria’s suitcase and started to bring it into his apartment.

“Oh, Kyle, you don’t need to do that, I can carry it by myself.”

“Are you kidding? You’re a guest in my house, sis.”

So the day passed us by with me helping them out. I think I saw a look that Tess and Kyle gave each other. Uh-oh. Something’s going down, and I don’t like the smell of it.

I heard the doorbell ring as Tess went to answer it. Well what do you know? It’s Max... and Liz.

“Max. Parker,” I nodded at both of them.

“Michael,” Liz said.

Talk about putting a damper on the party.

“Max, Liz, this is Maria Deluca, my sister,” Kyle introduced Maria.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” Maria said sweetly.

I think Elvis’ mouth just dropped open, I took a look at Maria. She stood there with her loose curls bouncing. Her emerald green eyes twinkling with laughter. Her ruby red lips were spread in a smile that could light the room. Her face glowed with life. She was... magnificent.

Liz glared at Max as she dragged him away. Maria grinned at me and walked away, her hips swaying side to side.

Another knock echoed through the halls, this time, I answered.

And to my utter surprise, I couldn’t believe what I saw on the other side. Isabel... with a guy.

Apparently, it was a surprise to both Kyle and Tess. “Alex?”

“You guys know each other?” Isabel asked.

“Know him? We went to high school with him,” Kyle exclaimed.

“How ya doin’ Whitman?” Tess asked.

Before Alex could answer a loud gasp was heard and Alex’s name was said. Alex frowned and took a step forward.


WHAT?! Alex knows Maria?? Wait... duh... they went to high school together.

“OH MY GOD!” They both screamed.

A flash of blond flew before my eyes and Maria was in Alex’s arms as they laughed and hugged.

I watched Isabel as she visibly tensed. We made eye contact and nodded to each other. I felt my heart clench as Maria and Alex continued to hug and laugh.


I walked into the kitchen for a glass of water when I ran into the girls. The girls and the boys had separated in order to “bond.” Alex is pretty cool. He has a band called The Whits, he’s the bassist, and he and Isabel met at a club. Apparently, Maria used to sing in the band, but she called it quits for unknown reasons.

I stopped and stood in the doorway as I saw Maria throw her head back in laughter, my eyes traveled down to her lips, then down to her neck, then lower and lower... She leaned on the counter as her long legs were stretched before my eyes. The thought of The Temptress crept into my mind.

“Hey, Michael,” Isabel said noticing me from the counter. Her cheeks were of a rosy red color from the laughter that they were doing.

Uncomfortable that I was caught drinking up the sight of Maria, I mumbled something about getting ice. Suddenly, I heard music. What the hell? Music? I turned to the direction of it. Maria was looking down at her pager.

“Umm... I have to go, I’m sorry, but there’s a friend that I said that I’d meet up here and she just paged me and I gotta go,” Maria said rushing. “I’m so sorry, Tess, I didn’t expect her to be so early. It was great meeting you Isabel and Liz.”

Maria turned to go, only to walk right into me. Our eyes made contact once again and I saw a gleam of something familiar in her eyes. Could it possibly be? But in a instant it was gone. She bowed her head, “Nice to meet you, Michael,” she whispered.

She rushed out of the house giving Alex a hug and a knowing look to each other and she said good-bye to Kyle and Max telling Kyle that she won’t be late.

I found myself outside staring at her back as she got into her car and drove off. I saw her look up at the sky as my head followed her gaze.

The crown was flashing in the black sky.

I walked inside keeping my cool as I walked over to Max and gave him a look and then a signal that we were needed. After five minutes of playing “cool” as Max called it, more like frantically looking at his watch and sweating like a pig, he finally decided it was time to go. He quickly made an excuse about needing to get to work early the next day and bolted out the door.

Oh yeah... real smooth, Elvis.

I excused myself from Kyle and Tess seeing as everyone left anyway. We all ended up on the steps of the newest nightclub Club: Twenty One Needing someone to stay casual we picked straws and I ended up with the short straw. I tucked my costume away on the hidden spot in the roof and casually strolled in gracing the room with my usual fake charm.

Michael Guerin, the artist, was the facade I forced myself to wear everyday. Only when I am Michael Guerin, The Protector, am I truly myself.

Elvis and Princess stood on top of the roof watching over everything and alert. We were ready for anything that Elvis can take the credit for. Word was that Pierce and Khivar had joined forces and were meeting at Club: Twenty One.

I stood at the bar to order a beer when I heard King’s voice in my head.

“What are you doing? Were here to catch Khivar not to get drunk.”

I ignored him as I took a swig of my beer. Just because he can’t hold his liquor doesn’t mean that I have to suffer through it.

A familiar laughter rang through my ears as I turned that way. To my shock I saw Maria laughing with both Khivar and Pierce. What was going on? Who was this girl? I started to walk to her direction when I was stopped.

“Mikey!!” a sharp twinge of annoyance ripped through my ears and throughout my body.

“Courtney,” I feined a smile.

She started pull me towards a table as she chewed loudly on her gum.

“What’re you doing here?” She asked me

Wow, she can walk talk and chew gum at the same time.

“Just checking out the club,” I answered her trying to show her my disinterest as Princess’ voice rang through my head.

“Hmmm... Courtney Banks, she’s a nice girl, why don’t you ever date her?”

I cringed, the thought of that revolted me. I kept my eyes on Maria as I watched her touch both Khivar and Pierce flirtatiously. Was this why Maria needed to come to Antar? Was she working for the wrong side?

I mentally rolled my eyes. Of course, the beautiful ones always worked for the wrong side.

“Michael, are you even listening to me?”


“Uh, sure, listen I got to go okay?” I walked away from Courtney quickly as I saw Maria being walked to one of the inner more private rooms. I quickly intercepted them.

“Maria! Hey!” I said as Maria’s eyes turned wide and flashed with panic, but a smile was still plastered to her face.

“What the hell? What....” I heard both Elvis and Princess’ voice as I blocked them both from my head.

“Michael, this is Khivar and Pierce,” Maria said cheerfully. “Khivar, Pierce, this is Michael.”

We nodded to each other as they both gave me the all too familiar animalistic glares.

“Maria, can I speak to you for a moment?”

Without waiting for her reply I grabbed her arm and pulled her into one of the private rooms.

In rage, she tore her arms out of my grasp once we were inside.

“Just who the hell do you think you are?”

“Listen, Maria, I have no idea why you’re hanging around dumb and dumber, but they’re bad people.”

Maria rolled her eyes at me and crossed her arms. “Don’t you think I know that?”


Suddenly gunshots rang through the air as natural instincts of protection overcame both of us. Panic set through both of our eyes as we both grabbed each other and hit the floor. Loud talking could be heard as I eyed the door. Sensing that she had saw it too, we made out way out of the door and into a dark alley.

“Go!” I screamed at her. She looked at me with big eyes and a look of recognition.

“Get away from here, Michael,” she warned me coldly as she took off.

I spotted a ladder to the roof and made my way up. I quickly changed into the Protector.

“Where are you guys?” I said in my mind to Elvis and Princess.

“We’re inside,” Elvis answered. “Why was Maria there?”

“I don’t know.”

“She’s not here,” Princess said.

“I know, I told her to go,” I shut off the connection once again. Who knew the Snobs could be that annoying? Oh yeah... I did.

I ran to the edge of the roof as a dark female figure jumped there.

“YOU!” both she and I said.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked.

“Pierce is in there, and I’m gonna get him.”

She pissed me off.

“And what about the innocents?”

The Temptress laughed a dry laugh. “I’m not from the League of Justice, Jackass, they’re your innocents.” She then smirked at me with those beautiful lips. “Besides I knew you’d be here along with the other two... what’s their names? Spandex Boy and Snob Girl?”

I swallowed my laughter but I couldn’t keep the smirk off of my face.

“Okay so are you going to let me have Pierce this time?”

“Hell no.”

“It was worth a shot,” she said as we both got ready to jump down. “By the way, I fight alone, if you get in my way... it’s your ass.”

I rolled my eyes at her.

“Pierce is to the left and Khivar to the right. King and Princes is being held by 5 goons in the back and everyone else is on the floor. There are two still bodies on the floor... I’m not sure if they’re alive.”

I looked to Temptress with utter shock. How did she get that information?

She winked at me, “Just so you know.”

We jumped down to the front of the entrance and we both kicked in the door. The first thing we both did was split up. I went to the right, she to the left. I punched and kicked at Khivar and disabled him. By the time I looked at Temptress, Pierce was to the floor and tied up and the goons were on the floor unconscious. But where was Temptress, my eyes went to the innocents. Temptress was checking for life signs of the two on the floor. I went to the back to untie King and Princess.

I laughed at them as I saw both King and Princess hanging by their hands. “How the hell did you get in that position?” I asked as I chuckled.

King sneered at me “Just get us down, Protector.”

I laughed. “In that case...” I began to walk away.

“No, Protector, wait!” Princess started to beg.

I laughed as I went back to them and let them down. I heard the sirens coming. Temptress must have made the call. Elvis and Princess ran out to the scene.

All that was left were some knocked out goons and a tied up Khivar. So where were Pierce and Temptress? The Antar City Police came in to take in the goons and Khivar.

I walked outside and found Temptress throwing Pierce into an Antar swat car and heard her telling Pierce “See you in Roswell, hon.”

She slammed the door and the swat car took off in the direction of Roswell City.

Reporters flocked to King as he stepped out of the club.

Tess stepped up to Elvis with a microphone in hand. “Tess Harding, Antar Times, do you know why Khivar and Pierce were meeting here?”

Elvis rubbed his wrists “I’m not sure why but I made sure that they couldn’t complete whatever they were trying to do.”

There was more murmuring.

“Laurie Dupree, Roswell Gazette, is it true that the Temptress and the Protector was here and disabled both Khivar and Pierce while you and Princess were tied up in the back?” a blond chick asked.

Elvis’ face turned white but the smile was still on his face. “Where did you hear that?” his voice was obviously agitated.

I stood in the shadows as I heard her walk up from behind me.

“It isn’t fair, isn’t it?” she spoke softly as we both watched King take all the credit and Princess standing there smiling pretty for the camera in different poses.

“It’s a big job with small rewards,” she continued.

I watched a little girl run to a mans arms as he picked her up and swung her around. He laid a small kiss on the child’s forehead and set her down as a woman ran up to him. She threw herself into his arms when he put the child down and they shared a passionate kiss. I smiled.

“It’s the small rewards that count,” I finally said.

“So is Spandex Boy always a dick?”

I laughed. “Are you always a bitch?” I asked as I faced her.

She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. “Of course.”

Some Unfinished Business

My apartment was dark and empty as I entered it. I walked into my bedroom as I felt the hair on the back of my neck prickle and stand.

“I didn’t think I’d have visitors otherwise I would have broken out the champagne and blew up some balloons,” I flipped on the light switch and held my breath when I found who the intruder was.

Maria Deluca sat in one of my green bean bags, her long slender legs crossed, her miniskirt ridden up a little. She wore black strappy stiletto heels, memories of my childhood came running back where Isabel had forced open my eyes and made me memorize the fashion magazines. But another look at Maria and all was forgotten. The black halter top clung to her like a second skin. In her hands were a glass cup with a dark yellow/brown liquid in it. Wait! Has she been going through my liquor supply? That bitch! Her blond curls lazily rested on her shoulders. She looked at me with her familiar piercing green eyes. Her tongue darted out to lick her ruby red lips. And suddenly, I had forgiven her for drinking my whiskey.

“Hello, Michael.” She spoke! She IS real!

“Maria.” I walked over to my liquor supply and poured myself a cup. “What are you doing here?”

Maria didn’t answer me, instead she stood up and walked seductively towards me, her tongue ran over her lips. Her eyes were dark, it scared me. They were full of passion, full of desire, full of evil.

They reminded me of The Temptress.

But it couldn’t be...

I took a step back. “Uh... isn’t... uh... isn’t Kyle gonna be worried about you?”

Maria smirked. “Kyle and Tess are asleep,” she took another step closer to me, “besides I’m a big girl now, I can do whatever I like.”

I gulped, this girl is going to be the death of me.

She set her cup on the table and looked at me deeply with her big green eyes. She studied me for a second before stepping a little closer to me. I could feel her breath on mine.

Suddenly, before I knew what I was doing I grabbed her and crushed my lips onto hers. She responded to me in more ways than one. Pushing her against the wall my hands freely roamed her body. I pulled at her shirt until I could feel her exposed soft flesh. She pulled at my shirt and lifted it over my head. Our lips broke contact for that second and immediately after our bodies were against each other once again.

I lifted her shirt off of her body and began working on her bra. I kissed her neck as she moaned and finally after much struggle I got the damn clasp unhooked.

Kissing a trail down to her breast I captured a taut nipple in my mouth and I sucked hard on it. Hearing her gasp my name I traveled to the next nipple. I bent down to my knees and kissed my way down her toned stomach. She giggled a bit. I looked up at her and saw her hungry eyes. Right then I knew that she wanted me. I mean, who can resist?

I stood up and scooped her up in my arms. She gave a little shriek as I threw her onto my bed. She giggled as she bounced on the bed. Her breasts jumping along with her. She sat up, hooked her fingers in my pants and pulled me to her. I kissed her hard. My calloused hands slipped under her skirt. I caressed her thighs as our tongues fought for control. Her small hands roamed from my arms to my chest to my back, everywhere she could touch, she did.

I slipped a finger inside her pussy.

“Michael...” she gasped again.

She was wet for me.

I was hard for her.

I slipped my finger out as she hissed. I slipped to fingers in and she moaned. I slipped out of her once again.

She watched me from under her eyelashes as I licked my fingers.

“You’re so sweet,” I whispered to her. “So sweet..”

I attacked her lips with mine, forcing her to taste herself as I slipped three fingers inside her pussy. She sucked hungrily on my lips and my tongue as I pumped my fingers into her. Her moans got louder and I felt her get close to her climax. I pulled my fingers out of her as she whimpered. I ripped off her underwear, hearing that satisfying rip. I pulled her legs around my neck and pushed her skirt to her stomach.

I licked my lips before plunging my tongue into her sweet pussy.

“Miiichaaeeell!!” she screamed. My tongue slipped in and out of her pussy licking up her juices. She was so sweet. She was just like an addictive candy. I couldn’t get enough.

Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled up to her. She kissed me hard. Our tongues yet again fighting for control. She stopped the kiss. Breathing hard she gave me a hard stare.

“fuck me.”

I could have sworn my cock grew another inch at those two magical words. More quickly than humanly possible all of our clothes were off and I was searching through my drawers for condoms. fuck! Where were the condoms? I couldn’t find the damn condoms! I felt her small hand on my shoulder.

“I’m on the pill.”

Jebus! Another four magical words that could have made me lose control. She pushed me against the bed and her dark evil eyes had a glint in them. Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock.


“You’re so fucking tight, Maria, so fucking tight!”

She moaned my name as my cock was completely immersed in her. She had a small smirk on her face.

“I knew you were big.”

I laughed at that statement then suddenly, she began rocking slow and steadily as she pin my hands and arms to the sides of my head.

It drove me wild, I wanted to touch her. I could smell her sex all over my body and her body. I wanted to run my hands against her soft flesh. She kept rocking, the feel of her pussy around my cock without a condom was exhilarating. I was about to come right then and there.

But not being able to touch her turned me on too! The fact that she was in control drove me crazy.

She had finally let go of my arms. My hands immediately went to her hips. She was bouncing hard on my cock.

I stopped her before I lost complete control. I wasn’t done with this girl yet. I flipped us over so that I was on top. I slipped my cock in hard. She screamed.


I pumped my cock in and out of her hard.

“Oh GOD! MICHAEL!!!! YES!!!”

I put her legs over my shoulders to have a deeper penetration to her pussy. I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. She screamed and pleaded with frustration for me to go faster.

“Michael... please... faster... OH GOD! FASTER!! HARDER!!!”

With the position that we were in she was completely helpless. I controlled myself to go at a slow and steady motion. I pounded into her hard. I could feel the come collect in my balls. My orgasm was slowly building as was hers.

“Oh god, Michael!! I’m so CLOSE!”

I picked up the pace and fucked her harder. We both screamed each others’ names as the climax crept up.





I couldn’t take it anymore. Her walls clamped and held my cock like a vice and I couldn’t help but lose control. My body spasmed with orgasmic pleasure. I felt it through the tips of my fingers to the tip of my cock. My come shot inside of her. Our bodies glistened with sweat as we gave each other lazy kisses. Still electrified by the orgasm we both breathed hard.

My large body was crushing her small one, but for some reason I knew that she could handle it, that she could handle more.

Using the last of my energy I slipped out of her and she hissed. I covered our sex sweat drenched bodies with the sheets.


I woke up with the feeling of Maria’s soft body against mine. I was holding her like a teddy bear. Her face was buried in my chest. The smell of her hair and her skin intoxicated me. My cock twitched.

Why, hello there, Michael Jr., I can’t see that you’re awake too. Didn‘t you have a great time last night?

Maria began to shift in her sleep. Her eyes slowly opened and they were wild with confusion. But they disappeared as soon as she smiled.

“Morning,” I said.

“Good morning,” she responded.

Her small hands caressed my chest. They made there way down to my cock. I moaned.

“Mmmm... yes...”

Suddenly, the covers were off and she looked at me with those seductive eyes and pouty lips as she traveled down south.

When her lips touched my cock, I nearly died. She moved the pre-cum with her tongue around the head of my cock. The feeling was sensational. I was in heaven. Her entire mouth encompassed my hard cock. Oh my god! SHE DEEPTHROATED ME!!!


Her head bobbed back and forth sucking hungrily on my cock. Her tongue swirled around the head. She was killing me. Yes, this girl was a temptress killing me with sexual experiences that were out of this world.

My body began to spaz uncontrollably. My come shot in her mouth and she sucked me dry.

I laid there exhausted. She swallowed. My god! This girl was an angel sent from the heaven and a devil sent straight from the deep recesses of hell.

She grinned at me as she gave me a small kiss on my lips. I watched her as she sashayed her way to the bathroom. I heard the shower go on. I smiled to myself as I saw her head poke out.

“Are you coming or what?”

I flew out of bed and straight into the bathroom. I slammed the door shut as we both got into the shower.

We were just getting started.


She sat at the counter watching the news as I cooked breakfast. She was wearing one of my blue button down flannel shirts. Her long legs were crossed. Her lips were pursed in concentration. Her brows were furrowed.

”In last night’s news, Pierce, Roswell’s bad guy, was finally caught and shipped back to Roswell, however, later on, Pierce had managed to get control of the car and escaped, making his way back to Antar. The car with two unconscious policemen were found on the side of the road in the outskirts of Antar this morning. No word on Pierce or the state of the policemen yet.”

My eyes narrowed and so did Maria’s. I could have sworn I heard her cussing beneath her breath. I put her breakfast in front of her. Proud of myself that I didn’t burn her food, I tried concentrating on my own breakfast. But, damn, Maria was so damn distracting.

We ate our food in comfortable silence when she started to giggle.

“What?” I smiled at her. Her laugh was so beautiful.

“I hope Kyle didn’t hear us,” she began laughing as a red blush colored her cheeks.

I laughed along with her. “He’s gonna kick my ass.”

“No, he’s not.”

“Why not?”

“Cuz he’s my brother, and besides, he likes you too much.”

I laughed. “Not with the way you were screaming last night, I bet he thinks I was trying to kill you.”

She raised an eyebrow at me, her eyes then slowly traveled down my body and stopped at Michael Jr. “With not-so-little Michael Jr.? That thing is lethal.”

“Didn’t hear you complain about it last night.”

She smirked at me with a sparkle in her eye. “That’s because I’m special.”

We both laughed at the truth of the statement.

She placed her empty plate inside the sink and walked up to me. She gave me a small kiss.

“I better go, Kyle’s gonna freak out, so I might as well get it over with now.”

I chuckled and placed a small kiss on her lips. “Good luck.”

She laughed as she walked to the door. I placed my plate in the sink and let the water run over the dishes.

She opened the door. “Thanks for the ride,” she said as she walked out the door, I could hear the smile in her voice. “Protector,” I think I heard her whisper before she closed the door.



It had to be.

She had to be.

The Temptress.


I should have known. I saw it in her. Those eyes, her lips, her voice. The way she showed up the same time as Temptress. She was at the club, she knew who Khivar and Pierce were, she warned me. She tried to protect me when the shots were fired. She knew who I was.

I stood there in my apartment. Alone. Stunned. The news was still going on. Pierce. He’s still out there. Temptress was still here. Maria was still here.

If she had known all along, then why didn’t she tell me? Wait, she just did you idiot!

It was the constant ringing of the phone that took me out of my haze. I’ll have to talk to Maria later. I looked at my caller ID and found Max’s name and number are plastered to the screen.


“How’d you know it was me.”

“Well, there’s this new invention, it has this screen where it has your number and your name on it, I think it’s called caller ID.”

I can almost hear the glare that he was emitting right then.

“Anyway, I was calling to see if you heard about Pierce.”

“Yeah, and?”


“That’s all you called about?!”

“Well... yeah.”

I let out a frustrated grunt. You know, I sometimes feel like I’m an adult talking to a child.

“Maxwell, I’m gonna hang up now.”

“Ummm... okay.”

I shook my head as I turned off the phone.

Suddenly, the phone rang again scaring the shit out of me. I looked at the caller ID and find Isabel on it. Oh great, dumber is calling.

I picked up the phone and automatically heard Isabel’s high pitched screeching voice.

“Did you hear about Pierce, Michael? He got away! I can’t believe he got away. Those stupid police men, I’m telling you if we had women in the force it would be sooooo much better...”

I hung up on her.

What? You didn’t expect me to listen to her ramble about the feminist movement now did ya?

The phone rang again. It better not be Snob Girl. I looked at the caller ID debating whether I should pick it up or not.

It was Maria.

Damn, I’m popular today.

I cleared my voice and answered the phone.

“Hey Sexy, I loved your performance last night,” I said in a deep sexy voice. I’m pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself.


Oh s-hit! It was Kyle!

I hung up the phone.

The phone rang again and it was the same number. I picked it up and used a high pitched voice.

“Hola, no speaka ingles.”


“No speaka ingles, Kyle! Adios.”

I hung up on him and hightailed out of my apartment. I opened my door and ran right into Maria.

“Is your brother in there?”

Maria laughed. That sweet, sexy, hearty laugh. “No, he wasn’t home all night, after Tess and Kyle covered the story they found out that Pierce had escaped and decided to follow the story.”

“Did Kyle take your phone?”

“Yeah, why?”

I groaned.

So he hadn’t known.


I looked into Maria’s deep green eyes for confirmation. It was time for the talk.

“Maria, I know who you are, and I know you know who I am.”

“Yeah, I’m Maria Deluca, Editor-in-Chief of the Roswell Gazette, and you’re Michael Guerin, artist.”

I looked at her more closely. Her eyes had that fire again.


“Let’s have dinner tonight, my treat, I’ll pick you up at seven.”


“Bye Michael.”

She walked away from me, heading towards her car.

“Dress nicely!” She called out before stepping into her car.

Why was she trying to avoid the subject? I looked at my surroundings and spotted people ten feet away from me, people on the roof doing some repairing. She was trying to protect us. But it brought the question: Where was she going to take me?

After a bit of thinking I walked back inside and locked the door. Who knew when Kyle was coming home, I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.


In no time my doorbell rang as I stealthily looked into the peep hole. I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

It was Maria.

I looked at her up and down. She wore a long sleeved shirt with a low neckline... if only I could tip forward a little more.

“Michael, my eyes are up here.”

My eyes immediately went to hers. My face felt hot.


I smirked at her when she smiled at me.



“Ready to go?”

“Your brother out there?”

She looked at me strangely.

“No... why?”

I smirked at her. “No reason, let’s go.”

She frowned at me and then gave a short laugh as she walked to a silver Honda Accord.

A Honda Accord?

... and I thought she was a superhero.


We arrived at a restaurant in the nicer parts of Antar. Patrillos. Patrillos? Italian pizza? hmmm...

The Valet took the Accord as we walked inside.

“Grandpa Dupree!” Maria said.

“Maria!” an old man with dark hair and a mustache greeted her. They both hugged.

“How are you?” She asked.

“I’m great! We have your usual ready.”

“Thank you! Send Laurie my love.”

“Of course.”

Laurie? Laurie Dupree... reporter, for the Roswell Gazette.

Maria grabbed my hand snapping me out of my thoughts as she dragged us to a secluded room in the corner of the large restaurant.


Inside the room there was one large round table and lots of chairs. There were two plates set up on the table.

She closed the door and pressed on a couple of numbers on the wall next to the door. I heard a whoosh of air and a loud click.

“This is where my meetings are held when I’m in Antar,” she said finally.

“But I thought you never...”

“That’s only what Kyle thinks.”

She waited a beat to speak again.

“Truth is, I’ve set up base here for only one nighters, Pierce has been here before, and after the first time, I set up shop here.”

She walked around the table and sat at one of the places that were set. I sat next to her. She left each cover off of each plate. The food was steaming hot. There were two Tabasco bottles right next to it.

“Grandpa Dupree had this place made for me, there are no security cameras, the door is locked from the inside and no one can get in once the doors are locked. It is entirely sound proof. The waiters and waitresses don’t know about this place. The cooks have no idea. Only Grandpa Dupree.”

I looked at my surroundings. The walls were painted with a mural of the night life of Antar. There were no windows, no vents, I saw tanks of oxygen in the corner.

“The tanks of oxygen are immediately turned on when the door is looked. It releases oxygen in the air so we can breath.”

We sat there picking at our food.

“So why is dick the spandex prick and princess such a pain in the ass?”

I laughed.

“Elvis and Is,” I sighed. “Isabel’s not so bad. She just has a confidence problem. It makes her feel good to do good deeds and if she could get rewards and attention then she’ll take it. But Max... Max has a complex. It’s like he lives for the attention and he tries to boss everyone around. The King. Elvis.”

Maria nodded her head as her green eyes drifted from mine to the chairs.

“You see the chairs?” She paused as I nodded. “All of them are equal. There is no special chair signaling the head of the table.”

The Arthurian legends came to mind when she said this.

“This life that we live in, isn’t about heroism. It isn’t about exploiting our own special abilities for fame. It’s about the innocent. The reason we wear these masks and slip unnoticed into the darkness of the night is so that we don’t get recognition. Like you said before, Michael, it’s the small rewards that count.”

There was silence as I absorbed everything she said. We continued to eat in the comfortable silence.

“How did you figure out it was me?” I finally asked.

“It was the first time I met you. Not when Temptress met Protector, but when Maria met Michael.”

I nodded as I remembered. It was her lips. Her eyes.

“You were so familiar...Your eyes gave you away. I wasn’t fully sure about you until Club: Twenty-One, when you talked to me you changed from Michael, the regular Joe, to Real Michael.”

There was another silence as my mind began to drift off to the night before. Uh oh Now how am I gonna hide that?

“We have a meeting tomorrow in here about Pierce, I’d like you to come.”


There was a pause.

“Hey, I’ve been wondering. How did you know where everyone was in the club?” I asked.




“You didn’t think that we’d really lose touch now did you?”

I smirked at her, I should’ve known, just full of surprises.



“There are a lot of people in this meeting that may surprise you, and just as you value your identity I need to know that you’ll keep this place a secret.”

“I will, Maria, don’t worry.”

“Good. Welcome to the Sanctuary, Michael.”

The Sanctuary?

Suddenly, there was a loud rhythmatic pounding on the door. Maria listened for a bit, rushed to the door, punched in a couple numbers and Laurie Dupree popped in.

“I’ve been trying to reach you forever now!” Laurie said as soon as the door opened.


“We have a lead on Pierce.”


“He and Khivar, are working on something in this one abandoned factory all the way across town. And how many times do I have to tell you to keep that pager on you?!”

“I’m sorry, Laurie, I was just talking with Michael.”

Laurie rolled her eyes. “Maria, there’s a time for sex and a time for business...”



“It was about business.”

Laurie eyed me.

“Uh-huh sure Maria, wasn’t it about business last night too?”


Laurie laughed.

Maria was talking about me? I wonder how good I was.

“So anyway,” Laurie continued talking, “aren’t you gonna go to get Pierce and Khivar now?”

“The address would help you know,” Maria said.

“Well, if you had your pager on you, you would know it.”

Maria dug into her purse and out popped a tiny red pager. She looked at me and showed me the address.



We ran out of Patrillos and found the crown flashing in the sky. Both of us headed in different directions to change into gear and head out.

The Sidekick Syndrome

I spotted her on her bike as we both pulled up to the building next to the address Laurie gave us.

“I thought you said you work alone, Temptress.”

“I said I fight alone, Pro-tect-tor,” she said, her piercing eyes staring into mine. Her lips curved to a smirk. “But, I can make exceptions.”

“So how is it that we’re always getting information that things are happening?”

She looked at me as we continued to walk discreetly in the shadows. “There are always snitchers and undercovers, and sometimes by their own stupidity they slip up somewhere.”

I nodded in the dark, knowing she couldn’t see me anyway.

“So where are twiddle dee and twiddle dum?” she asked.

“I don’t know, when I went to get my bike no one was home, and by the time I got out the crown was gone. But the car was still there.”

“Hmmm... I guess it’s just us then.”

“I guess so.”

We found ourselves on top of the roof peering down to an empty warehouse.

“Looks like they aren’t here,” I said.

Temptress shook her head. “No, they’re here.”

She made her way down the building as I followed her. She pushed open the door and we found ourselves in an empty warehouse. Her pose was enough to make me want to throw her against the wall and bang her relentlessly until she screams my name and rips my back apart with her nails. Our sex drenched bodies...

A loud sound threw me out of my thoughts. It sounded like an elevator. The floor began to rumple and a piece of he floor began to elevate. Temptress took a step back and got into a ready-to-fight stance. The features on her face changed. Her eyes were evil, her lips were grim... I was hard.

Pierce and Khivar appeared along with several of their goons as laughter rung through the empty warehouse.

Temptress stood in front of the elevator with her arms crossed.

“Wanna hear a story, boys?” she asked.

Pierce and Khivar’s faces flashed with severe panic but then turned to smiles.

“Temptress,” Pierce said warmly.

“You see there were these two guys planning on doing something incredibly idiotic,” Temptress began telling her story.

The elevator continued to come up fully.

“They worked very very hard on this plan. And then one day, a very hot girl and a very hot boy dressed in very sexy leather decided. ‘Hey wouldn’t it be fun to rain in on the two guys’ sunshine?’” Temptress continued in her chirpy attitude and voice. “And so this very hot girl and this very hot boy dressed in very sexy leather came to where the to idiotic guys were planning their very idiotic plan and beat up their goons and locked the two idiotic guys in jail where they rot in forever.”

The caged elevator came to a complete stop and made a loud sound.

“The moral of the story is,” Temptress said, “The Protector and I are gonna kick your ass.”

The cage door opened.

“What are you waiting for? Get them!” Khivar ordered. The goons came our way as we got in perfect superhero stance. Temptress and I looked at each other and nodded. She went off to the right, I to the left. Kicking and punching the goons, we made our way through the mass frenzy and trapped both Khivar and Pierce in the corner. Smiling at each other, Temptress and I turned back to the two and punched them both in the face.

Down they went.

Sirens were heard from far away. We hurriedly tied up the goons and Khivar to the beams of the building for the police to find.

Suddenly, while Temptress and I were picking Pierce up, I saw bright flashes and heard a couple clicks. Temptress and I looked at each other then at the ceiling. The reporters were coming closer, leading the pack were Laurie, Tess, and Kyle.

Grabbing a hold of Pierce, the Temptress and I took our devices, shot upward and away from the vicious pack of reporters and their photographers. Once on the roof, Pierce was moaning.

Temptress got real close to me dragging along Pierce.

“I’m gonna have to take the ass back to Roswell and make sure he gets locked up,” she said softly.

I looked into her eyes with sadness, she was leaving me. What about the meeting tomorrow? “I guess that means...”

She cut me off with a long and hard kiss. “I’ll be in your apartment around midnight.”

Hallelujah! Thank the Lord Almighty, Michael Guerin was gonna get some tonight!

I smiled at her. Pierce moaned again. Temptress kicked him “Shut-up!”

She smirked at me and dragged Pierce off the rooftop, to the ground, onto her bike. She zoomed off in the darkness.


I woke up to Maria’s scent. I was holding her close to my body, her soft skin against my body. The tips of my finger gently caressed her soft flesh as my thoughts went back to the night before. It was past midnight and I had almost lost hope for her. I fell asleep eventually but then in the middle of an erotic dream of my favorite superhero, I was woken up by the Temptress, except this time, she was being the seductress.

I felt her shift by my touch and she snuggled closer to my body and my morning erection.

Yes, when Michael Jr. is happy, Michael is happy. And I’m full of fucking smiles now.

“Michael?” Her voice was small. I didn’t realize she was awake.


Maria looked up at me in the most innocent face that I had ever seen. Uh-oh. That means she wants something...

“Make me something to eat like the good bitch you are.”

I laughed. “I thought you were my bitch.”

She snuggled closer and closed her eyes. “Technicalities.”

I needed to get up but she wouldn’t let go.

“Maria, I can’t make you breakfast if I can’t get up.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me, outweighing the importance of the choices she had.

“Dammit, let’s go to Patrillos later. I’m sure Grandpa Dupree would hook us up.”

“So what happened with Pierce last night that made you so late?”

Her features darkened as she tensed up.



She looked at me with her dark eyes. She straddled me and her dark green eyes flickered with something.

“I don’t want to talk about it now, we’ll talk about it at the sanctuary tonight.”

I opened my mouth to protest but she kissed me deeply and passionately. I felt Michael Jr. jolt. Just when it was about to get dirty again, Maria pulled away and put on her clothes.

“I gotta go back to Kyle’s before he gets back or wakes up, we’ll go to Patrillos after I change.”

My body and my mind protested but she kissed me again. Then she went down south and to my utter surprise deepthroadted me. She pulled away, smirked at me, then left.

That woman is evil.


I walked outside my apartment to meet Maria. She kissed me softly on the lips when I heard a door open.


Oh s-hit! Kyle! I turned around to find Kyle in nothing but a towel and beads of water dripping off his hair and his body. Where’s Tess when you need her?

“No time to talk, Kyle, laters,” I grabbed Maria and we ran towards her car.

“What happened with you and my brother?”

“Nothing. Why? Did he say anything?”


We drove off onto the street. I looked behind us to see if Kyle came after us. He didn’t.

“Your brother doesn’t by any chance own a baseball bat, does he?”

“Yeah, why?”

“S-hit,” I said under my breath I smiled at Maria’s confused look. “No reason.”

We arrived at Patrillos and headed towards The Sanctuary. This time we didn’t close the door.

Grandpa Dupree came in and dropped the Antar Times on the table along with our food.

“Did you see this morning’s paper?”


I looked to the paper. The headline streamed across it in big bold letters. NEW SUPERHERO IN TOWN?

The picture below it was of Temptress and I.

Roswell’s Temptress and a black knight that sources say is called The Protector...

I looked to Maria with disbelief. They didn’t know I existed. I was Antar’s savior for years and years and they didn’t know I existed.

Maria looked at me with sympathy in her eyes. “It’s called the Sidekick Syndrome.”

I blinked. “The what?”

“The Sidekick Syndrome,” Maria said. “It’s when the sidekick is forgotten but the sidekick is still a savior because it’s what he does. Because it’s what he cares about.”

I nodded my head absently.

“Think of it this way, Michael, it’s more honorable to do good deeds anonymously than to do them and then show off and be snobbish about it.”

She was right. Besides, at least I’m getting recognition for it now, and I’m not being all snob squad about it.


I sat in my studio in front of the off-white canvas. I dipped the dark brush into the clear water. I haven’t painted in over a month. A month without inspiration. A month without anything.

Wiping the excess water off on a piece of multi-colored cloth that was originally gray, I dipped my perfect tipped brush into the paint, my mind is a blur. My hands glide over the canvas with quick strokes. I work fast. I don’t know what I’m doing. Water, color, paint, water, color, paint, water, color, paint... The cycle goes on and on. I paint until I am exhausted. I paint until I am done. I paint until I have no more inside of me to paint. I paint until my mind tells me to stop.

I stopped. I look around me and at the mess that I made. My mind seemed to have gone on over load because I see a lot of paintings.

Looking at the painting in front of me I gasp. I look around me, at all the paintings. I guess I found my inspiration.

I looked at every single painting and found Maria’s passionate green eyes looking right back at me. Evil eyes, passionate eyes, loving eyes, knowing eyes, twinkling teasing eyes. All of them looking straight at me.


I walked out of my studio with a new found happiness. I looked at my watch. It was seven. I had to go to the sanctuary at eight. I looked up into the sky, just enjoying it for once. Suddenly, the crown flashed into the sky.

“S-hit!” I said to myself.

I got onto my bike and headed towards the Brat Cave so that I could get my Protector bike. I entered the Evans’ Mansion and made my way through the gardens and into the house through the secret doors and into the Brat Cave.

I headed out to see the commissioner. The crown still flashed in the dark sky.


I stalked into the bank with caution. I was half expecting to see Temptress here and half expecting to see Princess and Elvis here.

Apparently, a bank alarm had gone off here. I snuck along in the dark bank, I heard voices.

“So what did Khivar say?”

“He just wants the things inside the bag.”

“Hey, do you think we could grab the other stuff?”

“He said as long as we get the bag.”


I decided to be a black cloud on their bright summer day. I approached the three idiots dressed in black without them noticing. I tapped one on the shoulder. As he turned around I punched him. POW! He went down. Idiot #2 turned around to see what the noise with.

His face was panicked. Dropping the bag, it made a loud clunking sound.

He threw a punch as I pulled my arm up in a block. It left his stomach open and I drove my other fist into his stomach. The idiot bent over, holding his stomach, as I reached back and punched in his face. The idiot tipped over. Idiot #3 stood there frozen suddenly it seemed as if he knew he had to fight. Getting in a fighting stance he tried to high kick me, I ducked and kicked low, tripping Idiot #3. Idiot #3 bounced back up. I pivoted on one leg jumped up and high-kicked him straight in the chest. He was another moaning idiot on the floor.

I dragged the three idiots by the collar of their shirts and tied them up outside as I heard the sirens coming. I dragged them outside and was greeted by flashes and shouting questions. I dropped the three unconscious idiots on the floor and left to the safety and privacy of the bank. I ran to the safe to figure out what Khivar wanted. I grabbed the bag and bolted. I jumped onto my bike and left the perimeters.


I entered the sanctuary with my backpack.

“Oh wow, I think our average IQ level just went down,” Maria said in a panicked voice. “Michael must be around.”

I glared at Maria, that was mean... it hurt my feelings. Maria couldn’t keep a straight face.

“I’m just kidding, Michael,” Maria laughed. “So whatcha got?”

“Nothing that you can handle.”

“Hmm... is that an offer?”

“OH MY GOD! GUYS! WOULD YOU STOP IT?! THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE!” Laurie started to scream which caused a lot of heads to turn.

Maria started to snicker as the entire room erupted into laughter. The door started to close. I started to notice the people who were there.

What the hell?


Commissioner Topolsky?

The door made hissing sound as it completely closed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The commish, the one person I trusted before Maria came along. She had this entire network thing behind her. Which brought me to the question: Why did they need the snob squad and me? The commish approached me.


“Please, Michael, It’s Kathleen. Here, we’re all equals.” Her thin lips smiled at me. I smiled back.

“Everybody, this is Michael Guerin, also known as the Protector, the fallen angel of the dark shadows as the newspapers say,” Maria said.

A chorus of “hello’s” echoed.

“Michael, you know Alex and Laurie.”

Alex and Laurie looked up from the corner they were occupying and nodded their hello’s and started to hit each other childishly. I looked at them strangely.

“You should know Commissioner Kathleen Topolsky and Charles Dupree, but most of us affectionately call him Grandpa Dupree.”

I nodded to them.

“Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker of Antar, Brody Davis, owner of Club: Twenty One.”

Brody narrowed his eyes at me and looked at Maria possessively. Oh, so he wants to play that game.

“River Dog and his apprentice Eddie, they’re martial arts experts. They’re the ones who perfected my skills, Grant Sorenson, Alex‘s other half of computer dorkiness, and last and definitely least, my lowly cousin Sean Deluca.”

“Aww, Cuz, you gonna treat your favorite cousin that way?”

“You’re my only cousin, Sean.”


Maria’s green eyes turned dark and narrowed at him. It looked as if she were trying to use her imaginary powers to blow him up.

“Whoa! Hey! Why don’t we get this party started?” Alex began frantically waving around to get everyone’s attention.

Alex got up, as did Laurie and Grant.

“First, we’d like to welcome you, Michael, to the family,” Alex began, then he pulled a black object out of his pocket. “Second, in light of the situation that happened yesterday,” the three of them looked pointedly at Maria and me. “We’ve created a system that will let us communicate with each other whether we’re outside the sanctuary or in it.”

Laurie pressed a button a black object she was holding. Suddenly screens began to pop up from the table. A personal screen for each seat.

“We created a webcam sorta thing for the Sanctuary,” Laurie said. “But because of the dangers of hacking into the system and everything we also tripled up on security.”

“Each of you will be getting one of these black mini organizers that will have the special program built into it, it is voice and iris activated, so the little red thing that you will find at the top is a laser that will read your iris, if you’re not entered into the system it WILL destroy your eyes. Your voice password will be set by you so you guys could make up whatever word you want for it,” Grant said.

Maria sat beside me waving her arms in the air like a little child waiting for the teacher to let her go pee.

“Um, you better call on Maria before she pisses in her pants,” I said out loud.

The room erupted with laughter.

Maria glared at me and socked me in the arm. OW!

“Yes, Maria, you will be getting an assortment of covers to match your outfits, courtesy of Laurie,” Grant said.

“Yes!” Maria exclaimed all while slapping Laurie a high-five.

I rolled my eyes. Women...

Alex, Laurie, and Grant began to pass out the pocket organizers.

“Anybody else have some business?” The old Indian man, River Dog asked.

I cleared my throat. “Actually, I do.”

Everybody sat back as I stood up and zipped open my dark green backpack. I pulled out the bag that I had taken from the bank.

“This is what they were trying to steal for Khivar, I took it from the bank, just in case someone was going to try again.”

I opened the bag to reveal a small prototype of an engine. Inside of it was a dark red crystal.

“What is it?” Someone gasped.

“It’s a F47069 hover craft engine,” Alex said amazed.

Alex reached out for it as I gave it to him. He held it in his hands as if he were carrying a fragile egg. “Dude, it’s only an engine...”

Alex’s eyes went wide. “Only an engine? Only an engine?? Oh no, buddy, this is not only an engine, the power you can have with this is inexplicable. It’s like being the only one in this world who has an airplane.”

I put up my hands. “Calm down, man.”

Calm down?! There’s only two of these that exist in this world and I’m holding one in my hands!”

He went to Grant and Laurie and held it out as they “ooh’d” and “ahh’d” at it.

“Right. So what would Khivar want to do with it? And if there are two of them in this world, where is the other one and how can we keep Khivar from taking it?” I asked.

“My guess is either the black market or he’s creating something that he would need this specific engine for,” Maria answered me.

“The other engine is here in Antar,” Laurie said. “In fact, it’s in the Antar City Science Museum, maximum security and stuck in a volt inside of a tiny suitcase that’s stuck in a huge container of dried ice.”

I looked at Laurie with surprise... I thought she was a reporter from Roswell. I guess in this profession things are never as they seem.

There was a long silence of all of us just looking at each other. Thinking. Planning. Maria’s brows furrowed and her eyes went dark, her nose scrunched. She looked cute even when she was thinking hard.

“So how are we going to steal it?” Maria asked ending the long silence.

Laurie and Alex’s mouths curved into a smirk as they looked at each other.

“I call a meeting tomorrow same time, same place,” Laurie said.

“Just leave the planning to me,” Alex said.

“You mean me,” Laurie said.

“Uh... no, I mean me.”

“Excuse you, but who was the one who came up with the plan the last time, and the time before that and the time before that?”




Grandpa Dupree rubbed his hands in his face as the kiddos bickered.

“SHUT UP! Don’t make me shoot you two!” Sean finally screamed at the two.

The room burst into laughter once again.

After a long dinner of laughing and joking and forgetting about the problems of the outside world and our own world of the superheroes and villains, we opened the door of the Sanctuary and decided to join the harsh reality we called life.

“I get to keep it!”

“No you don’t, Michael gave it to me!”


Laurie and Alex were at it again, this time arguing who got to keep the engine safe.

I walked over to them and picked the engine out of both their prying hands. “Okay, kiddoes, if you two can’t agree on who gets to keep it safe then I’m taking it home.”

Laurie and Alex gasped.

“But.. but... but...” Alex sputtered.

“You can’t!” Laurie said. “You don’t know how to take care of it!”

I ignored them and placed the small engine back into the bag and into my backpack. Maria stood outside waiting for me.

“So, your place?” She asked as I approached her.

“Yeah, my place,” I said. She grabbed my hand as we walked towards our parked vehicles.

“So what’s with Laurie and Alex anyway?”


I opened the door for her as she went in all while stripping off her clothes. There goes her coat, right in the middle of the floor. There goes her skirt... daaaaaaaammmnnnn. I cocked my head to the side as I checked her out.

I watched her disappear into the bedroom as I followed her in. I watched the faint light go on. She opened my top drawer. Her brows furrowed as she peered into my shirt drawer.

I slipped my arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder and neck lightly. Her hands automaticall went to touch my arms.

“Not a man of color are you?” Maria said as she moaned and moved her head to the side to give me more access.

“Nope” I answered her.

“Man of mystery?”

“Of course” I murmured against her skin.

She turned to face me and her arms went around my neck as she pushed her self against me. I moaned as I felt her entire body against mine. My hands caressed her skin.

Complete silence cloaked the room as I looked into her green eyes, suddenly I felt a surge of energy between our bodies, but I couldn’t look away from her eyes, we were entranced with each other. Oh no! What’s happening?

Suddenly I seemed to soar into her mind through her eyes, I saw a little girl with her long blond curls stuck to her face as tears streamed down her face. She had red sneakers and a polka dot dress. A Dalmatian almost as tall as her sat next to her with a sad expression on its face. I saw the little girl a little older now, fight with a little brown haired boy, they were shouting, something about chia heads and hurricanes... I saw the little girl in a wedding carrying lilies and dandelions. I saw the brown haired boy and the little girl hugging. I heard the words “brother” and “sister.”

I saw the little girl as a teenager now, with a short bob cut and an attitude. I saw this fiery creature as she watched a woman get mugged and almost raped. I felt this little girl, now a teenager, feel a rage inside and attack the mugger and soon to be rapist. I saw the woman thank her and give her a black card with a red dot in the middle. I saw the woman disappear as the girl touched the red dot and a hologram appear and scaring her.

I saw the same teenager enter a building, feeling confused, alone. Scared. I saw River Dog and Eddie. I saw the teenager train in the building. I saw Alex and Laurie. I saw them hold hands. I saw them fight. I saw the small teenager tell Alex and Laurie. I saw Laurie’s reaction. I saw Alex’s smile. I heard the words “I knew you’d be someone important.” I saw this teenager putting on a black outfit of leather and a mask to cover her face. I heard someone say “Temptress.” I saw Grandpa Dupree, I saw the Sanctuary. I saw Pierce. I saw Kyle. I saw me. I felt warmth.

Suddenly, I felt my lungs constricted and I took a deep breath. Maria did the same. She had tears in her eyes.

What the hell was that? I think... I think... I think we connected. But that’s impossible! I thought only Max and Isabel had the powers to connect so deeply with people. I thought only Max and Isabel could use mind powers. I thought only Max and Isabel were far greater and more powerful than I.

Maria caressed my chin as tears rolled down her cheek. She kissed me lightly on the lips.

I wanted to say something. I wanted to explain to her what this was. I wanted to... I... I... I didn’t want to ruin this perfect moment where speaking was the worst thing to do.

I responded to her kiss. Lightly, I kissed her lips, I kissed her tears, I kissed her nose, I kissed her eyes, I kissed her forehead. I looked at her and her eyes were closed.

Using my finger I lifted her chin. She opened her eyes to look into mine. I kissed her lips and soon the kiss elevated into something more. So much more. We were possessed with passion and warmth. She grabbed at my clothes and soon they were off. The next thing I knew we were on my bed, naked, hand exploring each others bodies. My lips on her skin.

I teased a nipple with my calloused fingers as I sucked on her other one. My tongue ran over her taut nipple, I heard her moan.

Her hands were jerking me off. The up and down motion of her hands were driving me crazy. I kissed her stomach as my fingers teased her clit. Maria screamed. I plunged a finger into her as she gyrated and push herself against my finger. I slipped my finger out and used three and plunged into her again.

“Oh GOD!”

I pumped in and out of her as her orgasm grew. She was grabbing at the sheets and screaming my name.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I slipped my fingers out as she protested.


I laid over her and she looked into my eyes.

“Hard,” she said.

My hard cock slammed into her as she screamed out “Yes!” over and over again. In and out, in and out... I slammed against her pussy as her nails dug into my back. The pain escalated my pleasure as I pumped into her harder.

“Oh Michael! YES! HARDER!” she cried as I fucked her hard.

Sweat formed on our bodies and the smell of sex filled the room. Her hair was plastered over her face

“You feel so good, Maria.”

I felt my orgasm near. I kept at the steady rhythm of slow and hard thrusts. I felt her walls clamp down on my cock as her nail railed down my back. It sent me over the edge. We both screamed in release. I went to another level of ecstasy as my cum shot into her. I collapsed on top of her as we both gasped for air.

I slipped out of her as she hissed and I rolled over to keep from crushing her small form. I took her into my arms as we cuddled together and basked in the glory of a great fuck.


I woke up slowly, spooning Maria. The faint light shone through the curtains and made her glow. I then realized that my lamp was still on. Carefully, I got out of bed and turned off the light. I crawled back into bed with Maria.

I stopped short when I saw the bruises on her back. Where did those come from? I thought back to the night before and searched through my memory to see if we did anything extraneous that would do it. But I found nothing.

I lightly fingered the bruises. I suddenly wished I had the power to heal, but no one, not evil the almighty Elvis had that power.

Maria moaned as she rolled over and opened her eyes.

“Morning,” she said with a small smile.

“What happened to your back?”

“Wow, you don’t knock around the bush do you?”

I gave her a look.

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing, Maria.”

“What happened last night?”

“Don’t change the subject on me, woman. What happened to your back?” I asked with more force.

Maria’s eyes widened and her nose flared. “What did you call me?”


“I have a name.”

“What happened to your back?”

“Nothing happened! So just drop it okay?!” Maria got out of the bed.

“Did Pierce do this to you?!”

“Yes! Yes, he did! Are you happy now, jackass?! Pierce got away from me! We got close to the Roswell PD and he woke up without me knowing and he got me okay?! I failed at what I was suppose to do and now Khivar and Pierce are out there!”

“My god, Maria, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I failed. I failed and I couldn’t let you be disappointed in me.” Tears trailed down her cheeks.

I wiped away her tears with my thumb. “It’s okay, Maria.”

“No, it’s not!”


“It’s not okay because that totally means I’m inferior to you!”

I laughed. Of course she’s inferior to me. I mean, it’s me.

“But, Baby, didn’t you know? You already were inferior to me.”

Her eyes then darkened. Uh oh. Here comes the Devil.

“Excuse you?”

I laughed at the look of disbelief on her face but then stopped when I saw her eyes flash.

“Without me, you’d be helpless and still in the grasps of dickweed and princess bitch.”

“Without me, you wouldn’t have caught Pierce in the first place.”

“And look at where it’s got me, Pierce is still out there no thanks to you.”

“Is that really my fault?”


We stood there face to face, quietly, for a second. Suddenly, we both started laughing. “How about we go take a quick shower and get some breakfast. I’m pretty sure Grandpa Dupree can cook something up,” I said to her as she wiped a tear off her face.

After a “quick” shower, we dressed and headed to the sanctuary. While in the car, my communicator began to vibrate.

“What the hell?” I opened it up and immediately a red laser came out and scanned my eyes. It tickled in a way. On the blank screen my name suddenly appeared.

“Password?” a robotic female voice asked.

“Temptress,” I said.

Maria looked at me and smiled.

Alex’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hey, Michael, get to the sanctuary, we have a plan.”

“Okay, we’re on our way, have breakfast ready.”

“Yes, sir.”

The screen went blank.

“Cool, you think we could access e-mail through this?” I asked.


“Okay, so here’s the plan,” Laurie said as she spread out blueprints to a building. “After many cups of extra strong java courtesy of Gramps, we have finally developed the full proof plan.”

After an hour of going over the plan with Alex and Laurie, we went our separate ways. I went off in search of Elvis and Isabel since Alex brought to my attention that he hadn’t seen Isabel for 2 days and it was weird considering that they got together every night.

I had Maria drop me off in front of the mansion. After a long good bye, I walked into the mansion to find it eerily quiet.

“Hello?” I said. The echoes that bounced off the walls and in the halls were my only reply. I heard footsteps. I quickly turned and only found the head butler.

“Master Michael, I haven’t seen you around in a while.”

“Nasedo, have you seen Max or Isabel?”

“No, not really, in fact, I haven’t seen them for the past two days, I’m surprised that Miss Isabel hasn’t called upon me about her laundry yet.”

“Hmm, thank you, Nasedo, if you do see them, however, would you please tell them to call me?”

“Of course, Master Michael.”

Nasedo was with the family for a long time. Before Elvis and Is were adopted. He was proper and old, but still the best. He saw one of the maids, excused himself and went off to talk to her. I went deeper to the back and down to the Brat Cave.

The Brat Mobile was still there, so were their costumes. Okay, so they couldn’t possibly be out on some hero thing. I walked to my bike and changed into my disguise. I zoomed out of the cave and onto the street. I blazed by other cars faster than they could realize that I was there. Finally, I got to my spot and thought through everything while I rode around.

Time zoomed by while riding my bike. Soon it was nightfall and it was time to meet Temptress at the museum.

I got to the museum in breakneck speed only to find that Temptress beat me to it. She was leaning against her bike smirking at me.

“Slow much?”

“Bitch much?”

I smirked at her as she glared at me and turned.

“You remember the plan?” She asked

“Of course.”

Climbing up the side of the building we peered down at the glass part of the roof. With expertise we slipped in unnoticed by the guards. Jumping down to the floor, our capes flapped above us. The rush of falling was amazing. She landed on the floor with cat-like flexibility as I landed softly. Looking both ways we ran to the security of a wall. The guards walked right by.

I signaled to her for the okay. She nodded and we both went on our way to find the right door. 1...2....3....4...5...6. I looked around for more security and at my watch, another twenty seconds before they would come back. With an access card that Laurie gave me I slipped it through the lock and punched in the numbers 5472. The door opened with a hiss. 10 seconds. As soon as the door opened enough, I pulled Maria in and pressed the button to have the door closed. 5 seconds. The door completely closed. Just then a guard turned the corner.

Maria was already putting on the protective white suit. I began to put mine on too. When we were both done suiting up she opened the door. Using a device she pulled out of her belt, she set it on the ground and a mist of smoke filled the room. The red lights of lasers appeared.

I took out a mirror device from my utility belt and set it down on the floor. It reflected the two of the beams back to each other, creating a perfect path for Maria and I. We walked through using the pattern that Alex showed us. 1...3...4...7....9...12... We got to the cylinder. I typed in the numeric password 7421 and the engine began working. A hissing sound came out as the smoke of dry ice came poured out.

Maria grabbed the suitcase when it came out. She opened it to check if what we needed was in it.

Her eyes went wide and turned it to me.


It’s gone.


“You know it’s all your fault.”

“Mine? How the hell is it my fault?”

“I don’t know it might be your spiky hair.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“I don’t know, you’re the ‘man’ why don’t you figure it out?”

“If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours.”

“Oh, and how did you figure that?”

“Yeah, it’s definitely you, if you hadn’t been all blondie and flirty with Khivar and Pierce.”

“Blondie and flirty? Oh yeah, that’s a real reason, Michael.”

“Yeah, and the spiky hair comment wasn’t?”

We were walking to the sanctuary wearing our casual clothes, bickering about who lost the F47069. It was obviously Maria, but of course, being the stubborn woman that she was she refused to admit it.

Sean approached us. “Cuz. Mike. Word of advice, leave it in the bedroom.”

Maria narrowed her eyes at her poor cousin. “What are you talking about, Sean?”

“Hey, don’t let me get in the way of your twisted foreplay, just remember that everybody else has to suffer through it.”

Twisted foreplay? What the hell was he talking about?

“But Sean! He lost the F47069!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

Sean went away mumbling something about how he tried. Maria glared at me as we sat down together. Brody approached Maria.

“Hey Maria.” He said with his annoying a$s accent. Who the hell does he think he is, coming around here and trying to flirt with my Maria?

Maria smiled at Brody as I tried to swallow a growl. “Oh hey, Brody, how’s Sydney?”

Sydney? Was that his girlfriend or something? Brody reached for Maria’s hand and clasped it between his. I growled at the touch of affection.

“Sydney says hi and that she misses you. She keeps asking if she could see Aunt ‘Ria. You’re practically like a mother to her.”

“Aww, give her a big hug and kiss for me.”

What?! Mother?!

Maria turned to me, her hand still being caressed by Brody’s. “Sydney’s his daughter. Her mother died in a car accident a couple years ago.”

As Maria spoke Brody’s eyes flashed with dominance and territory. I shot him a look of my own.

“That’s too bad, how old is Sydney?”

“She’s six.”



Maria looked between us and suddenly excused herself when Laurie came through the doors. Brody then glared at me. I glared back. She’s mine.

“We can play nice,” Brody said, “for now.”

I nodded to him. It didn’t matter to me because there was no way in hell that he would get between me and my Maria.

Maria returned shortly, giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

“What the hell was that about?” she asked.

“What the hell was what about?”

“You and Brody.”

“Nothing happened.”

“Oh please, I know when guys go Alpha male all over each other. Don’t play with me like that.”

“Oh and if you knew so much better then why did you even bother asking?”

“What is your problem?”

“I don’t have a problem.”

“Well, obviously you do, Michael, cuz you’re acting like a jackass.”

“I just don’t like Brody, that’s all.”



We stayed quiet for a few minutes, conversing with other people. I was talking to Congresswoman Whittaker about European literature when I felt Maria’s hand slip through mine. I looked to her and she was talking to River Dog. I gently squeezed her hand and she squeezed back.

Sean finally caught everyone’s attention.

“I don’t know if y’all heard the news or not, but apparently, the F47069 has already been stolen by someone else. We haven’t confirmed if it was Khivar and his crew or not, but it pretty much seems like it. Does anyone else have a new plan?”

I stood up. “Also,” everyone looked at me and I began to feel a bit conscious of myself. “Apparently, Elvis and Princess Bitch went missing, it’s been about two days since anyone has last seen them.”

Everyone began murmuring and gasping. King and Princess are gone. Oh, that’s great, now we have to babysit them when we find them? They shouldn’t even be allowed outside.

“Hey guys! This is my brother and sister you’re talking about!” I said.

The murmuring quieted.

“Now, I’ve come down to two conclusions,” I paused as I made sure I had all their attention. “They’ve either gotten kidnapped somewhere and were too overpowered by the goons OR they could have gotten lost on a road trip to somewhere and forgot to call.”

“I’m sure the latter is very possible.”



“Since it is my brother and sister, I suggest that everybody keep their eyes peeled and ears open to see if you guys can find out anything. I know this is a big network, and I just want to know that they’re safe.”


“I’ve been wondering...”

I groaned. She wanted to talk now? I rolled over in bed to face her. “Yeah?”

“What exactly happened between us yesterday?”

I held my breath. She just had to ask that. “I think it’s called a connection.”

“A what?”


“Like we mentally connected?”


Her brow furrowed as she studied me. I held my breath in the anticipation of my monster status. Her eyes darted around my face and she snuggled into me.

“That’s beautiful,” she sighed.

What? I released the breath I was holding. Beautiful? That’s not beautiful. I’m a freak of nature. Elvis, Isabel, and I were siblings in the way that we were similar in our ugliness. We three had the ‘alien’ powers as Elvis referred to it once. Weird enough to be linked in mind, monster enough to boast our punches and kicks, ugly enough to not even be able to heal.


She looked up at me and smiled. “Beautiful.”

“It’s monstrous, Maria, and weird.”

“No, it’s not. It’s beautiful because you can do something that normal people can’t. It’s beautiful because you can connect with people on a whole different level. It’s beautiful because it’s you,” she said as she caressed my cheek. I caught her hand and kissed her softly in the palm.

All this time that I had felt like I didn’t belong anywhere; that I felt different and alone. Everything. All the ways that I felt, all the ways I had lashed out, was taken away just by this little blonde girl with fiery emerald green eyes. I was no longer just the lowly sidekick who prowled in the shadows and went unnoticed. With just the way she said it, the way she looked at me; with that sincerity that you only seem to find inside of her, I found peace. Peace with myself about my monstrous powers. Peace with myself about letting people in. Peace with her.


Prowling beneath the darkness of the underground roads, Temptress and I found ourselves in an underground base, guarded heavily by Khivar’s goons. Signaling to her, we both separated, each taking a side as we disappeared into the darkness. One of his goons marched by. I went in quick and agilely. Not one of the men noticed.

We were on a mission to save Princess Dick and Bitch. Eddie overheard a man bragging about torturing the two while talking on his cell phone, his cell phone, apparently, picked up on another conversation. Thank God for strange coincidences.

Once deep inside the base, Temptress and I met up again. We ducked down behind some boxes as guards walked by.

“I got a visual on a heavily guarded room on my way in,” Temptress whispered to me.

“Take me there,” I whispered back.

She nodded and we were on our way to saving my brother and my sister’s asses. Cloaked in the darkness of the underground base we slipped through the guards and past the security of a room. Once inside there were four more goons.

Temptress went to the right as I went to the left. Quietly we knocked out the goons.

I opened the door to the innermost chamber and there they were. Hanging from the ceiling. Why is it that I’m always finding them hanging from somewhere.

“About freakin’ time you got here, Protector,” Elvis said swinging by his arms. I scanned the room for what they were connected to.

“You know, you’re lucky you’re family otherwise I would’ve left you guys here to rot, with the way you greeted me.” I finally found the chains, it seems that it was a pulley system. Something really easy to get out of.

“We’ve been hanging here for days,” Princess said, “Thank God you’re here, if I have to hear anymore of King’s damn whining I’d kill him.”

“Be my guest,” I said as I pulled on the chains to let them down slowly.

Temptress ran in and closed the door. I watched her eyes searched the room, she ran to another door and opened it. “Thank God,” she breathed.

“What’s the situation, Temptress?” I asked as Elvis and Princess rubbed their wrists.

“Goons. A shit load of them,” Temptress said. “Come on, let’s get out of here before they figure out how to turn the knob on the door.”

Temptress and I dashed to the door as Elvis and Princess trailed behind. Pressing a button on my utility belt I called Nacedo.

“Nacedo, I found King and Princess, I’m dropping them off now. Make sure you tend to their wounds.”

“Yes, Protector,” he responded.

Heading up to ground level we headed towards our bikes. Temptress got on hers and Elvis was just about to get on with her when I grabbed him.

“Elvis, you’re riding with me,” I said and directed Princess to Temptress’ bike. There was no way in hell I was letting his dirty Parker filled hands on my girl. No way.

Elvis opened his mouth to protest.

“Don’t argue with me.”

He closed his mouth.

We drove quickly to the mansion and into the secret back entrance. Nacedo was waiting there with a first aide kit.

“Glad to have you back, King, Princess,” Nacedo said as they got off the bikes and went to be pampered. I nodded to Nacedo and signaled Temptress to follow me and got out of there before Princess Dick and Bitch asked me to do things for them. I’m not their fucking dog.

But this was the life I led, no thank you’s, small rewards. Like the reward of knowing my family is okay. I looked to Temptress who was riding besides me. Knowing she was there, I enjoyed the feeling of the air rush right past my costume and skin. I rode faster into the road and against the air. I heard Temptress roar up next to me and continued to match my speed. Smiling inwardly, I knew she understood.

After a long time of just riding Maria sped up, circled around me and took off into another direction. I followed her mindlessly.

There was a fear about this superhero business. The fears, if you let them, could gobble you up and spit you out without a care in the world. It was a careless emotion. More cruel than hate and more valuable than love.

This time, the fear was about Max and Isabel. Yes, although I make fun of them any chance that I get. They’re still my family. And nothing could take that away from us. Well, that is, nothing I could do would ever take that away from us.

Maria and I ended up at Sanctuary. Costumes and all. We snuck through the alley and into the backway. Food was already ready for us. Maria thinks of everything. Heh, not like I would admit that to her or anything. Her head is already huge enough, that egomaniacal bitch.

Looking up at me, she gave a small smile and kissed me lightly on the nose before starting her meal. Okay, so maybe she was an egomaniacal bitch, but she was my egomaniacal bitch. Slowly, each member of the Sanctuary family joined us. Asking us how it went and if Princess Dick and Bitch okay. I realized something that day. Something that probably would’ve taken me forever. These people were my family. They had accepted me and worried about me and my other family. Well... except for that Brody kid.

My Wonderful Beautiful Maria

As far as we know, there is one underground base under Kivar’s control. Pierce was sharing this wealth. The underground base stretched far and long. The F47069 had to be in one of those rooms. There had to be another heavily guarded room.

It was the night before when I thought about it and I had fell asleep thinking about it. It wasn’t until I felt a large weight on my body that I woke. The first thing that hit my senses was the smell of bacon. Maria had made me breakfast in bed.

Did I mention how much I really loved Maria?

“Sho ahve bun heenking...” I finally spoke after stuffing my face with eggs.

“Swallow before you speak.”

Glaring at Maria I reluctantly swallowed. “So I’ve been thinking-”

“Did it hurt?”

“Maria, I’m being serious here.”

“Sorry, reflex...”

“Right, anyway, I’ve been thinking-”


“Do we have to go through this again?”

“No, go on.”

“Kivar had to have bee hiding the motor in that underground base. I mean, think about it, Elvis and Princess were stuck in this highly guarded place, Kivar had to have thought that no one would go and get them back.”

“But they’ll probably move it now that there was that security breech, that is, if they haven’t moved it already.”

“But what if they haven’t. We still have to try to find it.”

“So tonight then? They’d have to be a special kind of stupid to try to move it in the day.”

“Yeah, tonight.”

So then it was decided.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch.


In a place of darkness, evil lurked in the dark crevices beneath the shadows. The Temptress and I stealthily worked in and out of the dark alleyways, past buildings and through streets.

We had told the rest of the group at the sanctuary of our plans and they had gave their blessing to go kick some evil a$s.

And so here we were working our way through the streets to that underground base.

We arrived to our destination just as a group of men who I assume were Kivar’s goons were clearing out of the elevator. They had something valuable in the group. The F4...whatever! Who names a friggin’ engine something so friggin’ complicated anyway?!

I made the first move by using my powers to get the engine into my hands.

The goons turned in our direction with a perplexed look on their faces. Goons, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing.

“Looking for this?” I asked holding the crystal box that held the engine in my hands.

The goons began to rush at us.

The fight wasn’t as exciting as I wished it to be. Temptress and I took them out in less than a minute.

A kick here.

A punch there.

Down they went.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

A crisp clap came from somewhere while we were just about to walk away with the prized engine in our possessions.

“You freaks just never know when to give up do you?” Kivar said from behind us.

Pierce stood next to him, sneering at us.

“I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you,” I said holding up the crystal case. “I’ve got what you want.”

Kivar and Pierce laughed a haughty laugh. One of those laughs that pissed you off because they knew that they were better than you.

“Did you really think we were going to trust those goons with something so important to us?” Pierce asked holding the real engine in his hands.

I looked at what I was holding. The red numbers read :15.


Not really realizing what I was doing I held my right hand up and a power surged from deep inside my body through my arm and out my palm.

Screaming, I suspended Pierce and Kivar in the air.

Panicked they tried swimming away in the air but found that they couldn’t go anywhere. If I was going down, they were going down with me.


I threw the crystal case as far away as I could, it hit the wall with a loud crash, the crystal case around it had shattered.


Grabbing Maria, we ran towards the exit.


I could feel the breeze from the outside.




Glass shattered, screams from me could be heard, but none of that existed to me. My superhero logic stepped in as I quickly put Maria in front of me and covered her body from the explosion. The haunted look on Temptress’ face frightened me as the realization hit her of what I was doing, I felt the explosion knock us down, the heat of the flames welding the leather onto the skin on my back.

“Michael...” I heard my Maria, my Temptress, my wonderful beautiful Maria, whisper to me before a darkness engulfed me.

I was alone again.

Moving On

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I heard a steady beeping sound. Opening my eyes pain shot through my body as I quickly shut it again. If someone doesn’t stop that infernal beeping sound, I’m gonna blast it out of this world!

I was in a place of all white, I didn’t recognize this place. Was I here for God to finally recognize me?

“Hey look, he’s awake,” I recognize that voice, but where have I heard it before?

“Great,” I definitely recognize that sarcastic voice. Brody friggin’ Davis. Damn, I’m in hell. Good lord! What have I done to deserve this punishment? Was I not good in my life? Did I not protect the innocent? Was I not a rule abiding citizen? Did I not pay taxes? Okay, so I didn’t kill Elvis and Princess, which is a sin in itself, but c’mon...

“Michael... can you hear me?” another voice said.

“Michael?” Why must they all shout?

“Helllooooo...” ARGH!!

“If you all don’t shut up soon, I’ll kill you all,” I finally groaned out. Damn this incessant pounding and beeping!

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I opened my eyes again. shit! Four blurs were towering over me! Where the hell am I?

My eyes began to focus as my last memories flooded back into my thoughts.


Suddenly I shot up from the bed that I was in. “Maria?!”

The man I knew as River Dog pushed me down with strength he didn’t look to possess.

“Maria is fine, she’s resting in another room right now.” Soothing words from a man I met just a few days earlier.

Settling back down into the bed questions began to fill my mind. The engine? Kivar? Pierce? But as soon as my back touched the bed pain flared up my back. I grinded my teeth to keep from screaming aloud.

“We managed to get the leather off of your back, it’s rapidly healing on its own,” River Dog said looking me in the eyes as if to say that he knew of my monster-like status. As if to convey that he knew of this for a while now, and the old man’s soft deep brown eyes were comforting in a way.

“Kivar? Pierce?” I managed to bite out.


I nodded as I closed my eyes again and concentrated on ignoring the pain that flamed through my back and found myself in the lonely darkness once again.


It smelt like strawberries.

It smelt like Maria.

Something moved in my arms. I opened my eyes a little only to find my little blondie resting peacefully in my arms.

I snuggled her closer to my body.


Our bodies were perfect for each other, her small perfect little body fitted perfectly into my own.

She giggled as I squeezed her a bit. She then turned her body to face me.

“I thought you were going to die,” she said.

I snorted at her. “Me? Die? Never! Can you imagine how well Elvis and Isanazi would do without me in this world?”

Maria slapped my arm playfully.

“Seriously, Michael-”

“I am serious! Think of the havoc!”

Maria laughed and it felt good. It felt good to have her alive in my arms, it felt good to feel the radiation of her happiness. It felt good to know that I was still alive, and that I wasn’t alone.

“Where are we anyway?”

“We’re in one of River Dog’s hospitals.”

What the hell?

“What the hell? Who is River Dog anyway? Is he some fucking saint or something?”

Maria laughed. “River Dog is a very strong man with lot’s of experience under his belt.”

Shifting in my bed I came to the realization that my back no longer hurt. Well that was quick. Heh, I guess there are some perks to being me after all.

Not long after River Dog and Eddie came in to release both Maria and I from the white prison. We walked out holding hands despite River Dog’s protests of being wheeled out as procedure called it.

But then not long after we got into the car a realization hit me. Pierce, he’s gone. And that means... Maria will be gone. Back to Roswell City. Back to her old existence... without me. That dark lonely feeling began slowly creeping back into my head.

As we arrived to my apartment I stopped her before she stepped into my apartment.

“Maria, wait.”

Her brows furrowed in confusion as she searched my eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Maria, Pierce is gone.”


“What’s going to happen now?”

That cute little confused face morphed into something sad and detached.

“Michael, I really don’t want to think about that now.”

“Well, we’re going to have to soon, are you going to go back to Roswell?”

“Of course I am, I can’t leave that place, Temptress still has job there, not to mention Maria.”

“Then what’s going to happen with us?”

“Come with me.”


“Come home with me.”

“I can’t just leave, Maria.”

“Why not?!”

“Because Max and Isabel will burn the city down that’s why!”

“There’s nothing left for you here, Michael, you can still do your painting in Roswell. Max and Isabel can take care of everything!” Maria shouted back and then in an afterthought she fiercely whispered. “Kivar’s gone.”

“I can’t just pick up and leave, Maria.”

“Michael, they barely even knew you existed. Come home with me, we’ll be partners. Not a sidekick but partners.”

I sighed. “It’s not about recognition, Maria.”

“I know...just-” Maria sighed, “think about it okay?”

I nodded as Maria walked into the apartment, and nothing else was said of it again.

The days wore on, closer and closer to the end. Should I sacrifice Antar for Maria? Should I sacrifice everything that I ever wanted for Antar? Would Antar really be safe in the hands of the royal pains in the ass? Could I really live my life as someone besides a sidekick? Would I really be a partner? Could I really keep living the life of sorrowful solitude? Could I really keep living my life as if it were normal, as if I had never met her?

No. I couldn’t.

A knock came to my door.

It was Maria.

Suitcases in hand, in all her pure Maria-ness she stood. Eyes looking, deciphering, analyzing mine.

“I’m leaving now,” she said.

I nodded.

“Well,” Maria bit her lip in the way it drove me crazy. “See you around then.”

I just stared at her.

She pivoted on her foot and left. Suitcases in hand. Kyle glaring at me. I stood there. Frozen. The door open and the Antar heat blowing.

She got in her car. Look at me. Come on. Look. Her head turned slightly as she nodded at me. Our eyes locked.

And she drove away.

I couldn’t breathe for what seemed like a while. Kyle glared at me as he passed the door to get to his apartment. But then he stopped. A look of worry crossed his face.

“Dude, are you okay?”

I blinked. “Nah man, I’m not.”

It was then that I made the decision. It was then that I decided something for myself for once and screwed the entire city of Antar. Screw Elvis and Isaboob. Screw them all. I’m going to make myself happy for once and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me.

Grabbing what was important in my apartment I ran down to my bike and started the journey.

Thank you for visiting Antar City.

HWY: 285 S

Roswell City: 100 miles



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