Title: Stolen Moments
Author: Fate
Category: MM, AU
Rating: adult
Disclaimer: HA! I wish!
Summary: Maria’s mom is gone for the night. AU... I think ::shrugs::
Author's Note: Okay this is based on the best night of my life. Best sex ever. Not everything happened exactly like this, but it’s close enough. Okay anyway this is the first lame and pathetic attempt at NC-17, please do not try to IM the screen names, i don’t know if they belong to anyone. So... ummm... yeah... this goes out to rollergal20, my sister, mi gemela, you’ve had to listen to my damn stories about jackass and i probably should have spared you the details... LOL... but this goes out to you cuz you’re always there for me no matter what... and because i like to torture you with those damn details... (and cuz you’re my beta) LOL, when you find your michael, i’ll be here to listen, love ya, gemela. ::huggles::



“What are you smiling about?”


“Maria...” Michael crept closer to Maria, his fingers in tickling position.

Maria moved back as she giggled.

“Guess who’s going to a party tonight,” Maria taunted.

Michael stopped and his eyes narrowed. Maria was going to a party? Without him? Over his dead body!

Maria laughed. “My mom!”

Michael’s eyes lit up and he smiled one of his rare smiles saved only for his Maria.

Michael grabbed Maria by her waist and pulled her against his body.

“So... does this mean I’m coming over?”

Maria laughed. “No.”

At Michael’s sudden stillness, she kissed him hard on his lips, sucking hard on his lower lip and disentangled herself from his hold. “Just kidding, be at my house at 6:30.”

And with that she left a stunned Michael. What the hell was that?

“What the hell was that?” Max asked coming into the apartment his eyes following the bubbly and excited Maria. Max shook his head and chuckled. He looked at Michael who was still standing there with his mouth hanging opened.

“Need a bucket?” Max asked.

Slowly Michael turned his head towards Max.

“I... uh... I think I’m going to go take a shower,” Michael said.

Max laughed as Michael slowly walked into the bathroom.



TheSpaz: hey iz... what’s up?

ICEPRINCESS01: Nothing much... max and liz are getting it on in his room and i think i’m going to be sick

TheSpaz: LOL i’m sorry


TheSpaz: k

ICEPRINCESS01: k i’m back

TheSpaz: jesus, that took you a while

ICEPRINCESS01: LOL i went to throw a cup of water on the cow couple


TheSpaz: I’d be sleeping with one eye opened tonight if i were you, iz

TheSpaz: BRB

ICEPRINCESS01: hahaha okay

TheSpaz: my mom just left

TheSpaz: Iz?

ICEPRINCESS01: sorry, my brother just came in my room and told me to leave

TheSpaz: WHAT?!

TheSpaz: whatta ass... tell him to go fuck himself

ICEPRINCESS01: EW! i told him to suck himself and he just gave me a look and said, “that’s okay, liz’ll do it”

ICEPRINCESS01: :: pukes::


ICEPRINCESS01: i think i’m gonna go look for alex


TheSpaz: gotta go, Michael’s here.


TheSpaz: hee..


TheSpaz: i didn’t even say anything...

ICEPRINCESS01: it’s still too much information

TheSpaz: LoL ;)


TheSpaz: This is Michael: bye iz ;)

TheSpaz: maria here: bye isabel, ttyl

TheSpaz signed off at 6:31:32 AM

“Mmmm... Maria, stop... stop... stop,” Michael said peeling Maria off of him.


“Maria, I haven’t even been here for five minutes.”

Maria giggled. “So?”

Maria attacked Michael. She sucked on his bottom lip and ran her tongue along his. Michael moaned. “Mmmm... Maria... oh fuck it.”

Michael pushed Maria to the floor and growled as Maria giggled once more.

He started with soft kisses to her face. He sensuously and slowly kissed her berry lips. Maria wrapped her arms and her legs around him as they deepened their kiss. Maria moaned as his lips left her own.

He let his tongue run down to her neck. Kissing and sucking lightly, Maria thrust her pelvis up into Michael.

Michael found himself going lower and lower. Slipping the straps from her dress and her bra down her arms, he exposed her beautiful breasts.

He began to tease the erect nipples with his teeth, grazing her sensitive skin. He began to lick at her nipples, Maria moaned causing Michael to suck greedily on them.

“OH GOD! MICHAEL! DON’T STOP!” Maria screamed.

Michael picked Maria up and threw her on her bed. Michael quickly tore off the dress that she was wearing. Maria held Michael’s shirt in her hand and pulled it over his head. After a few seconds of frantic pulling Michael’s jeans came off.

Michael pinned Maria to the bed. He sat on her legs and used his hands to pin Maria’s arms above her head. Michael began to suck on Maria neck, Maria moaned again. Satisfied with that part of her body Michael decided to travel lower. His tongue traveled a trail down her body. Stopping at her breast to give them a kiss.

Maria gasped as Michael slipped his hand inside of her panties. Seconds later the panties came off. Teasing her, Michael ran his calloused hands inside her thighs. He rubbed the sensitive nubbin between his fingers as Maria screamed his name.

“You fuckin’ tease! Michael!”

Michael chuckled as he slipped one finger inside of her.

“Oh god! YES!”

Slipping his finger out he slipped two inside of her, Maria’s back arched as she moaned. In a slow and sturdy motion Michael worked his fingers in and out of her. Maria grabbed the sheets as a wave a pleasure came over her.

Maria whimpered as he slipped his finger out of her. So close... so close... Maria opened her eyes to see Michael on top of her grinning.

Maria looked down and frowned. “What the hell? Why are you still wearing those?”

Michael looked down and saw his alien boxers. In a few seconds, those were gone too. Maria growled as she pushed Michael to his back.

With her lips close to his lips she whispered, “My turn.”

Maria gave Michael little kisses down his chest. Michael closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling of Maria being in control and gasped when he felt her sucking hard on the inside of his thigh.

Maria smiled, grinning at her piece of art. “Property of Maria Deluca,” she stated proudly.

Michael laughed.

“Maria!” Michael screamed as he felt her lips around his cock.

Maria kissed the tip of his head, then she deep throated him once. Michael pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. Maria then swirled her tongue around the head. Michael screamed her name over and over again.

Maria stopped and reached over to her nightstand and picked up a condom. Ripping the package open with her teeth, she anxiously took out the condom, slipping it on Michael cock. Michael sucked his breath in at the feel of Maria’s hand and the condom.

Michael flipped Maria over as he carefully slipped himself inside of her.

“God, you’re so fucking tight, Maria... so fucking tight.”

Maria moaned.

When Michael was finally in her all the way he stopped and savored the feeling of her around his cock. Maria started to fidget beneath him. Michael began thrusting. Slow and hard. Sweat began to form on their bodies. The moaning and the screaming got louder. The aroma of sex filled her room. The tempo of thrust began to increase. Maria’s nails dug into Michael’s back and it only turned him on more.

Suddenly Maria was on top, riding Michael. Michael’s hands were on her waist, bouncing her on his cock. Michael tried to keep control but Maria’s walls clamped down on his cock and Michael couldn’t handle it anymore. The waves of orgasm washed over both of them as they screamed each others names.

Maria collapsed on Michael. Their sex sweat drenched bodies heaving for air.

Maria began laughing and she began raining several small and light kisses to his skin.

Michael looked at her lazily from under his eyelashes.

“You ready?” Michael asked.

Maria nodded and gasped as Michael pulled out of her. She fell onto her bed and curled up. Michael sighed and held her close to his body. Maria purred as Michael stroked her bare skin.

Maria looked up at Michael with her big green eyes. “I love you.”

Michael kissed her forehead. “I love you, too.”

Michael and Maria snuggled closer to each other, enjoying the warmth of each others bodies.

“Since when did you keep condoms at the side of your bed?”

“Since I knew you were coming,” Maria began to giggle. “And boy... did you come.”

Michael rolled his eyes at her immaturity. “What’s with you today?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Why are you so overly happy and giddy.”

“We just went through the best sex of my life, and you’re asking me why I’m giddy...” Maria laughed.

Michael laughed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Michael got up from the bed, picked up another condom and then picked Maria up. He put her down in front of the bathtub.

Maria raised an eyebrow at Michael. First he disposed of the old condom, Michael then turned on the water. Maria smiled at where this was going. Michael and Maria stepped into the bathtub as they let the water rain over them.

Michael kissed Maria lightly on the lips as the water fell onto her back. Michael held her close as the kiss deepened. Their tongues slid next to each other, fighting for control.

Closing their eyes they touched foreheads.

Michael then reached for the shampoo and poured some into his hands. He started to work the shampoo into her hair. Maria closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Michael massaging her scalp. The scent of lavender wrapped around them, Maria relaxed more. Michael began to wash out the shampoo from her hair. The warm water felt like a blanket around her, suddenly she felt Michael lips on her neck, kissing and sucking in all the right spots.

She opened her eyes and smiled shyly at him. Taking the lavender shampoo in her hands she began to wash Michael’s hair. Michael closed his eyes as Maria ran her hands through his soft hair. Maria smiled as Michael moaned at the feeling of Maria massaging his scalp. Maria put Michael’s head under the running water to wash out the shampoo. When she finished she gave a small kiss to his lips.

Michael recaptured her lips, in seconds Maria was pinned to the cold white tiled wall with her legs wrapped around his waist.

Before it went too far Michael stopped.

“What?” Maria asked, exasperated. He wanted to stop now?

“Condom,” Michael said, he spotted the condom on the edge of the tub.


In a matter of just a few moments Michael had attacked her body. His lips and his hands all over the place. Maria felt him everywhere. His body against hers, his lips on her neck, her lips, her breasts, his hands everywhere. She couldn’t think straight, her body shook with passion, with lust, with love.

Maria’s legs were wrapped around his waist. They both moaned in pleasure as he entered her. Slowly he thrusted in and out of her. In. Out. In. Out. Oh GOD! The pleasure was becoming too much, it almost hurt. Almost.

Maria clenched the inside of her walls as Michael gasped. NO! He couldn’t lose control yet. Not yet!

Faster and faster he pounded into her. The nervousness and the fear of the neighbors hearing them dissipated. The water continued to rain on them but they didn’t notice, they were too far into it. The slapping of their flesh were loud, but not louder than their moans and screams of ecstasy. Maria’s nails dug into his back, breaking the flesh as blood began to come out, making new wounds next to the old ones. The pain only escalated his pleasure. It escalated his screams.



He was so close. So close. But he had to make sure that she finished first. He had to make sure that she was taken care of first. His hips were becoming numb and tired, but he was far too gone to notice anything. His orgasm built and collected at the base of his cock. Maria felt it deep in her stomach. She then felt it spread up, down, and around her body, from the top of her head to the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes. She felt it.

Maria began to shake inside. Her walls clamped down on Michael’s cock, it was the last straw to Michael. He couldn’t control himself anymore. They both screamed as they came the second time that night.

Their breath ragged and their bodies drained they both slid to the bottom of the bathtub. The water continued to rain over them, cold. The sat there in each others arms. The water washing off the sweat. The air mixed with the scent of lavender, latex, and sex.

Their chest raised and lowered as they both slowly caught their breath. Lazily they both looked at each other and smiled a shy smile. They leaned into each other for a small kiss on the lips.

“Where the hell did you learn that?”

“What?“ Maria smiled at him, she knew exactly what he was talking about.


“I read it somewhere.”

“I almost lost control.”

Maria laughed. The sound gave Michael warmth. “I’m sorry, I thought that you’d enjoy it.”

Michael’s eyes widened. “Enjoyed it?! God! Maria!”

“The water’s cold.”

Michael finally felt the sting of the cold water hitting his skin. Maria reached over to turn it off, Michael hissed as Maria got off of him.

They both got up and out of the bath as Maria took a big towel and wrapped it around both of them. Michael held the towel closed as Maria hugged him.

Michael looked into the mirror.

“Maria, look.”

Maria looked into the mirror and couldn’t help but to smile. Both of them were wrapped in a big fluffy dark blue towel. Michael held her close as Maria’s cheek rested on his chest. Their hair was wet and it stuck on their skin. But... it looked right. It looked like that was the way it was supposed to be. It looked like they belonged like that. It looked like family. It looked like love, it looked like home.

Maria blushed as she thought of it, but Michael’s reflection in the mirror held a goofy grin. Maria looked into his eyes, and saw that he felt how she felt. Love. And she didn’t need to words to prove it.

They dried each other off, sneaking soft kisses to the exposed patch of dry skin. They dressed and realized that they were hungry.

Michael opened the refrigerator as Maria started to take food out to make.

“Maria, go sit down, I’ll make dinner.”

“But, Michael..”


Maria grinned at Michael and kissed his cheek. “Okay.”

After five minutes of searching the contents of the kitchen, he finally settled on the pasta and the Alfredo sauce in the cabinet. He made the dinner as quickly as possible, he stomach was growling and he was sure Maria’s was too.

The smell of the Alfredo was luring Maria into the kitchen.

“Mmmmm.... pasta,” Maria said.

Michael had just finished everything and was setting the table. There was only one plate.

“I thought we could share,” Michael said with a lopsided grin.

Maria laughed.

They dug into dinner, feeding each other and stealing kisses from each other from time to time. Less than a half an hour later they were done, full and content.

Michael and Maria settled on the couch, snuggling together, underneath a small blanket. Yawning Maria rested her head on Michael’s chest. They rested in comfortable silence, both lost in thought.

Michael looked at his watch and frowned. “I better go, your mom should be back soon.”

Maria looked at him with her big green eyes and held him tighter. She didn’t want to let go. She didn’t ever want to let go. But she nodded, understanding that they always had the future, right?

Reluctantly they both got up from the comfortable position. Maria walked Michael to the door and they shared one last kiss. They savored the feeling of each others lips, each others tongues.

“I love you, Maria.”

“I love you, too, Michael.”

Michael then walked off to his motorcycle, looking back at Maria, he got on and pulled his helmet on. Sighing, he took off, saddened by the fact that he couldn’t be with her when she went to sleep that night, but happy with the fact that he’d see her soon. Despite that he still felt empty. He missed her.

Maria wrapped her arms around herself as she watched Michael disappear around the corner. A sudden wave of cold and loneliness washed over her. She felt empty. She missed him. She walked back into her house, into her room, and buried herself inside of her covers. Sighing, she knew that everything would be okay in the end.

In the end they’d be together. In the end, they’d be happy. In the end, everything would be fine. Because that was who they were, they belonged together. They were fated to be together. Screw destiny. Soul mate couldn’t possible be the words to describe what they were. It was so much deeper than that. It was so much more than that.

Hearing the phone ring she groaned at having to get up to get the phone.

“I miss you.”

Michael’s voice came over the phone. Maria smiled.

“I miss you, too.”

Maria heard Michael’s soft chuckle and she imagined his small smile gracing his face.

“I... uh... I thought that since we couldn’t spend the night together out your house, I figured that we could sleep together anyway, you know... on the phone.”

Maria smiled wider. Why was he so cute?

“I’d like that.”

Later on that night, Amy came home and opened the door to check on Maria. She found her asleep with the phone clutched in her hand. Listening closely, she heard Metallica playing softly and some light snoring through the phone. Amy smiled as she placed a kiss on the crown of Maria’s head. Her heart warmed as she lightly closed the door to Maria’s room... Maria looked so happy.

Fin... for now.


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