Title: On the Run
Author: Fate
Category: M/M, A/I, T/K
Rating: mature
Disclaimer: now you all know as well as i do that they donít belong to me although if you want to give me michael ::impure thought of michael:: bad, Christiana, bad... oh and any song that i manage to end up using does not belong to me either... unless i end up using one of my own songs then well... that does belong to me...
Summary: Takes place in the episode End of the World... okay well actually... just the part about Courtney not everything else...
Author's note: REMEMBER THAT I WROTE THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! so be kind! This is NOT for dreamers i repeat this is not for dreamers...

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~*~Chapter One~*~

“Maria!” Michael said chasing after her.

Maria turned around abruptly and spat at him “What? Having trouble keeping up with your pants around your ankles?”

“Maria stop,” Michael said, “Just listen to me.”

Maria stopped and walked up to him, poking her perfectly manicured nails into his chest.

“No. You listen to me, bub,” Maria stated angrily, “I have stood by you when you told me that Isabel may be pregnant with your child.” With each poke Michael took a step back.

“I stood by you and never asked why when you ended up in my room looking like your world was crumbling around you. I CRIED AND SAVED YOUR A$S WHEN YOU WERE IN THAT CRAZY COCOON THING! And all I wanted was for you to love me that way I loved you, but could you give me that?”

Maria had fire in her eyes and Michael was petrified.

“COULD YOU?!” Maria screamed. Tears freely flowing own her tired green eyes. “NO! YOU COULDN’T ALL YOU COULD GIVE ME WAS THE PROOF THAT YOU DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ME BY SLEEPING WITH THAT SLUT!” Maria pushed him away.

Michael just looked at her, shocked by all the anger the little pixie had in her. “C’mon Maria, don’t cry, you know I hate it when you cry,” Michael reached his hand up to wipe her tears away.

“NO!” Maria shoved his hand away, “Don’t touch me! Just don’t touch me!” and with that Maria ran away.

“Sh!t” Michael said under his breath. He quickly ran to his bike and chased after Maria.

She wasn’t sure where she was running but she was just running, as if running would keep her from the pain she felt. When she looked up she had realized that the Crashdown was the closest place. She needed her friends and about a billion gallons of chocolate ice cream, Liz would have to do. She was just across the street from the Crashdown when Isabel approached.

“Maria?” Isabel asked in a soft concerned voice. “Maria, are you okay?”

Maria looked at Isabel and broke down even more. Isabel comforted her with a hug.

“Is Michael being a d!ck again?” Isabel asked stroking her back.

“H... he... he’s cheating on me, wi... with Courtney,” maria sobbed and said between breaths.

“The waitress?” Isabel asked still trying to comfort her.

Maria nodded.

“Hey Is,” Alex said in a chipper mood. Then he frowned when he realized who was in Isabel’s arms.

“Maria? Maria, sweetie what’s wrong?” Alex asked, touching Maria’s shoulder.

“Oh Alex!” Maria hugged Alex tightly, desperate for the love that she deserved.

Maria’s tear now soaking Alex’s shirt.

Just then Michael pulled up “Jesus Christ, that girl can run,” he muttered under his breath.

“Maria,” Michael started, getting a glare from Isabel.


The four teens flew back and onto the floor from the force of the explosion and the debris flying everywhere.

“Oh my God, Liz,” Alex and Maria gasped simultaneously as Isabel and Michael gasped “Oh my God, Max.”

Maria and Isabel had their hands over their mouths, in shock as the fire reflecting off of their watery eyes.

After about a minute of complete silence except for the crackling and snapping of the burning debris, Sheriff Valenti pulled up quickly, his wheels squealing, the foul odor of burning rubber mixing in with the stench of burning food, metal, and wood.

“What the hell happened?” asked the Sheriff frantically.

None of them spoke, still in shock from the explosion.

Michael moved his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Sirens could be heard but they were distant to the young teenagers who had just lost a best friend, a brother.

“Guys, hurry up and get in before they take you in for questioning,” the Sheriff said quickly.

The four traumatized teens snapped out of their shocked trances and slowly got in the truck. They drove away before the fire department arrived.

They sat in silence.

“...crackle... mission accomplished Pier... crackle... is this a sec... crackle... of course... crackle...” The sheriff’s radio crackled and broke the silence. The Sheriff was about to turn it down when Michael’s hand shot out and Michael looked at him. They all wanted to listen.

“Good.. crackle... Topolsky... crackle... di... crackle.. get... crackle... em all?... crackle... no... crackle... two... crackle... and crackle... civilians... crackle.. what... crackle... other.. crackle... six?.. crackle... Deluca... crackle... next... crackle...”

Maria’s eyes went wide.

“She at my house,” The sheriff said.

A wave of relief washed over Maria but sadness hit her once again.

“...crackle.. wouldn’t... crackle... be suspicious?... crackle... we... crackle... thought... crackle... get... crackle.. all... crackle... stupid restaurant... crackle... how... crackle.. long... crackle... it’ll... crackle... a week longer... crackle... set up sir... crackle...”

“We have to get out of here, soon...” Michael said.

“No.” Maria shook her head. “No... I have to say good-bye to Lizzie. Don’t you want to say good-bye to Max?”

Michael closed his eye. “We have 5 days,” Michael said coldly.

For the next five days Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Kyle and Tess got ready to leave. Maria avoided Michael any chance she could and Michael quickly took over the role of king. (Oh yeah... cuz you know he’s MY king... LoL.. okay i’m sorry back to the fic...) Alex’s and Isabel’s relationship was closer they closed theselves off to everyone but each other.

Kyle and Tess were still confused about what happened. They told Amy and the Evans the truth about their origins, and that they had to leave.

On the fifth day was Max and Liz’s funeral.

“Max was my best friend. He was there when I needed him,” Michael said sadly. “Even when we first met each other he was as protective as a brother. He could have been so much more. He was so smart and he had so much more going for him,” Michael continued.

Alex held Isabel as she wept for the lost souls.

Mr. and Mrs. Evan sat right next to them mourning for the only son that they lost. Mr. and Mrs. Parker were out on a business trip when it happened. They were sitting with the Evans mourning for their only daughter, wishing that it could’ve been them. Kyle and Tess grieved in tears, still confused.

“Liz... Liz was like my sister,” Alex said his eyes hard and cold. Isabel’s cries were reduced to soft sniffles as she held on to her mother for dear life. “She was definitely one of a kind, the brains of our little outcasted group. There was no problem that Elizabeth Parker couldn’t solve.”

The weather was windy, the clouds were dark. It was as if the Gods were grieving too, for poor little Elizabeth Parker and the fearless leader Maxwell Evans. By the time the funeral had almost come to an end Isabel, Alex, Michael, Tess and Kyle had already disappeared to the car awaiting Maria’s arrival so they could quickly leave.

Maria wakled up to the stage and whispered to the air.

“Good-bye Lizzie, I love you. Good-bye Max, you better take care of her, girlfriend,” And with that she started singing.

Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me

I was once lost
But now am found
Was blind but now I see

The wind carried her voice to the Jeep. Tess and Kyle listened quietly as silent tears rolled down their cheeks.

'Tis Grace that taught
My heart to fear
And Grace my fears relieved

Now precious dear
That Grace appear
The hour I first believed

“Oh God!” Isabel cried out loud as Alex held her, his own tears blurring his vision and invading his thoughs

Through many dangers
Toils and snares
I have already come

'Tis Grace has brought
Me safe this far
And Grace will lead me home

Michael leaned his head back on the head rest, his eyes closed. He had lost his best friend and his loved one in the same day. Maria wouldn’t speak to him, she wouldn’t even look at him in the eyes.

When we've been there
Ten thousand years
Bright shining as a sun

We've no less days
To sing God's praise
Than when we first begun

The responsibilities he had taken over, overwhelmed him. He was the all-time protector now. This was his family he had to take care of. He shouldn’t be think about something stupid like his love life when something so much more important was at risk. The lives of his loved ones.

Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me

Michael opened his eyes and through his advanced eyes he could see Maria’s pain vibrating off of her body at she sang.

I was once lost
But now am found
Was blind but now I see

As the last note of the song was finished Maria stood there, everyone in silence.

After a brief moment she turned and ran whispering “Good-bye” to the heavens, tears rolling down her eyes and to the ground beneath her feet.

Michael had just started the engine as Maria climbed into the passenger seat. And all six teenagers left Roswell without a backward glance.


~*~Chapter Two~*~

Soft giggles could be heard. Michael lifted his head up. He found himself in a green forest with beautiful flowers surrounding him.

“Maria?” Michael said as he saw the pixie in a soft white flowery dress.

The girl nodded and giggled again.

Michael began to walk towards her.

She giggled again and skipped off humming happily to herself.

“Maria, wait!” Michael begged.

Maria stopped and beamed at him and she continued to trot in the same direction she was going. Michael followed her. She stopped every so often just to make sure he was following. After what seemed to be an endless journey they finally reached a lake.

Maria pointed to the lake and giggled.

Confused, Michael looked into the lake and much to his surprise, instead of seeing his reflection he saw a village with people walking and working, children playing and singing.

“Is this...?” Michael pointed to the lake and looked at Maria with question in his eyes.

Maria nodded, her hair bouncing as she did so, she let her hand to her mouth and let out another giggle.

Michael smiled at Maria and he looked back into the lake.

“Home,” Michael whispered to no one at all.

Maria bent down next to him and caught his attention. Maria frowned as she looked into the lake. She looked to Michael with sorrow, pain and grief as she pointed at the lake again, this time letting her finger gently touch the cool water.

Michael frowned at Maria and looked to the lake once again. The ripples that Maria had caused changed the village scenery.

Fire, smoke, screams, and death consumed the beautiful picture of home before his eyes.

“Maria, what’s happening?” Michael asked in confusion. He tore his gaze away from the chaotic scene and turned to Maria, expecting an answer.

Bloody tears pooled in her eyes, and made its bloody trail down her cheek and dripped into the lake. Her eyes closed, lips quivering, and her fingers trembling, she pointed to the blood tainted water.

Michael looked at the now bloody water and the chaotic scene had disappeared, the ripples that the tears had caused revealed a symbol that Michael felt was vaguely familiar.

“But what does this mean?” Michael asked the little pixie.

Maria now opened her eyes and slowly she raised her hands to his face. She gently caressed his face with her soft hands then Maria put her hands over his eyes.

Michael jolted awake. His wild eyes looking left and right.

Where was he?

Relaxing into his seat, with a sense of relief, he remembered he was in the passenger seat of the jeep. Music was lightly playing from the radio. They had only been on the road for two days.

Michael’s eyes roamed the interior of the jeep. Kyle was driving, his knuckles were white from tightly grasping the steering wheel. He looked to be fighting sleep.

Squished in the back were Alex with Isabel snuggled comfortably in his arms. Tess was leaning on Maria for support.

Michael’s eyes stopped at Maria. Tess and her were leaning on each other for support as they slept. Maria’s face was contorted in a frown. Her mouth was opening and closing as if she were talking but nothing was coming out.

Michael looked away, he couldn’t take it anymore. If he couldn’t her he would go crazy.

Michael looked at Kyle again.

“Kyle,” Michael whispered careful not to disturb the sleeping four in the back, “Maybe we should get a motel room for the night.”

Kyle looked at Michael oddly. And a friendly smile played on his lips. “Sure, I could use the sleep.”

A minute and a half, or two miles later, they stopped at a not-too-bad looking motel. Michael got off the car and went to get three rooms, in hopes of being able to patch things up right with Maria again. Michael walked back to the jeep with three keys for three rooms in his hand.

Kyle had his eyes closed and his head resting on the steering wheel. Michael poked him awake to signal him to wake the others.

Kyle opened his eyes, yawned while stretching his arms then got out of the car. He opened the door to the back seat. He gently shook awake Tess, who in turn woke up Maria.

Maria sat up straight with a bewildered confused look on her face. She looked out the window and let out a sigh when she saw that they had arrived at a motel. She turned and saw that Tess and Kyle had already gone into their room.

Maria sighed as she pushed Alex to wake him and then got out of the jeep.

Alex awoke with a start and in the process waking Isabel. They got out of the car and Michael threw the keys to Alex. Alex caught it with one hand. He smirked at Michael and held Isabel closely to him as he patted Michael on the back as they headed towards their room.

Maria stood there for a minute just admiring the sparkling stars. Michael admired Maria from where he was standing. She seemed so innocent with the faint blue light of the moon shining beautifully on her face.

The realization hit her of where she was staying tonight.

“Oh no... there’s no way in hell that I’m sleeping in the same room as you,” Maria ranted.

Michael cringed.

“There were only three rooms left,” Michael lied. “Besides, it’s not safe for you to be alone...” Michael quickly added.

“Fine,” Maria said yawning, too tired to argue, “Which way to the room?”

Michael pointed in the direction that Kyle and Tess had long disappeared to. Maria grabbed one of her bags and stalked off in the direction he had pointed to. Michael followed behind her unable to hide the grin that infected his face.

As they reached the rooms Maria stopped and she looked at the doors.

“It’s room 102,” Michael stated.

Maria nodded and walked to the dark green door with a dim yellow light right above it. Michael walked to the door with the key in his hand.

Maria turned to Michael, “Do not talk to me. Do not touch me, in fact, don’t even look at me,” she said icily.

Michael just nodded, peeked a look at her and stuck the key into the keyhole.

Maria walked into the room and searched the wall for the light switch. Her delicate fingers finding it, she switched on the light.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Maria murmured under her breath. She stared at the bed. There was only one queen size bed in the room. The carpeting was of a red wine color with stains in various places that she didn’t even want to know what it was. Maria saw the bathroom.

“I’m taking a shower,” Maria stated to no one in particular. She stalked off into the bathroom.

Michael nodded again. Figuring that Maria was going to take the bed and there was no chance in hell that she was going to share, he set himself up on the dirty floor. Once he settled in the bathroom door opened. Maria walked out, her eyes red and puffy, in a over sized t-shirt obviously one of her mother’s “creative” creations. It had an arrow pointing to her left stating “I’m with Alien.”

Michael chuckled at the truth of the statement. Maria flashed a glare at him. Michael got up and mumbled something about the shower. He walked into the bathroom and was bombarded by the smell of fresh strawberries. He quickly took his shower.

Michael walked out in his black boxers with green imprints of little aliens doing different things. Maria looked at him wide-eyed and stifled a laugh. Maria’s eyes landed on his finely cut abs and couldn’t help but to stare, she snapped out of her dreamy stance when her eyes drifted to his amused facial expression. She glared at him once more and laid in the bed. She turned off the light as he laid on the floor.

She laid on her side with her closed, wrapped in the hopefully clean motel sheets as she heard him shifting on the floor.

Uncomfortable wasn’t the word for what Michael felt. He tossed and turned and even got a little freaked out when he felt something move beneath him.

Maria began to feel sorry for him. It was amazing how fast guilt spread. Before she knew it she was on her knees peering down a very awake Michael.

“Michael...” Maria said to Michael’s moving form. The light from the outside shone a small kind of nightlight in the room. Michael stopped moving.

“Yeah?” Michael responded careful to not let his voice squeak.

“Get up here, you big dope,” Maria sighed. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, letting this two-timing bastard in the same bed as her.

Michael jumped up and crawled into the bed. He laid next to Maria. She turned towards him, she could feel his warm minty fresh breath on her face.

“Maria...” Michael breathed.

The sound of her name rolling of his lips sent tingles down her spine.

“I just want to explain...” Michael started.

“Shh...” Maria said putting her delicate fingers on his soft lips. “For tonight, let’s just sleep and forget, I’m just so tired right now.”

Michael took her into his arms. Maria responded by wrapping her arms around his waist. The touches were electrifying. They stayed there in each others’ warm, comfortable, familiar embrace as their breaths evened out and there minds drifted into the wonderful land of fantasies and heavens.


Michael awoke to the smell of sweet strawberries. He looked down to the little pixie he held in his arms and he smiled. He held Maria a little closer and he closed his eyes, savoring this peaceful and perfect moment. Maria started to stir. She mumbled something incoherent and hugged Michael tighter. Michael smiled.

Maria’s eyes fluttered open. She found herself in Michael’s protective arms.

The both seemed to have a silent agreement. Things were going back to what they were. Uncomfortable silences, yearnings for each others’ touch, Maria’s incessant stone wall personality, Michael’s indulges in depression and his role as king. There was no question about it. Michael wanted to explain and Maria stubbornly refused to hear it. He just hurt her way too much.

The checked out of their rooms and everyone met at the jeep.

Kyle looked at everyone with his tired eyes. He gave a faint smile.

“So where to for breakfast?” He said happily trying to lighten the mood.

The group didn’t need to worry about money. With the blessing (and curse) of alien powers they changed the ones and tens to one hundreds and fives to fifties. Nope. Money wasn’t ever going to be a problem.

It was Maria’s turn to drive and she drove to the nearest food serving place. The ended up at a local diner.

At a secluded booth they discussed what they were going to do next.

“We need to get rid of the jeep,” Isabel spoke up.

“And I don’t want to live on fast food for the rest of my life,” Tess said.

“Where exactly are we going?” Alex asked.

“Is it always going to be this difficult?” Kyle questioned.

Maria sat there quietly, staring at her food. The brown maple syrup was running slowly down her fluffy pancakes. She tried to catch the syrup with her fork. The thick brown liquid slowly dripped through the fork and onto the warm off-white plate joining the rest of the puddle of sweet syrup.

Michael watched her, his thoughts drifting off to the multiple things that he could do with syrup. The places that he could put it, the places that he could lick it off of. his mind wandered off into NC-17 fantasies.

“So is that okay with you guys?” Isabel asked shattering their own little dream worlds.

“Huh?” Maria snapped out of it with a confused look on her face.

“Have you been listening to a word I said?” Isabel asked.

Maria looked at Michael with a blush creeping up her face “Uh... no...”

Isabel rolled her eyes “You guys can fantasize about each other later when you’re driving, so you guys get the minivan, pay with cash. While Tess and Kyle go get groceries and Alex and I go find places that we can possibly live without having our lives in danger.”

Maria frowned “Why...”

Isabel glared at her, daring her to change the plans that Isabel had already thought of.

“Okay, look for minivan, gotcha,” Maria said quickly with a fake smile plastered on her face and she dug into her breakfast.


Michael and Maria were on the way to trade in the jeep for a new minivan. However, Maria wasn’t too happy about the pairings.

“I don’t understand why I have to get stuck with Mr. Can’t-keep-Michael-Jr.-in-his-pants Guerin,” Maria grumbled beneath her breath.

Michael laughed at Maria’s frustrated state and Maria shot a glare that sent chill down his spine.

A fat man with a obvious toupee on his head headed their direction. He wore a gray suit and seemed to be constantly sweating.

“Hell, I’m Jay. Do you see anything that you might be interested in?” The fat sweating man asked with his cheesy cardealersman voice.

“Hi, we just got married,” Michael put on his act pulling Maria up against him roughly. “And we’re looking for a minivan.” Michael smiled at the greasy man.

Maria glared at Michael for a quick moment and smiled at jay.

Jay gave a hearty laugh, wiping the greasy sweat off his forehead with a napkin. “Planning on having a big family, eh?” Jay looked at Maria licking his lips.

This didn’t go by unnoticed. Maria’s eyes went wide and her tiny hands clutched onto Michael’s black shirt. Maria once again flashed her fake smile at Jay. Making sure she was as close to Michael as humanly possible.

Anger flashed through Michael’s eyes. No one thought of his Maria that way. Michael smiled at jay and put his protective arms around Maria.

“Well, if you’d follow me, you’d see that we have a wide selection of minivans,” Jay continued to walk deeper into the car dealership. “By the way, how do you plan on paying?”

“Cash” Michael and Maria simultaneously said.

Jay’s smile stretched wider.

After a few minutes of discussion between Michael and Maria, which was mostly bickering about getting Michael’s hands off her butt, they had decided on the blue Sienna. They made the transaction and when everything was done with, Michael and Maria drove off back to the diner to meet everyone else.


Kyle and Tess went to the nearest grocery store.

“Do you think things will ever be normal again?” Tess asked Kyle, her sad blue eyes looking deep into his soft brown eyes.

“I don’t know, Tess,” Kyle answered, holding her close, kissing her forehead. “All I know is that if I’m with you, I know everything will be alright.”

Tess smiled at Kyle’s sincere words. She lightly kissed him on the lips.

“So, what do you want to eat?” Tess asked cheerfully.

“What ever my little cook thinks is good,” Kyle said nuzzling his nose into the crook of her neck.

Tess giggled.

“C’mon, we got to hurry up or else Is will have a cow,” Tess said stepping out of Kyle’s embrace and grabbing a shopping cart.

They walked in the aisles throwing into the cart whatever they thought was necessary.

“Have you noticed how strange Isabel and Alex have been acting lately?” Tess asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

“You mean the keeping to themselves and the constant brooding?” Kyle questioned.

“Yeah...” Tess said tossing some chips into the cart.

“I think they had sex the night of Max and Liz’s deaths,” Kyle said bluntly.

“What?” Tess said stopping the cart.

“I mean, think about it, they were so scared that they might come after us that they decided it’s now or never...” Kyle said.

Tess smacked Kyle in the arm.

“What?! You never know,” Kyle said smiling and looking Tess up and down as she walked away from him.


“Oh hey, this looks good,” Isabel pointed out to a brochure.

Alex flipped through it and put it in the maybe pile.

They had ended up in a travel agency, flipping through brochures and discussing appropriate living places.

Isabel hugged Alex, “I think that’s enough,” Isabel said.

Alex enveloped her in a tight hug.

“I feel sorry for Maria,” Isabel suddenly said.

“Me too,” Alex murmured into her hair, inhaling the sweet smell of her long blond hair.

“You think that we should push them in the right direction?” Isabel asked.

“I think that sooner or later,” Alex said staring into Isabel’s eyes. “That Michael will tell Maria the truth about what happened and they’ll be all over each other like horny little bunnies.”

Isabel laughed at his “horny bunny” comment.

“Maria looks to be in so much pain though,” Isabel said.

“I know and I care, I honestly do,” Alex said, “But Is, Maria is about the most stubborn person I know, and if I tell her that she should listen, she’ll only get more pissed.”

Isabel sighed. Alex was right, they should just let them work out their differences by themselves.


~*~Chapter Three~*~

Kyle watched as Tess pulled her curly blond hair behind her ear while keeping her concentrated blue eyes on the road. The same hand that had just fixed her hair went to touch the radio dial as she pressed the search button looking for something... anything to listen to other than the cold silence that filled the blue vehicle.

Tess’ hair fell back in front of her eyes as she placed it behind her ear once more.

Hearing a DJ announce a song, Tess stopped the search and let the song play. Brandon Boyd’s voice took over and the silence surrendered itself to the beautiful music of Incubus.

Bat your eyes girl
Be otherworldly
Count your blessings
Seduce a stranger

Soon enough Maria’s sultry voice joined in.

What's so wrong
With being happy?
Kudos to those who
See through sickness

Michael closed his eyes to listen to the beautiful blond pixie who sat in the seat next to him. Due to the inseparable Isabel and Alex, Maria was forced to sit by Michael. Michael smiled inwardly as he thought back. Kyle had called shot gun and Maria started to beg to not sit next to the “asshole-who-like-his-women-cheap” Kyle had refused once more. Maria pouted and gave her best puppy dog eyes. The one where her eyes sparkle of sadness and her lower pouty lip protruded out. Michael could never resist that look and it seemed that Kyle was just about to give in until he caught a glimpse of Tess’ blond hair.

Over and over
And over and over

Maria’s voice filled his thoughts and soon Kyle and Tess started to sing along.

She woke in the morning
She knew that her life
Had passed her by
She called out a warning
Don't ever let life pass you by

Alex and Isabel’s voices soon joined along with their friends and Brandon Boyd’s voice.

I suggest we
Learn to love ourselves
Before it's made illegal
When will we learn
When will we change
Just in time to see it
All come down

Michael found himself to be sucked into singing along. Incubus wasn’t his band but he liked this song. Maria had forced him to listen to the CD many weeks before and after Maria made him listen to the CD, he found himself to be singing Incubus songs sometimes.

Those left standing
Will make millions
Writing books on ways
It should have been

Laying in Alex’s arms, Isabel peeked over to Maria. She was staring out the window, the bright sun shone on her blond hair and soft face. Her lightly glossed lips singing along to the lyrics. Isabel didn’t understand why Michael hadn’t told Maria the truth, and every time Isabel brought it up to Alex, he told her to stay out of their business.

“You can’t push love, and besides, Michael needs to learn how to fix his mistakes. We can’t always be there to help him along,” Alex always said to her. “Everything will work out fine, and it’ll always land in it’s place.”

She only hoped that it were true.

She woke in the morning
She knew that her life
Had passed her by
She called out a warning
Don't ever let life pass you by

Alex sat there stroking Isabel’s arms. His thoughts running into the subject of Maria. He knew that he wasn’t being a very good friend to Maria at the moment, but he had the odd sensation to not get involved in her love life. He looked down at his beautiful blond goddess as she looked up at him, they shared a small kiss and continued to sing along.

Floating in this cosmic Jacuzzi
We are like frogs oblivious
To the water starting to boil
Now I flinch and
We all float face down

Kyle thought about his almost sister as he sang along. He didn’t like that she were going through so much pain, but he and Tess had agreed to let themselves work it out. But still, he couldn’t help but to feel sorry for the girl that he had grown to love like a sister.

Tess glanced at Kyle for a brief second and flashed a smile at him as she turned her attention back on the road. She knew that she had made a promise to Kyle but if Michael didn’t fix his problem soon, she was going to go and make sure that everything will be fine between them. Maria and Tess had grown closer in the duration of this road trip and Tess wasn’t going to let some boy, “brother” or not, hurt one of her few friends that she had ever made in her life.

She woke in the morning
She knew that her life
Had passed her by
She called out a warning
Don't ever let life pass you by
Pass you by


“We think that it would be better if we lived in a big city so that we could blend in,” Isabel said.

They were once again in another diner. Old men and women in bright sky blue shirts and white visors with the name of a retirement home in bold maroon letters surrounded their booth. The stench of sterile clothes, elderly people, and greasy food filled the room. They were stuffed in a corner booth so small that they were practically sitting on top of each other. In fact, Isabel was sitting on Alex’s lap as his arms loosely held her waist. Tess sat in the space in between Kyle’s legs as his hands rested on her stomach. Maria and Michael refused to touch each other. Each time their thighs brushed each other they lingered for a moment before they shot their legs back as if they had burned one another.

“I’m thinking that we should go to Los Angeles,” Isabel said.

“Los Angeles?” Maria’s ears perked up.

“Yeah, big city, sunny... it’s got all the perks,” Isabel said.

“We can easily fit in,” Alex said.

“So Los Angeles?” Kyle asked.

Everyone gave in positive input and the decision was made, they were heading west.

“We need to find a house there,” Michael said, “One that’s big enough for all of us, I think that we should open a bank account, too.”

“Yeah, that way they don’t wonder how the hell we carry around so much cash,” Tess reasoned.

“So what name’s should we put our account under? I mean it’s not like we can fabricate some non existent person,” Maria said.

Isabel, Tess, and Michael looked at each other and started laughing.

“Dr. Love,” Tess gasped out. They all laughed harder.

Maria, Kyle, and Alex’s face masked in confusion. What the heck were they talking about?

“Sorry guys... we just...” Isabel said in between breaths. She took a deep breath and this time tried to speak without breaks.

“We used to have these talks, just between Max, Michael, Tess and I and we said that if ever we go to Las Vegas what all of our aliases would be...” Isabel stopped as did Michael and Tess.

They all realized that they had spoken and heard Max’s name for the first time in a week. It became completely silent, except for all the mindless chattering of the elderly people and a radio lightly playing some upbeat music. They all just stared at the food, afraid to speak, afraid to move, afraid to breathe. Feeling guilty for being alive when their best friends where six feet under.

Maria tore her eyes away from the table and she looked at each person occupying the booth.

“I’m tired of this,” Maria finally said, breaking the terrible silence consuming their minds.

Everyone looked up at Maria with a sad questioning look in their eyes.

“I’m tired of feeling sad, I’m tired of eating this god awful food, I’m tired of being scared of every dark corner, I’m tired of feeling bad that it was them and not me,” Maria said her voice getting louder and louder. I’m tired of being alone, without you, Michael Maria thought. She bit her cheek from saying it aloud.

“I say that we remember the good times of our friends rather than wallowing around and being depressed about it,” Maria paused.

“Max and Liz would want us to be miserable,” Maria said in a low whispered voice.

Isabel nodded at Maria’s rant. She was right, Max and Liz wouldn’t want them to be miserable especially since they’re running away. They should think about the happy times and not give in to the satisfaction of Topolsky and Pierce by being half dead.

“You’re right, Maria,” Tess said, “You’re absolutely right.”

Maria smiled a genuine smile.

“So now, tell me what’s this business with this ‘Dr. Love,’” Maria said.

Michael let out a laugh and the three aliens started their story on Dr. Love, Margarita Salt, Shirley Temple, Rob Roy, Harvey Wallbanger, Piña Colada, Brandy Alexander and Tom Collins (oh yeah, that’s real original... Tom being his father and Colin being his first name, YES I KNOW IT SAYS COLLINS, but you can see the similarities... am I babbling? sorry... back to the fic) as the three humans listen attentively laughing along with each other.


Michael put everything he held in his arms onto the counter in front of a young brunette cashier.

“Road trip?” the brunette asked. Her white plastic name tag stated in bold black letters JENN. She started to punch in the items.

“Uh... yeah, you could say that...” Michael scratched his head getting his wallet out to pay the girl.

Jenn smiled at him and Michael flashed his sexy smile to her.

“$13.45,” Jenn said as she giggled.

Maria walked towards them as Jenn handed him his change and started to bag the items.

“So are you staying at a motel for the night?” Jenn asked.

Michael nodded.

“I get off in 30...” Jenn implied as she handed Michael the full bag.

Maria cleared her throat as Michael turned to look at her. Maria was jealous and she didn’t understand why. He was just an ass who’s looking for the nearest screw, Maria reminded herself. She took one last look at him and walked out of the small mart.

“Uh, I gotta go,” Michael said quickly, running after Maria.

“Maria, wait!” Michael said, catching up to her (Whoa, doesn’t this scene seem oddly familiar...) He caught her arm as she spun around. He looked deep into her sad green eyes. They were watering at the bottom.

“Yeah?” Maria said, his hand still holding her arm.

Michael opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. Maria couldn’t stand starring into his deep brown eyes anymore, if she did she would do something that she would later regret. She looked down to his shoes.

Michael used his finger to tip her chin up.

“Maria,” her name rolled off his lips in a soft whisper.

She looked into his eyes once more, this time with a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Oh... no... Maria...” Michael said softly using his thumb to wipe the tear off of her cheek. He suddenly felt the need to apologize, for what she was feeling now, for whatever he had done in the past, for everything that the world had done to make his pixie feel that way.

“I’m so sorry, Maria” Michael said softly, “So, so sorry.”

Michael and Maria embraced each other in a passionate hug. The kind of hug that you would remember for the rest of the week, the kind that you would spend with your best girl friend, analyzing every aspect of the hug for a couple of hours. The kind that made you blush just thinking about it, the kind that made you feel loved and sheltered.

Maria cried softly into his shirt as he rubbed her back, his chin resting on the top of her head.


Isabel traced lazy circles across Alex’s naked chest as she stared at his peaceful face. Alex’s eyes opened a little and smiled at the sight of Isabel’s beautiful face.

“I could get used to this,” Alex said pulling Isabel closer to his body.

Isabel scooted closer than humanly possible to Alex and snuggled into his hold.

“Get used to what?” Isabel asked softly.

“Waking up to your beautiful face, of course,” Alex said, charmingly.

Isabel blushed and hid her face in his chest and murmured something incomprehensible to the untrained ear.

“I love you, too, baby,” Alex said as he kissed her on top of her head and closed his eyes.

They both fell asleep into a wonderful dream of love, faith, safety, and family.


Tess swatted Kyle’s hands away from the pudding mix.

“Hey!” Kyle said.

“Shoo... you’ll end up messing this up just like everything else, I don’t need you to food poison the whole group,” Tess said moving the bowl away from Kyle’s reach.

“Oh come on! It’s just mixing...” Kyle said.

“It’s just pouring...” Tess mimicked his voice.

“And look at what you did... you over poured!” Tess scolded as she pointed at the cup of apple juice in the middle of a large puddle of the dark translucent yellow liquid.

Kyle pouted as Tess continued to mix the creamy chocolate pudding.

“Oh... baby...” Tess said as Kyle continued to give her puppy eyes. “I’m sorry...”

Tess set down the bowl and ran to Kyle, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him down so that she could give him a deep kiss. Kyle wrapped his finely built arms around Tess’ tiny waist as he deepened the kiss.

Kyle pushed Tess back and as they kissed. Kyle reached out to the bowl of pudding. Tess slapped his hand away and abruptly stopped the kiss.

“Damn,” Kyle said. “Why are we making this anyway?”

“Because,” Tess explained, “Like Maria, I’m tired of eating that crap food at those damn diners.”

“Oh, well can I at least have a taste?” Kyle asked.

Tess looked at him.

“Please?” Kyle asked like a child.

Tess rolled her eyes and gave in.

“Fine. Here.” Tess gave Kyle the bowl of pudding mixing as he happily stuck his finger in it and stuck it in his mouth like a little boy.

Tess looked at him and couldn’t help but to smile and laugh. She dipped her index finger in the mixing and took it out only to look at Kyle in the eyes as she seductively licked the dark creamy pudding off of her small slender finger.

Kyle stared in wide eyes and a low moan escaped his throat as she closed her eyes and sucked gently at her finger, taking off any remains of the sweet pudding. Kyle put the bowl aside and attacked Tess.

Tess laughed at the aggressiveness and let herself be swept off her feet by the adorable Kyle Valenti.


~*~Chapter Four~*~

Maria pushed Michael away and slugged him as hard as she could.

“Ow! Maria... what the hell was that for?” Michael yelled.

“You stupid asshole,” she screamed at him “You think you’re forgiven? Just like that?”

“Maria... what the hell are you so pissed about?” Michael said rubbing his arm.

“What am I so pissed about? Oh. My. God. I can’t believe you can even ask me that. God! You are so infuriating!” Maria screamed. “First, you sleep with Courtney, the blond bitch from hell, and then...”

“Whoa! Wait a minute, I didn’t sleep with Courtney!” Michael cut her off.

“Then what the hell was she doing in her towel?” Maria was burning with fury. “Oh you’re a great kisser, Mickey G” she imitated Courtney’s voice. “Oh pass me a bucket so I could throw up!”

“I was investigating her, I don’t need to apologize for that!”

“Investigating? Is that what they call it now?” Maria bit back her voice oozing with sarcasm.

“I don’t even know why I try,” Michael said, throwing his arms up in the air and walking away from Maria.

“Oh yeah, go ahead and run, Michael, it’s what you do best right?” Maria screeched to his back turning in the opposite direction and stomping away.

Suddenly a hand grabbed her from behind and her eyes grew wide as Michael’s lips came crushing down on hers.

Maria pushed on his chest a while and finally melted into his kiss. Michael’s arms slid around her waist, pulling her in closer to his body.

Maria clutched his shirt pulling him closer, if possible. Their tongues fought for control sweeping against each other, giving them both an electric shock down their spine.

Michael broke the kiss softly and touched his forehead to hers, both panting for air and both with their eyes closed.

“I may run all the time, but I always come back,” Michael whispered.

Maria let go of the fabric beneath her fingers and snaked her arms up around his neck and held him close. Her slips still tingling from the feel of Michael’s lips on hers.


Isabel was tying her hair up when they saw Michael and Maria walking, hand in hand. She smiled, they had finally fixed everything.

As they approached her, Isabel called out.

“So is everything okay now?” Isabel asked.

Michael looked at Maria as she turned her head to him and cocked it to her side and smiled a big toothy smile. She nodded.

“Yeah, everything’s okay now,” Maria said as Isabel smiled and gave them both a big hug. Michael and Maria never let go of each others’ hands. Alex walked out to the scene of the happy friends, dropping his and Isabel’s bags he joined in.

There was a squeal and Maria looked up and saw Tess. Tess had a gleam of happiness in her eyes with her hands clasped over how mouth in shock. Maria smiled at her and nodded her over to join the hug.

Kyle walked out stretching his arms out and slinging Tess’ and his bag over his shoulder. When he realized that Tess wasn’t anywhere near he looked around and saw the group in a big group hug he dropped the bag.

“A group hug! I want in!” Kyle said running to put his arms around Tess and Isabel.

They all stood in that group hug... happy... content.


Maria walked towards the minivan carrying a small brown paper bag in her hand. When suddenly a big hand covered her mouth. She squealed and squirmed beneath it, until she feels a small thing poking at her side.

Her eyes went wide when she realized what it was. A gun.


~*~Chapter Five~*~

“Give me your money,” the man with the gun shoved the gun farther into her sides making her jump, his other hand covered her mouth. She heard him cocking the gun.

Maria struggled to give him her money, her hands shaking rapidly and uncontrollably she put her hands into her pockets grabbing at the wad of money, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Where the hell was Michael?

The guy looked at her tears, then down her body and licked his lips.

“Well, aren’t you a hot little number?” he said causing a creepy shiver to go down her spine.

God, please, just take the money and leave. Where’s Michael?!

The man snatched the money and looked at her once more with the most vicious eyes.

“Thanks, bitch, you would’ve been a nice ride...”


Maria fell to the floor clutching at her side, gasping for air. The pain. It was so unbearable.

Taking in a harsh breath she finally was able to gasp out “Michael” before slipping into unconsciousness.

Just then Michael walked around the corner.

“It doesn’t take more than fifteen...” Michael trailed off and turned white when he saw Maria almost drowning in a pool of blood.

“MARIA!!” Michael screamed and ran to her. He put his hand to the wound and his other hand to pick her head up, willing her to look at him.

“Maria, baby, you have to wake up and look at me,” Michael said frantically.

Maria’s eyes flickered.

“C’mon, Maria, look at me... GODDAMMIT! Look at me!” Michael screamed.

Maria’s eyes snapped opened and instantaneously made a connection. A flood of flashes hit them both as Michael healed the bullet wound.

Dizzy from the loss of blood and the intensity of the connection Maria gasped for air and she grasped Michael with all her might, crying into his chest. Michael held her tightly breathing hard from the healing process.

Isabel, Alex, Tess, and Kyle came running around the corner.

“Michael?!” the voice belong to Isabel, “Is everything alright? We heard you screaming.”

They came to find Michael kneeling on the ground, holding Maria tightly against him as Maria’s bunched his shirt into her fist, sobbing loudly into his shirt. They saw the blood on Michael’s hand.

“Oh my God, Maria,” Alex said running towards Maria. The rest of the group followed.


Maria got up from bed and started to walk away when Michael’s hand shot out and grabbed her arm.

“Where are you going?” Michael asked desperately.

“I’m just going to the bathroom, Michael,” Maria said softly. “Don’t worry, besides, no one can mug me and attempt at my life while I’m on the toilet, unless you aliens have some kind of special toilet human trapping kind of power...” Maria laughed light-heartedly.

Michael’s eyes softened and laughed softly, he let go of her arm as she went towards the bathroom.

Sure Maria was scared as hell, but it affected Michael differently somehow. Suddenly he didn’t seem to be able to let her go away far enough. It had finally dawned on Maria. The flashes, it had to be the flashes... what had Michael seen?

Maria saw that Michael wasn’t lying when he meant that he was just investigating, as stupid as the investigation was, he wasn’t lying. Maria saw all the wonderful things that Michael felt about her... but what did Michael see?

Maria did her business and came back out of the bathroom. She crawled into bed next to the warm Michael and sank into the comfortableness of Michael’s arms encircling her and keeping her safe.

What had Michael seen? Well, that will just have to wait till tomorrow, right now, she was going to get some sleep... too much happened to be worrying about nothing at all.


~*~Chapter Six~*~

He could hear her giggling in the vast forest that surrounded him. He began to walk towards the giggling voice.

Suddenly a path of wildflowers bloomed before him. He shrugged and followed the path. He approached the girl twirling and humming lightly to herself as her soft blonde curls flew in the air and her white dress flowed around her.

She stopped and smiled at him. Her green eyes sparkled.

“Hi, Michael,” she breathed out his name.

“Maria,” Michael whispered, stretching his fingers our to caress Maria’s cheek.

She giggled and took a step back. A millimeter away from his touch.

Maria took off laughing and twirling.

“Maria! Wait!” Michael ran after the blonde girl.

She ran off a cliff as Michael screamed.


Michael peered down the cliff but Maria never came up. Michael took a couple steps back and jumped in after her.

Freedom rushed through his body and the wind whipped throw him and he hit the water.

Someone pulled him down. Before his mind could register what was happening someone’s lips were on his breathing air into his lung. Michael opened his eyes. Maria.

Maria pulled him down and down, further into the darkness of the water when suddenly he saw a light. And then a sort of building.

And then people inside of the buildings.

Michael woke up in a cold sweat, unconsciously, he pulled Maria closer to his body. Maria looked up at him sleepily.

“What’s wrong?” She said soothingly.

“Nothing... nothing’s wrong,” Michael said holding her close and kissing her forehead.

Maria looked over at the clock and groaned.

“Tell me that it does not say what I think it says,” Maria said closing her eyes and snuggling closer to Michael’s body.

Michael looked over at the clock and groaned to himself.

“I think it’s time,” Michael said.

Maria just mumbled something incoherent and snuggled closer.

“What?” Michael asked.

“I said Isabel won’t mind if we’re an hour late,” Maria said loudly and more clearly.

“You wanna run that by her?” Michael asked.

Maria giggled. “No.”

Maria lightly kissed his chest. She licked a spot. Giggled. And then sucked hard as Michael took a deep breath. Aroused by her sudden urge to mutilate his body with hickies, Michael turned her over. Causing Maria to give a shriek and then a loud laugh.

Michael passionately kissed her and Maria kissed back. Their tongues fought for control as they grasped at the small scraps of clothing that they had on.

Within seconds all their clothes had disappeared. Where it went? It didn’t matter.

Michael paused and looked down at Maria’s naked figure.

“You’re so beautiful,” Michael huskily said.

Maria blushed.

Michael then lightly caressed her lips with his own, sending tingles of electricity down Maria’s spine.

“I love you, Maria,” he whispered.

Maria’s eyes grew wide. “I...I...I love you, too, Michael.”

Michael smiled at kissed her again.

“I love you so much it hurts, Maria,” Michael said and kissed her lightly on her neck and descending downwards.

Isabel stood outside the room ready to scream at the door when she heard Maria’s giggling from inside. Isabel took a step back and smiled. She better leave them for a while.


“Look who finally decided to join the world of the living,” Isabel said as she spotted Michael and Maria emerging from their room.

Maria ducked behind Michael blushing. Isabel smirked at them.

Alex just looked to Isabel and then to the happy couple, then back at Isabel. Confused because he didn’t understand why Isabel wasn’t screaming at them for being 2 hours late, he started to make the connection of what probably happened in those 2 hours.

“Leave them alone, Iz,” Kyle said.

“Yeah, Izy, leave us the hell alone,” Michael said pulling Maria into a hug.

Isabel shook her head at them as Tess called out from the minivan.

“C’mon guys, we only have another 6 hours before we reach Cali, so let’s go get something to eat,” Tess said.

Everyone piled into the van.


~*~Chapter Seven~*~

Weeks later they found themselves settled into a 2 story house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Drawing straws, Isabel and Alex luckily got the master bedroom. The other two couples claimed the other rooms. They all got small random jobs. Isabel and Tess worked at a local restaurant. Tess as a hostess and Isabel as a waitress. Maria got a job singing at a local night club whereas Michael, Alex, and Kyle got jobs at the same construction site. And though they were rarely home at the same time they had all agreed on Sunday get togethers as not to lose the connection they all had. Each of them would have a turn in choosing where to eat, what to watch and where to go.

After a day long fight in the minivan they all decided to keep their first names and to change their last names. They bought another car so the boys wouldn’t be embarrassed about going into a construction site with a minivan.

Maria sat on the toilet tapping her foot impatiently. Maria eyed the timer as it clicked. Her heart pounded loudly in her ears.

She wiped a bead of sweat off her brow. She ran her fingers nervously through her blond hair, then she embraced herself and eyed the white stick.

The timer went off and just for a second Maria’s heart stopped. She slowly reached for the timer and turned it off. Feeling a bit queasy she eyed the white stick again.

“Oh man, oh man, oh man,” Maria walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to get a glass of water. She returned to the bathroom and eyed the white stick again. Yes, it is still there. Taking a deep breath she finally reached for it...


The whole entire group came home at the same time as Maria came out from the back.

“Hey guys, have a good day at work?” Maria asked trying to hide her nervous demeanor.

“It was alright, what are you doing out here?” Michael asked bringing her close and kissing her forehead.

“Just throwing out the trash,” Maria said nonchalantly.

“Since when did you take out the trash?” Kyle asked in a teasing voice.

“Shut-up, Kyle,” Maria said sticking her tongue out at him. “Keys” Maria extended her hand waiting for the keys.

Alex handed them over and Maria hugged him. “Thank you.” She got into the car and drove to work.


Maria climbed into the soft bed and Michael’s waiting arms.

“Michael...” Maria said.

“Yeah?” Michael asked.

“What do you think about kids? I mean do you ever want them?”

“Yeah... I want them... eventually.”

“Okay,” there was a slight pause, “Would eventually mean in nine months?”

“What?!” Michael exclaimed as he sat up in the bed.

“Surprise, I’m pregnant,” Maria said softly.

“You’re...you’re... you’re pregnant?” Michael asked in disbelief.

Maria, saddened by his reaction got up from bed. “I’m sorry,” she said quickly as she ran to the bathroom.

“Maria, wait...” Michael said but it was too late and the door had already been locked and Maria could be heard sobbing inside. The damage was already done.

“Maria, baby, come out, please,” Michael begged.

“Go away!” Maria screamed.

Michael sighed and used his powers to unlock the door while muttering something about going through this for nine months.

“No fair, you have powers!” Maria whined.


Isabel and Tess poked their heads in the bathroom.

“Is everything okay?” Isabel asked sleepily.

“I’m pregnant... pregnant by Mr. Super-Alien-Sperm-Master,” Maria said. “This was planned wasn’t it? Is that your goal here on Earth? To impregnate every single woman with your super sperm? I was the first of many victims, aren’t I? Aren’t I?”

“God, Maria, no,” Michael said. He then looked down at his hands. “Actually, ummm.... I knew.”

Isabel and Tess looked at each other and shared a knowing look. They better get out before it got ugly.

“Congratulations guys,” Isabel and Tess said simultaneously and left to their significant others to tell them of the good news.

“You what?” Maria asked a little to calmly for Michael’s likes.

“Ummm.... remember that time, when you got shot, and I kinda got connected to you?”

Maria’s mouth dropped open. “That was six weeks ago! SIX FREAKIN’ WEEKS!”

Michael cringed.

“You didn’t bother to tell me?!”

“Why the hell do you think I was so protective?”

“I thought it was because you were afraid of losing me!”

“Well, it was! And because of our son!”

“Son?” Maria said so quietly, Michael barely caught it himself.

“Yes, our son...” Michael said, pulling Maria in for a tight hug.

“Then why did you act like you didn’t know?”

“Because I didn’t believe myself, and when you laid there with your hands over your stomach, it just.... it just snapped.”

Maria giggled at how innocent Michael sounded.

“What’s so funny?”

“You. You’re just so cute.”

There was a short pause.

“We’re still running from the FBI, how is our son suppose to live?”

“It’s not like our son’s going to be normal anyway, Maria, he’s going to be a hybrid.”

Maria frowned, and then tears welled up in her eyes.

“So I’m basically f-ucking up my child’s life because I couldn’t stay away from you. That’s great, Michael, just so f-ucking great.”

“Maria, we’ll keep the child safe, you know we will,” Michael said still holding her close to his chest.

They stood in comfortable silence.

“Hey, how long do these pregnancies last?” Maria asked.


Michael frowned and looked down at his little pixie who was staring wide-eyed with her beautiful green eyes at him.

“I...I...” Michael stuttered, “I don’t know.”

Maria’s eyes showed disbelief.

“You don’t know?” Maria asked.

Michael prepared himself for another Deluca abuse.

Maria pushed Michael away. “HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW???”






Kyle stuck his head into the bathroom and screamed at them. “WOULD YOU TWO SHUT UP??”

“SHUT UP, KYLE!” They both screamed.

Kyle rolled his eyes and walked away mumbling under his breath about how some people needed to chill so others could get some honest sleep.

Maria glared at Michael. “You did this to me Michael Guerin, so you better fix it,” Maria stormed past him and into their bedroom and slammed the door.

Michael groaned. Guerin... he hadn’t heard his last name in a while... what would be good names for his son? He started thinking.

Rath Guerin... hmmm... that’ll remind me too much of what we’re trying to get away from...Arin Guerin. Hey! THAT RHYMES! Michael chuckled to himself.

He walked to the door and unlocked it with his powers.

He climbed into bed and pulled Maria in. “I love you, Maria, and I’m so utterly happy that we’re having a child. I’m so happy that we’re finally going to become a family. A real family.”

Maria turned and faced him, she snuggled in closer. “Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, I really mean it.”

Maria kissed him loudly on the lips.

“I love you, Spaceboy.”

“I love you, too, Earthgirl.”

With Maria turned back over so that her back was to his stomach and she snuggled deep into him.

Michael held her closely. His huge hands on her stomach as if to protect the child from the cruelties of the outside world. His huge hands on her stomach as to still be connected to his child. His huge hands on her stomach as if to protect his family... as he, the soldier, is known to do.


~*~Chapter Eight~*~

“Umm... Tess?” Maria followed Tess into the kitchen.

“Yeah?” Tess responded putting the kernels of popcorn inside a bowl and then using her powers to pop them.

“How long do alien pregnancies usually last?” Maria asked.

“Umm... usually about a month, but in your case, I really don’t know, we’ve never had a hybrid before,” Tess said hugging the new mother-to-be.

“Hmmm... well, maybe it’ll average out, and it’ll be 5 months,” Maria said.

Tess chuckled. “Yeah, maybe, but you never really know.”

“I can’t believe Michael knew.”

Tess laughed. “I can’t believe he kept it in for six weeks.”

“Michael Guerin is a dead man.”

“Well, I also think that he wasn’t sure, and he didn’t want you to get freaked out.”

“He didn’t want me to get freaked out?”

“Think about it, Maria, the boy had you half alive in his arms and on the verge of death, he didn’t want you to freak out.”

“But still! That doesn’t give him a right to hold something like that secret for that long!”

“Maria, this is Michael we’re talking about. Michael Guerin. Mr. I-hide-from-the-world-because-I’m-a-@#%$-even-though-I-look-intimidating.”

Maria laughed. “Yeah.”

They both walked back into the living room and sat down with their respective significant others.


Maria hummed as she brushed her hair. Suddenly she felt a jolt in her belly, then a sort of fluttering. Her hand immediately went to her stomach. The baby... she thought.

She lifted up her shirt to find a smallest hand pushing against her belly, glowing with a golden color. Wide-eyed she traced the tiny hand with her fingers, then she pressed her palm to it. Suddenly she felt warmth all over her body, it felt so comforting that it brought tears to her eyes. Reluctantly, she took away her hand, the glowing hand stayed there for a second then disappeared.

Wrapping her arms around herself she went to bed and laid next to Michael. Michael automatically wrapped his arms around her.

“Michael, the most incredible thing just happened.”

“Really? What?”

“I saw the babies hand.”

Maria sucked in her breath as she felt a jolt and the fluttering in her belly once again.

“Maria, what happened?”

“It’s happening again, I think he wants to feel you too.”


Maria lifted her shirt to reveal the baby hand pressed against her stomach. Shocked, Michael looked into Maria’s eyes, as if for some understanding.

“Go ahead,” Maria encouraged, “touch it.”

Michael softly touched the center of the baby’s palm and Maria giggled at the tickling sensation. Michael flattened his palm and before he put it to his son’s he looked at Maria for reassurance. Maria smiled and nodded.

Michael looked at his son’s tiny hand once again and pressed his palm against his son’s.

Suddenly Michael was overcome with a warmth. Then Maria sucked in her breath as Michael felt a jolt of electricity into his palm. Pure bliss.

“Oh my god, I love you, Michael Guerin.”

“I love you too, Maria, I love you too.”

All three were finally connected. Finally a real family. Finally happy. The void inside of both Michael and Maria were finally filled.



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