Title:All in the spirit of receiving
Category: M&M
Rating: adult
Author Note: I apologize if this does completely suck, Iím not exactly the best at sex scenes but for this, I figured I might as well try it. And I didnít go AU on this. Disclaimer: Well I literally own nothing, not even the idea; I owe that all to Diane ;)

This is a response to the following challenge:

Your Name: Diane
Genre: Fluffy smut
Rating: M/A
Time frame: Season 2
Reference to a particular episode: A Roswell Christmas Carol
It must include the phrase: "Wow! That was some thank you."
Additional requirements - anything else you want to see: I've always wondered just exactly how Maria thanked Michael for those pearl earrings he 'bought' her for Christmas. If you want, you can make the fic slightly AU by ignoring the fact it was until the Departure episode that they slept together or you can keep that in and just have them do other naughty stuff. ;)

Maria eyes almost bulged out of their sockets at the sight of the earrings before her. She had warned, and constantly told Michael about exchanging gifts, but in the back of her mind she wondered if another generic hair product would end up in her lap. She certainly had not prepared for the pearl earrings in her hand. “Michael,” she said slowly, her head glancing in his direction. “These are real pearls.”

“What? Wow!” Michael allowed the words to drop from his mouth. He had been afraid of the worst. His real gift had been received well, but obviously Maria expected more. He prayed that whatever Isabel found ‘suitable’ to give Maria would be appreciated…both ways. Trying to recover quickly he added in the, “Of course.” He hoped his slip up would go unnoticed.

And it did, Maria was ecstatic with the pair of earrings, not even suspecting Michael’s near miss. She absently rambled as she sat in Michael’s lap. “My God, this must have cost you a fortune.”

“I’m sure they will,” Michael managed a meek smile, knowing perfectly well Isabel was going to leave the price with him later. He knew better then to trust the Christmas Nazi.

Her gaze went back to the earrings, her rambling continuing. “These are the most beautiful earrings I've ever seen, but I don't need this gift. This year my gift is you,” she ended with a quick kiss on the lips.

“So you don't want the earrings, then?” Michael couldn’t stop himself from asking, he knew what it was like to be under Isabel’s ‘Christmas spirit’, he doubted it’d be very merry when she wanted her money back. He suppressed the groan.

“Oh, no. I’ll keep the earrings,” Maria said, still smiling, as she hugged Michael tightly.

He sighed deeply as he kept his arms around her tightly, shaking his head sluggishly. The phrase as long as she’s happy came fluttering a cross his mind.

Maria raised her head so she was staring at Michael’s face. He had let his eyes shut for a moment, his face looking quite peaceful. “You know, Spaceboy,” she whispered, letting her free hand massage his scalp, gliding through his messy hair. “You look pretty good,” she said seductively into his ear, letting her lips trailed to his neck, laying a soft kiss on his skin.

“Maria,” Michael moaned. Not only were her lips intoxicating, but her small hands were moving up and down his chest, the pearls set on the tiny table beside him. He was in trouble, and if she continued this way, there was no way he was restraining himself.

“Have you been a good boy this Christmas, Spaceboy?” Her fingers undid the first few buttons of his shirt, slowly traveling down, kissing his neck the whole time.

Michael groaned. He could feel the pressure increasing in his groin. She was a vixen his girlfriend. And she had one talented tongue, and outstanding lips. He had learned that in their make out sessions throughout the past year, but he could feel the passion—somehow it was more intense than usual, way more intense than usual.

“That all depends on your definition of being good.” His voice almost got lost in his throat once he felt her lips sucking at his neck. She was going to cause a hickey, he could feel it.

Michael felt his heart twist in a way he was finally becoming familiar with, that her soft laughter always caused. She had jerked back, to really look into his eyes. Her breathing was already increasing, as she gulped, trying to catch a few quick breaths.

Her hands cupped his face, leaving a soft, gentle kiss on his lips, a kiss he let draw out, slowly. He loved when they took things slow. Fast was amazing, but when Maria took things slow; he literally could feel every sensation coursing through his hot wired body, and sometimes it stopped him right in his tracks, nearly halting his heart beat.

“Have you been put in jail?” She asked, hotly against his lips. “Did you kiss any other women this past year? Have you been speeding? Broken in to people’s houses?”

Michael almost groaned at her questions, she knew the answer to each and everyone one she let oozing out of her perfectly shaped mouth. Boy, did she know how to torture him. In a husky voice he whispered in her ear, “I’ve been a bad, bad boy.”

Maria laughed at his frustrations. “Poor baby, looks like Santa isn’t going to give you anything this year but a stocking full of coal.” Her voice was in a teasing manor, adding a ‘tsk, tsk’ at the end. She could feel Michael’s hand trying to get under shirt, his rough hands against her skin was invigorating. Oh he was definitely being a naughty boy, and a daring one at that. “Michael,” she moaned…but she was too late to stop him, even if she actually tried.

He swoop her up into his arms, carrying her into his apartment, kicking the door shut with his foot—he wanted privacy to enjoy time with his girlfriend. “Michael,” she shrieked, her hat falling onto the ground.

“What?” He asked innocently, with a smirk on his face once he dropped her onto his bed. He scanned his small bedroom; luckily his black curtains were still shut from this morning. He didn’t want his neighbors getting a peek at what he and Maria were up too.

Michael kneeled down to capture her lips in a mind blowing kiss. Her lips parted to his tongue in her mouth, invading her space as always, his tongue sliding in, swirling in her eagerly mouth. Their tongues battled each others, wanting control. His hands slid her jacket off, letting it fall somewhere else in the room and then bringing her closer to him, needing her.

Maria cupped his face, her body losing control in his. Their make out sessions had always been filled with passion, sensations she never knew existed, but she had been experiencing as of late, the something ‘more’ in their relationship. That maybe they weren’t just two high school teenagers always going at it that—it just wasn’t there hormones screaming out, wanting more.

She slowly backed up on the bed, Michael following her every pattern. She could feel every ounce of passion filling the room. The things that he made her feel and the look in his hazel brooding eyes, she knew…

This was going to be a Christmas to remember.

His lips were already attacking her neck, trailing along her jaw line, her shirt getting in the way of his destination; he wanted to feel her skin, completely. It was a cute top on her, but it needed to go, now.

“Michael,” she moaned, loudly. She was trying to control her breathing, but his lips, soft but rough all at once, attacking her neck. She barely could manage her heart rate.

He glanced up at her, and said in a low, rough voice, “What?” Her eyes were slowly closing, basking in the sensation, pleasure written all over her pale, but angelic face. Her face proved she loved the feel of his hands, lips, body against her own. It was an addicting feeling, one he knew too well.

Her warm emerald eyes exposed at his frustrated ‘what’, she knew Michael well enough—he didn’t like being interrupted when he was enjoying himself. “I thought I was the one doing the thanking here,” her voice soft as she stared into his puzzled hazel eyes. “You gave me a very good gift, Spaceboy. You’re not letting me thank you properly.”

“You said I was getting a stocking of coal,” he blurted out, his breathing was going back to normal with all her chit chatting. He was not going to let the rush swarming his lower half go unattended.

“From Santa,” she whispered, a giggle in her voice as she kissed his neck, slowly making a wet path up to his lips, leaving a chaste kiss there. “I’m your girlfriend; I like you as a bad boy, Gurein.”

Her lips were massaging his in a slow motion, passionate way; every feeling consuming her poured into the kiss, her love for him. The words were barely acknowledge between them, all she ever got was a ‘maybe I love you too much’ and since that time, she never found the perfect moment to let her feelings be known—but Michael had always known them—in her emerald gems. Her fingertips scattered along his spine, feelings the shiver descending down, as her other hand rubbed gently at his neck.

“Wow!” Michael whispered against her lips, a smile on his lips. It was probably the most out of this world kiss he had experienced. “That was some thank you.”

“There’s more where that came from.” Her eyes filled with hunger while her hands groped at his body, tugging him closer, needing him closer. She rolled over so that she was resting on top of him, her legs positioned at his hips, grounding into his body, shifting her movement. She could feel his cock’s response to her movements, as her lips continued to bruise his in an intense kiss.

Her fingers undoing the final buttons of his jean shirt, getting rid of it, as she shed her own shirt. Michael’s eyes closed instantly, feeling every sensation coursing through his body, letting Maria notice the pleasure a cross his usually tough face. His hands greedily touching her bare skin, feeling everything he already knew.

“Maria,” his moan was a quiet one for Michael Gurein, but Maria found it cute as she kissed his chest, taking her time, slowly scooting lower down his body. Her soft hands resting on the belt buckle, gently unfastened the clasp, and undoing the jean button, the zip sliding down.

They never did anything but make out sessions, not for the lack of trying, lack of time, and the tendencies of breaking up. Every time they hit that stage something threw them off course. She knew he was no where near small in that department, her hand on a few occasions during their kissing dipped between his jeans, finding his….power source. This was new, exciting and territory they never ventured, not like this.

She was ready, his face was in need—she could see the way his face changed every touch of her hand. Kissing the area just below his belly button, she slowly pushed the jeans off his hips, tugging them all the way off.

Michael’s voice interrupted her shedding his clothes. “If this is my thank you, I’d kind of like not to be the only one naked.”

Maria suppressed her laughter at his tone. Michael Gurein was like a big kid sometimes, letting her arms at both of his sides, her body firmly against his, her lips inches from his. “Don’t worry Spaceboy, I’ll make sure you’ll receive your entire gift, just be patient.”

His eyes opened to stare deeply into hers, the mischief in her emerald eyes; he couldn’t resist leaning up to capture her lips in an explosive kiss. “Better get back to work darlin’,” he winked at her. She playfully hit him; he reacted by sitting up a little, attacking her lips, again. He could hear the soft giggles from her lips as he continued to suck on her pouty lower lip.

Carefully Maria let her hand dip down to his crotch, causing Michael to hiss against her lips at the contact. She felt the smirk on her lips as she ventured down lower again, beginning to remove his boxers. Wrapping her hand around his hard shaft, painfully slow she began to pump, moving in a steady rhythm. She placed a gentle kiss at the head of his cock, letting her other hand caress his balls.

“Maria,” Michael moaned at the feelings she was causing, his hand gliding through her golden hair—god he loved her talented tongue. His hips bucked at the pressure, needing release.

A smile grazed her lips when she glanced up to see Michael’s eyes shut, tightly, and the look of complete pleasure. She sped up her strokes, as she let her mouth take in his cock, her tongue swirling around the shaft, sucking hard at the same time. It didn’t take much longer before Michael was screaming in ecstasy, and Maria was taking in the warm liquid.

Michael glanced down at her, entranced by her as she finished sucking him dry—he was going to get hard again. “Come here,” he whispered breathily, she looked so innocent despite her ability to prove that wrong.

“What?” She whispered back, she could see a certain look in his deep hazel eyes, as she crawled up towards him again, resting at the side of him, her hand stroking his defined chest.

He leaned over to give her a soft, gentle kiss, cupping her cheek. “You’re amazing, you know that?” He whispered against the pouty lips he loved so much.

“It was that good, huh?” She smiled brightly against his lips, the cocky feeling rising, knowing Michael enjoyed it so much.

“Definitely that good,” Michael replied, adding kisses along her jaw line sucking at her neck. His greedily hands feeling her breast despite the lacy bra in the way. He let one hand drift the back, slowly messaging her baby soft skin, unlatching the clasp, and he began to suck one of them. His tongue swirled around her nipple that immediately became hard at the contact with the cool air.

Her small fingers were scratching at his neck, as he let his other hand undo her pants, sliding them down. How she managed to keep those on this long amazed him. He didn’t notice which direction he threw them in, all he cared about was she only had a pair of underwear on.

The moans increased from Maria the moment his hand slid inside her lacy panties, a finger finding her sopping passage. He hit the jackpot. His lips had left her breast alone while attending her moaning lips, kissing her roughly as his finger dipped inside, messaging her most intimate place. Her nails on his back were amazing—they needed to do stuff like this more often. Continuing to stroke her, he added another finger inside, her hips bucked against him, wanting more. His thumb flicked her clit, adding pressure to each stroke.

Michael watched her with fascination as her eyes remained tightly shut, her lips still groping for his, the soft moans that escaped once there lips parted, and the look of sheer pleasure on her face once she climbed over the edge.

Lying back on the bed beside her, he pulled her tightly to him, feeling her breast against his bare chest. Dragging up a blanket to cover them; he felt Maria’s beautiful hair on his chest as well once she laid her head there. His hand rubbed up and down her back, as her gentle fingers traced along his chest.

“You did really well this year, Space boy,” she murmured against him. “Good luck toping next year.” Michael kissed the top of her head, hearing her breathing begin to even out.

Maybe he would start believing in Christmas, after all the Christmas Nazi saved him from being beaten by Maria. And he ended up getting a way more enjoyable experience….

“I love you, Michael,” she whispered softly, almost impossible to hear just before she fell a sleep.

He hugged her tighter against him. “I love you too.” That was his Christmas gift this year—the words he longed to hear, finally escaped from the only person he wanted to hear them from.

The End


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