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Bridget (CrazyGurlBB)

  • A Familiar Pattern by Bridget
    Rating: adult
    Category: MM, future fic
    Summary: Michael and Maria have hit another rocky road in their relationship. What happens when their emotions get the best of them? Will they take the familiar path of ignoring their problems or deal with it straight and look toward the future?

  • All in the Spirit of Receiving by Bridget
    Rating: adult
    Category: MM, ARCC tag
    Summary: Maria thanks Michael for the earrings.

  • Every Long Lost Dream by Bridget
    Rating: teen
    Category: MM, AU
    Summary: Michael Gurein started out down a narrow road after graduating high school hoping to make something of himself, leaving behind a lonely mother, sad friends, and his high school girlfriend-the love of his life. When his mother becomes ill, Michael finds himself on a familiar road, back to where his life began. On this road he wanders down, he rediscovers himself and long lost dreams.

  • False Identity by Bridget
    Rating: mature - adult
    Category: MM, AU
    Summary: Maria Deluca has always lived the perfect life, but itís a life Maria cannot stand to live. As she struggles to find her own identity, she finds a way out of her family's lifestyle.

  • Picture by Bridget
    Rating: teen - mature
    Category: MM, AU
    Summary: A famous pop singer does a song with the known bad ass. What happens when this couple meets. Will it be a Picture to remember?

  • The Mystery in your Eyes by Bridget
    Rating: teen - mature
    Category: MM, AU
    Summary: She was an independent woman, swearing off love, while he was a cold man, thinking no woman could make him feel. She was a reporter, searching a story; he was an artist, opening a new restaurant. It was left up to chance; it was seen in their eyes. Because once you take the leap, there's no turning back.